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                 Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
                           Guide and Walkthrough

                            By Steven W. Carter
                         [email protected]

                               Last Updated
                            September 10, 2001

* INTRODUCTION                                                             *

I’m intending this to be a one-stop source for all the Arcanum information 
you might need.  The first half of the document is for reference and general 
strategy information, and the second half is for a walkthrough.  I’m 
including information I’ve discovered on my own, as well as information 
gleaned from web sites and forums.  Everything in the document should be 
true for version

Since Arcanum is a complex and detailed game, there is a good chance I won’t 
find all the information there is to find.  If you’re looking for something 
not included here, you can also check places such as the Terra Arcanum web 

and Sierra’s Arcanum forums

Good luck and happy hunting.

* CHARACTER CREATION                                                       *

| BACKGROUNDS                                                              |

Afraid of the Dark (halfling, human only)
     : +2 perception when in lighted areas; +2 strength, -2 dexterity,
       -2 intelligence, -2 willpower otherwise

Agoraphobic (dwarf, gnome, halfling, human only)
     : +2 intelligence when indoors; +2 strength, -2 dexterity, -2 willpower

Apprentice to a Shopkeeper (all)
     : -1 dexterity, +3 to haggle

Army Training (not half-ogre)
     : +1 strength, +1 to melee and bow skills, -1 dexterity

Arsonist (gnome, half-orc, halfling, human)
     : +20 to explosives, -1 strength, -1 constitution

Bandit (human, half-elf, half-orc only)
     : +2 to firearms skill, quality revolver, 50 bullets, -1 charisma,
       -400 gold

Barbarian (not elf, half-ogre)
     : +2 strength, +1 constitution, +1 to melee skill, barbarian armor,
       -1 intelligence, -2 charisma, penalty to haggle, -300 gold

Beat with an Ugly Stick (all)
     : +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +1 to all combat skills, -6 beauty

Bookworm (not half-ogre, half-orc)
     : +1 intelligence, -1 perception

Born Under a Sign (all)
     : fewer but more impressive critical hits and failures

Bride of Frankenstein (half-orc, human female only)
     : +4 beauty, +4 constitution, +20% electrical resistance,
       +10 poison resistance, -4 dexterity, -10 fire resistance,
       dialogue penalty, -400 gold

Bully (not half-ogre or half-orc)
     : +1 strength, -1 intelligence

Charlatan’s Protégé (not half-orc, half-ogre)
     : +6 charisma, -2 strength, -2 constitution, -1 to all combat skills

Child of a Hero (all)
     : enchanted sword, recognized, penalty for evil deeds

Clanless Dwarf (dwarf only)
     : quality hammer, no bonus to tech skills

Dark Elf Follower (elf only)
     : +2 willpower, -2 charisma

Dark Sight (all)
     : reversed skill lighting penalties

Day Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude during the day, -20% otherwise

Debutante (female only)
     : +3 beauty, +3 charisma, -1 strength, -1 dexterity, -2 to all combat

Disenfranchised Gnome (gnome only)
     : +1 strength, no bonus to haggle

Educator (all)
     : ability to teach followers, -1 follower

Elven Blood (half-ogre, halfling, human, gnome only)
     : +5% magical aptitude, -1 to technological skills

Escaped Lunatic (human only)
     : +25% resistances, -25 reaction, -400 gold

Extreme Personality (all)
     : stronger reactions to presence

Factory Escapee (half-orc only)
     : +1 strength, -350 gold

Feral Child (not dwarf, elf, halfling)
     : +3 dexterity, +1 to prowl and pick pocket, -6 intelligence, -1 to
       haggle and persuasion, -200 gold

Foppish Elf (elf only)
     : -1 dexterity, +1 perception

Frankenstein Monster (half-orc, human male only)
     : +4 strength, +4 constitution, +30% electrical resistance,
       +20 poison resistance, -6 dexterity, -20% fire resistance,
       dialogue penalty, -400 gold

Freed Bodyguard (half-ogre only)
     : -1 intelligence, +100 gold

Halfling Orphan (halfling only)
     : -1 intelligence, +2 to pick pocket

Hydrophobic (not elf, half-elf, half-ogre)
     : +2 to persuasion when not in water; +2 strength, -2 dexterity,
       -2 intelligence, -2 willpower otherwise

Hyperactive (all)
     : +1 speed, -1 charisma

Idiot Savant (not dwarf, elf, halfling, gnome)
     : +6 intelligence, +3 to gambling skill, -1 strength, -2 dexterity,
       -1 constitution, -2 willpower, dialogue penalty

Inheritance (all)
     : -1 willpower, +400 gold

Lady’s Man (male only)
     : +6 beauty, -2 strength, -2 dexterity, -2 constitution

Mad Doctor (all)
     : +2 intelligence, +2 perception, +20% electrical resistance,
       +20% poison resistance, +4 to heal, -1 beauty, -1 charisma,
       -2 dexterity, -3 constitution

Magic Allergy (not elf, half-elf)
     : +10% technical aptitude, inability to wear magical items

Miracle Operation (all)
     : +5 perception, +3 intelligence, +3 charisma, -5 constitution,
       -3 strength, -3 dexterity

Nature Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude on a natural surface, -20% otherwise

Nietzsche Poster Child (all)
     : 10% bonus to experience, more critical failures

Night Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude at night, -20% otherwise

Only Child (all)
     : +6 willpower, -4 charisma, -2 to haggle and persuasion

Professional Knife Tosser (all)
     : -1 perception, +3 to throwing skill

Raised by Elves (human only)
     : elven chain mail, -1 to technological skills

Raised by Monks (all)
     : +1 perception, -300 gold

Raised by Orcs (not dwarf, elf, half-elf)
     : +2 strength, +2 perception, +1 to all combat skills, -6 charisma

Raised by Snake Handlers (all)
     : +20% poison resistance, -1 beauty

Raised in the Pits (all)
     : +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +1 to all combat skills, -6 intelligence,
       -300 gold

Ran Away with the Circus (all)
     : +6 strength, -2 intelligence, -3 willpower, -1 perception

Rare Half-Ogre Birth (half-ogre only)
     : +2 intelligence, -1 strength, -1 constitution

Sent to Charm School (human female only)
     : +2 charisma, +1 beauty, -2 strength, -1 intelligence

Sheltered Childhood (not dwarf, half-ogre)
     : +2 intelligence, +2 willpower, +1 perception, -6 strength

