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Final Fantisy 7 Strategy Guide

USA Version
Version 2.0
Made by Brolli144
E-Mail: [email protected]

                          Brolli144's Final Fantasy 7 Strategy Guide

This is the Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough. This copyright belongs 
to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. 
This is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may 
use this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where 
it is due. 

If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, E-Mail 
me at [email protected] I would really appreciate your help if 
you could give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for 
me to clear up, also mail me. 

Version 2.0  --In this new version, I have gone through and 
done some minor corrections on a few of the spellings and 
margins. I have added a Weapons list for all of the  
characters, and an Enemy Skill list.

Version 1.0  --This is the start of my Final Fantasy 7 
Strategy Guide. Walkthrough, Ultimate Weapons, 
Ultimate Limit Breaks, Summon Materia, and How to Breed 
a Gold Chocobo made.

-------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------

Part 1: Complete Walkthrough
Part 2: Limit Breaks
Part 3: Ultimate Weapons
Part 4: Summon Materia
Part 5: Enemy Skill List  
Part 6: Weapons
Part 7: Armor List
Part 8: Breeding a Gold Chocobo

---------Part 1: Complete Walkthrough---------

Event 1: Mako Industrial Complex

After watching in CG intro you will be in the game. Jump off the train and 
follow Barrett and the
Avalanche resistance team. You will meet up with everyone at a gate. Biggs will 
ask for your
name. Name Cloud (In this guide I will call the characters by their default 
name) The Avalanche
will open the gate. Follow them. Barrett will stop you and say that he doesn't 
trust you. You now
get to name Barrett. Follow all of the Avalanch to the security gate. Talk to 
Biggs, and he will
open the gate. Follow Jesse to the elevator. Biggs will tell you how to maneuver 
around the
complex. Talk to him if you need help. You will find yourself in the core level 
of the complex in a
little. Cloud will set a bomb at the reactor. You will run into the first boss 

Boss Strategy-Red Scorpion
-Concentrate on regular attacks and Lightning magic.
-When the scorpion's tail is raised, he will counter
attack if you attack him. However, when he counter
attacks, your limit meter will rise, making you unleash
some great attacks if you want.
-If you need healed, use some potions.
(This isn't too hard, and it should be a short fight.

 After the battle, you have 10 minutes to escape the complex (Including 
battles). Keep running 
out the way that you came. Make your way all the way back, and talk to everyone 
you can, because 
they have the access codes to the doors you came in. You should be able to get 
out in about 5 
minutes. This is where to use your magic, so you can escape easily. After you 
escape, you will be 
rewarded with a CG sequence of the Complex blowing up. Barrett will tell 
everyone to meet at the 
train station.

Event 2: Avalanche Headquarters

You will run into Aerith for the first time on your way. She is the one that is 
selling flowers. When
you talk to Aerith, say:

1. Nothing happened
2. That you would like a flower for 1 Gil.

By doing this, you will unlock a special sequence in the bar later. Proceed 
through the Area 8
city. You will have a choice to confront the guards or not. It is good to fight 
these guys, because 
they give pretty good experience that you might need later. You will escape with 
another CG
showing you fleeing the station. You will be informed of Avalanche's involvement 
on the train.
You will jump off of the train and get to Agito. Go to the bar and meet 
Barrett's daughter and talk
to Tifa. Answer "Not this time" and she will complement you on your maturity. 
You name Tifa
now, and you get to decide to give your flower to Tifa or Barrett's daughter. It 
doesn't matter who
you choose. Go to the exit of the bar, and you will enter the HQ under the 
Pinball machine. You
will tell Barrett that you are not interested in Shinra or Avalanche. Barret and 
Tifa will urge you to
be in the Avalanche. Be prepared for a flashback sequence. Cloud made a promise 
with Tifa
long ago. Barret will come in with Cloud's pay. And because of Cloud's promise, 
Cloud accepts
the next mission. Barret will ask about Materia Orbs. Explain to him how they 
work, buy items in
the town, and it's of to Area 5-Mako Industrial Complex.

Event 3: Area 5

You will be on the train again. You need to run from car to car in a given 
amount of time. Leap
from the train into the tunnels. You can get a few items by talking to guys 
along your way, and one 
guy will take something, but by talking to him you can take that item back. 
Hurry along through the 
cars and you will get to the walkway. You will find a small hole leading to Area 
5. Go in and be ready 
for battle. The enemies here are a little stronger than before. Battle all of 
the monsters and get to
the reactor. A flashback will hit Cloud. Plant the bomb, and follow Tifa into 
the controls center.
You have to push a button at the same time as Barrett. Keep trying this until 
you can do it,
because you have unlimited time. It will open a gate which you need to enter. 
You are surrounded 
by guards on a bridge, and you meet the president of Shinra. You will have to 
fight a boss now. 

Boss Strategy-Air Buster
-Limit Break attacks do the most damage.
-Hitting Air Buster in the back will increase
the damage done by a lot. Try to keep your
best attacks hitting him in the back.
-Lightning magic also works well here. 
-Make sure someone has the Restore-All
combination of materia.
-After you beat him, you get a Titan Bangle.

