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                     SILENT HILL 3 (PS2) FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
                               VERSION: 1.0
                        INCOMPLETE, VERY INCOMPLETE......

                             Your worst nightmare...
               Besides Oprah Winfrey in a swimmming suit, that is...

                            .__.__                 __
                       _____|__|  |   ____   _____/  |_
                      / ___/   |  | _/ __ \ /    \    _\ 
                      \___ \|  |  |_\  ___/|   |  \  |
                      /___  >__|____/\___  >___|  /__|
                          \/             \/     \/  

                             .__    .__.__  .__
                             |  |__ |__|  | |  |
                             |  |  \|  |  | |  | 
                             |   Y  \  |  |_|  |__
                             |___|  /__|____/____/ 

                                   ##      ##
                                   ##      ##

Hello and welcome to my Silent Hill 3 FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide will 
basically hold your hand through the game and it contains some handy 
appendices (weapons/monsters etc.). Ah well, just have a good time reading 
this li'l document ^_^.

 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
/ ___|                                                               |__|_|__|
\___ \                      TABLE OF CONTENTS                        |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

                         1: STANDARD GUIDE STUFF
                            A: Introduction
                            B: E-mail Policy            
                            C: Legal Information
                            D: Version History
                            E: Dedication
                         2: BASICS 
                            A: Controls
                         3: WALKTHROUGH
                            A: Lakeside Amusement Park
                            B: The Shopping mall
                         4: APPENDICES
                            A: Monsters & Bosses
                            B: Weapons
                            C: Items
                            D: Cheats
                         5: OTHER
                            A: FAQs
                            B: "You're Not Here" Lyrics 
                         6: CLOSING
                            A: Credits
                            B: Outro

 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= __   __
/ ___|                                                               |  |_|  |
\___ \                   1: STANDARD GUIDE STUFF                     |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

                           A: INTRODUCTION 

 Hi all! Welcome to yet another Gobicamel guide, and I promise: This one is 
 just as good/bad as all the others. And -as always- I've come up with a very
 weird (crap) format; I hope you like it. The same thing goes for the ASCII
 logo up there; It's just plain weird. I'm sorry. Shoot me.

 As for the rest of the guide: The walkthrough and most other sections are
 incomplete. I am working on this guide, though... so don't mail me just to
 tell me to HuRRy Up j00~!!!!11one! I promise that at *some* point in the
 future, this guide will be complete and all dandy, but *some* point in the
 future does NOT mean now. 

 As for the game: Silent Hill 3 > Silent Hill 1 & 2 (in my humble opinion). 
 Why? Well, it's basically what Silent Hill 1 was and more;  Creepy, 
 atmospheric, kick-ass gameplay, graphics that make you drool and so on. You
 should buy this game *now*... unless you're not really into the "survival-
 horror"-thing, of course.

 In Silent Hill 3 you play as Heather... a girl who needs to take some more
 baths; Just look at her skin. Yeah, I know, that was quite a lame attempt at
 being funny. I'm sorry. Anyway, if you have never played Silent Hill before,
 I strongly recommend you read CVXFREAK's and ORCA's awesome Plot Analysis.
 If you know what Silent Hill 1 & 2 were all about, you will understand Silent
 Hill 3's plot a lot better. And the better you get the story, the funner the
 game is. Of course, even without the story-line, this game kicks major ass.
 If you're reading this and you don't have SH3, buy it. Really. 

 Have fun reading this guide, playing the game and living your life.

   - Gobicamel 

                              B: E-MAIL POLICY 

 READ THIS BEFORE E-MAILING ME! Please? Pretty please? If you break one of
 these rules, I'll block you and I'll send the dogs after you (trust me, they
 hurt). So, just follow this policy and you'll make both my life and your 
 life a lot easier. 

  Make sure your question isn't already answered in the guide. Remember 
   that I have a life too (and no, I DON'T have a life which consists of
   answering questions you also could have found by actually *using* this

  Don't send me hate-mail. I hate hate-mail (hate hate-mail, you get it...
   hey, why's nobody laughing?!). I hate hate-mail so much that if you send
   me hate-mail I just *might* summon a Tarrasque. Do you know what a 
   Tarrasque does? Play Dungeons & Dragons to find out :P. Let me give you 
   one hint: It isn't nice.

  When mailing me, put "Silent Hill 3 guide" as a subject. Or, at least,
   something that lets me know you have a question. I get a lot of spam, you
   see... so most e-mails without a clear subject will be thrown away. I'm
   sorry for the inconvenience.