Sickly (all)
     : +6 intelligence, -2 strength, -4 constitution, -1 dexterity

Sky Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude when the sky is visible, -20% otherwise

Sold Your Soul (all)
     : +20% magical aptitude, -20 reaction, -20 alignment

Special Person (all)
     : -2 intelligence, reaction bonus for good deeds

Super Model (female only)
     : +6 beauty, -2 strength, -4 intelligence

Suppressed Orcish Looks (half-orc only)
     : +2 beauty, -2 charisma

Technophobia (half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human only)
     : +1 strength, +1 constitution, inability to pick up technological

Tomboy (female only)
     : +1 strength, -1 constitution

Tough Hide (half-ogre, half-orc only)
     : +10% damage resistance, -1 charisma

Troll Offspring (all)
     : +2 strength, +2 constitution, +1 dexterity, -4 beauty, -4 charisma

Wild Half-Ogre (half-ogre only)
     : +1 willpower, -1 charisma

| RACES                                                                    |

     : +1 strength, +1 constitution, +15% technological aptitude, +2 to
       technological skills, -1 charisma, -1 dexterity, spells twice as
       expensive to cast

     : +1 dexterity, +1 willpower, +1 beauty, +15% magical aptitude,
       -2 constitution, -1 strength, -2 to technological skills

     : +2 willpower, +2 to haggle, +10 to negative reactions,
       -2 constitution

     : +1 dexterity, +1 beauty, +5% magical aptitude, -1 constitution,
       -1 to technological skills

     : +1 strength, +1 constitution, +2 to melee and dodge, +10% poison
       resistance, -2 beauty, -2 charisma,

     : +4 strength, +10% damage resistance, -2 to prowl, -4 intelligence,
       -1 beauty

     : +2 dexterity, +2 to prowl, +1 to dodge, +5% critical hits,
       -3 strength

     : no modifiers

| GENDERS                                                                  |

     : +1 constitution, -1 strength

     : no modifiers

| NOTES                                                                    |

You’ll earn 64 character points during the course of the game (if you reach 
level 50).

If you can get your speed over 20, you’ll go first in every battle.

Lock picking and gambling are skills that aren’t very useful unless you put 
a lot of points into them.  Since money isn’t overly important in the game, 
I’d recommend you skip gambling entirely.

Disarm traps and spot traps are fairly useless skills.  The traps in the 
game just aren’t powerful enough to warrant spending character points to 
avoid them.

Ditto for repair.  Repairing items is very cheap, and there are enough 
capable repairers in the game so you shouldn’t have a problem with your 

Every combat style other than melee requires ammunition, so it’s a good idea 
to have a melee weapon -- and some points in the skill -- as a backup 

Technologists need to carry around a lot of doodads to make their skills 
work.  If you want the game to be simpler, then play a magician or a class 
(melee fighter, thief) that doesn’t require either aptitude.

It takes four points to improve a skill by a full rank, so if your chosen 
race and background don’t give you four points in a skill, you’ll still have 
to spend 5 character points on it to reach your maximum ability.  That is, 
backgrounds that add skill points are mostly worthless.

Also, try to avoid backgrounds that give you an object.  You’ll find much 
better objects as you progress in the game, and it’s better to get bonuses 
that will always help you, like increased stat points in the right places.

If you’re ugly but intelligent, you’ll still be able to talk to people and 
get (almost) all of the quests.  But if you’re stupid and pretty, you won’t.

Unlike the Fallout games, it makes almost no difference whether you’re male 
or female.

| SUGGESTIONS                                                              |

Melee Fighter

Like the strategy tips at the back of the manual suggest, being a melee 
fighter is the easiest way to play through the game.  With full points in 
strength, dexterity, dodge, and melee -- call it 25 character points -- you 
can win any battle, and it doesn’t really matter what you do with the other 
40 character points.  So you can then go for a high aptitude rating, dump 
points into hit points and fatigue, or go for extra skills.

Some possibilities include:

The ugly fighter (half-orc, troll offspring)
     : You’ll only get one follower, but that’s all you’ll need.  (Virgil is
       a good choice because he heals.)  You’ll still get all the quests
       because your intelligence will make up for bad initial reactions.

The stupid fighter (half-ogre, raised in the pits)
     : This is something to try after you’ve played through the game once.
       The stupid conversation choices are way funnier than the regular
       ones, but you’ll lose out on some quests.

The well-rounded fighter (human or half-elf, hyperactive)
     : The extra speed will come in handy, and other backgrounds will cost
       you stat points (unless you want to be a debutante and start more




* COMPANIONS                                                               *

Gar (Garfield Thelonius Remington III)

Location: Tarant
Level   : 10
Training: None


You must have at least 2 ranks of persuasion to add him to your group.  
(Talk to him about tea, and then talk to Parnell.)

Gar is a good melee fighter, but he is good aligned and will become upset if 
you kill good creatures.  He is also a little picky about body armor.

Jayna Stiles

Location: Dernholm
Level   : 6
Training: None


You need a positive technical aptitude to get Jayna to join you.  (5 isn’t 
enough but 11 is.)

Jayna can create mixtures from the herbology and therapeutics tech colleges.


Location: Tarant
Level   : 8
Training: None


Magnus is an above average melee fighter, and he can build things in the 
smithy and mechanized tech colleges.  However, he is good aligned and will 
become upset if you kill good creatures.

Sogg Mead Mug

Location: Shrouded Hills
Level   : 2
Training: None


You must have at least 9 charisma to get him in your group.  

Sogg is an excellent melee fighter, but he’s also really boring.


Location: Crash Site
Level   : 1
Training: None

Level 50 stats:

9 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 8 be, 18 in, 18 wp, 9 pe, 8 ch
3 pick locks, 5 heal, 5 dodge, 5 melee
5 necromantic white spells
182 hp, 138 fatigue


Virgil is a good (magical) healer, but he won’t add much on offense.  He’s 
the most interesting of the companions, and he’ll add the most dialogue as 
you explore the world.

* MASTERS AND EXPERTS                                                      *



Disarm Traps


Expert: Doc Roberts, Shrouded Hills

Apprentice: Langley, Tarant
Expert: Bartenders

Expert: Bartenders

Expert: Gaylin, Shrouded Hills

Master: Sir Garrick Stout, Dernholm


Pick Locks

Pick Pocket
Expert: Poone, Tarant


Expert: Junk dealer, Tarant

Spot Traps

Expert: Lianna Del Par, Dernholm

* EQUIPMENT                                                                *

Goggled Helmet: inventor (Tarant), orc factory foreman (Tarant)

* ANCIENT GODS / ALTARS QUEST                                              *

* GAMEPLAY TIPS                                                            *

You can put any objects you want into your hotkey slots, so it’s useful to 
keep some slots available for large inventory objects (like armor) so you 
can carry more items around.

