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- |Including Rize of the Zilart Expansion Pack|

Final Fantasy XI is the world’s first major cross-platform MMORPG, allowing
players to connect to and communicate in the same exact world regardless of
their gaming platform.

FAQ created by Joshua Warhurst (BlackRagnarok)|

-This FAQ is based on FFXI for the PC and PS2.


Final Fantasy XI: Online
For the Playstation (R) 2 gaming console and the PC (personal computer)
Genre - Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Japanese PS2 Debut - May 16, 2002
American PS2 Debut - March 23, 2004
Japanese PC Debut - November 5, 2002
American PC Debut - October 28, 2003
FAQ Started -   May 16, 2003
Last Update -   May 27, 2004
FAQ Version -   1.25
E-Mail Me -     [email protected]
E-Mail Square - [email protected]
IM Me -         AIM: ZalkRagnarok


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Table of Contents:
        (00) How To Use This Guide

        (01) Updates

        (02) The Story

        (03) Starting up
                -Character Creation
                -Race Detials

        (04) The Basics

        (05) Conquest

        (06) Missions + Quests
                -Missions List
                -Quest List
                -RSE Quests
                -AF Quests

        (07) Classes
                -Advanced Job Quests
                -Black Mage
                -White Mage
                -Red Mage
                -Dark Knight
                -Beast Master

        (08) Servers

        (09) Linkshells

        (10) Guilds/Side Activities

        (11) Magic
                -Black Magic
                -White Magic
                -Red Magic

        (12) Equipment
                -Race Specific Armor (RSE)
                -Artifact Equipment (AF)
                -Relic Equipment (AF2)
                -Cursed Equipment

        (13) Weapon Skill
                -Weapon Skill list

        (14) Special Effects
                -Skillchain (Renkei)
                -Magic Burst

        (15) Moghouse
                -Furniture List

        (16) Tetra Master

        (17) Bestiary

        (18) Areas

        (19) F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

        (20) Special Thanks

        (21) Closing

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00-How To Use This Guide

---How Can I Use This Guide To The Fullest---

 OO   OO
O  O O  O
O  O O  O = Section Title/Number in Table of Contents
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---Words--- = Topic of a major part in the section

************************************************ = Under this will be a list
                                                   of things

TITLE					   TITLE = Subtopic. Most likely it is
                                                   a list

                    = Breaks up sections

NOTE: = Tells that this needs to be updated or telling about something in a
        certain way.



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---This Guide's History---
Version 1.25
Tons And Tons Of Stuff

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Jobs, Equipment, Magic, and Weapon Skills sections

I will say that my armor section is pretty much 85% complete. However, because
of vacations, projects, and school commitments, getting on my e-mail bi-daily
is very hard. Even weekly is hurting my time. If my you dont get a response
right away, I'm very sorry.

I have added in some of the weapon skills and corrected some messups in the
magic section. So all is well there.

Aside from that, I am also sorry for lack of recent updates. It has been ~3
months since last update. Hopefully I will get back on a better scedule when
summer comes. Maybe I can even get an update out soon fnishing up the armors
and weapon skills.

On a lighter note, this is the 1 year aniversary of this FAQ. And that is why I
bothered updating so much in the course of a week. Be glad, as I used valuable
PT hours working on this.

Version 1.20
More Armor Updates And 2 Patches

Inclides: N/A
Expands On: Jobs and Equipment sections

Well, almost all of the armors are in, making my list for armor about 70-80%
complete. The Lv75 Cap was also added in a recent patch. I have also shown max
stats in the Jobs section to reflect lv75. Also other random stuff.

And please, I put a lot of time into it. Check out my armor section. It is
probably the most complete armor section out of any website. The only things it
doesn't show are the jobs that can use it and if it has a (Rare) or (EX) sign
next to it. :p

Sorry about the lack of updates. I havn't had the time to sit and work on this
in the past couple months or so.

Version 1.15
Been Real Busy

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Starting Up, Jobs, Magic, Equipment, Special Thanks sections

I swear I had to copy down 700+ different types of armors. When you look at the
Equipment section now, you may have a much more understanding of how much
equipment is in this game. And I havn't even added more weapons yet. However, I
am not done with armors. I have only done most body armors, head armors, back
armors, and shield armors. I need to do the other sections. If you can
contribute weapons and stuff not found in the auction house, that would be
great. Basically, weapons and armors that you cannot trade. And if someone
wants to contribute a list of all of the swords or any type of weapon, that
would help out a lot.

I also did some minor Magic section changes. Magic things have been changed
from numbers to roman numerals to better reflect how they look in the game. For
instance, Fire 2 will now say Fire II. I also made some summon corrections and
some corrections on Job Abilities and added a few more commands in the Starting
Up section. And...last but not least...I changed some things in the AF section
to make it easier to read.

Version 1.10
Searching Vana'diel

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Mog House and Areas sections

I finally included a new part to my guide...Areas. This is where I explain
about the different areas in the world. While I have explored a lot, I need
some descritions on places. The other thing I added was my thing on the mog
house. It was just a thing (not in the game that I made up) that people were
requesting -- How to go into other moghouses. I wonder if it will ever reach
S-Es doorstep.

Version 1.05
I Have The US Version

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Guilds section

I only have one major change with this guide...I have the US version. And many
others do now. This will make info. gathering easier to say the least.

My character is as follows:
Handle: Altimo
Characters: Altimo (Ragnarok)

My other things I have to add is that I added some info on generally what
guilds are. While it isnt super is some.

Version 1.00
A Lot Of Armor

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Equipment and Starting Up sections

Well, I got more  armor in my guide now including the RSE equip and the
starting rings for each country. I am still waiting to introduce other random
info into my guide. I have a lot of info, but it is either jumbled up in
everything or it is not complete.

Version .95
E-Mails Give Influence

Inlcudes: Areas
Expands On: Besidary and many different areas (cant remember which exactly)

In this I added where you can find NPCs for World Passes. Im also added some
random corrections. As you may notice, this is version .95. Version 1.00 will
not be like a normal guides version 1.00. Instead, it is just like a normal
checkpoint much like any one of my other updates. My guide still is not
complete and I will needed to add a lot more to it. I may actually make an
item guide in the future. If you want to know what that will be ablout, e-mail
me. The Areas section is not yet started.

Version .90
Finishing Up Some Needed Points

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Jobs section.

I finally added the last two advanced job quests (SMN and SAM). And I included
more detail on the main races. There are also a few minor changes here and
there. Mostly things having to relate to the Benchmark 2 program.

Version .85
Some Good Changes

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Weapons+Armor and Magic sections.

This version I added some summon spells in the magic section under summons. I
Also changed where ever it said "LVL" to "Lv" to make it easier to read. The
weapons section has more weapons and some corrections. I also added in Armors!
However, since there is more infromation, it is a bit jumbled, but in its right
place. Check it out if you dont understand what I'm saying. But it was a lot of
additions. Hours of typing...gah.

We also now know that FFXI will be released on the HDD Pre-downloaded for $99.
That only applies to the PS2 version.

Version .80
Im Running Back On Track Again

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Weapons+Armor, FAQ, and Special Thanks sections.

I added in how you can decode your score for the benchmark test in the FAQ
section. I also added all of the AF stats (thanks to RPGdemon and some others).

Version .75
Some Good News, Some Bad

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Story, Conquest, and Classes sections.

Well, lets start off with the good news. The good news is that the update fills
in the rest of the advanced jobs (besides SUM quest). I also added the "History
of Vana'deil" in the story section and the "History of Conquest" in the
Conquest section.The bad news is that the money needed for the game is a bit up
in price. Now we know that there is a free 30-day trial, which is a good thing.
But now the price is upped from $10 per month, to $12.95. But there is more.
Each extra character is $1 and Tetra Master is now $1. Oh well. If I have to
pay it to play, I most definatly will. But this was somewhat to be expected.
The Japanese monthly fee is around $13. Either way, I think it is worth it. It
isnt much more money. Especially if you have been saving up for the US version
for a while ($329 saved up for me).

Version .70
For The lv70 Cap

Includes: N/A
Expands On: FAQ, Classes, and Magic sections.(By a lot!)

I added Black Magic and White Magic to this version. I also added the time you
need to use Abilities and so on. Dragoon Job quest is added and Dragoon,
Paladin, Bard, Dark Knight, Ranger, Beastmaster, and Samurai jobs were added. I
also upped the jobs level cap to 70 because of the patch on Thursday. Some new
questions were added in the F.A.Q.s

Version .65
Character Creation

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Starting Up section.

I just decided to do a Startup of the game sub-section. I had planned on it
before, but I finally decided to go with it after I found out they were the
same for the Japanese version and the US version. It is a very small section
right now, however.

Version .60
Quite a Bit of Changes

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Servers and Magic sections.

The Magic section was expanded a bit. There is lots of info I got from
people/websites. I added songs mostly.

Version .55
Some Changes Made

Includes: N/A
Expands On: Special Thanks, Magic, and Beastidary sections.

Most of the changes were very small. Just spelling/grammer mistakes for the
most part. Other minor changes. That is why it was only upgraded by .05 points.
I just want to say that I need all the help I can get. My spell checker needs
to get fixed. That is one reason I cant send this through a spell-checker.

Version .50
First Version

Includes: How To Use This Guide, Updates, The Story, Starting Up, The Basics,
Conquest, Missions + Quests, Classes, Servers, Linkshells, Guild/Side
Activities, Magic, Weapons + Armor, Weapon Skill, Special Effects, Moghouse,
Tetra Master, Beastidary, FAQ, Special Thanks, and Closing sections.
Expands On: N/A

I am not complete on a few sections of my guide. It is mostly a work in
progress, but atleast it provides some info that is not already posted in the
GameFAQs archive.



 OO   OO       OOOOO O  O OOOO     OOO OOOOO  OO  OOO  O   O
O  O O  O        O   O  O O       O      O   O  O O  O  O O
O  O   O  OOOO   O   OOOO OOO      OO    O   O  O OOO    O
O  O  O          O   O  O O          O   O   O  O O O    O
 OO  OOOO        O   O  O OOOO    OOO    O    OO  O  O   O

02-The Story


The legend begins as so.
The Beginning of everything was with the stone.

A long long time ago, this beautiful living stone,
with its shining of seven colors banished the darkness,
filled the world with life,
and gave birth to powerful gods.

Happiness and light blessed ages continued,
and soon the gods have gone to their sleep.
The name of the world is Vana'diel.

Sometime after, a great tribulation was about to fill this blessed land of
The ancient seal, after resisting dark power for thousands of years,
was broken and awakening the endless nightmare.

Innocent blood will flow through the great land.
The world will be enveloped by fear, sadness, and disparity.

However, this does not mean there is no hope...
There exists one star, shining brightly even through the nights of the
harshest storms.
There exists a powerful song, not being vanished by the howls of any beasts.

That's right.
Proud ones,
filled with wisdom, courage and determination...

Now, awaken from the dark slumber.
Stand now, the legendary heroes.
The Crystal Warriors!


It all began with a stone,
Or so the legend says.

In ages past,
The sentient jewel,
Enormous and beautiful,
Banished the darkness.

It's many-colored light filled the world with life
And brought forth-mighty gods.

Bathed in that light,
The world entered an age of bliss,
Until after a time,
The gods fell into slumber.
That world was called Vana'diel.
In the 863rd year of the Crystal Era, Vana'diel was in the midst of a great
war. Faced with the invasion of the Shadow Lord and his hordes of beast men,
the leaders of the enlightened peoples united their forces in desperate
alliance. They were the Kingdom of San d'Oria, the Republic of Bastok, the
Federation of Windurst, and the Grand Duchy of Jeuno. Together they struggled
for survival in battle after battle as chaos engulfed the land.

---History of Vana'deil---

The world of Vana’diel is a crossroads of magic, swords, and technology.
It is also a battlefield where those who believe in light face monsters that
thrive in darkness. The struggle centers on the control of crystals: sacred
stones that are the fundamental source of all creation.

The monsters showed no mercy as they laid waste to beautiful towns, ravaged the
land, and polluted the streams and rivers of Vana’diel. But the people united
to seize victory from the jaws of the beastmen, earning themselves temporary
respite from a life-and-death struggle.

Twenty years have passed since the people’s great victory. But now, even as
the memories of battle have begun to fade, a new evil grows inside Vana’diel...

And it hungers for the power of the crystals.

---Ancient Memories---

Long, long ago, an ancient race, descended from the gods, flourished in
Vana'diel. They traveled through the sky, extracted gold from stones, and gave
birth to grasslands across the world.

But one day, they decided to build a pathway to the divine entrance of
paradise. Enraged by such a brazen display of insolence, the holy gatekeeper
destroyed their path and cast their homes to the bottom of the sea.

Shortly thereafter, the goddess Altana awakened and saw the ruin that had had
once been Vana'diel. Saddened, She wept five divine tears. When the five tears
fell upon the earth, they gave life to the five races of Vana’diel.

But the god Promathia saw this from His place in the shadows. Promathia saw fit
to condemn Her work, cursing the people with eternal conflict amongst

He created terrible beasts and spread them across the world, commanding them to
fight the people of Vana'diel and occupy their minds. Never again would they
think to open the door to the gods.

---The Age of Beasts---

The beastmen thrived in the ensuing era of darkness.

But the demihuman Galka and Mithra, blessed with bodies powerful enough to
resist the advances of the beastmen, grew in number as well. They fought tooth
and nail to cast the hordes from their homelands in an age of unending battle
and chaos.

The Tarutaru race grew weary of the never-ending conflict, and wandered the
world in search of peace. After discovering an uncharted continent, they named
the land Windurst and settled down to build a brighter future for their kin.

Several decades after the Tarutaru’s long journey had come to an end, a young
Tarutaru girl lost her way in one of the mysterious towers scattered across the
outskirts of Windurst. It was there that the secrets of magic were revealed to
her, and this knowledge would spread to her entire race. The Tarutaru worked as
one to harness and understand the mysterious power that had been given to them.
So began the Great Age of Magic.

---The Age of Magic---

Empowered by their expanding magical abilities, the Tarutaru united themselves
as the Federation of Windurst, and worked to drive the hordes of Yagudo
beastmen from their lands. The Tarutaru prospered, unified by their knowledge
of magic and the solidarity of a new federation. It was a glorious age for
their people.

But revealed secrets cannot be suppressed, and the knowledge of magic slowly
spread to all the people of Vana'diel. Within a short time, other races - and
even beastmen - began to employ magic techniques for themselves.

Filled with regret, the Tarutaru entered an era of isolation. They closed their
borders to all but their longtime friends, the Mithra. And so, a once-proud
civilization became more and more out of touch with the rest of the world.

---The Age of Power---

The use of magic brought both happiness and conflict to the other races of
Vana’diel. Perhaps the most satisfied were the proud Elvaan, who made their
home in the Kingdom of San d'Oria in the northern reaches of the old continent.
With the Tarutaru monopoly on magic broken, the Elvaan were able to create
powerful orders of knights who feared no adversary.

Beastmen strongholds and Tarutaru villages alike fell before the power of the
knights of San d'Oria. Within a short time, nearly the entire Quon continent
had come under San d’Orian control.

But pride comes before the fall.

The nation of Bastok, founded by the Hume and Galka races, lay on the southern
edge of the Quon continent. Fortified by the growing economic and
intelligence-gathering abilities of the Hume race, Bastokan forces crushed the
elite San d'Orian knights at the Second Battle of Konschtat. Cutting-edge
firearms technology turned the tide of battle and cemented victory for the
people of Bastok. This humiliating defeat sent the Kingdom of San d'Oria into
an age of internal turmoil and civil war. Piece by piece, territories that the
Elvaan had conquered slipped from their grasps.

---The Age of Technology---

The fall of the Kingdom of San d'Oria ushered in an era of prosperity for the
Republic of Bastok.

Hume tradesmen spread across Vana'diel in an unprecedented era of economic
development. Bastok’s fortunes grew as Humes sold products forged from the
precious metals and rare ores extracted from their mines. The trend only
accelerated with the appearance of the engineering genius named Cid. Ever
practical, the Humes set about creating another nation-state: the Grand Duchy
of Jeuno. Jeuno had long been a tiny fishing town on an isolated island between
the two continents. The construction of great bridges transformed the sleepy
village into a teeming metropolis of trade and industry.

---The End of the Age of People---

The one known only as the Shadowlord appeared without warning, and his name
remains synonymous with terror to this day. Consumed by hatred of all living
things, he enslaved the beastmen and employed them in simultaneous attacks
against the nations of Vana'diel. So began the Crystal War.

After years of peace and prosperity, the nations fell one after another,
unable to halt the relentless onslaught. The nightmare spread across the lands
of Vana'diel like hellfire.

In response to the seemingly unstoppable beastmen assault, Grand Duke
Kam'lanaut of Jeuno convinced the people of San d'Oria, Windurst, and Bastok to
unite as the Allied Forces of Altana and defeat the beastmen once and for all.

A stalemate ensued for some time. Finally, at the legendary Battle of Jeuno,
the Allied Forces of Altana were able to gain the upper hand. They claimed
total victory over the beastmen at the merciless Battle of Xarcabard.

Finally, the heroes of the five races cornered the Shadowlord in his stronghold
of Castle Zvahl, where Volker, champion of Bastok, delivered the final coup de

Thus the Crystal War drew to an end, with victory marred by the uncountable
corpses scattered throughout the devastated lands and cities of Vana'diel.

---The Dawn of the Age of Adventurers---

Although the war had ended, the long-suffering nations of Vana'diel pledged to
maintain their alliance. Each nation built a consulate in their sister
countries. The Duchy of Jeuno unveiled enormous airships based on ancient
technology, bringing the nations of Vana'diel closer together, and promising a
new era of peace and prosperity.

Or so the nations of the world had hoped.

In reality, the beastmen had regrouped and continued to construct strongholds
throughout the world. Although they lacked the organization of previous eras,
they launched a new campaign of looting, plundering, and terror against the
people of Vana'diel.

Still, the three great nations continued to mistrust one another. Rather than
dispatching their own forces to deal with the beastmen threat, they began to
employ a new generation of independent youth to deal with the situation on an
individual level.

These stalwart people are called adventurers. They are intrepid souls who
follow their own beliefs, moving freely from city to city in spite of their own
national allegiances.

Truly, it is the dawn of a new era in Vana'diel history.



O  O    O      O      O   O  O O  O   O    O  OO  O O        O  O O  O
O  O  OO  OOOO  OO    O   OOOO OOO    O    O  O O O O  OO    O  O OOO
O  O    O         O   O   O  O O O    O    O  O  OO O   O    O  O O
 OO  OOO       OOO    O   O  O O  O   O   OOO O   O  OOO      OO  O

03-Starting Up

---FFXI Costs So Much...ARGH!---

Required Hardware:

Playstation 2 gaming console - Hard Disk Drive ($)
                               Final Fantasy XI: Online Game (2 Disks) ($)
                               Network Adapter ($40.00)
                               56K connection or greater

Recommended buy -              USB Keyboard. ($20.00) Can be one from your 


Personal Computer -            Final Fantasy XI: Online Game (4 Disks) ($)

Minimum Specs -                800 MHz Pentium (R) III PC
                               Windows 98
                               DirectX(R) 8.1
                               128 MB RAM (Random Access Memory)
                               6.5 GB Hard Disk Drive
                               CD Rom Drive
                               56K connection
                               ATI (R) Radeon (TM) video card with 32MB of RAM
                               NVIDIA Geforce (TM) video card with 32MB of RAM

NOTE: These are the minimum requirements needed to let you play FFXI.
      Better equipment = Better experience
NOTE: If you are wondering how good you computor is for FFXI then download the
      FFXI becnchmark test at:
      If you want to know what your score mans then go to the FAQ section and
      see the answer there. 

Recommended Specs-	       	Pentium 4+
				Windows 98/2000/XP
				DirectX(R)Latest Version
				256 MB RAM (Random Access Memory)
				6.5 GB Hard Disk Drive
				32x CD-ROM
				64M Graphics card

NOTE: This is not the best specs you can have, but enough that you will run
this game with no problems.
CHARACTER CREATION                                           CHARACTER CREATION

The first thing you will have to do when making your character is select the
race you are going to be. The races you can choose include the following:

Hume (Male)       *Human*
Hume (Female)     *Human*
Elvann (Male)     *Elf*
Elvann (Female)   *Elf*
Tarutaru (Male)   *Midget Elfish Character*
Tarutaru (Female) *Midget Elfish Character*
Mithra (Female)   *Catgirls*
Galka (Male)      *Brawny Bear-Like Creatures*

After that you will have to choose out of one of the 8 faces. Each face has a
specific hairstyle for it. After you choose your face, you have to choose a
haircolor. The haircolors are specific to each face. For instance, one face may
let you have red or black hair, while another face may let you have gray or
blonde hair. It all depends. 

After that you have to choose your characters hight for its race. A short
elvann will still be taller than the tallest tarutaru. You can choose for your
character to be "small", "medium", or "large".

Then you have to choose your starting-off job. It is a basic job. You can
change your job at any time you want. You can choose between Warrior, Monk,
Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage, and Theif. Choosing your job will not change
your path during the game.

Then you have to enter your character name. Nobody else can have to same name
as you. This also means that if a name is already chosen, you cannot take it.
This will be your name for the rest of the game. You cannot change it later on.
It's a hard descision.

Then you have to choose the country you will start off in. You can choose from
the following:

Bastok     - City full of mechienery. Recommended start for the Humes and Galka
San D'Oria - A large castle city. Recommended starting point for the Elvann
Windurst   - Rustic town. Rec. starting point for Tarutaru and Mithra

After you choose your city, you will be thrown into the city and a cutscene
will occur.

Remember that your starting city will affect some of your beginning. The
starting missions you get depend on your city. It will also determine which
country you will work for in the land conquest. You can change your
nationallity later though. Where you start of will also determine which
creatures you will face at the beginning. If you choose the city that is "your
race's city", you will get a ring. It goes like this:

Bastok     - Hume, Galka
San D'Oria - Elvann
Windurst   - Taru Taru, Mithra

Ring Stats:
Bastokian Ring: HP+3 DEX+1 VIT+1
Windhurstian Ring: MP+3 AGI+1 INT+1
San d'Orian Ring: DEF:2 STR+1 MND+1

The rings are also a Rank 3 4000CP item.

RACE DETAILS                                                       RACE DETAILS

The human race. Completly average in every way. If you want to look like
yourself, then this should be your choice. Since they are mediocre in every
way, they are not the best race. Well, they dont excell at anything is what I
meant to say. Oh well, we are all only human(or hume).

Without Job: HP=28  MP=18  STR=6  DEX=6  VIT=6  AGI=6  INT=6  MND=6  CHR=6

The elfs of Final Fantasy XI. They are not really elfs as you might expect from
LotR or D&D, though. The elvann have high attack power and high mind. They can
attack doing massive damage, and can heal really well. They are not like the
master archers from Lord of the Rings. Their dexterity is not very high.

Without Job: HP=30  MP=16  STR=7  DEX=6  VIT=7  AGI=5  INT=5  MND=7  CHR=6

Short midget people resembling chipmuncks. They have high MP and high INT
compared to the other races. This allows them to use powerful magic, and a lot
of it. They are what most people would consider your basic "Mage".

Without Job: Hp=24  MP=24  STR=5  DEX=6  VIT=6  AGI=7  INT=8  MND=6  CHR=6

Catgirl-like people. They are a female-only race. They take all the dexterity
from the elvann. Infact, they have the highest DEX and AGI out of any race.
They are also liked by male teenagers for obvious reasons.

Without Job: HP=28  MP=18  STR=6  DEX=8  VIT=6  AGI=7  INT=6  MND=6  CHR=5

A hairy bear-like race. Having high HP and might VIT, they can take a lot of
damage. All their faces look very different though. This gives them a lot of
diversity compared to most races. However, despite them being very good, they
are in the minority.

Without Job: HP=33  MP=12  STR=7  DEX=6  VIT=8  AGI=6  INT=6  MND=6  CHR=5  




O  O  O O        O   O  O O       O  O O  O O     O  O    O
O  O    O        O   O  O O       O  O O  O    O  O  O       O
 OO     O        O   O  O OOOO    OOO  O  O OOO  OOO  OOO OOO

04-The Basics

---Stats And What They Stand For---

Stats affect all of FFXI:O. The better stats you have, the better you can
survive and find a party. People want strong parties.

LV - Your job level of the current job. Once you "Level Up" your stats increse.

HP - Your character's health. Once you lose all of it then you will die.
     Without HP you cannot preform any action except for talking to someone
     else. So in short, don't lose this.

MP - Your character's "mana". Once you lose all of it then you cannot use
     magic anymore. If you are a mage then this is very important.

NOTE: Your HP and MP get recovered in small increments while you are resting.

TP - Tactical Point. Once you get your TP meter to 100% it let's you use a
     weapon skill if you want. You can get the meter up to 300% percent. The
     more TP, the better your weapon skills. More is explained in the Weapon
     Skill section of the FAQ.

STR - The strength of your character. The more STR you have, the higher you
      physical attack damage will do. Needed for melee classes.

DEX - Your characters dexterity, meaning how fast and how accurate your attacks

VIT - You vitality meaning how much damage you can take. The more VIT you have,
      the less amount of damage you take from a normal attack.

AGI - The agility of your charcater, or how fast your character can move. The
      better AGI means the more you can evade attacks and so on. May affect how
      accurate you are, but I am not currently sure.

INT - Intelligence and how much your Black Magic does. Have a high amount of
      this and you can blow enemies away with spells. Need a high number if you
      are going to be a powerful mage.

MND - Mind affects three things and is very useful. It affects how good your
      defense against magic is, determines how well you resist abnormal status,
      and your White Magic power.

CHR - Charisma affects a bards songs and other charisma related attacks. For
      the class abilities it may have a (C) next to it meaning that charisma
      affects it.

EXP - The amount of experience points you have accumulated the entire game.
      They don't have a purpose really, except that you can show it off to your
      friends. If you die you will lose a small portion of it.

NEXT Level - Amount of exp. needed to gain the next Job Level.

*Fame* - Fame affects the amount of pricing in stores. The more fame you have,
         the less money things cost in stores. You can get more fame by
         completing quests.

*Hate* - Hate determines the chance that an enemy will attack you. Casting
         spells and the use of certain abilities will temporarily boost this

NOTE: Fame is not shown in the status screen. An NPC can tell you the number.
NOTE: Hate is not shown in the status screen. An NPC can tell you the number.

NPCs that will tell you what your fame is in that area:
  Bastok (Port)        |  E-6  |  Flaco
  Jeuno (Lower)        |  H-8  |  Mendi
  Kazham               |  I-11 |  Ney Hiparujah
  Norg                 |  H-8  |  Vaultimand
  Rabao                |  G-9  |  Waylea
  San d'Oria (South)   |  K-6  |  Namonutice
Windurst (Waters)    |  F-10 |  Zabirego-Hajigo


---Stats Effects And What They Stand For---

Stats effects are good and bad things. There are good status effects will will
increase your chance of victory by making you stronger. Bad status effects are
effects that will make you suffer. You will probably know what I mean.

NOTE: The above was in relation to your character or party. If a good status
      effect is cast on an enemy (like Haste), that is bad for you. Hopefully
      that wasn't too confusing.

Good Status Effects:

Bad Status Effects:

NOTE: Sorry, but it will be in the next update. I am pressed for time so I
      decided to start this section.

---Tips For You When You Play The Game---

Just follow these simple tips and you will have a much more fun time in FFXI:O

1) Be Courteous-
        Americans as a whole are not known for their politeness, especially on
        online games. When you play do not say things like "G|V3 m3 50m3
        G||_". Instead say something like "Could you spare some gil". Whether
        you would like to think about it or not, people WILL give you gil or
        something else if you ask nicely. Also ask someone if you can view
        their stats before you do it. Since whenever someone views your stats
        (or theirs) it will tell them. They could get mad. Just be courteous
        and polite to everyone and you will succeed in this game. "Courtesy is
        the key of life"

2) Desperation-
        Nearly everyone you will find throughout the world of FFXI:O will be in
        search of a party. Since you NEED to party up at the higher levels,
        than look for someone with a little exclamation mark over their head.
        Ask them nicely if they want to join in your "party" (even if you are
        currently solo) and they will probably say "yes".

3) Do NOT Charge-
        For any services in the game you do, do not make people pay for them.
        What I mean by this is that if you heal someone do not ask them for a
        donation. Also dont charge people to have you in their party. You will
        never advance in the game. "If you are a White Mage then it is your
        duty to heal those in need" - White Mage Handbook, vol.6

4) Ask Game Masters-
        Game Masters (GMs) wander around the world of FFXI:O and act much like
        a police force. Any inappropriate behavior in front of a Game Master
        and they may suspend your account for a small amount of time. You can
        swear and the sort, but do not do it at someone. Basically no foul
        language and you will be safe throughout the game. Also, if you have a
        question then ask a GM. GMs will answer most question you ask them. It
        might be a "I don't want to spoil any surprizes so I cant answer that"
        or a "to get to Selbina go south of Valkurm Dunes" type of answer. GMs
        are very nice in the end if you are polite. The only thing you should
        not do is constantly talk to GMs. They can suspend you for distracting
        them and so on. You can talk to GMs, but just dont do it excessievly.

