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Gogeta Character Guide

Table of Contents
1. Gogeta’s History
2. Introduction
3. Gogeta (Goku)
4. Gogeta (Vegeta)
5. Gogeta’s History (SSj4)
6. Gogeta (Goku)
7. Gogeta (Vegeta)
8. Gogeta’s Death Moves & Ultimate
9. Gogeta’s (SSj4) Death Moves & Ultimate
10. Fusion
11. Closing
12. Copyright

****1. Gogeta’s History****
	Gogeta is born when Goku and Vegeta fight Jenemba in Other World.  First, Goku goes
SSj3, and cuts him in half.  Then, a new Jenemba forms, and Goku nor Vegeta can beat
it.  Both of them are no match for him, so King Kai teaches them the fusion dance. 
They perform the dance, and Gogeta is born.  He is automatically a Super Saiyan 2
(SSj2).  He has golden hair (exactly like Goku’s SSj2 form), and wears a blue-yellow
vest.  Then Gogeta beats Jenemba.

****2. Introduction****
	YES!  The most mysterious character in the game, I will answer all questions!  This
character appears in two different forms.  There are two capsules for him.  Gogeta,
which is him as SSj2, and Gogeta as SSj4.  I hope you enjoy this guide! 

****3. Gogeta (Goku)**** 
	To get Gogeta capsule for Goku, play through Goku’s DU a second (or higher) time. 
Get to the part where Goku is looking for Vegeta to fuse.  Instead of going to the
dot, go the desert in the main continent.  You will see a “???” event.  You will find
Tien.  Then, go just south and you will see a “Mountains” event.  Talk to Kabitoshin.
 Now go fuse with Vegeta.  After you fight Buu in his head, Vegeta will tell you to
go fight a new power.  Go to the dot and fight Broly.  Afterward, You will get
Broly’s capsule.  Now go to the new dot and talk to Vegeta.  After that, go to the
world tournament and fuse with Vegeta to give birth to Gogeta!  You will receive his
capsule immediately.  Now go whoop Gotenks’ crack!  

****4. Gogeta (Vegeta)****
	Play through Vegeta’s DU a second (or higher) time.  Get to the part where you come
back from other world after sacrificing yourself to kill Buu.  Go to Muscle Tower. 
Talk to Kabitoshin.  Then fuse and fight Buu.  After you fight Buu in his head, Goku
will send you to kill Broly.    Kill Broly, and then go to the world tournament and
become Gogeta.  You will get his capsule immediately.  Now pummel Gotenks.

****5. Gogeta’s History (SSj4)****
	Gogeta (SSj4) was born during the fight with Omega Shenron.  Both Goku and Vegeta
were SSj4, but even with them working together, they could not defeat Omega.  Vegeta
suggested fusion, and Goku and Vegeta fused as SSj4.  Gogeta was automatically SSj4.
 He has red hair, a brown tail, and wears a cool black vest.  Omega Shenron is
child’s play compared to Gogeta’s power.  Gogeta uses a Big Bang Kamehameha, and
almost beats Omega Shenron.  As he is charging up the final blast that will finish
Omega Shenron, Goku and Vegeta separate.  

****6. Gogeta (Goku)****
	To get Gogeta’s (SSj4) capsule, follow the steps to get his SSj2 capsule. 
EXEPT…After you fight Broly, DO NOT go to the dot.  Instead, go to West City and talk
to Bulma about the dragon radar malfunctioning.  Now go to the World Tournament and
get Gogeta’s (SSj2) capsule.  After the fight, instead of ending, like it would have
if you didn’t talk to Bulma at West City, the story continues.  Omega Shenron will
show up, and you will get the Gogeta’s (SSj4) capsule at Central City where you fight
him.  NOTE: You must have Goku’s SSj4 capsule to do this!  Breakthrough does NOT count!!

