Game Controls - Guide for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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The controls in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater are complex.  Almost every
button has a different function depending what item you have equipped, your
position (crawling, against a wall), or any other circumstance.  They are very
context sensitive.  This section that immediately follows will provide you
with a basic outline of what each button can do and then the next few sections
after that will detail how to do each of those and some special actions and

X Button - * Cancel selection
           * Crouch (move to crawl)
           * Press while moving to roll

Circle Button - * Engage CQC
                * Punch
                * Confirmation button
                * Grab enemy

Square Button - * Shoot weapon
                * Zoom out

Triangle Button - * Action button (open doors, climb ladders)
                  * Interact with cut-scene
                  * Zoom in

START Button - * Pause the game
               * Activate survival viewer

SELECT Button - * Open radio interface

R1 Shoulder Button - * First-person view

R2 Shoulder Button - * Open weapons menu
                     * Quick equip/unequip
                     * Strafe right (first-person)
                     * Shuffle right (against wall)

L1 Shoulder Button - * Shoulder aim (first-person)
                     * Keep aim in one direction (third person)

L2 Shoulder Button - * Open items menu
                     * Quick equip/unequip
                     * Strafe left (first-person)
                     * Shuffle left (against wall)

Directional Pad - * Move character (stalking)
                  * Navigate menu

Left Analog Stick - * Move character (normal movement)
                    * Navigate menu

Right Analog Stick - * Move camera

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