Tarant makes a good hub for your adventures.  There is a gypsy there to 
identify your objects, and the junk dealer will buy most anything and is a 
capable repairer.

Don’t use trash bins to store your objects.  They get emptied periodically.  
Do use trash bins to ``throw away’’ objects you don’t want your party 
members to pick up.

The easiest way to hear all the rumors for a town is to talk to a bartender.  
You can get into a conversation loop and keep asking for rumors until there 
are no more to hear.

If you need to pick up a large object, but you don’t have enough room in 
your inventory and you can’t tell how big the object is (and therefore don’t 
know how much room to create), try to pick up the object, and when that 
fails, drop an object.  You’ll create a ``junk pile’’ with the large object, 
and you’ll be able to see how big it is.

If you click on the sign or plaque identifying a building, the name of the 
building will appear on your world map.

Non-obvious items you should hang onto: shovel, kathorn crystal, molochean 
hand amulet, offerings for the altars quest.

* WALKTHROUGH                                                              *

| CRASH SITE                                                               |

Let Virgil join your group and then search the area around the wreck.  There 
are a few useful things you should find -- the matchbook and passport on 
Preston Radcliffe’s body, the camera on Isaac Zapruder’s body, and the note 
on Wilhemina Carpenter’s body -- plus some other gadgets that you can sell 
later.  You should also find the wreckage of one of the planes that shot 
down the zeppelin.  Note that an ogre was piloting the plane, and that the 
plane came from Maxim’s Machinery in Caladon.

     ``Ah.  Something isn’t quite right about all this.’’ -- Virgil

Continue exploring and kill the wolves, boars and little warriors you run 
into.  If you’re confident you can take on the enemies yourself, tell Virgil 
to back off (f5) so you can get more experience.

On the northeastern edge of the area, on the far side of the lake, you 
should find a cave.  Inside the cave are some sewer rats that you should 
have no trouble killing, plus some more gadgets to pick up, plus a spirit to 
talk to.  The spirit is CHARLES BREHGO, and he’ll tell you how an evil 
wizard named ARBALAH cursed him and his friend.  Agree to kill the wizard to 
break the curse.

Then exit the cave, finish exploring the crash site if you need to, and head 
southeast.  Eventually you’ll come to a shrine with an inscription on it.  
Conveniently, the inscription is the prophecy that Virgil couldn’t quite 
remember before: ``And his spirit shall be reborn on wings of fire in hills 
shrouded in fog.’’  After Virgil says his bit, save your game.

Once you walk a little past the shrine, you’ll be approached by a hooded 
man.  The man is a bad guy, and if you let Virgil do the talking, he’ll 
scare the man away.  However, if you do the talking, you can provoke the man 
to fight and pick up some extra experience.  So try fighting first, and if 
that doesn’t work let Virgil talk.  If you kill the man, notice that he was 
wearing the same sort of amulet as the ogre pilot.

A little past the confrontation you’ll finally be able to access the world 
map.  Virgil will tell you about it, and you can also tell by the blue globe 
that shows up on the upper left part of the interface (assuming you’re not 
in fullscreen mode).  Don’t go to Shrouded Hills yet; instead go to 
Arbalah’s House.

Notice the two fresh graves outside the house, and then go in to talk to 
Arbalah.  (If it’s night you’ll have to wait for morning.)  Arbalah will 
give you a different story than Brehgo, that Brehgo and his partner SIMON 
FAHRKUS killed his family and stole his holy artifact.  Arbalah is the one 
telling the truth, so agree to help him get his artifact back, and then go 
back to talk to Brehgo.

Inform Brehgo that you talked to Arbalah, but then lie to him and say that 
Arbalah will lift the curse if he gives back the artifact.  Brehgo will take 
about two seconds to give up his partner and point out the location of his 
shack on your map.  So exit the cave and head for the shack, but don’t tell 
Brehgo you lied to him when you leave.

At Fahrkus’ shack, you can either kill Fahrkus, rob him, or lie to him to 
get the artifact.  It doesn’t matter which you do, but killing him gives the 
most experience, so try doing that first.  Then take the artifact back to 
Arbalah and receive a blessing in reward.

     ``I do have something to give you, something of immeasurable value.  I
     bestow my blessing upon you.’’ -- Arbalah

Now, if you’re feeling particularly evil, you can kill Arbalah and then talk 
to Brehgo again to finish Brehgo’s quest. You’ll get the reward for the 
quest, plus you’ll be able to keep Arbalah’s blessing.  Then proceed to 
Shrouded Hills.

| SHROUDED HILLS                                                           |
     ______                                          ____
    |      |                                        |    |           _ East
    |      |          ____    ____                  |    |           /|
    |      |         |    |  |    |                 |____|          /
    |______|         |    |  |    |                        ____
      Mine           |____|  |____|                       |    |
                                                          |    | Herbalist
                                                          |    |
                                                          |    |
     ______                                               |____|
    |      |       ____          _
    |      |      |    |        |_|  ____    ____    ____     ________
    |______|      |    |            |    |  |    |  |    |   |        |
    Percival      |____|            |    |  |    |  |    |   |________|
     Toone                          |____|  |____|  |____|      Doc
                                     Shop   Smith  Ristezze
                               ____        ____              |      |
                              |    |      |    |             |      |
                              |    |      |    |      o      |      |
                              |____|      |____|             |______|
                              Jongle       Bank    ______     Temple
                                                  |      |
                                                  |__    |
                                                     |   |
                                                     |   |


If it’s dark, sleep until morning so you can see the town better.  Then talk 
to SHERIFF OWENS.  He’ll give you a little background information on 
Shrouded Hills and the BESSIE TOONE mine, and then he’ll tell you that the 
only exit from the town, a bridge to the northeast, has been blocked by 
brigands.  Agree to help him get rid of the brigands.

Then head north and talk to the gnome.  He’ll claim to be WILLIAM RADCLIFFE, 
but he’s lying.  So don’t give him the ring, and don’t worry if the 
encounter seems incomplete.  You’ll run into him again later.