After beating Air Buster, Cloud falls unto a ledge and falls into the city 
below. Barret and Tifa escape. 
When Cloud wakes up, he is in Aerith's church where she is growing flowers.

Event 4: Meeting Aerith

You will awaken in a slum. Keep talking to Aerith and tell her you remember her. 
You get to name
her now. Aerith requests that you will be her bodyguard, and that you get a date 
with her later. 
Tseng enters the church, trying to kidnap Aerith. You have to try to get away, 
so he can't succeed.
Head to the top of the chapel. Aerith will fall and you will be by some barrels. 
Tell Aerith to hold on
each time she asks. The order for pushing the barrels is: the left most barrel 
in the back, the far right 
barrel in the back, then the far right barrel in the front, and the remaining 
barrel. You will escape with 
Aerith through the roof. Go to the northeast to Aerith's Cottage. Cloud says he 
needs to go to Area 
7. Go upstairs and rest. You have to escape without Aerith because Cloud thinks 
it is too dangerous 
for her. Walk across the floor and you will be on your way. Leave Area 5 slum 
and Aerith will be
waiting for you at the entrance to Area 6. You will see a sequence of Cloud and 
Aerith at a playground. Now a caravan comes with Tifa. Follow Aerith to the slum 

Event 4: The Slums

Buy any items that you need here. Go southeast to the women club and talk to the 
manager. Ask
him if he knows where Aerith is. He will tell you to visit the mansion to the 
north. Go to the
mansion and talk to the security guard. Only females can enter the mansion. Head 
to the clothing
shop to the west side of town. The owners son will tell you to go to the bar. Go 
there and talk to
his father. He will eventually make a dress for you. You get to decide from 3 
dresses which one
you want. To get the best dress, chose that you want "Something that feels soft" 
and "Something 
that shimmers". Go to the clothing shop again and the owner will have made your 
dress. Now you 
need a wig. Go to the gymnasium below the weapon shop. The women will give you 
the wig if you 
face her brother in a fitness match. Press Square to kneel, X to stand up, and 
Circle to bend over.
You have to keep a constant pattern to win. You will get the wig even if you 
loose. Winning the 
little game will get you the Blonde wig, however, and losing will get you the 
regular Wig. Go to the
clothing store again. Go to the dressing room and change your clothes. 

Note: Here you have some choices to get some more items for Cloud. The more you 
get, the better 
    the chances are of Corneo picking him.

Sexy Cologne: Go to the bar and talk to the lady in the bathroom. She is sick, 
and you must try to get
    some medicine for her. Go to the local restaurant and buy any meal. You will 
get a coupon after eating.
    Take this coupon to the Pharmacy and exchange it for the Digestive. Take the 
Digestive to the lady 
    in the bar and she will give you the Sexy Cologne.

Tiara: Go to the Materia shop. The man asks Cloud for a favor. Listen to it, and 
head to the Inn. When 
    staying, pay for the most expensive item (200 Gil). Take this item back to 
the Materia shop owner and 
    if you bought the most expensive item, he will give you the Diamond Tiara. 
If you bought the 100 Gil 
    item, he will give you the Ruby Tiara. If you bought the 50 Gil item, he 
will give you the Glass Tiara.

Undergarment and Make-up:  Head down buy the entrance to the Honey Bee Inn. Talk 
to the man, and
    he will give you the members card so you can get into the Honey Bee Inn. You 
can only take one of
    two rooms to do your "activities". You can get the Bikini Briefs if you 
choose the Group Room, or the
    Lingerie if you choose the &$#% room. It doesn't matter which one of these 
you choose. Go into the 
    room that you would like, talk through everything, and you will get the item 
you need. After you are
    done getting this item, go into the north room, and ask the girl to the far 
left to put make-up on you.

Cloud should have everything he needs now to get chosen by Don Corneo. 

Go to the mansion. You will get to go in. Go downstairs and find Tifa. She will 
tell you to go to Corneo's room. Corneo will choose one of your members to be 
his women. He will choose the members according 
to what dress you have. You will be in Corneo's bedroom and he will tell you 
about the Shinra's plan.
You will see a Shinra sequence. Right when you land, you have to fight the boss, 

Boss Strategy-Aps
-The best thing to use in this battle is Fire
-One of Aps's attacks, Sewer Tsunami, does
damage to everything, including Aps himself.
-It is not hard to beat Aps, just use Cloud's 
Cross Slash if he has it, and Limit Breaks from 
the other characters.

After you beat Aps, you will have to go through all of the sewers. Make sure 
your allies are all 
healed. Fighting here for awhile can get you some good experience, so here might 
be a good time 
to gain some levels. After fighting for awhile, make sure to grab the Steal 
Materia, and equip it on 
someone, preferably Tifa. After you exit the sewers, you'll be in a Train 
Graveyard. Getting the items 
laying on top of the trains and in the barrels will help. Make your way up the 
first large train, jump 
to the bottom, and go around to the middle hall. Go inside the train, and exit 
out the other end. Go up 
toward another part of the Graveyard. In this area, there is an enemy named 
Eligor, and by stealing from 
him, you can get the Striking Staff, the best weapon for Aerith in this point of 
the game. Make sure to 
get one of these, as it will help you. You must make your own path to the exit 
of the Graveyard by going 
in the different trains. Go over the bridge and into the next area.

