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Writer: Alex
E-mail: [email protected]
AIM: AxelOf13


1: Game Overview
2: Leveling Overview
3: Strategical Overview
3.1: Note
3.2: Part I Prologue: Under Grey Skies
3.3: Part I Chapter I: Maiden Of Miracles
3.4: Part I Chapter II: The Dispossessed
3.5: Part I Chapter III: A Faint Light
3.6: Part I Chapter IV: A Distant Voice
3.7: Part I Chapter V: The Lost Heir
3.8-A: Part I Chapter VI: Raise The Standard(Part I)(incomplete)
3.8-B: Part I Chapter VI: Raise The Standard(Part II)(Incomplete)
3.9: Part I Chapter VII: 

Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn is the sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the
Nintendo Gamecube. Radiant Dawn introduces some new characters and new
challenges that may have you wondering "Just how is this possible?" Well, I have
a few strategical overviews of how you should basically be able to get things 

Radiant Dawn features a good amount of new weaponry, a new Laguz tribe, and is
one hell of a game. The most intense is when it starts, and you follow the
exploits of the Dawn Brigade and the liberation of Daein from Begnion. Then,
Elincia and her Royal Knights put down a rebellious uprising, then the most
interesting part of the game, which chronicles the war between the Laguz
Alliance, which includes the Greil Mercenaries, and finally, preventing the
seemingly end of the world. 
Radiant Dawn is a hard, challenging game that really puts your wits to the
ultimate test, pressing patience and strategical skills to the very limit.
Overall I was impressed with the bulk of the game, but the final chapter is too
much, but at the same time I was expecting more. In fear of spoiling anything,
I'm not going to give my reasons.

But finally, I prefer Path of Radiance over Radiant Dawn, but, of course, every
game has it's pros and cons.

Radiant Dawn takes a bit more kick to play then Path of Radiance, so prepare
yourself. Your characters level, I think, a bit slower, keeping characters far
from invincible for a good portion of the game, if invincible at all, and should
be played with one universal rule in mind. Even a God can be felled.
Of course, staying on topic of level ups, remember that, despite the fact that
you get a few thousand Bonus EXP. points, it takes quite a bit more points to
get your characters to level up. Since it's hard to distribute evenly, you
should use it on one prime character each round, preferably a weaker character
to let them catch up to the rest of the gang and have a fighting chance.
A way to counter the slow leveling and vast amount of Bonus EXP. it takes to
level up, is the ability Paragon which doubles EXP. gained for that character,
and luckily, you get it from the boss in the final half of Chapter Six in the
first part. The down side is the fact that, until Part Four of the game, only
the Dawn Brigade characters can use it.
I suggest giving it to Michaia to get her to level 20 ASAP. Then, give it to a
character you want to train to help them level faster, and help get to the third
Class Tier.


3.1: NOTE

Now that, for the most part, the basics of getting characters stronger, and how
leveling works, I'll get into the game. Remember that this is based off Normal
Mode, and please note that it's NOT a Turn-By-Turn walk through with 'how to get
every item in the game!' details, just some tips to help you perfect your
strategy by combining my ideas and my personal style with your own strengths.
It's not a must-use idea, just suggestions.


Micaiah- The leader of the Dawn Brigade, the rebellion group in Daien, fighting
the army of Bignion Commander Jarod, who became Warlord of Daien after the Mad
King's War, when Begnion took control of Daien in post-war repairs.
Micaiah is a Level 1 Light Mage and one of the main characters in Radiant Dawn.
She is fairly easy to level up, and the first on the list to get Paragon when
it's obtained. Careful with her, though, being a light Mage, she is not quick
enough to doge the bandit's attacks and her defense in dreadfully low, so she'll
be dead within a hit or two. Until she gets some level ups and gets some decent
speed, keep her away from direct attacks, unless you can stand in a thicket, but
even then it's risky.

Edward- A novice swordsman and a founding member of the Dawn Brigade, Edward is
one of the characters that can be iffy. Even with level ups, he's not as decent
as other myrmidons, even when he's a swordmaster he is pretty low in the ranks.
Though, in the first few chapters, seeing as how he is one, if not the fastest
Dawn Brigade member, and the only swordsman you have against a good number of ax
users, he is a valuable character in the early stages. Just use caution with
him. His defense and health is fairly low, so he really can't hold his own
against hordes of enemies. It's a good idea to get him a Wind Edge and level him
up some using indirect attacks.