****7. Gogeta (Vegeta)****
	In Vegeta's 2nd DU, as soon as Vegeta is resurrected after fighting Fat Buu, go to
muscle tower on the ice island. There you will automatically talk to Kabitoshin about
Broly. Then go fuse and fight Buu at the dot. Instead of going to fight Kid Buu, Goku
will send you to find and kill Broly. Once you can move, instead of flying to Broly,
fly around the chain of islands to the SE. Here you will see a event with Vegeta
complaining about Goku while King Kai makes it so Goku can hear Vegeta complain.
After that go kill Broly. After you fight Broly, Vegeta will sense a new power but
it's not evil. Instead of heading to the new dot to the south, go talk to Piccolo at
Kami's Lookout. Vegeta will question him. After, go towards Baba’s Palace. in a
"Plains" event you will talk to Bulma about Goku turning SSj4. Then she tells you to
go home (West City) for a surprise. She gives you the SSj4 capsule. Now go beat Goku
at the red dot to the south.  If you beat Goku, you will receive Vegeta’s Gogeta
(SSj4) capsule.

****8. Gogeta’s Death Moves & Ultimate
	Gogeta has a few death moves, all of them are pretty average, Gogeta’s equivalent to
the Kamehameha or Galick Gun.  His ultimate, Soul Punisher, is awesome in looks and
damage!  It’s easy to pull off, and extremely deadly.  

****9. Gogeta’s (SSj4) Death Moves & Ultimate****
	Gogeta has one death move.  It is called x10 Big Bang Kamehameha.  It is equivalent
to Goku’s Kamehameha or Vegeta’s Galick Gun.  His death move is called x100 Big Bang
Kamehameha.  It is the strongest Ultimate in the game.  I only said Omega Shenron’s
was because his is the strongest without fusion.  Anyway, Gogeta’s ultimate is the
same that is on the show, except a LOT more powerful!!!!! 

****10. Fusion****
	For Gogeta’s fusion, you must have Gogeta’s capsule equipped to either Goku or
Vegeta.  It will take up all 7 slots.  Just go into hyper mode and press P+K+G+E. 
Not only do you have to pull that off, the game gives you a series of buttons to
enter.  If you don’t enter the combo correctly or in time, you will turn into Fat
Gogeta, and have a completely horrible character.  Enter the combo correctly, though,
and prepare to whoop your opponent!  This fusion lasts 30 seconds, not counting the
time you are in hyper mode.  
	For Gogeta (SSj4), equip the Gogeta (SSj4) capsule to Goku or Vegeta.  It will take
up all 7 slots.  Now, your skills should be listed as SSj4, Kamehameha/Galick Gun,
and Fusion.  Go SSj4, and go into hyper mode.  Do P+K+G+E and watch as Goku and
Vegeta fuse.  You don’t need to enter any button combos here, just sit back and
enjoy.  This Fusion will last for 15 seconds, not counting the time you are in hyper
mode.  Since this fusion is so short, you must pummel your opponent with attacks as
fast and accurate as possible.  Go into hyper mode, and use your Ultimate as a
finisher.  It is a great way to end any battle! 

****11. Closing****
	I hope this guide helps you with any questions or problems you may have regarding
Gogeta.  He is the strongest character in the game using fusion if you are SSj4. 
Otherwise, SSj2 is only about as good as SSj3 Goku, maybe even less.  Unfortunately,
Gogeta (SSj2) is better than Gotenks only as a base or Super Saiyan.  One Gotenks is
SSj3, you don’t have a good chance of winning at all.  Sorry to say, but Vegeto is
about the same strength of Gogeta (SSj2).  Plus, Vegeto fusion is easier to do than
the Gogeta fusion.  But SSj4 Gogeta makes up for that.  You only have to do P+K+G+E
and watch as you fuse.  No power struggles, and no button sequences.  Just watch and
enjoy.  If you want a “blow-you-away” fusion, SSj4 Gogeta is your best choice.  If
you want an average, “strong-man” fusion, you could choose from Gogeta (SSj2),
Vegeto, or Gotenks. (But stick with Gogeta or Vegeto, please.  Gotenks is a weak
show-off, unless he is SSj3.  Then he is a strong show-off.).  With all that said and
done, GOGETA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****12. Copyright****
	This guide is my sole property.  Any duplications without me getting credit will be
punished by the full extent of the law.  You may put this guide on your site, but I
MUST GET CREDIT!!!  If I don’t get credit, you will be tracked and found.  Thank You.
Copyright, 2005, Omegaforce725

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