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--------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------

Table of Contents-------------------------------------Your looking at it genius



Tips and Advice----------------------------------------------------------[TAA2]


Operation 40-------------------------------------------------------------[OP01]



Executive Order----------------------------------------------------------[EOR4]


The Defector-------------------------------------------------------------[TDR5]

Project Nova-------------------------------------------------------------[PRA6]

Vicotrt Charlie----------------------------------------------------------[VCE7]

Crash Site---------------------------------------------------------------[CRS8]






My Other Guides----------------------------------------------------------[MOG1]



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--------------------------------Introduction [ITO1]----------------------------

Hello and welcome to my eleventh guide. I Will try to tell you how to get threw
each level and find all of the intell in all of the levels. I hope you
enjoy the guide and thanks for reading. One last thing before I get onto the
guide. If you find any errors or somthing I missed please E-mail me at
[email protected]
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--------------------------------Controls [CON2]--------------------------------

LT: Aim down sights

RT: Fire your equiped weapon

B: crouch

Hold B: go prone

X: Reload

A: jump

Y: change your weapon

Left on the D-pad: is to change to your grenade launcher or any other

RB: throw frag grenades

LB: throw tactical grenades

R3: Melee

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--------------------------------Tips and Advice [TAA2]-------------------------

This section is mainly for the people that have haven't played another call of
duty game before. If you have then you can skip this section and go directly
to the walkthrough since the basics of call of duty haven't changed to much.

---Return unwanted gifts---
When ever a grenade lands near you a symbol of a grenade will pop up on your
screen. If you are close enough to the grenade you can throw back at the enemy.
So you get a free Frag Grenade that has already been cooked. But If the
computer doesn't instantly tell you to press G Run away, FAST.

---Your going to need to have bigger guns---
In almost every level you will start with a rifle and a pistol. Whenever you
get a chance for a better gun exchange your pistol for it. I mean what would
you rather have a pistol or a shotgun?

---Your not alone---
You will never be without teammates in this game. They do have horrible
accuracy and will never advance unless you advance but they do soak up some of
the bullets and they help show you the way to go. So never go to ahead or
behind your allies or you will regret  it.

---Hit the deck---
Whenever your screen gets super bloody and red quickly either find cover or
prone. Then you just have to wait about 20 seconds as your super mutant healing
powers take affect and heal your gun shot wounds.

---Always advance---
A lot of times enemies will infinitely spawn. So make sure to always advance.
So take a couple of sodiers out then advance and find some more cover and don't
expect your allies to advance because they will usually just stand there and

Whenever a enemy is at close range you should always knife as it will give you
a instant kill and conserves ammo.

---Reload Often---
Whenever you get a chance, you should reload because the Assault rifles and
Sub Machine Guns tend to burn ammo really quickly.

---Always look for cover---
From what I can tell you die a lot faster then you did in previous games.
(maybe the AI is more Acurate?). Anyways its always best for you to be
crouched behind a crate or barrel (as long as its not red).
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------------------------------Walkthrough [WKH3]-------------------------------

Well this is probably what your reading this guide for so I better stop boring
you. There are just a few things I would like to tell you before we continue

1. This guide is indented for normal difficulty only.

2. If you see a enemy, shoot him (this does not apply for stealth missions).

3. Reload whenever possible because it really sucks when you run into a room
with 5 guys in it and you don't have any bullets in your gun.

4. This game is really linear. Most of the time I will just say "Continue down
the path".

Thats pretty much it. I hope you enjoy the guide.

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-----------------------------Operation 40 [OP01]-------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-Starting weapons
--M16 with ACOG scope and grenade launcher
Once your in control take out the single target with your pistol by aiming
down the sights. When woods opens the doors equip your grenade launcher
and start shooting at the cars. Now advance down the street and the stay
on the left side. You can shoot the cars if you want but its not necessary
Because your allies will do most of the work. When some cars come to block the
road go left into the alleyway and enter the car. Follow the instructions on
the screen to drive away.

Once your in control again Zipline down to the complex. While woods and Bowmen
take down the 2 guards move into the building and melee the guard using the
radio. You can replace your pistol with his gun if you want but its not
necessary. Follow Woods out of the building and ignore the cars coming
by. Once the woods gives the order head up the hill and kill the 2 guys by the
truck and then look up the stairs and kill 2 more guys up there.

Follow woods up the stairs and and then clear the building afterwards turn to
the right and shoot the 5-6 guards up the path. Now for the First enemy intel
of the game grab the tape recorder directly across from the door you entered
from by the RPG on a crate [EI1]. Now proceed to the next area and head
up the stairs and kill any guards that may be up there.

Enter the building and immediately turn left and mow down any enemies in your
way. Move down the hallway and use use your grenade launcher to clear the way.
Make sure your always behind cover unless your moving up. Once you reach
the end of the hallway stand behind the Woods to breach the door. Start by
killing the guy in the middle before he jumps behind cover and then shoot the
guy on the right then the left. Stack up behind Woods to breach another door.

This time you will be automatically given a pistol. So take your time and
line up your shot on "Castros" head. After you kill him quickly shoot the girl
before she starts shooting her shotgun.

Leave the room and take cover behind the crates on the left side and mow
down the guards. Once its clear move up into the next room. For the second
intel of the level enter the room that Bowman came out of and grab the intel
on the dresser by the door [EI2]. While your there take out the large group of
guys that tend to come threw there. Clear out the room using the rest of the
grenades in the grenade launcher and then shoot one more at the group that
comes threw the doors at the lower floor.

