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Hello. Seeing that this was added on this website maybe yesterday or a couple days 
ago, I decided to start off the game with a guide on most of the game.

Scenario, where you do each players Saga and use them as the hero.

Practice, where you can practice your moves. Best to learn to press buttons faster 
for the secret techniques.

Narutos House, where you can adjust settings and view collected items.

Missions, where you can do battles for money doing them in certain conditions.

Free Battle, where you can do multiplayer against a friend or you pick a player and
select who you fight.

Shop, where you can buy collectable items.(The more money you put in, the more 
chances you have of getting something)

How to play(Default)

O button: Attack with taijutsu.(Gaara uses sand though)

Triangle button: Get up a secret technique.(You must have chakra for this)

X button: Jump.(Press again to double-jump)

Square button: Use your item that you have.

L1 or R1: Switch items you have

L2 or R2: Guard(Press right when enemy hits you to use substitution jutsu/ water 
clone jutsu/ sand clone jutsu)

L3 or R3/ Not used in this game.

Hold Down to charge chakra.(You are defensless when you do this)

Hold UP to regain energy.(You are defensless when you do this; you gain 5 energy 
points each time you do this; only Sakura, Hinata, Kakashi, can do this trick.)

Playable characters:(From start)
Naruto Uzumaki
Sakura Haruno
Kakashi Hatake
Rock Lee
Shikamaru Nara
Sasuke Uchiha

Unlockable Characters:
Kyubi Naruto
Sasuke with cursed seal


How to unlock characters


Finish story mode as any character: Neji Hyuga 
Finish story mode as Neji Hyuuga: Hinata Hyuga 
Finish story mode as Hinata Hyuuga: Haku 
Finish story mode as Haku: Zabuza Momochi 
Finish story mode as Zabuza Momochi: Gaara 
Finish story mode as Gaara: Orochimaru 
Sasuke with cursed seal: Become a chunin and beat all C-rank Missions
Kyubi Naruto: Beat all B-rank Missions


Support Characters


They will always show in a different area than you do. Like you're in the upper 
area, go down to go to them. If you're in the lower area, they'll show up in the 
higher area. You can attack your enemy's support character by pressing circle
on them and they will disappear.

Naruto= Iruka
Sasuke= Kakashi
Sakura= Sasuke
Kakashi= Guy or Iruka(If your enemies support is Guy like Rock Lee, Iruka is 
Kakashis character, if it is Iruka like Naruto, it is Guy.)
Haku= Zabuza
Zabuza= Haku
Gaara= Temari
Hinata= Shino
Orochimaru= Kabuto
Neji= Tenten
Rock Lee= Guy Sensei
Kyubi Naruto= ?????
Sasuke with cursed seal= ?????
Shikamaru Nara= Asuma




Press L1 or R2 to switch between items you currently possess.

The weight of Gut=
Slows down the enemy if hit.
Takes a small amount of damage

Special Ninja tool(The thing that looks like a golden shuriken):
Naruto: Demon Wind Shuriken
Sasuke: Demon Wind Shuriken
Sakura: Demon Wind Shuriken
Kakashi: Demon Wind Shuriken
Other characters:
People who use shurikens: Multiple Shurikens
People who use Senbon: Needle Dance
People who use Kunai: Kunai attack

Support Item
Use it and your support character will come up and try to attack the enemy.

Scroll of Instant Body:
Teleports behind the enemy anywhere when used.


Status Changes


Byakugan:(Neji and Hinata only)
For a limited time, you:
Have more speed and don't lose any speed, even if you get hit by weight of gut.
Take the enemies chakra.
Charge chakra faster

Sharingan:(Sasuke and Kakashi only)
For a limited time, you can copy an opponents moves.
(Note that you can't copy all of everyones moves, like you can't copy any of Gaara's
moves. Note 2 is since the Sharingan is from the Uchiha Clan and Kakashi is not, 
some of the moves Kakashi copied can be failed at being copied.)

The Eight Inner Gates(Rock Lee only)
For a limited time, Rock lees attack power is stronger. This has a negative part 
because you can't use Jutsu, some of your energy goes down when it's done, and all 
your chakra goes straight to ZER0

Invisibility(Scroll of Hidden Cloud)
Pretty useless, just turns you invisible, but pointless because the Computer
can still see you and a friend can see you when you play multiplayer.

Speed(Shoes of Jonin)
Makes you attack faster and run faster for a limited time

Slow-down(Weight of gut)
Slows down your attack speed and how slow you run.

Defense Up
Your defense goes up a little for a limited time

Attack Up(Food Pills)
Your attack power goes up for a limited time

Substitution Jutsu(Kakashi Figure)
Auto Substitution jutsu when you get  hit a couple times.


Health Items


Chips: 5 health
Rice cakes: 10 health
chestnuts: 5 health
Ramen: 10 health
Fruits:(Varies with what fruit)
Health aid kit: 15 health


Chakra items


They randomly vary from 5-15.
Get a bunch of them and you'll recover chakra and the cloud will show how much you
have recovered.

That's the end of this guide! I hope you enjoyed it. Soon to come is a mission 
guide. I just can't do that now because I don't have them done, so I don't know how
to do all them. Stuck on D-Rank.

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