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 _______________		___________________		|----------------
		|\			/|
  |                             |				|		|
		| \		       / |
  |				|				|		|
		|  \		      /  |
  |				|				|		|
		|   \		     /   |
  |				|				|		|
		|    \		    /    |
  |				|				|		|
		|     \            /     |
  |				|				|----------------
		|      \	  /      |
  ---------------		-------------------		|-------------------
		|       \	 /	 |
		|				   |		|		   |
		|        \	/	 |
		|				   |		|		   |
		|	  \    /	 |
		|				   |		|		   |
		|	   \  /		 |
 		|				   |		|		   |
		|	    \/		 |
		|				   |		|		   |
		|			 |
		|				   |		|		   |
		|			 |
-----------------               --------------------     	|-------------------
		|			 |


A Super Smash Brothers Melee FAQ and Gltich Guide by Flame77



Hi! This is my first FAQ, so I hope I do well on it.

EDIT: I fixed some spelling errors and figured out how Ditto comes out.  You
have to have an action replay to make a Ditto appear.


A: Legal Stuff
B: Frequently Asked Questions
C: Gltiches
D: The Black Hole
E: Thanks and other stuff


A.)  Legal Stuff

I own this FAQ.  You may not use this FAQ without my permission.  This FAQ is only 
for use on Cheatcodes.com.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.


B.)  Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that appear from time to time in SSBM.

Q. My friends say you can unlock Paratroopa, Koopa, Sonic, Toad, etc. Are they real?
A. No!  The last character is Mr. Game and Watch, and that's it.

Q. What is wavedashing?
A. Wavedashing is a skill used that if used right, can be faster than running.

Q. Who is the best wavedasher?
A. Luigi.  He goes furthest.

Q. How many characters are there?
A. 25.

Q. What is the Black Hole Gltich?
A. A gltich that puts characters at 999% damage and usually KO's them.  Find out 
more about later on in this FAQ.

Q. What trophy do you get for doing Very HArd on Classic and Adventure without 
A. For Classic you get Master Hand trophy and Crazy Hand for Adventure.

Q. Who is the best character?
A. There is no best character.  It depends on your skill.  Certain characters have 
special talents.

Q. Who is your best character?
A. That really isn't a Frequently Asked Question, but if you have to know it's 

Q. Is there a guide for this game?
A. Yes!  I know for sure Nintendo Power has a guide for this game.

Q. Does anything happen if you shoot all the credits?
A. Yes, I believe you get a trophy.

Q. How do I make characters two times big/small?
A. Pick giant or tiny melee, then pick only Super Mushrooms for Giant and Poison 
for Tiny.

Q. Can Fox's gun shrink?
A. Find out in glitch section.

Q. How do I make Samus' Grappling Beam longer?
A. Gltich Section will list this.

Q. Is the Pink Captain Falcon's helmet symbol a heart?
A. Not intentionally, but it's fun to say it is =)

Q. What is the rarest Pokemon to come out of a Poke Ball?
A. Celebi.

Q. LOL N0ob y0u suck 4t 55BM
A. Ok.......By the way, I can wavedash.

Q. Is the FAQ section Over now?
A. Yep! To glitches!


C.)  Glitches

Although SSBM is a great game, it's not flawless.  These are some glitches and how 
to do em.

Fox's Shrinking Gun

First, do tiny melee an set poison mushrooms to very high.  Become super small.  
You know how his gun is normally still big?  Grab someone and throw them so that 
they get shot, anf Fox's gun will get smaller...This also works with Falco.

Mr. Game And Watch Missile

Get Ness and Mr. Game and Watch in a battle.  Have Ness put 3 full charged PK 
Flashes into Game and Watch's oil barrel.  Then, have Ness put up his normal 
shield, not the absorber.  Let Game And Watch use the oil spill on Ness's shield 
and Ness's shield will break and Game and Watch will be sent flying somehow.

Infinite Super Scope

This glitch is very useful in fighting and creating the Black Hole.  There are 3 
steps in making an infinite super scope.

	1. Fire 2 full charged shots.
	2. Fire 5 uncharged shots (the mini ones, you fire 15 total)
	3  Begin charging aanother shot, but get hit while charging.

Test to see if it worked.

Jigglypuff Sticks to the Ceiling

Most people know that if Jigglypuff breaks its shield it flies up and dies right?  
Well, try putting something in the way.  Go to hyrule temple's lower chamber part 
and break jigglypuff's shield.  It will fly up and stick to the ceiling for a 
little bit.

Samus' Extra Long Grappling Beam

When Samus does this, her beam gets longer and heat seeking, but you have to press 
the A button to grab someone.  Start pressing Z and taunt while trying to do both 
at the same time, and eventually the beam will go out extra long.

Changing a Pokemon's Allegiance

When someone throws a Pokeball, if a Fox or Falco reflects the ball, it will be on 
their side instead.

Daisy's 3rd Eye

First, you have to have a Daisy trophy and an older disk version of the game.  If 
you zoom in enough so you can't see her hair, you should see a 3rd eye on the back 
of her head.  If you don't, then you don't have an old version of the game.

Flat Kirby

To do this, I recommend going to Final Destination with only your friend who is 
Jiggly puff and you, Kirby.  Have Kirby absorb Jigglypuff's powers, and then have 
Jigglypuff charge up its B attack.  Have Kirby fly into the air while charging his 
attack, and both release the attack at the same time, with Kirby still in midair.  
Kirby should get a little flatter, and you can keep doing this to make him 
flatterer.  If that's a word...

Reuse your 2nd Jump

Only Ganon and Captain Falcon can do this.  Pick a very high point, jump and use 
down B.  If your still in the air when the attack is finished you can do your 2nd 
jump again, and follow that up with up B.


D.)  The Black Hole

The Black Hole is the king of all SSBM glitches.  Here's how to recreate the 
awesome power of the Black Hole!

1. Set items to only Super Scopes on Medium so they dont disrupt you as if they 
were on very high.
2. Make it a Time Battle with no time so it's endless, or do 99 stock.
3. Make a Team Battle with the following players:

P1: Anyone, Red Team
P2: Fox or Falco, Red Team
P3: Fox or Falco, Green Team
P4: Peach, Blue Team

4. Select Hyrule Temple.
5. Have P1 make a Infinite Super Scope with P3 or P4's help.
6. Have P2 stand on the ede of the roof thing at the middle of the stage with P3 
opposite on the pillar thing, and have Peach in the ditch below.  P1 should stand 
behind P2.
7. Make P2 and P3 activate reflectors and P1 start firing.  Keep firing until a 
thick line of the green circles appears; having P4 jump inyo the beam helps.
8. After line is formed, P2 and P3 can let go of buttons and P1 can stop firing.  
Have P4 throw 14 or more turnips into the beam.  Note that the game might freeze at 
this point.
9. When the turnips are in and spinning, have P1 jump over and hit P3 to break the 
beam.  If the turnips don't rise to the heavens, you made the Black hole!  
Celebrate by jumping in!  Happy experimenting!  If you failed, repeat steps 5-9.


E.)  Thanks and other stuff

I'd like to thank the Cheatcodes Staff for letting me post this, and some person on 
Youtube for teaching me how to make a Black Hole and Flat Kirby.  I'd also like to 
thank some random FAQ writer for teaching me Infinite Super Scope.

The Other Stuff

Well, have this FAQ Guide I Wrote with my dominant hand in a cast, but soon I'll be 
posting a wavedashing guide!  You will be able to Wavedash.....


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