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  • Action, Adventure
  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Mature
  • November 1, 2004


Cell Number In Sokolav Video

When you meet up with sokolav pan around than on the wall it will say 144. 75 (the 2 time you meet him after he tells snake about the the tank you are going to fight).

Messy Way To Get Out Of The Groznyj Grad Prison Cell

When you are in the cell after the guard throws the food press the start button and go to cure the use the analog stick to spin snake then he will open the cell gate.

Easy Way For EVA Not To Loose Stamina In The Woods

When EVA gets stabbed in the chest with a branch, tranquilize her or knock her out using CQC and you can drag her through the woods. But, when you have to climb, you have to wake her up by kicking her.

Dust Grinding Relief

On the runway, on your way to the bridge when Volgin is in the shagohod. When he says "I'll grind you into dust", pull out your RPG and fire it at the shagohod's treads (wheels)and the shagohod will slow down and will not be able to hit you with it's drilling wheels. (RPG is required).

Kill Volgin Old West Style

To kill volgin easily use the single action army shoot it behind him to hit him in the sides or back. The bullets will deflect off and you will eventually kill him.

The End For The End

When you fight the end in the jungle stop and save the game and quit and after a couple of days when you play again the end will be dead the colonel says he died of "old age".

Hardest Monkeys To See

On snake vs. Ape, there are monkeys you can not even see. On the first one, the last one is on top of the really tall tree. Another one is a monkey on the roof of the destroyed house. The last one on the final are stage is outside on the right rooftop sipping a drink.

Face Paint

When you are in the place where Ocelot gets knocked out, before you go through the gate to get too the swamplands take a right and there is a face paint. It is called the zombie face paint,also after you talk to Eva in the cave that is behind the waterfall, go back to the pool of water behind the fall dive down and there is another facepaint.

Crocodile Cap

When you are in the Dremucci swamplands go into the water and take a left. If you go the right way there should a log in the water. Swim under the log and there is a little island. Go on the island and climb the tree. There should be a wire, climb the wire over to the stick underneath it. Drop to that stick and it will lead you to the croc cap. You can wear it in the water and it will keep the crocs from killing you.

Tips On Fighting The End

The second time you ever see The End in the game is the first time you enter the back of the warehouse which is a place you had to swim to (the second area after you finally leave the cave). After all of the cutscenes, The End will be sitting in a wheelchair where Ocelot almost shot Sokolov. He will remain there for a few seconds before being wheeled away buy a guard. Take out your SVD sniper rifle and shoot him as many times as possible. There are to guards to aim around, so it's not all that easy. If you shot him, you will know it because after your last shot, his wheelchair will explode. When you come to fight him again in the jungle, you will notice some of his health depleted from where you sniped him. The good way to spot him is to see his muzzle flash in the sunlight. The best way to find him is to expose yourself in the area he is in. He will shoot you. Take out that dart. Look on your map and you will notice that it shows you his exact location. Then all you have to do is find him and shoot him.

Easy Way To Beat The Sorrow

As soon as you start to fight The Sorrow go under the water and wait until you die. Then hold in L2 And take the revival pill.

Make Snake Throw Up

This is hilarious. To make Snake throw up, press START, then go to viewer (doesn't matter where, it could be looking at uniforms then viewer by pressing R1). Once you are in viewer, spin Snake around alot by turning the right analog stick right or left. Then press START to go back to the game. You will see Snake throw up.

Mask Trick

When you fight Volgin put the mask on. He will think you are Ivan and stop moving.

The Guards "Radio Man"

Are you sick of the guards calling in backup? If you are there is an easy solution. Just kill the radio man. Hes the one with a little red light on his left shoulder. If you do the others will say things like "wheres the radio man?" and such. Its really easy pickings then. (p.s. in some areas this dose not work because there are several "radio men")

Shining Head

Will fighting "The End" if you are using your Mk22 look for "The Ends" shiniy head. Then pull that triger and pop a cap into his little head

The Ends Weapon

When you finaly get to "The End" use the Mk22 to shoot him. After you kill him with your Mk22 There should be a box near were "The End" fell down at.

