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Super Smash Brothers....BRAWL
What Final Smashes are is simple. There's a Smash Ball. You Hit it. You Glow. 
You press "B". Something 
cool happens.

So im here to tell you what each characters Final Smash does. Starting with..

Mario: Flames start at his hands, spin and expand as they cross the level. Best used from a slight distance.

Luigi: Large ball of Gelatin-like substance expands across the level, slowing everyone inside. Luigi's attacks are particularly strong while in the... bubble.

Yoshi: He sprouts wings and shoots fire balls. Also damages on contact with other players.

Peach: Figures appear on the frame of the screen, food drops down and enemies fall asleep for time depending on the damage percentage of the players.

Bowser: Turns into Giga-Bowser. Does extra damage.

Donkey Kong: Pulls out a pair of Bongos, and plays music while knocking players in his immediate area for massive damage. The longer they are in the vicinity, the more damage they take.

Diddy Kong: Puts on a jet pack, flies around shooting flaming peanuts at players. Peanuts do massive damage with direct hits. Also does damage on contact.

Wario: Eats a clove of garlic and becomes Wario-Man. Gets a small power and speed boost, Higher jumping is also a plus.

Pikachu: Turns into a giant ball of electricity (Volt Tackle). Minimal player control, but moves fast.

Pokemon Trainer: Smash can be activated by any pokemon. All pokemon unleash a strong move of their own type. Venusaur does Solar Beam, Charizard does Fire Blast, and Squirtle does Hydro Pump; all put into one beam. Very Strong.

Pit: Calls upon the servants of the Goddess Palutena. She appears behind the level and small flying warriors attack all the players.  About ten of them attack.

Samus: She shoots a huge beam that stands about the height of DK, maybe higher. Moves slowly, and easily dodged by flying characters. Her suit breaks and falls off after the Smash, making you...

Zero Suit Samus: Spins her whip around her pulling anyone near her into a electric ball of death. This changes her back into Samus.

Kirby: Puts on a chefs hat and puts all the enemies into a pot. Does some damage to them then blasts them off, releasing various items, mostly food.

Meta Knight: Swings his cape around a player, (must be close), the screen darkens and he slashes with his sword, launching the enemy into the air with a furious force.

King Dedede: He Glows, dances, then summons an army of Waddle Dee's, Waddle Doo's, and spiky things called Gordo's. The Gordo's are the most dangerous. Great against multiple enemies.

Link: Shoots a small beam of light directly across from himself. Anyone in the way, he pulls to them and they are trapped by 2 Triforce signs then blugeoned and blown away into the abyss. Basically an immediate K.O.

Sheik & Zelda: Shoots a light arrow which inserts into the closest person across from her. Does a little cinematic of the arrow hitting the character before launch. Very Powerful.

Fox, Falco & Wolf: Summons a Landmaster Tank from the Starfox series, which rolls, has jump jets which can crush on landing and fires its cannon. Cannon is very powerful, rolls remove hitchhikers.

Ice Climbers: They clap hands and a giant iceberg pops up in the center of the level. Does frost damage to anyone that touches it, can also freeze on contact at about 70% damage or more.

Captain Olimar: Gets in his rocket ship and flies up to the sky while the ground below is attacked by various monsters from the Pikmin franchise. everyone on the ground takes massive damage, and the rocket comes down with a large explosion, launching anyone near to the outer depths.

Ike: Swings, (within reach of his sword) flinging the enemy into the air, where he meets them, wails on them for a bit, then knocks them to the ground where they bounce off the level, (if the damage is high enough.) My personal favorite of all the Final Smashes.

Lucas & Ness: Summons a flurry of comets that rain down on the level. Easy to dodge, but can mess you up if you get hit.

C. Falcon: His racer flies by on the ground of the level, hitting a person close to him. Then it cuts to a cinematic of the victim being hit by Falcon while he's driving his ship.

Snake: Can be activated in the air, he hangs down from a ladder with a grenade launcher. a recticule comes up on the screen, controlled by the player. Fires with "A". You have 12 Shots to shoot within a time limit.

All for now, ill be writing more later, when its not midnight.

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