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Contents                        GLITCH GUIDE
1. Beverly Hills
2. Hollywood
4.Hustle drop:pre-made parks
5.Vans park
6.Oil Rig
More glitches coming after I find them!!!!!!!

                          BEVERLY HILLS
1.secret base
2.invisible board
4.secret base2
5.sucky area1
6.sucky area2
7.santa monica field
11.u stole my stars
12.hey buddy

Secret base To get to my club or secret base all u have 2 do is 2 get on top of 
the big hotel next to the purple roofed building. once u do that go 2 the end 
of it on the right side and drop down to the left if u do it right u should be 
in a little srip of concrete seperated from the rest of the level. Note:if u 
try 2 just jump over the short wall at the bottom of the building the game will 
call u a loser and u will die.

Invisi-board as i like 2 call it has to be in my opinoin the best glitch in the 
game. All u need 2 do 2 get an invisible board is u just get on top of the tall 
hotel next 2 the purple roofed building. once u do that u go to the top of the 
building that is really white an walk into the far edge of the building u 
shouldnt fall off but u will bounce back 2 feet and start walking by urself 
when this happens press square and u will fly fifty feet into the air!!!!!!! 
and when u land back on the roof of the building u will be riding ur board and 
u wont be able to see it. Note:if u get off ur board the game will say u dont 
have a board and u will have 2 press square to get anuther one but u will be 
able 2 see it.

skateshop 2 get 2 the inside of the skateshop on free skate go on top of the 
breast enlargement place (moon gravity will be helpfull doing this) then go 2 
the place right after the orange dome and run off the edge if u do it right u 
will be inside the skateshop. Note: u wont land in the skateshop u will have to 
walk through the wall to get there.

secret base2 this is an even better base just get on top of breast enlargement 
building and go 2 the far edge of the bulding then go left and keep walking 
until u reach that end then u drop down 2 the ground and u will land in the 
bushes then go around and walk through the wall and u will be an an enclosed 
base. Note it sucks trying to get out of this glitch.

sucky area1 2 get here get onto the building across from the entrence to the 
ranch and u have to go 2 the far end before u drop down to the lft then u can 
walk around in there . Note: there is nothing much to do in thid area thats why 
it is a sucky area.

sucky area2 2 get here get on top of breast enlargement building and go to the 
same place u dropped into the secret base2 at only this time dont drop dow to 
the right drop down 2 the left and u will be in a huge area. Note:there is no 
possible way u can get out of it except restarting the level. Note2: dont try 
it u wont be able to get out.

santa monica is the place to be. Now in season mode when u see the gaurds 
blocking the parking garage entrance u can get past them. Just go on top of the 
breast enlargement building go to the place u enter the glitch skate shop at 
and drop down 2 the right. if u do it right u should be at a neat place 
underneath the parking garage. Then go to the outside and u will be walking on 
air. Then keep going an the game will stop u but if u try to keep going the 
game will realize ur walking on air and u will fall. Then press start and save, 
quit and then go back to season mode. When the loading screen apears itll saY 
santa monica and thats where ull be when u play. Note:U can just go to the bus 
2 get back but when u go 2 a different town u will have 2 reapeat the process.

ac field go to the place where u get wood for iggy and find ac vents in two 
player they turn into a ball.

denied ok go to the skateshop walk into it and till it stops u throw ur board 
and u wont get it back. this only works sometimes.

flatland just bank drop on a car and since it is moving u will bank drop flat 

u stole my stars after u get the stars for the ranch u leave they come back 
that simple.

hey buddy inside the santa monica glitch i saw a guy with a mohawk wavin at me 
wave to him and say hey buddy haha.

There is only 4 glitches that i have found here.

2.stylin' and profylin'
3.insults galore

roof this is actually kind of stupid if u go to the left wall of bronson u will 
see a small building just jump over the fence and land on the roof. Note u 
cannot touch any of the land surrounding it.

stylin' and profylin' just go to the place where u got 2 roof at and go left to 
the edge where the fence meets the wall jum over the fence try to land in the 
little area and u can also climb up the wall and u eill be on a sucky roof 
whats cool about this is that u can get on top of that ledge  that u will see 
when ur up there and grind the far edge of it and u will have 2 jump and grind 
again because it is slanted and if u make it all the way u will get the gap 
over vine!!!!!! Note if u jump into the area behind the fence u will die.

insults galore this is the easiest glitch of all its so easy a caveman could do 
it ha ha ha jost go to any part of the fence in bronson and throw ur board into 
the fence if u do it righ u will be counted as going out of bounds and u will 
restart but the funny part about it is that it will keep counting u out of 
bounds over and over. Note:u will probably have 2 restart to get out of it.

trapped! to get trapped go to any part of the fence in bronson and jump over it 
u will be safe but if u go too far u will be out of bounds so when ur in there 
ur trapped!

Two is the magic number
1.pool face
2.Meeting some old friends

pool face to get to this glitch go to the pool that iggy wants u to get the 
lights by the trippy thing walk into the tall spine and if u do it right u will 
be inside the pool. Note:it is extremely hard to do this one time it took me 
fifteen tries to do it but its possible.

meeting some old friends Go 2 the ramps that make u fly really far and fly into 
the skyscraper and get off ur board in there stay left inside the glitch keep 
walking forward and eventually u will find boone murfy dave and iggy just 
standing there inside a glitch. u can board wack them and everything. Note:u 
will probably need m00n gravity to get there.

                               Hustle drop
only one
contents castle not yours

my castle not yours this is another one of those hard glitches to get into you 
get on top of the castle and go to where there is a cornerand jump back there u 
will be in a cool little area but thats not the glitch go to the edge and keep 
walking toward it although it wont let u through just jump and it might let u 
through then ull be in a betterest cool area.
Note:if you have any questions conserns or glitches please email me.

1.get dressed
2.couch potato
3.get dressed part 2
4.fullpipe not halfpipe

get dressed go to the elevator go up into the room and go left to the corner 
and jump into it and u will fall through this takes a while but when u do it u 
will be in the locker room sweet huh

couch potato go to the screen wack it 20-30 times go to the other side wall 
grab it u will be in it.

get dressed part 2 inside the locker room go to the brown curved wall and go to 
where it ends and if u keep walking into it it wont let u through but if u 
countinuisly hit the wall by board whacking it u will go through into an 
enclosed room.

fullpipe not halfpipe by the bowl near the entrence u see a open door with 
wooden steps leading up if u go in them u will be by the pretty big rollout 
that leads into the halfpipe if u dont go all the way through just barely a 
little bit u turn right and u will go inside and be in the halfpipe and it will 
be cool. Note: i havnt tried going left try it out!


                             Oil Rig
one only
1.surfing on water

surfing on water go to where u feed the shark and grind jump bank drop grind 
jump wall grab jump grind u will get a speed boost and u will be flying out to 
sea and sometimes u will be surfing on water Note: this may take a couple tries.

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