Stealth Camo

During the game shoot all 64 Kerotan Frogs which are located in every area of the game.

How To Unlock The Patriot

To get this gun you have to beat the game.

Under The Bridge

Before you cross the bridge look under the the opposite end with your binoculars there should be a little space with a new camo in it. Ounce you cross the bridge go and hang off the edge to your right, hit the x button to fall then hold in towards the mountain and hit the triangle button to grab on to the edge of the little space pull yourself up and get your new camo, to get out stick to the wall and follow the path to your left.

Bathroom Conversation

When you get captured in Groznyj Grad and need to escape, don't escape. Instead hang around and wait for the guard to complain about his stomach. For your convenience I have taken note of everything he says:

"Ooh, my stomach."
"Oh oh, I can't hold it any more!"
"Mmn... it's coming out!
"Here it comes!"
"Still going..."
"Wow! I didn't think that was possible!"
"That's a record..."
"Ew. Will this even flush?"
(flushes toilet)
"Oh, oh geez..."
(flushes toilet again"
After this he will bring you food. My description is funny but wait'll you HEAR it!

Easy Kill The End

While you are at the docks take one of the sniper rifles you own and look for a man in a wheel chair that man is The End. Shoot him continuosly until he falls out and dies. However when it comes the time that you would normally fight The End their will be 20 well trained GRU soldiers after you instead.

Don't Touch Ocelot!

After the cutscene where snake uses CQC tactics to knockout Ocelot and the GRU soldiers, Ocelot will be knocked out in front of you. Don't use the XM1ME1 or the SVD (Dragonov Sniper Rifle} to kill him a time paradox will be created letting you beat the game easily. Trust me it's not fun to beat the game without playing it.

Hornet Stripe Camoflauge

The Hornet Stripe camoflauge can be found after you beat the pain by depleting his stamina gauge. It is found on the platform where he stood on during the battle. After you beat him their should be an opening to the north. Just as you enter turn to the left and follow the path until you reach a ledge jump off the ledge and the hornet stripe camoflauge should be their. The hornet stripe camoflauge allows you to control hornets and keep them and other bugs away.

Defeating The Shagohod

Defeating the shagohod is probably the most fun part of the whole game. Quickly shoot the treads (Wheels for those of you you who have bad vocab.) Then Volgin will complain about how he can't move or saying "What have you done!" Eva will drive around to the back of the shagohod and shoot the part that is smoking it takes about one-fifthe of the machines life. If you don't inflict damage it propbably means you didn't do it fast enough.

Snake's Nightmare

After Volgin puts Snake in the cell, Save and exit. When you reload the game, you will be in his dream. After about five minutes, Snake will wake up and a cinema will start.

Prison Cell Frequency

The radio frequency to get out of the Groznyj Grad prison cell is 144.75.

Tuxedo Camouflage

Complete the game once to unlock the Tuxedo Camouflage.

Non-Lethal Camouflage

Beat all bosses without using lethal force to unlock a special Non-Lethal Camo.

Healing Radio Frequencies

147.08 Surfing Guitar/66 Boys
140.52 Rock Me Baby/66 Boys
142.94 Pillow Talk/Starry. K
144.06 Jumpin' Johnny/Chuck Raspberry
147.59 Sailor/Starry. K
140.01 Salty Catfish/66 Boys
149.53 Don't Be Afraid/Rika Muranake

Hidden Camoflauge

Animals Camo - Defeat Ocelot with MK22
Bannana Camo - Get top five scores in monkey game
Cold War Camo - Defeat Volgin with MK22
Fire Camo - Defeat The Fury with MK22
Moss Camo - Hold up The End with the M37
Snake Camo - Defeat The Boss with MK22
Spirit Camo - Defeat the Sorrow
Tuxedo - Complete the game
Stealth Camo - Find and dismantle all of the frogs
Spider Camo - Defeat the Fear with MK22
Hornet Stripe Camo - Defeat The Pain with MK22

The Best Tasting Food

While you are fighting the Boss, equip your thermal goggles and look for snake solid, snake liquid, and snake solidus. They are each by one of the three logs that are scattered around the area.

