Great tips , and FAQs! - Guide for Final Fantasy 7

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The following FAQs are just for fun , and do not help you in the game much. Here 
they are:

1.  Cosmo Canyon Song: To play the following song , press the following buttons on 
Tifa's piano in Nibelheim.  Press: square , square , square , x , square , circle , 
circle , (R1) + X , circle , (R1) + square , (R1) + square , (R1) + square , (R1) + 
X , circle , square , X , square. 2. Make Highwind fly crooked. To make the Highwind 
fly crooked , hold (R1) + right on the D - Pad , and the direction you want to fly.  
These next FAQs are pretty useful in the game so you might want to read on.

1. Mako Reactor # 1: After the first scene a train will pull up and Cloud will jump 
off it.  You should run down the platform to reach where you want to go.  As you 
continue on down the road you will fight 2 Shinra guards.  Beat them and follow the 
guys you got off the train with.  After , you will be able to name youreself and 
continue on in the game.  Follow Barret ( the big guy with the white shirt) and he 
will lead you to the reactor.  After that you just follow Jessie and set the bomb.
 Then you will fight the guard Scorpion. Beat him and save Jessie.   

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