Leonardo- Though he shows up late, Leonardo is also a member of the Dawn Brigade
and the first archer you get, even if he is, in my opinion, the worst. I didn't
use him much, only to feather off a few enemies with low health that need to be
dealt with either at the very end of a turn, and no one else can finish them
off, or the very first to attack a foe that was nearly killed by a counterattack
during the Enemy Phase. Other then that, he isn't much use, even as a Sniper, or
even Marksman. Keep him behind your other direct attackers and keep him out of
enemy reach, because he has low speed, avoid and defense levels and can't take a
punch without dieing. Leonardo has a Dracosheild item you can use to either,
sell for 4,000 extra gold, or use on a character to boost their defense by two

The basic idea behind this chapter is to use Edward as a wall and let Micaiah
and Leonardo indirectly attack with magic and bows. I suggest using Miciah more
to finish bandits off then Edward, who starts on Level 4 or Leonardo, who,
although he shows up late, starts on Level 4 as well. Micaiah, however, starts
on Level 1, and as the Dawn Brigade's commander, puts her at a huge disadvantage
that needs to be compensated for as quickly as possible. 
So, using Edward as a wall to draw out the bandits, putting him right above
where the guard rail at the bottom left of the map ends and directly under the
crates from the bazaar shop, and healing when needed, and keeping him there, and
then, after he weakens them, use Micaiah or Leonardo to finish them off.
As far as the boss goes of this chapter, position Edward, Leonardo and Micaiah
just out of the Bosses range, and then, on your next turn, move Edward into the
very edge of his reach, then use Leonardo and Micaiah to attack him indirectly
and inflict more damage, finishing him off with Edward if needed. Remember to
use Edward last so he doesn't have to worry about the counter attack so he isn't
The Prologue then ends after you rout the enemy, no matter how it's done.

Victory: 40
Victory in 10 turns or under: 20
Victory in 15 turns or under: 10
Maximum Bonus EXP.: 60


Nolan- Nolan is one of the more useful Dawn Brigade members, but again, he was
low defense in the long run, and really isn't a good choice for running into the
thick of combat alone. He is good, for a few chapters anyway, to act as a wall
or to use to weaken enemies then let other characters take them out. He is a
character you want to level up fairly quickly, to give him the edge in battle.
Where he compensates in strength he lacks in defense and speed. Just remember
that in this game enemies have a way of typically getting stronger then your
units fairly quickly, so if you plan on making Nolan your Reaver over Boyd, be
prepared with waling items or keep a healer at his side so he can be healed as
he bashes away at enemies.

This chapter is a bit rough due to the limit of ten turns. My strategy is more
of a battle against the turn counter more so then a battle against the actual
enemy units. To start, put Nolan right at the end of the alleyway so he can take
the bulk of the damage, healing when necessary, and let either Leonardo or
Micaiah stand behind him to feather off a few, while Nolan takes down the other
attacker. Use Edward to go off to the left to visit the house to the left of the
alley, and trail behind the rest of the group. After the bandits are dealt with,
visit the other house and get the hand ax to Nolan as quickly as possible, while
Nolan moves to attract the Soldier and archer to the left of the map, using
another Dawn Brigade member to finish them off. By the time your ready to face
ethier the boss or the fighter on the other side, you should have only two or
three turns left. If you haven't done so, rush Micaiah towards the Escape point,
and use Nolan Leonardo and Edward to take down the Fighter, or if you have a
three or four turns left and you feel confident in your units, you can take down
the boss for a goos roll of EXP for whoever fells him, and a steal sword for 

Victory: 80
Victory in 7 turns or less: 40
Victory in 9 turns or less: 20
Maximum Bonus EXP: 120 


Laura- The healing and recovery pillar of the Dawn Brigade. She starts on level
1, so she needs some work if you want to get her to be a better healer for
either the end of the game, or just to have a decent healer on your team. Though
she can supply your team with health for combat, or act as an antidote for
poison, she can't defend herself. Better yet, she can't take a single hit unless
you want her dead.