Now leave the building and enter the courtyard. Go prone by the low wall on the
left side and grab a RPG. Pop up for just a few seconds and shoot the truck
with the Machine gun on the back of it. When your allies show move up but keep
the RPG. When you go around the corner of the courtyard shoot the tank with
your RPG. It should die in one shot, so you can go back and grab your other
gun. Now follow Woods threw the sugar field and then down the hill.

Once you reach the bottom of the hill enter the hanger but, before you leave
go up the green stairs and grab the Intel at the top and then go back Down
and head to the next hanger. When you enter the plane you will be given an
M60 machine gun with explosive rounds and unlimited ammo so feel free to
spray to your hearts content. When gunning you should always aim down your
sights and target trucks, red barrels, and turrets. Once the turret on the
road starts prepare to get out and run towards it. Then just shoot at the
vehicles then watch the events unfold.

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-----------------------------Vorkuta [VKA2]------------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel: 3
-When facing units with body armor always aim for the legs and do not knife
-The first chance you get to pick up a gun take it, or else you will fail.
-Starting weapons
Once the mission starts melee the guard and then proceed into the tunnels.
If guard gets in your way melee them then continue down the tunnel. When
you see a giant man with a pick axe don't be alarmed because he is friendly.
Head up the elevator. Once the elvator opens up on the second floor GRAB THE
DEAD GUARDS PISOTL. Don't get to trigger happy with this thing because it only
has 8 bullets.

Note: it takes 1 bullet to kill from the stomach or higher.

Once the doors to the surface open let the other guys go first and then run
with Reznov to the coal cart on the right side. While your allies push the
cart stay close behind and shoot any guards on the left or right side. Once you
reach the end of the track your guys will use a oversized piece of elastic to
destroy the tower.

ONce the towers gone follow Reznov down the path into a 3 story building with
a star by the door. For the 1st intel of the level go to the second floor and
grab the Intel by the radio next to the stairs [EI4]. Now head to the roof
and arm the slingshot. To use the slingshot simply pull the left stick back
to increase the tension and then use the right stick to aim it. Once the 3
towers are destroyed go down stairs and grab a shotgun from the pile and then
go outside and break open the gate.

Kill the first couple of guards by the gate and then I highly recommend that
you pick up one of there Ak47's because they are a lot safer to use then a
pistol or a shotgun. Stay behind cover and move quickly towards the objective
before the Helicopter notices you and starts to shoot. Move into the building
and go up the stairs and grab the harpoon. Despite what Reznov says do NOT
take your time and shoot the Heli as fast as you can before it kills you.

Now head out of the building towards the next building over. After you enter
building enter the hallway where all of the fighting is going on and then
toss grenades at the end of the hallway or try to find a gun with a grenade
launcher around the dead bodies of your comrades.

Note: After you clear the hallway I highly suggest you look around the
dead bodies for a AK47 with a grenades launcher because your going to need it

Move up the stairs to the next floor and the enemy soldiers will be in a even
more fortified position. But it shouldn't take more then 3 well placed
grenades from a grenade launcher to send them running. Once they start to
retreat (you'll know because some lights will start to flash red) follow them
and then slide under the door as Sergel holds it open. On the other side of the
door run into the small room and open the door. Stay proned in that room until
Your allies clear out the room.

Before going up the stairs, enter the small room on the right side of the
stairs and grab the intel on the table by the radios [EI5]. Once you go up the
stairs quickly turn to your right and shoot the 3 guys that come down the ropes
from the ceiling. Go around the catwalk into the next room on the right side of
the room.

In this next room there will be a metal wall and some soldiers with body
armer will come charging threw and when they do it will go into a slow-mow
moment. To counter these guys stay at the top of the stairs and shoot there
legs as they come at you since 99.9% of the time they will come at you and
ignore your allied soldiers.

After the assault has been stopped you will have to "Protect" Reznov, Which
pretty much means you have to shoot the enemy soldiers that are in reznovs
way. Once he starts to weild the door open some more armoured soldiers will
come at you. So stay prone at the right side of Reznov and when you do
this it will cause the armored soldiers to ignore you and start to melee Reznov
as you shoot up there legs (trust me I did this and I didn't get shot once).
once Reznov opens the door go inside and grab the mini gun.

Note: just because you have a mini gun I no way does this make you invinsible.
Frankly it makes you more likely to do because all enemy soldier will focus
on you, so be carefull.

Clear the first room your in and then jump out the hole in the wall. continue
along the path and kill anyone that gets in your way. Once you get close to the
last ovjective you will get hit by gas and you will lose your death machine.
When you wake up you will be inside a warehouse. BEFORE you get on the bike
go to the back left side of the building behind you and grab the intel on the
bottom shelf of a rack near a bunch of ladders [EI6].

For this last part just shoot anyone that gets near you and stay really
close behind Reznov. Once you reach a car with no gunner on it, pull up
next to it and get on. Now jsut shoot any vehicles that get near you
and once you get the option jump onto the train.
/                                                                             \
-----------------------------U.S.D.D [USD3]------------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel: 0
-The entire mission is just one cutscene

You do nothing in this entire mission just look at the cutscenes.
/                                                                             \
----------------------------Executive Order [EOR4]-----------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel: 3
-Don't shoot anyone till you enter the first building.
-Starting weapons
--MPK with a red dot sight and extended Mags
--Python with speed reloader.
Once the mission starts follow woods up the path and watch the events the
events unfold. Once your in control again head down the hill and take cover by
the pipe. Once the Helicopter passes get up and knife the guard that is
standing up. Now follow Woods around the base and do NOT shoot anyone.

