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  • Action, Adventure
  • Factor 5
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • October 21, 2003


Picking The Right Ship

Certain ships are good in certain levels. You may want to use a bomber, a fast fighter, or a fighter with certain weapons. Your may want a bomber for levels that require destroying things. Or you may want a regular fighter for a balanced level. For example, i use the "Jedi Star Fighter" on the level "Attack on the Executer". The Jedi Star Fighter's sonic mines have a large blast radius, making them ideal for taking out the Ion cannons. Also make sure that you have an ion cannon if you need one! So make sure you pick the right ship for each level!

Funny Scene: Suicidal TIE

On "Raid at Bakura", when the 1st transport calls for help, look at it. You will see a TIE Fighter crash into it, and commit suicide.

Ship Description

When selecting your spacecraft, get near a ship and move the C Stick to get a brief description on the craft.


Endurance can be unlocked for 30 points. It is above "Attack on the Executor." (unlockable for 30 points also) In the Endurance, you have to fight: Stormtroopers, snowtroopers, foresttroopers a.k.a. swamptroopers. Stormcommando's, imperial engineers, hired mercernaries, and Boba Fett on the last level all by your lonesome. Odds sound fair to me. There are 52 levels. I suggest using the invincibility cheat here: IIOUAOYE and then WIMPIAM!

Easy Trooper Hits

When you are shooting at stormtroopers, a good way to not get hit is by jumping when they shoot. You can also strafe left and right. This way, you can shoot at them, but not get hit.

Easy Way To Get Upgrades In Co-Op

In levels where you get Upgrades, one player go ahead and do the mission objectives. The second player will go and get the Upgrade. Sometimes one player will have to cover the player getting Upgrade from TIES or other enemies. Also, the player carrying out the mission objectives may have to wait for the player getting the Upgrade, as so you don't move into another area and loose the Upgrade. During this time, this player can help the other player find the Upgrade if necessary.

Strike At The Core

To beat the last regular Co-Op level easily, do as follows. The better pilot flies the X-Wing and the other pilot flies the Falcon. Fly to the entrance as usual, best to fly high so as not to get hurt. Once inside, have the Falcon slam (all the way) on the brakes. The X-Wing must fly past and to the core at a good clip, but not so fast you hit the walls. The Falcon holds the brakes all the way (the TIEs never catch up, just balst the first ones). Once the X-Wing is in the core, close the S-Foils and fly to the power regulator. Blast it. It kind-of fades away after 5-6 laser hits. The X wing then flies back out at a good clip (no walls, please). Once to the large area at the end, the Falcon can fly the rest of the way to the core. The X-Wing turns around if you try to fly out. When the Falcon is in the core, the core destruction cut-scene starts, and lando talks about hitting the power regulator. after that, it switches to the scene where the Falcon & X-Wing come out of the Core entrance. Congrats! You just beat the last level with ease!

Slave 1

In order to get the slave ship you must beat all the leavls and get bronze in each.

Naboo Starfighter

Just like in the First game you must complete the training mode at the four times of day (dawn, dusk, noon, and night) you can simply change the clock on the game cube to do this.

Bonus Missions

Get the following amount of points to unlock the indicated bonus mission:

Death Star Escape - 10 points 
Escape From Bespin - 20 points 
Hoth Base Escape - 20 points 
Attack on the Executer - 30 points 
Endurance - 30 points 

Ace Mode

Earn gold medals in all standard and bonus single player campaign missions, and complete Tatooine Training all four times of the day to unlock Ace mode.

Jedi Starfighter

Earn silver medals in all standard and bonus single player campaign missions to unlock the Jedi Starfighter.

Audio Commentary

Earn bronze medals in all single player campaign missons.

Documentary And Credits

Successfully complete the Triumph of Rebellion misson on any difficulty setting to unlock a documentary and the credits.

Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game

Successfully complete all single player campaign missons to unlock the Empire Strikes Back arcade game.

Star Wars Arcade Game

Successfully complete the Triumph of Rebellion misson on any difficulty setting to unlock the Star Wars arcade game.


Drive The Buick

Enter AXCBPRHK-WHATTHE? to unlock the Buick.

Unlock Slave 1

Enter TGBCWLPN and ZZBOUNTY at the Passcodes menu.

Millenium Falcon

Enter QZCRPTG! and then enter HANSRIDE.

All Co-Op Levels


All Single Player Missions

To get ALL (including the bonus missions) enter EEQQ?YPL & CHE!ATER.

Al Ships In Vs. Mode

Note: DO NOT enter this code until you have cleared the "Raid on Bespin" mission. Otherwise you will not be able to chose two A-Wings. Enter W!WSTPQB & FREEPLAY.

Jedi Starfighter

To get the Jedi Starfighter, enter BBGMYWSX and JEDIWHO?

Naboo Starfighter

Enter RTWCVBSH and BFNAGAIN to fly the Naboo Starfighter

Unlock Tie Hunter

Enter FRRVBMJK-LOOKOUT! at the passcode screen.

Unlock Tie Bomber

Enter JASDJWFA then enter !DABOMB! as a passcode.

Unlimited Lives

Enter IIOUAOYE and then enter WIMPIAM! As a passcode.

Unlock Beggars Canyon Race

Enter FRLL!CSF & FARMBOY? as a code to unlock the race.

Unlock The Jedi Starfighter

Enter BBGMYWST & JEDIWHO? as a passcode to unlock it.

Return Of The Jedi Video Game

Enter !?ATH!RD and then enter GAME?YES. Both Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back need the Star Wars game cheat enabled.

The Empire Strikes Back Video Game

Enter !H!F?HXS and then enter KOOLSTUF

Unlock Documentary

To unlock the documentary enter thedudes as a password. To confirm it is corret R2D2 will beep.

Ace Mode

Enter YNMSFY?P & YOUDAMAN to unlock Ace Mode.

Black/White Mode

Enter "NOCOLOR?" in the Passcodes Screen

Star Wars Arcade Game

Enter "RTJPFC!G" as a passcode and accept it, then enter "TIMEWARP" as a second passcode and accept it.

Easy Mode

Enter wimpiam! exactly as you see it.

In-Game Commentary

THEDUDES - Unlocks In-Game Commentary

Music Hall

HARKHARK - Unlocks Music Hall

Unlock the Credits



This gives you free arcade tokens (in the options menu).


We have no unlockables for Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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