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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Guide to Beating the Bosses v.2

This version contains a ilttle more info. than the original and the spelling errors 
have been corrected.

Table of contents

1st Boss: The Dark Acolytes
2nd Boss: The Protodeka
3rd Boss: The Harbringer
4th Boss: The Spectral Guardians
5th Boss: The Dark Reaper
Mini Bosses

1st Boss: The Dark Acolytes

You will fight these bosses after the Battle of Geonosis.  When you begin you 
should start of going straight at them and also using your circle maneuver when you 
get close and start firing at them using a combo both of lasers and concussion 
missiles and try to get them to about 3/4 health.  After you have done that you can 
go to the area that was behind them when you started and you will find a missile 
power-up and a super-laser power-up.  Then you’ll want to do the same thing you did 
in the beginning using a combo of both lasers and missiles.  You should be able to 
kill at least one or two of them and after the super-lasers wear off you should go 
towards the starting point and there will be some more power-ups behind it 
including health and missiles.  You should be able to kill the last one pretty 
quickly and that’s it!

2nd Boss: The Protodeka

You will fight this boss after the Conquest of Raxus Prime mission.  This boss is 
pretty easy to beat, but it is dangerous if you just sit in front of it and shoot 
like a moron, so try to move around and to stay in back of it but dont get too 
close because of its very powerful seismic blast attack.  If you cant get in back 
of it try to move around alot but when it fires its missiles you are going to want 
to boost forward to avoid them.  You should use your lasers and hold down the b 
button and completely deplete your missile supply because you want to take this 
thing down quickly and there are plenty of power-ups all over the place.  After 
about one and a half supply of missiles you should bring it down and move on to the 
Kashyyyk Moon.

3rd Boss: The Harbringer

This boss you will fight after the Liberation of the Kashyyyk moon level.  This 
boss will usually take a long time.  You will want to start off going straight at 
it moving side to side firing at on of its eight gun turrets and be sure not to use 
too many missiles on the guns.  After a while the Harbringer weapon will emerge 
from its shield and you should stay relatively close to it as to avoid the 
Harbringer fire.  You’ll want to deplete your missile supply to do as much damage 
as possible and there will be power-ups of to the sides continually reappearing for 
you to use.  After the Harbringer goes back into its protective shell it will put 
out fighter-tanks which you should destroy first, but they’ll go pretty fast since 
Obi-Wan will be there to help you with them.  After you kill the tanks you repeat 
the steps taken before until the Harbringer is destroyed.

4th Boss: Spectral Guardians

You will fight these bosses after the Lost Legacy mission on Rhen Var.  These 
bosses are pretty hard to beat.  When you start off you will want to ast fast and 
start destroying the toumbs the Guardians power is liked to, you can destroy the 
smaller toumbs around the perimiter to weaken the main 3 toumbs.  You will 
definitely want to avoid the Guardians since the have a very powerful attack, so 
clear some of the ice blocks away to move around more quickly.  Use your lasers 
more than your missiles since there are no power-ups.  Once you have destroyed all 
of the coffins you’ll be finished.

5th Boss: The Dark Reaper

You will fight this boss after the Fate of the Republic mission on Thule.  This 
boss is the last and hardest boss to beat.  When you are fighting this boss there 
will be instructions on how to beat it as you go along but there will be a few 
things you should do.  After a while when he shoots the electric beam at you you’re 
going to want to use your boost to avoid it and use your missiles as much as 
possible even though there are a limited number of power-ups around or you can use 
the infinite missile and special ability cheat CHOSEN1 and not worry about that, 
but it is much more fun to do it the old fashion way.

Mini bosses

These bosses you will fight during the Thule missions before the Dark Reaper.  Two 
Protodekas: these you will want to attack the same way as the first one and they 
will go a lot faster then the first one too.  The Dreadnought: this boss is Count 
Dooku’s personal bounty hunter, Cydon Prax and is pretty easy to beat, but beware 
of his missiles and dont get too close because he has a powerful seismic blast 
attack like the Protodeka.  To beat him just fire at him using all your missiles 
and he’ll be dead under 30 seconds.

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