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Sonic Heroes
Final Boss FAQ
Written by Ali1mg
My email is [email protected]
Note: When you email me type the subject as Sonic Heroes 
Final Boss FAQ.

Table of Contents

1. Disclaimer
2. Intro
3. Final Boss
    a. Team Rose Battle
    b. Team Chaotix Battle
    c. Team Dark
    d. Metal Overload

1. Disclaimer

I give permission to IGN and 1UP only have this FAQ on the website. No
other site.And no selling either. If you see this FAQ on
another website email me thanks.

2. Intro

This FAQ will be showing you how to beat Metal Sonic with each team.
So enjoy.

3. Final Boss

The only way to unlock this is beat the game with all four teams and
get all seven Chaos Emeralds. 

a. Team Rose Battle

Difficulty: Very easy

Note: Metal Madness weakpoint is the light.

You start out going backwards, you stop when you see a box. Destroy it
and get the Team Blast. After that activate. Do the same thing exept 
look on the other side of the platform to get Team Blast. The last thing 
you gotta do is damage it some more with big, the attack is his forward

b. Team Chaotix Battle

Difficulty: Medium

Start out getting all the level-ups. There's also a cannon to get
some level-ups. After that srart to hit it with Vector or Charmy.
When the weakpoint changes color that means ypu can't use that type, for
example the light turns red that means you can't use power formation. Be
careful because after you damage it some more Metal Madness will fire 
missles that trap one of your characters. To destroy it, attack it. If all
of your characters get stuck in it, you'll lose and have to start over again
from Team Chaotix. After all of that has happened attack him. You'll get Team 
Blast at least one time.

c. Team Dark Battle

Difficulty: Medium

Like Team Chaotix's start get all of the power-ups. After that start attacking, when
he comes closer and shoots fire out of his mouth, attack with Shadow. Note: You can 
home attack him more than once. Other than attacking with Shadow, use Thunder Shoot.
To attack with Omega use the Fire Dunk attack up close. After you're done with Team 
Dark you're up to Team Sonic.

d. Metal Overload

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Hits: 5 Team Blasts

The only two things you gotta do is to try to get 5 Team Blasts as fast as possible 
and try to get a real lot of Rings by going through the Ring Balloos because after 3 
Team Blasts the Ring Balloons stop appearing. When he does the crystal attack use 
Sonic's Homing Attack. When he shoots a lot of missles use Tails' Thunder Shoot. When
he flys down he will be holding something, to destroy it use Knuckles' Forward Attack. 
He will also be using Chaos Control sometimes after the third Team Blast. Once you've
finished him it's all over for Metal Sonic. You beat the game!!

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