Event 5: Battling in Area 7

You will find Barrett and the Avalanche already in battle. Go through to the top 
of the tower and 
you will find Barret fighting up there. You will now have to fight Reno.

Boss Strategy-Reno
-Be careful, as Reno's magic will sometimes 
stun your allies. To get them unstunned, you 
must attack them or wait it out. 
-Fire and Ice magic work well here, as do your
character's Limit Breaks.
-Reno will run away after you hit him hard enough.

Reno will leave and you can't save Area 7. You will see a CG clip and Area 7 
will be destroyed. 
Barrett goes ballistic because of his anger that Avalanche members have died and 
he could have 
lost his daughter, and the other Avalanche members. Go to Aerith's house and 
hear the rest of the 

Event 7: Shinra

You will find Aerith's mother and she will explain to you about Shinra. Go 
upstairs to Barret. He
will tell you he thinks Aerith likes you. You get to accept the decision or not. 
Sleep and go back
downstairs. Go to the north slums follow the children running from a fight. Ask 
them what they
are doing. Go to the pipe behind and follow it to the upper levels of Midgar. 
Climb the pipe up
and it won't work. Now you have to climb down and buy a battery. Buy 3 of them. 
Now use the
batteries in the battery outlets. You have to do some hard jumps with the Circle 
button. You will
eventually reach the top. Aerith is probably trapped in one of the upper levels. 
Choose to
through the back door. You will get to level 59. You will have to fight three 
guards. After you beat
them, you get the key to the next level. Go to the elevator and choose level 60. 
You have to
move passed some guards. Only move when they are in motion. Press the Circle 
button and
your party will follow. Go to the 61st floor. One of the workers will ask you 
what you are doing
here. Don't answer him and you get the key to level 62. This floor has different 
color rooms. Talk
to Domino and he will give you the keys if you can give him the password. It's 
random, so I can't
tell you what it is. You can get hints in the colored rooms' bookshelves and 
paying the man
outside the door. If you get it right the first time, he will give you a 
Materia. Go to the staircase
and go to floor 63. You can get a Materia if you solve the puzzle here. You can 
only open 3
doors and you have to find 3 coupons. If you find the shortest route put them in 
the computer and
you get some special items. Go to floor 64. Save and heal your characters. Go to 
floor 65. You
need to find a unlocked chest and bring the piece to the central small structure  
and put it there.
You have to repeat this until each box is opened. Now you go to bet to floor 66. 
Go to the
bathroom and flush the god. Climb it and open the air vents and you see a secret 
meeting. Leave
the bathroom and follow Hojo to floor 67. Sneak over to the elevator and open 
it. You will meet
Aerith in a lab. The beast Red XIII will join your party. Name him and they will 
say they will wait
for you on 66. Talk to the assistant and you can go to floor 68. Go there and 
take the elevator to
66. You will be thrown in jail. Talk to everyone in the jail. Then you to sleep. 
When you wake up
the cell is unlocked and the guard is dead. Talk to everyone and go to the lab 
and head to floor
69. This is President Shinra's office. Keep going to the next door and you will 
find Rufus.
Sephiroth has killed the President. You say to take everyone to safety. It puts 
Aerith in control
now. Take the elevator down to the robot boss. You get to control Cloud again. 
You have to fight
Rufus all by yourself. He is easy, just use good magic. Kill the dog first. Go 
to the main floor to
find Tifa.  You get to see another CG with the Shinra.

Event 8: Bike Race and Flashback

When you are in the bike race, just keep all of the guys away from your caravan. 
You have to
fight a big tank boss. This guy is pretty easy. Heal up and fight him. Now go to 
the town Kalm. Go
to the inn where everyone is, and you will have a flashback. Follow Sephiroth to 
an inn and talk
to him. Get sleep. You have to cross a mountain. You will get Sephiroth to fight 
with. This is a
cool scene, but Sephiroth will become your enemy. The flashback is over. Go to 
the mansion to
the north and go to the passage to the basement. Sephiroth is trying to find out 
who his mother
is. The flashback continues and in Nibelheim and you see Tifa. Sephiroth will 
terrorize the town. And
you swear to get revenge on him. Go to the shops and buy stuff. Go east to the 
Chocobo Farm.

Event 9: Chocobos!

Talk to the Chocobo in the front and if you choose the top option, he will give 
you the Mog and
Chocobo summon orb. Go to the stairs and talk to all of the guys. Buy a Chocobo 
Materia so you
can find them on the footprints on the world map. Go to the Mines. You have to 
ride a Chocobo
past the snake. DON'T GO HERE WITHOUT A CHOCOBO, or you will die. To catch a 
go to any footprints close the barn and fight until a Chocobo comes. Don't 
attack the Chocobo.
Kill the other enemies and you get the Chocobo. Ride it past the snake. You run 
into Turks
inside the mine. Continue through it, killing them all. You will find the exit, 
which leads to new

Event 10: The Golden Bird and the Beach

You see a tower with a bird on the top. Go into the tower. Practice on the game, 
because you
have to win it later in the game. You just have to kill the guys that are going 
up the mountain.
Save here and go to the Naval Base. Explore the place for awhile, since it is 
new. Enter the
Naval Base and talk to everyone. Go to the path on the shore. Be ready for a 
battle. You have
fight a sea creature. Use the best summons and magic that you have. Only magic 
can kill the
bubbles, so don't attack them. You need to do CPR on the girl as much air as 
your lung meter
goes. Use Square to breath, and Square to exhale. Go to town and rest. You will 
find the girl
again and she will give you the Shiva Materia. Go down to the beach and have her 
summon a
dolphin. Ride it over the metal thing and make him jump by pressing Square. Keep 
trying until
you get the metal beam. Climp to the Base in the Air.