Once you reach the building with the 2 guards in front and Woods opens the door
you can open fire. There are 3 guys on the first floor. Once its clear move to
the next floor and don't go completely to the top just stay near the edge so
that only a part of you is exposed. There are 5 enemies on the 2nd floor. Clear
the final floor witch has 3 enemies in it. For the first Intel of the level
go to the desk on the right side of the room [EI7]. Now head to roof by going
up the ladder. Melee the first guy you see leaning over the railing then turn
right and shoot the next guard. For the last guard on the roof look behind you
and kill him.

Now we get to have some real fun. Get up on the stone and Woods will hand you
a crossbow with explosive bolts. So look down the scope and shoot the 2
vehicles that drive in to kill all 6 soldiers in 2 bolts. For the second
group of soldiers further up aim for the vehicle for maximum effect.

Once the enemy resistance is finished Woods will hand you a special bolt, so
aim right above the glowing window and you will get your MP5K back. Now
as you slide down the line towards the window you will get another slow-mow
moment. As you break threw the window spray the crap out of the 3 soldiers.

After you come into control again after a scene follow your team down the Silo.
You will be timed here so it would be best if you don't use the crossbow.
SO take cover directly next to Woods and mow down the enemy infantry cross the
way. Again if you can find a gun with a nade launcher it would be very
helpfull. Continue to advance along the path and if you have a grenade
launcher use it every couple of feet to clear out any enemy resistance.

Once you reach the control room blow a hole in the wall and then grab the intel
in the far left corner of the room [EI8]. AFter the rocket launches run
outside and grab the rocket launcher at the rocket. AIm at it and then move
the rocket like you would a predator missiles in CODMW2.

After you blow up the rocket follow Woods threw the collapsing complex
into the tunnels. Go down the stairs and then mow down the first group of
soldiers that come down the hallway. Now use any explosives you have and
to clear out the hallway.

Continue to clear the hallway till the end of the mission. Use all of your
grenades, explosive bolts, and smoke grenades to do this. For the final intel
of the mission go to the hallway with the yellow stripes on the sides and red
pipes. Go into the first room on the right and find the intel on the wall
adjacent to the hallway on a console [EI9]. Now just advance down the hallways
to end of the missions. Not much strategy needed.
/                                                                             \
----------------------------S.O.G [SOG4]---------------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel: 3
-grenade launchers do not work on tanks so don't even try.
-Starting weapons
--M16 with Masterkey
Once the mission starts watch the events take place and follow Woods into the
trenches. Once your about half way threw the trenches a soldier will jump on
you, so be ready to press X to get him of you. Continue along the trenches
and equip the masterkey and blast your way threw the enemyresistance.

Eventually a tank will come and crash into the trench and when this happens
simply go prone and crawl under. After this happens start picking up
detonators and activating them. Keep moving around the trench untill  you
reach the top and grab a LAW rocket launcher off of one of the crates. Once
the tanks arrive wait for them to come to a stop and take them out one by
one. It should only take one rocket ot destroy each one.

Before you enter the hole. Go to the large stash of ammo crates at the top
of the hill and find the Intel near the middle of the crates [EI10].

When the tanks have been all destoryed head into the underground tunnel
with Woods. Folow it to the end and you will see that the situation is
pretty bad. The enemy soldiers will continue to spawn so when you get
the chance run down down the right side towards the bunker. Use the
masterkey to blast threw the enemy soldiers. From there continue to take
out enemy soldier sthen move down to the next bunker. Since the enemy soldiers
will spawn for forever when you get the oppurtunity run all the way down to
the trench and run to the far right side. This should cause a checkpoint
and hopefully the enemy soldier will stop spawning.

But before you leave the area Go to the left side of the hill and enter
the last bunker before the trench. It will be in the left window. This is
not the bunker with the Machine gun [EI11].

Now follow your allies down the right side of the trenches into the burnt
forest area. Slowly move up and use the trees as cover. But DO NOT get to
close to them since about 80% of them have flamethrower mounted on there
guns. Once you fight your way to the top you will get hit by a morter strike.
When this happens you will be given a revolver, So shoot the guy going for
woods. Afterwards get up and head into the bunker with your men. For the
final piece of intel in the level look at the shelfs on the right side of
the bunker directly after you cross the collapsed support beams [EI12].

Now exit the bunker and jump into the jeep. You can use the China Lake
if you want but you don't have to. When a tank shows up fire a rocket from the
launcher and guide it to the target. Do this for 5 more tanks and the mission
will end.

/                                                                             \
----------------------------The Defector [TDR5]--------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-try to keep the starting shotgun you get through out the entire mission
-do not spray with the spas-12
-If you incounter a tank don't try to throw grenades because it won't work.
-Starting Weapons
--Dragons Breath (This is a Spas-12 shotgun with icindiary rounds)
--Commando (buffed up version of the M16
 Once your in control move into the next hallway and shoot the 3 guards that
come down the hallway. When you enter the room at the end of the hallway
your friendly helicopter will come in and clear the area for you. Move to the
next room and avoid shooting the man that comes threw the doorway because
he is a civilian. Continue to Mow your way threw the enemy resistance.
You should have no trouble at all as long as you keep your Shotgun threw
out the entire mission. (you will not find any more ammo and no enemy or
friendly soldiers carry it.)

