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This may be white trash, but I did my best!

1. Introduction
2. Enimies
3. Power
4. How to defeat Enimies
5. Characters (i'll include this always!)
6. Thanks to submiting 'yes' to Guide to Enimies!
7. Asked Questions


     Well, here it is. My first FAQ on earth. (because they didn't publish my 
others) Don't know enimies strengh? Well, you have it here! Read this and find this 


Here they are! These enimies are going to be told with a descrition.

Goomba A worker of bowser, these creatures walk around. Beat them by attacking them.
Koopa Troopa Another worker of bowser. These things walk around. Attacking them 
beats them.
Alliens These thingys are seen in Adventure Mode on Underground Maze. They attack 
you, so have a item handy.
Mummies Another Hyrule enimie. This mummy holds onto you and hurts you. They pass 
out if you attack them. Use a Smash Attack to kill them faster.
F-ZERO Racers: Only seen in Adventure Mode, they will whack you at Mach 1. Chose 
Mario or Luigi at the level.     



This tells you how strong the enimies are. Seek thius fast, it tells you lots

Goomba  Strengh: *
Koopa Troopa  Strengh: **
Alliens Strengh: ***
Mummies Strengh: ***** (but mostly weak)

     How to defeat enimies

Here how you kill each enimie.

Goomba Stomp or Attack a Goomba to kill it
Koopa Troopa Pound or Stomp on it. It becomes a handy item
Alliens Useually killed easily by attacking it with a item!
Mummies Killed much likely with a Beam Sword.

   Characters (I'll always include this)

Here are the list of characters.

Mario: You love him, you know him, the only Mario! This character is used by lots of 
Begginers and Masters. His cape attack is a defense, because it knocks away attacks 
(but does not reverse attacks) and spins around enimies.
Luigi: Heres the brother of Mario. His Luigi Cyclone ( down+ B) is used often, and 
its like Mario Tornado, but Luigi Cyclone is more powerful. If you do luigi cyclone, 
he will spin faster then a ballerina (lol) and when a enimie come near, the enimie 
or enimies will fly into it. When he lets go, those or that enimie(s) will fly into 
the air.( use this on over 237% enimies to send them deadly flying).
Dr.Mario: just like mario, but instead of fireballs, pills will come out. This 
Dr.Mario is used for MASTERS. Masters use him because his Mario Tornado is more 
Peach: The bride of Mario, is back and comes with powerful attacks ( Peach Bomb 
(left or right+b) is the most powerful attack)like Peach Bomb, Toad, Peach Parasal. 
She always does the meele your on a disaster. She might be a Beginner Used 
character, but shes a mix of kill and love.
Yoshi: Our favorite little dinosaur is back! He's pack with exellent attacks. Yosh 
Bomb is used by me tons of times ( not to mention he rocks) in a Staimina. I really 
wish he was real. He may look cute, but hes very powerful, don't mess with him!
Bowser: A description by him is one word: Mean. He has a plan to kill the Mario 
bros. ( Oh No! That Mario and Luigi!) and capture Peach and destroy Princess Peach's 
Castle! He has equiped Bowser Bomb,( like Yoshi Bomb) but a deadly one! This koopa 
is seen mostly in Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS).
DK: What a ape! In Mario .vs. DK, he has a plan to get his hands on Mini Marios 
(little wind up toys) and leave Mario in traps and have fun with the Mini Marios. In 
Super Smash Bros. Meele, he has big buttcheaks ( LMAO ) and weak attacks. You know, 
Roy can kill him easily.
Roy: Prince Roy is unknown for his country, but HE has super powerful Attacks!!!!!!
If you hold B in Home-run, Mr.Sandbag will fly. Try hitting him with the bat first 
to warm him up. Then Mr.Sandbag will go over 6 miles.
Marth: Like roy, but charge up is weaker. He is non-weak for running, but stupid 
attacks. He has not been weaked more,but he has a good thing for EXPERTS, the wind-
up is more weak then the Charge Up with Roy, but Marth's a full ledged hero.
Zelda: Zelda is a lady from Hyrule Temple. She has a servent named Link. Zelda can 
tranform into Sheik and time. You need to do Down+B to transform into Sheik. 
Sheik: She is a warrior from unknown place ( uhh... Hyrule?) and when you are Zelda, 
you can transform into Sheik whenever you want to. BUT... if a character attacks you 
in the middle of transforming, you will stop transforming. Try him when you need him.
Ness: A hero from Onett. He isn't equiped with a triple jump, but if you do thunder 
(Up+B) on his feet or on his body, he'll yell "AHHHHH!!!" a go upward. Yeah, he has 
weakness, but he's a MASTER2 used character.
Link: Zelda servant ( Didn't I tell you that later?) is back from Hyrule and is 
ready to kill you! He has good attacks when he gets on your nerves. Beat him good, 
before he kills YOU!
Young Link: Sorry, but the description here is shut down. I apollijize. Come later  
to see it!
Mr. Game And Watch: I can't make a description.
Gandorf: Like Captin Falcon, but the Giant Punch is more deadly! He is a chacacter I 
don't have but someday I'll unlock him and update everything easle, trust me!
Mewtwo: Another Pokemon, accept he has bigger attacks the Pikachu and Pichu put 
together. Find out his attacks your self.
Pikachu: Finally, you get to control the cutest 'lil strong pokemon! Quick attack is 
used to get back on the stage. You have nothing to worry about with pikachu.
Pichu: Like Pikachu, but damages itself when attacking. It copys Pikachu's attacks, 
but it is known  as the ' damaging radiator'.
Ice Climbers: If you need big jumpers, yor a helper, pick the ice climbers. They get 
on your nerves if one falls of the edge and you have another and you have to restart 
with both of them.
Samus: She (She?!) has a Power suit made by CHozo, but  really use her THE MOST of a 
record of timing. Samus is a real idoiotic (because whats shes doing, lol) hero 
herself. She has to destroy alliens in Metriod Prime Hunters (DS) and make a way 
Captin Falcon: A racer on the air of F-ZERO Grand Prix. His racer, the Blue Falcon 
has lots of speed and strengh. Falcon Punch (B) is very powerful. Falcom kick 
(down+b) is powerful to.
Fox: He's back to terminate you! Fox has it all, he can use Fox Phone ( press left 
right on the D-Pad raipidy, but don't touch the taunt button) and kill you, but you 
have to be quiet so they can hear you. 
Falco: Like Fox, but he's not Fox. Copy Fox's moves with Falco.
Mr. Game & Watch: Pretty old for some people. He uses objects that are weird, like a 
chair or key. He has real cool soun

     Thanks for saying 'yes' to Guide to Enimies!

     Well, thats it. THeres the guide to the enimies. If you want more, E-mail me at 
[email protected]

     Asked Questions
Q. Did you post anymore?
A. Yes, but I changed my name to I_Love_Yoshi_435%.

Q. Did you beat the game yet?
A. No, but I'm real close!

Q. Why didn't you capitalize the I's?
A. I didn't want to do that. I was in a hurry.

Q. Is Yoshi your favorite character?

                             Published by Nintendo*

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copy disk or the GameCube itself. Do not copy in any way, even on the computer.

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