5) Follow Your Duty-
        If you are in a party then do your responsibility. The party leader
        will most likely give you plans for each battle you go up against. Most
        likely if the leader is a good leader he will know what and what not to
        do. Listen to him or her. He may want to try and get a few Magic Bursts
        or Skillchains out successfully. If you do not listen then other
        parties may not want you ever in thier party. You probably won't make a
        new friend or that person may not trust you again if you act badly in a
        battle. Do your best and listen to the leaders orders.

6) Form A Good Party-
        Do not make a party of just one class. It will not work out. Parties
        have to be balanced and have to have a lot of variety to succeed. If
        you are the leader then make a good party and decide when you should
        use certain moves. Request help if needed, but never leave your
        party hanging.

7) It Doesn't Matter-
        If you do everything you were supposed to do in a battle and you
        die, it is not all bad. By dying you may make a new friend.
        Really, it's happened. If everything doesn't go to plan just joke about
        it. Life is all good if you make it be.

8) Just Hang Out-
        Life in FFXI:O isn't about just killing off hoardes of enemies and
        getting good stuff. Just have a fun time doing whatever you want. Talk
        to people that you met two months ago and check how they are doing. Go
        and check out the many beauties of Vana'deil and every place you can
        find. While if you die you will loose experience, sometimes it is just
        fun seeing how long you can last or put yourself in danger. This is not
        real life. Well it could be, but just chill. There is a whole world of
        things to do out there.

---There must be an easier way---

You can simply do things by way of your keyboard. I will go into the way you
use them later. I completely recommend anyone playing FFXI to get a keyboard.
It is practically needed if you want to get anywhere. After playing this game
for 2 days without the keyboard, you will want one really badly. You can use
any USB keyboard that isn't broken.


 tells your position on the map

 putting that in a sentence will replace it with me, or when you macro
     something you could set it so its goes to you

 same as  yet this time is the target you have selected

 This allows you to select your target without having to disengage the
     enemy your fighting

- each one of these will target a player from your party, so you can
          use a spell or something on them very fast


/fish - lets you fish as long as you can

/playtime - tells you your playtime

/clock - ingame and your time

/attack - attack command

/ma - magic command, needs the spell name folliwng it

/shoot - long range attack command, can be used quickly by using ctrl+d

/help - Lets someone help you in a battle even if they are not in your party

/sea all - searches through all of the players and tells you the number of
           people on your server at the moment

/sea [player name] - will search for a person in your area

/sea all [player name] - will search all of vana diel for that person

/sea invite - will search for a person with a PT invite sign in your area

/sea all invite - will search all of vana'diel for people with the PT invite
                  sign up

/sea anon - will search your area for all the people who hide their information

/sea all anon - will search all of Vana'diel for people who have hidden their

NOTE: The /sea anon stuff is just stupid, but it is in the game.

Other commands
/see #-# - this will search a range of levels

/see class - will search for a certain class

/see race - search for a certain race

/see country - search for people from certain countries

/see linkshell - search for everyone in your LS

/see friends - search thru your friends list

Tab key - hit this when the chat bar his open. This is the bar that will be
translated from jp to eng, and eng to jp. a list of about 35 categories of
phrases, commands, everything you need.




O  O O         O    O  O OO  O O  O O  O O    O      O
O  O OOO  OOOO O    O  O O O O O  O O  O OOO   OO    O
O  O    O      O    O  O O  OO O OO O  O O       O   O
 OO  OOO        OOO  OO  O   O  OOO  OO  OOOO OOO    O


---Have Your Kingdom Take Over All Of The Land---

All kingdoms of Vana'deil are trying to take all territory from the other
countries. Depending on the kingdom you were born in your character will be
"working for that kingdom". Getting your kingdom more land results in more
trading in your country and more. You will also have to work against the
beastmen But how do you do it? Go to a guard and talk to him so that he will
cast Signet on you. This will allow you to kill things and get points twords
your country. Whenever you kill off creatures in some areas you will gain
points for you country. These points can be used to acuire certain things. The
more people in that section that die will hurt the country that owns it so make
sure you dont die, or let someone else die. Make your country prosper. That
way, even white mages can help.

---The History of Conquest---

Let us take a brief look at the historical origins of the conquest in
Vana'diel. Although there has been a marked decrease in large-scale coordinated
attacks from the beastmen since the end of the Crystal War, constant sweeps are
required to hunt down wandering bands of beastmen that threaten small villages
and travelers.

Yet the nations of Vana'diel are exhausted from the war, and continue to harbor
doubts about their allies. As such, they are reluctant to dispatch large
numbers of their own troops to deal with the problem.

Troubled by the situation, Grand Duke Kam'lanaut of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno
proposed the conquest system. This awards the right to control a region to the
nation that contributed the most to ensure its safety. As the nation of Jeuno
is a crossroads of trade and does not desire any further territory of its own,
it acts as the impartial judge and sponsor of the conquest.

The representatives of the three great nations of Vana'diel gathered in
Selbina, and agreed that a force was needed to deal with the beastmen scourge.
The representatives signed the "Selbina Pact for Conquest." Since then, each
nation's border guards have been authorized to deputize adventurers of the same
allegiance to participate in the conquest. This has ushered in a new era in the
history of Vana'diel: the Age of Adventurers.



 OO   OO       O   O OOO  OOO  OOO OOO  OO  O   O  OOO     O
O  O O         OO OO  O  O    O     O  O  O OO  O O        O
O  O O O  OOOO O O O  O   OO   OO   O  O  O O O O  OO    OOOOO
O  O OO O      O   O  O     O    O  O  O  O O  OO    O     O
 OO   OO       O   O OOO OOO  OOO  OOO  OO  O   O OOO      O

                OO  O  O OOOO  OOO OOOOO  OOO
               O  O O  O O    O      O   O
               O  O O  O OOO   OO    O    OO
               O OO O  O O       O   O      O
                OOO  OO  OOOO OOO    O   OOO


---Non-Linear, The Way To Go---

Misssions and quests are little activities you can do outside of fighting.
Missions and Quests are both very different and both very alike. One reason
they are different is because Missions advance the story you are leading in
Vana'diel, whereas Quests are just something you can do if you want that wont
affect the world. Quests are very good to do though. Quests can give you better
stuff, new classes, gil, experience, or magic. You do not have to do quests or
misssions though if you choose not to. You will just not get as much out of the
game if that is what you decide to do. Quests and missions are usually worth
the time to finish them. In the case of quests, you can decide to do one. It is
put on your quest log. You do not have to do quests in a certain amount of
time, unless the "quest giver says so.

---I'M Popular!---

By doing lost of quests you can accumulate Fame. Fame lowers the price of
things in stores. The more quests you do, the lower things will cost. Obviously
this does not lower the price of the things in the bazzar, otherwise someone
could put something for the price of 1600 and you could get it off of them for
maybe 1200. Then they would not be happy...I think. A nice benefit. Think of it
in this setting: Lets say you want to get a new sword costing 1100. You have 0
gil right now. You do a quest and get fame and 1000 gil. But now the sword has
gone down to 1000 gil instead of the previous price of 1100. Now you can get

MISSION LIST                                                       MISSION LIST

QUEST LIST                                                           QUEST LIST

RSE QUESTS                                                           RSE QUESTS

AF QUESTS                                                             AF QUESTS



O  O    O      O    O    O  O O    O    O    O
O  O    O OOOO O    O    OOOO  OO   OO  OOO   OO
O  O   O       O    O    O  O    O    O O       O


---Many Jobs---

The classes in FFXI:O are very unique to any MMORPG out there. While you do
choose one class to start out as, you have the ability to change you class at
your moghouse. No matter what race you are, you can pick any class. ALL classes
have a special purpose and there is no overpowering classes. Each Class has its
own level. This means that if you were leveling in White Mage, then you would
not be getting any better at being a Black Mage.

NOTE: Classes are referred to as Jobs in the world of FFXI.

Basic Classes - Basic Classes are the Jobs you start out from the beginning


Warrior - A basic fighter in every way. Most people like if for its ability to
          taunt the enemy.

Monk - With its high HP it makes a pretty good class. Weak armor is its

Black Mage - Good at high damaging spells, but has weak armor and low HP.
             FIRE!!! HA HA HA!!! - Crazy Black Mage

White Mage - The main healer of the game. Heal everyone who needs healing is
             the White Mage way.

Red Mage - The most average class, a jack of all trades. Can do a bit of Black
           Magic, a bit of White, and a bit of sword attacks too.

Thief - The fastest class in the game with the ability to steal. Not
        recommended in real life.


Advanced Classes - Classes that require you to do a quest when one of your jobs
is level 30 or higher. They are not any better than a basic class, but they
will help, and I mean it. They have different specialties then the basics
making them useful. In most cases though, they are not good as a sub-job.


Paladin - With a hight defense (but low str) and its small amount of white
          magic, what more can I say...

Dark Knight - An exact opposite of the Paladin. High attack low defense and
              some black magic.

Bard - A good support (not sub-job) class that uses NO MP.

NOTE: Although a Bard by definition is only supposed to be male, bards can be

Summoner - A mage that has the ability to Summon gods to aid them in battle.

Beast Master - An average fighter that can tame beasts to attack the opponent
               for a short while.

Ranger - A class that uses long range attacks as its specialty. Need lots of
         gil for arrows, or need to be good at making arrows.

Samurai - A warrior that can fend off demons and gain TP quickly.

Ninja - They can throw weapons and duel weild making them a great STR booster.

Dragoon - A warrior of the Dragons. Can have a Wyvern following him and can
          jump into the heavens. Also known as Dragon Knights.


ADVANCED JOB QUESTS                                         ADVANCED JOB QUESTS


The quest for Paladin is fairly easy. It is given by the NPC Balasiel in south
San'Doria. He is residing on the bridge. The first thing to give to him is a
root. This foot can be obtained from most undead enemies. Next you have to go
to the ordellas cave in La Thine. Go to location (G-7) and there will be a
small pool of water. Touch the ???, then touch another ??? which is located not
to far from the pool. The spot to touch the ??? is about 15 - 25 steps
(depending on your race) from the pool. You will receive a item if done
correctly. Lastly talk to Balasiel (the guy you talked to to obtain the quest),
then talk to the guards on 2nd floor of the guard post east and west
Cahaurme(J-9) & Baurise(H-9). Then go to Davoi (E10) and examine the disussed 
well and get an item. Go to Balasiel (again) and you an get a Lv 28 Kite
Shield, and you can change your job to a lv 1 Paladin.


The quest to be a Dark Knight is an easy one. You can do it as a lv 1 warrior
if you wanted(as long as you have lv 30 in another job). However, you must be a
warrior to do the quest. That does not mean you have to be a lv 30 warrior, it
just mean you have to complete the quest having warrior as your main job. Talk
to Gumbah (Bastok Mines J-7)get the quest. Then go to the 3rd floor of
Palbrough Mines (G-8). Get on the ship back to town and after the ride in the
Zerhaun mines you'll recieve a 2 handed sword called the Chaos Bringer(?).
Equip the sword and kill 100 of any type of enemies without leaving the area.
After the 100 or more kills goto the person named Beadeaux located at the
Southeast exit of the Pashhow Marshland and you get Dark knight. Now start
working on your lv 1 Dark Knight. Dark Knight is, in my opinion, the coolest
job ever.


Talk to Dietmund in Lower Jueno (G-11). He will come out as soon as you open
the door. Wait until it is nighttime (20:00-04:00). Go to a edge of the cliff
in Qufim (F-8). Follow the path down the cliff to the edge. At the bottom,
click on Night Flowers which will be glowing white like they do at night time.
Go back to Dietmund, then talk to the chocobo house owner (Brutus) at Upper
Jeuno to obtain the Beast Master job.


Talk to Perih Vashai in the Windurst Woods (K-7). Go to (L-10) of Zoromugh
Hills. Wait until the Old Sabertooth dies naturally and click on the Tiger
Bones. Take the item you get from the bones to Perih Vashai and he will give
you the Ranger job.


Talk to Mertaire, Bki Tbujhja, Ruslan and Tuh Almobankha in Lower Jueno. Then
go to to Mhaura and buy a paper from Pikini-Mikini at a Warehouse (G-9). The
paper will cost you 500 gil. Get out of Mhaura to Buburimu and head to location
(G-9). You can get there through a cave from the main beach. You will find a
Song Rune. Click on song rune and trade the paper to the Runes. Then go back to
Mertaitre in lower jueno. Then go to Valkurm Dunes and at the northwest point
you will see a secret cave, pass through and you will end up at a beach. Find
another Song Rune there. Click on the Song Rune. After the cut scene you'll
recieve some gil and obtain the singing Bard job. I dont want to see another
song rune again.


Speak with Jaucribaix in Norg. He wants a branch from a tree in a sacred place
and iron filings from a bomb. Talk to Ranemaud to receive a sacred tree
sapling. Now, talk to Aeka to receive old iron from the east. The next two
parts can be done in any order.

Trade the old iron to the ??? point at the far west of Konschtat Highlands
(D8). A bomb enemy, Forger, will appear. Kill it and you will receive the iron
fillings. Even if you fight this bomb with a party, it will only drop 1 item,
and you can only trade iron to the ??? every 3 minutes.

Use an axe at the ??? point on the huge tree at the west side of The Sanctuary
of Zi'Tah. A Walking Tree enemy, Guardian Treant, will appear. Kill it and
examine the ??? again to receive the branch.

Return to Jaucribaix with these items. After you give him them, he will tell
you to come back in three days (3 hours). Come back and you will receive the
Samurai job class and an Unsigned Sword. You can now change to Samurai in your
Mog House.


First, go to "Cargo Room A" (I-10) in Port Sandoria. Then speak to Arminibit
and Ceraulian. Enter the Chateau d'Oraguille then down the path at (I-8) to
Bostaunieux Oubliette. Enter the first path that's to the right to meet
Novalmauge. Go to the Cathedral in Northern San Doria(L-7) and speak with
Morjean to recieve the quest from Oiheaurese. After receiving the quest, go to
the Auction house and buy some Pickaxe for excavating purpose. Now head to the
Maze of Shakrami to excavate at the "Excavation Point" (G-7),(I-6), etc., not
"Fossil Rock", for a "Dragon Egg". Go back to Cathedral and speak with Morjean.
You should then accept the quest given by Yachemidot. Go to the Meriphataud
Mountains. To the east at (K-8) will be the end of the Drogaroga's Spine. There
will be a "???" there. Trade the egg to the "???" and an event will occur. Go
back to Sandoria and enter Chateau d'Oraguille. Then enter into Royal Knights'
Quarters(H-9) and speak to Rahal and receive a key item. After receiving the
key item, go to Ghelsba Outpost. Locate the "Hide Door"(G-10) in the Ghelsba
Outpost and defeat the Dragon. The daron is behind the dorr, and only one party
can fight it at a time. Bring a good party(6 people)of lv 45s to take it down.


To start off, you need to talk to Kaede in a house located in Port Bastok
(I-5). Then head into the warehouse in Port Bastok (F-5) and speak to Kagetora.
Go back to the house where Kaede is (I-5), and goto the room to the left. In
there you have to speak to Ensetsu. Now go to Bastok Mines. Then go to Zeruhn
Mines, and then to Korroloca Tunnel to (A-9) and you'll be transferred over to
(N-8) on the same map. Now head over to (G-8) then you'll be transferred over
to (I-11) of the same map. Now head over to (K-8) and there will be a ???. Get
ready and click on it to fight 3 Korroloca Leech (Leech type NM), You may want
to clear the area of Thread Leech's since they will start attacking you if they
see you are fighting the Korroloca Leechs. After the fight click on the ??? to
recieve a key item. Now head back to Ensetsu in Port Bastok (I-5) and head to
the new area Norg and speak to Ryoma to complete the quest.


To get the summoner advanced job, you first have to go to Windurst Walls (G3).
When you get there, talk to the taru Ajido-Marujido. After that, go kill any
kind of leech creature that you want. You have to get the Ruby from it, but you
will only get it as a drop if your level is above 30. You have a small chance
of getting it quickly (1% drop rate). Now goto the House of the Hero in
Windurst Walls. Investigate the door with the stone in your item list. After
that, experience the 7 different weather conditions. You only have to have the
weather effect on your map. You have to experience areas that are Pleasant,
have Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Wind, and Lightning, but not all at once. After
you have experienced those elements, head to La Theine Plateau. There is a
stone circle there. Target ??? and trade the stone into it. You will now obtain
the Summoner job and your first summon which should be obvious after the quest.


---The Specifics---

These are everything you will ever need to know about a job. Including starting
stats, max stats, a short summary, abilities, qualities, and how useful they
are in a party. Remember that all jobs are balenced and that there is not a
best out of all of these. Note that this is not the order you would see the 
jobs if you were switching jobs. This is also if you decided to not have any
sub-jobs attached. So, with a sub-job, these will have much more different

*  = Abilities that do not carry over when this job is a sub-job
R: = Recharge Time - How long it takes before you can use the ability again
D: = Duration Time - How long the ability effects last after you use it
Instant = Attack is exectuted right away

NOTE: Time is in real time, not Vana'diel time.

1 hr real time = 1 day game time

WARRIOR                                                                 WARRIOR


At lv 1 -


HP  31    HP  36    HP  33    HP  31    HP  27
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  8    STR  9    STR  9    STR  8    STR  7
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  7    AGI  7    AGI  6    AGI  8    AGI  8
INT  5    INT  5    INT  4    INT  5    INT  7
MND  5    MND  5    MND  6    MND  5    MND  5
CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6

At lv 75 -


HP 1242   HP 1514   HP 1363   HP 1242   HP 1016
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  70   STR  75   STR  79   STR  67   STR  62
DEX  61   DEX  61   DEX  58   DEX  75   DEX  61
VIT  56   VIT  70   VIT  61   VIT  53   VIT  53
AGI  61   AGI  58   AGI  53   AGI  70   AGI  66
INT  48   INT  45   INT  40   INT  48   INT  62
MND  48   MND  48   MND  57   MND  45   MND  45
CHR  53   CHR  45   CHR  53   CHR  45   CHR  53

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Mighty Strike      1        All physical attack will be a critical hit in a
                             given time. R:2hrs D:45sec

Provoke             5        Let the monsters concentrate in attacking you.
                             R:30sec D:End of Battle

Berserk            15        Attack up, defense down.
                             R:5min D:3min

Defender           25        Defense up, attack down.
                             R:3min D:3min

Warcry             35        Increase attacking power to all members in a
                             certain area. R:5min D:3min

Aggressor          45        Increase Melee Accuracy but Lower Evasion.
                             R:5min D: 3min
Job Quality          Req. Level
Physical Defense UP     10

Resist Virus            15

Double Attack           25

Physical Attack UP      30

Resist Virus            35

Resist Virus            55

Resist Virus            70


Warriors are your average fighters. They are the job that is made for combat.
Warrior is a very good starting job. It has good STR and VIT, and can equip a
lot of things. The ability to provoke is very useful later on as a paladin and
as a ninja. Berserk and warcry are both good abilities to use if you sub it
when being a Dark Knight.

MONK                                                                       MONK


At lv 1 -


HP  33    HP  38    HP  35    HP  33    HP  29
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  7    STR  8    STR  8    STR  7    STR  6
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  8    VIT 10    VIT  9    VIT  8    VIT  8
AGI  5    AGI  5    AGI  4    AGI  6    AGI  6
INT  5    INT  5    INT  4    INT  5    INT  7
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6

At lv 75 -


HP 1378   HP 1650   HP 1499   HP 1378   HP 1152
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  61   STR  66   STR  70   STR  58   STR  53
DEX  65   DEX  65   DEX  62   DEX  79   DEX  65
VIT  70   VIT  84   VIT  75   VIT  67   VIT  67
AGI  48   AGI  45   AGI  40   AGI  57   AGI  53
INT  44   INT  41   INT  36   INT  44   INT  58
MND  56   MND  56   MND  65   MND  53   MND  53
CHR  53   CHR  45   CHR  53   CHR  45   CHR  53

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Hundred Punches    1        Increase attack, decrease attack delay in a given
                             time. R:2hrs D:1min

Boost               5        Increases power in the next attack.
                             R:15sec D:3min

Dodge              15        Increase evading percentage.
                             R:5min D:2min

Concentrate        25        Increase hit ratio.
                             R:5min D:2min

Chakra             35        Heal some HP.
                             R:15min D:Instant

Chi Blast          41        Throw an energy ball at the target
                             R:3min D:Instant

Counterstance      45        Increase chance of countering but decrease
                             defense. R:5min D:5min

Job Quality          Req. Level
Martial Arts             1

Counter                 10

HP Boost                15

Martial Arts            25

HP Boost                35

Martial Arts            45

Kick                    51

HP Boost                55

Martial Arts            61

HP Boost                70

Kick                    71

Martial Arts            75


Monks use their own power as a weapon. By mastering your physical power and
finding the center of their being. Monks are a good class for surviving a long
time in battle. They have high HP. However, they cannot equip heavy armor,
only robes and the such. Claws should be their main weapon.

BLACK MAGE                                                           BLACK MAGE


At lv 1 -


HP  25    HP  30    HP  27    HP  25    HP  21
MP  24    MP  18    MP  22    MP  24    MP  30
STR  5    STR  6    STR  6    STR  5    STR  4
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  5    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  5    VIT  5
AGI  7    AGI  7    AGI  6    AGI  8    AGI  8
INT  8    INT  8    INT  7    INT  8    INT 10
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6

At lv 75 -


HP  895   HP 1167   HP 1016   HP  895   HP  669
MP  616   MP  425   MP  540   MP  616   MP  844
STR  48   STR  53   STR  57   STR  45   STR  40
DEX  61   DEX  61   DEX  58   DEX  75   DEX  61
VIT  48   VIT  62   VIT  53   VIT  45   VIT  45
AGI  61   AGI  58   AGI  53   AGI  70   AGI  66
INT  70   INT  67   INT  62   INT  70   INT  84
MND  53   MND  53   MND  62   MND  50   MND  50
CHR  56   CHR  48   CHR  56   CHR  48   CHR  56

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Manafont           1        No MP loss on using magic for a short period of
                             time. R:2hrs D:30sec

Elemental Seal     15        Damage of the magic increases.
                             R:10min D:End of Battle

Job Quality          Req. Level
Magic Attack UP         10

Clear Mind              15

Conserve MP             20

Magic Attack UP         30

Clear Mind              30

Clear Mind              45

Magic Attack UP         50

Clear Mind              60

Magic Attack UP         70

Clear Mind              75


The Black Mage is a very good class. It is the class with no magical equal. It
is needed in most parties later on. Its attacks are more powerful than any
physical fighting class. It will however needed to be gaurded at all costs.
This is your basic casting class. Low heath/defense, but high magical power.
Remember, if you are this class, your are what decides the outcome of the

WHITE MAGE                                                           WHITE MAGE


At lv 1 -


HP  27    HP  32    HP  29    HP  27    HP  23
MP  22    MP  16    MP  20    MP  22    MP  28
STR  6    STR  7    STR  7    STR  6    STR  5
DEX  5    DEX  5    DEX  5    DEX  7    DEX  5
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  6    AGI  6    AGI  5    AGI  7    AGI  7
INT  6    INT  6    INT  5    INT  6    INT  8
MND  8    MND  8    MND  9    MND  8    MND  8
CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7

At lv 75 -


HP  971   HP 1243   HP 1092   HP  971   HP  745
MP  540   MP  349   MP  464   MP  540   MP  768
STR  56   STR  61   STR  65   STR  53   STR  48
DEX  48   DEX  48   DEX  45   DEX  62   DEX  48
VIT  56   VIT  70   VIT  61   VIT  53   VIT  53
AGI  53   AGI  50   AGI  45   AGI  62   AGI  58
INT  53   INT  50   INT  45   INT  53   INT  67
MND  70   MND  70   MND  79   MND  67   MND  67
CHR  61   CHR  53   CHR  61   CHR  53   CHR  61

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Benediction        1        Heals high amount of HP of all members in a
                             certain area.R:2hrs D:Instant

Divine Seal        15        Recovery magic power increases.
                             R:10min D:End of Battle

Job Quality          Req. Level
Magic Defense UP        10

Clear Mind              20

Auto Regen              25

Magic Defense UP        30

Clear Mind              35

Magic Defense UP        50

Clear Mind              50

Clear Mind              60

Magic Defense UP        70


One of, if not the most important asset to a party. They can heal and protect
your party. A white mage can get anyone out of harms way. According to the
White Mage Handbook vol. 3 you should help anyone that is on your side. You are
what will help save everyone. You are the ultimate entity in everyones
survival. Lead your party to victory.

RED MAGE                                                               RED MAGE


At lv 1 -


HP  28    HP  32    HP  30    HP  28    HP  24
MP  20    MP  14    MP  18    MP  20    MP  26
STR  6    STR  7    STR  7    STR  6    STR  5
DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  8    DEX  6
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  6    AGI  6    AGI  5    AGI  7    AGI  7
INT  7    INT  7    INT  6    INT  7    INT  9
MND  7    MND  7    MND  8    MND  7    MND  7
CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6

At lv 75 -


HP 1046   HP 1318   HP 1167   HP 1046   HP  820
MP  464   MP  273   MP  388   MP  464   MP  692
STR  56   STR  61   STR  65   STR  53   STR  48
DEX  56   DEX  56   DEX  53   DEX  70   DEX  56
VIT  53   VIT  67   VIT  58   VIT  50   VIT  50
AGI  53   AGI  50   AGI  45   AGI  62   AGI  58
INT  61   INT  58   INT  53   INT  61   INT  75
MND  61   MND  61   MND  70   MND  58   MND  58
CHR  56   CHR  48   CHR  56   CHR  48   CHR  56

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Chainspell         1        Shortens Magic casting time.
                             R:2hrs D:30sec

Convert            40        Exchanges HP and MP instantly.
                             R:5min D:End of Battle

Job Quality          Req. Level
Resist Petrify          10

Fast Cast               15

Magic Attack UP         20

Magic Defense UP        25

Resist Petrify          30

Clear Mind              31

Fast Cast               35

Magic Attack UP         40

Magic Defense UP        45

Resist Petrify          50

Clear Mind              53

Fast Cast               55

Resist Petrify          70

Clear Mind              75


Red Mages are a jack of all trades. They can use a bit of black magic, a bit of
white, some of its own magic, and holds his or her own with a sword. While it
may not be the best mage, it can be a powerful one. It will be able to cast
faster than a normal mage, but its magic will be slightly hindered. It can use
its own magic that will enchant weapons. This will allow you to always be
attacking a creature with the opposing elements. A hume red mage is the most
balenced class in FFXI. What a red mage mainly does is fill in a spot that
needs to be filled for the party. Although they are considered a jack of all
trades, a Red Mage in FFXI has the highest skill in Enhancing in the whole

THIEF                                                                     THIEF


At lv 1 -


HP  28    HP  33    HP  30    HP  28    HP  24
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  6    STR  7    STR  7    STR  6    STR  5
DEX  8    DEX  8    DEX  8    DEX 10    DEX  8
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  7    AGI  7    AGI  6    AGI  8    AGI  8
INT  7    INT  7    INT  6    INT  7    INT  9
MND  5    MND  5    MND  6    MND  5    MND  5
CHR  5    CHR  4    CHR  5    CHR  4    CHR  5

At lv 75 -


HP 1046   HP 1318   HP 1167   HP 1046   HP  820
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  56   STR  61   STR  65   STR  53   STR  48
DEX  70   DEX  70   DEX  67   DEX  84   DEX  70
VIT  56   VIT  70   VIT  61   VIT  53   VIT  53
AGI  65   AGI  62   AGI  57   AGI  74   AGI  70
INT  61   INT  58   INT  53   INT  61   INT  75
MND  44   MND  44   MND  53   MND  41   MND  41
CHR  44   CHR  36   CHR  44   CHR  36   CHR  44

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Perfect Dodge      1        Evade from all attacks for a certain time.
                             R:2hrs D:30sec

Steal               5        Steal item from target.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Sneak Attack       15        Major damage to an enemy who's not targeting you.
                             R:1min D:Instant

Flee               25        Increase speed for a certain time.
                             R:5min D:30sec

Trick Attack       30        Like surprise attack, only just extreme damage
                             not critical. R:1min D:Instant

Mug                35        Steal money from target.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Hide               45        The enemy looses track of you.
                             R:5min D:30sec-10min(Random)

Job Quality             Req. Level
Gil Steal                   5

Physical Evasion Power UP  10

Treasure Hunter            15

Resist Gravity             20

Physical Evasion Power UP  30

Resist Gravity             40

Treasure Hunter            45

Physical Evasion Power UP  50

Triple Attack              55

Resist Gravity             60

Evasion Bonus              70

Resist Gravity             75


Thieves are a really good job. While they start off being one of the worst
classes, they become really good. They can hit for the most damage. While not
recommended in real life, the staling ability leaves thiefs with a lot of money
in the end. Also they get a speed enhancing move. How good is that!