Note: only one of the 8 small pellets of the shotgun needs to hit in order
for the gun to set them on fire. So you do not need to spray at your

Once your about 30M away from the objective only go down the stairs a
couple feet then quickly run back up because one of the soldier will try to
throw a Molotov at you. Clear out the area and then breach the door to the
safe room. kill the guy using the radio then leave the room and kill the 2
guys outside. kill the guys across the way first and then throw some grenades
down to the lower floor in order kill the guys below. Kill of any survivors
below then advance threw the door Woods opens.

Head to the end of the hallway and breach the door and on the other side you
will find something really really surprising. I'm not going to spoil the story
but it is really shocking. Anyway after you leave the room enter the office
on the right and grab the intel on the table [EI13].

Leave the building with Woods and head into the destroyed building and grab
the radio from the soldier. Target the building across from you by moving
the green marker over it. After the Heli lightens the resistance for you head
into the streets and starts mow threw the enemy resistance. Stay on the
left side of the street and clear the place building by building.

Intel: Once you reach the house at the corner of the street grab search the
building till you find the intel on a table near a T.V. (this is before you
encounter the first tank [EI14].

After you make a single turn around a coner a tank will come threw a building.
Target it with the radio and then wait for a few seconds for the Helicopter
to show up. With the Helicopter gone your free to continue the carnage.

After you call in antother strike on the building help Woods move a crate
by pressing X rapidly. Once inside head up the stairs and clear out the
soldiers. Once the floor collapses on you head outside and mow down the
soldiers that come out of the building. Place some c4 on the top of the
ceiling. Once it blows head out of the hole in the wall.

Now you will have to defend the LZ from large amounts of enemy soldiers.
But before you place any C4 go to the building to the Northwest from where you
picked up the C4 [EI15]. The intel should be on a table on the left side of the
room. Once the waves start to come position your self in the 2 story building
right by where you got the c4 from. From there use all of your grenades and
grenade launcher grenades to repell the enemy attack. Once the tank shows
imediatley head to the south towards the water. Get on the boat to end the
/                                                                             \
----------------------------The Defector [TDR5]--------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-Unless your going for a achievement I reccomend you avoid all gual wielding
weapons ecause they are very inaccurate at long range.
-Starting Weapons
--CZ75 dual wield.
Once the mission starts toss a Frag grenade down the hallway towards the
enemy soldiers, this should rupture a gas tank and will kill all them. Before
you follow Weaver up the ladder turn around and go to Clarke's work station
in the corner of the room and you will find the intel on the desk [EI16].

Now head up the ladder and enter the hallway above. Kill the first 2 guards
that come down the hallway and then turn around the corner and kill 5
more soldiers at the end of the hallway. Proceed to the stairs at the end of
the hallway and as you go up face the right wall and shoot the guy in the
window. Head to the roof and kill the 2 guys there. Now jump and off the roof
at the edge of the roof where all the enemy soldiers are shooting you from
for another slow-mow moment.

Once you land Clarke will reveal a large weapon stash for you. I recommend
either the SPAS-12, Spectre, or the G11. Whatever you decide on grabbing
head into the next hallway over and clear out the enemy soldiers. Once you
reach the end of the hallway someone will throw a flashbang at you so duck
behind the wall on the side and then kill the 3 guys that come threw the door
way. Now move around the corner into the next hallway over. Wait at the end of
the hallway and mow down the enemy soldiers as they swing threw the windows.

Now go to the end of the hallway to the outside area. Jump down and go towards
the building directly across from you. enter threw the window and then clear
out all of the enemies. Now leave threw the window and enter the building on
the right. Kill the one guy inside and then snipe the soldiers below. You
should be pretty safe in this little tin shack and with your support your
allies should have no trouble advancing.

Note: Clarke and Weaver have a tenancy to do a cruddy job and leave a lot of
soldiers alive, so watch out.

Proceed down the stairs with your allies. At the bottom of the stairway throw
a flashbang down the way and then move in and take cover on the left side and
start shooting the soldiers in the windows and on the roofs across the way.
Once you feel the are is clear enough head to the end of the area and jump onto
the pipe. Follow Weaver across the catwalk and then blast the 2 guards below.

Follow Weaver and Clarke across the roofs untill your about 25M away from your
next objective. Make sure all of your weapons are reloaded and then slide
down the ramp. About 5-6 guards will come out so you can either shoot them
all or shoot the red barrel on the right side of the area to kill all of them.
Now as Clarke goes on his rant and blows up his lab look to the left and grab
the intel by the metal sheets where you shot the red barrel [EI17].

Now change change out your weapons if you want, then head out onto the roofs
and move along the left side and take out the 3 guards in the shack. Move
along the roofs to the north and slide down the ramp and kill 3 more guys. Now
snipe the soldiers below and then jump down and rejoin your teammates. Once
you enter the balcony that leads to the objective go prone and shoot the 2
guys that roll into the room. Proceed into the hallway and clear it out
using flashbangs and Once you get outside again clear the area and you will
have to protect the area as Clarke tries to remember his combo.

