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Enter The Matrix FAQ/Walkthrough
*UPDATES - Hacking Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, Corrections*

8. Contact Information
-The purpose of this FAQ is to layout out an easy to follow walkthrough 
that contains as little spoilers as possible. Storyline elements and 
other plot related information is not covered in this FAQ. Due to the 
fact that the movie and game have parallel stories I felt that it would 
be better to not discuss plot points as it may ruin the movie for 
people who have yet to see it.

-I do not claim to be a professional FAQ writer so I admit some 
inconstancies and grammatical errors in my FAQ. My purpose here is to 
provide information that will help you through some difficult parts of 
the game. This is only the second FAQ I have written in its entirety so 
I hope it suites your needs. 

-This FAQ is written on the normal difficulty level. Events and the 
amount of enemies can be altered depending on the difficulty level you 

-This FAQ is written using the XBOX version of the game. While the 
controls, graphics, and sound may be different for the different 
versions of the game, the game play and scenarios are all the same. 
Despite this fact, there is a slight chance that some of the 
information found in one version may slightly differ for another.
*Note* I have confirmed that the only known differences are the 
extra weapon (MP5x) in the Xbox version, and that the program to 
make the controller rumble      in the GC version is Rumble.exe 
and not Vibration.exe.

Enter the Matrix is a ground breaking title that paves the way for 
movie to game translations. Never before have the movie producers been 
so involved in the creation of a game in its entirety. The game not 
only adds to the already complex story of The Matrix movies, but it 
also provides an entirely unique storyline that follows the paths of 
Ghost and Niobe. While you do not have the powers or the skill to match 
Neo, you do have exception talents and can kick some serious ass while 
you are jacked into The Matrix. 

*Tips to Keep You Running*

- You heal and regain your focus meter with the passing of time. If you 
have just fought in a brutal gunfight with swat team members or have 
just narrowly escaped pursuit of an Agent, take any time you can to 
stay in cover and let your life and focus bars refill. Depending on the 
level of difficulty and the intensity of the combat you are involved in 
your status bars will take a certain amount of time to refill. Make 
sure you get a good idea for how fast your meter will refill and help 
that judge how quickly you should proceed forward

-Focus is key. The focus command in the game lets you delve into the 
powers of The Matrix. When you use the focus meter you will not only 
slow down time, but your senses will become more acute. Your aim will 
improve, you can jump farther, you can run up walls, and you can even 
see bullets as they come at you. This ability is what sets you apart 
from the regular humans that you find yourself pitted against 
throughout the game. Use your focus wisely and do not waste it when it 
is not needed. 

- Agents are feared for a reason. While you may want to stand your 
ground and fight an Agent, do not expect to come out of the fight 
victorious. The best thing to do is knock them down and run away. They 
not only have the same skills and abilities as you, they are better at 
most of them than you. Firing a gun at an Agent at long range is a 
waste of ammo. They can dodge bullets as if they were dodging a falling 
feather. If you have to fight them your only chance is to do it up 
close and with the full use of your focus ability. Throws are a risky 
deal since the Agents are good at countering them. Again, if you have 
to fight an Agent, do so only to knock them down and buy yourself more 
time to run away. If you plan to stay alive for long don't go Agent 

- Terms used in this FAQ

-Focus Dive- A focus dive is triggered when your characters visually 
aims at an attacker with a firearm equipped. If you then press the jump 
button in conjunction with the focus button, the player will dive at 
the target in slow motion.

-Focus Jump- A jump used in conjunction with the focus button

- Focus Dodge- A dodge performed by using the focus button and the 
defense button together. Performs dives, counters, and acrobatic feats.

- - - - GHOSTS  WALKTHROUGH - - - -

-- Post Office  --


You start the game in the lobby of a large city post office. This large 
area is a great place to practice your skills and get acquainted with 
the controls. Note that if you take out your guns in the lobby the 
security will come after you, so it is better to leave that till later. 
Once you are ready to go, proceed past the main desk and into the rear 
of the lobby. Here you will find an elevator. Accessing the elevator 
you will find that it is inoperable at this moment. Sparks suggest 
another way through the post office.

After Sparks relays his message, 2 security guards will emerge from the 
back of the post office and begin to attack you. The security guards 
from the lobby will join into the fight and you will now officially 
have your first fight in the game. These guards are relatively easy so 
take your time to experiment with the controls and see how the focus 
command changes throws, attacks, and counters. Once you have silenced 
the guards, proceed through the door that they emerged from that leads 
to the rear of the post office.

Follow the available path through the rear of the post office (referred 
to as PO from now on). When you come to a security desk, a guard will 
emerge and come after you. Another guard joins him from further down 
the hall. Take these two guards out with ease and collect any weapons 
that they drop. You can give the PO employee a beating if you wish, or 
you can continue on your way through the access door near the carts of 

Inside this next room you find a health pickup in front of you on a 
desk. Pass through the gap between the desks and sneak up on a security 
guard. This is a great opportunity to use the grab attack for the first 
time. Hitting the action button when you are behind a person accesses 
the grab attack. Put down this guard however you feel and proceed up 
the short stairs in the room. Open the door and proceed through the 
next 2 hallways. Open the door at the end of the second hallway to 
finish the first section.

Mission: Epicenter

At the start of the level you find yourself at the top of a steel 
grated stairway. Make your way down to the ground floor and dispose of 
the guard who impedes your progress. Follow the sound of heavy 
machinery to the far end of the passage. Here you will find a fence 
that you can climb over. After you have scaled the fence, proceed 
through the processing room of the PO. Toy with the PO employees if 
your feeling sadistic, otherwise exit the processing room and turn 
left. You will see two security guards in front of you and the elevator 
you are looking for behind them. Put down the two guards and the third 
one that comes to help them from behind you. You can now either enter 
the elevator and move on to the next level, or explore the rest of the 
mail processing room. Once you are done here, move towards the elevator 
and move on to the second floor

Mission: Unexpected Arrival

As you exit the elevator into the second floor, you run dead on into a 
squad of security guards who are surprised of your appearance. Run to 
the desk just in front of the elevator and load up on the available 
weapons there. Half of the security guard group will stay to fight you 
while the other half will apparently run away. Take out these "heroes" 
and give chase to the security guards who ran away.

Around the next corner you see that they did not run away, but were 
setting up an ambush. A security guard drives a forklift at you while 
the other ones use it for cover. Ignore the forklift and take out the 
security guards who are behind it. Be careful of security guards hiding 
behind crates. They may not make their appearance known until you are 
right on top of them. Once you have disposed of the guards in this 
area, move to the end of the hall and turn the corner.

The guards are apparently either smart or very scared. Around the next 
corner you are ambushed by a group of guards who are taking cover 
behind the boxes of mail. Remove the four guards from the equation and 
continue down to the far end of the storage room. As soon as you come 
to the next corner there are two guards who will begin firing on you 
from behind some more boxes of mail. You can strafe around the boxes 
for cover so you can get in close and put these guards out for a nap. 
Beyond these two guards, three more will attack you from further down 
the next hallway. You can take the time to put them down, or you can 
just run through the steel gate in order to trigger a cut scene.

After the cut scene you find yourself on the top of the shelves holding 
the crates of boxes. Security has fired tear gas into the corridor and 
you have gone sky ward to avoid it. Your object here is to stay on the 
top of the shelves and not to fall down into the tear gas. Take a step 
back and make a running jump using your focus powers onto the air vent 
across from you. Be careful not to end on the right side of the air 
vent or it will collapse and send you falling into the tear gas below. 
If you do fall, simply run back through fenced gate and climb up the 
boxes to the top of the shelves. Either way, when you make your way to 
the top of the opposite shelves, follow it to roof of the next room. 
Jump through the skylight in order to end the level.

Mission: Redirected

You begin this level in a storage room. Turn around and exit into an 
adjoining storage room. Immediately in front of you in the next room is 
a security guard. He is radioing in you position to quickly take him 
down before he can pull out his weapon. On the opposite side of the 
storage room, two security guards will open fire on you. Use the 
shelves as cover, or simply use the focus ability to take them down at 
long range with your guns. As you exit this room, a squad of guards 
will attack you from the opposite side of a large fenced in area. Since 
they are not in your way you can choose to avoid them and run down the 
hallway. When you have passed them, follow the hallway until you come 
to a left turn. A cut scene will take place.

After the cut scene continue down the corridor and enter the glass 
office to the left. You will then be given a prompt that will tell you 
to use your force power to jump through the window. Run at the window 
with the force ability in use and jump at it. Your character should 
jump or perform some sort of tumble and crash through the window. Next, 
run towards the opening at the far end of the room.

When you near the first set of boxes, a security guard will be alerted 
of your presence. Once he is down for the count there are still another 
seven guards to take down in this corridor of boxes. The best way to 
take them down is in two separate groups. The first group of four can 
even be cut in half. The first two will run at you while the other two 
will be behind a row of boxes. Take out these four guards and proceed 
to take on the remaining three in the corridor. Once you are done with 
them, run through the partially opened gate and open the door inside 
the next room.

Here you will find yourself in a group of offices. Move to the end of 
the row of offices and enter the final one on the left. Open the door 
and move into a second section of offices. In this room there are two 
security guards and two regular PO employees. Take down the guards and 
be careful not to lock onto the PO employees in the process. Before you 
exit this room through a door in the back left corner, take note of a 
locked door in the back right corner of the office. This office is 
locked now, but it will serve as a means to escape in a later level.

Open the door in front of the fenced in hallway and move into a small 
storage room. The next room you enter is the power control room for the 
post office. Push the red button to your right to restore power to the 
first floor elevator that was previously out of service. Play with the 
PO employees if you wish and exit the control room through the new door 
at the far end of the control panel. Pass through this small fenced in 
hallway and exit the level through the next door.

Mission: Backtracking

Descend the stairway and take out the lone guard at the bottom. Exit 
through the door to find yourself at the far end of the mail processing 
room. Move back to the front of the mail processing room where you 
originally entered by climbing the fence. On you way you will encounter 
6-7 guards spread out amongst the maze like passages. They are mostly 
encountered alone so there should be no problem taking them on. Once 
you get to the fence, scale it. There are now two security guards at 
the base of the metal grating stairs. Make the long run to their 
position and dispose of them as you see fit. Enter the door at the base 
of the stairs to move on to the next section.

Mission: Got It

The next room is the first floor P.O. box room that is connected to the 
PO lobby (running in circles huh). There are two guards who will stay 
to fight you inside the PO box room while a third one runs to get back 
up. Use the counters and the far wall as cover so you can move closer 
to the two guards. Disarm them and give them a good beating for trying 
to stop you. When you are done, take a second to regain your focus and 
your health before moving back into the bank lobby.

A few guards will remain in the main lobby, so mop them up. Once you 
have cleared up the main lobby the elevator behind the front desk will 
open. Take the elevator to the second floor. Just a little bit more and 
you'll finally have the package.

Now inside the second floor PO box room, move to the far wall and take 
a left. Follow the wall to your right until you reach the last group of 
PO boxes on the left. When you get close enough to the boxes a cut 
scene will take place. After the cut scene the PO box room will be 
filled with tear gas. Make your way back to the elevator and knock down 
any guards who get in your way. If you stay to long in the tear gas you 
risk dieing from the inhalation of the gas. If you make a stand at the 
front of the elevator you can take out any pesky guards and not have to 
worry about the gas's effects. Once you have disposed of the guards in 
the room the elevator will open and you can make your way back to the 
main lobby.

Back in the main lobby you are only a quick sprint from freedom. Run 
back to the front doors and make your escape... unfortunately for you 
the cops have set up a little trap for you. Once you try to open the 
doors the security gates will close and seal you into the front lobby. 
Worse yet, a few units of cops are lying in wait for your arrival. As 
the security gates slam shut, the cops will start to poor into the room 
and open fire on you. 