Sothe- Sothe is not only a core member of the Dawn Brigade, but also a veteran
member of the Greil Mercenaries from the Mad King's War. For the beginning of
the game, Sothe is your solo mission man, being able to hold his own against a
good amount of enemies, mostly because he's already in his second class tier,
but none the less a valuable addition to the Dawn Brigade. Take advantage of his
ability to steal and pick locks freely.

*NOTE: THE LEDGE FACTORS- The 'Ledge Factors' in this chapter put you at a
disadvantage. Your hit ratio drops dramatically, while the foes increases, along
with the damage that can be dealt. Avoid getting close to the ledges to avoid
such damage. If you want to draw out some of the foes in the final room without
using Sothe, put Nolan at a point in the enemy unit's range so the enemy has to
drop off the ledge to attack him, so neither you nor your foe can use the Ledge
Factor to their advantage.

To finish this chapter, you need Laura to arrive on the Arrive point. This is,
however, simpler said then done, and is much harder then what it looks to be. It
takes a bit of time if you want to suck all the items out of this chapter that
can come in handy in the long run. The main thing you want to focus on, after
getting Sothe on turn 3, is getting him into the lowered room with the two
chests in it to claim a Wind Edge and Micaiah's light spell, Thani. After
trading it to her, use her to finish the boss. Now, to answer your next
question, how is this done.

the chapter begins with the Dawn Brigade in a small room in the bottom-center of
the map, on the lowest level of the map. The Dawn Brigade must climb to the
highest level of the map, take out the enemy units, so Laura can make it to the
Arrival point without fear of being killed and the chapter ending. Start off by
having Nolan attack the enemy unit to the east, using Leonardo or Micaiah to
feather him off. With your last three units, create a column of Edward on top,
to attact the fighter on the higher level that inevitably jumps off the ledge,
your indirect attacker of either Micaiah or Leonardo, depending on who you used
to finish off the enemy unit right outside of the starting room, and at the
bottom, Laura. Edward should be in the square directly west of the wall right
above the opening into the next room, your indirect attacker directly south of
him and directly south of them Laura. After the fighter attacks, finish them off
with Edward or one of your indirect attackers, while Nolan moves out to face the
other enemy units heading down on the right side of the map, along with your
other indirect attacker. Accomplishing this should take you to turn 3, when
Sothe arrives. Equip him with the Kard Dagger he has and take down the west most
soldier in the room, attack from directly south of him. The other two will be
killed by Sothe's counterattack and his position will provoke the archer form
the other room. Finish off the archer and then go across the top level to empty
out the final room, save for the boss. Don't worry about the chest, you can come
back to it.
While your doing this, have the rest of the Dawn Brigade move up to the second
level, avoiding the movement range of the archer in the upper right room, unless
you want to draw out a few of the upper level enemy units with Nolan and take
them down with the other Brigade members, and use Nolan's hand ax to use the
Ledge Factor to your advantage against the soldier in the sunken room so Sothe
can drop in, take out the myrmidon, receive a Wind Edge for Edward, and a Thani
for Micaiah. Have Sothe trade these items to the respective characters, then use
Micaiah's new Thani spell to take down the boss, if she is strong enough, in one
blow. If not, chip off a few hit points with another Brigade membered before
using Thani, which actually dose bonus damage against armored units and cavalry
units. Once the boss is taken care of, open the last chest for the Energy Drop
inside and have Laura arrive.

Victory: 120
Victory in 10 turns or less: 60
victory in 15 turns or lest: 30
Maximum Bonus EXP: 180

3.5: Part I: Silver Haired Maiden Chapter III: A Faint Light

Ilyana- A lightning mage who's frail demeanor goes against her real potent
power. She carries a Thunder and Elthunder, and of course, she is useful against
armored units and their low resistance, and her thunder magic deals good damage
to dragons. She is a good clean-up character, able to take down enemies in one
fell swoop. Though she can only take one or two hits without being in peril, so
keep her distant from the fray, but keep the fray within her reach. She's a good
character to use in combination with the Ledge Factor.

