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Final Fantasy X
By: bigdaddy20623
1.Okay, I started out with a walkthrough, but I forgot a lot of the game, and I 
didn’t feel like writing all of that anyway. Just to say, I got all Aeons, even the 
secret ones (Anima, Yojimbo, and the Magus Sisters). I beat the game with a total 
time of 36:07.
 I’d like to thank Squaresoft ™ and Sony Playstation ™ for making this GREAT game 
and Nobuo Uematsu for making the great music for the game.
Table of Contents
1.	Intro
2.	Review
3.	Thoughts 
4.	Contacts
5.	Legal Crap
2. Okay, to start out, I’d like to say to anyone who hasn’t played it before to get 
a PS2, rent one, and if you have one, go to the nearest BlockBuster and get it. Or 
just by the thing. I got mine at an Electronic Boutique used for $15.00. Time to get 
to the review.
Graphics: 9/10
 I would have given it a 10/10 except for some cut-scenes it has regular, kinda 
blocky graphics, goes to the extremely good graphics, then goes to the blocky stuff 
again. It is all one cut-scene, but they don’t have the same kind of graphics. Why 
is that?

Control: 7/10
I always use the analog stick, which I believe is much easier. Although it is not 
really in the group for control, the camera angle greatly affects the control. When 
you’re inside Sin, for example, you have to go to this tower before you go to the 
final REAL boss (Yu Yevon isn’t a real boss, when you get to him/ her, you’ll know 
what I mean) and run around on a small platform trying to collect little spheres 
when the camera is constantly rotating and these icicles pop up everywhere. When you 
hit them, you have to fight extremely hard bosses with more HP than Sin and a lot of 
other bosses. I kept running into them because you can’t see in front of you when 
you’re coming toward the screen. That’s why control was only a 7.

Story: 10/10
If you play just 30 minutes of it, you’ll know what I mean. It’ll pull you in and 
make you play more. :->

Difficulty: 8/10
 I mean when I say 8/10 that sometimes the game is way to hard, like when you fight 
Lady Yunalesca. Surprisingly, Sin is much easier than Yunalesca. Even with all 
Celestial Weapons and all Aeons, it was still surprisingly hard.

Impact: 10/10
This game opens up a whole new realm of video games, with voice acting and things 
like that. I know I’ll think of video games differently after this.

3. This game is great, blah, blah, blah, blah. I already said it at the top.

4. If you want to contact me, then too bad. My computer is screwed up and the e-mail 
along with it. Sorry. :-< If you want help, post it on a messege board here or at I'll check daily,AND REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL!!!    
5.I only let,, and to use this. They are 
all great sites. If you see this anywhere else, post something on a messege board 
and put the subject as 
something like FAQ at other site. 
© 2002 Robert Conza

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