Now head west and enter RISTEZZE’s shop.  Talk to Ristezze and show him the 
ring.  If you want to make some extra money, take the following dialogue 
options: ask who G.B. is, ask who else might know who the owner is, say it 
was given to you by a victim of a blimp crash, and then say you’re the only 
survivor.  Ristezze will give you 50 gold.  Also, you can sell the ring by 
asking how much it is worth, and Ristezze will give you 150 more gold.

     ``Ristezze is a business man, but he has a heart as well.’’ -- Ristezze

Now you can ask Ristezze about P. Schuyler & Sons.  He’ll decide that he 
needs something back for the information, and he’ll ask for a camera or an 
item of Bessie Toone’s.  The camera is actually useful for something else 
later in the game, so hang onto it and get back to Ristezze when you find 
something of Bessie Toone’s.

Then wander around the town, talk to everybody, and sell the stuff you found 
at the crash site.  (The general store gives better prices than Ristezze, so 
start there.)  You’ll come across several quests:

-- DOC ROBERTS will ask you to help him defend the bank against the Bowen
   gang.  (The magical reward is a sword, the tech reward is a gun, and the
   indecisive reward is an axe.)
-- LLOYD GURLOES (the blacksmith) will ask you for pure ore.
-- GAYLIN (the herbalist) will ask you to find an elven amulet called
-- JONGLE DUNNE will ask you to destroy the town’s steam engine.
-- PERCIVAL TOONE (western house) will ask you to free his mother’s ghost.
-- JACOB BENS (in the inn) will ask you to rob the bank.

Accept all of the quests except for robbing the bank.  That’s the kind of 
quest that can get the whole town after you, even if you do it right.

     ``There’s a conspiracy here at Shrouded Hills, a dark plan full of
     mystery and intrigue.’’ -- Jongle Dunne

There are also two things of interest at the inn.  SOGG MEAD MUG is there, 
and he’ll join your group if your charisma is over 8.  And ELDER JOACHIM’s 
room is at the back.  When you go there you’ll find two dead assassins and a 
note.  The note will tell you to look for a telegram when you get to Tarant.

The easiest place to go from here is the mine, so head west and find it at 
the western end of town.  Inside you’ll find some spiders and wolves to 
kill, a sprocket with ``...groth’’ written on it (save it for later), plus 
maybe some pure ore if you’re lucky.  (If you’re not lucky, you’ll have to 
make some pure ore using the steel and iron ore lying around, or you’ll just 
have to keep your eyes open during the remainder of the game.  It’s also 
possible pure ore will appear in the mine after you free Bessie.)

Also in the mine, on the western side, you’ll find Bessie Toone’s ghost.  If 
you click on her you’ll hear her mumble about ``Sara, my dear Sarah’’ which 
is a clue about why she’s there.  Also in the room you should find a metal 
can, and inside you can pick up one of Bessie’s boots (for Ristezze).

So head back to town.  When you talk to Percival he’ll let you know that 
Sarah is his sister and that he doesn’t like her very much.  He’ll also let 
it slip that Sarah is living in Dernholm and that the new owners of the mine 
are living in Tarant.

Then talk to Ristezze and give him Bessie’s boot.  He’ll let you know that 
P. Schuyler & Sons is located at 44 Devonshire Way in Tarant, and he’ll mark 
Tarant on your map.  (The sheriff can also mark Tarant on your map, once you 
find a reason to go there.)

Then save your game and talk to Doc Roberts next to the bank.  If it’s 
daylight then the robbery will start right away, and you’ll have to do some 
fighting.  Otherwise you’ll have to wait for morning.  Once you do get to 
defend the bank, you’ll find three robbers inside.  Sometimes Doc will help 
you in the battle and it will go easily, and sometimes he’ll get stuck at 
the door and you’ll have more work to do.  Depending upon how you’ve been 
developing your character, the battle still might be easy, but if you have 
problems, keep trying.  When the robbers are dead, loot their bodies for 
some good stuff, and be sure to talk to Doc to get your reward.

If you’re feeling evil, you can now help Jongle Dunne.  The steam engine is 
located in the temple, and you’ll find it ``guarded’’ by a dwarf 
technologist named Hervor.  Move your mouse cursor over the engine, and 
you’ll find that part of it -- the control box -- highlights when the cursor 
is over it.  That’s the part you need to destroy.  You can either attack it 
outright (go into combat mode and then alt-click on it) or you can use 
dynamite on it and then attack whatever is left (if anything).  You should 
kill Hervor while you’re there (he’ll probably attack you anyway) to prevent 
him from telling the sheriff about your deed.

Then go back to Jongle to collect your reward, and learn that he now wants 
you to pick up a secret ingredient from CHARLES DOLAN in Dernholm.  Go ahead 
and pick up the quest, if for no other reason than Jongle will mark Dernholm 
on your map for you if you do so.

When you talk to the sheriff next, you’ll get a quest to fix the steam 
engine.  He’ll want a sprocket (the ``...groth sprocket’’) but don’t 
complete the quest yet.  Doing so will upset Jongle, and then you won’t be 
able to complete his second quest.

So instead head out of town to the northeast, wave to the gypsy on the way 
past (she can identify magic items for you when you find them), and then 
approach the bandits at the bridge, but save your game before talking to 
them.  You have a few options to get past them: you can pay a fee of 1000 
coins, you can talk your way past them if you are persuasive enough, or you 
can kill them.  (If you hadn’t agreed to help the sheriff to get rid of 
them, you could also have done a quest to get past them.)

     ``Who am I?  WHO AM I?  I am Lukan!  Lukan the Witless!  Where I roam,
     the masses quabble in pertubisiveness and trepidunction!’’ -- Lukan the

The best solution is to persuade the bandits to leave (it requires a rank of 
persuasion).  So ask to cross the bridge, say the ``persuade you’’ option, 
and then pretend to be with the Thieves Underground, but don’t mention 
leaders or handbooks.  If you do everything right, the bandits will even pay 
you 200 gold before departing.

But don’t let them leave.  Instead, immediately start combat mode and attack 
them.  There are two reasons for this: their equipment is useful (especially 
if you’re a half-ogre or have Sogg Mead Mug with you), and you can get a 
``bonus’’ fate point for killing them.  (You should already have received 
one for convincing them to leave.)

But killing the bandits can be difficult.  If you’re a melee fighter, you 
might be able to just wade in and kill them, but otherwise you’ll have to 
use some strategy -- or at least some heavy explosives.  Along the way you 
should have picked up some grenades (in Brehgo’s cave, for instance), and 
this is the perfect opportunity to use them.