Be smart; don't try to take them all out at once. Your best course of 
action is to move around the perimeter of the room and take out the 
guards as they show themselves. Since many of these cops are very well 
armed, target the ones with the shotguns and MP5's first. Not only will 
this silence a potentially lethal enemy, but also it will gain you a 
strong weapon in the process. Continue making sweeps around the room 
until the room is cleared. Note that you can take refuge in the 
bathroom area to regain focus and especially health.

Once you have taken down the last of the cops, you will be directed to 
a new waypoint. The door next to the service desk is now open. Go 
through it to access a previously visited section of the PO. Continue 
through the back hallways and make your way to the processing room.

Mission: Big Distraction

You ever get that feeling that someone's help isn't as welcome as they 
expect it to be? Well apparently Niobe has set up a distraction at the 
expense of your escape. After the cut scene you will find that a few 
large explosions have rocked the rear of the PO. Sparks suggest that 
you make your way through the rubble and back through the offices on 
the second floor.

Descend the stairs and make your way around the fallen catwalk. The 
fence that had previously slowed your progress is now ripped in two. 
Continue through the hole. As you make your way further into the 
processing room you will come across two scared PO employees. Let them 
run away as there is a group of police officers behind them. Show them 
what they are messing with and move on. Continue through the wrecked 
processing room and take out the security officers around every corner. 
Apparently these guys do not get the idea that it is a good time to 
leave. Once you have finally made your way to the rear of the 
processing room, take the rear stairs up to the second floor.

Mission: Breakout

Almost there, just a little more and you will leave the Post Office in 
your dust. Move back through the control room and take notice of the 
two cops foolish enough to follow you. In the next room there are two 
security guards hiding among the shelves of supplies. Move in for some 
hand to hand combat and weapon disarms. Once you are ready be prepared 
to make a run for it. Once you open the next-door two security guards 
from the other side of the fenced in hallway attack you. Take them down 
and move back through the offices. Instead of turning right and into a 
group of police officers, take a left and duck into the lone office at 
the end of the room. Once you open the door you will trigger a cut 
scene that leaves you some-what questioning Sparks' methods. Bring on 
the car chase...

Mission: Get to the Hard Line

This mission is just a simple point and shoot mission. Niobe handles 
the driving so it is your duty to keep her path open. The cop cars that 
come after you are not of the variety you see on late night cop chase 
TV shows. They are willing to ram you, shoot at you, and pull other 
dirty tricks to stop you. Pull some dirty tricks of your own and use 
the other cars on the road as four-wheel bombs. Notice that the cars 
weakness is the engine block. Riddle it with a few rounds of your MP5 
and they should be a pile of smoldering metal in no time. Once you have 
made your way over the bridge the level will end.

Mission: Answer the Phone

After a thrilling chase scene through some back alleys, you find 
yourself on a rooftop. You are only a few rooftops from a hard line and 
your flight to freedom. Make your way towards the rooftop with the 
radio tower. Take note that falling from the rooftops is an unhappy 
experience, given that it means that you have to start the level over 
again. Climb the ladder to the rooftop with the radio tower and meet an 
unwelcome visitor.

This is where you learn what it means to "run like hell." An Agent has 
you in his sites and you don't want to wait around to see what he has 
in store for you. From the rooftop you start from, move towards the 
next building and jump onto the ladder there. Continue your way across 
the next rooftop. If you want to run faster you can unequip any guns 
you have so that your character can focus on running.

Once you have made your way onto the next rooftop you will be warned of 
an Agents transmission into a persons body by its tell tale electricity 
sound. Avoid the Agents gunfire by running around the outside of the 
brick pillar and jump onto the next rooftop. Here two cops that emerge 
from a rooftop doorway will greet you. You don't have to worry about 
the pursuit of an Agent at the moment so you can take out some 
aggression on the two. Continue on your way by running up and down the 
familiar looking metal shingle roofing.

At the edge of the rooftop jump through the open gap of the adjacent 
derelict building. Crash through the half broken boards and down two 
flights to the floor of the building. A cop waits behind you with his 
gun ready so be prepared. Run through the winding hallways of the 
building and jump to the next building. Climb up the ladder for another 
unhappy surprise. You may have thought that the Agent forgot about you, 
but just like an elephant, an Agent never forgets. As you climb on the 
roof of the building you see him fall to the rooftop of the building in 
front of you. Instead of taking him head on, run through the doorway to 
your left and jump across the gap into the hole in the next building. 
Two cops converge on you as you land in the empty room. Take them out 
quickly as the Agent is hot on your tail this time. Quickly climb up 
the stairs and jump to the next rooftop. You're almost home free. Climb 
the next ladder and jump down to the next rooftop. Look familiar? 
Quickly climb up the ladder to end the level. You finally make it to 
the hard line and jack out of The Matrix. Good job, you just survived 
your first encounter with an Agent.

-- Airport  --
Mission: Concourse

Your next adventure into The Matrix leads you to an airport terminal. 
As fate has it, it turns out that some of your rebel compatriots are in 
some trouble and need your help. From the offset of the level you find 
yourself just before the metal detector check point. Before you lay 
waste of the security detail, listen to their account of the attack. 
Once they are done have some fun. Before you alert them of your intent, 
sneak up behind one of them and choke the guard out to get the jump on 
him. Take out the two remaining guards and move towards the airports 
concourse. Around the next corner you come across a lone security 
officer coming to his colleagues aid. Put him to sleep and advance into 
the concourse.

Apparently you are being expected. As you enter the concourse you come 
across a unit of security guards. They are only equipped with the 
standard issue hand guns, but they have you outflanked. Do a few focus 
dives and flips to keep you "bullet hole free." if you happen to get a 
few bumps and scratches, you can search the check in counter and take 
the health pack there. 

At the far end at this section of the concourse, a guard sees you 
advancing and lets his fear known with a few choice words. Take down 
the scared guard and pick up the flash bangs he drops. Since the 
hallway to the next section of the concourse is sealed, take a detour 
through the nearby bathroom. Pick up the MP5 that you come across just 
before you enter the bathroom. At the opposite end of the bathroom, a 
few swat team members breach the room and open fire on you. Advance on 
them and fire off a few bullets at them while they are still standing 
in the doorway. Once you are close enough, disarm them of their weapons 
in order to pick up some better guns and more ammo.

Through a small hallway you find yet another bathroom. This one has a 
similar set up as the last one, but now it has two small passages on 
the perimeter of the room. Use these passages to sneak up on the two 
guards who casually stroll into the bathroom. Advance on them quickly 
and take them by surprise. They have MP5's equipped so be careful. Take 
their weapons from them if you can to even the playing field. You will 
need as many MP5 rounds as you can get so collect them as you can and 
conserve them.

The next section of the concourse again has a group of SWAT members 
waiting for your arrival. Use your focus to its fullest extent and 
divide and conquer. These guards are easily put down with little 
resistance. Move to the far end of the concourse and down the hallway. 
Enter the door at the end to end the level.

Mission: North Point

You are now inside the customs office. From the next room over you can 
hear a group of guards discussing what is going on in the airport. 
Listen if you want to or go in with guns blazing. Remember to conserve 
your MP5 ammo so equip the handguns. The key here is to stop the guards 
before they can pick up the MP5 machine guns from the racks on the 
wall. If one of them happens to get one before you can take him down, 
quickly disarm him to avoid any unnecessary damage. Once you are done, 
pick up the stun grenades and move to the front of the customs office. 
Equip the stun grenades and toss one at the glass at the front of the 
office. If the grenade bounces off the ceiling and comes back towards 
you, retreat into the previous room for cover. If you want to increase 
your accuracy use focus while you are throwing the grenade.

Once the grenade blows out the front windows, you can make your way 
back into the concourse. Equip the flash bangs from before. A group of 
security guards are hiding behind a baggage cart, waiting your arrival. 
Get the jump at them by throwing the flash bang at the baggage cart. 
Once it goes off, quickly converge on them and take them out before 
they have a chance to get back on their feet. 

In the next section of the concourse, a group of SWAT members will dive 
out of a ticket office window. Before they can draw their weapons, take 
them down and turn your attention to the two SWAT members who emerge 
from the boarding passages. Once this area is clear take some time to 
do inventory on your weapons and regain your health, you'll need it.

Mission: North Point 2

Now you've gone and done it, you got the attention of a swat team 
helicopter. Just as in the first movie, this one comes with a chain gun 
attached. Start the level by running to the wall either to the left or 
the right of the windows. Take cover here for a second as the 
helicopter riddles the room with machine gun fire. Once it is done 
firing it will pull a 180 and move back across the windows. Now that 
the helicopter is turned in the opposite direction, so is the chain 
gun, and thus it is safe to open fire on the helicopter. With the MP5 
equipped, hop out from behind the wall and open fire. Make sure to use 
your focus as you fire on the helicopter. As your stream of fire 
crosses the frame of the window, hold your fire for a second. Even 
though you may only fire a few bullets into the frame if you continue 
firing, it will be a waste of very important bullets. Once the 
helicopter has circled out of site, or you have run out of bullets, 
quickly run to the wall on the right side of the windows. 

Equip the stun grenades and lob one at the bench on the far wall. A few 
second's later four swat members will repel from the roof through the 
skylight. If you timed it just right they will repel right into a 
grenade blast. If the blast does not kill them it should at least knock 
them off their feet. Quickly converge on them and disarm them of their 
MP5's. If you have to use gunfire to subdue the cops use the handguns. 
The MP5 ammo is precious and in short supply to waste on these cops. 
Once you have defeated the four cops the swat helicopter will circle 
back around and open fire on you again. Hide behind one of the walls, 
rinse and repeat the strategy above and you should have no problem. If 
however you are painfully low on life and focus after taking out a 
group of swat team members, take the time when the helicopter is circle 
around to heal instead. If you cannot destroy the helicopter in that 
given pass, four more guards will fall from the skylight and you could 
find yourself in a jam.

Once the helicopter is down for the count the doors that had previously 
sealed you in open. Quickly advanced forward through the opening and 
take down a squad of three SWAT members. If you can get close enough 
without alerting them of your presence you should have an easy time 
disarming them and taking them out with hand to hand combat. Take a 
quick second to catch your breath and your status meters before moving 

Through the next section of the concourse you will see a gift shop. As 
you enter one end of the gift shop a squad of 7-8 swat team members 
will infiltrate the gift shop from the opposite end. You have a few 
strategies available to you here. You can retreat for cover in the 
previous section of the concourse and let two or three of the swat team 
members come to you. On the other end of it you can do some focus dives 
with an MP5 equipped and take your chances against the entire squad. 
Lastly you can soften up the attackers with a few well-placed grenades. 
However you feel suited to take out the threat just remember there is a 
first aid pick up on the first counter inside the gift shop. Once you 
have reasserted your authority over the SWAT team head to the stairs on 
the opposite end of the gift shop to end the level.

Mission: Monorail

This short section can be tricky if you don't come in prepared. The 
level starts with a few swat members opening fire on you from a walkway 
above the monorail. When you run towards the walkway they are on you 
will discover that it is locked down and you cannot advance. Be quick 
not to wait here for long since you are in full view of the SWAT team 
and they have itchy trigger fingers. Instead, double back to the first 
walkway across from the one they are stationed in. Now that you have 
seen that their walkway is locked this one will open. Just as it does 
two SWAT members emerge from the other side of the gate. Use some 
handgun fire to soften them up before you disarm them and strip them of 
their weapons. Continue down the long walkway and notice that Soren has 
taken out the threat on the opposite walkway. A little farther down the 
path Soren will warn you to watch out. Two SWAT units drop from the top 
of the walkway in front of you. Soren may put a few bullets into them 
before they land so conserve the ammo and take them out the old 
fashioned way.

Run to the end of the walkway and follow the turn to the right. One 
SWAT member will come at you with three more shortly behind. If you can 
manage to get in close enough without receiving too much damage, you 
can take out these guards with ease. If they out flank you however you 
are better off just taking them down with some MP5 or shotgun fire. 
Continue down the stairs when you are done and into the large building 
at the end of the walkway to end the level.