ARAN- You get Aran by taking to him with Laura. A tip on getting close enoug hto
do so and not endanger Laura, let him come to you, then take out the two
soldiers with him, then talk to him with Laura. Aran is a very good unit, my
personal choice to act as the best unit in the Dawn Brigade, very capable of
taking on several enemies at once after a bit of leveling up, but not without
some support, a good unit to use as a wall, attacking only with his counter
attack and otherwise healing. Good to use when you send a few units out to
accomplish something specific, or to lead the team at the front lines. Keep Aran
away from groups of mages, though, because he lacks resistance, so a few mage
attacks can take him down. Aran is, however, overall a very good character in
the game. Should be first choice for Bonus EXP. so he can get to a higher level,
even a class up, early in the game to give you a slightly better edge.

Help Amiee and Kurth stay out of enemy range, recruit the Soldier Aran, move
southeast through the door, survive the assault through the bulk of enemy units,
defeat the boss, stealing his Discipline Scroll if you get the chance, and
escape to clear the chapter. Quite a to-do list. All of this is very possible,
but can be strenuous. Exploit and abuse the Battle Save feature in this chapter,
using it at the beginning of each Player Phase, in case you mess up badly.

Kick this chapter off by manual repositioning. Since the Advance menu is not
available until next chapter, move your units as follows. Move Nolan to the
square directly south of Leonardo, move Edward to the left of Leonardo, position
Ilyana directly above Edward, have Sothe move to attack the Fighter to the
southeast to receive the door key, and to have one less threat to worry about.
Next, move Laura to Sothe's original position and use Michaia's turn to go into
the Direct options, then use Target, moving the yellow circle to the most upper
right corner you can get to.
During the enemy phase, the first wave of enemies come in, attacking Nolan and
Edward, along with an Armor Sword moving up. If Nolan didn't finish off his
attacker, have Leonardo do so. If Edward didn't kill his foe, move Ilyana two
spaces left and use her to attack the weakened foe. Have Micaiah use Thani to
take out the approaching Armor Sword, and start moving Laura west, preferable
right above Edward, to heal him if needed. In the Reinforcement Phase (The point
between the end of either the Enemy Phase or Other phase, in this case the Enemy
Phase) Aran shows up to the south of Ilayana, along the left side of the map.
After the trio of Aran and his Begnion Soldiers move up, kill of the two
Soldiers and have Laura talk to Aran, pushing her if needed. Aran can move east
and not worry about defending the healer, because the only enemy that can attack
her will not move.
Once Aran is recruited, start moving your army northeast towards the door Sothe
got the key for earlier and start the attack on the enemy units to the south.
Keep Leonardo, Nolan, and optionally Edward to act as a wall to kill of and
prevent enemy reinforcements from moving east towards your main force.
Sothe should be leading the attack as your units slowly make their way south.
The simplest way to to this is to let Sothe in first, to take on the bulk of the
enemy forces, then work your way in with all your remaining units, allowing
Micaiah and Ilyana to feather off what ever Sothe doesn't kill.
Once the area directly behind the wall is cleared, have Micaiah move the Target
location to behind the wall, moving Amiee and Kurth through the door. To take
down the boss and get the Discipline scroll, put Sothe right on the edge of the
boss' range with Micaiah right behind him. After the boss attacks Sothe with his
Wind Edge, he should retreat one space back. Have Sothe take a step forward to
steal the scroll, then have Micaiah follow up with Thani. Assuming you've been
using her, she should be able to take out the boss in one hit due to the bonus
damage Thani deals to cavalry. Once that's done, move Sothe in to provoke a good
portion of enemy units, but focus on killing off the Armor and Archer that
defend the escape point, then once cleared, have Micaiah escape.
Optionally, but harder and, honestly, I really don't think you have the manpower
to stall long enough to have all other units escape, having Kurth and Amiee
escape from the fight with Target, along with all your other units. Personally,
I don't think it's worth the hassle. Even if the Bonus EXP. gained is a good
amount for this early, it's just not worth it. But as it were, if you like to
have the Bonus EXP. on hand, then be sure to include escaping with all units
into your attack plan. I can suggest only moving the Ally units gradually closer
to the escape point while your units kill off the remaining units at the bottom
of the map, stalling while your wall of Nolan, Aran and Leonardo can gradually
move back and fend off reinforcements at the same time to escape before escaping
with Sothe and finally Micaiah.

