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By Daveizcool (man, i love doin that!)

Welcome to another one of my FAQ's. Coin matches r a pain in the butt if u ask 
me. I almost always lose, cuz i just care about killing people left and right. 
But i have some secret ways to win these matches:

1) Go to a place where u can easily walk off the edge and die (ex: Mushroom 
Kingdom II) and go 2 the edge. when a computer character comes near u, kill 
them in like 5 hits. Coins will shower all over u. I got like 1000 coins from 
Onette in only a 4 minute match! *if your goin 2 Onette, watch out for cars!

2) Play as Fox, Falco, Capn. Falcon, Link, Young Link, or any other player with 
rapid punches. Drag your enemy to a wall & do some rapid punches to them. 
theyll give u a lot of coins. *rapid attacking poke'mon r also nice, like 

3) Play as Mewtwo or Samus. Drag your opponent 2 a wall again & press B. Dont 
fire the weapon.the enemy will get mega hurt and give u lots of coins.It might 
even go on 4 the whole match if u want. *Capsules, barrels, and boxes sometimes 
have coins.

4) Play as Luigi. Walk into an enemy and tap A. He will do his rapid little 
punches. This doesnt do a lot, but its still pretty good.

5) Play as Yoshi. Jump above an enemy and while holdin down the control stick, 
tap A. He will rapidly kick the person 4 a little while. * I got a very high 
record in Homerun contest by doin this- you get a Paper Mario trophy, i think, 
if u get far enough.

After going through about 100 coin matches (i think u have 2 win them, idk), 
you get the smash coin trophy. Lucky you. Just remember not 2 copy this FAQ. I 
thought of all these ways 2 get coins, so no copyin.

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