So as soon as you start combat mode, immediately use an explosive grenade on 
Lukan and a stun grenade on one of the ogres.  If you’re standing close 
enough, you should always hit your targets, and with Lukan dead or badly 
wounded, and one of the ogres stunned for a couple rounds, you should be 
able to win the battle.  If not, make sure your group has the best equipment 
possible and try again until you succeed.  Then collect your reward from the 
sheriff, and head out of town.

When you get past the gate, you’ll meet up with the gnome ``William 
Radcliffe’’ again.  This time you’ll have to fight him, but he should be 
easy to kill.  Once he’s dead, loot his corpse and discover a note from 
``G.L.’’ directing him to kill Preston Radcliffe.  Then exit the area and 
head for Dernholm.

| DERNHOLM                                                                 |
                        ____    |    |                               _ East
                       |    |   |    |                               /|
                       |    |   |____|         ____                 /
                       |____|                 |    |
                       Gladys                 |    |
                                   _______    |____|
              ____    ____        |    |  |           ____
             |    |  |    |       |    |  |          |    |
             |    |  |    |       |    |  |          |    | Garrick
             |    |  |____|       |____|__|          |____| Stout
             |____|  Lianna       Blacksmith
             Dolan   Del Par
                          ____   ____   ____         __________
            ___          |    | |    | |    |       |          |
           |   |    o    |    | |    | |    |       |          |   _
           |___|         |    | |    | |    |       |          |  / \
                         |____| |____| |____|       |          |  \_/
            ___          Sarah                      |          |  Pit
           |   |     ____      _____________        |          |
           |___|    |    |    |             |       |__________|
                    |    |    |             |          Palace
           ____     |    |    |             |
          |    |    |____|    |_____________|
          |    |     Shop        Pub / Inn
          |____|   ____     ______________________
          Jayna   |    |   |      |    | |    |   |
          Stiles  |    |   |      |    | |    |   |
                  |____|   |____  |____| |____|   |____________
                           |    | Archi                        |
                           |    |
                           |____|                  Docks


Explore the town and talk to the people you meet:

-- Sarah Toone will tell you how Percival sold the family mine, and how that 
drove Bessie to kill herself.  She’ll also tell you that the new owners of 
the mine are the Stanton Importers, and that they can be found at 25 Lion’s 
Head Circle in Tarant.  Agree to help Sarah get the mine back.

-- Dolan will give you the package for Jongle.

-- LIANNA DEL PAR will give you some background information on the city.  In 
particular, she’ll let it slip that King Praetor isn’t the rightful king.

-- SIR GARRICK STOUT will brush you off, but you’ll have more to do with him 

-- JAYNA STILES will join your group, provided you have enough technological 
aptitude.  (It has to be some value greater than 5.)

-- GLADYS will tell you how a valuable family ring was stolen many years 
ago, and she’ll suggest you talk to ARCHIBALD at the docks.  Archibald will 
yell at you and say that he’ll never give the ring back.  Furthermore, he’ll 
threaten to send his son BERNARD after you.  Don’t kill him (although that’s 
one way to get the ring).  Instead, go southeast a bit and talk to Bernard.  
He’ll tell you how Gladys sends somebody after Archibald every month or so.  
Go back and talk to Arcihbald again and suggest that Gladys is attracted to 
him.  He’ll then give you the ring, and you can return it to Gladys.

-- KING PRAETOR (in the palace) will ask you to collect taxes from Black 
Root.  This conversation also appears to put Black Root on your world map.

     ``Cursed technology has toppled my dear Cumbria from its former
     glory.’’ -- King Praetor

Once you’re done with Dernholm, travel back to Shrouded Hills.  Give Jongle 
his package to finish that quest, and then give the sprocket to the sheriff 
to fix the steam engine.  Then head off to Tarant.  (You’ll likely discover 
Torg’s Altar along the way, but ignore it for now.)

| TARANT                                                                   |

            uuuuuu      bbbbbbb      ffffffff   fff                  _ East
            uuuuuu      bbbbbbb      ffffffff   fff                  /|
                        bbbbbbb        +-------------+              /
            uuu   uuu   bbbbbbb        | +---+ +---+ |
            uuu   uuu     | |       fff| |ooo| |OOO| |
                          | |       fff| |ooo| |OOO| |
            uuu  dddd     | |       fff| |ooo| |jjj| |
            uuu  dddd     | |       fff| |ooo| |jjj| |44
         +----------------+ +----------+ +---+ +---+ +---+
       33| +--------------+ +--+ +-------+ +-----------+ |
       ZZ| |              | |  | |       | |           | |
       ZZ| |  mmmm+---+   | |  | +-------+ +---------+ | |
         | |  mmmm+-+ |   | |  | +-------+ +-------+ | | |
         | |  mmmmmm| |UUU| |  | |III AAA| |aaaaaaa| | | |
      EEE| |  mmmmmm| |UUU| |  | |III AAA| |aaaaaaa| | | |
      EEE| |  mmmmmm| |UUU| |  | |III AAA| |aaaaaaa| | | |
         | +--------+ +---+ |  | +--+    | |aa  aa | | | |
         | +------+ +-----+ |  +--+ |    | |    aa | | | |
         | |NNDDFF| |     | |     | |  55| |iii aaa| | | |
         | |NNDDFF| | +---+ +---+ | |    | |iii aaa| | | |
         | +------+ | | +-+ +-+ | | +----+ +-------+ | | |
         | +------+ | | |     | | +------+ +---------+ | |
      TTT| |      | | | |77   | |        | |           | |
      TTT| +------+ | | |     | | +------+ +-----------+ |
      TTT| +------+ | | +-+ +-+ | | +----+ +-----------+ |
      TTT| |wwwaaa| | +---+ +---+ | |pppp| |rr QQQQ YYY| |
       22| |wwwaaa| |     | |     | |pppp| |rr QQQQ YYY| |
         | +------+ +-----+ |  +--+ |pppp| |   QQQQ    | |     yy
         ++ +-------------+ |  | +--+    | |    +------+ |
       BBB| |FFF XXXXX sss| |  | |LLL RRR| |SSSS| +----+ +
       BBB| |FFF XXXXX sss| |  | |LLL RRR| |SSSS| |    | |  ZZZ
       BBB| |FFF XXXXX  tt| |  | |LLL RRR| |SSSS| |    | |  ZZZ  ZZ
          | |           tt| |  | |LLL    | |SSSS| |    | +---ZZ  ZZ
       ccc| |HHH MMM  gggg| |  | |LLL hhh| |    | |    +-----ZZ  /
       ccc| |HHH MMM  gggg| |  | |LLL hhh| |66  | |            ||
       ccc| +-------------+ +--+ +-------+ +----+ |            ||
          | +---+ +-------+ +--+ +----------------+            ee
       CCC| |WWW| |GGG  ss| |  | |jj                           ee
       CCC| |WWW| |GGG  ss| |  | |
       CCC| |WWW| |PPP sss| |  | |        Docks
       CCC| |WWW| |PPP sss| |  | |
       CCC| +---+ +-------+ |  | |
       CCC+---------------+ |  | |
                        11| |  | |
                          | +--+ |
                          | +----+
                         To the



