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                                     Fun Fighting Frenzies!
                               Different ways to fight in vs. mode

Hello, the purpose of this FAQ/strategy guide/whatever you want to call it is to show the viewer different and unique ways other than the original to fight in 
versus mode. It is also here to help those who find themselves being board with the game after unlocking all the secrets and have beaten everything and just 
cannot go any further than playing a friend or CPU on versus mode.  This is being written to give you tips to play the game in new and fun ways.  Don't expect a 
fancy shmancy guide with all this ASCII art and all that other Mumbo Jumbo, that is not the point of making a guide.  If you want to find out how to unlock secrets, 
see a different guide.  Want to know how to master combos, also see a different guide.

Table of Contents:
1.  Version History
2.  Starting Off
3.  Different ways to fight 
4.  Non-violent melees
5.  Different Melees
6.  FAQ
7.  Suggestions
8.  Location 
9.  Thanks
10.  Copyright Info.
11. Contact Info.
12.  How to post
13.  Printing Info.
14.  End


                                         1.  Version History

Version 1: First Version ever!  After reading in the instruction booklet, I found that you could try different things in versus mode, which led to the creation of this 
guide. 4-7-02

                                         2.  Starting Off

If you're the kind of person that reads the instruction booklets, then you would have found some interesting ways of playing in versus mode in the last few 
pages.  It only listed a few, but there are many more fun ways to play, discovering those ways is the goal for this FAQ.

                                         3.  Different ways to fight

These are some different ways of fighting, so don't expect the original hand to hand combat.  Ways to battle without a name under them means that I made 
them up.

Heavy Weight Melee:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Any (Small levels make it more challenging).
  Go to Giant Melee and in the item switch, and turn on only the super mushroom and the metal cap.  Then turn the handicap rule on, and set all players' handicap 
level to 9.  Choose someone big like Bowser, Donkey Kong, or Ganondorf.  If you get both the super mushroom and the metal cap, you will be extremely heavy, 
like the name implies.

Super Giant Melee:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Any level (Small levels make it more challenging).

  Choose the Giant Melee under the Special modes, then set the Item Switch so that only the Super Mushrooms appear.
Idea by: Instruction Booklet

Light Weight Melee:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Any level (Big levels make it more challenging).
  Go to Tiny Melee and turn on only bunny hoods and poison mushrooms.  You will be lighter and 3 times smaller if you get both items.

Ity bity Melee:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Any level (Big levels make it more challenging).
  The exact opposite off the Super Giant Melee, just go to a Tiny Melee under Special modes and turn on only poison mushrooms.

Warzone Melee:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Temple, or Eagle Land (Ness's Neighborhood).
  Only turn on explosives (bomb-omb, motion sensor bomb, etc.) in the item switch and pick an original Melee battle and play as someone with long-range attacks 
like Fox, Samus, or Link.  Pick a big stage like the Temple with many places to take cover and use as little A button attacks as possible.  (Also try in Stamina mode) 
 It is fun to go to the Eagle Land stage and go behind one of the two houses on either side and use it as a base.  Avoid being in the middle of the stage, because 
when I car goes by, it might hit an explosive near you and blow you up, even though you jumped.  The car just adds to the challenge, though, it still is a good 
level to play it on.

Sword Fight:
Players- 2
Recommended level- Final Destination

  Pick someone like Link, Marth, or Roy and only use sword attacks.  Keep a short distance between the two players and just keep slashing to make it look more 
like a sword fight.  This is cool because if you will try to hit each other at the same time, your swords will hit and make a loud "Clink!" sound.  Works best with two 
human players and in single button mode with the same person fighting each other (Link vs. Link). 

Mach Melee:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Any F-zero stage (Adds to the excitement).
  Turn everything off except for the bunny hood in item switch and go to a lightning melee.  You will go extremely fast if you get the bunny hood.  Try playing it in a 
level like the F-zero level and watch the vehicles fly by even faster than they would in a normal melee.  If playing as C. Falcon on the Big Blue stage, try to run 
along with the vehicles when there is not very many vehicles on the track.  You must have a bunny hood and you can't quite keep up with them, but they aren't 
much faster than you, quite a sight to see.  This can also be done in normal mode; just that everything is slower.

Super Projectile Match:
Players- 1-4
Recommended level- Temple, Final Destination, or Battle Zone
  Choose a Stamina Battle under Melee, and then choose characters that have projectile attacks.  Prohibit all direct attacks and fight only using B projectiles.
Idea by: Instruction Booklet

King of the Rock:
Players- 1-4
Has to be played on Kong Jungle (The one with the river flowing underneath).
  Play a Melee battle on the Kongo Jungle stage and set the time to one minute.  Position all players on the rock on the right side of the stage, then fight for 
control of the rock.  The player in control when the time runs out wins the match.
Idea by: Instruction Booklet

                                        4.  Non-Violent Melees

Temple Race:
Players- 1-4
Has to be played on the Hyrule Temple stage.
  Play a Melee battle in Time mode.  Set the time and choose the Hyrule Temple stage.  Choose a particular route, then see who can complete the most laps 
within the time limit.
Idea by: Instruction Booklet

                                        5. Different Melees

Coming soon

                                        6. FAQ

  Any questions?  Read the Contact Info. section to see what my email is.  Any questions concerning the game will be put here.

                                        7.  Suggestions

  Have a different way of fighting that you feel should be in here?  Read the Contact Info. section to find out how to submit one.

                                        8.  Location

Coming soon

                                        9.  Thanks

  Those who have contributed to this guide will be listed here in this section.

                                        10.  Copyright Info.

  This document is copyright © Brent Reed.  The author is not affiliated with Super Smash Bros. Melee or any of its affiliates in any way.  This document may not be 
copied in any way unless printed off of the web site this document is being posted on.  This document may not be sold for a profit.  ONLY POST IF the author, 
Brent Reed, gives permission HIMSELF, or requests for it to be posted.  Full credit must be given to Brent Reed ONLY when being posted.  This document may not 
be changed in any way, shape or form.

                                        11.  Contact Info.

  My e-mail is [email protected]  Please, only send e-mail to comment on this guide, point out a spelling mistake, tell me if something needs changed, to 
add something like a section, or to submit a question or a new way to fight.  Do not e-mail me asking for codes and do not ask, "Why are you making a guide like 
this for!?"  These e-mails get very frustrating to put up with, and you should only send an e-mail to a guide if you are wanting to talk about the game, or things 
the guide needs. 

                                        12.  How To Post

  If you want to post this guide on your site, just e-mail me and ask.  There is no reason just to plagiarize and get into trouble.  If you ask in a nice manner, I will 
probably let you, but you must keep it updated.  Don't worry about keeping it updated, because I will just send the updated version to you through e-mail.

                                        13.  Printing Info.

  This guide is currently 6 pages long.  If you want to print it out, go ahead, but don't sell it.  Basically, this section is here to let people now how many pages the 
guide is going to be before printing.  I always find that it is more convenient to have how many pages long the guide is.

14.  End

  I guess that wraps it up for now.  Hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something from it.  In future updates, I hope to have more new and fun ways to 
play this game to keep you occupied.  I will try to update this guide once a week, since there are probably a lot more things to cover.     






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