  Of course, all suggestions/critiques are welcome. As long as your 
   suggestions are constructive, I'll take them into account. I encourage 
   you to find things I missed and/or alternative (useful) strategies. I 
   really appreciate it ^_^.  

  The walkthrough (along with some other sections) is incomplete as of yet.
   This is because I'm writing this guide while going through the game. So,
   don't mail me questions on parts of the game not yet covered in the
   walkthrough. You shall be ignored and if I'm feeling evil I will even
   block you. 

  Last but not least: If you e-mail me information which is important
   enough to update this guide, you'll gain credit (of course). 

 E-mail address: gobicamel@hotmail.com
                 gobicamel (at) hotmail (dot) com

 Thanks for listening to my rambling ^_^.

                          C: LEGAL INFORMATION

-- " The filthy thieves, they stole it from us...my precious. We hates them...
     we hates them, don't we, darling? " -- Gollum --

 Just like Gollum says, stealing is bad, m'kay? This document is copyright (c)
 2003 Gobicamel. It may not be reproduced or retransmidded without consent from
 me, the author of this guide. It may not be altered, sold, etc. Also, don't 
 put this document on your site if I did not allow you to. 
 If you violate one of the above terms, I'll cast the "Evil Gobicamel Spell" on
 you, which means all your vital organs will magically disappear from your 
 body, so I can sell them on the black market. If you're lucky I'll sue you

                           D: VERSION HISTORY 

  That's the version you're looking at right *now*. The guide is incomplete as
  of yet, but more updates will be coming soon. Don't blame me if your 
  definition of soon is else than mine. Blargh! Oh, on another note: I just
  might change the headers soon (the section headers, so not the chapter 
  headers) as they ummm.... suck. Well, actually... I'm thinking about 
  changing the whole freakin' lay-out. Suggestions are welcome.

                             E: DEDICATION                                    

 I actually stol..err...borrowed this idea from Meowthnum1. That's one of the
 many reasons that this guide is dedicated to him. Other reasons include: 
 He's the only highly respected author who talks to me (one of the only, 
 actually)), he likes cats, he is one who actually *does* enjoy the work of 
 newer authors and he had to listen to all my rambling (and he never even 
 complained, it's a miracle). So, all in all, he's a cool guy. Seriously, 
 Meowth, there should be more people like you. Also, his guides >>>> mine. You
 should check out his work, too. NOW.

 I also dedicate this guide to Tom Hayes, a very good author and a very cool
 person. He also loves Silent Hill and he too is making a Silent Hill 3 guide.
 Due to the fact that I bought this game two days earlier than he received it,
 he was forced to listen to all stuff I had to tell about this game. And, just
 like Meowth (see above), he is one of the only respected (and in this case
 prolific, too) authors who talks to me... and that's great. His guides >>>>
 mine too... hmm... I sense a pattern here.

 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= __   __
/ ___|                                                               |  |_|  |
\___ \                          2: BASICS                            |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

                               A: CONTROLS

 Since I'm such a lazy ass, I more or less translated the controls directly
 from the (Dutch) Instruction Manual. So, this section is a mixture of the
 Manual Controls section and my crappy translating skills. 


At this moment, the Controls is, like, totally incomplete. In the next updates
a lot more will come, though. 

 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= __   __
/ ___|                                                               |  |_|  |
\___ \                        3: WALKTHROUGH                         |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

 Some notes before we begin:

  As of yet, the walkthrough only covers the Normal Action level and the
   Normal Riddle level. This guide will probably cover the Hard Riddle level
   at some point in the future, too.

  This note is written especially for people with an IQ below 20. A 
   walkthrough *walks you through the game*. That means that *sometimes* I'll
   give the solutions to puzzles and so on. So... spoilers ahead; don't hold
   me responsible for "ruining your gaming pleasure". After all, I did not
   force you to use it, did I? No, I didn't! So don't complain. Sorry if you
   found this note offensive, but some people really are that dumb >_<. 

  Vanilla Coke is the best drink (period), Weird Al Yankovic owns, 
   Guitarfreak86's PES2 guide is the best sports guide on gameFAQs, 
   Meowthnum1's Chrono Trigger guide is TeH Ro><0rz and I am irritating. So
   much for the useless facts. Yes, I said *facts*.

  The walkthrough is incomplete as of yet (it only covers the Amusement
   Park and a small part of the Mall; both the "normal" and "alternative/
   dark/evil/monkey/whatever you like to call it" Mall will come soon 

  I'd like to apologize for my English. You see, English isn't my native
   language, so you might find some/a lot of grammar errors and misspelled 
   words (watch me spell misspell wrong ;) ).