a  Water and Power Plant              1  Rail Station A: W. Garillon Bridge
A  Appleby Residence                  2  Rail Station B: Vermillion Station
b  Bates Residence                    3  Rail Station C: Tarant University
B  Bridesdale Inn                     4  Rail Station D: Warehouse District
c  Wellington Gentleman’s Club        5  Rail Station E: Commercial District
C  Cemetery                           6  Rail Station F: Tarantian Docks
d  Dept. of Water, Hall of Records    7  Rail Station G: Kensington Park
D  Delores Beston, Seer
e  Entrance to Closed Sewers
E  Wellington Residence
f  Factories
F  Franklin Residences                P  Pettibone Residence
g  Grant’s Tavern                     Q  17 Quilton Bend
G  Garringsburg Residence             r  36 Low Dervish Road
h  H.T. Parnell’s                     R  11 Low Dervish Road
H  Halster Residence                  s  Miscellaneous Shops
i  Stanton Importers                  S  Simon Plough’s Warehouses
I  Panarii Temple                     t  Telegraph Office
j  Joseph the Stone Cutter            T  Toussaude’s House of Secrets
J  Junk Dealer                        u  University Buildings
L  Madam Lil’s                        V  Vermillion (Train) Station
m  Magic Shops                        w  Weapon Shops
M  Mooreland Residence                W  Willoughsby Residence
N  Newspaper Office                   X  P. Schuyler & Sons
o  32 Mulligan Bone Alley             y  Gypsy
O  57 Mulligan Bone Alley             Y  Mynor Residence
p  Poone’s Flophouse                  Z  Miscellaneous Buildings


You’ll find yourself on the edge of the Boil, a disreputable part of Tarant 
-- and a part you’re not powerful enough to mess with yet.  So cross the 
bridge to the northeast and make your way to the main part of the city.

Tarant is a large city, but it is organized nicely, and so finding your way 
around shouldn’t be too bad.  A river cuts the city in half, and the 
``rich’’ side (with residences, shops, and the university) is to the north 
and west, while the ``poor’’ side (with docks, warehouses, and factories) is 
to the east and south.

Explore the rich side first.  Here are some of the people and places you 
should see:

-- CASANDRA PETTIBONE will be waiting at the corner of Lungsten and 
Kensington during daylight hours (she’ll be locked at home at night).  
She’ll ask you to steal an elven funerary stone from the Elven Ruins, and 
she’ll mark the location on your map.  If you’re persuasive, you can get her 
to increase her payment to 300 gold.

-- EVELYN GARRINGSBURG will ask you to retrieve a stolen painting, but she 
won’t have any idea who took it.  However, she’ll mention that her husband 
might have mentioned the painting while drunk, and the newspaper article 
will say that the husband frequents the Wellington Gentleman’s Club.

-- At the Wellington Gentleman’s Club, you can learn a few things.  If you 
talk to the doorman, he’ll give you a guest list for the night of the 
robbery, and you’ll find that everybody there was a member, except for 
somebody named RORRY LIMES.  (And if you check at the Hall of Records, 
you’ll find that Limes owns a warehouse at 57 Mulligan Bone Road.)  Inside 
you’ll meet a dark elf noble who will ask you to deliver a note to 36 Low 
Dervish Road.  You’re not supposed to look at the note, but if you do you’ll 
find it says ``57 Mulligan Bone Alley,’’ an address that should look 

Note: if you’re female, the doorman won’t let you into the club.  You’ll 
have to find Wendell Wellington (near the university) and convince him to 
let you enter the club.  The only way to avoid his ``fee’’ is to kill him or 
steal an invitation from him.  Since his ogre bodyguard is only level 1, 
it’s easy to kill him.

-- MATTHEW JAMESON will be standing at the corner of Devonshire and 
Kensington.  He’ll ask you to retrieve his wedding ring, which he lost in 
the sewers.  Go ahead and solve this quest right away.  The entrance to the 
sewers is right next to you (a manhole), and the ring can be found on the 
ground in a room with a few sewer rats in it (take the western tunnel at the 
first fork you come to).  If you don’t see the ring, check your companions 
to see if they picked it up.  You can also explore the rest of the sewers if 
you want, and pick up some extra loot and experience.

     ``Looks like I won’t be sleeping on the porch.’’ -- Matthew Jameson

-- At the telegraph office you’ll be able to pick up another message for 

-- DELORES BESTON will ask you to find her a new crystal ball, and she’ll 
suggest that you steal one from MADAM TOUSSAUDE (whose shop is on the poor 
side of town).

-- VICTOR WRIGHT (at the newspaper office) will offer to pay you 500 gold 
for your story about the zeppelin crash.  Go ahead and do it.  Not only will 
you get the gold from Wright, but from now on random townsfolk will 
sometimes give you money when you talk to them.  Wright will also pay you 75 
gold to deliver a note to MRS. HALSTER, and do that as well.  The Halster 
residence is only a couple of blocks sway to the southwest.

-- At H.T. PARNELL’s you can add Gar to your group.  You must have at least 
2 ranks of persuasion (and perhaps an apprenticeship).  Talk to Gar about 
tea, and then talk to Parnell about releasing him.  You can also simply free 
Gar instead of adding him to your group, and you’ll get a fate point for 

Note: If you gave the camera to Ristezze in Shrouded Hills, and if you still 
have Bessie Toone’s boot, you can sell the boot to Parnell.

-- At the university, you’ll find BENJAMIN GERSHWIN, phrenologist.  He’ll 
ask you to find the skulls of JIN and XIN, the Ren’ar Siamese twins, and 
he’ll tell you that they’re interred at the local cemetery.  But if you go 
there you’ll only find a matchbook (for the Wellington Gentleman’s Club) in 
their tomb.  You’ll also find ALDOUS BUXINGTON.  He’ll give you some clues 
on the Ancient Gods Quest.  Lastly, you’ll find the university bookseller.  
He’ll offer to sell you technical manuals, which will improve your technical 
expertise while they’re in your inventory.