Mission: Revolving Restaurant

Sparks informs you that you have to take a detour through the 
restaurant to get to the terminal where Soren and his crew are. Your 
detour once again leads you into another SWAT ambush. (Thanks Sparks) 
The set up of the restaurant is a lot like a pyramid. You have tables 
that line the outer perimeter of the restaurant and then a large spiral 
fixture in the middle with a bar on top. The best method of attack is 
to go to the SWAT team and not let them come to you. While this is 
seldom the case, they can corner or out flank you in this environment 
so it is best to keep moving. When you are climbing the stairs it is 
best to strafe when you get close to the next level of stairs. If you 
are focusing on the stairs in front of you and not behind you, you can 
potentially take a shotgun blast to the back of the head, and no one 
wants a shotgun blast to the back of the head. Continue circling up and 
down the spiral fixture until the cops are swept up. If you are 
struggling at any time there is a first aid kid at the base of the 
stairs in a small room. Now that you have cleared the restaurant you 
are free to climb up on the piano and wait for the ladder to circle 
around. Do not try to jump to the ladder, as it is unreachable. Instead 
wait on the piano and a cut scene will take place that shows Ghost 
automatically climbing the ladder.

Mission: Terminal
Ghost descends from the ventilation shaft into yet another section of 
the airport terminal. The large two-story room you are in is locked 
down so you have to stay and create some attention to get the SWAT team 
to take notice and send in more units. A SWAT unit stands at the top of 
the escalator across from you while three more are guarding the bottom 
floor. Take out the one at the top of the escalator before focusing on 
the rest. You can perform a focus dive with the MP5 equipped from the 
second floor. The long fall to the first floor should give you enough 
time to aim at and take out the SWAT units there. 

Once this squad is down another will infiltrate the room from the 
second floor where you started the level. Instead of taking them head 
on, hide behind one of the pillars across from the escalator. Give them 
time to come down the escalators and move in to attack you. Once they 
are within range jump from behind the pillar and use a few focus dives 
to neutralize them. Now that this squad is down it is time for the last 
one to infiltrate the room. The last squad will come in through the 
large door across from the escalator. This is the door you wanted open 
so their attack is more helpful then harmful. Again, a few focus dives 
should be good enough to take out the remaining SWAT units.

Moving through the newly opened door you will hear a SWAT team captain 
ordering his men to lay in wait for your arrival. Open either one of 
the large doors and access the main entrance to the airport terminal. 
This area is the largest one you have encountered in the game thus far 
so you may feel a little lost at first. As you proceed into the 
terminal entrance, you realize that the big ambush is little more then 
two SWAT team members hiding behind pillars. There is a decent amount 
of space between them so take down the closest one with hand-to-hand 
combat and the other with small arms fire. Once your done proceed to 
the far end of the room where another SWAT unit has most likely made 
themselves known by taking a few shots at you. Luckily since they are 
so far away their aim is not perfect. Be careful though since you have 
a lot of ground to cover and every step closer to them makes their 
shots that much more accurate. If you are having trouble getting close 
enough to take them out at close range, simply perform a focus dive or 
a focus jump to close the gap. If you are at long range it can be a 
waste to perform simple focus dodges as they eat up focus but do not 
cover a large distance.

After you have cleared the lower level, move towards the escalators at 
the end of the way. Equip a shotgun if you have it and let your focus 
meter fill back up. At the top of the escalator stand two SWAT units 
with sniper rifles. If you take your time getting up the escalator, or 
you don't move in quickly they can take you out very easily. A focus 
dive should get you up the escalator with no problem and give you 
enough time to take out one of the snipers with the shotgun. Now that 
you are at the top of the escalator you can take out the other sniper 
with another shotgun blast or disarm him and have some fun.

You are now the happy owner of a sniper rifle. Take a second to get a 
feel for the aiming and zoom feature. Once you feel comfortable enough, 
move along the second story balcony to the far end of the terminal. A 
few SWAT units have laid in wait for you on the second floor behind 
many of the large pillars. A focus dive should help take them out or at 
least close the distance between you and them. If you run out of focus, 
equip the mp5 and fire at the SWAT member's location. Even if they 
aren't open for a shot, the constant fire you lay down should keep them 
in cover long enough for you to get close and take them out with some 
hand to hand. Continue taking out any necessary threats until you reach 
the far end of the Terminal and meet up with Binary.

Mission: Control Tower

Your almost done with the Airport missions, but don't unbuckle your 
seat belt yet, the hardest parts are still to come. After a short cut 
scene where Soren tells you about Axel's predicament, you find yourself 
at the top of the airport control tower. A SWAT sniper is reporting 
that he is in position and ready to open fire. Take his advice. Move 
into position and open fire on him. Equip the sniper rifle and take aim 
at the SWAT team that is keeping Soren and Binary pinned down. While 
there are a large amount of SWAT units on the roof of the adjacent 
building, focus your attacks on the ones who are on the stairway. This 
will then allow Soren and Binary to move into position. Once they have 
moved on you can take out a few SWAT units on the roof at your leisure. 
They do respawn however so your better off moving on with the mission. 

Turn your attention to the stairs below you. You should have heard some 
radio chatter that a team is ready to converge on your position. Equip 
the MP5 and make your way down the stairs. Since the stairway creates 
an awkward angle, use the first person mode to target any SWAT members 
you come across. If that is creating a problem, focus jumping down the 
stairs is just as easy. Once the opposition is down, move onto the 
outer scaffolding and take out any remaining SWAT units you come 
across. Make sure to pick up the SG-552 from one of the fallen SWAT 
team members; it is crucial to your next battle. Once you have taken 
out the necessary units, move back up the stairs for an unwelcome visit 
from a not so friendly Agent.

Mission: Control Tower 2

At the start of the mission your goal here is to take out the front 
tire of an airplane before it takes off. If the sniper rifle is not 
equipped, notice that you can equip while the animation of the airplane 
is running. Once you have control of Ghost again, shoulder the sniper 
rifle and take aim at the airplane at the far end of the tarmac. It 
starts off momentarily stopped, so this is your best chance to take out 
the tire. In a few seconds it starts moving down the runway and your 
chances for an easy shot are gone. If you are having trouble shooting 
out the tire start firing madly. Even though Ghost is supposed to be a 
calm and cool master of firearms, forget that for a moment and realize 
that quantity or quality can be just as effective.

Once the planes front tire is shot out the plane is rendered 
ineffective. Unfortunately for you that does not mean that Axel is out 
of the woods. As Ghost watches the plane through his sniper scope he 
sees an Agent step out of the plane. The Agent is not so happy that you 
have stopped his flight, and he transmits himself to another body to 
take you head on. Unluckily for you, you soon realize that the Agent 
has transferred himself to a body of a pilot in another SWAT 
Helicopter. Unlike the previously helicopter this one has a chain gun 
on the front. If you have the SG-552 from the previous SWAT encounter, 
then this fight should be a whole lot easier. If not, expect to duke it 
out for a while.

The helicopter will lower itself into your view right in front of you. 
Immediately hit the focus button and the strafe button. Start firing at 
the helicopter as you strafe to the pillars on either side of the 
control room. Shortly after the Agent will lift the helicopter out of 
sight and reposition himself somewhere else around the tower. Use the 
pillar as cover and wait for him to return to the position you first 
encountered him at. Again, use the focus and strafe buttons in 
conjunction to riddle the helicopter with bullets while avoiding the 
stream of gunfire that is coming your way. Shortly after the helicopter 
will go down, but not before the Agent tries to take you with it. Dive 
into the open hatch in the floor with Binary and escape the ensuing 
explosion from the crashed helicopter. Although you just took out an 
Agent, you receive the unhappy news that Axel is still captive and they 
have him on another airplane.

Mission: Aqueduct.

Despite what the manual may lead you to believe, Ghost does in fact 
have a driving mission in his portion of the game. At the start of the 
mission you commandeer a SWAT team SUV and head off in pursuit of the 
airplane that has Axel. Unlucky for you, the airplane has an excess 
amount of steel crates that they decide can be put to use to slowing 
you down. A note here is that even though it would appear that you have 
to keep the airplane in sight, you can actually speed ahead of it and 
leave it in your tracks.  The main thing here though is to keep moving 
at top speed while avoiding any unnecessary bumps in the road. Hitting 
a speed bump at 90 mph can lead to some crazy jumps that leave you out 
of control of the vehicle.

Continue chasing the plane, being extra careful not to hit the steel 
crates or to careen into an electrical tower. Eventually you will come 
to a construction site. Before you reach the apparently dead end, 
notice the path that leads along the left side of the construction 
site. Take this path and continue on your way. Up the next ramp, take 
the left side of the road that slopes down. This will lead you through 
a short tunnel and into an obstacle course of sorts for the SUV. The 
next section has a few hills and ramps of dirt that you have to 
navigate before you can move back onto more solid ground. Be careful to 
not take a hill at full speed or you may send yourself crashing into a 
telephone pole or similar object. Once you come to the 90-degree turn, 
take it and move your way through a small tunnel. 

As you exit the tunnel Sparks mentions that the car in front of you is 
being driven by an Agent. Luckily for you there is no fight that 
ensues. Unluckily for you, you have to try to catch up to the speeding 
Agent and save Axel. Keep your foot on the ignition and make sure not 
to veer off into a wall and you should be able to keep a close distance 
to the Agents car. After some time a cut scene plays that shows Axel 
regaining consciousness and "distracting" the Agent long enough for you 
to come to his rescue. As you race off with Axel in hand, you get a 
call from Niobe asking you to pick her up. Just as she is talking to 
you, you see the results of some of her handwork come crashing down 

-- Sewers  --
Mission: Abyss
Following the cut scene, you find yourself at the wrong end of a SWAT 
team attack. Your goal her is to escape the sewers and find a hard line 
to escape. This next area can be perilous if you fall so stay close to 
the walls. A note from Sparks tells you that if you accidentally walk 
off an edge, hit the focus button and turn towards the ledge quickly. 
With any luck you will grab the edge and pull yourself back up. Also be 
careful when using your focus when you are running on the narrow 
ledges. If you accidentally run up a wall do not jump off it, as the 
jump will send you over the edge to your death.

Now that you are ready to go, circle around the perimeter of the chasm 
and make your way to a ladder. You need to circle around the metal pipe 
so you can climb the ladder to the top. At the top a SWAT team sniper 
greets you. Move in for a quick weapon disarm and pick up his sniper 
rifle. Take aim at the police units that are attacking Ballard on the 
center fixture in the room. With luck, Ballard has already taken out 
one cop, but don't rely on that Use the sniper rifle to take down the 
threat and protect Ballard. From here on in, whenever you come across 
an ally in the sewers you will see their life bar above yours. Take 
special care to not let their life bar hit bottom or it will signal 
lights out for Ghost. Once the threat to Ballard is taken care of, 
follow the ledge and take the next ladder up to the top of the room. 
Again, Ballard is under fire and you are there to aid him. Quickly take 
aim with the sniper rifle and take down the two snipers on top of the 
metal framework in the middle of the room. Scan the lower catwalks 
around Ballard and clean up any other SWAT members that may be left 

Mission: Abyss 2

Follow the catwalks to the center pillar and take the ladder down to 
Ballard's location. As you approach Ballard and the phone, an opposing 
SWAT team once again waylays you. Luckily Ballard gets out in time, but 
you have to take cover from the sniper fire. Quickly pull yourself up 
from the catwalk and take out the cop guarding the phone. Run up to the 
metal fixture and grab the sniper rifle. Shoulder the rifle and take 
aim of the two snipers on the same level as you, one to the left, and 
one to the right.  You can then choose to take the safe route or the 
quick route. If you take the safe route, climb back up the ladder 
inside the metal fixture and take out the sniper above. If you want to 
quick route, run backwards on the catwalk towards the phone. When the 
sniper overhead comes into to view, take up the sniper rifle and take 
him out before he takes you out. Once this is done pick up the phone 
and talk to Sparks.