Event 11: Shinra Military

You will find a huge airship. Go to the locker room for the guards. A guard will 
make you
participate in a military parade. Change your clothes and follow them. You have 
to blend in so
that people don't notice you. Just find the empty spot and fill it in. You learn 
how to handle a rifle
in the locker room. Just push the button that the general calls out. Go into the 
military base and
explore and head to the boat.

Event 13: Relaxation and Surfers!

Talk to everyone on the boat. Your party is in disguised. At Barrett, an alarm 
will sound. Find all
of your party members and choose who you want in your team. Go to the lower deck 
and find
Sephiroth. You fight a boss. After you win, get the Materia Orb and items. You 
are at the beach.
Talk to all the people and then walk down to the beach. Don't talk to the Shinra 
guy yet, talk to
the girls. Go to the Corel Mountains.

Event 14: Everyone hates Barret

Keep battling down the train tracks. You will fall down on some of the broken 
parts. Grab all of
the items down there. Go across all of the tracks and talk to all of your party 
members. Go into
the booth and hit the switch and keep following the track to the city. Go up to 
the Gold Saucer.
Buy the lifetime pass if you can, because you can do things here later. Choose a 
character to
come with you, and enter the Square. You will find Cait Sith here. Name him and 
he will join you
after you talk to him a few times. Play some games, and enter the battle Square. 
Some guards
are dead and it looks like Barret's work. You have to go to prison now. Everyone 
in the town
doesn't like Barrett. Get any items you need and head to the station in the 
southwest of the town.
Barrett will have a flashback and board the trailer. Barrett tries to make you 
leave him alone.
Explore the town, and go to the house south of the save point. Barrett will join 
you again. Talk to
the man in the green outfit by the trailer. Tell him you want to leave the 
prison town. He will say
about a Chocobo race. Go through the north gates and go to the junkyard. Don't 
wander out of
the desert, it is hard to get back. Give Barrett the best items you can. You 
have to fight his lost
friend. You get a pendant if you beat him. Go to the trailer and take the 
pendant and you have a
chance to win the Chocobo race. Win the race and Barrett is free. It might take 
a few times to
win. Sephiroth has spotted Gongaga Gate.

Event 15: Gongaga Gate

Take the all-terrain vehicle across the river back to the Gongaga area. Cross 
the shallow place
in the river. Follow past the destroyed Mako sight. Stay out of sight and grab 
the Titan Materia
that Scarlet misses. Take the path you can and go to the small town. Talk to 
Tifa. Search the
town and save, and go to Cosmo Canyon.

Event 15: Red XIII's birth and Yuffie

Red XIII is called by Nanaki now. Talk to the guy in the front, and Red will 
come and tell you that you
can enter. Red XIII will explain about this town. You will see and FMV sequence. 
Now follow Red
wherever he goes and you will find an observatory. You will see what is 
happening to the
universe. Go over to the fire. You learn what to do next. Choose which 
characters you want at
enter the cavern with Bugenhagen. Get all through the cavern and get every box 
you find, and
keep a look out for all of the boxes. You find and boss. He is easy. Get back to 
the fire and get
items that you need. Leave the town. You can find Yuffie in any forest area, but 
only on disc 2,
so make sure you do it before disc 3. You have to fight her before she joins 
you. Answer her
questions this way: Bottom choice, Top choice, Bottom choice, Top choice, Bottom 
choice, and
she will join. Get through the mountains and into Nibelheim.

Event 16: Vampires and Vincent

Load yourself up with many items, and talk to the black cape guys. Play Tifa's 
piano on the
second floor of her home by: X, Square, Triangle, L1+Triangle, L1+Square, X, 
Square, Triangle,
L1+X, Circle, X, Square, X. Head to the mansion now. Explore all the rooms and 
gain some
levels here. The code for the safe is: Turn right to 36, left to 10, right to 
59, right to 97 and it
opens. You have to fight a boss to get the prize. You get the Odin Materia here. 
Go downstairs
and open the door that is locker. Vincent will be in the center coffin. Explain 
to him about your
quest. He will go back into his coffin. Talk to him again. You name him now. Go 
to the library and
you will find Sephiroth. Get the Materia he throws at you. and go north to the 
Mountains. Battle all of the monsters on the mountain pass, and you go on a 
bridge and enter a
cave. You fight a boss in there. It is really easy. Use the ladder to the lower 
level explore the
pipes and get the items and Materia. Go to Rocket Town.