                      A: LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK

 Welcome to the wonderful, yet evil, world of Silent Hill. Ahem... after   
 watching through a few cutscenes, you'll see Heather entering the Lakeside
 Amusement Park (hey, I called this section Lakeside Amusement Park for a 
 reason). Most gamers that never played a Silent Hill game before will 
 probably go: "OMG! How did she get there, wat is she doing there, how 
 stupid!". Don't worry, though... Heather herself doesn't know what she's 
 doing there either, and everything will be explained later on. Other than
 that: ignore this crappy intro and read on. Or something.


 * Note (Important): This whole section is Heather's dream. That means that
   if you die, Heather will just wake up from her incubus. So, if you don't
   feel like exploring, find yourself a monster and let it kill you. You can,
   however, get used to the controls and walk around a bit here, too. It 
   doesn't really matter what you choose.

 First thing you should do here, is switching weapons; right now you're
 equipped with a knife while you have a Sub-machine Gun (!) in your inventory.
 And, let's face it, it's easier to deal with enemies with said gun that with
 a wimpy knife. Take some time to master the controls (or at least get used to
 them) and explore this area. Besides the weird rabbit dolls (they look a bit
 like those rabbit dolls in Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love") and the 
 unidentified thingies hanging in the cages there's not much of interest here.
 Face the wall (that's facing away from the entrance with the fancy "Amusement
 Park" logo above it) and go left. Here you'll find a rusty door; go through 
 it (use the X-button).

 In this very area, you'll meet your first enemies. If they kill you, Heather
 will wake up and she's all dandy again. You can, however, explore the park
 some more if you wish. This area is basically a big circle with a pile of
 junk in the middle (thus blocking your path). Upon entering this place, a
 Double Head will most likely jump at you. Double Heads are dog-like creatures
 having bandages around their bodies. They don't do that much damage (about 5%
 and sometimes 10%) but they're very fast and hard to hit. Using your knife on
 them really isn't an option, since it's hard to aim with it. Using the 
 Submachine gun is a better idea (duh). In my opinion, dodging it is the best
 thing to do here. Another enemy you'll encounter here is the Closer; a very
 disturbing creature that has the legs of women... whatever. They're quite a
 pain in the arse, since they deal a good amount of damage and have a decent
 amount of stamina. Outrun this here Closer dude and keep running until you
 reach the aforementioned pile of junk. Enter the door near it that says
 Mountain Coaster (there's also another door in this area which leads to the 
 souvenir shops, but there is nothing of interest there).

 More Closer monsters in this area. Dodge them and run to the other side. 
 Here, open the iron fence. 
 The place where you'll end up now is a bit confusing; there are a lot of
 different paths and a lot of monsters, too. Remember that it is not at all
 a problem to die. If you want to visit the rollercoaster, go left (when 
 facing away from the iron fence you used to get here) and follow the path 
 until you reach a set of stairs. Climb them all, and watch out for the
 Pendulums (/Pendula?) here, they're as irritating as hell. Pendulums are
 large monsters that can float and hang on walls/ceilings. They also pack
 quite a good punch; when they hit you with one of their stings (or 
 whatever they are), expect to lose at least 15-20% of your health. 
 Anyway, when you have reached the top, go through the rightmost iron

 Yay... we're walking on a coaster track o_O. This is not too hard, just
 follow the track (hmm... this coaster looks a bit like Disneyland's "Big
 Thunder Mountain") and eventually a cutscene will begin. In this cutscene
 Heather will be hit by a coaster cart... OUCH!

                                B: THE MALL


 Heather will wake up, mumble something and leave the cafe. After a very 
 "moving"  some stalker will follow Heather. He wants her to come with him (he
 says he a detective) to meet someone (o_O) who knows something about her
 birth (yeah right). Heather will do exactly what I would've done: walk away.
 She'll end up in a toilet. Notice that weird red sign on the mirror? That, my
 friend is a save point. Use it, go stand in front of the window and press the
 X button. 

 You'll end up in an alley. Going right (from this point of view) takes you to
 some garbage blocking your way, so going left is your only option. Walk, and
 walk and umm.... walk. Eventually you'll see a door; go through it. 

 This is quite a long hallway, with a lot of locked doors (just like the 
 previous Silent Hills, heh...). When the path forks, go right and keep going
 to the end of the hallway. Open the door there; it's the only door that can
 be opened. Hmmm... it seems like the state-of-the-art mall changed into a
 grimy and old shopping centre. Umm... anyway, go stand in front of door with
 the half-closed iron thingie in front of it (you can easily see it; there is
 light coming from beneath it) and press the X button to enter the room behind

 A cutscene: Heather grabs the gun (yay, a gun. Let's rock!) and she will then
 note a Closer. Problem is, the Closer notes her too. Heather will try to 
 shoot the crap out of him, and -apparently- she fails (out of ammo). Luckily
 the monster will die anyway and Heather will stay alive (that is, she's still
 breathing). It might be smart to grab the HANDGUN BULLETS (*2) from the 
 little bench in this room. Then, circle around the counter and enter the door
 behind it...