Apparently you aren't done yet. Instead of jacking you out, Sparks 
loads you into a loading program with a selection of weapons to aid you 
against the SWAT teams in the sewers. He then sends you back in to go 
to the aid of others who are having a hard time finding a way out of 
the sewers. Once you are equipped, Sparks sends you back through the 
phone you just used, this time better armed. Equip the Stun Grenades 
and take aim at the large fan at the end of the walkway. Toss a grenade 
at it in order to blow a hole to allow you access. Follow the pathway 
behind the fan to the next level.

 Mission: Pumped

Follow the arrow to your next objective. You can take a quick look 
through the grates in the passage to prepare you for the rooms you have 
to advance through. Unfortunately there are no cops inside these rooms 
yet, but once you drop down there will be. Continue to the end of the 
tunnel and jump down from your perch into a larger tunnel. From here on 
out you will encounter many barrels filled with oil. These barrels can 
be a quick fix to the SWAT problem, but also be aware that they can 
have the same effect on you. Whenever you see these barrels, use them 
to your advantage. If you do not use them to take out a few SWAT units, 
at least take it out so that they are not used against you when you 
pass them.

Continue down through the next adjoining rooms and sweep up the un-
expecting units you encounter. Use the rooms as cover and retreat 
backwards if you need to. When you have reached the end of the passage, 
the tunnel leads to the right. Sneak up on the cops in front of you and 
take them out with a little work. Quickly move to the first person mode 
and aim at the barrel at the end of the way. Make sure that you are not 
close enough to be in its blast. Shooting it should bring down at least 
two of the cops in the vicinity. Move in and sweep up the rest. Another 
unit should emerge from further down the corridor. Quickly disarm them 
of their weapons and take out any remaining threats. Follow the passage 
further to the end. There, a small tunnel leads to the left, drop the 
first SWAT member and his friend who emerges from the tunnel behind 

Following this small tunnel leads you into a much larger complex. The 
entry shotgun will be your friend in the next section. Emerging from 
the tunnel into the next passage, you see a cop at the end standing 
next to a barrel. Focus-dive at him with the shotgun and fire one 
round. If you miss with the shotgun blast, it should still be enough to 
blow up the barrel and send the SWAT officer on his way. Around the 
next corner a cop waits patiently for you to stick your head out. Sidle 
up to the wall and peak out, when he shows his face blast him with the 

As you enter the area he was guarding, an officer opens fire on you 
from a walkway above. A shotgun blast should be enough to take him 
down. Be careful to avoid the barrel in the center of the room. Any of 
his shots could miss you and hit the barrel instead. Take a left at 
this intersection and confront yet another guard on the walkway above. 
Back up and take the passage to your right. It winds around a corner 
and leads to another small open area. Take out the cop here with either 
a shotgun blast or by targeting the oil drum next to him. Follow this 
path until you reach a red ladder.

At the top of the ladder you have the task of cleaning up the rest of 
the police officers in the room. First take the one out to your left if 
you had not taken him out before. Run to his position to gain cover for 
a moment. Next, run towards the small overhang with the waist height 
wall. Press against the wall to duck for cover. Let the SWAT team waist 
their ammo on the wall while you wait. When they go to reload, force 
jump from the wall and take out as many as you can with the shotgun. If 
the barrel you came across before is still there, you can use it to 
take out one or two of the officers. Another one lies behind the two 
SWAT members in the small passage they defend. Once the coast is clear, 
follow the small entrance in front of you to a hole in the floor. Drop 

Follow the path that leads you next to the running water. At the end of 
the passage you will come to a fenced area with an officer on the other 
side. Wait for him to turn his back and open fire on him through the 
fence. Turn to your right and climb up on the table there. An officer 
should be firing at you from this position. Quickly jump up to the next 
level and take him out. When you turn the corner where he was, there 
may still be a few SWAT members on the level below you. Jump down and 
disarm them for their precious ammo.

Moving into the next room, you'll notice a lot of large cylinders. At 
the moment there are three cops in the room, one at the far end, and 
two on the stone platforms to your right. Take out the one at the end 
of the room first and then use the cylinders as cover to take out the 
remaining cops. Double back to the far end of the room and flip the red 
switch that is on the machinery. Once this is done it shuts off a steam 
pipe that was blocking your advancement. This action also sends another 
squad of cops into the room. Climb up onto the ledge and get the drop 
on them with a force dive. Three cops should be ahead of you while one 
may have snuck around behind you with a shotgun. Take them out quickly 
and move into the next room. There you will find a red ladder leading 
up to the next level.

This is the other side of the large room that you had fought your way 
into before. The steam that was blocking your advance is still leaking 
so you cannot move back into that room. If your health is low you can 
take a moment to regain it slowly or jump up onto the walkway above and 
pick up a first aid kit. Once you are ready, run to the end of the room 
towards the hole to end the level.

Mission: Ice and Corrupt

Again, your mission here is to keep your friends alive. If they die, 
you loose. Try to do your best to keep the cops attention on you while 
remaining alive in the process.  The good part is that the cops are 
focusing on Ice and Corrupt so you can sneak up on all of them and take 
them out silently with a little neck breaking. Once you have cleared 
the room find the large machinery that is in the center. Climb up on 
the ledge to the left of the machinery and onto the machinery itself. A 
few moments later a cut scene takes place where you find out that the 
machinery had some C4 planted on it. It explodes and collapses into a 
passage below, taking you along with it.

In this room, apparently the cops in front of you did not just notice 
the machinery that just crashed through the ceiling or that you came 
with it. Instead of taking them head on, turn right and move down this 
side passage. You will find some steps that lead to a ladder. At the 
top of the ladder you will find a small room with a first aid kit and 
some ammo. Move back down the ladder and take a right. This will bring 
you back to the room with the cops in it. You are now behind them and 
should be able to get the drop on them. Take out the cop on top of the 
cylinder first and then the one on the ground next to him. Turn right 
and move into this next small room. Use the shotguns to take out the 
three cops there at close range. If your ammo becomes a problem, 
quickly disarm them and render them harmless. Follow the small passage 
where the two cops were positioned and come to a small room. Take out 
this cop quickly as he is equipped with grenades and not afraid to use 
them. Climb up the ladder he is next to and be on your way to the next 

At the top of the ladder you are welcomed by the sound of gunfire and 
the life bars of both Ice and Corrupt. Take out the small squad of 
officers in front of you and circle around the center fixture to the 
left. Around the next corner is a place to climb up onto the upper 
ledge. Here you will see Ice and Corrupt on a walkway above. Soon after 
a large contingent of cops will begin to repel from the ceiling. Circle 
around the center machine work and take them out. Be careful not to 
fall or the cops will focus their attention on Ice and Corrupt. 
Continue clearing the upper ledge until you receive the message from 
Sparks to blow out the anchors on the center machine. Equip the shotgun 
and go into first person mode. Aim at the three anchors that are 
attached to the center machine. There are cops that repel from the 
ceiling, ignore them for the time being since they are an endless 
supply. Once you have blown the three anchors, the machine will go out 
of whack and create a large explosion. The blast will open up a hole in 
the wall for your escape. Quickly run and focus jump into opening to 
end the level.

Mission: Waterway

Jump down to the service passage below and quickly run up behind the 
unsuspecting cop patrolling it. Snap his neck and take his weapon. 
Continue down the service passage until you come to a cop who is ready 
for you. Run along the wall to throw off his aim and let off a shot 
with your shotgun just as you flip off the wall next to him. Turn down 
the next passage and climb up the ladder.

This next area leads you across a small bridge. On the opposite side a 
small squad of three cops is hiding in the fog of the sewers. Focus 
dive at them and fire off two shots with your shotgun. This should take 
out the first two cops and have you close enough to take out the 
remaining cop with ease. Move forward to a winding stairway that leads 
you down.  Run down the stairs and make sure not to fall over the edge. 
Follow the passage on the bottom.

The next area you come to is a catwalk over a shallow pool of sewage. 
Drop the two cops that are on the catwalk on continue forward. As you 
reach the opposite end, Sparks will inform you that it is too dark to 
continue on. You have to instead pick up the flashlight that fell into 
the sewage from the cops you just disposed of. Move back across the 
catwalk and take the ladder down to the bottom. The light will be 
noticeable at the bottom as it is attached to a MP5 that was dropped by 
the cops. Pick it up and it will instantly be attached to all your 
weapons. As soon as you pick it up, a group of cops will emerge on the 
walkway above. Before they notice you, you may be lucky enough to lob a 
grenade up onto the catwalk. This may also prove fatal as the grenade 
may bounce off the catwalk and land in your lap. Either way, move 
towards the ladder and avoid the grenade that they drop below to stop 
you. Once it goes off three cops will repel from the walkway and take 
you into their sites. Mop them up with some quick gun work and climb 
back up the ladder. If you had previously been able to lob the grenade 
onto the catwalk, only one police officer will remain in your path, if 
not then you will have to contend with three officers as you get to the 
top of the ladder. Quickly knock out the two and force jump to close 
the distance with the third. Once you are done, move down the passage 
with your new flashlight to light the way.

At the end of this passage you will see a scene that shows some cops 
moving into position to ambush some of your compatriots. Follow them 
and get the jump on them first. Take a right out of the passage and 
stay to the right side of the sewer. Once you see the group at the end, 
jump off the upper ledge and do a force dive towards the group of 
police officers. With any luck you should be able to take out about 
half the group with one single dive. Once you have taken out the cops 
that put their sites on you, run to the gate at the end and take out 
any cops that are chasing Wurm. 

When the coast is clear, pick up any ammo you can and use the available 
first aid kit if needed. Return the way you came and continue on past 
the passage you had emerged from. While negotiating the sewers, try to 
stay to the inside of the turn. The outside does not give you an 
appropriate camera angle to see what is around each bend.  Eventually 
you will come to a roadblock of cops. Along the next section, there are 
two cops stationed at every bridge across the sewers. One cop is on the 
left while another is on the right. Take out as many as you can with 
force dives and wall runs before your focus runs out. While it may seem 
tempting to continue pushing forward, retreat and regroup to refill 
your status bars as needed. The small walls one either side of the 
walkways are perfect cover for this. When you have taken out the cops 
on the ledges, you will come across another contingent of cops who are 
waiting for your arrival. Force dive with either the MP5 or the shotgun 
equipped, and take out the four cops on the lower level. Retreat back 
for a second and regain your status bars and reload your weapons. 
Continue on when you are ready and take out the two officers who are 
perched on both sides of the final bridge. If you took heavy gunfire 
there is a first aid kit in the alcove to the left of the final bridge.

Continue down the pipe to the right and focus jump across the gap. In 
the split second that the camera angle changes, you will notice four 
cops below with a health pack at their feet. Keep this in mind. 
Continue down the tube and jump out the end to finish the level.

Mission: Waterway 2

Remembering the group of cops that you just saw, circle around to the 
left and down the pipe to their position. A few well place shotgun 
blasts should take out the police officers, or at least send them 
careening off the side of the platform. Pick up their precious ammo and 
the first aid kit if needed. Return to the previous passage via the 
pipe you came in through.

Now in another canal system of the sewer, drop down to the lower level 
and pick up the M16 you find. Continue on down the path and come across 
yet another SWAT ambush. A force dive coupled with a few shotgun blasts 
should be enough to take down the group. If there are any still alive 
mop them up with some good old-fashioned kung fu.

Once you are done, climb up from the lower level and proceed through 
the open door. Follow this tunnel down a long passage and take the 
right path at the "T" intersection. This will lead you into another 
pipe network that comes out in a room full of SWAT officers. Dispose of 
them, making sure not to accidentally fall over the railing and to your 
death. If you have a sniper rifle, take aim at the two cops below 
before climbing down the ladder. Also take note that if you shoot the 
oil drums that they are hiding behind, it may not be enough to kill 

At the bottom of the ladder exit the room and line yourself up just to 
the right of the plank. In first person mode take out the guard who 
stands inside the pipe above you. If you are in the mood for some 
dramatics, you can bounce a grenade off the outside wall and fire him 
out of the tube like a human rocket. Once he is disposed of, climb up 
into the tube and advance to the next section.

