Guan Ping - Guide for Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends

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Guan Ping is the adopted son of Guan Yu. He thrain ed under him so that some 
day he will be an awesome fighter.

T: Slam to the ground.
ST: Throw in the air.
SST: Downward slashes followed by a slam.
SSST: Sideways slashes.
SSSST: Small tornado.
SSSSST: Jumps and throws weapon on the ground.

Usual item setup:
H:red hare(quick)
O:light(SST, SSST)
I:serpent earrings(attack)
I:naga earrings(defense)
I:arm gaurds(charge defense)
I:meat bun sack(quick health)
I:dragon arms(charge getaways)

1.Iron Blade
2.Giant Blade
3.Flying Dragon
4.Young Dragon
   Attack:6, Evo

Young Dragon:

Stage: Mai Castle
Location: East Road
Requirements: Defeat Pan Zhang, Ma Zhong and Lu Xun in 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

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