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Game Characters, Stages, Secrets, and more!

1. Intro
2. Characters
3. Stages
4. Secrets
5. Adventure Walkthru
6. All-Star/Classic Walkthru
7. The F.A.Q. Section

1. Intro

Hello! This is Game Characters, Stages, Secrets, and more! I am here to teach you all
about Super Smash Bros. Melee, the upgraded version of Super Smash Brothers for N64!
In case you also need help for Super Smash Bros., I have a FAQ there.

2. Characters

Here is a complete list of all the characters you'll find on Super Smash Bros. Melee!

Mario: Known worldwide as Mr. Nintendo, Mario is the normal everyday plumber who was
brought to his world by flying stork.  Back then, he was Baby Mario, and there was a 
problem with the stork (drunk again, as usual)and was accidentally put on Yoshi's 
Island.  That's how he became friends with the dinosaur called Yoshi.  See Yoshi's 
Story on N64.

Luigi: Mario's younger brother, Luigi, was rarely seen until Super Smash Bros. came 
out.  Since then, he's had a spotlight of his own.  His first ever game in which he 
was the main character was Luigi's Mansion on GameCube.  In Luigi's Mansion, Luigi 
won a big old house in a contest he didn't even enter!  Worst, Mario decided to 
check it out.  Mario got lost and was counting on Luigi to save him!  So Luigi went 
in equipped with a torch and a ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner (weird, huh?).  Luigi is 
taller than Mario, and he also jumps higher.  Though lost in shadow of his older 
brother, many people await the arrival of Luigi. See Luigi's Mansion on GC.

Peach: Okay, so we got the castle (Princess Peache's Castle), dragon (uhh, I think 
it's Bowser/Koopa), and the princess... every good story needs a damsel in 
distress.  Peach is just the D.I.D.  Although calm and friendly, Peach has been 
wanted for years by the evil Bowser or Koopa, as some call him.  A girlfriend of 
Mario's, Peach is also a nurse for Dr. Mario.  See Paper Mario on Nintendo.

Yoshi: Ever heard of `Walking with Dinosaurs`? Well, this is `Walking with friendly 
Dinosaurs`.  Yoshi is the hungry, friendly dinosaur of Yoshi's Island.  Mario first 
met him in Yoshi's Story, where the stork carrying Baby Mario dropped him on Yoshi's 
Island and Yoshi vowed to return Mario to his parents. No story would be complete 
without Yoshi.  See Yoshi's Story on N64.

Bowser: Can only be described with one word: Mean.  He torments Mario and Peach in 
one game, steals Peach in another, totally ruins their lives in another, and picks 
up their castle for his in another.  Bowser can't stop teasing them.  Even when he 
was Baby Bowser, he still played pranks on Baby Mario and his friends.  See Paper 
Mario on Nintendo.

Dr. Mario: And what would we do without a doctor?  Dr. Mario starred in Dr. Mario 
and Dr. Mario 64, tetris-like games.  Dr. Mario uses his megavitamins to get rid of 
unwanted pests such as viruses. In Dr. Mario 64, Rudy (his name says it all)steals 
the megavitamins from Dr. Mario.  Dr. Mario takes it out on Wario, who explains that 
the Scientist took them, not him.  They then follow the Scientist to Rudy, who is 
the biggest boss of them all.  What was it that made Rudy steal the megavitamins?  
Viruses... See Dr. Mario 64 on N64.

Donkey Kong: Mario and DK have been enemies, but they've wrapped things up in 
years.  Nowadays DK likes to unwrap a banana instead of maidennapping beautiful 
maidens.  Donkey Kong lives in the Kongo Jungle, a vast, peaceful jungle in the 
middle of an ocean.  Diddy Kong, and Dixie Kong, Donkey Kong's cousin and friend, 
have their own game in DK Land 2.  See DK Land 2 on GB.

Pikachu: How about that?  You can control your favorite poke'mon!  He also comes 
equipped with a blue wizard's hat, a green buisness hat, and a cute little red cap - 
Ash's cap.  See Pokemon Yellow on GB.

Pichu: Pichu... can do like Pikachu!  There's a catch.  Pichu cannot use electric 
stuff without shocking itself!  Every time you use an electric attack, you gain 
percentage or lose HP, so beware... See Pokemon Gold on GB. 

I promise I'll refill this soon!

3. Stages

Every stage is put here, even the secret ones.

Princess Peach's Castle: Peach lives here.  When playing, bullet bills like to sneak 
up on the tower and blow it up!

Rainbow Cruise: When Mario and Peach take a peaceful cruise, they run into Bowser!  
Play this stage to see the whole cruise!

Great Bay: The Legend Of Zelda series games have Great Bay in them.  Remember the 
great turtle? Or the Four Giants? The Moon? All there in this playable level!

Hyrule Temple: Link found Zelda here in the great Hyrule Temple. Well, this temple 
can be played!