This area can be tricky, not because of the difficulty with handling 
the guards, but because of the susceptibility of falling to your death. 
If you have a sniper rifle, take out the two opposing guards who stand 
on the small overhang across from the pipe. If not a few shotgun blasts 
should be enough to take them down. As you exit the pipe an energetic 
police officer will advance on you with a shotgun. Take him out with 
the sniper rifle or small arms fire. To cross the small ledge, just 
walk towards it and your character will automatically slide along the 
edge. A cop will open fire on you while you cross it, but it is only 
handgun fire and it should do little more then take away 10% of your 
health. Take him out with the sniper rifle when you get to the other 
side, or perform a dangerous focus dive across the pipe with a weapon 
of your choice.

This is where things can get messy. While the in game tip for crossing 
pipes says to just jump up under a pipe to attach to it, Ghost 
apparently doesn't agree with that idea. Instead you need to take a 
running jump off the ledge and hope that Ghost decides to grab onto the 
pipe before sending you to your grave. Cross the pipe and drop down to 
the open passage beneath you. Cross through the crumbling tunnel (don't 
worry, it wont break), and wreak havoc on the two cops that await you 
on the other side. Turn around and take the ladder on the other end to 
a passage above you. Follow this passage with guns ready and do some 
nifty wall runs to take out any adversaries you come across. Also be 
careful of reinforcements coming up behind you. Jump through the pipe 
at the end and lower yourself down.

Mission: Breathing Room

The next area leads you to a collection of rooms. Take the only 
available doorway and be met by a surprise. The police have set up 
charges that have blown your escape route and they have also snuck up 
behind you for an ambush. As soon as the explosion occurs, go into 
focus and dive to your right. With luck, you should be able to take out 
two officers before you settle on the ground. Get up and Open fire on 
the SWAT unit across from you. Another police officer should be coming 
up behind you near where the explosion happened. Take him out and 
proceed through the open room. Two SWAT units line this room on the 
opposite sides of metal fences. You have two options; take them out 
with your guns, or dive into the manhole in the center of the room. 
This next section of pipes leads you to yet another sewer tunnel. Load 
up the shotgun and be ready for a big battle. Your target here is a 
SWAT officer who is equipped with grenades. As you enter the tunnel he 
will step out from the right side of a stone pillar in front of you. 
Take him out with a focus dive and land on the opposite side of the 
pillar. Knock out the swat officers that were covering him and circle 
back around the pillar. There are three officers remaining and a few 
oil barrels to help you get the job done. Be careful of the sniper in 
the fenced off room to the rear of the other police officers. When you 
are done, pick up the sniper rifle and the health pack if you need it. 
Continue up the stairs and into the next area of the sewers.

At the top of the stairs you will hear the SWAT team preparing for your 
arrival. Pop you head up at the top of the stairs and let them open 
fire on you. Quickly run back into the stairway and ready yourself with 
the first person view. As the cops approach at the top of the stairs, 
take them out one at a time. When you have taken out the two or three 
who took the bait, continue through the next passage. You'll come under 
fire from a sniper down the way. Push forward and keep him pinned down 
with machine gun fire. Once you are close enough you can disarm him and 
gain some more precious sniper rifle ammo. At the end of this path two 
police officers will try to get the jump on you. Take them out quickly 
with two easy shotgun blasts to the chest and move through the passage 
to the right.

This next passage is similar in appearance as the last one. Have a 
grenade ready and lob it at the SWAT team that repels from the ceiling. 
Use the focus in conjunction with the throw to improve your aim. If the 
grenade misses or you prefer another option, advance on them with a 
shotgun and take them out at close range. After that you again have two 
options. There are two cops down the end of the passage that have you 
out flanked. You can either get to an angle where you can take them out 
with the sniper rifle, one at a time, or you can climb up onto the duct 
work and get the drop on them from above. Either way, proceed into the 
next room with caution. As you round the next corner you are fired upon 
by a group of SWAT below you. Force dive into the center of the group 
and take as many out as possible. Mop up the rest and pick up the first 
aid kit if you need it. Climb up onto the machinery at the far end of 
the room and continue onward.

At the next bridge, force dive down the corridor to your left. There 
are four officers waiting for you there with guns ready. Lay waste to 
them and climb through the two holes in the floor to exit to the next 

Mission: Malachi and Bane

You start this level at the end of a drainage pipe that leads into a 
large room. Before running over the red walkway in front of you, take 
out the sniper rifle and take a head count in the room. There are two 
cops below you and a sniper just above you to the right. First take out 
one of the cops below you, and then take out the sniper across the way. 
Finally focus your aim on the final cop before crossing the bridge. 
Climb the ladder and run over to the fallen sniper if you need the 
ammo. Turn around and run back to the opposite side of the piping and 
follow the ledge along the perimeter of the room. Around the next 
corner you will come in close to a SWAT team sniper. Take him out 
before he can pump you full of metal. Quickly set your focus on a 
sniper on the far end of the room. Take him down before jumping onto 
the pipe that goes across the room. 

As you are traversing the pipe, two cops will come along the platform 
below you. Quickly equip the sniper rifle and go into first person 
mode. This will hang your character upside down on the pipe and allow 
you to take out the cops before they notice you. When they are down for 
the count, drop down to the platform on the end. Take the ladder down 
to the lower level. You can double back to the first section of the 
lower floor and collect any ammo that you feel you need. You will need 
to contend with two more police officers, but they are no problem when 
you equip the sniper rifle.

Continue back to the far end of the room and drop down into the canal. 
Run up into the blocked off drainage pipe to get some M16 ammo. 
Continue along the lower level and force jump up onto the large open 
pipe in the middle of the room. Follow this pipe and drop down into 
another section of the sewers below.

Before you take a step out of this small room, make sure your focus and 
health meters are 100%. When your ready advance into the room with your 
weapon of choice. This section is set up a little differently than the 
previous sections. The passage is lined with pillars that not only 
block your view, but also provide cover for the SWAT team hiding behind 
them. Storm into the room and force dive at the first cop you see. 
Before you land on the ground at the end of your jump, you should 
already have another officer in your field of vision to attack. Keep 
sweeping this small room to clear it before advancing down the next 

At this time, if you have any grenades, use them on the officers that 
are hiding in the small alcoves of the next passage. If not, advance on 
them and take out the two cops that are grouped together first. Before 
he has a chance to fully react, take out the last cop in the corridor 
and move on. You'll come to yet another small room that resembles the 
one you just had a shoot out in. Take a quick left and force dive at 
the first cop you see. There should be three officers lined up in a 
row. Take down the first two quickly and be careful of the last. The 
final officer in the room has a sniper rifle. Take him head on or use 
the pillars as cover so you can get in close. Once he is down, advance 
through the next section of piping to your next level.

Mission: Malachi and Bane 2

This mission starts with the sound of sniper fire. Quickly climb up the 
ladder to your left and equip the sniper rifle. At the top, take out 
the sniper at close range and then set your aim on the one across the 
way. Quickly go into first person view with the sniper rifle and take 
out the two cops that are attacking Malachi on the bridge. Once these 
cops are down, the real battle starts. You now have to protect Malachi, 
Bane, and Ballard on the center walkway from the advancement of the 
SWAT team. There are three points to focus on. The far right piping, 
the boxes to the left end of the walkway, and the bridge that leads to 
the north wall near the center of the walkway. Sweep these three areas 
and take out any cops you can with the sniper rifle. Use your focus 
ability to slow down the action and improve your aim. Remember that if 
one of the rebels dies on the walkway, the mission starts over.

Once you have cleared the room, an Agent will appear and send you 
running. Unfortunately for you he corners you in a dead end. 
Fortunately for you the key maker opens up a secret door in the wall 
and helps you escape.

- The Chateau -

Mission: Great Hall
After your discussion with the key maker, and the rude interruption 
from the brothers Cain and Abel, you find yourself in a chateau that 
belongs to a man by the name of The Merovingian. You can take your time 
and view the great hall or just push on through the door to your left. 
At the end of this hallway you will automatically break a chair and 
pick up a sharpened piece of wood from the pile. Proceed into the next 
hall and take on the lone adversary who is playing the piano. After a 
short time you will realize that you are not fighting normal humans 
here. Actually it would appear that you are fighting something that 
isn't human. In order to defeat these new enemies you have to your 
newfound wooden stake and stab them in the heart. Continue through the 
next hallway to the next level.

This section of the game from here on out can be a challenge or a 
breeze. Since the main amount of fighting that you are going to be 
involved in is hand-to-hand, you can avoid fights all together. This 
section of the game is split up into many short missions that are 
sometimes as small as one room. If you're not in the mood to fight you 
can just make it to the next objective and leave your enemies in the 

On the other hand, if you stay and fight you will notice that you 
cannot rely on firearms as much as you have come to in the past. 
Instead it is better to take on these enemies with hand-to-hand combat. 
Continue pummeling them until they begin to stagger, then move in for 
the kill. Ghost will perform an automatic attack with the stake to put 
the bad guy down for good. Apparently you have come across a group of 
Vampires who are remnants of a previous version of The Matrix. Most of 
them have now held up in the castle that you now find yourself in. Be a 
friend, reach out and touch someone. Namely with your fists.

Mission: West Wing

This next area takes you through a grand dining room. Run through the 
large doors on the far end of the room into the kitchen. Knock down the 
first attacker before setting your focus on the one with the shotgun. 
Once you have disarmed him of his weapon, dispose of the enemies as you 
see fit. Take the back entrance out of the kitchen and make your way 
into the pool hall. As soon as you enter the room, you are shot at from 
your right side. Quickly dodge around the counter and disarm your 
assailant. Two more attackers will enter the room at this point. Go 
medieval on all their butts and show them who is the boss. Exit the 
room through the elevator.

Mission: Atrium

 As you exit the elevator take the door at the right end of the room. 
Follow the next hallway until you come to a large atrium. As soon as 
you enter the atrium a vampire opens fire on you. Use your focus and 
strafe around vampire, slowly getting closer. As soon as you are close 
enough to move in, perform a few focus dodges and disarm the beast. 
Commence the butt kicking. His compatriot will try to sneak up on you 
from behind. Take out one and then move on to the other. When you are 
done, exit the opposite end of the atrium. Take this next hallway to a 
small library. Take down the vampire who emerges from the secret 
passage or simply run into the passage to end the mission.

Mission: Secret Passage

Good carpentry is so hard to find these days. As you head for the white 
door in front of you, the old floor will give out and send you falling 
to yet another secret passage. Run to the end of this passage and make 
your way up the wall using the wood planks as a ladder. At the top an 
angry vampire will break through the wall and come after you. If you 
want to have some fun with him, try knocking him off the ledge that you 
just climbed up from. When you are done with him, climb the next 
section of planks and jump into the attic. When you fall into the attic 
you will knock over a pot of oil and start a fire. A few vamps will 
join you in the now burning room to keep you company. Stay clear of the 
perimeter of the room if you don't want to risk catching on fire. Not 
after to long, the fire will cause an explosion and create your escape 
from the attic. Jump through the hole to end the level.

Mission: Secret Passage 2

Jump across onto the balcony in front of you. Pick up the health if you 
need it and move onto the next balcony. A vamp will drop from above you 
for a challenge. Wipe the floor with him and take on the next attacker 
on the next balcony. Continue on through the open door you find. Inside 
you will need to be careful because this enemy comes equipped with a 
UMP. Quickly close the distance between you and him and take his gun 
away. Show him what he gets for playing with firearms and move on down 
the hall. 