PALADIN                                                                 PALADIN


At lv 1 -


HP  30    HP  35    HP  32    HP  30    HP  26
MP  16    MP  10    MP  14    MP  16    MP  22
STR  7    STR  8    STR  8    STR  7    STR  6
DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  8    DEX  6
VIT  8    VIT 10    VIT  9    VIT  8    VIT  8
AGI  5    AGI  5    AGI  4    AGI  6    AGI  6
INT  5    INT  5    INT  4    INT  5    INT  7
MND  7    MND  7    MND  8    MND  7    MND  7
CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7

At lv 75 -


HP 1167   HP 1439   HP 1288   HP 1167   HP  941
MP  312   MP  121   MP  236   MP  312   MP  540
STR  65   STR  70   STR  74   STR  62   STR  57
DEX  53   DEX  53   DEX  50   DEX  67   DEX  53
VIT  70   VIT  84   VIT  75   VIT  67   VIT  67
AGI  44   AGI  41   AGI  36   AGI  53   AGI  49
INT  44   INT  41   INT  36   INT  44   INT  58
MND  61   MND  61   MND  70   MND  58   MND  58
CHR  61   CHR  53   CHR  61   CHR  53   CHR  61

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Invincible         1        Become invincible from physical damage.
                             R:2hrs D:30sec

Holy Circle         5        Increases partyies defense against the undead.
                             R:5min D:3min

Shield Bash        15        Can hit enemy hard with shield.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Sentinel           30        Increase your Defense.
                             R:5min D:30sec

Cover              35        Using this between opponent and another character
                             will transer hate to you. R:5min D:Instant

Rampart            62        Increase your party's Defense.
                             R:5min D:30sec

Job Quality             Req. Level
Undead Killer               5

Physical Defense UP	   10

Resist Sleep               20

Physical Defense UP	   30

Resist Sleep               40

Physical Defense UP        50

Resist Sleep               60

Physical Defense UP        70

Resist Sleep               75


Paladin's are the defender of holy, the warriors of light, and the protectors
of all that is good. Actually, a Paladin is a really good job. What they
specialize in is high defense and white magic to some degree. They are not
attackers by any means. Infact, Paladins' should provoke the enemy all the
time. Their invincible skill is especially good for this. It will make the
enemy never stop attacking you. All you will need to do is heal and defend as a
Paladin. Believe me. With this strategy, you will always get accepted into
Parties. The Warrior's "Defender" Job Ability may come in handy. Dont plan to
get invited into PTs if you dont have a Warrior subjob. 

DARK KNIGHT                                                         DARK KNIGHT


At lv 1 -


HP  30    HP  35    HP  32    HP  30    HP  26
MP  16    MP  10    MP  14    MP  16    MP  22
STR  8    STR  9    STR  9    STR  8    STR  7
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  7    VIT  9    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  7
AGI  6    AGI  6    AGI  5    AGI  7    AGI  7
INT  7    INT  7    INT  6    INT  7    INT  9
MND  5    MND  5    MND  6    MND  5    MND  5
CHR  5    CHR  4    CHR  5    CHR  4    CHR  5

At lv 75 -


HP 1167   HP 1439   HP 1288   HP 1167   HP  941
MP  312   MP  121   MP  236   MP  312   MP  540
STR  70   STR  75   STR  79   STR  67   STR  62
DEX  61   DEX  61   DEX  58   DEX  75   DEX  61
VIT  61   VIT  75   VIT  66   VIT  58   VIT  58
AGI  56   AGI  53   AGI  48   AGI  65   AGI  61
INT  61   INT  58   INT  53   INT  61   INT  75
MND  44   MND  44   MND  53   MND  41   MND  41
CHR  44   CHR  36   CHR  44   CHR  36   CHR  44

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Blood Weapon       1        Drain HP using Physical Attacks.
                             R:2hrs D:30sec

Arcane Circle       5        Protects party from Magical Enemies.
                             R:5min D:3min

Last Resort        15        Increase Attack but Defense is lowered.
                             R:5min D:30sec

Weapon Bash        20        Can hit enemy hard with weapon.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Soul Eater         30        HP is consumed and attack increased.
                             R:6min D:1min

Job Quality             Req. Level
Physical Attack UP         10

Resist Paralysis           20

Arcana Killer              25

Physical Attack UP         30

Resist Paralysis           40

Physical Attack UP         50

Resist Paralysis           60

Physical Attack UP         70

Resist Paralysis           75


Everything that a Paladin is not. Infact, Dark Knights are the exact opposite
of Paladins. Instead of defending and taking all the damage, Dark Knights
should always attack doing high damage. They have some black magic to aid them
too. Their defense is way too low to be attacked a lot, though. A Dark
Knight's main responsibility is to keep attacking the opponent doing the most
damage possible. A Dark Knight will really shine (in a Demonic sort of way) at
Lv60 when it can get the weapon skill "Guillotine". This is a super-powerful
scythe weapon skill.

BARD                                                                       BARD


At lv 1 -


HP  28    HP  33    HP  30    HP  28    HP  24
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  6    STR  7    STR  7    STR  6    STR  5
DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  8    DEX  6
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  5    AGI  5    AGI  4    AGI  6    AGI  6
INT  6    INT  6    INT  5    INT  6    INT  8
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7

At lv 75 -


HP 1046   HP 1318   HP 1167   HP 1046   HP  820
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  56   STR  61   STR  65   STR  53   STR  48
DEX  56   DEX  56   DEX  53   DEX  70   DEX  56
VIT  56   VIT  70   VIT  61   VIT  53   VIT  53
AGI  48   AGI  45   AGI  40   AGI  57   AGI  53
INT  56   INT  53   INT  48   INT  56   INT  70
MND  56   MND  56   MND  65   MND  53   MND  53
CHR  65   CHR  57   CHR  65   CHR  57   CHR  65

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Soul Voice         1        The effects of songs become greater.
                             R:2hrs D:1min

Job Quality             Req. Level
Resist Silence              5

Resist Silence             25

Resist Silence             45

Resist Silence             65


Bards are the main supporters of a party. They sing songs(magic section)that do
many different effects. Most of their songs help the whole party. They can
heal, do damage, and buff(boost stats)the whole party. Bards are second to
White Mages as the most important members in a party. You wont have much
trouble finding a party if you are a Bard. Oh, the coolest part about being a
bard is that you can hear the songs you sing. Do-dou-de-dou-dou-de-dou-di-dou.

BEASTMASTER                                                         BEASTMASTER


At lv 1 -


HP  30    HP  35    HP  32    HP  30    HP  26
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  6    STR  7    STR  7    STR  6    STR  5
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  5    AGI  5    AGI  4    AGI  6    AGI  6
INT  6    INT  6    INT  5    INT  6    INT  8
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  8    CHR  7    CHR  8    CHR  7    CHR  8

At lv 75 -


HP 1167   HP 1439   HP 1288   HP 1167   HP  941
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  56   STR  61   STR  65   STR  53   STR  48
DEX  61   DEX  61   DEX  58   DEX  75   DEX  61
VIT  56   VIT  70   VIT  61   VIT  53   VIT  53
AGI  48   AGI  45   AGI  40   AGI  57   AGI  53
INT  53   INT  50   INT  45   INT  53   INT  67
MND  53   MND  53   MND  62   MND  50   MND  50
CHR  70   CHR  62   CHR  70   CHR  62   CHR  70

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Familiar           1        Makes tamed pet stronger and charm lasts longer.
                             R:2hrs D:30min

Charm               1        Tame a wild animal to be your pet.
                             R:5min D:5min

Fight               1        Can order a pet to attack a target.
                             R:10sec D:Instant

Gauge              10        Can detect if a monster is able to be tamed.
                             R:30sec D:Instant

Heel               10        Can order to pet to stop attacking so you can
                             choose another target. R:10sec D:Instant

Reward             12        Pet's HP is recovered, but a specific item is
                             required. R:3min D:Instant

Stray              15        Order your pet to stand by on the spot.
                             R:10sec D:Instant

Call Beast         23        Calls a beast by using the contents of a jug.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Sic                25        If the Pet has a special attack, it can be used.
                             R:2min D:Instant

Tame               30        Calm a monster so that taming it becomes easier.
                             R:10min D:Instant

Leave              35        The taming of your pet's Tame is canceled.
                             R:10sec D:Instant

Job Quality             Req. Level
Insect Killer              10

Resist Slow                15

Bird Killer                20

Amorph Killer              30

Resist Slow                35

Lizard Killer              40

Aquan Killer               50

Resist Slow                55

Plant Killer               60

Beast Killer               70

Resist Slow                75


Beastmasters are the masters of soloing. Infact, they are a solo-er's dream.
With a baestmaster, what you will be doing is capturing monsters and battling
with them. Sounds like Poke'mon right. Wrong! After a while your tamed creature
will leave and start attacking you. And you cant hold multiple of them either.
However, as a beastmaster, you will never have to look for a party(unless you
are going on a mission). But, mind you, this is easily the worst sub-job.

RANGER                                                                   RANGER


At lv 1 -


HP  27    HP  32    HP  29    HP  27    HP  23
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  6    STR  7    STR  7    STR  6    STR  5
DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  8    DEX  6
VIT  6    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  6
AGI  8    AGI  8    AGI  7    AGI  9    AGI  9
INT  6    INT  6    INT  5    INT  6    INT  8
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6

At lv 75 -


HP  971   HP 1243   HP 1092   HP  971   HP  745
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  53   STR  58   STR  62   STR  50   STR  45
DEX  56   DEX  56   DEX  53   DEX  70   DEX  56
VIT  56   VIT  70   VIT  61   VIT  53   VIT  53
AGI  70   AGI  67   AGI  62   AGI  79   AGI  75
INT  53   INT  50   INT  45   INT  53   INT  67
MND  56   MND  56   MND  65   MND  53   MND  53
CHR  53   CHR  45   CHR  53   CHR  45   CHR  53

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Eagle Eye Shot     1        Triples current bow/arrow damage.
                             R:2hrs D:Instant

Sharpshooter        1        Increases arrow accuracy.
                             R:5min D:1min

Scavenge           10        Find items on the ground.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Camouflage         20        Become transparent so that an enemy will lose
                             track of you. R:5min D:Random

Barrage            30        Fire shots one after another until one misses the
                             target. R:5min D:Instant

Shadowbind         40        Bind a target in place.
                             R:5min D:Random

Unlimited Shot     51        Next ranged attack  will not use ammo.
                             R:3min D:Instant

Job Quality             Req. Level
Alertness                   5

Accuracy UP                10

Rapid Shot                 15

Resist Poison              20

Accuracy UP                30

Resist Poison              40

Accuracy UP                50

Resist Poison              60

Accuracy UP                70


Let me start of by saying this -- Rangers are an expansive job. They are easily
the most costing job. However, they are also the most melee damage-doing job.
They are the archer for FFXI. all their arrows/bullets cost a lot of money. You
should be expecting 8 gil for each arrow at the beginning, and 500 gil for each
bullet. While they are great, you better have a large amount of gil for this
job. You should probably have skills in the theif for gil purposes, and
carpenter skills for arrow-making purposes, if you want to be a ranger.
None-the-less, they are awesome.

SAMURAI                                                                 SAMURAI


At lv 1 -


HP  31    HP  36    HP  33    HP  28    HP  27
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  7    STR  8    STR  8    STR  7    STR  6
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  7    VIT  9    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  7
AGI  6    AGI  6    AGI  5    AGI  7    AGI  7
INT  6    INT  6    INT  5    INT  6    INT  8
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6    CHR  5    CHR  6

At lv 75 -


HP 1242   HP 1514   HP 1363   HP 1242   HP 1016
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  61   STR  66   STR  70   STR  58   STR  53
DEX  61   DEX  61   DEX  58   DEX  75   DEX  61
VIT  61   VIT  75   VIT  66   VIT  58   VIT  58
AGI  53   AGI  50   AGI  45   AGI  62   AGI  58
INT  56   INT  53   INT  48   INT  56   INT  70
MND  56   MND  56   MND  65   MND  53   MND  53
CHR  56   CHR  48   CHR  56   CHR  48   CHR  56

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Meikyo Shisui      1        Weapon Skill's TP costs goes to 100.
                             R:2hrs D:30sec

Warding Circle      5        PT members in range will have extra protection
                             against Demons. R:5min D:3min

Third Eye          15        Next attack will be dodged.
                             R:1min D:Instant

Meditate           30        Charges TP gauge.
                             R:1min D:Instant

Job Quality             Req. Level
Resist Blind                5

Store TP                   10

Resist Blind               25

Store TP                   30

Demon Killer               40

Resist Blind               45

Store TP                   50

Resist Blind               65

Store TP                   70


Defenders of the 1700's in Japan, the Samurais' would defend what was right.
Now, in the 21st century, they fight demons and kill things with weapon skills.
A Samurai is best with his weapon skills. What a Samurai is good at is using
Weapon Skills fast and easy. You will be able to gain it faster, and store it.
Its stats are okay though.

DRAGOON                                                                 DRAGOON


At lv 1 -


HP  30    HP  35    HP  32    HP  30    HP  26
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  7    STR  8    STR  8    STR  7    STR  6
DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  8    DEX  6
VIT  7    VIT  9    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  7
AGI  6    AGI  6    AGI  5    AGI  7    AGI  7
INT  5    INT  5    INT  4    INT  5    INT  7
MND  6    MND  6    MND  7    MND  6    MND  6
CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7

At lv 75 -


HP 1167   HP 1439   HP 1288   HP 1167   HP  941
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  65   STR  70   STR  74   STR  62   STR  57
DEX  56   DEX  56   DEX  53   DEX  70   DEX  56
VIT  61   VIT  75   VIT  66   VIT  58   VIT  58
AGI  56   AGI  53   AGI  48   AGI  65   AGI  61
INT  48   INT  45   INT  40   INT  48   INT  62
MND  53   MND  53   MND  62   MND  50   MND  50
CHR  61   CHR  53   CHR  61   CHR  53   CHR  61

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Call Wyvern        1        Call upon your pet Wyvern to fight alongside you.
                             R:2hrs D:Until it dies

Ancient Circle      5        Party will have extra protection against Dragons.
                             R:5min D:3min

Jump               10        Regular Jump attack.
                             R:1.5min D:Instant

High Jump          35        Higher Jump attack.
                             R:3min D:Instant

Super Jump         50        Jump away from the enemy negating all hate on you.
                             R:5min D:Instant

Job Quality             Req. Level
Attack Up                  10

Dragon Killer              25

Accuracy Up                30


What make the Dragoon the coolest job is it's Wyvern. It's Wyvern can fight,
heal, or use certain Wyvern breaths depending on what general type of job your
sub-job is. It could use a healing breath if you are a Dragoon/White Mage, or
Infact, the whole reason to use a Dragoon is for its Wyvern. As you lv up it
gets stronger. It even has its own name. However, you cannot have two wyverns
out at the same time. Oh, well. Dragoons are plentiful though. 


NINJA                                                                     NINJA


At lv 1 -


HP  28    HP  33    HP  30    HP  28    HP  24
MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0    MP   0
STR  7    STR  8    STR  8    STR  7    STR  6
DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  7    DEX  9    DEX  7
VIT  7    VIT  9    VIT  8    VIT  7    VIT  7
AGI  7    AGI  7    AGI  6    AGI  8    AGI  8
INT  6    INT  6    INT  5    INT  6    INT  8
MND  5    MND  5    MND  6    MND  5    MND  5
CHR  5    CHR  4    CHR  5    CHR  4    CHR  5

At lv 75 -


HP 1046   HP 1318   HP 1167   HP 1046   HP  820
MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0   MP    0
STR  61   STR  66   STR  70   STR  56   STR  53
DEX  65   DEX  65   DEX  62   DEX  79   DEX  65
VIT  61   VIT  75   VIT  66   VIT  58   VIT  58
AGI  65   AGI  62   AGI  57   AGI  74   AGI  70
INT  56   INT  53   INT  48   INT  56   INT  70
MND  44   MND  44   MND  53   MND  41   MND  41
CHR  48   CHR  40   CHR  48   CHR  40   CHR  48

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
Self Sacrifice      1        Massively damage the target but kills you. (No exp
                             loss) R: 2hrs D: Instant

Job Quality             Req. Level
Stealth                     5

Resist Bind                10

Dual Wield                 10

Dual Weild                 25

Resist Bind                30

Dual Weild                 45

Resist Bind                50

Dual Weild                 65

Resist Bind                70


The main point of a Ninja is their duel-weild abilities. It allows them to
weild two 1-handed swords at once. The also are great parted with a theif. And,
if you are in a dire situation, just use Self Sacrifice. You will do lots of
damage, and not loose exp. In later levels just remember to travel with someone
who knows the White Magic spell "Raise", "Raise 2", or Raise 3". 

Their second purpose is a unique one. They can become the ultimate tank.
However, they have to use a lot of money to use their skills because they have
to buy the skill every time they want to use it. They can make themselves
invincible with constant stacks of Utsesemi: Ichi/Ni, but at the loss of a lot
of gil. I recommend that you have a lot of gil if you want to be a tank.


SUMMONER                                                               SUMMONER


At lv 1 -


HP  24    HP  29    HP  26    HP  24    HP  20
MP  26    MP  20    MP  24    MP  26    MP  32
STR  5    STR  6    STR  6    STR  5    STR  4
DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  6    DEX  8    DEX  6
VIT  5    VIT  7    VIT  6    VIT  5    VIT  5
AGI  6    AGI  6    AGI  5    AGI  7    AGI  7
INT  7    INT  7    INT  6    INT  7    INT  9
MND  7    MND  7    MND  8    MND  7    MND  7
CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7    CHR  6    CHR  7

At lv 75 -


HP  820   HP 1092   HP  941   HP  820   HP  594
MP  692   MP  501   MP  616   MP  692   MP  920
STR  48   STR  53   STR  57   STR  45   STR  40
DEX  53   DEX  53   DEX  50   DEX  67   DEX  53
VIT  48   VIT  62   VIT  53   VIT  45   VIT  45
AGI  56   AGI  53   AGI  58   AGI  65   AGI  61
INT  65   INT  62   INT  57   INT  65   INT  79
MND  65   MND  65   MND  74   MND  62   MND  62
CHR  65   CHR  57   CHR  65   CHR  57   CHR  65

---Abilities And Qualities---
Job Ability     Req. Level   Effect
*Astral Flow        1        Power, Defence, All Resistance up for a Summon.
                             R:2hrs D:Instant

Assault             1        Tell summoned monster to attack a target.
                             R:0sec D:Instant
Retreat             1        Makes summoned monster cease attacking.
                             R:0sec D:Instant
Release             1        Releases summoned monster.
                             R:0sec D:Instant

Blood Pack          1        Makes the summoned monster use a special attack.
                             Uses own MP. R:0sec D:Instant 

Job Quality             Req. Level
MP Max Up                  10

Clear Mind                 15

Resist Slow                20

Auto Refresh               25


Summoner is also a class a lot of people seem to like. However, know this.
Unless you have a good bard with MP regeneration spells, you will only want to
use a summon like a Black magic spell. You summon it and use a skill, then
bring it back. After you bring it back you might want to use Black Mage/White
Mage magic. Atleast, that is the best way to be a summoner. But dont worry. It
is a cool job none-the-less.




O  O O  O      O    O    O  O O   O O    O  O O
O  O O  O         O O    O O   O O  O    O O     O
 OO   OO       OOO  OOOO O  O   O   OOOO O  O OOO


---What's a Server?---

Servers are seperate gameworlds that you play on. There is no difference in
gameplay on each server. The only change from server to server is the people
playing on them. The servers can hold a maximum of 20,000 players. Servers are
randomly chosen for the players, but if you want to play with your friend there
is a way to do it. 

FunFact: Servers are named after summons from the Final Fantasy series

---World Passes and World Shifters---

A world pass is something that a player already playing the game can get. They
have to buy it in-game, with in-game money. The more people in a server makes a
World Pass cost more. When someone is making a new character, if they enter the
World Pass code from a World Pass, then they start off in the World Pass
giver's server. A World Shifter is an NPC that looks a lot like a GM. They
allow you to move to a smaller server, but you dont get to choose which one.
However, they do tell you which one you will go on before they send you there.
Note that World Shifters only appear on highly populated servers or at
certain special times.

NPCs that give World Passes: 

Kacheda in Port Bastok       - Bastok
Ambleon in Port San D'Oria   - San D'Oria
Gamimi in the Windurst Tower - Windurst

SERVER LIST                                                         SERVER LIST

1)  Bahamut
2)  Shiva
3)  Titan
4)  Ramuh
5)  Phoenix
6)  Carbuncle
7)  Fenrir
8)  Slyph
9)  Valefor
10) Alexander
11) Leviathan
12) Odin
13) Ifrit
14) Diablos
15) Caitsith
16) Quetzalcoatl
17) Siren
18) Unicorn
19) Gilgamesh
20) Ragnarok
21) Pandemonium
22) Garuda
23) Cerberus
24) Kjata
25) Bismarck
26) Seraph
27) Lakshmi
28) Midgardsormr
29) Asura




 OO   OO       O    OOO O   O O  O  OOO O  O OOOO O    O     OOO
O  O O  O      O     O  OO  O O O  O    O  O O    O    O    O
O  O  OOO OOOO O     O  O O O OO    OO  OOOO OOO  O    O     OO
O  O    O      O     O  O  OO O O     O O  O O    O    O       O


---My Very Own Clan...I Rule All---

Linkshells are, to put it simply, your very own clan. You can chat with all
your linkshell buddies at one time and have your own special color. Not much,
but it is very cool having one. You will feel like you are really your own
group and may be recognised as one of the greatest or largest linkshells ever.
Not everyone gets a name like that! Okay, it sounds somewhat corny but when
your are in a linkshell (or the leader of one) then you will get to know and
meet many more people. Maybe even make some new friends you never knew existed.
That is the bueaty of MMORPGs.

---You Can Be In Many---

You can be in as many linkshells as you want. You could have 2+ linkpearls, but
you can only have 1 equipped. Just a minor note. Basically, to put it simply,
you can be part of multiple linkshells. Just remember that each linkpearl takes
up one space in your inventory.

---How Do I Make One?---

Many people want to make their own linkshells, but it doesn't always works out.
You can find linkshells at shops. Yes, you have to buy one. It will cost about
8000 gil. You cannot get a linkshell by questing. When you get one you have to
give the linkpearls a color. Linkpearls are objects that allow you to
communicate with all of your linkshell members (if they are playing). You can
choose out of the default colors or you own color. When you are walking
around normally you will see the link color to the left of your name unless you
have a Party Invite sign or another various sign next to your head. After you
choose a color you can now give out the pearls. Only the people with pearls
will be a part of your linkshell. You can hand out pearls to anyone that you
want to be in your linkshell. You start of with 64 pearls (not including the
one that you have).

If you have a linkshell it is highly recommended that you have your own website
for it. Tell your link members about the website so that you can plan meetings
or events for your linkshell.

---How Did He Get In???---

If a member of the linkshell is annoying you or other members, you are allowed
to kick them out of your linkshell. If you are a leader or sub-leader, then you
have the ability to kick a member out. Just type /kick [player name] and the
linkpearl that they are holding will shatter. Just amke sure you dont kick the
wrong person out. A person can NOT call a GM on you because you kicked them
out. This isn't elementary school, folks.


If you want to get rid of your linkshell then you have the option (if you are
the creater) to break a linkpearl. When you break one then all of the other
members of your linkshell will have no linkshell. If the pressure is getting to
you then why not break it up? You may want to break it up if you are leaving
the game for a while. Whatever your reason is...



 O   OO        OOO  O  O OOO O    OOO   OOO
OO  O  O      O     O  O  O  O    O  O O
 O  O  O      O   O O  O  O  O    O  O    O


--Couple Things To Do Besides Lving Up---

You can do a lot in FFXI besides lving up. Guilds however are something very
fun and neat to do all of FFXI. Become a master of craftsworking, jewelry, or
leaterworking. Use the crystals to forge powerful armor and weapons. You can
get better at guilds and develop your strengths in each one. You can be a part
of all guilds. However, you will need money to join some of them.

While I guilds that are good for a certain job, it doesnt mean that a certain
job cant join. It just simply means that the guild would be ideal to join if
you were that job. The other thing I will say is that most guilds are good for
players that are not that class. For instance, a mage is not really suggested
if you are blacksmith. Mages wear light armor and weapons while blacksmith is
for making all for these heavy things. However, you will make lots of gil
being a blacksmith and can afford more spells. It is just something good to

You do not equip guilds for each job. You have to get these guild for your
character. They will stay with you nomatter if you change it or not.

Equipment to help get the items:

Field Tunica-
DEF=2 (Body)
Lv1 (All Jobs)
Improves Mining, Logging, and Harvesting

Worker Tunica-
DEF=12 (Body)
Lv15 (All Jobs)
Improves Mining, Logging, and Harvesting

FISHING                                                                 FISHING

---Cast Your Lines---

Fishing is a simple timewaster. All you have to do is wait until you catch or
dont catch something. Then nomatter what your outcome, you will have to wait
about 10 seconds before you can fish again. You need a fishing rod equipped as
your ranged weapon and bait as your ammo.

There are some armors that will let you fish better than you normally can.
These armors are:

Fisherman's Tunica-
DEF=2 (Body)
Lv1 (All Jobs)
Fishing Skill+1

Angler's Tunica-
DEF=12 (Body)
Lv15 (All Jobs)
Fishing Skill+1

BLACKSMITH                                                           BLACKSMITH

---Ching! Clank! Clunk!---

Blacksmiting is the process of making objects out of metal. This guild is good
for those that want to be making heavy armor and heavy weaponry. In short, it
is for a warrior and anyone with a craving to get hit or give hits with hunks
of steel.

Recommended Class Types:
Dark Knight

GOLDSMITH                                                             GOLDSMITH

---Well...I Would Not Call That Gold---

Goldsmithing is basically jewerly. It is making things like earrings and rings.
While jewerly doesnt give you things like high defense raises and so on, it is
all very good for protacting against elements.

Recommended Class Types:

CARPENDER                                                             CARPENDER

---Pass Me My Trowel---

Carpentering is making things out of wood. Many people join in it to make
arrows because they will eventually become a Ranger and they dont want to have
to buy arrows which are very costly. The other use for this is to make
furniture for your house. While it may not be good for battle, houses are
cool. The other things this class is good for is staves, bows, and some spears
can be made here.

Recommended Class Types:
Future Rangers
Black Mage
White mage
ALL (for house)

ALCHEMY                                                                 ALCHEMY

---Make Me An Antidote...QUICK!---

Alchemy is the art of making potions and healing items. As you will find out
later, this is somewhat very good. You will be able to make potions which would
normally cost you hundereds/thousands of gil.

Recommended Class Types:

COOKING                                                                 COOKING

---Do I Have To Make Dinner Again?---

Cooking is all about making food if you didnt know. But who doesnt know.
Cooking in many ways is like alchemy. You will be able to make foods to restore
HP and MP. You can also make good fishing bait.

Recommended Class Types:

LEATHERWORKING                                                   LEATHERWORKING

---I Got My Leather...Now To Work---

Leatherworking is the basic skill of using leather and making light clothing.
And light clothing is essential for mages, since that is what they generally

Recommended Class Types:
Black Mage
White Mage

BONEWORK                                                               BONEWORK

---I Am Not A Puppy---

Bonework is about making things out of the bones of an animal that roams around
Vana'diel. Kill a monster and if you get its bones...make something out of
them. The bones can be used for a lot of classes. Helmets, rings, cudgels,
this guild can make it all.

Recommended Class Types:

CHOCOBO                                                                 CHOCOBO

---It Is My Big Yellow Chicken/Ostrich---

Chocoboing isnt really a guild. But that doesnt mean you cannot use them.
Chocobos have many uses. They can dig things up from out of the ground and they
can be used to travel fast and aviod enemies. But the thing I will say is that
it will run away from you after a certain amount of time.

To dig, you will need some gyshel greens. I dont know what comes out of digging
so I need to experiment. 

There are some armors that will let you ride a chocobo for a longer period of
time. These armors are:

Chocobo Jack Coat-
DEF=2 (Body)
Lv1 (All Jobs)
Chocobo Riding Time+5

Rider's Jack Coat-
DEF=12 (Body)
Lv15 (All Jobs)
Chocobo Riding Time+5

Fun Fact: Chocobos are from nearly all Final Fantasy games.
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance



 O   O       O   O  OO   OOO  OOO  OOO
OO  OO       OO OO O  O O      O  O
 O   O       O   O O  O O   O  O  O
OOO OOO      O   O O  O  OOO  OOO  OOO



There are many types of magic in FFXI. Most magic requires MP. When you cast a
spell there is delay while you chant a spell. You have to wait for the chanting
to be over to be able to cast your spell.  Chanting can somtimes be stopped by
a normal phisical attack. The types of Magic are Black Magic, White Magic,
Summon Magic and Songs. Black Magic is attacking magic ranging from lightning
attacks to setting your self on fire so that when creatures attack you, they
will get hurt. White Magic is the healing Magic and status affecting magic.
White Magic can revive a wandering traveler, or it can poison a goblin thug.
Summons are mystical beasts that attack your opponent until you call them back,
or your MP runs out. For every second your summon is out you loose MP. Songs
are another story though. Songs, unlike Black/White Magic, dont require any MP.
Songs can actually be heard. I mean that you can actually hear the song being
sung. Songs are the stat-boosting, hurting, and healing spells. Basically
Singing is both weak healing and weak hurting.< true.

---Im Leveling Up...But Not Gaining Any Spells---

There is only a very specific way of getting spells. In FFXI you actually have
to buy your spells. However, you can only use spells if you are a high enough
level in your job. You can gain spells by buying them, questing for them, or by
having someone trade them to you.

---You Need Magic---

During the start of the game when you are not partying, you will not need a
person with magic in your group. However, once you get far enough, you will
need magic to get by. A Black Mage and Back Magic are needed to kill of hordes
of enemies. A White Mage and White Magic are needed to heal wandering
travelers. It is as simple as that. You cannot kill any creatures with physical
attacks alone later in the game. Magic is far more powerful that your swords.

