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There are many food items in the game. Here is a chart to show you how much each one 

Food Item     Description of Item                        Damage % it restores
Cheese         yellow-orange wedge shape                             3
Grapes         purple triangular clusters                            4
Donut          donut shaped, half red-brown, half yellow             4
Beef Bowl      white bowl, brown filled, with bits of red            7
Watermelon     light/dark green striped                              6
Ice Cream      beige cone with white ice cream                       3
Pizza          brown/yellow/orange oval shaped                       8
Melon          green circle w/ stem that forks in 2 directions       6
Banana Bunch   bunch of yellow bananas (3)                           5
Pasta??        white/brown dish, white/green/yellow pasta            7
Sushi Platter  tray w/ green seaweed & different sushi               8
Sweet Dumpling red, white, green balls on a stick                    3
Rice Balls     white triangle w/ black square                        6
Orange         orange circle                                         4
Noodle Tray    square container of rice, drink, desert thing         5
Hamburger      sesame seed bun w/ cheese, lettuce, meat              6
Turkey         turkey on plate w/ greens                             7
Curry Rice     white/red bowl, w/ greens, sliced meat/potatoes       7
Cup of Coffee  white cup/saucer, coffee with cream                   2
Milk Carton    blue/white milk carton                                5
Spaghetti      white bowl, pasta, tomato sauce                       6
Omelette       white plate, beige roll, red sauce, greens            7
Strawberry     red triangle with green steam/leaves                  3
Mushroom       dark brown with stem                                  5
Juice          wine glass with yellow liquid                         3
Sesame Chicken white bowl with brown lumps, seasame seeds            7
Apple          red circle with stem                                  5
Meatloaf       rectangular pan with brown filling                    9

Additional Items (not technically food)
Apples from the kirby dreamland stage with the tree (red apples)     8
Some Chansey eggs (white/pink eggs)                                  7

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