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Golden Sun: FAQ and Walkthrough 
by WhiteLord or Juhan Raud (wich one do you perfer) 
1) Frequently Asked Questions:  
Q: How can I ask you a question? 
A: E-mail me at [email protected] Please don´t send me spam, porn, flames,  
viruses, rom requests or mails telling me how bad this faq/walkthrough is (I know  
Q: Can you send me a GBA emulator and a Golden Sun rom? 
A: If you REALLY don´t want to buy the system and the game you can download both of  
them from the Internet! I really don´t recomend you to use emulators and roms cause  
they can really screw up your PC. 
Q: How do I use the djinn? 
A: Oh my god! This is really quite simple when you get the hang of it. When you get  
a Djinn (at least 1) You will have a djinni command in battle. Use your djinn (the  
effect is displayed there) and you will be able to use summoning. When you use your  
djinn it will go from set to standby. The more you have standby djinn the more  
powerful summons you´l have. When you have used your summon, your djinn will go to  
recovery (you won´t be able to use anything assosiated with djinn)A bit later your  
djinn will be set again. (In this form they can alter your characters class.) Set  
djinn are also useful because they boost your character stats like you wont belive!  
Don´t waste all your djinn on summoning or you will be horrably weak and you will  
lose a lot of your spells. 
Q: What are those beeps what i get sometimes after battle while walking? 
A: This was a mistery for a me for a long time too. Now i know what it is-It´s the  
sound of your djinni switching from recovery to set while you are walking. It took  
long time to figure it out.  
Q: Can Jenna be in my party later in the game (after you have Mia) 
A: Unfortunetly no. You can have only four characters at once and you don´t have  
room for her. I am sad too cause she is cooler and more beautyful then Mia (I am  
sorry if I offended someone) 
Q: How do I pass the Biblin Barricade? 
A: It? simple, just move a block aside with your Psyenergy. 
More questions answered coming soon! 
2) Inportant info and other crap 
1. Do not waste Psyenergy. It is cool, but you may run out of it when you really  
need it. 
2. In each town be sure to buy the latest armor, you will find many good weapons on  
your journey. 
3. In Golden Sun you can save anytime exept in battles and some events. Save  
4. The best weapon for Isaac is Gaia Blade wich is found in Venus Lighthouse wich  
is the last dungeon in the game so don´t waste your money and on buying Isaac all  
those weak weapons. The Gaia Blade gives you +135 on your attack and boosts your  
earth power and resistance +20!!! So, whatever you think it is the best weapon for  
Isaac I still say GAIA BLADE RULES!!! 
5. The only thing that really sucks in Golden Sun (besides being too short)is  
that when U make the final save you wont be able to train your characters anymore!  
So, if you beat the game and you are asked if you wanna make the big save do what U  
think is the best...  
6. Use your djinn wisely. Always decide if you want to set them, use them or just  
blast enemys with summons. 
7. If we were talkin´ about summons already, here is aquick tip: As long as U have  
enough stand by djinn, many characters can call the same spirits many times! You  
can´t summon Judgement, Thor, Meteor and Boreas many times though... 
8. The spell "Reveal" rocks! Set it on one of your hotkeys and use it frequently!  
You´ll find goodies and if you get stuck use it and most likely you´ll get to  
proceed. And here is another tip: whenever U see a circle of stones use reveal and U  
WILL get a goodie/something very important/a secret passageway.  
9. Carry plenty of healing items! The best ones are the herbs: they dont cost much  
and heal a decant amount of HP! Later in the game you will get more powerful and  
herbs won´t help much: Use nuts instead of herbs! Nuts can be found in chests and  
if you use Catch on the trees where you see some, you will get them! Also use  
Santicums and Inns often the services don´t cost much but are really useful! The  
item Water of Life is also a very good item but you will be able to raise dead later  
in the game, so it is only useful in the beginning of the game. Most healing speels  
with Mia should be done infront of a Psyenergy stone because all the PP that U waste  
will come back! 
10. Be sure continue a saved game, don´t always start a new one (a little joke =) 
Thats it expect NO NEW updates. I am working on a complex GS walkthrough now so you 
can see that up somewhere in the future. But for this particular FAQ its over! 

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