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Hey, this is my first Wii FAQ, isn't it?  I better make this one good, so here
goes!  This guide will make you a winner when you use the Smash Ball to perform
a Final Smash!  The Smash Ball looks like this:

                             -  -    -
                            --  -    --  
                            -- -------
                             -  -   -
Yup, that's it, but you know, it all colored in and glowing.  To perform your
Final Smash, you have to attack the ball until it breaks.  The player who broke
it will start glowing.  Press the special attack button to perform the Final
Smash for whatever character you are using at the time.  Final Smashes are
unique between characters.
 So, for example, Bowser transforms into Giga Bowser for his, Sonic transforms
into Super Sonic, and so on.  Now to get it, try to KO the other players near
the Smash Ball.  Then you'll be free to go at your own pace till you break the
Smash Ball!

There are many ways to use a Final Smash.  You can use it immediately after you
get the Smash Ball.  Or you can get yourself into an advantageous position and
then use it.  Either way, it's up to you.  But don't dawdle with it or you will
lose the Smash Ball when you get attacked.  Then you have go through the tedious
process of breaking the Smash Ball again.

That's it for now.  If you like this or want to use any of this FAQ, contact me! 

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