---Magic Against Other Magic---

Magic goes in a big circle I will call the "Magic Wheel". The Magic Whell tells
what type of magic is good/bad against other magic types. Elements are what
make the world go round'.

- First Wheel -

 Fire > Ice
 Ice > Wind
 Wind > Ground
 Ground > Thunder
 Thunder > Water
 Water > Fire

- Second Wheel -

 Dark > Light
 Light > Dark

The second wheel is a bit more confusing. It basically says that Dark does good
damage against Light, and light does good against dark.

NOTE: Silence will make it not possible to cast spells or sing songs.

BLACK MAGIC                                                         BLACK MAGIC

For Black Mage:

Magic Name    Lv   MP    Used Description

Stone I        1    9    Earth Elemental Attack Spell.
Poison I       3    5    HP decreases gradually.
Blind          4    5    Chance of hit decreased.
Water I        5   13    Water Element Attack Spell.
Bind           7    8    Enemy can not move.
Aero I         9   18    Wind Elemental Attack Spell.
Blaze Spikes  10    8    Does Fire Damage to enemy when the enemy hits you.
Bio I         10   22    Poison + ATK Down.
Drain         12   21    HP drained, heals self.
Fire I        13   24    Fire Elemental Attack Spell.
Stonega I     15   37    Earth Spell on Enemies.
Shock         16   25    Thunder Spell + MND down.
Blizzard I    17   30    Ice Elemental Spell.
Warp          17  100    Send to Home Point.
Rasp          18   25    Earth Attack + DEX down.
Waterga I     19   47    Water Spell on Enemies.
Ice Spikes    20   16    Does Ice Damage to enemy when the enemy hits you.
Sleep         20   19    Put enemy to sleep.
Choke         20   25    Wind Attack + VIT down.
Thunder I     21   37    Thunder Elemental Spell.
Frost         22   25    Ice Attack + AGI down.
Aeroga I      23   57    Wind Attack on Enemies.
Poisonga I    24   44    HP decreases gradually.
Burn          24   25    Fire Attack + INT down.
Aspir         25   10    MP taken, restores yours.
Tractor       25   26    Teleport a dead body to location where cast from.
Stone II      26   43    Earth Elemental Spell.
Drown         27   25    Water + STR down.
Firaga I      28   71    Fire Attack on Enemies.
Escape        29  125    Send party members in range out of a dungeon.
Water II      30   51    Water Elemental Spell.
Shock Spikes  30   24    Does Thunder Damage to enemy when the enemy hits you.
Blizzaga I    32   82    Ice attack on Enemies.
Aero II       34   59    Wind Elemental Spell.
Bio II        35   66    Poison + ATK down.
Thundaga      36   95    Thunder Attack on Enemies.
Fire II       38   68    Fire Elemental Spell.
Stonega II    40  109    Earth Attack on Enemies.
Warp II       40  150    Warp Party to Home Point.
Sleep II      41   29    Put enemy to sleep.
Blizzard II   42   77    Ice Elemental Spell.
Poison II     43   38    HP decreases gradually.
Waterga II    44  123    Water Spell on Enemies.
Stun          45   25    Shortly prevents an enemy from attacking.
Thunder II    46   86    Thunder Elemental Spell.
Aeroga II     48  138    Wind Attack on Enemies.
Freeze        50  307    Special Ice Attack Spell.
Stone III     51   92    Earth Elemental Spell.
Tornado       52  322    Special Air Attack Spell.
Firaga II     53  158    Fire Attack on Enemies.
Quake         54  337    Special Earth Attack Spell.
Water III     55   98    Water Elemental Spell.
Sleepga II    56   58    Put enemies in radius to sleep.
Burst         56  352    Special Thunder Attack Spell.
Blizzaga II   57  175    Ice attack on Enemies.
Flood         58  368    Special Water Attack Spell
Aero III      59  106    Wind Elemental Spell.
Flare         60  383    Special Fire Attack Spell.
Thundaga II   61  193    Thunder Attack on Enemies.
Fire III      62  113    Fire Elemental Spell.
Stonega III   63  211    Earth Attack on Enemies.
Blizzard III  64  120    Ice Elemental Spell.
Waterga III   65  231    Water Attack on Enemies.
Thunder III   66  128    Thunder Elemental Spell.
Aeroga III    67  252    Wind Attack on Enemies.
Stone IV      68  138    Earth Elemental Spell.
Firaga III    69  277    Fire Attack on Enemies.
Water IV      70  144    Water Elemental Spell.
Blizzaga III  71  299    Ice Attack on Enemies.
Aero IV       72  150    Wind Elemental Spell.
Thundaga III  73  322    Thunder Attack on Enemies.
Fire IV       73  157    Fire Elemental Spell.
Blizzard IV   74  164    Ice Elemental Spell.
Thunder IV    75  171    Thunder Elemental Spell.

For Dark Knight:

Magic Name    Lv   MP    Used Description

Stone I        5    9    Earth Elemental Attack Spell.
Poison I       6    5    HP decreases gradually.
Drain         10   21    HP drained, heals self.
Water I       11   13    Water Element Spell.
Bio I         15   22    Poison + ATK Down.
Aero I        17   18    Earth Elemental Spell.
Bind          20    8    Enemy can not move.
Aspir         20   10    MP taken, restores yours.
Fire I        23   24    Fire Elemental Attack Spell.
Poisonga I    26   44    HP decreases gradually.
Blizzard I    29   30    Ice Elemental Spell.
Sleep         30   19    Put enemy to sleep.
Absorb-MND    31   33    Absorbs MND of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Tractor       32   26    Teleport a dead body to location where cast from.
Absorb-CHR    33   33    Absorbs CHR of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Thunder I     35   37    Thunder Elemental Spell.
Absorb-VIT    35   33    Absorbs VIT of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Absorb-AGI    37   33    Absorbs AGI of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Stun          37   25    Shortly prevents an enemy from attacking.
Absorb-INT    39   33    Absorbs INT of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Bio II        40   66    Poison + ATK down.
Absorb-DEX    41   33    Absorbs DEX of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Stone II      42   47    Earth Elemental Spell.
Absorb-STR    43   33    Absorbs STR of the enemy and adds it to the player.
Poison II     46   38    HP decreases gradually.
Water II      48   51    Water Elemental Spell.
Aero II       54   59    Wind Elemental Spell.
Sleep II      56   29    Put enemy to sleep.
Fire II       60   68    Fire Elemental spell.
Blizzard II   66   77    Ice Elemental spell.
Thunder II    72   86    Thunder Elemental spell.

WHITE MAGIC                                                         WHITE MAGIC

For White Mage:

Magic Name          Lv   MP    Used Description

Cure I               1    8    Restores some HP of Target. (~30 MAX)
Dia I                3    7    Light Attack + Defense Down.
Paralyze             4    6    Enemy is unable to act.
Banish I             5   15    Light elemental spell.
Barstonra            5   12    Earth Defense Up for party members in area.
Poisona              6    8    Cure Poison of Target.
Barsleepra           7   14    Raise Defense against Sleep.
Protect I            7    9    Physical Defense Raised.
Protectra I          7    9    Physical Defense of Party Raised.
Barwatera            9   12    Raise Defense against Water Magic.
Paralyna             9   12    Cures Paralysis.
Barpoisonra         10   18    Raise Defense against Poison.
Aqua Veil           10   12    Avoid Cast Interruption. 
Cure II             11   24    Restores some HP of Target. (~90 MAX)
Barparalyzra        12   22    Raise Defense against Paralyze.
Slow                13   15    Enemy's attack delay increased.
Baraera             13   12    Raise Defense against Wind Magic.
Blindna             14   16    Cures Blind Status.
Banishga I          15   41    Light Spell on Enemies.
Silence             15   16    Stop enemy from casting magic.
Deodorize           15   10    Your scent will not be smelled by the enemy.
Curaga              16   60    HP of Party Recovered.
Shell I             17   18    Magical Defense Raised.
Shellra I           17   18    Magical Defense Up.
Barfira             17   18    Raise Defense against Fire Magic.
Diaga               18   12    Light + Defense Down.
Barblindra          18   26    Raise Defense against Blindness.
Silena              19   24    Cure Silence of Target.
Blink               19   20    Increases target's evasion.
Sneak               20   12    Sound made will not be heard by the enemy.
Cure III            21   46    Restores some HP of Target. (~164 MAX)
Regen I             21   15    Restores some HP over time.
Barblizzara         21   12    Raise Defense against Ice Magic.
Barsilencera        23   30    Raise Defense against Berserk.
Raise I             25  150    When raising people they'll receive 25% exp back
Invisible           25   15    Target unable to be seen.
Barthundara         25   12    Raise Defense against Thunder Magic.
Protect II          27   28    Physical Defense Raised.
Protectra II        27   28    Physical Defense Party Up.
Stoneskin           28   29    Damage Deceased.
Cursna              29   30    Cure Curse of Target.
Banish II           30   57    Light Elemental Spell.
Curaga II           31  120    HP of party recovered.
Erase               32   18    Removes one bad magical effect on the target.
Reraise             33  150    Can raise your self up after death.
Viruna              34   48    Cures Virus of Target.
Dia II              36   59    Light + Defense Down.
Teleport-Holla      36   75    Teleport to La Thiene.
Teleport-Dem        36   75    Teleport to Konschtat Highlands.
Teleport-Mea        36   75    Teleport to Tahrongi Canyon.
Shell II            37   37    Magical Defense Raised.
Shellra II          37   37    Magical Defense of Party Up
Teleport-Yhoat      38  100    Teleport to Yhoator Jungle.
Teleport-Altep      38  100    Teleport to West Altepa Desert.
Stona               39   40    Cures Petrify of Target.
Barvira             39   50    Raise Defense against Virus.
Banishga II         40  243    Light Spell on Enemies.
Haste               40   40    Decrease Attack Interval.
Cure IV             41   88    Restores some HP of Target. (~330 MAX)
Teleport-Vahzl      42  100    Teleport to Xarcabard.
Barpetra            43   40    Raise Defense against Petrify.
Regen II            44   36    Restores some HP over time.
Flash               45  100    Blinds target.
Protect III         47   46    Physical Defense Increase.
Protectra III       47   46    Physical Defense of Party Up.
Holy                50  100    Light Attack on Enemy.
Curaga III          51  180    HP of party recovered.
Raise II            56  200    When raising people they'll receive 75% exp back
Shell III           57   56    Magical Defense Raised.
Shellra III         57   56    Magical Defense of Party Up.
Reraise II          60  175    Can raise your self up after death.
Cure V              61  144    Restores some HP of Target. (~540 MAX)
Protect IV          63   65    Physical Defense Raised.
Protectra IV        63   65    Physical Defense of Party Up.
Regen III           66   64    Restores some HP over time.
Shell IV            68   56    Magical Defense Raised.
Shellra II          68   56    Magical Defense of Party Up
Raise III           70  250    When raising people they'll receive 90% exp
Curaga IV           71  260    HP of party recovered.
Reraise III         75  200    Can raise your self up after death.

For Paladin:

Magic Name   Lv   MP    Used Description

Cure I        5    8    Restores some HP of Target. (~30 MAX)
Banish I      7   15    Light Elemental spell.
Protect      10    9    Physical Defense Raised. 
Cure II      17   24    Restores some HP of Target. (~90 MAX)
Shell        20   18    Magical Defense Raised.
Cure III     30   46    Restores some HP of Target. (~164 MAX)
Protect II   30   28    Physical Defense Raised.
Banish II    34   57    Light Elemental spell.
Flash        37  100    Blinds target. 
Shell II     40   37    Magical Defense Raised.
Protect III  50   46    Physical Defense Increase.
Holy         55  100    Light Attack on Enemy.
Shell III    60   56    Magic Defense Raised.
Protect IV   70   65    Physical Defense Raised.
Raise        75  150    When raising people they'll receive 25% exp back.

RED MAGIC                   ALL MAGIC FOR RED MAGE                    RED MAGIC

Magic Name        Lv  MP  Used Description

Dia I              1   7  Light Attack + Defense Down.
Cure I             3   8  Restores some HP of Target. (~30 MAX)
Stone I            4   9  Earth Elemental Attack Spell.
Poison I           5   5  Targets HP decreases gradually.
Barstone           5   9  Increase resistance to Earth elemental attacks.
Paralyze           6   6  Enemy is unable to act.
Protect I          7   9  Physical Defense Raised.
Barsleep           7   7  Increase resistance to Sleep status.
Blind              8   5  Enemy's chance of hit decreased.
Water I            9  13  Water Element Attack Spell.
Barwater           9   9  Increase resistance to Water elemental attacks.
Parpoison         10   9  Increase resistance to Poison status.
Bio I             10  22  Poison + ATK down.
Bind              11   8  Enemy can not move.
Aquaveil          12  12  Avoid Cast Interruption. 
Barparalyze       12  11  Increase resistance to Paralyze status.
Slow              13  15  Enemy's attack delay increased.
Baraero           13   9  Increase resistance to Wind elemental attacks.
Cure II           14  24  Restores some HP of Target. (~90 MAX)
Aero I            14  18  Wind Elemental Attack Spell.
Diaga I           15  12  Light + Defense Down.
Deodorize         15  10  Your scent will not be smelled by the enemy.
Enthunder         16  12  Enchant weapon with Thunder attribute.
Shell I           17  18  Magical Defense Raised.
Barfire           17   9  Increase resistance to Fire elemental attacks.
Silence           18  16  Enemy can no longer use spells.
Barblind          18  13  Increase resistance to Blind status.
Enstone           18  12  Enchant weapon with Earth attribute.
Fire I            19  24  Fire Elemental Attack Spell.
Blaze Spikes      20   8  If enemy hits you, they take small fire damage.
Sneak             20  12  Sound made will not be heard by the enemy.
Enaero            20  12  Enchant weapon with Wind attribute.
Barblizzard       21   9  Increase resistance to Ice elemental attacks.
Gravity           21  24  Lowers enemy movement speed and evasion.
Regen I           21  15  Recover 5HP every 3 sec.
Enblizzard        22  12  Enchant weapon with Ice attribute.
Blink             23  20  Increases targets evasion.
Barsilence        23  15  Increase resistance to Silence status.
Blizzard I        24  30  Ice Elemental Spell.
Enfire            24  12  Enchant weapon with Fire attribute.
Sleep             25  19  Put enemy to sleep.
Invisible         25  15  Target unable to be seen.
Barthunder        25   9  Increase resistance to Thunder elemental attacks.
Cure III          26  46  Restores some HP of Target. (~164 MAX)
Protect II        27  28  Physical Defense Increased.
Enwater           27  12  Enchant weapon with Water attribute.
Thunder I         29  37  Thunder Elemental Spell.
Dia II            31  59  Light + Defense Down.
Dispel            32  25  Cancels one of enemy's magic effects.
Phalanx           33  21  Lower enemies physical and magical damage.
Stoneskin         34  29  Damage Decreased.
Stone II          35  43  Earth Elemental Spell.
Bio II            36  66  Poison + ATK down.
Shell II          37  37  Magical Defense Raised.
Raise I           38 150  When raising people they'll receive 25% exp back.
Barvirus          39  25  Increase resistance to Virus status.
Water II          40  51  Water Elemental Spell.
Ice Spikes        40  16  If enemy hits you, they take small ice damage.
Refresh           41  40  Recovers 2MP every 3 sec.
Aero II           45  59  Wind Elemental Spell.
Sleep II          46  29  Put enemy to sleep.
Poison II         46  38  HP decreases gradually.
Protect III       47  46  Physical Defense Increase.
Haste             48  40  Decrease Attack Interval.
Fire II           50  68  Fire Elemental Spell.
Blizzard II       55  77  Ice Elemental Spell.
Shell III         57  56  Magical Defense Raised.
Thunder II        60  86  Thunder Elemental Spell.
Shock Spikes      60  24  If enemy hits you, they take small thunder damage.
Protect IV        63  65  Physical Defense Increase.
Stone III         66  92  Earth Elemental Spell.
Water III         67  98  Water Elemental Spell.
Shell IV          68  56  Magical Defense Raised.
Aero III          69 106  Wind Elemental Spell.
Fire III          71 113  Fire Elemental Spell.
Blizzard III      73 120  Ice Elemental Spell.
Thunder III       75 128  Thunder Elemental Spell.

SUMMONS                                                                 SUMMONS

Key:                           |
-Summon Name-                  |
Astral Flow Ability            |
Astral Flow Ability Description|
Abilities                      |

Burning hot flames are thrown at the enemy. This causes heavy fire-elemental
damage on cretures.
Lv 1  - Punch          - MP  9 - Physical Damage
Lv 10 - Fire II        - MP 24 - Fire Damage
Lv 23 - Burning Strike - MP 48 - Fire Damage
Lv 30 - Double Punce   - MP 56 - Attack Twice
Lv 38 - Crimson Roar   - MP 84 - Raises Party's ATK Power
Lv 60 - Fire IV        - MP118 - Fire Damage
Lv 70 - Flame Crash    - MP164 - Physical Attack

Diamond Dust
Shiva creates a block of ice around the enemy causing ice-elemental damage.
Lv 1  - Axe Kick     - MP 10 - Physical Attack
Lv 10 - Blizzard II  - MP 24 - Ice Damage
Lv 28 - Freeze Armor - MP 63 - Mass Ice Spike
Lv 39 - Sleepga      - MP 56 - Mass Sleep Status
Lv 50 - Double Slap  - MP 96 - Attack Twice
Lv 60 - Blizzard IV  - MP118 - Ice Damage
Lv 70 - Rush         - MP164 - Attack Five Times

Ground Fury
Titan crushes his fist against the ground, causing a massive earthquake. The
quake inflicts massive earth-elemental damage.
Lv 1  - Rock Throw      - MP 10 - Ranged ATK  Effect: Slow
Lv 10 - Stone II        - MP 24 - Earth Damage
Lv 21 - Rock Buster     - MP 39 - Effect: Bind
Lv 35 - Mega Lift Throw - MP 62 - Ranged ATK  Effect: Slow
Lv 46 - Earthen Ward    - MP 92 - Mass Stoneskin
Lv 60 - Stone IV        - MP118 - Earth Damage
Lv 70 - Mountain Crash  - MP164 - Attack Three Times Effect: Bind

Shearing Light
Carbuncle produces a beam of light which casts Reflect magic on all party
Lv 1  - Healing Ruby    - MP  6 - Recover Target's HP
Lv 5  - Poison Nail     - MP 11 - Effect: Poison
Lv 24 - Shining Ruby    - MP 44 - Mass Protect + Shell
Lv 44 - Glittering Ruby - MP 62 - Raises Stats of Party
Lv 55 - Meteorite       - MP108 - Light Damage
Lv 65 - Healing Ruby II - MP124 - Recover Party's HP

Judgment Bolt
Ramuh brings thunder and lightning down from the sky. The bolts come down on
the enemy for powerful lightning-elemental damage.
Lv 1  - Shock Strike      - MP  6 - Effect: Stun
Lv 10 - Thunder II        - MP 24 - Thunder Damage
Lv 29 - Thunder Spark     - MP 38 - Deal Thunder Damage In Radius
Lv 31 - Thunder Hand Drum - MP 52 - Mass Enthunder
Lv 42 - Thunder Armor     - MP 91 - Mass Shock Spike
Lv 60 - Thunder IV        - MP118 - Thunder Damage
Lv 70 - Choas Strike      - MP164 - Physical Attack Effect: Stun

Leviathan creates a massive tidal wave. The tidal wave crashes down on the
target for powerful water-elemental damage.
Lv 1  - Barracuda Dive - MP  8 - Physical Damage
Lv 10 - Water II       - MP 24 - Water Damage
Lv 26 - Tail Whip      - MP 49 - Effect: Gravity
Lv 33 - Slowga         - MP 48 - Mass Slow
Lv 47 - Spring Water   - MP 99 - Recover Party's HP and Status
Lv 60 - Water IV       - MP118 - Water Damage
Lv 70 - Spinning Dive  - MP164 - Physical Attack

Wind Storm
Garuda produces a ginormous tornado that engulfs the enemy doing massive
wind-elemental damage to the target.
Lv 1  - Claw            - MP  7 - Physical Damage
Lv 10 - Areo II         - MP 24 - Wind Damage
Lv 25 - Vacuum Armor    - MP 92 - Mass Blink
Lv 36 - Whispering Wind - MP119 - Recover Party's HP
Lv 48 - Hastega         - MP112 - Mass Haste
Lv 60 - Areo IV         - MP118 - Wind Damage
Lv 70 - Predator Claw   - MP164 - Attack Three Times

Howling Moon
Fenrir engulfs all the enemies in the radius in full Darkness.
Lv 1  - Moonlit Charge - MP 17 - Effect: Darkness
Lv 11 - Crescent Fang  - MP 19 - Effect: Paralyze
Lv 24 - Lunar Cry      - MP 41 - Enemy ACC+Dodge Rate down
Lv 32 - Lunar Roar     - MP 27 - Takes off two good status effects
Lv 43 - Ecliptic Growl - MP 46 - Mass STR,DEX,VIT+1, AGI,INT,MND,CHR+7
Lv 55 - Ecliptic Howl  - MP 57 - Mass ACC+Dodge Rate up
Lv 65 - Eclipse Bite   - MP109 - Attack three times


SONGS                                                                     SONGS

    Name                  Level   Effect

1)  Knight's Minne         1      Raises the defense power of party members in
2)  Valor Minuet           3      Raises the attack power of party members in
3)  Army's Paeon           5      Regen HP of party members in range

4)  Foe Requiem            7      Damage to enemy

5)  Herb Pastoral          9      Raises the poison resistence of the party
                                  members in range
6)  Light Threnody         10     Enemy's optical attribute defense down

7)  Sword Madrigal         11     Hit rate increases for party members in range

8)  Dark Threnody          12     Enemy's darkness attribute defense down

9)  Dragonfoe Mambo        13     Evasion rate increases for party members in
10) Earth Threnody         14     Enemy's earth attribute defense down

11) Army's Paeon II        15     Regen HP of party members in range

12) Foe Lullaby            16     Put enemy to sleep

13) Water Threnody         16     Enemy's water attribute defense down

14) Foe Requiem II         17     Damage to enemy

15) Wind Threnody          18     Enemy's wind attribute defense down

16) Scop's Operetta        19     Raises the calmness tolerance of party
                                  members in range
17) Flame Threnody         20     Enemy's fire attribute defense down

18) Knight's Minne II      21     Raises the defense power of party members in
19) Ice Threnody           22     Enemy's ice attribute defense down

20) Enchanting Etude       22     Raise CHR of party members in range

21) Valor Minuet II        23     Raises the attack power of party members in
22) Lightning Threnody     24     Enemy's thunder attribute defense down

23) Spirited Etude         24     Raise MND of party members in range

24) Mage's Ballad          25     Regen MP of party members in range

25) Learned Etude          26     Raise INT of party members in range

26) Horde Lullaby          27     Put multiple enemies in range to sleep

27) Quick Etude            28     Raise AGI of party members in range

28) Advancing March        29     Shortens the attack interval of members in
29) Vivacious Etude        30     Raise VIT of party members in range

30) Hunter's Prelude       31     Raise accuracy of range weapon users in party

31) Dextrous Etude         32     Raise DEX of party members in range

32) Foul Aubade            33     Raise Sleep tolerance of party members in
33) Magic Finale           33     The magical effect from the enemy is cured

34) Sinewy Etude           34     Raise STR of party members in range

35) Army's Paeon III       35     Regen HP of party members in range

36) Light Carol            36     Raise light attribute defence of party
                                  members in range
37) Foe Requiem III        37     Damage to enemy

38) Earth Carol            38     Raise earth attribute defence of party
                                  members in range
39) Battlefeild Elegy      39     Slows down enemy's attack

40) Water Carol            40     Raise water attribute defence of party
                                  members in range
41) Knight's Minne III     41     Raises the defense power of party members in
42) Wind Carol             42     Raise wind attribute defence of party members
                                  in range
43) Valor Minuet III       43     Raises the attack power of party members in
44) Fire Carol             44     Raise fire attribute defence of party members
                                  in range
45) Army's Paeon IV        45     Regen HP of party members in range

46) Ice Carol              46     Raise ice attribute defence of party members
                                  in range
47) Foe Requiem IV         47     Damage to enemy

48) Lightning Carol        48     Raise thunder attribute defence of party
                                  members in range
49) Goblin Gavotte         49     Raises bind tolerance of party members in
50) Dark Carol             50     Raise darkness attribute defence of party
                                  members in range
51) Sword Madrigal II      51     Hit rate increases for party members in range

52) Chocobo Hum            52     Increase resistance to paralysis for party
                                  members in range
53) Dragonfoe Mambo II     53     Evasion rate increases for party members in
54) Gold Capriccio         54     Raises petrification tolerance of party
                                  members in range
55) Mages Ballad II        55     Regen MP of party members in range

56) Shining Fantasia       56     Raise darkness attribute defence of party
                                  members in range
57) Foe Requiem V          57     Damage to enemy

58) Carnage Elegy          59     Slows down enemy's attack

59) Victory March          60     Shortens the attack interval of members in
60) Knight's Minne IV      61     Raises the defense power of party members in
61) Bewitching Etude       62     Raise CHR of party members in range

62) Valor Minuet IV        63     Raises the attack power of party members in
63) Logical Etude          64     Raise MND of party members in range

64) Sage Etude             66     Raise INT of party members in range

65) Foe Requiem VI         67     Damage to enemy

66) Swift Etude            68     Raise AGI of party members in range

67) Puppet's Operetta      69     Raises party resistance to calm spells

68) Vital Etude            70     Raise VIT of party members in range

69) Archer's Prelude       71     Raise accuracy of range weapon users in party

70) Goddess's Hymnus       71     Reraise to party members in range

71) Uncanny Etude          72     Raise DEX of party members in range

72) Warding Round          73     Raise resistance to curse of party members in
73) Chocobo Mazurka        73     Movement speed x2 of party members in range

74) Herculean Etude        74     Raise STR of party members in range

75) Maiden's Virelai       75     Charm status to enemy

NOTE: Songs use no MP to cast.



 O   OO       OOOO  OO  O  O OOO OOO  O   O OOOO O   O OOOOO
OO  O  O      O    O  O O  O  O  O  O OO OO O    OO  O   O
 O    O  OOOO OOO  O  O O  O  O  OOO  O O O OOO  O O O   O
 O   O        O    O OO O  O  O  O    O   O O    O  OO   O
OOO OOOO      OOOO  OOO  OO  OOO O    O   O OOOO O   O   O


---How Do I Raise My Stats Besides Lving---

To raise a characters stats without leveling is fairly easy. You just have to
equip something like a weapon or armor. Weapons raise your attacking, while
armor raises your defense. If you have played any RPG for the most part, you
should know what equipment is.

WEAPONS                                                                 WEAPONS

E-Mail me for any questions about the weapons.

NOTE: Some weapons have long names and do not fit on the chart. That is why
      some weapons have to be read right, or you may get confused. ie: look at
      the Legionnaire's Knuckles in the hand-to-hand section.

