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                  ->> Final Fantasy VII Strategy Walkthrough <<-
                                 ->> By Ryuki B. <<- 
                       ->> Email: [email protected] <<-
             - Table of Contents - 
            -1.) - Introduction
            -2.) - Walkthrough
            -3.) - Weapons and Armor
            -4.) - Items and Key Items
                                 - Introduction -
 - Hello and welcome to my strategy guide and walkthrough to Final Fantasy VII. I am 
sorry that it is not yet finished. Getting the chance to play this game is very 
difficult because my parents are seperated and my PS2 is at one house and my Xbox at 
the other. I'm only at the house with the PS2 for three days of the week. So sorry 
for the inconvenience, but this guide only goes up to the Boss fight with the Guard 
Scorpion. I am also working on a guide for Final Fantasy X. I will be using the 
actual official guide to help. Once this is clear,I will continue work on this 
guide, so expect to see an even better guide of this version within the following 
months. I would also ask you to please check out my guide for Final Fantasy X when 
it comes out, which I will announce through this guide. Please do not copy or use 
anything of my guide as credit for something else for your pleasure. Printing this 
guide for your needs is fine. Thank you.
                    - Final Fantasy VII - 1. Walkthrough -
  -No.1 - Mako Reactor no.1
   - Items: Potion x3, Phoenix Down, "Restore" Materia -
    - Shoplist: None -
- No.1 - Mako Reactor no.1 - 
     - No.1 - The North Mako Reactor -
      - After the short cut-scene of Midgar, the Avalanche members knockout the 
guards at the station and head towards the mako reactor. There Cloud (main 
character; former Ex-SOLDIER) is left to fight on his own. 
   1 - Pick up two Potions from the guard nearest to you by selecting the O button 
twice, each time for a new Potion, then head forward (directional pad to walk). 
There to stop you are two Shinra Soldiers, and there is where your first battle 
starts. Those new to this game should learn the controls:
     -     Select the O button to confirm and option
     -     Select the X button to cancel an option
     -     Press the "Select" button to create a bar overhead the Main Window screen 
that gives off information about skills, spells, and fiends (this is recommended for 
After the battle, follow Avalanche into the side entryway.
   2 - Head up to the rest of the gang and talk to Biggs (the guy in green). During 
the conversation you must select a name for Cloud (X button to erase, O button to 
confirm), then afterwards select a name for Barret. Follow Avalanche through the 
opened gateway.
   3 - Head forward and turn right, then forward, then left into a blue-lit door, 
following Biggs as you do so. In the next area (at the main bridge), turn north, 
proceeding further into the reactor. Wedge (the guy at the end of the left side)is 
securing the escape way, so don't worry about him.
   4 - Proceeding forward starts a conversation with Barret, and afterwards he 
becomes an addition to the party. You can now use Barret in enemy encounters! Now 
talk to Biggs to open the gate, then talk to Jessie to open the next one.
   5 - Before you talk to Jessie again to open the last gate on this floor, head 
east into a side room to obtain a Phoenix Down in the back of the room. Look in the 
Items & Key Items section to understand this item better. Talk to Jessie to enter 
the elevator and hit the switch on the end to descend down into the reactor. Head 
out of the elevator and down the long flight of stairs.
  6 - At the bottom of the stairs head into the door ahead of you. In the next area, 
walk towards Jessie to jump to the other side, where she gives you a lesson on going 
up and down ladders. Follow her down, then right beside her spot you will come in 
contact with a blue object on the ground. Pick it up with the O button to obtain yet 
another Potion. This should be your third one here. 
   7 - Talk to Jessie to learn how to use a ladder again if you missed the 
directions earlier (which is highly doubtful). Head down the ladder to the right, 
then continue further down bellow into the reactor using the second ladder.
   8 - Save your game at the Save Point (the rotating C-like projection) and get 
ready for your first boss fight. Build up your Limit Break gauge to near completion, 
and a level up a few levels too if it comforts you. When your ready, head south.
   9 - No.1 Boss Fight: Guard Scorpion
    Hp:~800 / Damage Range:~35-95 / Weakness:Bolt / Spoil: Assault Gun            
 -Tactic #1: The boss is vulnerable to the lightning element, as is all of the 
mechanical enemies you will fight, so use Cloud's Bolt spell to dish out some 

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