The next room that you come to has two vampires. The first one will try 
to distract you while the other one will fire at you with a UMP. Take 
him down first and disarm him. You can use this weapon to soften them 
up but you still need to use the old-fashioned "steak through the 
heart" routine to put them down for good. Move along the corridor to 
the next room. Again, you are attacked by two enemies, but this time 
the do not have firearms. Relieve them of their lives and continue 
moving through the chateau. In this final room you can simply pass the 
two remaining vampires and run out the open doorway to end the level.

Mission: Merovingian's Office

Run down the stairs and through the open doorway. In the next room a 
lonely vampire will come crashing through the door, eager to play with 
you. Show him your "You're dead now" trick and enter Merovingian's 
office. Pick up the phone and talk to Sparks. Ghost will automatically 
pick up the old fashioned crossbow from the table as well. When you are 
done talking to Sparks another vampire will burst into the room looking 
for some actions. Guess these guys don't know how to knock. Conserve 
the crossbow for an up coming boss battle. Remove the vampire from the 
equation and through the previously locked door he opened.

In the next room a vampire who feels that kicking a door in is an 
acceptable way of opening them once again greets you. *On a side note, 
The Merovingian must spend a small fortune each week just replaces 
broken doors and locks in his chateau* Anyway, silliness aside, show 
this one who's boss and move on down the hall. The next room you enter 
is an older style theatre. Since no movie is currently playing, go up 
to search the projector to see what is wrong. Just as you go to search 
the projector the projection engineer shows himself from behind the 
movie screen. Show him your distaste for a movie theatre without a 
movie. Just as you put the projection engineer out of his misery, the 
usher comes in to check everyone for their ticket stubs. Seeing how you 
broke into the movie illegally, he feels that the best punishment in 
order is death. Try reasoning with him, and if that doesn't work, show 
him what the after life must be like. Enter the doors that they had 
left open and exit through the backdoor to exit the level.

*Sorry, I got bored of saying "take them out" or "take them down" so I 
decided to have fun with this last paragraph. Moving along...*

Mission: Garage Hallway

This level starts with a vampire taunting you. Quickly run up behind 
him and stab him through his back to shut him up. His friend will then 
emerge, not so pleased with your action. Give him a similar butt 
kicking and exit through the last door on the right to end this quick 

Mission: Return to the Great Hall

This is perhaps the most pointless "level" in the entire game. Simply 
take three steps and enter the open door in front of you to exit the 
level. If somehow you got lost on the way, Sparks will give you the 
brilliant advice "Try the open door." Don't hurt yourself on this one 
kids, its a roller coaster.

Mission: The Dungeon

After an "interesting" encounter with Persephone, you will find 
yourself in the Dungeon of the chateau. This level bares a stark 
resemblance to what I would image Martha Stewart's basement would look 
like. Follow the path open to you until you reach an old wine cellar. 
The gate that comes crashing down behind you does well to letting you 
know that you are expected. Two vampires will emerge from the far end 
of the cellar and try to stop your progress. Remind them why you are 
called "The biggest, most badest, MOFO on the planet." Well, they don't 
call you that yet, but give them a beating so bad that they will start 
to. Once these drones are dealt with, take a second to refill your 
focus and life bar before jumping down into the pit of the next room.

This next room is where The Merovingian puts on his doll shows. Either 
that or he hosts his fights to the death. It is one of those, I forget. 
From the looks of your opponent in the center of the pit, it would 
appear that the doll show theory is out. The name of your new friend is 
Cujo. Just like the dog that liked the taste of human flesh, this Cujo 
is equally evil. Take an all out approach to this one. Throw on your 
focus and don't stop attacking. Cujo has better strength and speed then 
just about any opponent you've faced so far (expect of course if you 
avoided my advice and took on an Agent early on in the game). Just 
continue to be relentless and don't stop even if your focus meter gives 
out. Eventually Cujo will perform a counter attack that won't hurt you 
but it will give him enough time to gain the high ground. After Cujo 
has performed this move, he will jump up onto the upper edge of the pit 
and fire at you with a shotgun. Avoid his aim by moving closer to the 
edge of the pit he is closest to. 

Cujo will now sick his dogs on you. Not literally, but you will have to 
fight three regular goons before Cujo will hop back into the fray. 
Remember to keep your back to the wall nearest to Cujo. If you venture 
out into the middle of the pit he will fire at you with the shotgun. 
Let the three vampires come to you and dispose of them quickly. Once 
Cujo jumps back down into the pit, continue your relentless assault on 
him. Eventually you will drain his life away to zero. Just like any 
other vampire though, Cujo must be taken out with a steak to the heart. 
You can use the crossbow to aid in the process or you can perform a 
simple leg sweep to set you up for the dead. Once he is done for, climb 
out of the pit and exit through the hole he entered from.

Mission: Cain and Abel

While you are not the typical "Knight in Shining Armor" you are just 
about to save the damsel in distress.  Follow the dungeon tunnels until 
you come to a cut scene. Open the door and pick up Niobe. Now is the 
time to get her out of there. Make a break for it. 

As you exit the torture room, you come across Cain and Abel. They 
apparently don't like that you are taking their prisoner away. Convince 
them to let the both of you go. The problem is that both Cain and Abel 
do not appear to be staying down for the count. Sparks suggest that you 
knock them into the prisoner's cells. Take his advice and knock each of 
them into the bars of a prisoner's cell. The prisoners will then grab 
their captors and hold them while you make a break for it. Before long, 
Ghost throws down a grenade to keep them from chasing after you. After 
the cut scene with the key maker, you head into the garage and right 
into trouble.

Mission: Twins In Pursuit

It would appear that you have picked up two new friends. They are both 
very interested in playing a little game of "hide the bullet" with you. 
While some people may have different ways of playing the game, their 
way entails shooting a lot of bullets at you from a moving car. This 
mission puts you in the passenger's seat (window), providing cover for 
Niobe and yourself as you escape to freedom. Unlike the previous car 
chase, your goal here is to free up a path in front of you instead of 
focusing on your pursuers. 

The highway you find yourself on is narrow and congested with cars. 
Keep a steady eye on the road in front of you. If you feel that a car 
is going to get in your way and slow you down, take it out of the 
equation. You can also use this strategy to slow down the twins. Take 
out a car that is in front of them to create a momentary flaming 
roadblock.  Keep at it, switching between clearing a path and keeping 
the twins off your back and you should be able to get through the 

In the end I will admit that this is perhaps the hardest and most 
poorly designed missions in the game. Niobe apparently forgets how to 
drive, and the twins are undefeatable. This level ends up relying more 
on luck rather then skill and preparation. While I do not suggest you 
use any codes on your first play through, I would understand the use of 
the infinite life cheat just this once.

- Zen Garden -

Mission: Trinity and Ghost

Take some time to relax, contemplate, and kick some Trinity butt. Both 
Ghost and Trinity have a relationship going way back. It would seem 
that both of them expect different things from this relationship. While 
they refer to each other as brother and sister, it is not a bloodline 
relationship. They were "born" on the same day in the meaning that they 
were freed from their tubes on the same date. But enough about birth 
dates and the creepy thought that Ghost could be in love with his real 
sister, you're in for the fight of your life.

Just like Cujo before her, Trinity is now the hardest opponent that you 
have faced in the game thus far. Think of this as "Agent Training" 
since the fight with Trinity resembles the struggles you face when 
fighting an Agent. She is fast, strong, and she can counter many of 
your moves. When you view it closer, the fight with Trinity is not that 
hard. You need to keep at it and constantly use the counter button to 
spin around behind Trinity. Keep your finger on the counter button and 
use it to counter any of her throws. Whatever the outcome, this battle 
is for bragging rights only. If you win or loose, the story goes on 
with little difference.

- The Freeway -

Mission: Chase Morpheus

After a group of lengthy cut scenes, and some interesting plot twists 
(Smith anyone?), you are asked to contact the crew of the 
Nebuchadnezzar. After you jack in and give a quick call to Link, the 
new operator on the Nebuchadnezzar, you are told to follow the sirens 
to find Morpheus.

Unlike the previous car chase this one is less tricky, but more (how do 
you say?) Agenty. Your goal here is to catch up to Morpheus on the 
highway and find out why they have not checked in with Zion. It would 
appear that he is busy at the moment, fighting a few Agents and being 
chased by a large contingent of police. Make your way through the chaos 
and get to Morpheus.

The big thing to remember here is that the cars on the road are just 
like moving oil drums. Shoot them enough and you have your self a 
ready-made explosion. Cop cars can be annoying. They are fast and can 
catch up to you in a moments notice. Fire at their engine blocks to 
send them skyward. As for the Agents in pursuit, continue to fire at 
their engine block until their car can't take it anymore. The key to 
this mission is to hold down the fire button until the nice little 
screen to save option pops up.

Mission: The Truck
Just like the previous mission, do not let up on the constant fire. 
Shoot everything and anything that comes into range. This time you have 
the freedom of being "Agent free." While the level of cops has 
increased, the overall difficulty is lower. Just keep focused and don't 
let anything come within ten feet of your car. You should be just fine. 
At the end of this mission you will see a very nicely done cut scene 
and only the second appearance of Neo in the game.

- Power Plant -

Mission: Reactor Construction

You're a man with a mission. Destroy the reactor of the nuclear power 
plant. Why you're on that mission? Well I guess you'll just have to 
wait till the end to figure that one out entirely.

Ghost will emerge from a hatch in the ventilation shaft. Run down the 
corridor to the far end. There you will run into your old pal the 
security guard. There are four of these lightweights in this next room 
to deal with. Compared to the recent fights you have been having, these 
guys should be no problem. Mop the floor with them and exit through the 
rear door. Climb up the ladder in the next area and cross the concrete 
bridge. Jump down into the next section of the construction and show no 
mercy to the lone guard. Continue through the open walkway and jump 
down to the ground below. 

Sparks will inform you that Niobe is taking sniper fire. Your goal here 
is to reach the power switch for the lights and allow her to gain the 
upper hand. As you get to the ground and approach the next area, you'll 
be met with a surprise. It would appear that your garden-variety 
security guard has grown a new shotgun attachment. Regardless, they are 
still easy to take down and now they offer better rewards for doing so. 
Clean up the four guards in the lower level and climb up onto the 
concrete fixture on the other side. Flip the green button on the 
generator to turn of the lights for Niobe. Turn around and make your 
way up the ladder across the way. Shortly after you will be greeted 
with a cut scene of a sniper plunging to his death. It would appear 
that Niobe has gotten the upper hand on the sniper. Continue up the 
ladder and down the next corridor to meet up with Niobe.

After the cut scene you find that your job is to take out four snipes 
so that Niobe can advance to the power plants core. The four can be 
easily seen by simply taken a second to notice them in third person 
view. Once you have them sighted, take them down with some skillful 
sniper skills. As soon as they are put down, Niobe makes her move. She 
is not out of the woods yet. Now that she has made her position known, 
SWAT comes in to take her out. Provide cover fire for her while the 
SWAT team moves in. Continue picking off the officers until Sparks 
gives you the all-clear sign to move on.

Move to your left and take out the SWAT units that get in your way. 
Continue climbing and mowing down cops until Sparks tells you to get to 
a ledge and provide Niobe with cover again. This time it isn't as hard 
as before. There are only two SWAT officers that are firing at Niobe 
and with any luck she will take out one of them for you. Continue 
climbing up the construction until you get to the top. Equip whatever 
close range gun you prefer and hurdle the two concrete walls. On the 
other side defeat the two cops that oppose you and continue on until 
the next level loads.

Mission: Reactor Construction 2

Run through the connecting hallways until you come to the entrance of a 
large room. Do not rush in though. Instead take a moment to pick out 
the heads of the SWAT team in waiting. Take out your sniper rifle and 
pick off the first one on the end. This will result in his teammates 
opening fire on you. Continue inching around the corner and taking out 
each of them one at a time. When you have taken down the first four, un 
equip your gun and sprint around the perimeter of the room. There are 
other SWAT units lying in wait in the room but you can avoid them all 
together just by running through the opposite entrance of the room.