Event 17: Rocket Man and Yuffie a traitor

Explore the town and talk to everyone. Make sure you talk to the guy in the 
Materia shop three
times. Go to the northeast house and enter it. Go out the back door. You will 
run into Cid on the
way to the rocket site. Name him. Cid will ask why you are here. Ask him about 
the rocket and
Rufus. Go back to his house and listen to what they say. Rufus will arrive when 
you leave the
house. Shera will ask you to go back into the house and shop Palmer. Go to the 
backyard for a
battle. You will escape will Cid and he will join you. Take the plane and travel 
to the west most
island on the map. Keep going there no matter how Yuffie tries to side-track 
you. Go through the
mountain pass and into the town of Wutai. Check your Materia when you enter. It 
is all gone. Yuffie
took it all. You notice Yuffie running by. Follow her. Explore the town and try 
to catch her. If you
pick any Materia up in town, Yuffie will just run by and take it. She will tell 
you everything when
you catch her. She will tell you to pull the left switch to get the Materia 
back. After you pull it, you
are in a cage. She tricked you. Leave her house and go to the temple and the 
northwest corner
of town. Ring the gong and you find a secret passage. You will find Corneo. He 
will say that
Yuffie and Elena are his. You fight some Shinra guards now. Leave the town and 
go to the
mountains behind it. You will run into Corneo and you will have to fight a boss. 
Use summon
magic and he will die fast. Corneo will plummet and Yuffie will give back all of 
your Materia. Go
back to your plane. Travel across the river back to the continent with the Gold 
Saucer and enter
the house on the shore. Talk to the blacksmith inside. He will tell you what the 
Keystone does.
He will also tell you about the manager of the Gold Saucer. Go back to the Gold 

Event 18: Quest to the Keystone
Go to Battle Square and go into the showroom. The keystone is in the center room 
on the pillar.
When you try to take it, Dio comes in and says he will let you borrow it if 
Cloud will fight in the
Battle Arena. Agree and enter the arena. You will have to chose a random item 
from a slots
machine device that will help of hurt your efforts. You will get the Keystone 
after the battle. You
have to spend the night at the hotel, since the transport is out of order. Cait 
Sith will come with
you. You will find out that Sephiroth is trying to find the Black Materia. 
Aerith will ask you on a
date. The announcer will say you are the 100th couple to enter, so you have to 
be in a play.
Aerith will ask to ride the gondola next. You will see another FMV. Aerith will 
ask you if you want
to go on another date with her. (I said "Yes" =) You will see now that Sith has 
stolen the
Keystone. Chase him and you will learn that he works for the Shinra. You have to 
let him join
your cause. You will gather in the lobby, and you decide to go to the Ruins and 
get the Black
Materia before Sephiroth. Chose who you want and go to the plane.

Event 19: Searching for Black Materia

Go to the island on the bottom of the map with the island with the pyramid on 
it. Enter the ruins.
One of the Turks will give you the Keystone and tell you to get Sephiroth. Enter 
with the
Keystone and explore all of the staircases. You have to sneak passed a room with 
rolling rocks.
Talk to the Dwarf and save your game. Go to the upper-right exit. You will find 
a huge clock with
12 rooms for 12 numbers. Time your presses and stop the hands on the clock. Here 
is what the
rooms have:

Room 1: Trap (Boss)
Room 2: Blocked Path
Room 3: Trap (Boss)
Room 4: Prince Guard Item
Room 5: Path and a Treasure
Room 6: Chase the Dwarf puzzle
Room 7: Weapon for Cait Sith
Room 8: Elixir
Room 9: Blocked Path
Room 10: Starting Point
Room 11: Blocked Path
Room 12: Boss and the Exit

Take every path so you can get everything. You have to fight a pretty easy boss. 
You have to
trust Cait Sith to help you. Head to the clock and hit the 12 Exit. You have to 
fight another easy
boss here. You will find out more about the plot and you will be back in 

Event 19: A Tragic Loss

Leave the Gongaga Area and go to Bone Village, it's on the northern continent. 
Enter the village
and talk to the boss by the door. And he will tell his team to try and find the 
Lunar Harp if you pay
him. Keep searching for the Harp. Go through the forest and get the Materia 
before it disappears.
You will arrive at Shell Village. You have to explore all of this town, and it 
is very big. Go to the
Shell house to the east and sleep. Take the central path. You will find another
sequence....Aerith's Death....And you will have to insert Disc 2.

----------------Disc 2----------------

Event 20: Search for Sephiroth and Snowboarding

Follow Sephiroth to Shell village and past the caves. Go the Glacier Lounge near 
mountain tops. Explore the town and enter the house on the eastern edge of town. 
Look at the
map of the wall. Take the map and talk to the man on the north end of the town 
and tell him you
want down the hill. You will be stopped by the Shinra. Elena tries to punch you. 
Dodge to the left
and you will laugh at her falling down the mountain. The town has now been 
placed under Shinra
guards. Go in the little house in the center of town and talk to the boy. He 
will give you a
snowboard. You can now snowboard down the hill. This part is pretty long, but in 
my opinion one
of the funnest parts in the game. You can do tricks by doing different presses 
of the buttons off of
jumps. Collect as many items as you can. When you get to the bottom, get your 
map and go to
the red spot on it. Touch the steaming lakes and there is Materia here. You will 
eventually pass
out. Talk to the old man and he will tell you how to climb the cliff. Sleep and 
then climb. Make
sure your body temperature is higher than 25 degrees, or you will have to start 
all over. If you
press the Square button, Cloud will run in place and you will generate body 
heat. You will
eventually find a cave. Go into it. Push the first rock to reveal a path. Go in 
it. Follow the
passage and you must break the four icicles. (In combat) A bridge will appear in 
the room below
if you do it. Go out and fight the boss. Use normal attacks on his left arm and 
magic attacks on
his right to kill him. When you get to the top of the mountain, enjoy the CG 
sequence. Follow the
path to the crater. Tifa will join if she is not already in your party. Continue 
on the path and go
north. Time your movements through the barriers and you will run into Sephiroth.