So grab the grim reaper and then stand behind the desk and blow them away as
they get near. Once Clarke opens the door Follow him along the rooftops and
watch the events unfold. Once your in control again jump down the roofs 3
times (kill any enemies below BEFORE you jump) and right before you go
down the metal ramp to the end of the level turn around 180 degrees and grab
the intel on in a pile of trashbags [EI18]. Now slide down the ramp. But the
missions not over yet. When you land pick up the pistol on the ground and then
try to kill as many Guards as you can then leave the area with your allies to
end the mission.
/                                                                             \
----------------------------Project Nova [PRA6]--------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-Starting weapons
--Mosin Nagant
This mission is very very linear. So just stay with your allies and advance
threw the german base. Your men completely outnumber them so they should
offer very little resistance. If any of them try to surrender just knife them.

Once you reach the first objective building, clear the first floor any way you
normally would and then slowly go up the stairs and then cook a grenade and
toss it up. If you cooked it, most of the enemy soldiers should be dead. After
the room is clear grab the intel on the table next to a lantern by a
diagonal desk [EI19]. After you grab the intel move back down to the lower
floor and leave threw the newly opened door. Throw some Marker grenades at
the cluster of enemies and advance threw the building on the right side.

Find the building with stairs that lead up to the second floor and go up.
Once up there mow down the soldiers on the catwalk. Use the rest of the
Marker grenades to clear a path to the objective hanger.

Once you reach the hanger kill the 4 or 5 soldiers inside and then grab the
intel in the corner office by the end of the missile in the hanger [EI20].
Breach the door at the end of the hanger and head outside. Follow the path and
use all of your remaining Marker grenades to rain death on them. Keep
advancing from building to building on the right side till you reach the
building with the objective. Head up the stairs and use the rest of your
grenades to clear the last of the resistance. Once you encounter a guy in a
chair don't shoot and watch the cut scenes.

After you regain control again make your threw the boat and follow your
allies. Watch the really sad cutscenes and once you take control walk out
of your cell and and start shooting. Once the first room is clear move into
the next and use the last of your grenades to clear the room and don't
forget about the soldier on the catwalks above. After its mostley clear
arm the explosives and the shoot the support beams holding the missile up.
Move up the missile and across the catwalk. Go outside and kill the 2 guys
outside the door and then turn left. Continue to fight your way threw the
enemy soldiers. Now its just a straight shot to the end of the ship.

Intel: right before you head up the final set of stairs to get to the
final objective, stop at the bottom of the stairs and then turn right
and grab the intel along the edge of the ship [EI21].
/                                                                             \
----------------------------Vicotrt Charlie [VCE7]-----------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-Starting weapons
--Colt 1911
Once the mission starts pick up the pistol and then quickly aim down your
sights and shoot the 2 guards outside. After there dead press X to open the
door and then swim to the canoe that has the objective marker on it. When you
have control of the guards gun, spray down the enemy soldiers with your
special ak47 with 80 bullets in it.

After another cool slow-mow moment dive back into the water and start
swimming towards the gun fire. Once you reach the shore snipe the 2 soldiers
on the ridge and then the others further down the river. Follow Woods down the
stream and take a little swim once you reach the river. Start by swimming to
the canoe and knifing the guy on the canoe. Afterwards swim to the hut with

Let your allies take out the guards and then listen to there long ramble about
what they plan on doing. Afterwards jump into the water and plant c4 on the
dam and then walk up onto the platform with Woods. Start by knifing the guy
sleeping and then go outside and knife the guy eating dinner.

Intel: for the first intel of the level stand directly behind the guy you
knifed who was eating dinner and face the water to the northeast. Then turn
around and walk straight and you will find it in a corner by a bunch of
barrels [EI22].

Jump into the water again and plant a charge at the base of the hut. Open
the gate and then head to the next hut. Follow Woods outside and then blow
the charges. Now start the process of mowing down the enemy soldiers threw out
the camp. Start by clearing the buildings on the right and use your grenade
launcher to help clear the way. After you clear the first building move threw
the building to a beach on the right side of the village. There you will
be requires to use a RPG to destroy a MG emplacement. So pick up the grim
reaper from your dead ally and blow up the hut.

NOTE: keep the grim reaper for later.

Intel: before moving onto the next hut face the water from where you
destoryed the hut and then head to the northeast and enter the small hut
with a small tin fence around it. When inside grab the intel by the corner
with the table [EI23].

Now move into the next hut with Woods and go to the window. Now take out the
grim reaper and slowly pick around the corner and hit the large turret. Now
you can ditch the grim reaper if you want. Now head up and clear all of the
enemy resistance on the way to the tunnel entrance. Now enter the hole with

When you enter the tunnel turn on your light and follow swift. Once you
round the first corner (after you meet Reznov) get ready to knife the soldier
that attacks Swift. Now keep moving down the tunnel and once you reach the
opening get ready and shoot the 3 guards inside. Remember it only takes a
single bullet to kill one of them. Now help Reznov move the crates and then
continue into the tunnel. Reznov will take out the first guy that comes at you.
Now take the lead and go down the left tunnel when you reach the fork in
the road.

Follow the path and keep a look out on the right side of the tunnel and
you will eventually find a piece of intel on a rock at the bottom of the
tunnel [EI24]. Follow the tunnel and shoot anyone that gets in your way. Once
you reach the wooden door at the end of the tunnel press X to enter to discover
a lab. Stand near the door and get ready to run. Open the door and then
follow the tunnel as fast you can to the end of the tunnel to end the mission.

