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To Unlock the Full Potential of the Celestial Weapons, you must acquire a Crest and Sigil for each character.

TIDUS' CALADBOLG: Sun Crest and Sun Sigil
     The Sun Crest is located in the Zanarkand Dome, in the mystical arena where you defeated Lady Yunalesca. Simply proceed up and down the 
     stairs until you notice a chest appear in the upper portion of the room. To exit, simply walk out the southern egression.

     The Sun Sigil is acquired by defeating the Chocobo Trainer in a race with a final time of 0:00:00. To do this, obtain as many balloons as possible 
     in the shortest amount of time, and avoid contact with any birds. The bonuses must be greater than the total time plus any deductions.

YUNA'S NIRVANA: Moon Crest and Moon Sigil
     The Moon Crest is in a chest at Besaid Isle-Beach. Reenter the water in which you first arrived and swim to a small beach to the right.

     The Moon Sigil is obtained only after you have acquired all 8 Aeons. Return to Remiem Temple and challenge and defeat each of the 8 Aeons in 
     the Contest with Belgemine. Afterwards, Yuna will send the unsent Belgemine and receive the Moon Sigil.

AURON'S MASAMUNE: Mars Crest and Mars Sigil
     The Mars Crest is found on the Mi'ihen Highroad-Oldroad, South. Ride a chocobo from the entrance to Mushroom Rock down the southeast path 
     (the Oldroad) to the very bottom of the ravine.

     The Mars Sigil is awarded as a prize only after completing 10 Area or Species Conquests. The easiest way to do this is to capture all the species 
     from 10 different regions. Return to the Arena Master to receive the Mars Sigil.

WAKKA'S WORLD CHAMPION: Jupiter Crest and Jupiter Sigil
     The Jupiter Crest can be found inside the Besaid Aurochs locker room in Luca. Examine the locker in the room with all the Aurochs.

     The Jupiter Sigil, perhaps the most difficult item to obtain, must be won as a prize for wining a Blitzball League. However, it is only available after 
     Wakka has won or received all his Overdrives (Attack Reels, Status Reels, and Aurochs Reels).

KIMAHRI'S SPIRIT LANCE: Saturn Crest and Saturn Sigil
     The Saturn Crest is obtained by returning to Mt. Gagazet after defeating Seymour Flux. Examine the columns in the area where the battle was 

     The Saturn Sigil, another item quite difficult to obtain, is awarded as a prize after fully completing the Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunter 
     mini-game. Once you have gained control of the airship, the mini-game changes to become more difficult. You have 30 seconds to capture all 7 
     blue butterflies in both Macalania Woods-North and Macalania Woods-Central, and the number of red butterflies have greatly increased. If you    
     can somehow manage to complete both games (it will take many tries), the chest earned will house the Saturn Sigil.

LULU'S ONION KNIGHT: Venus Crest and Venus Sigil
     The Venus Crest is located at the Farplane in Guadosalam. You should have received it after witnessing the Chappu event. If not, return to the 
     Farplane and open the chest there. Since the Guados are displeased with you, this may be a tough task. Avoid encounters if possible.

     The Venus Sigil is perhaps the most arduous undertaking in the game. You must successfully dodge 200 consecutive lightning bolts at the 
     Thunder Plains to earn the Venus Sigil. Once you begin, leaving the area will force you to restart. Equip the No Encounters ability, and stand in 
     one spot, pressing X whenever a flash occurs. Keep track of your dodges, and do not be afraid to overcompensate if you lose count. Being 
     struck after reaching 200 will not affect the prize.

RIKKU'S GODHAND: Mercury Crest and Mercury Sigil
     The Mercury Crest is located in one of the many quicksand traps in the Sanubia Desert. You should have found this during your first visit, but it 
     will still be there if you missed it. The Mercury Crest is guarded by a relatively weak Sandragora.

     The Mercury Sigil is obtained by completing the Cactaur Village side-quest in the Sanubia Desert. To complete it, you absolutely must have the 
     No Encounters ability equipped. Examine the large Cactaur Rock just south of the Cactaur Village, which is protected by an impassable      
     sandstorm. It will hint at a renegade Cactaur. You must hunt down 9 Cactaurs in the Sanubia Desert, returning to this stone in between each 
     encounter. Once you find a Cactaur, you must play a modification of the game "Red Light, Green Light." When the Cactaur turns towards you, 
     you must stop. When it turns away, proceed as quickly as possible towards it. If you reach the Cactaur before time expires in three or less tries, 
     you will fight it. Defeat it to receive its Name Sphere. Insert the Name Sheres into the stone. If you lose at any of the Cactaur games, you will 
     receive a Sphere del Perdedor instead of its Name Sphere. Though you can still receive the Mercury Sigil with these spheres, you can obtain a 
     Friend Sphere as well if you successfully earn 8 or all 9 Name Spheres. After completing the quest, the sandstorm diminishes, and you can find 
     the Mercury Sigil in the Cactaur Village. The location of the 9 Cactaurs is as follows:
          1  Oasis, near the Save Sphere
          2  East, to the west of the Save Sphere in the tent
          3  West, by examining the sign that says "20% off"
          4  Central, in the ruins to the west
          5  East, in the tent with the Save Sphere
          6  Central, in a treasure chest in the far west of the central area
          7  West, in a quicksand trap
          8  Oasis, follow the Cactaur to the airship deck (where you fought Evrae)
          9  West, by inserting 8 stones, the final Cactaur automatically appears

After obtaining any 2 corresponding items (such as the Sun Crest and Sun Sigil), return to the mystical sphere in Macalania Woods. Perform the 
rituals for the desired weapon there to unlock its full potential. Each weapon requires two rituals: one with the crest, and one with the sigil. Now you 
are ready to weild the Celestial Weapons!

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