Run through the next hallway and re-equip the sniper rifle before you 
climb up the piles of wood. This next section is pretty easy if you 
take your time and take out the SWAT team below the sniper rifle. You 
can then force jump onto the concrete overhang and continue on till you 
get to the top of the wooden fixture to the far right of the section. 
Drop down from the fixture on the inside of the construction to advance 
to the next section of the stage.

This next area can be negotiated just as easily as the last. You can 
take on the gauntlet of police officers or simply jump to the concrete 
ledges above and avoid them all together. While it is easy just to 
advance past them from above, I suggest that you take them out and 
collect more ammo for later stages of the power plant. Continue on 
through the construction to yet the next section.

This area is a little tricky but manageable if you are prepared. Strafe 
into this section and take cover behind the pillars. Continue weaving 
your way in and out of the pillars until you get to the closest one to 
the SWAT team. Use focus power and make a quick break for the wood 
stacks beneath their position. When you are on top of the wood you can 
take your time to heal before making the final push to attack the cops. 
When you are ready, jump up and quickly disarm the cops and collect 
their weapons so as the make them defenseless. Once you have put down 
the four cops, pick up all the available ammo and continue forward. 
Again you have two options about how you can negotiate the next 
section. You can either; drop down and take on the units you come 
across or move above them all and come down behind them. If you want to 
do the direct route, then just keep your machine guns equipped. If you 
prefer the alternate route, jump across to the top of the concrete 
section. Run to the far edge and do a focus jump directly at the wall 
that is just beyond the roof. If you do it correctly you can come down 
in the hallway behind the SWAT units and get the jump on a SWAT sniper. 
Take him out quickly and move on to the next level.

Mission: Nuclear Shipping

Run around the left side of the building in front of you and take aim 
of the SWAT sniper. Use your sniper rifle to take him down. He is found 
on top of the truck at the middle of the parking lot. Move in a little 
closer now that the cost is clear and take out any threats you see at 
long range with the sniper rifle. Once you feel the area is secure, 
move in and head towards the doors near the rear of the dock area. 
Through these doors you face two choices; speed or kill count. You can 
easily make it through this room by performing a few focus dives and a 
few quick weapon disarms. If that is not your style, take is slow and 
use the cylinders for cover. The sniper rifle is a bonus here, but it 
may prove to be hard to use in close quarter combat. Either way your 
target is the silver door at the far end of the room. Through there you 
move on to the next level.

Mission: Transformer Field

At the start of this mission, equip the UMP. It has a decent size 
magazine, you should have a good supply of ammo for it, and there is a 
whole lot more where that came from. Exiting the door at the end of the 
hallway leads you into the main transformer conduit. This area is a 
section that collects most of the power that is directed through the 
transformer fields. Do a few focus dives to take out the three guards 
here. When the area is cleared, follow the incline up to the top of the 
tower. There you will find a handy weapon that will help you later on 
in the power plant. Now that you have this smoke grenade launcher, 
another SWAT unit will be right on your heels. They will emerge from a 
large docking door near where you entered the transformer field. There 
are only three of them so dispose of them as you wish. Continue on and 
follow the pointer to your next objective. You should come across three 
SWAT units within the next section. They are not too hard to take down, 
just keep on them and continue firing. Once you have reached the end of 
this large passage, the stage will be over

Mission: Transformer Field 2

This mission is either the most boring or the most action packed 
depending on how you look at it. I personally feel that it is 
repetitive and drawn out. But hey, I'm here to give you strategy and 
not my opinion (right?). 

Instead of giving you an in depth walkthrough for this section I'll 
give you some advice. 
-Keep your weapons ready and reloaded at all times
-Always use focus when taking a corner
-Expect to be ambushed everywhere
-Whenever a path branches off from the objective arrow, it normally 
leads to a police officer and a health pick up
-Retreat backwards and not forwards. If you continue moving forward 
with cops in tow, you will only pull them into more cops
-Always regain your life and force meter after taking out a SWAT unit
-Remember how import disarms can be

Mission: Nuclear Waste Sector

The next section is a little more diverse and a decent challenge. Take 
your time to heal up and take Sparks warning to note. Enter the next 
room when you are ready. There are three cops stationed in the room. 
There is one on each side of the center pillar and one on the walkway 
near the central pillar. Remove them in whatever order you feel 
comfortable and prepare for an experiment. Take aim of one of the large 
white containers that are around the room. Make sure you are a safe 
enough distance away before trying out this experiment. Open fire on 
one of the tanks and notice the size of the explosion. Just a word of 
warning, do not hide near these tanks as one explosion can be enough to 
take you down. On the other hand, you can use these to soften up and 
decimate entire groups of SWAT. When you are ready, continue on through 
the next section.

This small area contains two cops behind the small white containers. Do 
not worry these containers are harmless. Move in close to the SWAT 
units and disarm them quickly. Make it a habit now of stopping at each 
new door and regaining your health before moving on. In the next 
section you have to take on four officers who are laying in wait for 
you. Use the explosive containers to your advantage and avoid getting 
close to them to take away their advantage. Notice the first aid kit in 
the small room above the main floor.

This next area resembles the previous section you were just in. This 
time though it has less cover and more police officers. Use the cover 
you have to try to divide and conquer the SWAT members in the room. 
Take another moment to heal and regain focus before entering the final 
room of the level. This next room has four SWAT members spread out in a 
flanking position across the room. There is a large pit that separates 
you from most of the cops. Defeat the first officer before climbing up 
to the scaffolding and moving in on the other officers. This is an area 
that you have to be extra careful that you do not shoot the tanks. 
Defeat the two cops below the scaffolding and the one on top before 
exiting the final door in the level.

Mission: Nuclear Waste Sector 2

The next room in the waste sector resembles one of the previous rooms. 
This time though the SWAT team is in better positions waiting for you. 
For an easy fix to this problem, use the tanks to take out most of the 
opposition in the room. Mop of the rest and move through to the next 
staging area. This time around jump up on the first white tanks in the 
room. As the officers reveal their hiding spots, force dive at them and 
take out the first two in the room. Get up and perform a few focus 
dodges to get in close enough to disarm the final officer. 

Strafe into the next room and take out the cop who is perched on the 
walkway above to your right. Hurdle the next group of computers and 
open fire on the officer across the way with a heavy machine gun. As 
you inch around the next corner, take aim of the explosive containers 
on the far wall. If done correctly, there should only be one cop left 
to take down on the walkway across the large gap. Once his threat is 
removed re-heal before moving on.

Use the same tactic in the previous staging room and climb up on top of 
the first white cylinder. As soon as the officers reveal their 
positions, perform a force dive at them and soften them up. As soon as 
you move in close, disarm them and take on the next SWAT member in the 
room. Run over to the next door and move forward so it opens. Quickly 
retreat back into the staging room and let one of the officers come in 
after you. If done right, the doors should close behind him and leave 
him vulnerable to your attack. 

Once he is dealt with, move on into the next section. Open fire on the 
officer above the ladder in front of you and climb up to his position. 
Strafe left around the next corner to get quick jump on the cops who 
are on the catwalk across from you. A quick way to take them out is to 
aim for the explosive cylinders beneath them. Once the room is clear, 
climb down the ladder and continue forward.

Unlike the previous two connecting rooms, this one does not have a 
white cylinder in the front for you to launch yourself off of. Instead 
there is an officer who is hiding behind one immediately to the right 
of you as you enter the room. Instead of going in, guns blazing, lob a 
few grenades into the room to clear the place up a little. Once you 
feel it is safe, infiltrate the room and squash any opposition you 
find. One more room and the level is over.

This last room is very tricky if your not prepared. First and foremost, 
before you enter the room make sure that your status bars are full. 
Secondly, equip the GP-25. When you are ready, prepare for a quick 
fight. This is the last stand before you get to the control room. There 
are four guards who surround you on an upper level walkway. Since you 
have the GP-25 equipped, make sure that Ghost goes into the animation 
of aiming at his target before you fire. This is to ensure that you do 
not fire the grenade at your feet and kill yourself in the process. 
Also make sure that there is nothing in the way of your target that 
could potentially put you in the blast radius of the grenade. Lastly, 
take out the officers on the left by strafing to the right side of the 
room. Take out the officers on the right side by strafing to the left 
side of the room. This should ensure that you are not in the blast 
radius and make this an easy fight.

Mission: Core Control Room

This mission begins with you taking a vantage point from the control 
room above the center core. You need to clear the inner core before 
Niobe can make her move. Take out the three guards around the center 
tower. One is just to the right of the tower, one is just to the left 
of the tower, and the third is to the far right near the door. Once 
these three are down, a SWAT team will infiltrate the control room. 
Quickly unequip the sniper rifle and turn your attention to the back of 
the control room. The SWAT team will enter with four units. Use the 
control panels as a means to soften them up a bit. When you fire on the 
panels they explode, damaging anyone around them. Take on the four 
officers and quickly return to the perch above the inner core to 
provide Niobe with cover.

Niobe is now inside the core and she has a life bar just above yours. 
Remember that if she dies, you loose, and her life bar does not refill. 
Take out the three guards who have her pinned down. One to the far 
right near the door, one to the right of the center tower, and one 
below him just right of the center tower. Once they are taken down 
another SWAT team will enter the control room. Lay waste to them just 
as you did the last SWAT team. Conserve your focus so that you have 
some to use to help your aiming when covering Niobe. Once this team is 
down you will have to return to the window and give Niobe more cover.

This time there are two officers firing on Niobe. One is just to the 
left of the center tower, and another is just below him. Once they are 
dealt with, yet another SWAT team will enter the control room. The 
previous times that the SWAT team had entered the control room, I 
suggested that you take them head on not because it was easier, but 
because you needed the ammo they dropped. Now that you have enough, you 
can take aim with your sniper rifle from your current location and pick 
off the last SWAT team with ease.

Mission: Core Control 2

Move into the secondary room of the control room. There you will come 
across another SWAT team. Quickly take them down and be careful of the 
tear gas they may have. Once they are disposed of, regain your health 
and move to the bottom level of the control room. Here you must take on 
yet another SWAT team. This team is unmistakably easy for a reason. 
Once you have taken out this team, an Agent runs down the stairs and 
takes you into his sights. This is the big day you've waited for, take 
on an Agent and prove that you have what it takes.

Well, first off, firing your gun at the Agent will do little more then 
to just shoot at air. Instead close the distance between you so that he 
does not fire at you with his gun and you can get close enough to 
attack with your melee attacks. Soon after taking the fight to him, you 
will realize that even if you are landing most of your attacks, they do 
not appear to be doing much damage to the Agent. Sparks suggest that 
you knock him into one of the sparking servers that line the room. If 
one is not damaged, pull out your weapon and open fire on one. This 
will result in the server erupting in sparks. Quickly circle around the 
Agent and send him flying into the server to electrocute him and put 
him out of commission.

- Tea House -

Mission: Tea House

Time yet again for another one on one fight. Your opponent here is The 
Oracle's guardian, Seraph. He has challenged you to a fight to "test 
your resolve", as he puts it. Handle this fight in the same way that 
you handled the fight with Trinity and Cujo. Use your focus button and 
do not let up with your attacks. Make sure to conserve focus power when 
you manage to knock Seraph to the ground. This is an all out battle so 
do not hesitate to deplete your focus meter entirely. Once you have 
depleted the focus meter, dance around Seraph by using the counter 
button. You should be able to spin away from most of Seraph's attacks 
long enough for you to regain your focus meter. 