KEY:                                                |
HP=Health Points                                    |
MP=Magic Points                                     |
DEX=Dexterity Stat                                  |
VIT=Vitality Stat                                   |
STR=Strength Stat                                   |
AGI=Agility Stat                                    |
INT=Inteligience Stat                               |
MND=Mind Stat                                       |
CHR=Charisma Stat                                   |
ATK=Attack                                          |
ACC=Accuracy                                        |
FI=Fire Resistance                                  |
LI=Light Resistance                                 |
DA=Dark Resistance                                  |
TH=Thunder Resistance                               |
WI=Wind Resistance                                  |
WA=Water Resistance                                 |
IC=Ice Resistance                                   |
EA=Earth Resistance                                 |
All Elements=FI/LI/DA/TH/WI/WA/IC/EA                |

Name of Weapon-   Damage  Speed   Level  Notes
Hand-to-Hand Weapons-----------------------------------------------------------

Fruit Punches-    DM+0    SP+40   Lv1   ACC+3
Cesti-            DM+1    SP+48   Lv1   ACC+3
Cat Baghnakhs-    DM+2    SP+60   Lv1
Bronze Knuckles-  DM+2    SP+96   Lv5
Brass Knuckles-   DM+4    SP+96   Lv9
Brass Knuckles+1- DM+5    SP+91   Lv9   ACC+3
Legionnaire's Knuckles- DM+4  SP+96  Lv10  ACC+2  ATK+3
Freesword's Baghnakhs- DM+3  SP+66  Lv10
Royal Archer's Cesti- DM+2  SP+43  Lv10  ACC+2  FI+2
Brass Baghnakhs-  DM+4    SP+60   Lv11
Lizard Cesti-     DM+2    SP+48   Lv12  ACC+3
Strike Baghnakhs- DM+5    SP+42   Lv14  DEX+2
Silence Baghnakhs- DM+5   SP+55   Lv19  Silence Effect
Metal Knuckles-   DM+6    SP+91   Lv20
Couger Baghnakhs- DM+6    SP+51   Lv20  IC+4  Ice Damage
Baghnakhs-        DM+6    SP+60   Lv24
Lynx Baghnakhs-   DM+6    SP+30   Lv24
Sonic Knuckle-    DM+7    SP+97   Lv27
Poison Cesti-     DM+3    SP+48   Lv27  ACC+3  Poison Effect
Claws-            DM+7    SP+66   Lv30
Katars-           DM+8    SP+84   Lv33
Dark Katar-       DM+8    SP+84   Lv33
Poison Katar-     DM+9    SP+84   Lv38
Mithril Claw-     DM+9    SP+66   Lv41
Mage Masher-      DM+10   SP+96   Lv44
Venom Katar-      DM+14   SP+84   Lv63

Short Blades-------------------------------------------------------------------

Onion Dagger-     DM=3    SP=193  Lv1
Rusty Dagger-     DM=3    SP=183  Lv1
Bronze Dagger-    DM=3    SP=183  Lv1
Onion Knife-      DM=4    SP=205  Lv1
Bronze Knife-     DM=4    SP=195  Lv1
Ceremonial Dagger- DM=1   SP=183  Lv1   MP+10
Blind Dagger-     DM=4    SP=188  Lv7
Bee Stinger-      DM=4    SP=150  Lv7
Brass Dagger-     DM=5    SP=183  Lv9
Dagger-           DM=7    SP=183  Lv12
Aspil Knife-      DM=5    SP=201  Lv12  Poison Effect
Knife-            DM=8    SP=195  Lv13
Baselard-         DM=8    SP=186  Lv18
Poison Baselard-  DM=8    SP=191  Lv20
Poison Dagger-    DM=8    SP=183  Lv20  Poison Effect
Mercenary's Knife- DM=11  SP=190  Lv20  ACC+2
Decurion's Dagger- DM=10  SP=178  Lv20  ACC+2
Kukuri-           DM=10   SP=200  Lv20
Poison Knife-     DM=9    SP=201  Lv21
Mithril Dagger-   DM=10   SP=183  Lv23
Kris-             DM=11   SP=192  Lv27
Archer's Knife-   DM=11   SP=195  Lv28  AGI+1  Ranged ACC+10
Mithril Knife-    DM=12   SP=195  Lv31
Mithril Basilard- DM=13   SP=186  Lv36
Hornetneedle-     DM=16   SP=150  Lv48  DEX+1  AGI+1

One-handed Swords--------------------------------------------------------------

Judge Sword-      DM=99   SP=999  Lv1   GM's weapon
Onion Sword-      DM=5    SP=228  Lv1
Bronze Sword-     DM=6    SP=231  Lv1
Wax Sword-        DM=6    SP=225  Lv1
Xiphos-           DM=8    SP=228  Lv7
Sapara-           DM=9    SP=236  Lv7
Spatha-           DM=11   SP=240  Lv9
Royal Archer's Sword- DM=10  SP=228  LVL10
Bee Spatha-       DM=13   SP=233  Lv11
Bee Spatha+1-     DM=14   SP=227  Lv11  ACC+2
Bilbo-            DM=11   SP=226  Lv13
Brass Xiphos-     DM=12   SP=228  Lv13
Scimitar-         DM=13   SP=236  Lv13
Iron Sword-       DM=14   SP=231  Lv18
Fire Sword-       DM=15   SP=225  Lv18
Longsword-        DM=16   SP=240  Lv18
Small Sword-      DM=13   SP=226  Lv19  DEX+2
Degen-            DM=14   SP=224  Lv20
Kaiser Sword-     DM=15   SP=228  Lv22
Tuck-             DM=15   SP=226  Lv23
Gladius-          DM=17   SP=228  Lv27
Foil-             DM=18   SP=221  Lv30
Centurion's Sword- DM=19  SP=225  Lv30  ACC+3  ATK+4
Broadsword-       DM=19   SP=231  Lv30
Strider Sword-    DM=19   SP=231  LV32  AGI+3
Hunting Sword-    DM=27   SP=264  Lv34
Mithril Degen-    DM=20   SP=224  Lv36
Talwar-           DM=23   SP=236  Lv36
Falchion-         DM=28   SP=236  Lv44
Knight's Sword-   DM=31   SP=240  Lv47

One-handed Katanas-------------------------------------------------------------

Kunai-            DM=4    SP=190  Lv1

Two-handed Swords--------------------------------------------------------------

Deathbringer-     DM=20   SP=466  Lv5   ATK+8  DEF-6
Claymore-         DM=22   SP=444  Lv10
Flame Claymore-   DM=26   SP=444  Lv13
Braveheart-       DM=30   SP=444  LV18  DEX+2  ACC+5
Two-handed Sword- DM=35   SP=456  Lv20
Mecenary's Greatsword- DM=33  SP=431  LV20  ATK+7
Barbarian's Sword- DM=37  SP=444  Lv24  ACC-5  ATK+15
Mithril Claymore- DM=46   SP=444  Lv36
Royal Swordsman's Blade- DM=56  SP=480  Lv40
Dark Claymore-    DM=65   SP=444  Lv54

Two-handed Katanas-------------------------------------------------------------

One-handed Axes----------------------------------------------------------------

Bronze Axe-       DM=8    SP=276  Lv1
Orcish Axe-       DM=10   SP=288  Lv5   STR+2  MND-1  INT-1  CHR-1
Brass Axe-        DM=12   SP=276  Lv8
Legionnaire's Axe- DM=13  SP=276  Lv10
Light Axe-        DM=14   SP=260  Lv11
Bone Axe-         DM=16   SP=276  Lv13
Bone Pick-        DM=18   SP=312  Lv16
Battleaxe-        DM=20   SP=276  Lv20
War Pick-         DM=26   SP=312  Lv31
Warrior's Axe-    DM=25   SP=276  Lv32  STR+1  DEX+1
Mithril Axe-      DM=29   SP=276  Lv37
Tabar-            DM=34   SP=288  Lv43
Mithril Pick-     DM=39   SP=312  Lv50

Two-handed Axes----------------------------------------------------------------

Butterfly Axe-    DM=19   SP=504  Lv5
Inferno Axe-      DM=23   SP=504  Lv8
Great Axe-        DM=30   SP=504  Lv12
Moth Axe-         DM=32   SP=480  Lv16  DEX+1
Centurion's Axe-  DM=48   SP=504  Lv30
Heavy Axe-        DM=52   SP=504  Lv34

Two-handed Scythes-------------------------------------------------------------

Bronze Zaghnal-   DM=14   SP=480  Lv1
Brass Zaghnal-    DM=25   SP=480  Lv10
Legionnaire's Scythe- DM=27  SP=495  Lv10  STR+2  VIT-1
Plantreaper-      DM=30   SP=480  Lv14  "Bind" Plant Creatures
Scythe-           DM=38   SP=528  Lv18
Zaghnal-          DM=35   SP=480  Lv20
Cruel Scythe-     DM=40   SP=513  Lv20  LI-2  DA+2  INT+2  MND-2  Impairs evade
Captain's Scythe- DM=38   SP=528  Lv30

Two-handed Spears--------------------------------------------------------------

Harpoon-          DM=8    SP=396  Lv1
Obelisk-          DM=13   SP=396  Lv4  STR+1  INT-1  MND-1
Bronze Spear-     DM=16   SP=396  Lv7
Creul Spear-      DM=28   SP=385  Lv20  LI-2  DA+2 INT+2  MND-2  Impairs evade
Brass Spear-      DM=25   SP=396  Lv14
Royal Spearman's Spear- DM=28   SP=396  Lv18
Spear-            DM=34   SP=396  Lv24
Royal Knight's Polearm- DM=51  SP=528  Lv30
Lizard Piercer-   DM=36   SP=365  LV32  Good vs Lizards  Ice Damage
Halberd-          DM=42   SP=396  Lv36
Royal Knight's Lance- DM=56  SP=396  Lv50

One-handed Clubs---------------------------------------------------------------

Onion Rod-        DM=3    SP=288  Lv1
Maple Wand-       DM=3    SP=216  Lv1   INT+1  MND+1
Ash Club-         DM=4    SP=264  Lv1
Bronze Mace-      DM=6    SP=300  Lv4
Bronze Mace+1-    DM=7    SP=292  Lv4
Bronze Rod-       DM=5    SP=288  Lv5   HP+3
Bronze Hammer-    DM=5    SP=324  Lv5
Willow Wand-      DM=5    SP=216  Lv9   INT+2  MND+2
Freesword's Club- DM=7    SP=264  Lv10
Wind Cudgel-      DM=7    SP=264  Lv11  HP+20  MP-20
Brass Hammer-     DM=13   SP=324  Lv12
Brass Rod-        DM=8    SP=288  Lv12  HP+3  INT+1
Hermit's Wand-    DM=6    SP=216  Lv13  Spell Interrupt-25%  INT+2  MND+2
Chestnut Club-    DM=9    SP=264  Lv16
Decurion's Hammer- DM=16  SP=324  Lv18
Yew Wand-         DM=7    SP=216  Lv18  INT+3  MND+3
Captain's Warhammer- DM=16  SP=324  Lv18
Mace-             DM=14   SP=300  Lv19
Bouncer Club-     DM=10   SP=264  Lv20
Warhammer-        DM=17   SP=324  Lv20
Rod-              DM=11   SP=288  Lv22  HP+6
Pixie Mace-       DM=16   SP=300  Lv24  LI+3  DA+3  ACC+5  Light Damage
Bone Cudgel-      DM=12   SP=264  Lv27
Maul-             DM=22   SP=324  Lv31
Chestnut Wand-    DM=10   SP=216  Lv32  INT+4  MND+4
Mithril Rod-      DM=14   SP=288  Lv34
Mithril Mace-     DM=20   SP=300  Lv35
Oak Cudgel-       DM=15   SP=264  Lv36
Great Club-       DM=19   SP=267  Lv39
Bone Rod-         DM=17   SP=288  Lv43  HP+12
Rose Wand-        DM=14   SP=216  Lv48  INT+5  MND+5
Titan's Cudgel-   DM=22   SP=278  Lv65  VIT+3

Two-handed Staves--------------------------------------------------------------

Onion Staff-      DM=4    SP=366  Lv1
Ash Staff-        DM=5    SP=366  Lv1   HP+2  MP+2
Ash Pole-         DM=11   SP=402  Lv5
Freesword's Staff- DM=9   SP=346  Lv10  HP+6  MP+6
Legionnarire's Staff- DM=12  SP=376  Lv10  HP+6  MP+6
Holly Staff-      DM=10   SP=366  Lv11  HP+4  MP+4
Holly Pole-       DM=20   SP=402  Lv16
Monster Signa-    DM=12   SP=366  Lv17  HP+5  MP+5  VIT-5  CHR+8
Mercenary's Pole- DM=22   SP=402  Lv18
Misery Staff-     DM=14   SP=366  Lv20  Curse Effect
Elm Staff-        DM=15   SP=366  Lv23  HP+6  MP+6
Elm Pole-         DM=29   SP=402  Lv30
Oak Staff-        DM=21   SP=366  Lv39  HP+8  MP+8
Oak Pole-         DM=37   SP=402  Lv40


Flute-            (Wind Instr.)   Lv1
Maple Harp-       (String Instr.) Lv1
Piccolo-          (Wind Instr.)   Lv9   "Threnody"+1
Mary's Horn-      (Wind Instr.)   Lv14  "Lullaby"+1


Short Bow-        DM=5    SP=360  Lv1
Longbow-          DM=17   SP=540  Lv5
Self Bow-        DM=14   SP=450  Lv7
Freesword's Bow-  DM=12   SP=360  Lv10
Royal Archer's Longbow- DM=24  SP=540  LV10
Power Bow-        DM=30   SP=540  Lv16
Wrapped Bow-      DM=19   SP=360  Lv24
Great Bow-        DM=43   SP=540  Lv30
Composite Bow-    DM=36   SP=450  Lv36
Kaman-            DM=32   SP=360  Lv50
NOTE: You need to buy arrows for bows


Light Crossbow-   DM=6    SP=288  Lv1
Legionnaire's Crossbow- DM=10  Sp=288  Lv10
Power Crossbow-   DM=17   SP=288  Lv25  AGI+1
NOTE: You need to buy bolts for crossbows


Hakenbuechse-     DM=9    SP=600  Lv6
NOTE: You need to buy bullets for guns


Pebble(12)-       DM=5    SP=276  Lv1
Bomb Arm-         DM=6    SP=300  Lv5   Fire Damage
Coarse Bommerang- DM=6    SP=323  Lv6
Dart(12)-         DM=6    SP=168  Lv7
Hawkeye-          DM=9    SP=168  Lv14
Boomerang-        DM=11   SP=294  Lv14
Flame Boomerang-  DM=13   SP=294  Lv17  FI+4  Fire Damage
Shuriken-         DM=29   SP=192  Lv18


Wooden Arrow-     DM=5    SP=120  Lv1
Stone Arrow-      DM=5    SP=120  Lv1
Bone Arrow-       DM=9    SP=120  Lv7
Iron Arrow-       DM=14   SP=120  Lv14

Crossbow Bolt-    DM=10   SP=192  Lv1
ARMOR                                                                     ARMOR

You can equip 1 piece of armor from each section on your character. This doesnt
include earrings and rings, which you can equip two of. 

E-Mail me for any questions about the armors.

NOTE: Some armors have long names and do not fit on the chart. That is why some
      armors have to be read right, or you may get confused. ie: look at
      the Royal Footman's Tunic in the body armor section.

KEY:                                                                 |
DEF=Defense                                                          |
Lv=Level Requirement to wear                                         |
HP=Health Points                                                     |
MP=Magic Points                                                      |
DEX=Dexterity Stat                                                   |
VIT=Vitality Stat                                                    |
STR=Strength Stat                                                    |
AGI=Agility Stat                                                     |
INT=Inteligience Stat                                                |
MND=Mind Stat                                                        |
CHR=Charisma Stat                                                    |
ATK=Attack                                                           |
ACC=Accuracy                                                         |
FI=Fire Resistance                                                   |
LI=Light Resistance                                                  |
DA=Dark Resistance                                                   |
TH=Thunder Resistance                                                |
WI=Wind Resistance                                                   |
WA=Water Resistance                                                  |
IC=Ice Resistance                                                    |
EA=Earth Resistance                                                  |
All Elements=FI/LI/DA/TH/WI/WA/IC/EA                                 |
CEH=Cannot Equip Headgear                                            |
PDT=Physical Damage Taken                                            |
MDT=Magic Damage Taken                                               |
BDT=Breath Damage Taken                                              |
ADT=All Types of Damage Taken                                        |
Hate=Chance The Monster Will Hit You                                 |
Evade=Evade Skill                                                    |
Ranged=Ragned Weapon                                                 |
HealHP+_=When resting, _ amount of HP will be healed on to the normal|
HealMP+_=When resting, _ amount of MP will be healed on to the normal|
De-Move-SPD=Decreases Movement Speed when equipped                   |
Con:___HPtoMP= -___HP  +___MP                                        |
Con:___MPtoHP= -___MP  +___HP                                        |
UC=Effect When Your Nation Controls The Area                         |
NUC=Effect When Your Nation Doesn't Control The Area                 |

Name of Armor-    Defense  Level  Notes
Body Armor---------------------------------------------------------------------

Robe-             DEF=3    Lv1
Robe+1-           DEF=4    Lv1
Bronze Harness-   DEF=4    Lv1
Bronze Harness+1- DEF=5    Lv1
Vagabond's Tunica- DEF=2   Lv1   HealHP+1
Fisherman's Tunica- DEF=2  Lv1   Fishing Skill+1
Chocobo Jack Coat- DEF=2   Lv1   Chocobo Riding Time+5
Field Tunica-     DEF=2    Lv1   Improves Mining, Logging, and Harvesting
Leather Vest-     DEF=7    Lv7
Leather Vest+1-   DEF=9    Lv7
Kenpogi-          DEF=8    Lv8
Kenpogi+1-        DEF=9    Lv8   DEX+1
Tunic-            DEF=9    Lv8   CEH
Tunic+1-          DEF=10   Lv8   CEH
Scale Mail-       DEF=11   Lv10
Solid Mail-       DEF=12   Lv10
Royal Footman's Tunic- DEF=12  Lv10  AGI+1  INT+1  CEH
Royal Footman's Vest- DEF=10  Lv10  IC+5
Legionnaire's Harness- DEF=10  Lv10  FI+5
Brass Harness-    DEF=10   Lv11
Brass Harness+1-  DEF=11   Lv11
Doublet-          DEF=10   Lv11
Doublet+1-        DEF=11   Lv11
Linen Robe-       DEF=10   Lv12
Linen Robe+1-     DEF=11   Lv12
Power Gi-         DEF=12   Lv13  STR+1
Bastokan Harness- DEF=11   Lv15  HP+2  MP+2  FI+5
Republican Harness- DEF=12  Lv15  HP+3  MP+3  FI+5
San d'Orian Vest- DEF=11   Lv15  HP+4  IC+5
Kingdom Vest-     DEF=12   Lv15  HP+6  IC+5
San d'Orian Tunic- DEF=13  Lv15  MP+4  AGI+1  INT+1  CEH
Kingdom Tunic-    DEF=14   Lv15  MP+6  AGI+1  INT+1  CEH
Nomad's Tunica-   DEF=12   Lv15  HealHP+1
Angler's Tunica-  DEF=12   Lv15  Fishing Skill+1
Rider's Jack Coat- DEF=12  Lv15  Chocobo Riding Time+5
Worker Tunica-    DEF=12   Lv15  Improves Mining, Logging, and Harvesting
Bone Harness-     DEF=14   Lv16
Bone Harness+1-   DEF=15   Lv16  FI-3  Evade+1
Lizard Jerkin-    DEF=15   Lv17
Fine Jerkin-      DEF=16   Lv17
Cotton Dogi-      DEF=14   Lv18
Cotton Dogi+1-    DEF=15   Lv18
Priest's Robe-    DEF=14   Lv19  MND+1  DA+2
Mercenary's Gi-   DEF=15   Lv20  VIT+1
Black Tunic-      DEF=18   Lv20  INT+1  DA+2  CEH
MAge's Tunic-     DEF=19   Lv20  INT+2  DA+3  CEH
Beetle Harness-   DEF=17   Lv21
Beetle Harness+1- DEF=18   Lv21  IC-3  Evade+1
Cotton Doublet-   DEF=17   Lv23
Great Doublet-    DEF=18   Lv23
Chainmail-        DEF=21   Lv24
Chainmail+1-      DEF=22   Lv24
Windurstian Gi-   DEF=16   Lv25  VIT+1  Evade+2
Federation Gi-    DEF=17   Lv25  VIT+1  Evade+3
Brass Scale Mail- DEF=21   Lv27
Brass Scale Mail+1- DEF=22  Lv27
Steam Scale Mail- DEF=23  Lv27  FI+3  WI+3  WA+3
Faerie Tunic-     DEF=22   Lv27  HP+6  All Elements+2  CEH
Wool Robe-        DEF=18   Lv28
Wool Robe+1-      DEF=19   Lv28
Soil Gi-          DEF=20   Lv29  EA+1  TH+1
Soil Gi+1-        DEF=21   Lv29  EA+2  TH+2
Studded Vest-     DEF=22   Lv30
Strong Vest-      DEF=23   Lv30
Centurion's Scale Mail- DEF=23  Lv30  VIT+1
Mercenary Captain's Doublet- DEF=20  Lv30  DEX+1  AGI+1
Linen Doublet-    DEF=22   Lv33
Linen Doublet+1-  DEF=23   Lv33  Evade+5
Frost Robe-       DEF=21   Lv33  MP+6  IC+2
Padded Armor-     DEF=24   Lv34
Cloak-            DEF=27   Lv34  CEH
Cloak+1-          DEF=28   Lv34  CEH
Windurstian Doublet- DEF=21  Lv34  DEX+1  AGI+1  UC:CHR+1
Federation Doublet- DEF=22  Lv34  DEX+1  AGI+1  UC:CHR+2
Bastokan Scale Mail- DEF=24  Lv34  VIT+1  UC:Evade+3
Republican Scale Maile- DEF=25  Lv34  VIT+1  UC:Evade+4
Strong Harness-   DEF=25   Lv35
Bishop's Robe-    DEF=22   Lv35  MP+3  MND+2  DA+3
Bishop's Robe+1-  DEF=23   Lv35  MP+4  MND+3  DA+4
Gambison-         DEF=23   Lv36
Gambison+1-       DEF=24   Lv36
Silver Mail-      DEF=28   Lv36
Silver Mail+1-    DEF=29   Lv36
Iron Scale Mail-  DEF=28   Lv37
Iron Scale Mail+1- DEF=29  Lv37
Velvet Robe-      DEF=24   Lv38
Mage's Robe-      DEF=25   Lv38  MP+3  INT+1
Cuir Bouilli-     DEF=28   Lv38
Cuir Bouilli+1-   DEF=29   Lv38
Jujitsu Gi-       DEF=27   Lv40  ACC+4
Breastplate-      DEF=32   Lv40
Breastplate+1-    DEF=33   Lv40
Royal Squire's Robe- DEF=26  Lv40  MP+10
Royal Squire's Chainmail- DEF=31  Lv40  DEX+1
Holy Breastplate- DEF=45   Lv40
Divine Breastplate- DEF=50  Lv40
Iron Musketeer's Gambison- DEF=27  Lv40  Ranged ACC+3  Ranged ATK+3
Combat Caster's Cloak- DEF=32  Lv40  STR+2  INT+2  MND-2  CEH
Wool Doublet-     DEF=28   Lv42
Earth Doublet-    DEF=27   Lv42  VIT+4  EA+5
Pyro Robe-        DEF=29   Lv45  MP+8  FI+4
Carapace Harness- DEF=31   Lv45
Carapace Harness+1- DEF=32  Lv45  TH-3  Evade+1
Brigandine Armor- DEF=33   Lv45  HP+10  DEX+2  VIT+2
Brigandine Armor+1- DEF=33  Lv45  HP+15  STR/AGI/INT/MND/CHR+1  DEX/VIT+3
Hara-Ate-         DEF=31   Lv46
Banded Mail-      DEF=36   Lv46
Wool Gambison-    DEF=31   Lv48
Steel Scale Mail- DEF=36   Lv48
Steel Scale Mail+1- DEF=37  Lv48
Raptor Jerkin-    DEF=35   Lv48  FI+3  WA-1
Dino Jerkin-      DEF=36   Lv48  FI+4  WA-1
Shinobi Gi-       DEF=33   Lv49
Mythril Breastplate- DEF=39  Lv49
White Cloak-      DEF=39   Lv50  MND+2  LI+4  CEH
Iron Musketeer's Cuirass- DEF=40  Lv50  VIT+1
Royal Knight's Cloak- DEF=40  Lv50  LI+12  DA+12  CEH
Tactician Magician's Coat- DEF=31  Lv50  INT+1  MND+1  CHR+1  LI+3  DA+3
Gaia Doublet-     DEF=35   Lv52  VIT+4  EA+10
Silk Coat-        DEF=33   Lv53
Master Gi-        DEF=36   Lv55  AGI+1  ACC+4
Royal Knight's Aketon- DEF=36  Lv55  DA+12  Evade+5
Royal Knight's Chainmail- DEF=43  Lv55  STR+2  DEX+2  ATK+3
Scorpion Harness- DEF=40   Lv57  HP+15  IC-20  WA+15  DA+15  ACC+10  Evade+10
Scorpion Harness+1- DEF=41  Lv57  HP+20  IC-20  WA+20  DA+20  ACC+12  Evade+12
Beak Jerkin-      DEF=42   Lv58  VIT+1  EA+5
Beak Jerkin+1-    DEF=43   Lv58  VIT+2  EA+7
Justaucorps-      DEF=36   Lv58  HP+10  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI-1  INT/MND/CHR+2
Justaucorps+1-    DEF=37   Lv58  HP+15  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI-1  INT/MND/CHR+3
Haubergeon-       DEF=45   Lv59  STR+5  DEX+5  AGI-5  ACC+10  ATK+10  Evade-20
Haubergeon+1-     DEF=46   Lv59  STR+6  DEX+6  AGI-5  ACC+12  ATK+12  Evade-20
Vermillion Cloak- DEF=46   Lv59  MP+10  MP+1%  Evade+10  Auto-"Refresh"  CEH
Royal Cloak-      DEF=47   Lv59  MP+20  MP+1%  Evade+10  Auto-"Refresh"  CEH
Black Cotehardie- DEF=39   Lv59  STR/AGI+3  DEX/INT+2  VIT-2  MND/CHR-3  FI-30
                                 IC/WI/EA/TH/WA/LI/DA+3  Con:25HPtoMP
Flora Cotehardie- DEF=40   Lv59  STR/AGI+4  DEX/INT+3  VIT-2  MND/CHR-3  FI-25
                                 IV/WI/EA/TH/WA/LI/DA+5  Con:30HPtoMP
Gold Cuirass-     DEF=44   Lv60  VIT+2  DA+5
Byrnie-           DEF=46   Lv60  HP+25  STR/VIT+3  DEX/AGI/INT/MND/CHR-3  ATK+20
Aketon-           DEF=39   Lv60  HP+10  AGI+5  FI/IC/WI/EA/TH/WA+1  Evade+5
Aketon+1-         DEF=40   Lv60  HP+15  AGI+6  FI/IC/WI/EA/TH/WA+3  Evade+7
Arhat's Gi-       DEF=38   Lv64  PDT-6%  Hate+3
Silk Coat-        DEF=44   Lv64  HP+12  LI+9  DA-9  CEH
Silk Coat+1-      DEF=45   Lv64  HP+14  LI+10  DA-8  CEH
Battle Jupon-     DEF=36   Lv65  DEX+1
Battle Jupon+1-   DEF=37   Lv65  DEX+2
Tiger Jerkin-     DEF=41   Lv65  FI-5  IC+5  ATK+5
Feral Jerkin-     DEF=42   Lv65  FI-4  IC+6  ATK+6
Coral Scale Mail- DEF=42   Lv65  TH-5  WA+5  MDT-3%
Coral Scale Mail+1- DEF=43  Lv65  TH-4  WA+6  MDT-4%
Darksteel Harness- DEF=39  Lv65  LI+2  DA+2  PDT-3%
Darksteel Harness+1- DEF=40  Lv65  LI+3  DA+3  PDT-4%
Darksteel Cuirass- DEF=48  Lv66  MP+10  VIT+3  AGI-1  LI+2  DA+2
Darksteel Cuirass+1- DEF=49  Lv66  MP+11  VIT+4  AGI-1  LI+3  DA+3
Coral Harness-    DEF=41   Lv67  VIT+2  AGI+1  MDT-3%  Con:15MPtoHP
Northern Jerkin-  DEF=42   Lv67  FI-4  IC+6  WI+6  ATK+6
Noble's Tunic-    DEF=40   Lv68  MP+17  Auto-"Refresh"  "Cure" Potency UP
Black Cloak-      DEF=60   Lv68  INT+4  Auto-"Refresh"  ElementalMagicSkill+8
Black Cloak+1-    DEF=61   Lv68  INT+5  Auto-"Refresh"  ElementalMagicSkill+10
Hauberk-          DEF=47   Lv69  STR+5  DEX+5  ACC+10 ATK+10  Evade-10
Hauberk+1-        DEF=48   Lv69  STR+6  DEX+6  ACC+12 ATK+12  Evade-10
Blue Cotehardie-  DEF=43   Lv69  STR/AGI+4  DEX/INT+3  VIT-3  MND/CHR-4
                                 FI/TH-30  IC/WI/EA/WA/LI/DA+5  Con:40HPtoMP
Blue Cotehardie+1- DEF=44  Lv69  STR/AGI+5  DEX/INT+4  VIT-3  MND/CHR-4
                                 FI/TH-25  IV/WI/EA/WA/LI/DA+7  Con:50HPtoMP
Heavy Curiass-    DEF=60   Lv70  AGI-5  IC-20
Bloody Aketon-    DEF=40   Lv70  HP+20  AGI+6  FI/IC/WI/EA/TH/WA+1 Con:50HPtoMP
War Aketon-       DEF=38   Lv70  HP+25  DEX+4  Auto-"Blaze Spikes"
War Aketon+1-     DEF=39   Lv70  HP+27  DEX+5  Auto-"Blaze Spikes"
Ogre Jerkin-      DEF=43   Lv70  HP+40  VIT+6  ACC-3  Auto-"Ice Spikes"
Coeurl Jerkin-    DEF=42   Lv70  HP-1%  ACC+3  Evade+2
Torama Jerkin-    DEF=43   Lv70  HP-1%  ACC+4  Evade+3
War Shinobi Gi-   DEF=43   Lv70  STR-2  AGI+2  Throwing Skill+10  Auto-"Regen"
Dragon Mail-      DEF=47   Lv70  HP+12  All Elements+10  BDT-9%
Demon's Harness-  DEF=41   Lv70  ATK+6  Evade+6  DarkMagic+5  Con:15HPtoMP
Lord's Cuirass-   DEF=49   Lv70  VIT+5  CHR+1  LI+2  DA+2  Con:25MPtoHP
Dusk Jerkin-      DEF=50   Lv72  HP+40  ACC+2  Auto-"Regen"  De-Move-SPD
Errant Houppelande- DEF=42  Lv72  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI-7  INT/MND/CHR+10  Hate-3
Cardinal Vest-    DEF=44   Lv73  VIT+3  ACC+4  Evade+4
Rasetse Samue-    DEF=50   Lv73  ATK+2  Auto-"Shock Spikes"  Counterattack+1

