First Level Walkthrough - Guide for Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

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First Level Walkthrough


The first level of this game is basically the bonus level “Revenge on Yavin” in 
Rouge Leader.  Anyway, there are three parts in this level.  You start out as Luke 
in his signature X-Wing, heading straight for the Imperial invasion.  First, you 
must destroy all the Imperial lander transport.  You can occasionally use proton 
torpedoes, but it’s best to just stick to lasers.  Destroy the landers, (yes the 
graphics are AWESOME!) and move on to the next part. 

Next, you hear all the transports have successfully escaped…except one.  It is 
being attacked by Imperial forces.  Make your way to it; it is on a sort-of island, 
with three surrounding it.  As you approach, an armored shuttle will swoop down, 
and deploy three AT-ST’s to assist in the bombardment.  Take them out, and you’ve 
secured the transport for departure.  

You land your X-Wing in the Rebel hanger, and head into the base.  You need to save 
a Rebel officer from invading stormtroopers.  Make your way through the corridors 
and waves of stormtroopers.  After awhile they get kinda annoying don’t they?  
Anyway, once you get into the big area, finish off the stormtroopers, and go to the 
officer.  Then go through the second pair of corridors to lead you to the hangar 
bay.  Here you will face off against your last waves of Imperial invaders.  Finish 
them off, and witness the escape you will make against the AT-ST, and you finish 
the level!

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