Beat Colonel Volgin

This Battle is fairly easy. Just stick to your Revolver and let the bullets ricochet behind him. When you start the battle, use your fake death pill to fool him into thinking you're dead. Then when he walks over to you and turns around, use the revival pill and shoot him. You can only do this once.

Healing Radio

Use the time to put in the Radio Frequency 149.53. When you are finished listening to the song you'll have full Health! Threaten guards to find out more songs to listen to.

Stamina Gauge

This gauge shows how much energy Snake has left. The higher his Stamina bar is the more energy he has and the better he will perform in combat and other situations. This bar is decreased by almost everything that you do: walking, running, climbing, hanging, and so on. Once he gets down to the last 1/4 of the bar his performance will become very impaired and many things will become difficult to do: running, stalking, climbing, aiming and so on. You will want this to be in the top 3/4 most of the time. You can save yourself some of the bar by thinking ahead and performing actions that are essential and nothing else. The bar can be recovered quite easily though as long as you have some food for Snake to munch on. Certain foods will give him more stamina than others but all will give some sort of contribution.

Life Gauge

This is the one gauge that you will want to watch closest for the entire game. This gauge represents Snake's life. The more of it that is filled up the more life he has, the lower it is the less life he has. This gauge can be restored by using Rations or by crouching while bleeding. When the Life Gauge reaches a low enough point, Snake will begin to bleed. It will steadily decrease over time until it eventually runs out and Snake dies. To prevent this horrible tragedy Snake must either crouch for a while so that it will slowly restore, use a Bandage to stop the bleeding, or using a Ration to recover some of his health. Please note that smoking Cigars will slowly but surely decrease Snake's Life Gauge, but it will only deplete it to the point where he will begin to bleed. Once it reaches that point it will stop depleting health.

Fun With EVA

After your wreck on EVA's bike you will have to cure her when you are in the survival viewer mode you can spin EVA's body around and lets say certain parts of her body are fastened securely.

Defeating Sorrow

To defeat sorrow you get through all the ghosts and then you touch sorrow, which will kill you, then press the inventory button (L2) and choose the revival pill (TOOTH).

Boss Fight Camouflage

In almost every boss fight if you kill the boss only by using the Mk22 you will get a special camouflage. It is much harder then useing a normal gun, but you can defeat them by depleting thier stamina gauge. It is harder but there is no other way that you can get these camouflages and all of them have speical abilities.

Raise Grip Strength

When hanging off of a ledge, have Snake or Raiden pull up 100 times by simultaneously press L2 and R2. Doing this will raise their overall Grip Strength to Level 2.


When you first reach the Plant, hang over the ledge facing the pool and jump to get the Shaver. When Raiden first runs into Pliskin, hell give him the Shaver. For the rest of the game, Pliskin will now be clean cut.

Catch A Cold

If you leave Snake out in the rain for too long, hell come down with a cold. Youll know hes under the weather when he starts sneezing. Yes, this action will alert guards to your location. To cure him, give him a Pentazemin. If hes sick for more than a few seconds, the pill wont work.

Bad Plumbing

While using the Directional Mic to listen to the conversation between Ocelot and Solidus, point the Mic toward the bathroom to hear some very amusing commentary and sound effects from a guy who is in dire need of some laxatives.


Find The End On Your Map

While fighting The End, go to the map screen and press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, square, triangle. A red dot will appear on the map.


Animal Camoflague

Successfully defeat Ocelot with the mk22 and you will find the "Animals" camo lying on the ground at the starting point of the cave.


On your way back to the hanger that contains the Shagohod, stop in the locker room (not the hallway) before. Look in the locker across from where you hid Raikov's body and you should find the 'Maintenance' camo, which is useful for disguising yourself as one of the workers. Don't get to close to anyone, because they will not recognize you.


Successfully finish the story to unlock the 'Tuxedo' camo.

Get Single Action Army

When you have a showdown on the WIG with Ocelot choose the gun on the right. Beat the game and then you should have it the next time you start.

The Patriot

To unlock the patriot you have to beat the game.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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