Victory: 160
Victory in 10 turns or less: 80
Victory in 15 turns or less: 40
Unit Escapes: 25(x8)
Ally Escapes: 100(x2)
Maximun Bonus EXP.: 640

3.6: Part I Chapter IV: A Distant Voice

Meg- Meg starts as a Level 4 Armor Sword. I can honestly say I have no idea if
she get's any good or not because I never really used her, save to finish off a
foe or two. the highest I got her to was Level 6, and that was with a level up
from Bonus EXP. to boot. If you want to give her a swing, I can't say anything
bad about her, but I must say her defense form being an Armor Sword is a plus.
Even if you don't use her, she can take a few hits if something goes slightly
wrong, but don't count on it for long, seeing as how under these circumstances,
it'll be a few chapters before she even gets a single level up. If you use/have
used Meg and can give me more information, I'd be pleased to put it up. Of
course, the credit would go to you.


Finally you get breathing room. The Base function is now open! For those of you
who have not played Path of Radiance, the Base is pretty much where you resupply
and prepare for the upcoming chapter. It gives you a moment to breath and think
things through before going into battle, making sure your weapon supply is
strong, your items are in order and you can even choose the characters you want
to have supporting each other.
As far as preparing for the upcoming chapter goes, you want to make sure
everyone has fresh weapons, supplying Micaiah with a fresh Light tome if needed,
giving Sothe a dagger and a knife (Knifes are daggers that can be thrown or used
in close combat, giving Rouges ranged attacks) and make sure Laura is supplied
with a new Heal staff too. If you haven't used the Energy Drop or Dracosheild,
you may want to sell both to give you an extra 8,000 gold. I prefer this option,
because the extra 8,000 gold can be put towards your next big purchase, wich is
for Sothe. Go to Shop and move to the last list available, the Bargains list.
Here, you can find rare items not sold in the Shop or Armory commonly, or at
least not yet for some of them, that may include Laguz stones, Psychic staves or
weapons like your next investment, the Beast Killer, which deals bonus damage to
Beast Laguz, which will be invaluable in chapter IV. Since it's a dagger, give
it to Sothe. 
Now, go into Manage. Here, you can either dish out Bonus EXP. or manage Unit
Skills. First off, go into Bonus EXP., and because you don't have that much,
focus instead of on one character, deal it out as evenly as you can to top off
character's whose EXP. bars are at 70 or above. Any remaining EXP. can be used
as you see fit.
Now go to skills. it may take a bit of time to get a character with just the
skill set you want, in example, I didn't perfect my Ranaulf until much later in
the game. He was completed, however, due to skills, so skills are essential to
perfecting a character. In Radiant Dawn (I'm not sure if you cna do this in Path
of Radiance too, someone please let me know) you can remove skills characters
have that don't have a lock next to them to give to another character. The lock
simply means the skill can't be removed.
I suggest a few things to start with that may make your units a bit better. Give
Cancel to someone like Aran, or a direct attacker that you'll be using a lot,
since Leonardo rarely will actually suffer from a counterattack. You can give
your Discipline scroll to preferably Micaiah so she can get her weapon level up
faster so she can use better Light tomes.
You may want to give Shade to Laura, but I wouldn't. Personally, I see no effect
from Shade. I put Shade on Laura for a bit and enemies still attacked her, even
if other units were well in range.
You can set up Support conversations to your liking, setting them up between
characters who will commonly be by each other's sides during battle for the
support bonuses. 