Event 21: The Meteor and the Shinra

You have to defeat a boss here. You will get the Black Materia. You give it to 
Red XIII since you
lose control. Pass through the final barrier. This part is really awesome...the 
game takes many
twists here. You are in control of Tifa now. In the Shinra Air base, Junon, talk 
to Barrett and a
series with Rufus will show that you are in trouble. Follow the guards out of 
the room, and go to
the conference. Go to the gas chamber door. You will see and cool CG. Run to the 
corridors and
look for help. In the upper level Yuffie will be in a disguise. Follow Cait Sith 
to the airship. You
switch over to control Tifa, and you must get her free. Press the buttons in 
this order: X, X,
Triangle, X+Triangle, Triangle+Circle, Circle. Turn off the gas and look for the 
door out. Go to
the edge of the cannon, and now a sequence of Tifa and Scarlet will follow. 
Quickly tap Circle
button to slap her faster. You will see another CG and you will go on your 

Event 22: Yuffie and her Family

Go to the main control and talk to everyone. Red XIII will tell you to go to 
Mideel, on a small
island to the southeast, but if you have Yuffie, head back to her hometown. Go 
back to the town
of Wutai and go to the temple to the northwest. You have to battle through 5 
floors of it, by
yourself. You have to battle your father later. If you beat all of the bosses, 
your objective is done.
Go to the village of Mideel.

Event 23: The Shinra Train

Explore the town, and you will find your lost friend soon. He is different, and 
Tifa will stay with
him. Go back to the airship and into the control room. Fly the airship to the 
Mako Refinery to the
North of the Gold Saucer. Head across the railroad tracks and fight all of the 
battles. You will
have 10 minutes to catch up with the train. You have to press Triangle in a 
timely maneuver to
catch up with it. When you catch it you will jump out to their train. Fight 
everyone you can on the
way to the engine. Make the Engine in time and you get a HUGE Materia, so if you 
don't get
there in time, reset the game. Board the Airship and go to Condor Fort.

Event 24: The Chase and Mideel

Talk to the guard outside and tell him you will assist him. Talk to everyone 
inside and gather all
of the info. You have to destroy the army going up the hill. Use more of the 
weapons at the
bottom of the hill. If you win you get another Huge Materia, and grab the 
Phoenix Summon
Materia on the way out. Go on the airship and head to Mideel. Search all of the 
shops and buy all
that you need. If you have the Mimett Greens give it to the small white Chocobo. 
Give it the food,
pet it's ears, and it will give you a Materia. Go to the weapon shop and look at 
the locked door.
Search behind the old man and you will find a Rusty Key. Use the key on the door 
and the store
owner will eventually give you the Ring of the Cursed. Go to the hospital and 
talk to Tifa. Go
outside and battle the Ultimate Weapon. This boss is very hard. After you beat 
it, the whole city
will fall apart, and Cloud and Tifa will fall into the lifestream.

Event 25: Cloud's Mind and the Final Search

Work your way through the different sequences that represent Cloud's life. You 
will eventually
return to the airship. Go back to Junon and enter the base. Go to the main 
street and follow the
gray path. You will work your way to the underwater base. You will find many 
enemies and a
boss. Head towards the submarine. Get every treasure that you see, because one 
has a item
you will need later. Go to the control room in the Sub, and you will be in an 
underwater shooter!
You have to destroy all of the submarines on your radar. Avoid all of the 
missiles and mines. After
you win, you will find out that Shinra took the final Huge Materia to Rocket 
Village. Search the
ocean floor for the red sub that you killed. Grab the Materia and go to Junon. 
You will see an
FMV so go back underwater and look for the aircraft. There are many good items 
here. There is
a underwater passage that leads to the Shell Key. There is also a passage that 
leads to a
waterfall inside of a crater. Go to the Sub and put Vincent in your party. Go 
underneath the
waterfall and Vincent will meet someone. You can't get to do anything now, but 
special items
appear here in Disc 3.

Event 26: The Red Glare and the Understanding

Go to the Rocket Village and go to the Rocket. The men in blue are not difficult 
if you have a
healer in your party. Go to the control room and release the Huge Materia. To 
release press:
Circle, Square, X, X on the control panel. Go back to the airship and go to 
Cosmo Canyon. Head
up to the observatory and talk to Bugenhagen. He will say that you should and 
him should go to
Shell Village. (Make sure you have the Shell Key) View the Materia floating 
around. They are
called Huge Materia and are needed to make the Master Materia. To make the 
Master Materia
you need to collect all the Materia available in the game, and touch the red 
Huge Materia. (Note: If
you have Neo Bahamut and Bahamut Summon Materia and you touch the red Materia, 
you will
get Bahamut Zero.) Go to the airship and go to Shell Village.