Back Armor---------------------------------------------------------------------

Rabbit Mantle-    DEF=1    Lv4
Rabbit Mantle+1-  DEF=2    Lv4
Cape-             DEF=1    Lv7
Cape+1-           DEF=2    Lv7
Mist Silk Cape-   DEF=3    Lv10  MND+1  LI+3
Traveler's Mantle- DEF=1   Lv12  Evade+3
Lizard Mantle-    DEF=2    Lv17
Lizard Mantle+1-  DEF=3    Lv17
Cotton Cape-      DEF=2    Lv18
Dhalmel Mantle-   DEF=3    Lv18
Dhalmel Mantle+1- DEF=4    Lv18
Night Cape-       DEF=3    Lv21  DA+3  Evade+3
Nomad's Mantle-   DEF=2    Lv24  AGI+1  Evade+3
Nomad's Mantle+1- DEF=3    Lv24  AGI+2  Evade+3
Wolf Mantle-      DEF=4    Lv28  LI+4
Wolf Mantel+1-    DEF=5    Lv28  FI/IC/WI/TH/EA/WA/LI+3
Sarcenet Cape-    DEF=3    Lv30  DA+5  Evade+3
White Cape-       DEF=3    Lv32  MND+2
White Cape+1-     DEF=4    Lv32  MND+3
Black Cape-       DEF=3    Lv32  INT+2
Black Cape+1-     DEF=4    Lv32  INT+3
Sential's Mantle- DEF=6    Lv32  Evade-5
Ram Mantle-       DEF=5    Lv36  IC+5
Ram Mantle+1-     DEF=6    Lv36  IC+6
Cavalier's Mantle- DEF=8   Lv37  VIT+2  Evade-10
Cavalier's Mantle+1- DEF=9  Lv37  VIT+3  Evade-10
Tundra Mantle-    DEF=4    Lv39  MP+5  IC+5  WI+5
Earth Mantle-     DEF=6    Lv40  VIT+1  EA+5  TH+5
Red Cape-         DEF=4    Lv43  INT+2  MND+2
Red Cape+1-       DEF=5    Lv43  INT+3  MND+3
Aurora Mantle-    DEF=5    Lv44  MP+10  IC+7  WI+7
Aurora Mantle+1-  DEF=6    Lv44  MP+12  IC+8  WI+8
Green Cape-       DEF=4    Lv45  IC/WI/EA/WA+3
Bat Cape-         DEF=6    Lv46  DA+5  Evade+5
Raptor Mantle-    DEF=6    Lv48  FI+3  WA-1
Dino Mantle-      DEF=7    Lv48  FI+4  WA-1
Dodge Cape-       DEF=4    Lv49  Evade+5
Amity Cape-       DEF=0    Lv51  Hate-3
Gaia Mantle-      DEF=7    Lv51  VIT+1  EA+10  TH+10
Gaia Mantle+1-    DEF=8    Lv51  VIT+2  EA+12  TH+12
Lightning Mantle- DEF=7    Lv53  TH+6
Jester's Cape-    DEF=5    Lv54  CHR+7
Jester's Cape+1-  DEF=6    Lv54  CHR+10
Republican Army Mantle- DEF=6  Lv55  DEX+2  VIT+2
Beak Mantle-      DEF=8    Lv58  VIT+1  EA+5
Beak Mantle+1-    DEF=9    Lv58  VIT+2  EA+7
Enhancing Mantle- DEF=8    Lv59  HP+10  MP+10
Behemoth Mantle-  DEF=12   Lv60  HP+20  ATK+5  
Behemoth Mantle+1- DEF=13  Lv60  HP+30  ATK+10
Amemit Mantle-    DEF=7    Lv61  STR+1  ATK+10  Ranged ATK+10
Amemit Mantle+1-  DEF=8    Lv61  STR+2  ATK+15  Ranged ATK+15
Tiger Mantle-     DEF=9    Lv64
Feral Mantle-     DEF=10   Lv64
Peace Cape-       DEF=0    Lv66  Hate-4
Black Mantle-     DEF=9    Lv66  STR+1  DA+8
Black Mantle+1-   DEF=10   Lv66  STR+1  DA+10
Empowering Mantle- DEF=9   Lv67  HP+10  HP+1%  MP+10  MP+1%
Empowering Mantle+1- DEF+10 Lv67  HP+15  HP+1%  MP+15  MP+1%
Blue Cape-        DEF=6    Lv68  FI/TH+10  IC/WI/EA/WA/LI/DA+5  Con:15HPtoMP
Coeurl Mantle-    DEF=8    Lv70  HP-1%  Evade+3
Torama Mantle-    DEF=9    Lv70  HP-1%  Evade+4
Rainbow Cape-     DEF=7    Lv71  HP+9  MP+9  INT/MND/CHR+3
Prism Cape-       DEF=8    Lv71  HP+10  MP+10  INT/MND/CHR+4
Errant Cape-      DEF=9    Lv73  MP+30  Hate-5
Mahatma Cape-     DEF=10   Lv73  MP+32  Hate-6  

Head Armor---------------------------------------------------------------------

Copper Hairpin-   DEF=0    Lv1   HP-2  MP+5
Copper Hairpin+1- DEF=0    Lv1   HP-2  MP+6
Circlet-          DEF=1    Lv1
Circlet+1-        DEF=2    Lv1
Bronze Cap-       DEF=2    Lv1
Bronze Cap+1-     DEF=3    Lv1
Bone Hairpin-     DEF=0    Lv5   HP-1  MP+3  DA+2
Bone Hairpin+1-   DEF=0    Lv5   MP-1  MP+4  DA+3
Traveler's Hat-   DEF=3    Lv6   MND+1
Leather Bandana-  DEF=3    Lv7
Leather Bandana+1- DEF=4   Lv7
Hachimaki-        DEF=4    Lv8
Hachimaki+1-      DEF=5    Lv8
Compound Eye Circlet- DEF=4  Lv9  Evade+5
Faceguard-        DEF=5    Lv10
Faceguard+1-      DEF=6    Lv10
Brass Hairpin-    DEF=0    Lv10  HP-4  MP+10
Brass Hairpin+1-  DEF=0    Lv10  HP-4  MP+11
Legionnaire's Cap- DEF=5   Lv10  INT+1
Royal Footman's Bandana- DEF=5  Lv10  AGI+1
Headgear-         DEF=5    Lv11
Brass Cap-        DEF=5    Lv11
Brass Cap+1-      DEF=6    Lv11
Monk's Headgear-  DEF=5    Lv11  VIT+2
Poet's Circlet-   DEF=5    Lv12
Sage's Circlet-   DEF=6    Lv12  INT+1
Cotton Headband-  DEF=3    Lv14  Evade+3
Fingus Hat-       DEF=6    Lv14  WA+5  DA+5
Erudite's Headband- DEF=4  Lv14  INT+1  Evade+3
Scarlet Ribbon-   DEF=0    Lv14  All Elements +2
Noble's Ribbon-   DEF=0    Lv14  CHR+3  All Elements+3
Shell Hairpin-    DEF=0    Lv14  HP-3  MP+9  WA+6
Shell Hairpin+1-  DEF=0    Lv14  HP-3  MP+10  WA+7
San d'orian Bandana- DEF=6  Lv15  HP+4  AGI+1
Kingdom Bandana-  DEF=7    Lv15  HP+6  AGI+1
Bastokan Cap-     DEF=6    Lv15  HP+2  MP+2  INT+1
Republican Cap-   DEF=7    Lv15  HP+3  MP+3  INT+1
Bone Mask-        DEF=7    Lv16
Bone Mask+1-      DEF=8    Lv16  FI-3  Evade+1
Lizard Helm-      DEF=7    Lv17
Lizard Helm+1-    DEF=8    Lv17
Cotton Hachimaki- DEF=7    Lv18
Cotton Hachimaki+1- DEF=8  Lv18
Bonze's Circlet-  DEF=7    Lv18  MP+2
Silver Hairpin-   DEF=0    Lv20  HP-6  MP+15
Silver Hairpin+1- DEF=0    Lv20  HP-6  MP+16
Mercenary's Hachimaki- DEF=8  Lv20  STR+1
Beetle Mask-      DEF=9    Lv21
Beetle Mask+1-    DEF=10   Lv21  IC-3  Evade+1
Cotton Headgear-  DEF=9    Lv23
Great Headgear-   DEF=10   Lv23
Iron Mask-        DEF=11   Lv24
Iron Mask+1-      DEF=12   Lv24
Emperor Hairpin-  DEF=0    Lv24  HP-15  DEX+3  AGI+3  Evade+10
Windurstian Hachimaki- DEF=9  Lv25  HP+3  MP+3  STR+1
Federation Hachimaki- DEF=10  Lv25  HP+4  MP+4  STR+1
Dodge Headband-   DEF=5    Lv26  Evade+3
Brass Mask-       DEF=11   Lv27
Brass Mask+1-     DEF=12   Lv27
Wool Hat-         DEF=9    Lv28
Wool Hat+1-       DEF=10   Lv28
Soil Hachimaki-   DEF=10   Lv29  EA+1  TH+1
Soil Hachimaki+1- DEF=11   Lv29  EA+2  TH+2
Studded Bandana-  DEF=11   Lv30
Strong Bandana-   DEF=12   Lv30
Horn Hairpin-     DEF=0    Lv30  HP-4  MP+12  EA+8
Horn Hairpin+1-   DEF=0    Lv30  HP-4  MP+13  EA+9
Centurion's Visor- DEF=12  Lv30  DEX+1
Legionnaire's Circlet- DEF=10  Lv30  WI+4  EA+4
Royal Knight's Helm- DEF=12  Lv30  AGI+1
Marine Hat-       DEF=11   Lv34  FI+7  TH-7  WA+7
San d'Orian Helm- DEF=13   Lv34  AGI+1  UC:HP+10
Bastokan Visor-   DEF=13   Lv34  DEX+1  UC:HP+5  UC:MP+5
Republic Visor-   DEF=14   Lv34  DEX+1  UC:HP+6  UC:MP+6
Bastokan Circlet- DEF=11   Lv34  WI+4  EA+4  UC:"Magic ATK Bonus"+3
Republican Circlet- DEF=12  Lv34  WI+4  EA+4  UC:"Magic ATK Bonus"+5
Windurstian Headgear- DEF=11  Lv34  STR+1  DEX+1  UC:MP+10
Federation Headgear- DEF=12  Lv34  STR+1  DEX+1  UC:MP+12
Rusty Cap-        DEF=8    Lv35
Padded Cap-       DEF=12   Lv35
Strong Cap-       DEF=13   Lv35
Red Cap-          DEF=12   Lv36
Red Cap+1-        DEF=13   Lv36
Silver Mask-      DEF=14   Lv36
Silver Mask+1-    DEF=15   Lv36
Flax Headband-    DEF=6    Lv36  Evade+4
Alluring Headband- DEF=7   Lv36  CHR+1  Evade+4
Iron Visor-       DEF=14   Lv37
Iron Visor+1-     DEF=15   Lv37
Cuir Bandana-     DEF=14   Lv38
Cuir Bandana+1-   DEF=15   Lv38
Sallet-           DEF=16   Lv40
Sallet+1-         DEF=17   Lv40
Electrum Hairpin- DEF=0    Lv40  HP-10  MP+25
Iron Musketeer's Armet- DEF=17  Lv40  VIT+2
Valkrie's Mask-   DEF=16   Lv43  MP+10  ATK+7
Zunari Kabuto-    DEF=15   Lv44
Zunari Kabuto+1-  DEF=16   Lv44
Corsair's Hat-    DEF=14   Lv44  DEX+1  FI+8  TH-6  WA+8
Corsair's Hat+1-  DEF=15   Lv44  DEX+2  FI+9  TH-6  WA+9
Carapace Mask-    DEF=16   Lv45
Carapace Mask+1-  DEF=17   Lv45  TH-3  Evade+1
Banded Helm-      DEF=18   Lv46
Jester's Headband- DEF=8   Lv46  DEX-1  CHR+2  Evade+4
Juggler's Headband- DEF=9  Lv46  DEX+2  CHR-1  Evade+5
Steel Visor-      DEF=18   Lv48
Steel Visor+1-    DEF=19   Lv48
Wool Cap-         DEF=16   Lv48
Wool Cap+1-       DEF=17   Lv48
Raptor Helm-      DEF=18   Lv48  FI+2  WI-1
Dino Helm-        DEF=19   Lv48  FI+3  WA-1
Shinobi Hachigame- DEF=17  Lv49
Shinobi Hachigame+1- DEF=18  Lv49  DA+3
Mythril Sallet-   DEF=20   Lv49
Gold Hairpin-     DEF=0    Lv50  HP-12  MP+30
Gold Hairpin+1-   DEF=0    Lv50  HP-12  MP+33
Tactician Magician's Hat- DEF=16  Lv50
Monsoon Jinpachi- DEF=18   Lv53  In Rainy Weather: Evade+8
Silk Headband-    DEF=9    Lv54  Evade+5
Silk Headband+1-  DEF=10   Lv54  Evade+7
Royal Knight's Bascinet- DEF=22  Lv55  STR+1  DEX+1
Scorpion Mask-    DEF=20   Lv57  HP+3  IC-2  WA+5  DA+5
Scorpion Mask+1-  DEF=21   Lv57  HP+4  IC-2  WA+7  DA+7
Beak Helm-        DEF=21   Lv58  VIT+1  EA+4
Beak Helm+1-      DEF=22   Lv58  VIT+1  EA+6
Bascinet-         DEF=23   Lv59
Green Ribbon-     DEF=0    Lv60  All Elements+8
Green Ribbon+1-   DEF=0    Lv60  All Elements+10
Gold Armet-       DEF=22   Lv60  VIT+2  DA+4
Coral Hairpin-    DEF=0    Lv60  HP-7  MP+21  WA+14
Darksteel Cap-    DEF=21   Lv61  LI+1  DA+1  PDT-1%
Darksteel Cap+1-  DEF=22   Lv61  LI+2  DA+2  PDT-2%
Arhat's Jinpachi- DEF=19   Lv63  PDT-4%  Hate+1
Coral Visor-      DEF=21   Lv63  TH-4  WA+4  MDT-1%
Tiger Helm-       DEF=21   Lv65  FI-4  IC+4  ATK+3
Green Baret-      DEF=19   Lv65  ACC+1  Evade+1
Green Baret+1-    DEF=20   Lv65  ACC+2  Evade+2
Darksteel Armet-  DEF=25   Lv65  MP+8  INT+3  MND-1  LI+2  DA+2
Coral Cap-        DEF=21   Lv66  DEX+1  CHR+2  MDT-1%  Con:15MPtoHP
Noble's Crown-    DEF=23   Lv66  MP+15  MND+2  CHR+1
Aristocrat's Crown- DEF=24  Lv66  MP+16  MND+3  CHR+2
Rainbow Headband- DEF=10   Lv67  Evade+7
Celata-           DEF=22   Lv68  ACC+3  ATK+4  Evade-2
Celata+1-         DEF=23   Lv68  ACC+3  ATK+5  Evade-2
Dragon Mask-      DEF=23   Lv68  HP+10  LI+10  DA+10  BDT-4%
Dragon Mask+1-    DEF=24   Lv68  HP+12  LI+12  DA+12  BDT-5%
Couurl Mask-      DEF=22   Lv69  HP-1%  Ranged ACC+3  Evade+2
Black Ribbon-     DEF=0    Lv70  All Elements+12
Ogre Mask-        DEF=23   Lv70  MP+15  INT-5  CHR+3  ATK+10
Tiger Mask-       DEF=27   Lv70  HP+20  VIT+5  Evade-5  Guard+5
Rasetsu Hachimaki- DEF=31  Lv72  ATK+2  Auto-"Blaze Spikes"  Counter+1
Errant Hat-       DEF=28   Lv72  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI-2  INT/MND/CHR+3  Hate-5
Mahatma Hat-      DEF=29   Lv72  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI-3  INT/MND/CHR+4  Hate-6
Demon Helm-       DEF=25   Lv73  INT+5  MND-5  Parry+5  Sing+5
Demon Helm+1-     DEF=26   Lv73  INT+6  MND-6  Parry+6  Sing+6

Neck Armor---------------------------------------------------------------------

Wind Pendant-     DEF=0    Lv7   AGI+1  WI+1  LI+1
Justice Badge-    DEF=1    Lv7   MND+3
Leather Gorget-   DEF=1    Lv7
Leather Gorget+1- DEF=2    Lv7
Feather Collar-   DEF=1    Lv7
Feather Collar+1- DEF=2    Lv7   Ranged ACC+2
Silver Name Tag-  DEF=0    Lv7   WA+5
Rabbit Charm-     DEF=1    Lv7   DEX+1  AGI+1  "Steal"+1
Dog Collar-       DEF=1    Lv9   CHR-1
Green Scarf-      DEF=1    Lv10  HP+2
Republican Bronze Medal- DEF=0  Lv10  MP+2
Scale Gorget-     DEF=2    Lv11
Ranger's Necklace- DEF=0   Lv14  Ranged ACC+5  Ranged ATK+5
Bird Whistle-     DEF=0    Lv15  HP+5  CHR+3
Cerulean Pendant- DEF=0    Lv18  WI+6  LI+6
Bloodbead Amulet- DEF=0    Lv20  HP+15
Black Silk Neckerchief- DEF=2  Lv20  INT+1  DA+3
Beetle Gorget-    DEF=2    Lv21
Green Gorget-     DEF=3    Lv21  IC-3  Evade+1
Spike necklace-   DEF=0    Lv21  STR+3  DEX+3  MND-6
Fang Necklace-    DEF=0    Lv21  STR+2  DEX+2  MND-4
Hemp Gorget-      DEF=2    Lv23
Hemp Gorget+1-    DEF=3    Lv23
Chain Gorget-     DEF=3    Lv24
Fine Gorget-      DEF=4    Lv24
Chain Choker-     DEF=0    Lv24  TH+3  WA+3
Tiger Stole-      DEF=2    Lv24  ATK+5
Beast Whistle-    DEF=0    Lv24  VIT+2  CHR+2
Holy Phial-       DEF=3    Lv26  MP+9  MND+3
Flower Necklace-  DEF=0    Lv27  CHR+3
Sand Charm-       DEF=0    Lv27  IC/EA/DA+5
Buburimu Gorget-  DEF=0    Lv27  FI/WA/DA+10  TH/LI-10
Wolf Gorget-      DEF=3    Lv30
Wofl Gorget+1-    DEF=4    Lv30
Royal Squire's Collar- DEF=3  Lv30  Evade+1
Paisley Scarf-    DEF=2    Lv30  HP+6
Republican Iron Medal- DEF=0  Lv30  MP+6
Peacock Charm-    DEF=0    Lv33  DA-10  ACC+10  Ranged ACC+10
Shield Pendant-   DEF=0    Lv35  HP+20  MP-20
Medieval Collar-  DEF=3    Lv35  VIT+2
Spirit Torque-    DEF=0    Lv38  MP+10  Evade+5
Guarding Gorget-  DEF=4    Lv39  VIT+1  AGI-1  Evade-5  Con:15MPtoHP
Gorget-           DEF=4    Lv40
Gorget+1-         DEF=5    Lv40
Clay Amulet-      DEF=4    Lv42  EA+11
Carapace Gorget-  DEF=4    Lv45
Blue Gorget-      DEF=5    Lv45  TH-3  Evade+1
Promise Badge-    DEF=3    Lv48  HP+10  MND+5
Nodowa-           DEF=4    Lv49
Nodowa+1-         DEF=5    Lv49  VIT+1
Mythril Gorget-   DEF=5    Lv49
Moon Amulet-      DEF=0    Lv50  LI+11  DA+11
Elemental Charm-  DEF=0    Lv50  FI/IC/WI/EA/TH/WA+6
Temple Knight Army Collar- DEF=5  Lv50  STR+1  Evade+2
Ashura Necklace-  DEF=1    Lv54  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI+1
Checkered Scarf-  DEF=4    Lv55  HP+12
Republican Mythril Medal- DEF=0  Lv55  MP+12
Iron Musketeer's Gorget- DEF=7  Lv55  HP+15  VIT+1
Coral Gorget-     DEF=5    Lv56  ACC+3  Ranged ACC+3
Merman's Gorget-  DEF=7    Lv56  ACC+5  Ranged ACC+5
Torque-           DEF=4    Lv58  INT/MND/CHR+1
Spectacles-       DEF=2    Lv59  IC-7  ACC+7  Ranged ACC+7
Star Necklace-    DEF=1    Lv59  CHR+3  Con:15HPtoMP
Coeurl Gorget-    DEF=5    Lv61
Opo-opo Necklace- DEF=0    Lv61  DEX+1  TH+3  WhileAsleep:Raises TP
Darksteel Nodowa- DEF=6    Lv63
Darksteel Nodowa+1- DEF=7  Lv63
Spider Torque-    DEF=0    Lv64  Enfeebling Magic Skill+5
Evasion Torque-   DEF=0    Lv65  Evade+7
Parrying Torque-  DEF=0    Lv65  Parry Skill+7
Shield Torque-    DEF=0    Lv65  Shield Skill+7
Guarding Torque-  DEF=0    Lv65  Guarding Skill+7
Divine Torque-    DEF=0    Lv65  Divine Magic Skill+7
Dark Torque-      DEF=0    Lv65  Dark Magic Skill+7
Enhancing Torque- DEF=0    Lv65  Enhancing Magic Skill+7
Enfeebling Torque- DEF=0   Lv65  Enfeebling Magic Skill+7
Elemental Torque- DEF=0    Lv65  Elemental Magic Skill+7
Healing Torque-   DEF=0    Lv65  Healing Magic Skill+7
Summoning Torque- DEF=0    Lv65  Summoning Magic Skill+7
Ninjustu Torque-  DEF=0    Lv65  Ninjustu Skill+7
String Torque-    DEF=0    Lv65  String Instument Skill+7
Wind Torque-      DEF=0    Lv65  Wind Instrument Skill+7
Republic Gold Medal- DEF=0  Lv65  NUC:MP+50
Grand Temple Knight Collar- DEF=0  Lv65  NUC:DEF=7  ACC+5  ATK+5
Windurstian Scarf- DEF=0   Lv65  NUC:DEF=7  HP+15  Evade+7
Darksteel Gorget- DEF=10   Lv67  MP+5  STR-1  MND+3  LI/DA+2
Darksteel Gorget+1- DEF=11  Lv67  MP+6  STR-1  MND+4  LI+3  DA+3
Jeweled Collar-   DEF=0    Lv70  FI/IC/WI/EA/TH/WA+10
Jeweled Collar+1- DEF=0    Lv70  STR/DEX/VIT/AGI/INT/MND+1 FI/IC/WI/EA/TH/WA+10
Fenrir's Torque-  DEF=0    Lv70  Daytime:MP+30  Night:Hate-3
Brisingamen-      DEF=3    Lv71  Attributes change depending on hour and day
Brisingamen+1-    DEF=4    Lv71  Attributes change depending on hour and day

Leg Armor----------------------------------------------------------------------

Vagabond's Hose-  DEF=1    Lv1  HealHP+1
Fisherman's Hose- DEF=1    Lv1  Fishing Skill+1
Chocobo Jack Hose-DEF=1    Lv1  Chocobo Ride Time+4
Feild Hose-       DEF=1    Lv1  Improves mining, logging and harvesting results
Slops-            DEF=2    Lv1
Slops+1-          DEF=3    Lv1
Bronze Subliger-  DEF=3    Lv1
Bronze Subliger+1-DEF=4    Lv1
Leather Thousers- DEF=5    Lv7
Leather Trousers+1- DEF=6  Lv7
Slacks-           DEF=5    Lv8
Slacks+1-         DEF=6    Lv8
Sitabaki-         DEF=5    Lv8
Sitabaki+1-       DEF=6    Lv8
Freesword's Slops- DEF=3   Lv10
Scale Cuisses-    DEF=7    Lv10
Solid Cuisses-    DEF=8    Lv10
Brais-            DEF=7    Lv11
Brais+1-          DEF=8    Lv11
Brass Subliger-   DEF=7    Lv11
Brass Subliger+1- DEF=8    Lv11
Linen Slops-      DEF=7    Lv12
Linen Slops+1-    DEF=8    Lv12
Nomad's Hose-     DEF=8    Lv15  HealHP+1
Angler's Hose-    DEF=8    Lv15  Fishing Skill+1
Rider's Hose-     DEF=8    Lv15  Chocobo Ride Time+4
Worker's Hose-    DEF=8    Lv15  Improve mining, logging and harvesting results
Windurstian Slops-DEF=4    Lv15  MP+4
Federation Slops- DEF=5    Lv15  MP+6
Bone Subliger-    DEF=9    Lv16
Bone Subliger+1-  DEF=10   Lv16  FI-3  Evade+1
Lizard Trousers-  DEF=10   Lv17
Fine Trousers-    DEF=11   Lv17
Cotton Sitabaki-  DEF=10   Lv18
Cotton Sitabaki-  DEF=11   Lv18
Great Cuisses-    DEF=12   Lv19  HP+4  MP+4
Black Slacks-     DEF=10   Lv20
Mage's Slacks-    DEF=11   Lv20  INT+1
Legionnaire's Subliger- DEF=11  Lv20  VIT+1
Mercenary's Sitabaki- DEF=11  Lv20  Evade+1
Royal Footman's Trousers- DEF=12  Lv20  VIT+1
Wedding Hose-     DEF=1    Lv20  TH+5
Garrison Hose-    DEF=9    Lv21  STR+1  DEX+1
Beetle Subliger-  DEF=12   Lv21
Beetle Subliger+1-DEF=13   Lv21  IC-3  Evade+1
Cotton Brais-     DEF=12   Lv23
Great Brais-      DEF=13   Lv23
Battle Slops-     DEF=12   Lv23  DEX+2  ATK+5
Chain Hose-       DEF=16   Lv24
Chain Hose+1-     DEF=17   Lv24
Martial Slacks-   DEF=12   Lv24  AGI+2  Evade+3
Bastokan Subliger-DEF=12   Lv25  VIT+1  ATK+3  Ranged ATK+3
Republican Subliger- DEF=13  Lv25  VIT+1  ATK+5  Ranged ATK+5
San d'Orian Trousers- DEF=13  Lv25  VIT+1  Evade+2
Kingdom Trousers- DEF=14   Lv25  VIT+1  Evade+3
Windurstian Sitabaki- DEF=12  Lv25  HP+6  Evade+1
Federation Sitabaki- DEF=13  Lv25  HP+8  Evade+1
Brass Cuisses-    DEF=15   Lv27
Brass Cuisses+1-  DEF=16   Lv27
Wool Slops-       DEF=13   Lv28
Wool Slops+1-     DEF=14   Lv28
Soil Sitabaki-    DEF=14   Lv29  EA+1  TH+1
Soil Sitabaki+1-  DEF=15   Lv29  EA+2  TH+2
Studded Trousers- DEF=16   Lv30
Strong Trousers-  DEF=17   Lv30
Centurion's Cuisses- DEF=16  Lv30  AGI+2
Mecrenary Captain's Hose- DEF=14  Lv30  Evade+2
Linen Slacks-     DEF=15   Lv34
Linen Slacks+1-   DEF=16   Lv34
Bastokan Cuisses- DEF=17   Lv34  AGI+2 UC:ATK+5 Ranged ATK+5
Republic Cuisses- DEF=18   Lv34  AGI+2 UC:ATK+7 Ranged ATK+7
Windurstian Brais-DEF=15   Lv34  Evade+2  UC:HP+10
Federation Brais- DEF=16   Lv34  Evade+2  UC:HP+12
Iron Subliger-    DEF=17   Lv35
Iron Subliger+1-  DEF=18   Lv35
Silver Hose-      DEF=20   Lv36
Silver Hose+1-    DEF=21   Lv36
Hose-             DEF=17   Lv36
Hose+1-           DEF=18   Lv36
Jujitsu Sitabaki- DEF=18   Lv37  DEX+1  VIT+1
Cuir Trousers-    DEF=20   Lv38
Cuir Trousers+1-  DEF=21   Lv38
Velvet Slops-     DEF=17   Lv38
Mage's Slops-     DEF=18   Lv38  MP+2
Iron Cuisses-     DEF=21   Lv40
Iron Cuisses+1-   DEF=22   Lv40
Cuisses-          DEF=23   Lv40
Cuisses+1-        DEF=24   Lv40
Royal Squire's Breeches- DEF=22  Lv40  DEX+1  AGI+1
Combat Caster's Slacks- DEF=17  Lv40  Evade+5
Opaline Hose-     DEF=2    Lv40
Ceremonial Hose-  DEF=2    Lv40  CHR+1
Frog Trousers-    DEF=19   Lv42  HP-5  MP+20  WA+7
Royal Squire's Breeches- DEF=23  Lv43  DEX+1  AGI+1  NUC:HP+14
Royal Squire's Breeches- DEF=24  Lv43  DEX+1  AGI+1  NUC:HP+16
Combat Caster's Slacks- DEF=18  Lv43  Evade+5  NUC: MP+14
Combat Caster's Slacks- DEF=19  Lv43  Evade+5  NUC: MP+16
Haidate-          DEF=21   Lv44
Haidate+1-        DEF=22   Lv44
Carapace Subligar- DEF=22  Lv45
Carapace Subligar+1- DEF=23  Lv45  TH-3  Evade+1
Breeches-         DEF=25   Lv46
Breeches+1-       DEF=26   Lv46
Raptor Trousers-  DEF=25   Lv48  FI+3  WA-1
Dino Trousers-    DEF=26   Lv48  FI+4  WA-1
Wool Hose-        DEF=22   Lv48
Wool Hose+1-      DEF=23   Lv48
Magic Cuisses-    DEF=26   Lv48  INT+3  MND+3
Mythril Cuisses-  DEF=28   Lv49
Mythril Cuisses+1- DEF=29  Lv49  INT+1  FI+1  WI+3
Shinobi Hakama-   DEF=23   Lv49
Shinobi Hakama+1- DEF=24   Lv49  AGI+1
Steel Cuisses-    DEF=26   Lv50
Steel Cuisses+1-  DEF=27   Lv50
White Slacks-     DEF=21   Lv50
White Slacks+1-   DEF=22   Lv50  MND+1
Iron Musketeer's Cuisses- DEF=29  Lv50  AGI+2
Tactician Magician's Slops- DEF=22  Lv50  DA+6
Austere Slops-    DEF=19   Lv50  VIT/CHR-1  INT/MND+2  Summoning Skill+3
Penance Slops-    DEF=20   Lv50  VIT/CHR-2  INT/MND+4  Summoning Skill+4
Iron Musketeer's Cuisses+1- DEF=30  Lv52  AGI+2  UC:STR+3
Iron Musketeer's Cuisses+2- DEF=31  Lv52  AGI+2  UC:STR+4
Tactician Magician's Slops+1- DEF=23  Lv52  DA+6  UC:MND+3
Tactician Magician's Slops+2- DEF=24  Lv52  DA+6  UC:MND+4
Silk Slops-       DEF=23   Lv53
Silk Slops+1-     DEF=24   Lv53  LI+2
Master's Sitabaki- DEF=25  Lv53  DEX+1  VIT+1  AGI+1
Master's Sitabaki+1- DEF=26  Lv53  DEX+2  VIT+2  AGI+2
Royal Knight's Breeches- DEF=30  Lv55  STR+2  DEX+2  ATK+3
Scorpion Subliger- DEF=28  Lv57  HP+3  IC-2  WA+5  DA+5
Scorpion Subliger+1- DEF=29  Lv57  HP+4  IC-2  WA+7  DA+7
Beak Trousers-    DEF=30   Lv58  VIT+1  EA+5
Beak Trousers+1-  DEF=31   Lv58  VIT+2  EA+7
Darksteel Breeches- DEF=33  Lv59  LI+2
Darksteel Breeches+1- DEF=34  Lv59  LI+3
Gold Cuisses-     DEF=31   Lv60  VIT+2  DA+4
Gilt Cuisses+1-   DEF=35   Lv60  STR+1  VIT+3  DA+6
Battle Hose-      DEF=25   Lv61  AGI+1
Battle Hose+1-    DEF=26   Lv61  AGI+2
Luna Subliger-    DEF=28   Lv62  CHR+3  FullMoon: DEX+2  AGI+2  CHR+7
Tiger Trousers-   DEF=29   Lv63  FI-4  IC+4  ATK+4
Feral Trousers-   DEF=30   Lv63  FI-4  IC+6  ATK+5
Silk Slacks-      DEF=24   Lv63  HP+8  LI+5  DA-5
Silk Slacks+1-    DEF=25   Lv63  HP+9  LI+6  DA-4
Coral Cuisses-    DEF=30   Lv64  TH-5  WA+5  MDT-2%
Coral Cuisses+1-  DEF=31   Lv64  TH-4  WA+6  MDT-3%
Arhat's Hakama-   DEF=27   Lv64  AGI+3  Hate+2
Arhat's Hakama+1- DEF=28   Lv64  AGI+4  Hate+3
Darksteel Subliger- DEF=28  Lv65  LI+2  DA+2  PDT-2%
Darksteel Subliger+1- DEF=29  Lv65  LI+3  DA+3  PDT-3%
Darksteel Cuisses- DEF=35  Lv66  MP+9  AGI+3  INT-1  LI+2  DA+2
Darksteel Cuisses+1- DEF=36  Lv66  MP+10  AGI+4  INT-1  LI+3  DA+3
Coral Subliger-   DEF=29   Lv67  AGI+2  CHR+1  MDT-2%  Con:15MPtoHP
Merman's Subliger- DEF=30  Lv67  AGI+3  CHR+1  MDT-3%  Con:20MPtoHP
Noble's Slacks-   DEF=30   Lv68  MP+17  VIT+2  CHR+1
Aristocrat's Slacks- DEF=31  Lv68  MP+18  VIT+3  CHR+2
Thick Breeches-   DEF=31   Lv69  ACC+2  ATK+5  Evade-2
Thick Breeches+1- DEF=32   Lv69  ACC+2  ATK+6  Evade-2
Dragon Cuisses-   DEF=31   Lv69  HP+11  FI+10  IC+10  BDT-4%
Dragon Cuisses+1- DEF=32   Lv69  HP+13  FI+12  IC+12  BDT-5%