/                                                                             \
----------------------------Crash Site [CRS8]----------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-The boat has unlimited ammo
-Starting weapons
--Comando with AGOG scope
Head to the boat. Before you go onto the peer find a flaming red barrel to the
left and look to the left of it and you will find a intel on a crate [EI25].
Get on the boat and get ready for a long ride. While controlling the boat
your main priorities are towers and vehicles. The building can wait till
after you kill everyone else since the soldiers in the towers can actually

Intel: as soon as you land walk from the bowgun to a rock sticking out
from the right side of the trail. The intel will be around the rock [EI26].

Once you near the final checkpoint on the river the boat will land itself.
Get off and follow Woods down the creek and get ready for nothing other
then, a AMBUSH! So take cover behind a rock and start shooting. There aren't
to many and you have plenty of allies so it shouldn't be to hard to mow them
down. Keep your eyes peeled and keep moving because about every 15-20 feet
another wave of soldiers will spawn. Keep moving down the streem.

After you get to the end of the stream some enemy helicopters will start to
drop soldiers down into the area. So before you jump down pull out a grenade
and throw it at the bottom of the ropes coming from the helicopters. Continue
to head up hill to the plane wreckage. Use the rest of your grenades to kill
the last 6-7 soldiers infront of the plane. Once the area is clear head
up the planes wing. Get up the wing as fast as you can because a sudden
earthquake will occur once your near the top. Go across the plane to the
base of the other wig and then jump down into the plane.

For the final piece of enemy intel go to the right of the ramp and find the
intel by a large glowing rock by the right of the reaer ramp of the plane

Listen to Woods conversation and then grab either a grenade launcher or a
sniper rifle and start to rain death on the soldiers below. You aren't
expected to actually kill all of them all you have to do is last about
3 minutes and then the Helicopters will come in and finish you off.

/                                                                             \
------------------------------WMD [WMD9]---------------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-While controlling the blackbird you have to Tell the squad to do EVERYTHING.
They will do nothing on there own, If there are enemy soldiers in range you
will have to order them to shoot them.
-Starting Weapons
--AUG with a suppressor and scope.
--Colt 1911
Once the mission starts control the black bird by simply holding the right
bumper and then holding the joystick back to launch. once your in the air,
you will get a sweet overhead view of your allies below. Like I said
early your guys below will do NOTHING on there own. If you encounter some
enemy soldiers and you don't order them to shoot, they will just stand there
and get killed. Anyway, order your men to move to the building by going
over it and presing A.

Now the fun really begins. You will now take control of one of soldiers
below. When the first 2 guys come in wait for weaver to come in and then
shoot the guy when you get control. Now just shoot all of the guys as they come
threw the 2 doors. (use the console you start by for cover).

After the building is clear you will be taken back to the blackbird. Order your
men to exit threw the back of the building and then tell them to shoot the
2 guys on the left of the screen. Now tell them to move to the next marker.
While there running to the next bunker press B to tell them to Hide or else
the in coming patrol will wipe them out. After the patrol passes order your
men to move towards the barracks.

Again you will be taken back to earth in control of one of the soldiers.
When Weaver breaches the door quickly move behind the crates on the left
side of the entrance and then kill the 2 guys sitting at the table. Now clear
the rest of the room and then Toss a frag into the next room over. Take out
the rest of the 5-6 soldiers. BEFORE you plant the charge go back to where
you entered from and then walk down the first set of steps and then turn left
and grab the Intel on the Table [EI28]. Now plant the charges.

Yet again you will be taken back to the blackbird for another 30 seconds. Just
order your team to 2 more objectives and you will say goodbye to the blackbird
for the rest of the game.

Now you will be in control of the soldier again. Once your in control move
up with your men. once the doors open from the shack quickly go prone.
Continue forward and attacth your self to the railing. Now just make
sure to brake every 10 feet or so when go down the cliff side. Once you
reach the bottom attach yourself to the rail and then swing down and kill
everyone in the room. Now go outside and head down the stairs.

Once on the ground again head down the path very slowly and keep looking left.
You should come up on 2 guys chopping wood, wait for one of your allies to
say "pick one" and then shoot one guy in the head and your teammate should kill
the other. Continue down the path untill you reach a large clearing to the
base. Equip your crossbow and look down the scope and you will see a red
garage with 2 guys in it and another guard patrolling the area outside. Start
by taking out the guard patrolling the area outside and then hit the 2 guys
in the garage. Move down the slope and then wait once your about half way
down, Look to your right and keep moving down until you see 2 guys cleaning a
car. Take one out and your teammate will take the other.

Head the rest of the way down the hill and go along the left side of the garage
where you killed the first 2 guys. Go over to the corner and you
will see 2 guys shoveling snow. So equip your silence rifle and take them
both out. Slowly move from the door to the left and keep moving left until you
see a enemy soldier on the roof of the building on the left side. Again use
your crossbow to take him out. Now wait where you are and shoot the guy
patrolling the area that should come to you every 30 seconds or so.

Now hug the wall that weaver is currently standing by and go down the wall.
Crouch and enter the building with the guard and then shoot him in the back
of the head. Now just exit the garage and then go slowly down the stairs and
kill the final guard.

Now wait for your team to show up and then shoot the hinges on the door. Weaver
will take out the first guard. So head up the stairs and breach the door.
Once inside toss a couple of frags down onto the first floor and then snipe
the rest. Go around the catwalk and then mow down the 3 guards that always
come out of the door by the stairs to the first floor. Before going down the
stairs enter the orange lit room next to the stairs where the 3 guys just
came out of [EI29]. When you head down the stairs soldiers will spawn on the
bottom floor and on the second floor where you just came from. Use the
consoles as cover and mow them down.

