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  • Action, Adventure
  • Lucas Arts
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • October 29, 2002


Multiplayer Power

when you are playing multiplayer choose thr aat or the heck droid if you choose the aat then hie till your enemy comes around hurry and charge up your b attack and keep attacking or if you choose the other then get behind them then use your b attack a ton.

Acadamy Win

use the cheat for wookie in acadamy then play as him and you will get tons of points{try to beat my high 8535 good luck!}

Get Far In Thule Moon Academy

Start Thule Moon Academy w/the AT-XT assault walker. When it starts, go to the cave where the super blasters are, but DO NOT GET THEM!! (Save for absolute emergencies!) Wait for the enemies to gather at the entrance. Then, turn on your sheild and use a combined laser and morter attack to whipe them out. (This also works w/ the fighter tank, but is not nearly as effective.)

Kill Em' All In Geonosis Academy

Start Geonosis Academy w/the super battle droid. Immediatly go to one of the walls in between the entrances. Hold Y button while shooting, your aim will be much better! This also comes in handy for dual mode!

Yoda Man

To unlock Yoda in Genosis Academy you have to get 45 bonus points by doing it the hard way or put in ''YUB YUB'' for each mission.

Make The Crane Explode!

When you beat the last Raxus Prime level, Conquest of Raxus Prime, and you are fighting the Potodeka you can go behind the excavation crane where you are out of sight of the Protodeka and after a while the Potodeka will begin firing on the crane then, BOOM! The crane will explode in a cloud of debris and dust like the core ships do.


Infinite Secondary Weapon Ammunition And Special Ability

Enter "CHOSEN1" as a passcode.

Unlock Next Mission

Type in "thrisnotry".

3 Bonus Points FREE

To get three bonus points for free, select a level, fire a few lasers, then quit. Go to the codes screen in the options menu. Type in YUB YUB at the codes screen. You can do this on every level. NOTE: there is a space between Yub and Yub.

All Campaighn Levels

type in GASMASK as a code. NOTE: this will not work if you write GAS MASK.

Clone Trooper In Jedi Academy

To Use the clone trooper, type in "FAKE FETT" on the codes option. THIS DOES WORK!!!!!!!!! Just remember to put a space between FAKE and FETT.

Padme In Geonosis Acadamy

In cheat code area, type in CORDE as a passcode.

Battle Droid And Super Battle Droid

To get the battle droid enter ROGERROGER as a code. To get the Super Battle droid enter WAT TAMBOR as a code.


At the enter code screen type in "1WITHFORCE" If you did it right it will say You have unlocked Invincibilty at the bottom.

Wookie In Jedi Academy

Enter "FUZZBALL" as a passcode.

Yub Yub Ewok Song

At the options screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.

Development Team Photos In Sketchbook

Enter "SAYCHEESE" as a passcode.

Battle Droid In Geonosis Academy

Enter "ROGERROGER" as a passcode.

All Movies

Enter "CINEMA" as a passcode.

All Multi-player Missions

Enter "FRAGFIESTA" as a passcode.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Wars: The Clone Wars yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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