Feet Armor---------------------------------------------------------------------

Rusty Leggings-   DEF=0    Lv1
Ash Clags-        DEF=1    Lv1
Bronze Leggings-  DEF=1    Lv1
Coarse Leggings-  DEF=5    Lv6   Evade-3
Leather Highboots- DEF=2   Lv7
Leaping Boots-    DEF=3    Lv7   DEX+3  AGI+3
Kyahan-           DEF=2    Lv8
Solea-            DEF=2    Lv8
Scale Greaves-    DEF=3    Lv10
Legionnaire's leggings- DEF=2  Lv10  WI+3  EA+3
Royal Footman's Boots- DEF=3  Lv10  FI+3  IC+3
Brass Leggings-   DEF=3    Lv11
Gaiters-          DEF=3    Lv11
Holly Clogs-      DEF=3    Lv12
Light Soleas-     DEF=4    Lv13  Evade+3
Bone Leggings-    DEF=4    Lv16
Lizard Ledelsens- DEF=4    Lv17
Cotton Kyahan-    DEF=4    Lv18
Sandals-          DEF=4    Lv20
Mercenary's Kyahan- DEF=4  Lv20  EA+6
Royal Footman's Clogs- DEF=5  Lv20  AGI+1
Cotton Gaiters-   DEF=5    Lv23
Great Gaiters-    DEF=6    Lv23
Greaves-          DEF=6    Lv24
Brass Greaves-    DEF=6    Lv27
Chestnut Sabots-  DEF=5    Lv28
Soil Kyahan-      DEF=6    Lv29  EA+1  TH+1
Studded Boots-    DEF=6    Lv30
Royal Squire's Sollerets- DEF=7  Lv30  AGI+1
Shoes-            DEF=6    Lv34

Waist Armor--------------------------------------------------------------------

White Belt-       DEF=0    Lv1   STR+1
Leather Belt-     DEF=1    Lv7
Heko Obi-         DEF=1    Lv8
Plate Belt-       DEF=2    Lv12
Friar's Rope-     DEF=2    Lv14  MP+5  MND+1  LI+2  DA+2
Lizard Belt-      DEF=2    Lv17
Shaman's Belt-    DEF=2    Lv28  MP+5  INT+1
Mercenary Captain's Belt- DEF=3  Lv30  DEX/VIT/AGI/INT/MND/CHR+1


Lauan Shield-     DEF=1    Lv1
Lauan Shield+1-   DEF=2    Lv1
Marine Shield-    DEF=1    Lv1   VIT+1  AGI+1  WA+1
Shell Shield-     DEF=2    Lv7   VIT+1  AGI-2  WA+2
Maple Shield-     DEF=2    Lv8
Maple Shield+1-   DEF=3    Lv8
Aspis-            DEF=3    Lv9
Aspis+1-          DEF=4    Lv9
Elm Shield-       DEF=3    Lv13
Elm Shield+1-     DEF=4    Lv13
Fish Scale Shield- DEF=3   Lv14  FI+2  IC+2  TH-4
Tropical Shield-  DEF=3    Lv17  WI+3  EA+3
Lantern Shield-   DEF=4    Lv19  ATK+5
Decurion's Shield- DEF=6   Lv20
Mahogany Shield-  DEF=4    Lv20
Turtle Shield-    DEF=6    Lv24  VIT+3  AGI-6  WA+6
Turtle Shield+1-  DEF=6    Lv24  VIT+4  AGI-7  WA+7
Bastokan Targe-   DEF=7    Lv25  HP+6
Republic Targe-   DEF=8    Lv25  HP+8
Kite Shield-      DEF=8    Lv28
Kite Shield+1-    DEF=9    Lv28
Frost Shield-     DEF=5    Lv28  IC+3
Faerie Shield-    DEF=0    Lv29  All Elements+3
Targe-            DEF=7    Lv31
Targe+1-          DEF=8    Lv31
Oak Shield-       DEF=6    Lv36
Oak Shield+1-     DEF=7    Lv36
Nymph Shield-     DEF=2    Lv39  All Elements+3
Royal Squire's Shield- DEF=7  Lv40  Evade+3
Balence Buckler-  DEF=9    Lv40  ACC+3
Strike Shield-    DEF=6    Lv40  ATK+6
Heater Shield-    DEF=12   Lv43
Heater Shield+1-  DEF=13   Lv43
Buckler-          DEF=10   Lv45
Buckler+1-        DEF=11   Lv45
Viking Shield-    DEF=8    Lv45  ATK+12
Leather Shield-   DEF=8    Lv48
Leather Shield+1- DEF=9    Lv48
Hard Shield-      DEF=10   Lv48  HP+5
Holy Shield-      DEF=13   Lv50  HP+10  MP+10  MND+1
Divine Shield-    DEF=14   Lv50  HP+15  MP+15  MND+2
Royal Knight Army Shield- DEF=14  Lv50  STR+2  MND+1
Temple Knight Army Shield- DEF=14  Lv50  STR+1  MND+2
Serket Shield-    DEF=12   Lv51  IC+5
Master Shield-    DEF=8    Lv52  Shield Skill+10
Scutum-           DEF=14   Lv54
Master Commander's Shield- DEF=12  Lv55  AGI+3
Royal Guard's Shield- DEF=15  Lv55  MND+3  CHR+3  DA+12
Astral Shield-    DEF=0    Lv58  All Elements+2  Con:30HPtoMP
Spiked Buckler-   DEF=15   Lv59  ATK+5
Darksteel Buckler- DEF=14  Lv59  ATK+3
Darksteel Shield- DEF=16   Lv60  LI+5  DA+5
Darksteel Shield+1- DEF=17  Lv60  LI+6  DA+6
Patriarch Protector's Shield- DEF=5  Lv60  Con:30MPtoHP
Round Shield-     DEF=9    Lv61
Tower Shield-     DEF=18   Lv65
Tower Shield+1-   DEF=19   Lv65
Gold Buckler-     DEF=15   Lv65  DA+3
Diamond Shield-   DEF=18   Lv66  VIT+2  TH+10
Diamond Shield+1- DEF=19   Lv66  VIT+3  TH+12
General's Shield- DEF=15   Lv69  CHR+3  Hate+2  Enhances "Beast Killer"
Admiral's Shield- DEF=16   Lv69  CHR+4  Hate+3  Enhances "Aquan Killer"
Highlander's Targe- DEF=23  Lv70  "Shield Bash"+15
Ritter Shield-    DEF=21   Lv71  HP+10  MP+10  LI+8  DA+8 (DEF=23 for PLD)
Ice Shield-       DEF=23   Lv72  IC+20  Auto-"Ice Spikes"
Koenig Shield-    DEF=22   Lv73  VIT/CHR+5  Hate+3  Enhances "Beast Killer"

Hand Armor---------------------------------------------------------------------

Cuffs-            DEF=1    Lv1
Bronze Mittens-   DEF=1    Lv1
Asbestos Mitts-   DEF=2    Lv6   FI+1  IC+1
Leather Gloves-   DEF=2    Lv7
Mitts-            DEF=2    Lv8
Tekko-            DEF=2    Lv8
Coarse Guantlets- DEF=5    Lv9   Evade-3
Scale Finger Guantlet's- DEF=3  Lv10
Legionnaire's Mittens- DEF=3  LV10  ATK+3
Royal Footman's Gloves- DEF=3  Lv10  ATK+3
Gloves-           DEF=3    Lv11
Brass Mittens-    DEF=3    Lv11
Zealot's Mitts-   DEF=3    Lv11  MP+5  INT-2  MND+3
Linien Cuffs-     DEF=3    Lv12
Battle Gloves-    DEF=4    Lv14  ACC+3  Evade+3
Bone Mittens-     DEF=4    Lv16
Scentless Armlets- DEF=4   Lv16  Evade+5
Lizard Gloves-    DEF=5    Lv17
Cotton Tekko-     DEF=5    Lv18
White Mitts-      DEF=4    Lv20
Mercenary's Tekko- DEF=5   Lv20
Cotton Gloves-    DEF=6    Lv23
Chain Mittens-    DEF=7    Lv24
Wool Cuffs-       DEF=6    Lv28
Soil Tekko-       DEF=7    Lv29  EA+1  TH+1
Studded Gloves-   DEF=7    Lv30
Linen Mitts-      DEF=7    Lv34
Bracers-          DEF=8    Lv36
Praefectus's Gloves- DEF=11  Lv65  NUC:VIT+2  Evade+5  Parry Skill+5 


Cassie Earring-   DEF=2    Lv1   STR/VIT+1  Con:50MPtoHP
Physical Earring- DEF=0    Lv10  Con:25MPtoHP
Amber Earring-    DEF=0    Lv10  EA+2  TH+2
Stamina Earring-  DEF=0    Lv10  EA+3  TH+3
Amethyst Earring- DEF=0    Lv10  TH+2  WA+2
Clear Earring-    DEF=0    Lv10  IC+2  WI+2
Knowledge Earring- DEF=0   Lv10  IC+3  WI+3
Knowledge Earring+1- DEF=1  Lv10  IC+4  WI+4
Sardonyx Earring- DEF=0    Lv10  FI+2  IC+2
Courage Earring-  DEF=0    Lv10  FI+3  IC+3
Lapis Lazuli Earring- DEF=0  Lv10  FI+2  WA+2
Tranquility Earring- DEF=0  Lv10  FI+3  WA+3
Tourmaline Earring- DEF=0  Lv10  WI+2  EA+2
Reflex Earring-   DEF=0    Lv10  WI+3  EA+3
Onyx Earring-     DEF=0    Lv10  MP+2  DA+2
Energy Earring-   DEF=0    Lv10  MP+3  DA+3
Energy Earring+1- DEF=1    Lv10  MP+4  DA+4
Opal Earring-     DEF=0    Lv10  HP+2  LI+2
Hope Earring-     DEF=0    Lv10  HP+3  LI+3
Hope Earring+1-   DEF=1    Lv10  HP+4  Lv+4
Shell Earring-    DEF=0    Lv11  FI+2  TH-2  WA+2
Shell Earring+1-  DEF=0    Lv11  FI+3  TH-2  WA+3
Silver Earring-   DEF=0    Lv14  ATK-1  Evade+1
Silver Earring+1- DEF=0    Lv14  ATK-2  Eavde+2
Bone Earring-     DEF=0    Lv16  ATK+1  Evade-1
Bone Earring+1-   DEF=0    Lv16  ATK+2  Evade-1
Valor Earring-    DEF=0    Lv17  HP+3  MP+3
Shield Earring-   DEF=0    Lv20  HP+10  MP-10
Beetle Earring-   DEF=0    Lv21  ATK+2  Evade-2
Beetle Earring+1- DEF=0    Lv21  ATK+3  Eavde-2
Twinstone Earring- DEF=0   Lv24  IC-4  WI+4
Mythril Earring-  DEF=0    Lv24  ATK-2  Evade+2
Mythril Earring+1- DEF=0   Lv24  ATK-3  Evade+3
Dodge Earring-    DEF=0    Lv29  Eavde+3
Morion Earring-   DEF=0    Lv30  MP+4  INT+1
Morion Earring+1- DEF=0    Lv30  MP+5  INT+2
Sphene Earring-   DEF=0    Lv31  EA+4  TH+4
Turquoise Earring- DEF=0   Lv31  FI+4  WA+4
Ametrine Earring- DEF=0    Lv31  TH+4  WA+4
Goshenite Earring- DEF=0   Lv31  IC+4  WI+4
Blood Earring-    DEF=0    Lv31  FI+4  IC+4
Black Earring-    DEF=0    Lv31  MP+4  DA+4
Peridot Earring-  DEF=0    Lv31  WI+4  EA+4
Pearl Earring-    DEF=0    Lv31  HP+4  LI+4
Bloodbead Earring- DEF=0   Lv32  HP+25
Pigeon Earring-   DEF=0    Lv33  HP+20  WA+5
Pigeon Earring+1- DEF=0    Lv33  HP+25  WA+7
Wing Earring-     DEF=0    Lv35  AGI+2  WI+4
Drone Earring-    DEF=0    Lv35  AGI+3  WI+6
Bull Earring-     DEF=0    Lv37  HP+5  Eavde-2
Nemesis Earring-  DEF=0    Lv39  Enmity+1
Enhancing Earring- DEF=0   Lv40  HP+5  MP+5
Avenger's Earring- DEF=0   Lv42  "Counterattack"+1
Gold Earring-     DEF=0    Lv45  ATK-3  Evade+3
Gold Earring+1-   DEF=0    Lv45  ATK-4  Evade+4
Tortoise Earring- DEF=0    Lv45  ATK+3  Evade-3
Tortoise Earring+1- DEF=0  Lv45  ATK+4  Evade-2
Moon Earring-     DEF=0    Lv49  HP+6  LI+6
Night Earring-    DEF=0    Lv49  MP+6  DA+6
Mana Earring-     DEF=0    Lv49  MP+8  DA+8
Mana Earring+1-   DEF=1    Lv49  MP+10  DA+10
Yellow Earring-   DEF=0    Lv49  EA+6  TH+6
Vigor Earring-    DEF=0    Lv49  EA+8  TH+8
Zircon Earring-   DEF=0    Lv49  IC+6  WI+6
Genius Earring-   DEF=0    Lv49  IC+8  WI+8
Aqua Earring-     DEF=0    Lv49  FI+6  WA+6
Purple Earring-   DEF=0    Lv49  TH+6  WA+6
Sun Earring-      DEF=0    Lv49  FI+6  IC+6
Green Earring-    DEF=0    Lv49  WI+6  EA+6
Melody Earring-   DEF=0    Lv52  CHR+1  Latent:Evade+5
Melody Earring+1- DEF=0    Lv52  CHR+2  Latent:Evade+6
Fang Earring-     DEF=0    Lv55  ATK+4  Evade-4
Spike Earring-    DEF=0    Lv55  ATK+5  Evade-5
Bat Earring-      DEF=0    Lv57  MP+5  DA+3  WhileBlinded:Evade+15
Assult Earring-   DEF=0    Lv58  ACC+2  ATK+5  Evade-2  DEF-3
Phantom Earring-  DEF=0    Lv60  MP+8  INT+1
Phantom Earring+1- DEF=0   Lv60  MP+10  INT+2
Platinum Earring- DEF=0    Lv60  ATK-4  Evade+4
Platinum Earring+1- DEF=0  Lv60  ATK-5  Evade+5
Coral Earring-    DEF=0    Lv63  ATK+5  Evade-5  MDT-1%
Merman's Earring- DEF=0    Lv63  ATK+6  Evade-4  MDT-2%
Angel's Earring-  DEF=0    Lv67  HP+10  LI+10
Heavens Earring-  DEF=0    Lv67  HP+11  LI+11  Enmity-1
Death Earring-    DEF=0    Lv67  MP+10  DA+10
Hades Earring-    DEF=0    Lv67  MP+11  DA+11  Enmity+1
Communion Earring- DEF=0   Lv67  MND+2  FI+11  WA+11
Adroit Earring-   DEF=0    Lv67  DEX+2  TH+11  WI+11
Triumph Earring-  DEF=0    Lv67  STR+2  FI+11  IC+11
Spinel Earring-   DEF=0    Lv67  TH+10  WA+10
Ruby Earring-     DEF=0    Lv67  FI+10  IC+10
Conjurer's Earring- DEF=0  Lv70  Latent:ADT-20%
Drake Earring-    DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:"Double Attack"+5%
Shinobi Earring-  DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:Haste+20%
Ronin Earring-    DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:MDT-20%
Tracker's Earring- DEF=0   Lv70  Latent:PDT-20%
Minstrel's Earring- DEF=0  Lv70  Latent:PDT-20%
Tamer's Earring-  DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:Increase "Tame" sucess rate
Slayer's Earring- DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:ADT-20%
Guardian Earring- DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:Spell Interrupt Rate-30%
Rogue's Earring-  DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:Evade+15
Fencer's Earring- DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:MDT-30%
Sorcerer's Earring- DEF=0  Lv70  Latent:ADT-30%
Medicine Earring- DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:ADT-30%
Kampfer Earring-  DEF=0    Lv70  Latent:"Counterattack"+5
Soldier's Earring- DEF=0   Lv70  Latent:DEF+20%


Hermit's Ring-    DEF=0    Lv1   INT+1
Ascetics's Ring-  DEF=0    Lv1   MND+1
Copper Ring-      DEF=0    Lv1   HP+1  MP-1
Brass Ring-       DEF=0    Lv7   HP+2  MP-2
Shell Ring-       DEF=0    Lv11  FI+2  WA+2
Leather Ring-     DEF=1    Lv14
Onyx Ring-        DEF=0    Lv14  MP+2  DA+3
Silver Ring-      DEF=0    Lv14  HP+3  MP-3
Sardonyx Ring-    DEF=0    Lv14  STR+1  FI+3
Tourmaline Ring-  DEF=0    Lv14  AGI+1  WI+3
Opal Ring-        DEF=0    Lv14  CHR+1  LI+3
Amber Ring-       DEF=0    Lv14  VIT+1  EA+3
Amethyst Ring-    DEF=0    Lv14  DEX+1  TH+3
Clear Ring-       DEF=0    Lv14  INT+1  IC+3
Lapis Lazuli Ring- DEF=0   Lv14  MND+1  WA+3
Bomb Ring-        DEF=2    Lv16  HP+15  FI-5
Bone Ring-        DEF=0    Lv16  ACC-2  Ranged ACC+2
Horn Ring-        DEF=0    Lv35  ACC-4  Ranged ACC+4

RACE SPECIFIC ARMOR                                         RACE SPECIFIC ARMOR

Mithra RSE
Feet: DEF:5  HP+16  STR+3  CHR+2
Legs: DEF:12  MP+32  VIT+1  MND+1
Hands: DEF:6  MP+16  VIT+4  MND+2
Body: DEF:18  HP+32  STR+1  CHR+1

Galka RSE
Feet: DEF:5 MP+12  AGI+3  INT+2
Legs: DEF:12 MP+20  AGI+2  INT+1  CHR+2
Hands: DEF:6 MP+32  INT+2
Body: DEF:18  MP+32 INT+1 CHR+1

Taru RSE(Male and Female)
Feet: DEF:5  HP+20 STR+2
Legs: DEF:12  HP+21  STR+1  VIT+2  MND+2
Hands: DEF:6  HP+12 STR+3
Body: DEF:18  HP+36  STR+1  VIT+2  MND+1

Elvaan RSE(Male and Female)
Feet: DEF:5  MP+20  AGI+3  INT+2
Legs: DEF:12  HP+12  MP+12  DEX+2 AGI+2
Hands: DEF:6  MP+24  DEX+2  INT+1
Body: DEF:18  HP+24  MP+4  DEX+1  INT+1

Hume RSE(Male and Female)
Feet: DEF:5  HP+4  MP+12  DEX-1  AGI+3  INT+3  MND-1
Legs: DEF:12  MP+32  STR-1  MND+3  CHR+1
Hands: DEF:6  HP+32  MP+4  STR+3  DEX+3  VIT-1  AGI-1
Body: DEF:18  HP+32  VIT+3 INT-1  CHR+1

ARTIFACT EQUIP                                                   ARTIFACT EQUIP

AF equip is the only completly Job-specific armor/weapons with a few
exceptions. AF stands for artifact. Why is it called artifact? Mainly because
it comes from previous FF games. What I mean by this is that the White Mage AF
armor looks like a 3-D version of the armor the White Mage that was in Final
Fantasy (1), Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy III, or Final Fantasy Tactics. To
put it simply, it looks like what we think of a White Mage (or any FF class) to
look like. (White Mage AF is a white Robe with red triangles, basically) It is
not the most powerful armor you can get for that class, but it is really good
and you look pretty cool. This chart might be a bit hard to read, (due to a lot
of extra stuff) but bear with me. I did not compile this data. It was RPGdemon
and a few others (listed at bottom of section and in the special thanks) that
put this list together, so it may be comfusing in many places. It is not their
fault, nor am I putting the blame on them, it is just that many people have
many different styles of doing things.

If ypou want to see the pictures of artifact armor, go here:

KEY:                     |
DEF=Defense              |
HP=Health Points         |
DEX=Dexterity            |
VIT=Vitality             |
STR=Strength             |
AGI=Agility              |
ACC=Accuracy             |
FI-RES=Fire Resistance   |
LI-RES=Light Resistance  |
DA-RES=Dark Resistance   |
TH-RES=Thunder Resistance|
WI-RES=Wind Resistance   |
WA-RES=Water Resistance  |
IC-RES=Ice Resistance    |
EA-RES=Earth Resistance  |

1H AXE- DM=31   SP=276  Lv40   STR+2  DEX+2
HEAD-   DEF+24  HP+15  DEX+3  INT+1      Lv56  hate+1
ARMOR-  DEF+47  HP+20  VIT+5  FI-RES+10  Lv60  hate +8
GLOVES- DEF+16  HP+13  STR+4  Lv54 - Shield Skill+10  hate +3
PANTS-  DEF+34  HP+15  ACC+3  AGI +3  Lv58  hate+2
FEET-   DEF+14  HP+12  AGI+3  Lv52 - Double Attack Effective  hate +1

GRAPPLE  DM+4   Delay+48  DEX+2  VIT+2  Hit+3  Lv42
HEAD-    DEF+21  HP+16  MND+5  Concentration UP  Lv56
BODY-    DEF+41  HP+20  VIT+3  Hit+5  Chakra UP (VITx3)  Lv58
GLOVES-  DEF+14  HP+14  STR+4  DA-RES+10  Boost UP  Lv54
LEGS-    DEF+29  HP+18  Guard  Skill+10  Counter+1  Lv60
FEET-    DEF+12  HP+12  DEX+3  LI-RES+10  Evade Bonus UP  Lv52

WAND-   DM12   SP=216  MP+20  Lv41 - Black Magic Increase
HEAD-   DEF+20  MP+25  INT+4  TH-RES+10  Lv60 - Black  hate-4
BODY-   DEF+38  MP+16  VIT+5  Lv58 - Weakening Magic Skill+10  hate-3
GLOVES- DEF+13  MP+12  CHR+3  Lv54 - Darkness Magic Skill+15  hate-1
LEGS-   DEF+27  MP+14  HP+5   Lv56 - Black Magic Skill+15  hate-1
FEET-   DEF+11  MP+10  AGI+3  Lv52 - Cast Failure 20% Down  hate-1

WAND-   DM=27   SP=324  MP+10  MND+2  Lv41 - White Magic Increase
HEAD-   DEF+21  MP+13  MND+4  DA-RES+15  Lv54 - hate-1
BODY-   DEF+40  MP+15  WI-RES+10  Lv58 - Weakening Magic Skill+10  hate-4
GLOVES- DEF+14  MP+10  STR+5  Lv60 - Recovery Magic Skill+15  hate-4
LEGS-   DEF+28  MP+15  VIT+3  Lv56 - Holy Magic Skill+15  hate-1
FEET-   DEF+12  MP+10  AGI+3  Lv52 - Cast Failure 20% Down

SWORD-  DM=22  SP=224  MP+10  INT+1  MND+1  Lv41
HEAD-   DEF+23  MP+20  INT+3  Lv60 - Spirit Magic(buff spells)+10  Fast Cast
        Effectiveness Raised
BODY-   DEF+44  MP+14  CHR+5  Lv58 - Cast Failure 10% Down  Weakening Skill+15
GLOVES- DEF+16  MP+12  DEX+4  DA-RES+10  Lv54 - Parry Skill+10
LEGS-   DEF+33  MP+13  MND+3  Lv56 - Healing Magic+10  
        Strengthening Magic Skill +15
FEET-   DEF+13  MP+11  AGI+3  WA-RES+10  Lv52 - Shield Skill+10

DAGGER- DM=15  SP=195  DEX+2  AGI+2  Lv40
HEAD-   DEF+23  HP+13  INT+5  Lv54  Parry+10  Steal+1
BODY-   DEF+44  HP+20  STR+3  Lv58  EA-RES+10  Hide Duration Up
GLOVES- DEF+15  HP+10  DEX+3  Lv52  IC-RES+10  Steal+1
LEGS-   DEF+32  HP+15  AGI+4  Lv56  Sheild Skill+10  Steal+1
FEET-   DEF+13  HP+12  DEX+3  Lv60  IC-RES+10  Tonzura(splint)Duration Up

SWORD-  DM=28  SP=240  VIT+2  MND+2
HEAD-   DEF+24  HP+12  MND+3  Strength of Ability Shield Up  Hate +2
BODY-   DEF+47  HP+20  VIT+4  Holy Magic Skill+5  Hate +2
GLOVES- DEF+16  HP+11  DEX+3  LI-RES+10  Hate +2
LEGS-   DEF+34  HP+15  AGI+3  Strengthening Magic Skill+5  Hate+2
FEET-   DEF+14  HP+15  CHR+5  Parry Skill+10  Strength of Holy Circle Up

SCYTHE- DM=68  SP=528  STR+2  INT+2  Lv43
HEAD-   DEF+23  HP+12  STR+4  Lv60  Dark Magic Skill+5  Darkness Effect Up
BODY-   DEF+46  HP+20  VIT+3  Lv58  ATK+5  Weakening Magic Skill+5
GLOVES- DEF+12  HP+11  DEX+3  Lv54  DA-RES+10  Weapon Bash Effect Up
LEGS-   DEF+31  HP+15  INT+3  Lv56  Evade+5  Parry+10
FEET-   DEF+10  HP+15  MND+5  Lv52  Arcane Circle Effect Up

KNIFE-  DM=15  SP=195  AGI+2  CHR+2  LVL40 - Sing Effective Rise
HEAD-   DEF+15  HP+11  MND+3  Lv54 - Parry Skill+5
BODY-   DEF+38  HP+13  VIT+3  Lv58 - String Instrument Skill+3  hate-1
GLOVES- DEF+15  HP+14  CHR+4  Lv60 - Sing Song Skill+5  hate-1
LEGS-   DEF+27  HP+12  STR+5  Lv56 - Sing Wind Instrument Skill+3  hate-1
FEET-   DEF+10  HP+10  AGI+3  WI-RES+10 HP+5 Lv52 - Sing Up

1H AXE- DM=32  SP=288  STR+2  CHR+2  Lv40
HEAD-   DEF+22  HP+15  INT+5  Lv56  "calm pet" Effect Up  Tame+4
BODY-   DEF+44  HP+20  VIT+3  Lv58  
        "take care of pet" Stat Up - poison recovery improves etc  Tame+5
GLOVES- DEF+12  HP+11  DEX+3  Evade Skill+5  Lv54  Tame+3
LEGS-   DEF+30  HP+15  CHR+4  Lv60  "killer" Stat Up  Tame+6
FEET-   DEF+10  HP+11  AGI+3  Lv52  "take care of pet" Effect Up  Tame+2

BOW-    DM=27  SP=360  AGI+4  Lv41 - Bow Skill Increase
HEAD-   DEF+21  HP+13  INT+3  Ranged ATK+5  Lv54 - Rapid Shot Ratio Up
BODY-   DEF+41  HP+20  VIT+3  Ranged ACC+10  Lv58 - Hunting Camouflage
        Effective Rise
GLOVES- DEF+10  HP+10  DEX+3  DA-RES+10  Lv52 - Hunting Shadow Sewing
        Effective Rise
LEGS-   DEF+27  HP+15  MND+5  Lv56 - Sharpshooting Ability Up
FEET-   DEF+12  HP+10  AGI+4  HP+5  Lv60 - Scavenger Effectiveness Rise

2H KATANA- DM=56  SP=450  STR+1  AGI+1  Lv42
HEAD-      DEF+20  HP+10  MND+5  Lv60  Protection Circle Effect Up  Silent
           Concentration Effect Up
BODY-      DEF+41  HP+10  VIT+3  Lv58  DA-RES+15  Sometimes Tp Growth Increases
           When Suffering Damage
GLOVES-    DEF+15  HP+15  DEX+4  Lv56  hate+2
           Eating Rice Balls Is More Effective
LEGS-      DEF+30  HP+15  STR+3  Lv53  EA-RES+10  Parry Skill+5
FEET-      DEF+13  HP+20  Lv52  FI-RES+10  Evade Skill+5  hate+5

I dont have weapon info yet.
HEAD-   DEF+16  HP+12  MND+5  Wind+10  Uses Breath effectively  Heal breath
        is also more effective.
BODY-   DEF+38  HP+15  VIT+4  WA-RES+10  Gives your Wyvern insta-regen.
GLOVES- DEF+15  HP+11  DEX+3  Parry Skill+10 Increases your Wyvern's accuracy.
LEGS-   DEF+27  HP+15  Earth+10  Increases effectivity of Enchanted Circle
        10% hp bonus to wyvern.
FEET-   DEF+10  HP+12  AGI+3  Dodge Skill+5 Increases the damage of Jump.

