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®itten By: ChibiZ
Çøpyright: 2001 by ChibiZ a.k.a. Austin C. 
Last edited: August Second 2001                
                                             Guide of:

           By the way, when I send in this guide it all got screwed up, so now I'm 
working on it.  *Okay, I just upgraded 
how much I have done. The guide is now more organized and detailed. Hopefully I will 
get the item listen up and running by August Third. Anywho, this is unofficial and 
has no copyright infringement with Square or Sony, so they can't sue me! I hope.. 
(Tough luck!) If you want to print this, ask me first. If I agree and let you print 
this, you are free to give it to your friends so they can use it. There's nothing at 
all wrong with that. But you cannot sell it, that's fraud! And you also cannot list 
this FAQ on any other sites, or modify it in any way without my permission or 
prepare to face udder financial destruction, courtesies of almighty law.
I see FED people!"
Okay, first of all you need to maximize this so you can see it better.. There you 
go! Now, you may have beaten the game hundreds of times.. But what have you missed? 
Items? Materia? Equipment? Ultimate Weapons? If so, just check this guide/faq/or the 
secrets, items, materia, weapons, armor, accessories, enemy skills, side quests 
lists. Everything you need to know and more all here! Anyway, on with the...

------------------------------------------------------------------Natural Way--------
Good! Finally more details for Disc One! There's much more details for all of you 
(no offense) viewers of the most obvious, and tons of more stuff added on, such as 
boss strategies and tips. If you saw my first version, I think you might be happy to 
know that that sadness has been put behind us.

Disc One:
Start your game by grabbing two potions from the two dead Red Shinra Guards after 
leaping off the train, then follow Barret. You'll enter a fight. Just use regular 
attacks on both of them to win easily. Keep on going and follow Biggs, Wedge, and 
Jesse. You'll meet up at a gate and start talking to Biggs. Type your name in. Then 
you'll make some snappy remarks and meet up with Barret for the first time. Follow 
them until you enter the reactor. You'll get yelled at and anger Barret, who 
will "Take you with him" as he joins your party. Making sure to grab the phoenix 
down in the chest in the area below, now talk to Biggs, then Jesse, then to Jesse 
again, and follow her in the elevator and press the down switch. A long talking 
sequence occurs. Follow Jesse all the way down to the ladder and potion (Which you 
grab) then walk down to the next ladder. Then you follow the path down to a save 
point and save. Now go on until you reach materia on the ground, grab it! Now head 
to the reactor and watch the fun begin! Its your first boss! DunDunDun!

Boss Fight: Roboscorpion
What you need to know: He has 500 HP, 2 regular attacks that do about the same as 
yours, and a Laser attack which takes away 170 some HP, which he uses only when 
attacked while his tail his erect and pointing at you, so don't do that... Also, he 
is very weak against Bolt. I suggest you save your magic up for this bad dude, it 
takes away about 88 damage each time, a great helper. Just use Cloud for attacking 
and Barret for healing or attacking also.

Time Bomb!: After setting of the bomb, you must get out in 10 minutes or less, or 
die. Run your butt all the way back until you see Jesse near where you make the big 
jump and find the first ladder, help her or you won't make it. Now continue running 
your butt off, all the way back up the stairs to the elevator, and exit the 
elevator, going over to Jeese and talking to her, she will open the door. Then talk 
to Biggs. Now run out with your crew. You made it! Great! 

The Flowers and a Train: You and the guys are in a tunnel where your meetings where 
held.. You destroy the evidence.. You split up, but follow Barret. You'll find 
yourself talking to a Flower Girl. Respond to her questions in this order. "Nothing. 
Hey, listen..." "You don't see many flowers around here..." then just buy one. Now 
follow where she went and walk down until you get an item, then keep on going until 
you get chased down by Shinra. Fight them. They're easy and you need the exp. 
Afterwards you get to watch a nice FMV, then Cloud flipping into moving train.. 
Anyway, follow the group after they finish talking to you and Jesse "confronts" you. 
Talk to Jesse, then talk to Barret. 

Sector Seven: First, follow the group through screens to town. Then say hello to 
Tifa and give her the flower. (If you give Barret's daughter, Marlene, the flower, 
you have more chances of going out with Barret.. So unless your Yaoi, don't give it 
to him) Then you go down by examining the Arcade game.. And you go down and PO 
Barret. I'm to dazed to remember what happens here.. I will refill that space with 
info when I update it. Anyway, you go through a long talking sequence.. If you 
already played the game, you probably know how to equip materia. If you tell Barret 
how to, it will then show you how to equip materia. Now go to the 3 story shop and 
talk to the guy and the upper left of the screen and buy one of the armor that has a 
materia slot, then equip it to someone and sell there armor, and buy everyone else 
armor and sell the useless armor.. Now go up to the second floor and Grab some free 
items by examining the materia and then the treasure chest. Then if you'd like, you 
can go down to another building nearest to the one you just left from, and buy some 
items or materia. Now go back to the train and get on..