Event 27: There is Hope

Follow the left path and you will come to the blue stream. Cloud will realize 
what must be done. (I
won't ruin it) Cait Sith will call with information on Shinra. Go to the shores 
of Midgar, and save
before this. Talk to the big man once he reaches the shore. After you defeated 
the Weapon, go
north to the crater on the north continent. You have to fly into Midgar City and 
stop Hojo. Follow
Cait Sith down in the underground and you will run into the Turks again. (Cait 
Sith's Ultimate
weapon is in the lockers of the 64th floor of the Shinra building) Kill the 
Turks and go north.
Battle up to the Mako cannon and you will battle Hojo. Beat him and prepare for 
the final battle.
Insert Disc 3.

-------------------Disc 3-------------------

Event 28: Bravery and Power

If you want, head down into the pit and you will fight Sephiroth and get the 
ending to the game.
Just battle your way down all of the cliffs and engage Sephiroth. Power up your 
characters in the
swamps, cause they are fairly easy and you get good experience for them. Also, 
if you got the
Save Crystal from the first chest in the pit, put that down here. Sephiroth is 
pretty tough, and
enjoy the music and the lengthy ending.


There are many things to do before you face Sephiroth. Go to the eastern 
continent and you will
find that the Ultimate Weapon has made a nest out of a mountain north of Junon 
where he is
holding Cloud's Ultimate sword. You have to fight him a number of times. If you 
win the first
battle, the Ultimate Weapon will fly off. Find him and ram the Highwind into him 
again and again,
until he tumbles down and you get Cloud's Ultimate Weapon. You can go back to 
underground waterfall and get the new items. There is an extremely difficult 
boss down here that
you can fight. This is a very hard battle. He will give you a secret item if you 
win. You can go to
the Golden Saucer and beat the Red Scorpion boss that's moving around in the 
sand down
below. He is hard, too. If you beat him he will give you the Desert Rose. Now 
you should collect
everyone's limit breaks. Don't take on the two weapons if you don't have them 
all, because they
are really important. Go and raise Chocobos. If you manage to breed a Gold 
Chocobo, take it to
the island in the northeast corner of the map that holds the best summon Materia 
in the game.
(Knights of the Round Table)

---------Part 2: Limit Breaks---------

There are four levels of limit breaks, and most characters have 2 limit breaks a 
level, but all of
them have 1 4th level limit break. Learning the level 4 limit breaks are more 
difficult. You have to
first learn all of the limit breaks on that character, and then you must have 
the limit break item
that teaches you the attack. After you find them, you must use the correct 
manual on each
character, and set his limit break to level 4. Here is where the manuals are 

Back at the Gold Saucer, win 32000 battle points in a single visit and then buy 
the item.

After the train ride in Disc 2, there is a lady in a hat in a building in the 
north Corel, she will give
it to you.

You must play the song on Tifa's Piano (See event 16)

In Sephiroth's house is a safe, use the combo to unlock it. (See event 16)

After you beat her mini-quest, go back to Wutai. Go to the Pagoda and defeat 
Godo. You will get
it now.

Either the sub or a Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo is needed. Go to the waterfall 
in the middle of
the western continent. Vincent must be with you. You have to enter the left side 
of the waterfall.
(Note: You must visit the waterfall twice. Once on disc 2, and once on disc 3)

Use the sub and search for the plane wreck where you found the Hades Materia, on 
the south
part of the map. The sunken plane is between the easter and western continents. 
Inside the
plane is a chest holding it.

---------Part 3: Ultimate Weapons---------

Cloud:    Ultimate Weapon

Location: Before you start the final assault on Sephiroth in disc 3, go to the 
world map and kill the
wandering Dragon, Ultima Weapon.

Power up: This Weapon's damage in dependent on Cloud's HP level. The more HPs he 
has, the
more damage it does.
Barrett:    Missing Score

Location: In your quest to stop the Mako overload at Midgar at the end of Disc 2 
there is a chest
holding the Missing Score on the staircase just before you reach Hojo. Barrett 
has to be a
member of your party to find this weapon.

Power up: Attach Materia to this weapon. Damage is dictated by the AP of that 
Tifa:    Premium Heart

Location: In Disc 2 or 3 go to Midgar City, head to Wall Market and examine the 
computer in the
room marked "item"

Power up: Every time she has a Limit Break, but misses with at least 1 spinning 
wheel, the
Premium Heart powers up.
Aerith:    Princess Guard

Location: While engaged in the moving clock game, obtain it from the Ancient's 

Power up: This is only available for a short time, so I can't find how to power 
it up.
Red XIII:    Limited Moon

Location: In Disc 2, after the monster attacks Midgar, visit Bugenhagen and he 
will give it to you.

Power up: Like Cloud's weapon, but the MPs matter. So if you have high MPs, it 
will do high
Yuffie:    Conformer

Location: In Disc 2 or 3, check around the wrecked plane.