This chapter is a battle against Beast Laguz, which are weak compared to the
rest of Laguz you must face in the rest of the game, so don't think all Laguz
fights will be this simple. Note also the three chests in the level, all of
which contain useful items. The top left one contains 3,000 gold. A good bonus
to your thin cashew that will be very useful to help refund for a few of the
items you bought before the chapter started.To the top right, there is a chest
containing a Seraph Robe that is one of the most useful items in the game.
Seraph robes increase health points, which is useful for units with low HP, like
Micaiah. The final chest in the lower left corner contains a Pure Water, an item
that can be used 3 times to increase a character's Resistance temporarily. It's
not a 'wow' item, but may come in handy. Finally, hidden in a square either
directly west of the Healing Pot (the pot that has a blue glow), directly south
of that square or directly south of the healing pot is a Master Seal. A Master
Seal promotes a unit of Level 10 or higher to their second class tier, though
it'd be wiser to have the unit level up to class changes by reaching Level 20,
then gaining another Level to get the class change. If you want to use the
Master Seal to change class, use it when the character you want to change is on
Level 18, 19, or 20 so they can draw out their maximum potential.

Anyway, to start, put Edawrd, Aran, Nolan or Meg (Depending on your strongest
characters to hold up as a wall), if you want to use her, in the opening in the
wall in the center and to the right. Don't worry about the west most one,
because no one can actually reach it from outside. Meanwhile, move Ilyana to
attack the Tiger Laguz on the elevated platform to the right of the map. If she
misses due to the Ledge Factor, attempt again. Due to her high skill and the
Laguz's low avoid, you should be able to take it out fairly quickly. After
Ilyana has attacked, move Laura right behind whichever character in the gaps in
the walls need her most. Now, have Leonardo and one of your other reamning
direct attackers to break the points in the wall behind you that are weak. Break
through, equip Sothe with the Beast Killer dagger, so he can take out a Laguz in
one good attack, and put him in the square directly north of where the weak wall
was standing, and let him take out whatever approaches him. Instead of using the
Beast Killer now, however, you can save it for further into the game, and let
Sothe use regular daggers to injure Laguz that attack and then use either Edward
with his Wind Edge or Leonardo to finish them off.
Once all the Laguz that attack from the south are dead, move Micaiah towards the
locations of the hidden Master Seal, and move her back and forth until she
obtains it. For the remainder of the chapter, outmanuver Laguz, keeping one or
two alive, with Sothe to get the three chests. Once the Master Seal and the
chests have all been cleared, dash off to kill the few remaining Laguz and end
the chapter.

Victory: 300
Victory in 10 turns or less: 150
Victory in 15 turns or less: 75
Maximum Bonus EXP: 450

3.7: Part I: Silver Haired Maiden Chapter V: The Lost Heir

Volug- Volug is a Wolf Clan Laguz who is equiped with the skill Wildheart that 
allows him to transform on command, even when his Transformation Bar is at 
zero. Volug is a tough unit for the first two chapters he is available, and can 
hold his own, not only on solo missions, but even better when put in a trio or 
duo that sets out to acomplish something specific to the chapter. After Part 
One Chapter Six, however, you may want to consider taking Wildheart off of him 
if you want to have him more combat worthy. The catch to having a Laguz who can 
transform whenever he wants is that some of his stats are decreased, so he's 
not using all his potentail strength. If you plan on keeping Wildheart on him, 
hand him a few Vulenaries to use when he toakes a good hit.


At base, make sure your units are equiped with weapons that won't risk breaking 
in mid-battle, or if they are, have at least one other weapon in reserve to 
compensate. Make sure that your front-line units have a Vulenary or Herb on 
hand in case they need to heal and Laura isn't available. With your available 
Bonus EXP. top off characters with EXP. bars of 70 or higher, and dictate the 
rest to ethier a character you want to get to thier second class, or dish it 
out to a weaker unit you want to get stronger. I suggest giving Micaiah a level 
up or two, if she hasen't reached Level 15 or higher, and then use the rest as 
you see fit.
If you want, move around your Unit skills some more, switching the Discipline 
Skill or Nolan's Nihil to a unit that can use it that you'l be using more, if 
you're not using Nolan. Against a good amount of Bosses, Nihil is a good skill.
If you go into Info, converse with Nailah to gain Volug, and talk to Sothe to 
add 10,000 gold to your reserves. You can use this money to buy any bargains 
you might want, or to set everyone up with new weaponry. Once your ready, leave 