The counter button is your friend in this fight. If you have been 
practicing your timing then you should be able to counter every throw 
and a few regular attacks he throws at you. Not only will this save you 
some focus points, but it will also make you feel really cool in the 
process. For an added challenge, try to finish this fight with only 
using counters. It is tough but doable. Once you have depleted Ghost's 
life meter to below 25% he will stop the fight. Just like Ballard said 
when he fought Seraph earlier in the game "You just stopped because you 
were about to get your ass whooped" 

An interesting note here is that if you happen to loose to Seraph in 
your fight, the story will actually skip ahead to the final chapter. In 
the process, you will skip the next chapter that involves a midnight 
stroll through china town with a few hundred Agent Smith clones in tow. 
I suggest that you reset the game and challenge Seraph again until you 
are able to defeat him. The choice is yours, but on your first play 
through you should experience the entire story of the game.

- Skyscraper -

Mission: Vertigo

Time to put on your running shoes. After the last cut scene, you find 
yourself inside a skyscraper that is under construction. An interesting 
twist in the story has you being pursued by a gaggle of Agent Smith 
clones. While you may be feeling a little confident about fighting an 
Agent after your last encounter, do not get any ideas here. Agents are 
tough, but Smith is tougher. Almost your entire weapon disarms will be 
countered, and most of your attacks will be blocked or dodged. Smith 
also has the regular habit of an Agent to carry a high caliber handgun 
in his breast pocket. For most of the next few levels, you will be 
dodging and receiving gunfire from this delightful weapon. Just 
remember these words of advice " Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Jump, Run, 
Dodge, Run, Run, Side Step, and Climb." If for whatever reason you feel 
that the words "shoot" or "firearm" should be used to describe your 
actions, then you have obviously adopted the wrong strategy for this 
level. There are dozens upon dozens of Smith coming after you, and if 
you are lucky you can take out two or three. So just heed my advice and 
get moving.

This level starts you in front of an elevator inside a skyscraper. 
Quickly turn to your left and make your way through the construction. 
Seconds later an Agent Smith will emerge from the elevator and open 
fire on you. Ignore him and move further through the construction. In 
front of you, you will see an opening in the hallway; make your way for 
this opening. As you approach it a Smith will break through the wall. 
Once again, ignore him and continue moving forward. In this section you 
have to climb up on the piles of lumber and jump into the next room. 
Navigate your way around the framework and into the next room.

At the next corner, make a left and you will be met with a Smith 
closing on you. Instead of taking him head on, focus dive through the 
window next to you and enter the door. At the top of this flight of 
stairs, you can take a moment to catch your breath and refill your 
status meters. Once you are ready, move out onto the outer scaffolding 
surrounding the building. Run down the scaffolding and around the next 
corner. Ignore the Smith that opens fire on you from inside the next 
room (I hope that this is becoming a habit for you). Follow the 
scaffolding around the perimeter of this room and onto the next 

At the next corner you will see a wooden sign that reads "Caution." 
Instead of making a right here, run at the sign and focus jump through 
it. Hold the focus button down the entire time in order to make it to 
the next section of scaffolding. This will save you some time and just 
look cool in the process. Further ahead a Smith will fall from above 
you and collapse the plank you are on. Now on the scaffolding below 
you, quickly jump into the room to your right and through the window on 
the other side. Traverse this next section of turns and down the next 
slope. From here on out, you just have to keep following the 
scaffolding and avoiding any contact with the Smiths. Be careful not to 
get into hand-to-hand combat here as it can lead to you getting knocked 
off the side of your building and to your death. Once you have 
completed this obstacle course you will come to the end of an upward 
slope and make an automatic jump into the office in front of you.

Inside a Smith will open fire on you from a neighboring room. Break 
through the two large doors in front of you and to the opposite end of 
the meeting room. As you run, Smith will fire at you through the sheet 
rock walls. Continue dodging his bullets. Eventually Smith will make 
his way to the far end of the room and barge through the wall. Run at 
him and focus dodge past him. Hurry and dash to the elevator behind him 
in the next room to finish the level.

- China Town -

Mission: Smiths Trap

You now find yourself in China Town (to Sparks surprise). Unfortunately 
you are far from being out of the woods. Run through the door in front 
of you. In this room you will find a group of women using sewing 
machines. Ignore them since a Smith will emerge shortly from the room 
you just came from. Follow the objective arrow down the stairs on onto 
the street below. Take a quick right, avoiding the Smiths down the 
street to your left. Follow this next section of alleys until you come 
to an intersection. While the arrow tells you to go straight, take a 
left at Wo Ping Avenue to avoid having to backtrack and be cornered by 
a Smith. Move through this next section of streets with hopefully few 
encounters from any Smiths. Following the objective arrow, you will 
eventually come to a white door. Run through it and on to the alley in 
front of you.

Take a right out of this door and into two waiting Smiths. Trust your 
objective arrow and keep moving forward. On your right a door should 
swing open and a scared on looker will be behind it. Run around the 
scared man and onto the alley ahead of you. In the alley, run up the 
stairs and onto to the roof of this building. You should have a few 
Smiths in tow so keep moving forward and dive off the end of the 
building to end the level.

Mission: On Foot

This level has two routes, a short one and a long one. If you want to 
go ahead with the regular layout of the level, jump off the roof and 
down to the left. Follow the objective arrows to the end of the level. 
If you want a quick end to the level, jump off the roof to the right 
and run to the end of this street. You will have to avoid a few cops 
and a Smith, but can potentially save a lot of headaches and game 
overs. At the end of the street, climb up the fire escape to your left 
and into the building above, move through the doors in the room above 
to end the level.

If you wish to have fun and have a fetish with being chased, jump down 
to the left and follow the levels objective arrows.  As you jump down 
on the street, a few cops and a Smith will begin firing on you from 
behind. Go into focus and keep running forward. You may encounter a cop 
or two in front of you, ignore them and keep moving forward towards the 
arrows direction. You will eventually come to a back alley and a flight 
of stairs that leads down. Take these stairs to a small passage that 
goes below some buildings. In this passage, hold down the strafe button 
as you run forward, when you get to the corner push the direction 
button in conjunction with the strafe button in order to make two quick 
turns through this hallway. At the opposite end of the passage, you 
will run up a flight of stairs. In front of you stand two police 
officers and a squad car. Quickly disarm the officers and take the 
firearm that is in the trunk of their car. Do not stick around to 
finish them off as a Smith is not far behind you. Continue following 
the objective arrow forward.

The next turn leads you through a back alley, through a small room, and 
onto the next street. Take a quick right. You will run into two cops 
and shortly there after, an Agent smith. Instead of fighting, focus 
jump over the cops and continue to focus jump down this street to dodge 
their gunfire. Run through the door at the end of the street and turn 
right. Traverse this shop and come out the door on the opposite end. A 
Smith will smash through the store window next to you as you exit the 
door. Run past him and down the street. Take the next right and run 
down a street of scared pedestrians. 

At the end of this street you will see the truck, where you started the 
level out on top of, to your right. If you had decided to have just 
turned right at the start of the level, you would have avoided all of 
this running. Either way, turn left at this T intersection and to the 
end of the street. Run up the fire escape to the building on the left 
side of the dead end. Burst through the doors in the room above to exit 
to the next level.

Mission: Hard Line Pursuit

Run down the stairs in front of you. When you come to the first turn, 
you can make the turn or fall down the hole in the floor to the ground 
level. You will take some damage in the fall, but avoid a Smith. Make 
your choice and kick the door in to get to the street. Make a right out 
of the building and then a quick left on the street ahead. Avoid the 
cop and run down the long street in front of you. You will encounter 
another cop around a small curve in the road. Use your focus to deliver 
a quick punch kick combo and leave him on the ground long enough for 
you to make your getaway. 

This next corner leads to some bad news. The hard line that you were 
running to has just been blown sky high in front of you. Advance down 
the street towards the SWAT team set up in front of you. Do not bother 
with shooting at the cops. Keep running at them and eventually their 
SWAT vehicle will explode behind them, killing them in the process. 
Pick up the first aid kit if you were caught in the blast and climb up 
the ladder next to the vehicle. At the top of this ladder you will find 
a grenade launcher on the roof. It can be used to slow down Smith, but 
it won't keep him down for good. Run to the end of the roof and focus 
jump past the Smith who climbs up to greet you. Hit the street running 
and make your way to the end.

Take a left and keep running forward to avoid the Smith on the roof to 
your left. At the end of the alley, make a slight right hand turn and 
run down the side of the canal. Do not turn to face the Smith behind 
you. If you do happen to get into a fight and get knocked into the 
water, it will be lights out. Run to the end of the building to your 
right and focus jump on to the top of the boxes that are next to the 
fence. Run through this next section, Smith free, to exit to the next 

Mission: The Virus Spreads

You are almost home free. Keep your chin up, and your feet moving. Run 
up the flight of stairs to the butchery on the second floor. Run 
towards the elderly couple and the door behind them. Just as you are 
about to run past them, go into to focus and run to the end of the 
room. This should let you run right under the Smith who comes crashing 
down from the sky roof above. Exit the door and make a right. Run 
across the rooftop and focus jump off the end. Make sure to land on dry 
ground. Keep running and jump over the short wall in front of you. Take 
this next street to its far end. Run down the small alley to your left 
and take another left when you come to the waterfront.

Follow the canal until you come to an open door to your left. Run in 
and take the exit on the opposite end of this room. Follow the 
objective arrow to the street in front of you. Take a right when you 
get to the street and avoid the Smith to your left. If you have some 
spare ammo you want to use, run down the street backwards and fire at 
Smith to keep him busy while you make your get away. At the end of this 
street, take the door on the left to exit the level.

Mission: The Church

Your last sanctuary could not come from a more welcoming place. You 
have one more group of rooftops to cross before you can get to the hard 
line and jack out. Start the level by running up the stairs. Climb this 
series of stairwells, making sure to stay one step ahead of the Smith 
who is coming up behind you. At the top, run to the far wall and take a 
left, make another quick left and around the corner. Climb this last 
set of stairs to the roof. Make a quick right and then focus jump to 
the rooftop ahead of you. Run around the left side of the building and 
focus jump again to the next rooftop. Take either side of this rooftop 
and then focus jump from the top of this rooftop, down onto the next 
one. If you have some focus to waste, use it and take the time to 
notice all the Smiths swarming around you from the sides. Keep pushing 
forward and traverse the small rooms that line the next two rooftops. 
Jump across the small plank and burst through the red door at the end. 
Run through the next room and make your way up the stairway at the end. 
If you happen to run down this flight of stairs, you'll be met with two 
unhappy Agent Smiths. At the top of the stairs, run across the rooftop 
and do not stop to let your pursuers to catch up. Run to the end and up 
the stairs to end the level. Watch the cut scene and catch your breath, 
you just survived another day in The Matrix.

- Onboard the Logos -

Mission: Tunnels of the real

This next level is generally one long tube ride. You are in the real 
world, inside The Logos. Your job is to man the guns and to hold off 
the Sentinel army that is advancing on your rear. You have the ability 
here to change your perspective from the front and the back of the 
Logos. The radar on the top of the screen will warn you of the 
proximity of the sentinels on either side of the ship. Make sure you 
take them out before they can get to close and damage the ships hull. 
The rest of the strategy stays the same for the next two levels. 

As Niobe is piloting the ship, you have control of the guns. Instead of 
actively aiming the guns at the sentinels that approach, simply center 
the gun and let down a constant stream of fire. The swerving flight 
patterns of the sentinels will sweep them back and forth across your 
line of fire, eventually destroying them. The only time you should 
manually aim is when the sentinels move in and reveal their pincers to 
damage the ships hull. Just keep your finger on the trigger and keep 
switching between the forward and rear guns to finish out this level

Mission: The Rabbit Hole

Continue with the same strategy through the rest of this level as well. 
Eventually, the sentinels will launch a guided bomb at The Logos. This 
weapon is very deadly. If it manages to hit the ship then you are done 
for. To keep it out of range, continually shoot at it with the gun. 
Unlike the sentinels, you will have to manually aim at the bomb and 
even lead your fire in order to hit it. Eventually your steady fire 
will knock it so far back that it is out of sight. Keep the gun firing 
just in case, and wait for the final cinema to play. Enjoy the preview 
trailer for the next Matrix movie.

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