-- You can give the note you found at the zeppelin crash to JARED, a guard 
in front of the train station.  He’ll then ask you to talk to the local 
stonecutter (whose shop is on the poor side of town), so he can make 
arrangements for Wilhemina’s tombstone.

Also on the rich side of town you should find the P. Schuyler & Sons 
building with MAGNUS standing out front.  Magnus will give you some 
background on the establishment, and he’ll even join your group if you want 
him to.

     ``Beyond the rumors of murder, mysticism, and foul play?  No, I think
     that just about covers what I know, my friend.’’ -- Magnus, on P.
     Schuyler & Sons

Once inside the shop, talk to JAMES KINSFORD, the salesperson.  He’ll just 
give you the run-around, so either kill him or rob him to get the key to the 
basement.  He’s only level 6, so he’s not too hard to kill.

Then explore the areas under the shop.  You’ll find some zombies to kill and 
some loot to pick up, and eventually you’ll come to the Schuylers.  If you 
talk to them you’ll learn that they’re a family of necromancers and that 
they built their shop on top of some ancient dwarven ruins.  Plus, you’ll 
get to talk to dead Pelonious Schuyler, who will tell you that the ring was 
made for Gilbert Bates.

However, the Schuylers are just a little bit evil, so you might want to kill 
them instead.  In fact, if you have Magnus with you, you won’t have any 
choice.  He’ll decide that the dwarven zombies are really his kin, and he’ll 
demand revenge.  Fortunately, the Schuylers are spellcasters without 
powerful spells -- and two of them are only level 4 -- so they’ll die 
quickly.  Then you can pick up the key to their file cabinets (on Winston’s 
corpse) and find a telegram from Benjamin Bates commissioning the ring for 
his son, Gilbert.

     ``Thank you, friend, for fighting by my side.’’ -- Magnus

Now you can explore the seedier side of tarant.  Here are some of the people 
and places you should visit:

-- MADAM LIL will give you several quests.  The first will be to retrieve a 
necklace from the Mooreland residence.  Simply walk over there and talk to 
LAURA the maid.  She’ll want a reward for it, and you can either pay her, 
threaten her, or persuade her to give up the necklace.  (If you persuade her 
to join Madame Lil’s, she’ll give you a ``freebie’’ later as a reward.)  
Note: The necklace is non-magical and gives +40 magic resistance.  That 
sounds pretty good, but you won’t face many spellcasters in the game, and 
all the necklace will usually do is cause heal spells to fail.  In any case, 
you can steal it back from Madam Lil later if you want.

For the second quest, Madam Lil will ask you to collect 400 gold from MR. 
LANGLEY at the Bridesdale Inn.  He won’t have the money on hand, so you’ll 
have to wait five days to get it.  Since time doesn’t matter in the game, 
just advance the clock five days and pick up what he owes.

For the third quest (male players only), Madam Lil will ask you to deliver a 
package to Mrs. Halster and tell her it’s from Mr. Halster.  (It seems Mr. 
Halster visits the brothel more often when he’s getting along with his 

For the last quest, Madam Lil will ask you to find a medallion of beauty.  
Sometimes you can find one in the closed part of the city sewers, and 
sometimes you can’t.  If it’s not in the sewers, then your only other option 
seems to be to acquire it from the woman in the King’s Inn & Pub in 
Dernholm.  You’ll either have to steal it from her or kill her for it.

-- At Madam Toussaude’s, the madam will know why you’ve come, and she’ll ask 
you to choose a side between her and Delores Beston.  Pick MADAM TOUSSAUDE’s 
side (she gives the better reward), and she’ll give you the crystal ball to 
give to Beston.  Do the delivery, watch the result, and then return to 
Toussaude to get a blessing of +1 charisma.

Note: Don’t do this quest before finishing the Garrisburg painting quest.  
If you do, Toussaude will only give you the location of the painting, which 
you can find by other means.

     ``Delores Beston tried to run from her fate.  It’s as I always say,
     traveler -- the future is inevitable.’’ -- Madam Toussaude

-- SIMON PLOUGH will ask you to clear his warehouses of rats.  You’ll face 
lots of rats, but they shouldn’t pose much of a problem.  Clear the western 
(smaller) warehouse first because that’s where you’ll find the key to the 
other warehouse.  Once they’re clear, you can use the warehouses for your 
own storage.  They’re conveniently located between the junk dealer and the 

-- At 36 Low Dervish Road, you can deliver the note that the elf from the 
Wellington Gentleman’s Club gave you.  If you didn’t look at the note, 
you’ll receive 1000 experience for the job.  Otherwise you’ll have to fight 
the trio of bandits you’ll find there.  You can fight the bandits regardless 
and pick up some armor to sell plus Rorry Limes’ passport.  (If you didn’t 
get the guest list from the Wellington Gentleman’s Club’s doorman, you can 
use the passport to get an address for Limes from the Hall of Records.)

-- At the Stanton Importers building you can either buy back the Bessie 
Toone mine, or you can trick STANTON into believing you’re with the 
Industrial Council and convince him to simply give you the mine.

-- CEDRIC APPLEBY will offer you a quest to destroy one of Gilbert Bates’ 
steam engine prototypes.  It’s an evil quest, so turn it down.  (Magnus and 
Gar will become upset if you attack the engine)  There are other ways to get 
into the Bates mansion.

-- At the Panarii temple, you can pick up a funny pamphlet.

-- At 12 East End Avenue you’ll find JOSEPH the stonecutter, and you can 
tell him about Jared's wish for a tombstone.

-- At 57 Mulligan Bone Alley you’ll find a half-ogre guarding a closet.  The 
Garringsburg painting is in the closet, and you can either kill the half-
ogre or steal the key from him to get it.  Then you just need to return the 
painting to the Garringsburgs to complete the quest.