Before leaving plant disable the station by going over to the panel and
destroying it. Now follow your teammates all the way down the stairs across
the mountain and then off a cliff.

When you are falling off the mountain try to pull to the left since all of the
rocks are on the left. Once your given the option pull your parachute. Once you
land move up and throw a grenade into the large group of soldiers and then
pull out you gun and start shooting. After that group starts to retreat another
group of about 10 soldiers will come to help them out. Eliminate them to and
then hug the buildings on the right side and continue down the path. Clear
out the building using 1 or 2 flashbangs and then proceed into the mane
warehouse are with your team.

Intel: if you want the final intel of the level you will want to get it BEFORE
you enter the small room in the warehouse with your team. From where you
entered, face the inside of the warehouse and head West and you will find it
on one of the tables by a blue barrel [EI30].

Head into the small building with your team and have a very nice conversation
with a old friend. After thats over quickly head outside and toss a grenade
quickly out at the large door. Now move along the left side of the building
and pick them off from there. Head outside and quickly move toward the truck.
Once you reach it you will be in control of the MG in the back. Now just
shoot all of the incoming infantry to end the mission.

/                                                                             \
------------------------------Payback [PY10]-----------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy Intel 3
-when flying the helicopter your top priority are the turrets and other
-Starting Weapons
When the mission start take out the 2 guys in front of you and then head down
the tunnel. Kill anyone that gets in your way and once you come to the
fork in the road head to the left. Jump down the small waterfall and enter
the first room on the left. In there you will find a large weapon stash.
Take what ever you want and then continue to push your way threw the tunnel.

Intel: once you reach a large room with tons of racks and light coming from
the ceiling, walk to the right side and grab the intel on the rack [EI31].

After the extremely large room shoot the russian before he escapes and then
t-bag him just for good measure. Now exit the caves. Now your next objective
is to take that Helicopter. So find some cover, equip a grenade launcher if
you have one and then start to destroy the place. Since you have the element
of surprise you should have no trouble clearing the way. Before you enter
the helicopter find a table near a tent and the intel will be on that table

When your flying the helicopter all you need to do is follow the river and
shoot everything in your way. Remember your top prioritys are boates, turrets
and towers. In all you will fight 3 helicopters so make sure to use a
combination of rockets and the machine guns.

Once you land, refill your ammo if you want then head up the path. Use a
single flash grenade to blind the machine gunner and then go around the
corner and take them up. Now just push your way threw the base. For the final
intel of the level, go to the large room right after you free the prisoners
and reznov. Head to the far left side at the back of the room. The intel will
be on a crate near a small tunnel that leads to nowhere. Move from cover to
cover and use all of the frags and flashbangs to reach the top floor and the
end of the mission [EI33].
/                                                                             \
--------------------------Rebirth [PY10]---------------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy intel 3
-Be very carefull while in the nova 6 gas. You will instantly die after about
2-3 hits.
-While in the gunner seat of the tank tap the machine gun button instead of
holding it down to prevent it from overheating.
-Do Not get rid of the gun you start with that has the scope.
-Starting weapons
Once the mission starts open up the door and then melee the guy outside.
For the first intel after you kill the first guy turn left and grab the
intel in the corner [EI34].

After a very bloody scene follow Reznov up to the next crate and make sure
to stay out of the light. once Reznov gives the signal follow him to the next
spot. Once the guards pass follow Reznov to the next are and melee the guard.
Now just continue to follow Reznov and do whatever he says. Once you reach
the top of the elevator, open up the roof and then look in and shoot the
2 guards. Drop down into the elevator.

This area is pretty much shaped like the letter "H". I advise that you stay
out of the main hallway and move from room to room since it will provide more
cover that way. Before entering the room with the small contanment area
in the middle throw a few frags in and a couple flash grenades. Stay low
and don't forget to take out the guards on the second floors looking down
on you. For the second intel enter the center room and grab the intel
on top of the monkey cages [EI35]. Now proceed into the next hallway over
with Reznov to end the first part of mission.

While commanding the gunner seat of the tank make sure to tap both the RB and
RT buttons to fire both rockets and bullets. The only strategy I can give is
to aim for the guys on the balconys and vehicles.

Once you get out of your tank quickly take cover on the left side of the
area. Equip your Enfeild and put up your scope and start shooting. Once the
streets are clear enter the building on the left to escape the inbound
helicopters. Move threw the building untill your teammates stop at a window
that faces the objective. Look threw your scope and mow down the inbound
infantry along with a guy on a balcony across the way. Move down from the
building. Along the left side and move threw the wooden fence and mow
down the group of infantry that comes threw. Now head up path to the next

Intel: stand in front of the building with the second floor that is on fire
and turn right into another building. While in there find the intel on the
right side of the house on a shelf [EI36].

Enter the burning building and then stop in the last room on the second
floor with your allies. clear out some of the soldiers in the windows and
then jump across the roofs to the next building over. In this building
move into the next room over and kill the 2 guards looking threw the windows.

Move down stairs and then move onto the porch of the building. Turn to your
left and mow down the enemy soldiers. Once there all dead head up and
pick up the rocket launcher and shoot both helicopters down. Now follow
your team around the a building into some clear air.