Yoshi's Story: A little island full of Yoshi's! That island is here!

Yoshi's Island: The nintendo version of Yoshi's Story is now playable.

Fountain Of Dreams: The fountain of dreams in Kirby's Adventure can be seen here...

Green Greens: Remember Whispy Woods? The tree you throw apples at?  Well it's back, 
and it's no laughing matter.

Corneria: The Great Fox zooms through the earth's atmosphere as Fox and his gang 
show you this exciting stage!

Venom: A strange planet in which the Great Fox flies through.  Hop aboard the Great 
Fox to see it here!

Icicle Mountain: Ice Climbers are welcome here in Infinite Glacier!

Flat Zone: Game and Watch players, you remember this, don't you?

Brinstar: Time to visit Planet Zebes and see Samus Aran.

Brinstar Depths: Uh-oh! The boss, Kraid is back for a second helping!

Onett: Visit Ness' hometown, Onett.

Fourside: Here in Eagleland, UFO's can be seen in Fourside.

Mute City: F-Zero X fans, how about a go at the track Mute City again?

Big Blue: Time to ride a car or the Falcon Flyer in this stage.

Poke'mon Stadium: Now, how about fighting IN the stadium, hmm?

Poke' Floats: Touch the sky while riding a poke' parade in the skies of Kanto!

Mushroom Kingdom: Hey, Mario fans! Check out the mushroom kingdom!

Mushroom Kingdom 2: Hey, Luigi fans! Check out the mushroom kingdom!

Battlefield: The multi-man melee battles are held here.

Final Destination: The ultimate battle is placed here against Master Hand...

Yoshi's Island(N64): Super Smash Bros. people! Remember this place?

Dream Land(N64): Kirby stayed here in Super Smash Brothers.

Kongo Jungle(N64): Hey, DK! It's time to see your old home again!

4. Secrets

Get Random Stage by getting all stages (except for Special Stages and Past Stages).

Get Sound Test by beating all 51 events!

Get Score Display by rankin' up a huge 5,000 KO's!

Get All-Star Mode by getting all characters!

Get all events by collecting the characters!

A good character for the Home Run Contest is Captain Falcon.  First use his smash 
attack with the bat (don't worry - Mr. Sandbag won't go off the stage) until about 
three seconds left.  Then use Falcon Punch (B) on him.  Watch him fly!

5. Adventure Walkthru

Stage 1-1: Mushroom Kingdom: The easiest side-scrolling world.  You don't need help 
for this!
Stage 1-2: Princess Peach's Castle: OK, now things are annoying!  Peach follows you 
everywhere, and Mario wants to turn you into dead meat!  If you got Luigi out, he 
just wants you for stew!  So, it's tough, as Mario/Luigi wallop you blind, and 
Peach's purpose is to watch you get your butt kicked!  Take out Mario/Luigi first, 
then wallop Peach.
Stage 2-1: Kongo Jungle: This battle may seem easy, but the DKs aren't as weak as 
they look.  They can be sent flying with one loaded up smash attack, though.
Stage 2-2: Jungle Japes: Being against a slow ape certainly pays off!  A good idea 
is to pretend to commit suicide, jumping off the arena and waiting for DK to do the 
same.  If you can't get back on to the arena, try to arrange it so that DK flunks 
Stage 3-1: Underground Maze: OK, so we got walking dead, octopus, and yucky things 
that like-like you!  You need to find the Link symbol in order to win this stage.  
If it's a sword, brace yourself for a battle.
Stage 3-2: Temple: Yay!  We finally found Zelda!  Uh... wait a minute, she's 
attacking?!  Oh, no!  Pound her with your A, crush her with your B, then SMASH her 
with your smash attacks.


6. All-Star/Classic Walkthru

Basicaly, these aren't very different.  Go against Super Smash Bros. Melee 
characters in a random order.  The only difference between these two is that Classic 
Mode has three bonus stages.
Break the Targets isn't all that easy, as you're trying to get a few stupid looking 
red stuff.  Snag the Trophies can be easy, if you can find out where the trophies 
will be falling.  Race to the Finish: Wow!  The exit is very close by!  Don't go for 
the easy one.  Continue through the tunnel.  The further the finish, the more points 
and coins you're gonna get.
Every time you do All-Star Mode, you have 25 Mr. Game And Watchs at the end!  A good 
pick is Link, or Young Link, to take out these goofyballs.  They can use their 
Up+B.  Can you think of another character who can do stuff like that?


7. The F.A.Q. Section

E-mail me asking questions for the FAQ section!
E-mail: [email protected]

Q: I can only make it to event 30 in the events.  How do I get more?
A: To get more events, get as many characters as possible and beat as many events as 
possible.  There are a total of 51 events.

Question sent in by cuteangelcat110

Q: How do I beat events Slippy's Invention and Trophy Tussle 2?
A: A good way is to be a Link and use his Up+B move or DK and use his Down+B move.

Question sent in by CobsterBBball10

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