Power up: Damage depends on the experience points of an enemy. If it is high, it 
powers up.
Cait Sith:       Marvelous Cheer

Location: In Disc 2, during the raid on Midgar, search the lockers on the 64th 
floor of the Shinra

Power up: It is the same as the Limited Moon that Red XIII gets.
Vincent:   Death Penalty

Location: When you get his Limit Break manual, you also get his Death Penalty.

Power up: The number of death blows he has delivered determines the weapon's 
damage. So,
how many death blows in the past makes this weapon more powerful.
Cid:    Venus Gospel

Location: In Disc 1 or 2, the man who gave Cloud a sword in Disc 1 will stand 
outside a house by
the rocket pad. Talk to him 3 times. This can only be done after the rocket has 
been destroyed.

Power up: Same as Cait Sith's and Red XIII's weapons.

---------Part 4: Summon Materia---------

Out of all of the Materia in FF7, the Red Materia is the most powerful. You have 
to play a lot to
get them all. This is where all of them are.

Chocobo and Mog - Disc 1   (Wind Elemental)

Just visit the Chocobo farm and talk to the fenced in Chocobo.

Shiva - Disc 1  (Ice Elemental)

After you have successfully given CPR to Pricila in Junon Town, she will give 
you this if you go up 
to her house and talk to her.

Ifrit - Disc 1  (Fire Elemental)

On the Shinra boat, beat Jenova Birth.

Titan - Disc 1  (Earth Elemental)

There is a village in the woods named Gongaga that is before Cosmo Canyon. Wait 
for the Turks
to leave and search the decrepit machinery.
Ramuh - Disc 1  (Lightning Elemental)

In the Gold Saucer, check the alcove in the Chocobo jockey's room.

Odin - Disc 1  (Strength Elemental)

Defeat the boss in the mansion at Nibelheim and open the safe.

Leviathan - Disc 1  (Water Elemental)

You get this after you beat the boss on top of Pagoda in Utai.

Kjata - Disc 1  (Tetra Elemental)
In the endless forest continent go north, and you will find this floating on the 
second screen as
you enter the forest.

Bahamut - Disc 1  (Fire/Flare Elemental)

After you meet Sephiroth you will battle a dragon in a temple. Beat the dragon 
and wait for the
temple to shake.

Alexander - Disc 2  (Holy Elemental)

On the north continent there is an old man's shack. Below the shack is an icy 
wasteland. Go east
through snow and find a cave. It's in there.

Neo Bahamut - Disc 2  (Fire/Flare Elemental)

This is lying on a path that leads to the first barrier on the crater inside the 
frozen mountain.

Phoenix - Disc 2  (Fire/Life Elemental)

Just win the mini-battle at Condor Fort. You will get this after the egg 

Hades - Disc 2  (Poison/Status Elemental)

Use the submarine to find the defunct Shinra airplane. You will find it next to 
the broken
helicopter inside the sunken airplane.

Bahamut Zero - Disc 2-3  (Fire/Flare Elemental)

Go to the old man in Cosmo Canyon after you have collected all of the Huge 
Materia and Neo
Bahamut, and Bahamut. Touch the blue Huge Materia in the galaxy holodeck and you 
get it.

Knights of the Round Table - Disc 2-3  (???)

This is very difficult to reach, since you need to breed a Gold Chocobo. (See 
Part 5) Once you
have it, use it to visit a strange island towards the northeast corner of the 
map. Find the cave and
you have found the Materia.

Master Summon - Disc 3

After you have collected all of the Summon Materia, go to the galaxy holodeck 
and touch the red 
Huge Materia.

---------Part 5: Enemy Skill List---------

This Enemy Skills list shows you where you can get the Enemy Skill, the MP 
needed, the Effect, and what it does.

Star 1- Frog Song-------Magic Points Needed: 5

Effect:  Makes all enemies frogs and puts them to sleep.
Learn:   From the green frogs in the forests around Gongaga village.
              (Disc 1, 2, or 3)
Star 2-Level 4 Suicide-------Magic Points Needed: 10

Effect:  Enemies with levels multiple of 4 loose most of their hit points. 
         However, using this spell cannot kill the enemy. At best, it can 
         reduce the enemy's hit points down to 1.
Learn:   Squirrel  enemies located near the Chocobo Farm.
         (Disc 1, 2, or 3)
Star 3-Magic Hammer--------Magic Points Needed: 3

Effect:  Hit an enemy and gain up to 100 magic points, assuming 
         that the enemy has 100 magic points.
Learn:   Plant monsters that are located on the very end of the
         Westernmost Continent in the dark green area.  (Disc 1, 2, or 3)
Star 4-White Wind-------Magic Points Needed: 34

Effect:  Each ally regains lost HP and their status ailments are cured
         and dispelled.  The amount of HP recovered depends on the
         current HP of the caster.
Learn:   The white cactus  monsters that appear around the 
         grassy area by Junon Town  (Disc 1, 2, or 3), or from the winged
         serpents you fight if you're hit by a barrier at the Great Glacier.
         (Disc 2)
Star 5-Big Guard---------Magic Points Needed: 56

Effect:  Has the same effect as casting Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier on
         all your allies.
Learn:   From the spike shelled creatures with green tentacles 
         that live on the coast near  Gongaga Town.  

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