 The rest of the guide will come soon (soon as in VERY soon). Please don't
  mail me to tell me to hurry up. Also, read the e-mail policy before mailing
  me. Thanks ^_^.

 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= __   __
/ ___|                                                               |  |_|  |
\___ \                        4: APPENDICES                          |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

                           A: MONSTER & BOSSES

  A very weird monster, this. Like most Silent Hill monsters, you can't really
  see what this is. It's a very tall and big creature with long arms. When 
  fighting one of these guys, better stay out of its way, since they have good
  distant attacks. A Closer doesn't deal very much damage when compared to 
  most enemies encountered throughout the game, but it is still one to watch
  out for. 


                               B: WEAPONS

  Pah! Worst weapon in the game, this. Really, even the weakest enemies can
  handle at least five hits of this thing. Plus, it is very hard to aim with.
  AND you can use it in close combat, so you're a *very* easy target for your

  This one is superior to the knife (duh). Only problem is that it costs you
  ammo. Of course, later in the game, you'll obtain much better weapons, but
  it's good at the beginning of the game. Bullet capacity is 10 and this
  weapon has a very good range, of course.

                                C: ITEMS


                                D: CHEATS


 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= __   __
/ ___|                                                               |  |_|  |
\___ \                           5: OTHER                            |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

                                  A: FAQs

 Should I let the kids play this?

   Well, that's your own decision really, but I don't think it's really a good
   idea. After all, the game is 18+ (and yes, I know I'm not yet 18 >_<) and
   contains a lot of blood and gore, and the monsters are just plain
   disturbing. So... bad idea, me thinks.

 Are you going to make a story-line section?

   Nah... I don't think so. To fully understand Silent Hill 3's story you need
   to know about SH1's story, too. Plus, I'm sure there'll be an awesome 
   plot-analysis soon.

 Why is the guide so incomplete?

   Because I decided to release an early version to help the gamers who are
   stuck in one of the earlier parts of the game. 

                         B: "YOU'RE NOT HERE" LYRICS 

 Since a lot of people asked me the lyrics, I decided to place them in this
 guide. Thanks to Bluejeans for these lyrics. Thanks a lot, man :).


 Blue sky to forever,
 The green grass blows in the wind, dancing 
 It would be much better a sight with you, with me,
 If you hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby,
 I never felt so lonely, then you came along,

 So now what should I do, I'm strung out, addicted to you,
 My body it aches, now that you're gone, 
 My supply fell through,

 You gladly gave me everything you had and more,
 You craved my happiness,
 When you make me feel joy it makes you smile,
 But now I feel your stress,
 Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no
 And who has time for tears,
 Never thought I'd sit around for your love,
 'till now.

 ____ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= __   __
/ ___|                                                               |  |_|  |
\___ \                        6: CLOSING                             |   _   |
|____/                                                               |__| |__|

                              A: CREDITS

 I'd like to give credit to:

  BLUEJEANS: For the "You're not here" lyrics. 
  KONAMI: For releasing this game. It's. SO. Damn. Good. *Cries*.
  JEFF "CJAYC" VEASEY: For having the most kick-ass site on the web and for
   (hopefully) posting this guide.
  FAQS.IGN.COM: For posting this document :). 
  TOM HAYES (THAYES): For helping me with a lot of things. Thanks a bunch :).

                               B: OUTRO  

 That's all, folks. I know this guides has written INCOMPLETE and LAZINESS all
 over it, but I promise; more updates will be coming soon. The reason I 
 released this version is that there aren't any other guides up. I hope you 
 liked this guide so far... it'll soon be "even" (ahem) better. So, what I'm
 trying to say is: The guide sucks as of yet, but very very soon more updates
 will come.

 Also, I hope you're having (or had) a great time with Silent Hill 3. It's 
 really one of the best games I've played in years and it is more disturbing,
 scary and awesome than ever (in my humble opinion). 

 So, more updates soon (I said that like 10+ times now >_<) and meanwhile,
 *play* the game and find things out for yourself... or ask your question on
 the Silent Hill 3 board; there're a lot of good people there, who will 
 answer your questions.

 Take care, 
 -- Gobicamel



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