This chapter is simplier then it looks, mostly because you don't have to worry 
about actually protecting Zihark, Jill and Tauroneo, who can handle themselves 
no problem. Zihark's speed and high avoid virtually ensures his survival 
because he rarely gets hit by an enemy attack. Jill can take a few good hits, 
but not too many, however she is well equiped with a Vulenary so, she can 
handle herself. Tauroneo is the best suited out of the three as a Level 14 
Lance general. He can endure virtually every attack, kill off any enemy that 
attacks him with a counterattack, and is more likely to die before stepping of 
the point you need to protect. Insted of worrying about keeping these three 
veterans alive, worry more about climbing some good characters, like Volug, 
Edward, Nolan and Aran onto the ledge and taking out the units that attempt to 
climb up to ethier attack indrectly using the Ledge Factor to their advantage, 
or to swing around and attack the veteran trio. While the bulk of your army is 
keeping enemy units at bay, Sothe moves east of his immediate starting point to 
steal a Master Seal from an enemy Soldier, then have him outmanuver enemies to 
the boss and steal the very usefull Shine Barrier he carries, then finish him 
off if you'd like. There really isn't much to this chapter that you may need a 
bit of help with, so just deal out damage as you need to, and survive for the 
six turns.

Victory: 400
Maximum Bonus EXP.: 400


Tauroneo- Tauroneo won't be available for may fights in the future, but he is a
great asset in this portion of the game, and you can use him to stay out of
rough spots. He his a Level 14 General when you get him, topping the charts in
strength compared to the rest of the Dawn Brigade, and any foe who choses to
take him on. Tauroneo is a good unit to bring in if one of your other units is
in peril an needs an enemy killed off to survive. I suggest keeping him in the
front lines to take down the foes that can cause a problem for the rest of the
Dawn Brigade. I also suggest giving him a few extra Steel Lances and Javelins to
keep him well equipped. Javelins are a must for Tauroneo for the upcoming chapter.

Jill- Jill can be a good unit with training, but isn't my first choice as a
front line attacker. Keep foes in Jill's range so she can use hit-and-run
tactics to feather off a few weakened foes for the EXP. and keep her equipped
with hand axes to pelt foes with ranged attacks. Keep her out of range of foes
if there are a few of them who are capable of teaming up to take her out, and
stay away from any enemy mage units because of her terrible resistance. Jill is
also good for rescuing units and then retreating to a safe point. Jill is not
vital to this chapter, but for the first half she can be useful.

Zihark- Zihark is a Level 3 swordmaster who proves to be useful as a clean up
character more than an assault character, but with training, if you see fit, he
may be a character to raid the front lines. Zihark can be used to take down a
few foes in a short time with his Killing Edge and his critical rate, or he can
simply take a Steel Sword and go at his foes with a good amount of speed and
strength, but beware! Zihark has low defense, which could be the death of him if
he gets surrounded. Keep Zihark towards the front, but not alone and he should
be fine.


Back at base, be sure to check out everything you can. You may want to give your
units some new weapons, if needed, and make sure your decently stocked on health
restoring items. Top off characters with bonus EXP. and make sure to check the
Bargains in the shop. Once you've double checked all your items and made sure
your well supplied, head out. This will be a long fight through this two part

This chapter is, unlike last chapter, harder than it looks. Your path up the
right side of the map, through the center and then getting to the Arrival Point
is tougher than it seems due to the reinforcements of Pegasus Knights. The ones
you need to be most concerned with are the ones who appear on the ledge to the
right of the map, and the ones who begin to the left of where you start. The key
to winning this half of the chapter is in, not unit strength, but in being able
to out-maneuver the enemies and to protect your weaker units, such as Leonardo
and Laura.
A good thing to remember is, if you have leveled Meg up a few times, is that Meg
take take one or two hits before she'll be killed. If needed, try keeping her
and Leonardo back, keeping Meg as far away from Pegasus Knights that appear
later on, that your stronger characters can't get to, but close enough so she's
barely in range. Keeping Leonardo right behind her, she can take a hit, weaken
the foe, and as she heals, let Leonardo finish them off. Effectively, this
should be done to take them out one at a time. Unless you have other stronger
characters by them.
In the meantime, have Jill carry a few units up the ledge to try and get a jump
on the two Pegasus Knights that appear there. Once you're clear, have your
stronger units like Tauroneo, and Nolan lead the assault on the last leg to the
Arrival Point. Take down whatever is left, keeping the priests around to give
weaker characters a bit of a bonus, and Arrive when ready.

