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                            THIS FAQ IS ALL ABOUT GLITCHES_-
-_-_-Table of Contents-_-_-

1. Glitches  

[]Glitch 1
  If You Dont Like Wasting Time Traning And Getting Your Phyiscue{IM NOT A GOOD 
SPELLER}Well Anyways Get The Spell Beserk Then Cast It On You Then Hero Save IT 
Then Reload.Your Character Sould Be HUGE!If You Dont Like IT Just Use Beserk Again.

[]Glitch 2
  This Glitch I loved Ok Get To The Part Where You Fight Maze Fight Him Until He 
Teleports Down In Front Of The Stores Then Just Walk To The Left DO NOT GO TO MAZE 
YET Just Go To The Left You Sould See A Fountain Looking Thing And A Ghost SOuld 
Appear Just Kill Him Over And Over Again.I Got My Combat Multiplier TO 82 SO You 
Get A Shit Load OF EXP. 

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