1H KATANA- DM=21  SP=216  STR-1, DEX+2  Lv40
1H KATANA- DM=23  SP=238  STR+2, DEX-1  Lv40
HEAD-      DEF+21  HP+10  chr +5  IC-RES+10  ninjutsu +5  Lv56
BODY-      DEF+41  HP+15  vit +3  Lv58  'Two Swords Style Effective Rise
           Occasionally Add Blazespike Attribute
GLOVES-    DEF+14  HP+13  dex +3  Range ATK+5  Lv60  Thowing Weapon Skill+5
LEGS-      DEF+29  HP+15  Range Hit+10  Lv52  Night:Evade+10
FEET-      DEF+12  HP+12  AGI+4  Lv54  Night:Movement Speed+25%

2H STAFF- DM=22  SP=366  MP+20  Lv41
HEAD-    DEF+15  MP+20  INT+3  Summoning Skill+5  Hate-3  Lv60
BODY-    DEF+35  MP+15  MND+3  Summons power+20  MP Consumption-2 Summon Hate-2
         Summoner Power+20   Summoner Resistance to Status+20
GLOVES-  DEF+11  MP+15  VIT+4  Damage done by Avatars are occasionally
         converted into MP  Avatar's Hate-2  Lv54
LEGS-    DEF+25  MP+15  Evasion Skill+10  Summon Accuracy+10  Hate-2  Lv52
FEET-    DEF+10  MP+15  AGI+5  summons Evasion Skill +10 Hate-2

Tazirai - Stats for summoner AF and Red mage AF
Kagetsu-  Stats for Beastmaster AF, Monk AF, Paladin AF, Thief AF, Dragoon AF
Exile2k2- Stats for Dark Knight scythe
Zsedc-    Stats for the rest of Dark Knight AF, Samurai AF
Atma-     For making the artifact armour website 
Maxim-    For some major corrections
Russta-   For samurais 'rice ball' correction
RPGdemon- For organising everything, putting the info together and finding the
          AF stats for: White Mage, Black Mage, Bard, Warrior and Ranger


 O  OOO       O   O OOOO  OO  OOO   OO  O   O     OOO O  O OOO O    O
OO     O      O   O O    O  O O  O O  O OO  O    O    O O   O  O    O
 O   OO  OOOO O O O OOO  OOOO OOO  O  O O O O     OO  OO    O  O    O
 O     O      OO OO O    O  O O    O  O O  OO       O O O   O  O    O
OOO OOO       O   O OOOO O  O O     OO  O   O    OOO  O  O OOO OOOO OOOO

13-Weapon Skill

---Somewhat Like The Limit Breaks Of FFXI---

Weapon skills are one of the very neat aspects of FFXI. They add a whole new
element of gameplay in FFXI that no other MMORPG has had. As you use your
weapon more you upgrade your skill in a certain weapon. By upping this skill in
a weapon, you learn Weapon Skills. Note that depending on jobs, some weapon
skills cannot be used even though the weapon skill level is accumulated. Weapon
skills can later be combined if timed right. For more info on WS combination
look at the "Special Effects" section of the FAQ.

---When Can I Use One---

You can use your weapon skills when your TP (tactical Point) Gauge is filled
up. When it is filled up to atleast 100% you can use it. When the meater is
more than 100% sometimes an added effect is added on. These added effects range
from more damage to adding poison to the damage. The max a TP bar can go up to
is 300%. After that it cannot progress until it goes lower. When you use a
Weapon Skill your TP meter returns back to 0%.

WEAPON SKILL LIST                                             WEAPON SKILL LIST

[WS Name] {AJ/EX/SP/EV} (Skill Level) -Help Message-

AJ = All Jobs Can use this skill if they ahve the weapon equiped and the right
     amount of skill in it.
EX = This job must be your main job or your sub job to be able to use this.
SP = This job must be your main job to use this skill.
EV = This skill is unlockable by doing a certain high-level quest. The job
     specified must be your main job to use this. 
WN = This skill is only useable with a certain weapon equiped.

[Combo] {AJ} (10) -Delivers a threefold attack. Damage varies with TP.-
[Shoulder Tackle] {AJ} (40) -Stuns target. Chance of stunning varies with TP.-
[One Inch Punch] {EX-MNK} (75) -Delivers an attack that ignores target's
                                defense. Amount ignored varies with TP.-
[Backhand Blow] {AJ} (100) -Deals critical damage. Chance of critical hit
                            varies with TP.-
[Raging Fists] {EX-MNK} (125) -Delivers a fivefold attack. Damage varies with
[Spinning Attack] {AJ} (150) -Delivers an area attack. Radius varies with TP.- 
[Howling Fist] {SP-MNK} (200) -Damage varies with TP.-
[Dragon Kick] {SP-MNK} (225) -Damage varies with TP.-
[Asuran Fists] {EV-MNK} (250) -Delivers an eightfold attack. Damage varies with
[Final Heaven] {WN} -???-

[Wasp Sting] {AJ} (10) -Poisons target. Duration of poison varies with TP.-
[Gust Slash] {AJ} (40) -Deals wind elemental damage. Damage varies with TP.-
[Shadowstitch] {AJ} (70) -Binds target. Chance of Binding varies with TP.-
[Viper Bite] {EX-RDM/THF/BRD/RNG/NIN} (100) -Deals double damage and poisons
                                             target. Duration of poison varies
                                             with TP.-
[Cyclone] {EX-RDM/THF/BRD/RNG/NIN} (125) -Delivers an area attack that deals
                                          wind elemental damage. Damage varies
                                          with TP.-
[Energy Steal] {AJ} (150) -Steals MP. Amount stolen varies with TP.-
[Energy Drain] {EX-RDM/THF/BRD/RNG/NIN} (175) -Steals MP. Amount stolen varies
                                               with TP.-
[Dancing Edge] {THF} (200) -Delivers a fivefold attack. Accuracy varies with 
[Shark Bite] {THF} (225) -Delivers a twofold attack. Damage varies with TP.-
[Evisceration] {EX-RDM/THF/BRD/RNG/NIN} (230) -Delivers a fivefold attack.
                                               Damage varies with TP.-
[Mercy Stroke] {WN} -???-




 O    OO       OOO OOO  OOOO  OOO OOO  OO  O
OO   O O      O    O  O O    O     O  O  O O
 O     O         O O    O    O     O  O  O O

              O    O    O    O    O      O   O
              OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  O      O    OO
              O    O    O    O    O      O      O
              OOOO O    O    OOOO  OOO   O   OOO

14-Special Effects

---Unique To This Game---

Special Effects are unique to this game. No other online game has had them.
They add another unique element to gameplay--strategy. Well, to some degree.
You have to time out your moves so well to execute one of these. You will know
what I mean later.

---A Chain Of Weapon Skills---

A Skillchain is a group of Weapon Skills that have to be executed right after
each other to work. When two or more Weapon Skills are used right after another
one they are called a Skillchain (or Renkei in the Japanese version). By using
this "Skillchain" you combine Weapon Skills and make more powerful versions
with added effects. It is a very hard thing to understand and a very hard
concept to learn. This section will be huge when I go into the theory part of
it and so on.

SKILLCHAINS                                                         SKILLCHAINS

NOTE: Coming In Next Update (Hopefully)

---Boosting My Magic Power---

The element of Magic Burst is a neat one. It is much like a skillchain in a
way. However, it is much harder to execute. You have to time when your spell
will activate since magic has casting times.



 O  OOOO      O   O  OO   OOO  O  O  OO  O  O  OOO OOOO
OO  O         OO OO O  O O     O  O O  O O  O O    O
 O     O      O   O O  O O   O O  O O  O O  O    O O
OOO OOO       O   O  OO   OOO  O  O  OO   OO  OOO  OOOO


---The Only Real Way To Live...In A House---

In FFXI you can get your very own house. It is called a moghouse. Moghouses get
their name because it is a house with a moogle in it. Moogles are sometimes
called mogs. You can decorate your house and grow plants in it. However, the
most important thing you can do there has to do with your moogle.

---Moogle Time---

Moogles in FFXI are one of the most important things. When you talk to your
moogle you have many options. If you are growing a plant you can go to your
moogle to preserve it so it stays in that condition. You can use your moogle as
a bank. You talk to it if you want to decorate your house. You can even change
your job and sub-job in it. They are really important, and really cool.

---The Elements Of A Mog House---

As of the February 2004 update, moghouse furniture now has elements
accociated to it. 

---My House Is Cool, Can I Go To My Friend's House?---

The answear to this is "NO". However you may be able to go into a friends house
in the future. I have divised a way for it to work.
Here is what you do.
*When you go into your moghouse, you select the new command "Mogport".
*Each Moghouse has a specific 10-digit number.
*When you select "Mogport", you type in the number of your friends moghouse.
*If the moghouse you you want to go in has the player offline, it fails.
*If they are playing, then the game will tell you to wait.
*On the other end, it will ask if player so-and-so can enter your moghouse.
*If the other player says yes, you can go in.
*If they say no, it fails.
*In the moghouse, you can only look around and job-switch.
*Works across multiple servers.
Hopefully, you like the idea. Just tell me if you think you can improve it or
if you think it is great.

NOTE: MogPort and the 10-digit number are not in the game yet.



OO  O           O   O      O   O  O O  O    OO OO O  O O      O   O    O  O
 O  O O  OOOO   O   OOO    O   OOO  OOOO    O O O OOOO  OO    O   OOO  OOO
 O  OO O        O   O      O   O O  O  O    O   O O  O    O   O   O    O O
OOO  OO         O   OOOO   O   O  O O  O    O   O O  O OOO    O   OOOO O  O

16-Tetra Master

---The Card Game From FFIX---

Tetra Master is a card game that originated from FFIX. It is a fun game to play
out of FFXI. Note that you play it on the Playonline server, not in the
world. It also costs $1 extra per month to play.




OO     O      O  O O    O      O    O  O  O O  O  O O
 O     O OOOO OOO  OOO   OO    O    O  OOOO OOO    O
 O    O       O  O O       O   O    O  O  O O O    O
OOO  O        OOO  OOOO OOO    O   OOO O  O O  O   O


---Monsters From Around The World---

There are many different kinds of monsters in the world of FFXI. It takes real
adventures to find them and take them down. How many kinds of monsters or
beastmen lie out there to find? There are too many to count.

Beast List- (not all of them)


Jaggedy-Eared Jack
Bigmouth Billy
Bloody Vrukwuk
Thousandarm Deshglesh
Warchief Vatgit
Hundredscar Hajwaj
Ashmaker Gotblut
Cemetery Cherry
Drexerion the Condemned
Phanduron the Condemned
Golden Bat
Valkurum Emperor
Rampaging Ram
SteelFleece Baldarich
Stray Mary
Asphyxiated Amset
Burned Bergmann
Crushed Krause
Juggeler Hecatomb
Pulverized Pfeffer
Smothered Schmid
Wounded Wurfel
Bloodtear Baldulf
Lumbering Lambert
Tumbling Truffle
Tottering Toby
King Arthro
Penzer Percival
Lich C Magnus
Skull of Envy
Skull of Gluttony
Skull of Greed
Skull of Lust
Skull of Pride
Skull of Sloth
Skull of Wrath
Blubbery Bulge
Dartyhanded Gochazuk
Hawkeyed Dnatbat
Poisonhand Gnadgad
SteelBiter Gudrud
Tigerbane Bakdak
Orcish Hexspinner
Orcish Overlord
Orcish Warlord
Overlord Bakgodek
Stinging Sophie
Leaping Lizzy
Bu'Ghi Howlblade
No'Mho Crimsonarmor
Zi'Ghi Boneeater
Geyser Lizard
Jammer Leech
Black Triple Bats
Drooling Daisy
Silk Caterpillar
Awd Goggie
Drone Crawler
Guardian Crawler
Matron Crawler
Queen Crawler
Bloodpool Vorax
Jolly Green
Bi'Gho Headtaker
Da'Dha Hundredmask
Ga'Bhu Unvanquished
Ge'Dha Evileye
Zo'Khu Blackcloud
Adaman Quadav
Diamond Quadav
Ruby Quadav
Za'Dha Adamantking
Tom Tit Tat
Spiny Spipi
Hoo Mjuu the Torrent
Juu Duzu the Whirlwind
Vuu Puqu the Beguilar
Oni Carcass
Bomb King
Doppelganger Dio
Doppelganger Gog
Serpopard Ishter
Ichorous Ire
Leech King
Lord of Onzozo
Deadly Dodo
Daggerclaw Dracos
Waraxe Beak
Old Two-Wings
Skewer Sam
Mee Deggi the Punisher
Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade
Quu Domi the Gallant
Tzee Xicu the Manifest
Yaa Haqa the Profane
Yagudo Avatar
Yagudo High Priest
Yagudo Templar
Capricious Cassie
Eastern Shadow
Northern Shadow
Southern Shadow
Western Shadow
Shadow Eye
Duke Haborym
Grand Duke Batym
Marquis Allocen
Marquis Amon
Baron Vapula
Baronet Romwe
Count Bifrons
Viscount Morax
Trickstar Kinetixs
King Behemoth
Keeper of Halidom
Ancient Goobbue
Voluptuous Vivian
Dune Widow
Cactuar Cantautor
Antican Consul
Antican Legatus
Antican Praefectus
Antican Praetor
Antican Proconsul
Antican Protector
Mischievous Micholas
Abyss Sahagin
Coral Sahagin
Denn the Orcavoiced
Mouu the Waverider
Ocean Sahagin
Voll the Sharkfinned
Yarr the Pearleyed
Woodland Sage
Sozu Rogberry
Sozu Sarberry
Sozu Terberry
Sozu Bliberry
Tonberry Decapitator
Tonberry Pontifex
Tonberry Tracker
Ash Dragon
Sea Horror

Burning Circle:
Helltail Harry
Armsmaster Dekbuk
Invulnerable Mazzgozz
Keeneyed Aufwuf
Longarmed Gottditt
Mind's-eyed Klugwug
Undefeatable Sappdapp
Fleyer Franz
Flesh Eater
Bi'Fho Jestergrin
Ea'Tho Cruelheart
Ka'Nha Jabbertongue
Ku'Tya Hotblood
Yo'Bhu Hideousmask
Zo'Dha Legslicer
Aa Nawu the Thunderblade
Cuu Doko the Blizzard
Gii Jaha the Raucous
Voo Tolu the Ghostfist
Yoo Mihi the Haze
Zuu Xowu the Darksmoke



 O   OO        OO  OOO  OOOO  OO   OOO
OO  O  O      O  O O  O O    O  O O
 O  O  O      O  O O O  O    O  O    O
OOO  OO       O  O O  O OOOO O  O OOO


---Exporing Vana'diel could take years!---

Okay, a bit of an exagguration. But you get the point. Knowing the exact layout
of a city could take days on end. But, I will give a general summary on every
area. Although it is recommended that you look at square's website to get a
better look.

NOTE: I need a lot of help from those that can give it! But only for high areas
because I just need more time for the basic areas.

----Place(slang)----Bind Point(BP)
/areas leading out/

*Starting City*
A large city with mechinary spreading through it. Many other countries dont
care for it much because they say it doesn't have a strong history. In some
ways, Bastok is an almost gothic city. It is dark grays and blues for the most
part. All of its government buildings are in the Metalworks which may seem
weird at first. The Humes and Galka are abundant in Bastok too. The Galkan,
however, are treated very bad. They pretty much just work in the mines and
there is a lot of hate between Galka and Humes. Galka all live in the Bastok
Mines section of city which is somewhat poor. But the work does pay off. Bastok
is the richest nation.
"People that were born in Bastok are Bastokan"
/Zeruhn Mines, North Gustaburg, South Gustaburg, Bastok/

----North Gustaburg(NGusta)----BP
*Area Outside Bastok*
North Gustaburg is less barren than south gustaburg. It is still a rocky
desert-like area. The large hill on it have some vegetation, but not much.
But there is a river and waterfall if you are into that sort of thing.
"There is a graveyard on top of one of the hills"
/Palborough Mines, South Gustaburg, Konschtat Highlands, Bastok/

----South Gustaburg(SGusta)----
*Area Outside Bastok*
South Gustaburg is the same as North Gustaburg. Well, not really. It has a
few puddles of water in the Fumaroles and it does have more hills. Can't forget
the lighthouse. But, it is still a desert. A desert you will come to hate.
"The lighthouse has a broken elevator"
/North Gustaburg, Dangruf Wadi, Bastok/

*Starting City*
Probably the opposite of Bastok. It is full of vegetation and blue waters. The
houses are practically build into the earth. Okay, there are some houses build
on pieces of wood. But it is lush and great to look at. Taru-taru and Mithra
can bee seen here in large numbers. The city is very peacefull overall.
"Three out of the four parts of the military both start with the same letter"
/West Sarutabaruta, East Sarutabaruta, Horutoto Ruins/


 O   OO       OOOO     OO      OO
OO  O  O      O       O  O    O  O
 O   OOO OOOO OOO     OOOO    O  O
 O     O      O    OO O  O OO O OO OO
OOO  OO       O    OO O  O OO  OOO OO


---Frequently Asked Questions=F.A.Q.---

Q. - Can this game be played offline like other Final Fantasies?
A. - No. There is no way to play this offline. It is completely online. It is
     an MMORPG meaning it is online-only. This is not Diablo II or PSO which
     are both ORPGs.

Q. - What Does MMORPG Mean?
A. - Incase you didnt look at the top, it means: Massivly Multiplayer Online
     Role Playing Game. This type of game is online-only with no exceptions.
     These types of games usually have monthly fees.

Q. - What does ORPG mean?
A. - ORPGs are Online Role Playing Games. These do not cost any money. However,
     these types of games are usually porly kept up. These games can be played
     offline. They are easily hacked games. ORPGs include:
     Diablo 1/2 and Phantasy Star Online
     Well, PSO does have a fee, but it doesnt need one. Or atleast it doesnt
     need one that high.

Q. - Will all ISPs work for this game?
A. - Yes, even AOL. But some are just really bad in general. You should
     probably change ISPs if this is the case.

Q. - Does FFXI have a monthly fee? If so, how much.
A. - Yes FFXI has a montly fee of $12.95 per month. You can get more things for
     more money. Each extra character you make is another $1.00 per month and
     Tetra Master (A cool card game) is also another $1.00 added on to the fee.

Q. - Is FFXI hacked a lot?
A. - No. If it does get hacked, the person who hacked it gets banned/sued.
     After the hacker is taken care of, they fix the problem fast.

Q. - Is the HDD required for the PS2 version?
A. - Yes, there is no way out of this. You have to buy it. Currently it is
     required to play FFXI and will add upgrades for SOCOM II and Grand
     Turismo 4. However, it will come pre-loaded with FFXI for $99.

Q. - Can you run out of Stamina while you are running?
A. - No, you cant. You could run as long as you want. There is no stamina bar.

Q. - When does this game get fun?
A. - This is actually a fairly common question. This game is unlike most other
     MMORPGs. This game has a weird "fun" system.
     (Mediocre Fun)=lv 1-9 (Little Fun)=lv 9-15 (Great Fun)=lv15+

Q. - Can you make a Male Mithra or a Female Galka?
A. - No. These races are of one sex ONLY. 

Q. - I got a weird answer when I did the benchmark test. What does it mean?
A. - Most likly it was the "Direct3D" one. This one shows the words "Direct3D"
     with a bunch of symbols after it. This means that your graphics card is
     not good enough to play the game. You should get a new graphics card if
     you want to play this game.

Q. - Should I get this game?
A. - This is the best MMORPG I have played. If you like MMORPGs, then all I
     have is "all-systems-go". If you want a better review, then look at some

Q. - What does the score I got for the benchmark mean?
A. - From the official site:


Cannot run - 999: "Too Weak To Be Worthwhile" PC
Unfortunately, we assume that the specifications of your computer do not meet
requirements to run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows. If you have this score even
though your computer meets the minimum system requirements, please adjust the
software resident on your PC. If your computer does not meet the minimum system
requirements, please consider upgrading your machine.

1000 to 1499: "Easy Prey" PC
We assume that your computer can run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows. However,
your frame rate may drop when in a party with lots of effects or in crowded
cities. You should set the game settings (such as resolution and texture) as
low as possible. In addition, if these symptoms bother you, you may consider
upgrading your computer (such as increasing the amount of memory or upgrading
your graphics card, etc).

1500 to 1999: "Decent Challenge" PC
We assume that your computer can easily run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows with
the default settings. If the frame rate bothers you when you run FINAL FANTASY
XI for Windows, you may change the game settings (resolution or texture
settings, etc) or adjust the display of weather effects.

2000 to 2499: "Even Match" PC
We assume that your computer can run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows enjoyably
with the default settings. You should be able to play easily with weather
effects on.

2500 to 2999: "Tough" PC
We assume that your computer can run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows enjoyably
with the default settings. If your video card exceeds the recommended system
requirements, we recommend that you increase the resolution of FINAL FANTASY XI
for Windows. FINAL FANTASY XI might run just as smoothly as in low resolution

3000 to 3999: "Very Tough" PC
We assume that your computer can run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows enjoyably
with the default settings. If your video card exceeds the recommended system
requirements, it may be possible to run "FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows" easily
even in high resolution mode.

4000 or above: "Incredibly Tough" PC
We assume that your computer can run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows incredibly
well with the default settings. If your video card exceeds the recommended
system requirements, it may be possible to run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows
easily even in high resolution mode or with bump mapping enabled.

7000 or above: "Impossible To Gauge"
We assume that your computer can run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows excellently
with the default settings. If your video card exceeds the recommended system
requirements, we recommend that you try out various configuration settings of


If you have a question you would like answeared then ask me via E-Mail at:
[email protected]



 OO   OO         OOO OOO  OOOO  OOO OOO  OO  O
O  O O  O       O    O  O O    O     O  O  O O
  O  O  O OOOO   OO  OOO  OOO  O     O  OOOO O
 O   O  O          O O    O    O     O  O  O O

                OOOOO O  O  OO  O   O O  O  OOO
                  O   O  O O  O OO  O O O  O
                  O   OOOO OOOO O O O OO    OO
                  O   O  O O  O O  OO O O     O
                  O   O  O O  O O   O O  O OOO

20-Special Thanks

---Thank You...Thank You All---

I would like to say a good "Thank You" to:

- My Mom - 
It sounds really corny but since she has let me piss her off about FFXI and my
great obsession about it. Im surprised she has lasted this long.

- My Dad - 
This is his computor.

- Zack Huber (exile2k2) -
Gave me all of the commands in the "The Basics" section. Also gave stats for
the Dark Knight's scythe.

- Chris Grant (OwNjOO) -
Corrected some spelling/grammer mistakes.

- Bradley Lawrence (Cecil) -
Told me that Barstonra was for WHM, which made me realize that all the Bar-ra
spells are for WHM. So a good correction there.

- Taylor Risley (Grypht) -
To make a semi-longish story short, he let me know about the Bar spells for
RDM, so I added them.

- Elk of death -
Corrected the Elvann's AGI stat for DRK.

- GameFAQs - 
For letting me post it there, and giving me the inspiration I needed to waste
my time in front of the computor to help people I have never met.

- Me - 
I'm thanking myself because without myself, there would be no guide.

- Stat Calcualtor -
This is where I got max stat info.

- Shadow-Dragons -
For some info on job moves.

- ffxionline -
Gave me the basic info on where to find the advanced job quests.

- Tazirai -
Stats for summoner AF and Red mage AF.

- Kagetsu -
Stats for Beastmaster AF, Monk AF, Paladin AF, Thief AF, Dragoon AF.

- Zsedc -
Stats for the rest of Dark Knight AF, Samurai AF.

- Atma -
For making the artifact armour website .

- Maxim -
For some major corrections.

- Russta -
For samurais 'rice ball' correction.

- RPGdemon -
For organising everything all the AF stuff, putting the AF info together and
finding the AF stats for: White Mage, Black Mage, Bard, Warrior and Ranger.

- Toby Stauss (Savage) -
RSE info and starting ring info.

- My own free time - 
Since I have so much free time I can spend all day doing pointless stuff. I
decided to put that time to good use by making a guide. 80+ hours of free time
a week is how I produced this guide in a couple of days.



 OO   O       OOO O     OO   OOO OOO O   O  OOO
O  O OO      O    O    O  O O     O  OO  O O
  O   O OOOO O    O    O  O  OO   O  O O O O  OO
 O    O      O    O    O  O    O  O  O  OO O   O


This FAQ was probably the longest thing I have ever made (excluding my three
"videogame designs on paper"). This is still somewhat of a work in progress but
hopefully it has helped you out in some sort of way. There Is many aspects of
this game I have yet to put on this guide because it is such a immense game.
With the expansions making this guide all the more longer, I may have trouble
keeping up (despite my age). If you have something about the guide you want to
say then E-Mail me. Unlike most people I will take criticism and remarks that
hopefully will make my guide all the more better. What you say may not get in
the guide, but if it does you will know. Your name will be in the "Special
Thanks" section. Oh, and try to make it something readable. I will give you a
reply if I cannot understand anything you say. I will always reply to an
E-Mail. That my friends (in FFXI and anyone reading this FAQ) concludes this
FAQ for now.

If you want to contact me about the guide: [email protected]

GameFAQs names: BlackRagnarok and WhiteRagnarok

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