Now save and move on.

This part of the chapter is a bit simpler than the last section, although
there's a few balls you need to juggle to stay afloat here. You need to keep the
main characters alive, while making a path for the Marado Knights to escape the
reach of the enemy units chasing them down. There are a few ways to go about
this chapter. You could either gather up your forces and go up the right side of
 the map, and help defend the Marado Knights and the Prisoners. This is more
time consuming and more of a spread with your forces, because this option leaves
you being followed by Cavaliers from the left side of the map. Your other option
is the simpler of the two. Take a unit or two up the right side of the map to
open the small bridge and maybe kill off the enemy unit standing just north of
the bridge. This will help the Marado Knights escape, while your main force
proceeds to cross the bridge, cutting down and thinning out the enemy forces,
then luring  out the boss and ultimately killing him off. The most effective way
to do this is equip Tauroneo with throwing weapons, and put him in the thicket
right below the slope so the boss can reach him. Tauroneo will make short work
of the straggler forces that come down to attack him. Despite the slight
elevation, the Ledge Factor dose not effect these fights significantly enough to
hinder the battle too much. Defeat the boss with Tauroneo, and take your prize:
A Paragon scroll that should go right to Michaia ASAP.

Victory: 800
Victory in 15 turns or less: 400
Victory in 18 turns or less: 200
Each Marado Knight Survives: 200x8
Each Prisoner Survives: 200x5
Maximum Bonus EXP.: 3,800


Fiona- If you want to use this Marado Knight it's strongly suggested you pump
some Bonus EXP. into her to get her to level twelve or thirteen. Even with the
level ups, however, she still seems to be a very ineffective character.
Extracting Savior and Imbue for other characters to use seems to be the best
course of action with her.

Tormod- A supreme addition to the Dawn Brigade, Tormod can be used as a potent
anti-Armor, anti-Mage weapon that thins out your enemies numbers and helps
protect your weaker units. Don't be afraid to rely on this fiery boy to save the
day. Just be prepared to heal him when the time times. Though he's agile and
elusive, he dose get hit and his defense is only enough to sustain a few hits. I
suggest keeping him behind a character that needs a bit of defending, but they
can handle a foe or two themselves.

Vika- Vika is a Raven Laguz who is a valuable ally in this chapter, able to
distract foes and take them out in a turn or two. With her higher speed and
Avoid, she's rarely hit by Direct Attacks. Just keep the black-haired beauty out
of range of archers and as long as she's transformed, she's dangerous.

Muarim- The green tiger who raised and protected Tormod since Path Of Radiance
is one of your strongest guns you can arm yourself with while following the Dawn
Brigade. Keep Muarim available whenever he's transformed in case you need a last
resort attack to save another one of your characters. Capable of taking on
hordes of enemies himself as long as he stays in his beast form, use him to turn
the tides of battle in your favor.


You can talk to Pelleas in Info for a Brave Sword which you can give to Edward
or Zihark depending on your characters and personal preference. If Michaia is
still level 16 or lower, put Paragon on her. Otherwise throw it on another unit
who is leveling slowly, like Voulge or Zihark so they can get EXP. a bit faster.
 Meanwhile extract Imbue and Savior from Fiona if you're not going to use her
and either give them to Ilyana for access to them in Part III, or give them to
whoever is best suited for them, like giving Savior to Jill. Finish up by
spending your Bonus EXP. by topping off characters and leveling up how you see fit.

For this chapter, there are three things you want to focus on. Thinning out the
enemy numbers and focusing on Seizing the Seize Point, picking off the enemy
units to the north of where you start to open the door so the Ex-Daien soldiers
you break out by opening the doors can escape, and recruiting Tormod and crew
after they show up by talking to the Fire Sage with Sothe.
12/29: Completed Radiant Dawn the first time around on Normal.
12/30: Started guide today. Completed up to Part I Chapter V. 
1/31: Been a whole month since I started. Wow. Added the New Unit descriptions
for Tauroneo, Zihark and Jill.
4/12:Wow, am I taking this slowly. Finished The Standard Part One.
7/23: . . .

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