Hudson will finally take his mask off. Now stay up on the hill and use
the rest of your ammo to snipe the soldiers on the rooftops and on the ground.
Once thats done equip your other gun and head down the hill. Now all you need
to do is advance along the left side of the area you reach the lab entrance on
the other side of the courtyard. Use some flashbangs to clear out the
entrance and then move down the hallway from there.

After you leave decontamination with Weaver kill the 2 guards at the the
top of the stairs and then kill 2 more further down. Once you reach the
bottom of stairs you will be in the same area as you where at the beginning
of the mission. Now just do what you did at the beginning of the mission
to end the mission.
/                                                                             \
--------------------------Revelations [RV12]-----------------------------------
There is absolutely no shooting or killing involved in this entire mission.
But there are still 3 enemy intel for you to find.

Once your in control head out of the room and then down the hallway. Direcctly
after you come threw the first double doors turn left and grab the intel on the
right side of the hallway on top of a vending machine [EI37].

Continue down the main hallway and turn right into the double doors at the
end. Watch the scenes and then continue threw the room. Once you leave the
room mediately turn right and and grab the intel in a trash can at the end
of the hallway [EI38].

The final intel of the level can be found directly after you see a flashback
of a rocket launch. Once the flashback ends turn right into the first open
room and grab the intel on the desks on the left side of the room [EI39].

/                                                                             \
--------------------------Redemption [RD13]------------------------------------
---Mission Specific Tips and Info---
-Enemy intel 3
-Starting Weapons
--FAMAS with dual magazine and reflex site
--MAC 11 with red dot sites and extended mags
You will start out the mission in control of a helicopter. The second you get
in control open fire and start to strafe to the left. Your mane priority is
the large gun on the top of ship because those missiles will follow you.
Once you cleared out one end move over to the other and repeat the process.

Your next objective is to protect your friendly soldiers on the ship. So
hover over the right side of the ship and hit any enemy soldiers that pop up.

NOTE: from what I can tell it isn't possible for your allies below to actually

Once the friendly soldiers make it below deck pull away from the ship because
a enemy helicopter will show up. While fighting the enemy chopper make sure
to always strafe either left and right and to fire your missiles a bit in
front of it because it will usually be moving.

After you destory the enemy chopper you will get hit by some random flying
object. So try your best to maneuver the spinning helicopter over the helipad
at the end of the ship.

After you "Land" head up the side of the ship and try to stay on the left side.
Your last friendly helicopter will clear the first 20 feet before getting
shot down. Once you fight your way to a crunched up cargo container and 2
more enemy helicopter will show up. Move up a little bit more and pick up the
glowing rocket launcher on the floor. Find some cover and then shoot down both
the Helicopters by guiding the missiles.

Intel: for the first piece of intel of the level head to the first cargo
container that you pass and grab the intel at the south end of the container
under the door [EI40].

Fight your way to the end of the ship and enter the interior. Go down several
flights of stairs and then kill the 3 soldiers in the locker room at the
bottom. Continue threw the door and head down some more stairs. Once you reach
the bottom kill mow down 3 more guards that will come threw a door the same
time you do. Beofore exiting the room grab the intel under table right next to
where you entered (there is only one table in the room) [EI41].

Exit the room and head up the stairs on the left kill the guard there and then
advance down the walkway into the next room over. Kill the 2 guys that enter
and then head outside and find cover by a crate outside. Now all need to
do is snipe the soldiers below untill there all gone. Once you have lightened
the resistance enough move up and continue to shoot.

Cut scene

Once your in control again swim up to the diving hole in the bottom of the
station. Once Hudson opens the door move into the next room and then
immediately crouch behind the first couple of crate direclty in front of the
door. From there shoot down the guards on the catwalks and then go up the
stairs. After the first area is clear the large doors will open revealing
another area.

Rather thenadvancing frim down stairs, stay up top on the catwalks and
weaken the enemy resistance from the high ground. After the second area is
clear head down the catwalk. Walk cautiously towards the next objective and
onc you see a slight earthquake quickly take cover and mow down the soldiers
that come threw the door. Now slowly enter the door and head up the stairs and
kill the 2 guys up top. At the top of the stairs slowly peak to the
left and kill 2 more guards at the end of the hallway. Head down the hallway
and go threw the hallway to trigger another scene.

Swim up to the surface and then onto the walkway. Turn left and enter the
doorway and then kill the 2 guards that come down the passage. Continue
to follow Hudson threw the flooding base.

Once reach a wide open room with a large structure in the middle you need to
be very carefull while going around. From this room go threw the next door
and then head up the stairs. Shoot the 2 guards in the small room and then look
threw the window and shoot any guards you can. For the final Intel of the game
grab the Intel directly underneath desks in the room right after you go
up the stairs [EI42].

Now use the remainder of your grenades to clear the room and then go for the
console. Now jsut watch the scenes and press the buttons as they come
up on the screen. Now Tea-bag the dead body and watch the final scenes.
Congratulations you have finished the game. Now you can get some or
achievements or try to beat the game on Veteran.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------My other Guides [MOG1]--------------------------

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--------------------------------Credits [CS23]---------------------------------

1. for making such a great site.

2. the makers of this game, keep making these great games.

3. My MOM for buying this game for me.

4. My brother for playing Co-op with me.
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--------------------------------Copyright [CYT2]-------------------------------

This guide may not be reproduced or changed in any way whatsoever except for
personal or private usage. It should not be placed on any website without my
written permission.

Copyright 2010 Alek Kettenburg
Thanks for reading

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