Great Pokemon Team - Guide for Pokemon Platinum

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Obtained: Through FR/LG migration
Moveset: Blast Burn, Flare blitz/flamethrower, Dragon pulse, Fly
EV Training: Sp. Attack, Sp. Def
Notes: A perfect fire flying pokemon. If you choose it as a starter in FR/LG, 
It's great to migrate Charmander to Platinum for training.

Obtained: Catch a ralts on route 209, train to level 20, give evolution stone
Moveset: Psycho cut, Close combat, Stone edge, X-scissor
EV training: Attack and Speed
Notes: A really great pokemon to have, although it doesn't learn many good 
moves from training, so TMs are suggested.

Obtained: After 8PM go to old chataeu, Press A near the TV to start battle
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Discharge, Shadow ball, Ominous wind/confuse ray
EV training: Sp. attack, Sp. Def
Notes: If you got the key to change it like a Deoxys in Hoenn, that would be 
great. You can change it to different forms to help you in battle.

Obtained: Turtwig evolved at level 14 and 38
Moveset: Crunch, Earthquake, Leaf storm, Frenzy Plant
EV training: Speed, Defense
Notes: Torterra is an okay pokemon, but people prefer a different Pokemon in 
its place, like Roserade or Nidoking. But all ways it works.

Obtained: through FR/LG migration
Moveset: Ice beam, Sheer cold, Surf, Hydro pump
EV training: Sp. Attack, Defense
Notes: In FR and LG, you could obtain a Lapras in a Team Rocket area, in the 
room before the rocket boss. It's a very useful Pokemon.

Obtained: Bagon on route 210 by pokeradar
Moveset: Hydro pump, EarthQuake, Zen headbutt, Dragon Pulse
EV training: Sp. Attack, Speed
Notes: You can only get Hydro Pump from breeding, Earthquake/Dragon Pulse from 

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