Train/Underground Subway: Okay, now your on the train again.. Talking with Tifa.. 
She's trying to show you the same thing Jesse showed you. What is it with girls 
trying to impress Cloud? Anyhow.. The ID check has been moved up, probably thanks to 
blowing up that reactor. (Nice move, guys..) And the "special" fake ID that Jesse 
made screws up.. Uh oh.. Somebody's in trouble! You have a few seconds to run to the 
next room. Quick! But wait.. Go talk to the guy laying down in the back and talk to 
him quickly, and he gives you a Hi-Potion, which restores 500 HP. Now get outta 
there! Good.. Your safe, for now.. You talk a few seconds and have to run again, but 
make sure you speak to a man at an exit who looks like he has an orange mustache and 
is an African American. He gives you another item that's to worthless for me to 
recall compared to an Elixir.. A guy will also swipe an item from you in the last 
room.. Wait until he stops moving and talk to him, answering "Yep" to his "Busted?" 
question. Then you go to the engine room and jump off the train. Go down the tunnel, 
but don't go backwards, you'll run into an unlimited line of guards. You can fight a 
few, then run off. When you get there, go down the "Small $%#@!ing hole!" as Barret 
puts it.. Grab the items down there and make your way down and go into all the 
ladders to check for items and team members to talk to. Then go up the ladder that's 
all the way to the left and grab the tent and save. Then you'll go down a slide and 
wind up in a place that looks like the reactor you were at before.

Second Reactor: Okay, go down the steps like you were going to fight the 
RoboScorpion again, and go back down to where you need it, and set the bomb. You 
have no time limit here, so, take all the time you need. Go take the elevator and 
you get to have fun with buttons! First grab some items, then time your button press 
with the others. Now go and save. You can fight until your limit breaks are up (Good 
idea!) and then go through the doorway and meet up with the president of Shinra. Now 
you get to fight a new kind of enemy. A robotic boss!

Boss Fight: Air Buster
What you need to know: All right, easy fight. If you built up your limit breaks, use 
it on his back for more power. For starters, use Barrets, Then Cloud, Then Tifa. Use 
bolt and keep alive for the battle. If you must, waste the new Hi-Potion, though I 
hope you won't, That would be pathetic.. Anywho, after battle, the robot short 
circuits and explodes, sending Cloud flying in the air and grabbing hold of anything 
he could, the edge of the bridge, hanging over midgar.. Since they were on opposite 
sides, they can't reach Cloud, and the reactor blows, sending Cloud flying down and 
crashing.. on a Church.

Aeris The Flower Girl: You wake up with a girls eyes over you! It turns out the 
Flower Girl who you met after bombing the first reactor.. Lives in Sector 5, where 
you fell to. Anyway, you talk for a while.. Reply nicely to get better chances at 
dating her ^.~

The Turks: Who the heck's that? You know him from somewhere.. The Turks! A group of 
secret agents from Shinra out for the flower girl! Holy Crud! Run up to the roof, 
but Aeris falls. Ask Aeris to wait a second when a Shinra is near her, and push down 
the West barrel when the first one meets up with her. At the second, the one to the 
North. And at the East, the third. Escaping safely!

My bodyguard: Okay, your first assigned bodyguard mission is to take her home.. 
Simple.. Just go to the left screen when you first get off the garbage pile, and 
when you reach a wall, go up into an opening in the garbage, and keep going through 
town, to the next opening and go into her house, where her Mother asks you to leave 
when Aeris goes upstairs.. Go upstairs and go to sleep. wake up and grab the thing 
that looks like Takeout Chinese for items. Then go closely over to the stairway and 
walk over to it, making sure not to run, and go downstairs and out the door. Then go 
back to the wall and find Aeris.

Follow The Yellow-Brick Road: I'd suggest staying here and fighting a few days until 
you gain quite a few levels and know at least BladeBeam on Cloud. I have Meteoranian 
after staying here a few days. So it might be smart fighting a few groups of the 
little hurling worms or the Hell House's. 

The Playground: Mostly only for talking or FMV sequences. Pointless really, though 
you eventually get a sense materia. All you do is get on top of the slide thing and 
talk with Aeris, and spot Tifa after a while. You then follow her to the next town, 
Wall Market.

Wall Market: One of the more complicated parts in the game...
                                                (( To be added on ))

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