-- On the ``island’’ at the center of Tarant you’ll meet a man named THOM 
GRAK.  He’ll ask if you know MATT DE CESARE.  Answer that you do (you should 
have met him at the Wellington Gentleman’s Club) and agree to deliver a 
message to him.  When you get to the club, you’ll discover that the message 
was just a ruse to allow an assassin to follow you and find de Cesare.  de 
Cesare will kill the assassin and then go outside so you can talk privately.  
When yo join him, he’ll then ask that you to find the skulls of the Ren’ar 
Siamese twins and suggest that they might be in a warehouse somewhere in 

The correct warehouse is 17 Quilton Bend (near Simon Plough’s warehouses).  
It has locked metal doors, and if you can’t pick them, then this is a good 
place to use dynamite (if you have it).  Plus, inside you’ll find a wererat 
and a half-ogre, and dynamiting the doors might kill them at the same time.  
If you have to kill them in normal battle, though, concentrate on the 
wererat first since it is the much more dangerous of the two.  (It will also 
have some gold on its corpse, so be sure to check it after it’s dead.)  
You’ll find the skulls inside some locked barrels, and when you take them 
back to de Cesare (the phrenologist can wait), he’ll ask you to deliver them 
to ARTHUR TYRON, who was last known to be in Black Root.

     ``Some years ago, bizarre breeding experiments were begun in secret
     which would eventually affect the balance of power here in Tarant.’’
     -- Matt de Cesare

With most of the city quests complete, now is a good time to finally head 
over to the Bates mansion (on the northeastern edge of the city) and talk to 
Bates.  However, his door guard won’t just let you waltz in.  If you’re 
persuasive, you might be able to convince them that you’re an old friend.  
If Cedric Appleby asked you to destroy Bates’ steam engine, then you can rat 
him out to gain entry.  Otherwise, you’ll have to complete a quest to 
prevent the steam engine from being destroyed.

To complete the quest, go to the factory at 18 Ten Hands Alley.  The steam 
engine is in the back.  (It has a control box like the steam engine at 
Shrouded Hills.)  Stand by the door leading to the steam engine, and advance 
the time to midnight.  Three low-level bandits will teleport in, and you 
should be able to kill them pretty easily.

You’ll find Bates on the second floor of his mansion.  He won’t be able to 
tell you much, but you’ll learn three things: that the ``gnome’’ who gave 
you the ring was really a dwarf named Stennar Rock Cutter, that Bates earned 
his wealth by stealing steam engine technology from the Black Mountain Clan, 
and that the Black Mountain Clan disappeared some time ago.  Further, Bates 
will ask you to investigate the clan, and he’ll mark the location of their 
former home on your map.

You should probably be around level 20 before you try exploring the clan 
home, and a good place to get the experience you need is in the closed 
Tarant sewers.  The entrance is southwest of the gypsy, across a land bridge 
and in a house surrounded by water.

| TARANT (CLOSED) SEWERS                                                   |
|   |___                                                               ____
| 3  _  |                                                             |    |
|___| | |                                                             |    |
     _| |   ____                                                      |   _|
    |    |_|    |                                             _________| |_
    |     _     |                               _____________|  ____   ____|
    |____| |_   |                              |  ___________  |    | |     
             | |                              _| |           | |    | |
             | |_                            |  _|  ___      | |  __| |
            |   T|___                     ___| |___|   |_____| | |  __|
            |     _  |                   |  _______     _____  | | |___
            |____| | |_     ___          | |       |___|     | | |_   _|
                   |   |___|   |_________| |_________________| |   | |
                   |    ___     ________________ ____________ T|  _| |
                   |___|   |  T|____          _| |_          | | |   |___
 ___                       |    __  |        |    T|         | | |    _  |
|   |___          ___      |___|  | |        |_____|         | | |___| | |
| 2  _  |  ___   |  T|___         | |    _____       _____   | |       | |
|___| | |_|   |  | C  _  |  ___   | |   |  _  |    _|  _  |  | |       | |
      |___    |  |___| | |_|   |__| |___| | | |   |  _| | |  | |  _____| |_
          |_ _|        |___     __________| | |___|A|  _| |  | | |  _______|
           | |   ___       |___|            |__   __| |    |_| | | |  _____
           | |__|   |            ____________  | |    | A   _  | | | |    T| 
           |____    |           | T | |  ____| | |    |____| | | | |_|     |
 Legend         |_ _|           |   |   |   T| | |           |T| |___   B  |
                 | |      ___   | D   | |    | | |           |_|     |     |
 1 To docks      | |_____|   |  |___|_|__   _| | |                   |_____|
 2 To Boil       |_______    |           | |   | |      ___
 3 To Boil               |_ _|           | |___| |___  |T  |___
 4 To Power Plant         | |            |  _______  | | 4  _  |
   + Elemental Snakes     | |  __________| |       | | |___| | |
                          | | |  __________|       | |       | |
 A Slime Demons       _   | | | |__                | |_______| |__
 B Elemental Snakes  |1|  | | |__  |               |______________|
 C Muck Walkers      | |  | |    | |
 D Thief Hideout     | |__| |____| |
 T Treasure          |_____________|


There are several level 20+ creatures in the sewers, so you might have to 
avoid some places for now and then come back later.  When you’re ready to 
move on, exit the city and head east to the Elven Ruins.

| Elven Ruins                                                              |

At the Elven Ruins, you’ll meet four dark elf nobles.  They won’t be 
thrilled to see you, but, as far as I can tell, there isn’t any way to talk 
your way past them and enter the dig.  (You can talk to them and go away, 
but what fun is that?)  So talk to them (but don’t rat out Cassandra 
Pettibone or you’ll botch the quest) and then get ready to fight.

     ``Explore?  Don’t you mean pillage and rape our ancient burial
     ground?’’ -- dark elf noble

The excavation is pretty small, but you should find a few chests with magic 
items, plus the funerary stone (6x4).  Just grab it and then head back to 
Tarant.  On the way, you might want to stop by the Forbidden Pit (831W, 
1033S) to kill three spiders and pick up a ring of poison resistance.

After you give the funerary stone to Cassandra Pettibone and collect your 
reward, you’ll finally be able to talk to the man loitering in the alley 
next to her front door.  He’ll tell you that THADDEUS MYNOR is the contact 
for the Thieves Underground and suggest you pay him a visit.

There are several quests with the Thieves Underground, but if you’re not a 
thief, you might want to skip them and head straight for Black Root.

| Thieves Underground                                                      |

| Black Root                                                               |

* PERMISSIONS AND UPDATES                                                  *

This guide may be posted on any web site as long as the text is not changed 
and as long as I am informed of the posting.  I will always submit new 
versions to Cheat Code Central ( and GameFAQs 
( first, so if you are looking for the most up-to-date 
version of this guide, that is the place to look.

Copyright © 2001 by Steven W. Carter

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