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Super Mario 64 DS: Part 2
Published by Nintendo

1a Welcome Back!
2a Adventure: Part 2

1a. Welcome Back!

This is Part 2 of my Guide. Taking you up to Bowser 1 starting from where we left 
off. Which is Star 4 of Course 1. Let's begin, shall we?

Star 4
Big Bom-omb's Revenge

Go up the mountain, get the Mario cap and go to the Big Bom-omb. This battle is 
different, you have to go behind the bom-omb and pick him up and throw him three 
times. You now have four stars.

Star 5
Mario Wings to the Sky

If you are just now starting the game, pause and go to exit course, you need to hit 
the ? switch before you can do this one, or you can either get 8 red coins or get 
Star 7, otherwise you go up to the cannon and lift it up all the way to the top and 
get the Wing Cap. Then you hop in the cannon and get the five yellow coins in the 
middle of the piles, if you have trouble doing this, aim the cannon perfecly and 
instead ofhaving to fly back and forth, you can get the coin without flying! That 
kinda tough, so use it as a last result, once you get all five, go get the star.

Star 6
Find the 8 Red Coins

This is easy, just talk to the Red Bom-omb, and get the coins and you have your star.

Star 7
Behind Chain Chomps Gate

You should know where the chain chomp is, just ground pound the pole and you will 
get the Star.

Star 8
Find 100 Coins

OK, this is the ONLY time I am going to say this, every coin you find counts! Check 
my list:

Yellow: 1 coin
Red: 2 coins 
Blue: 5 coins

Course 2 Whomp's Fortress
From the main hall, stay on the lower level, and open the door. Jump into the 

Star 1
Chip off Whomp's Block

Go up the steps, past the obsicles, past pirana plant, over the bridge, get the 
Mario cap, and go past that moving bridge, heres a trick, when the bridge gets to 
you, go into the middle and back out and you will be across that bridge. then go 
past the small Whomp, up those moving platforms. Go talk to the large Whomp. You 
will engage in battle, all you have to do is wait for him to fall, then you ground 
pound him three times, and you have your star.

Star 2 
To the Top of the Fortress

Just go up to where the large Whomp was and go up the fortress. Watch the patterns 
of the platforms. That will shorten the period.

Star 3
Shoot into the Wild Blue

This one is kind of hard. Just go to the steps but stop on the grassy area. Go left 
until you get to the wall. Face your back toward the wall and do a crouch jump. You 
will now be on the area where you need to be. Go to the left and talk to the Bom-
omb. He will open the cannon. Aim the cannon at the connector farther back between 
the ceiling and the floor. Aim the cannon a little bit higher than the connector and 
hope you have good luck and shoot, but like I said, this is a hard star.

Star 4
Red Coins on the Floating Isle

Just do what you did before, just remember that there are floating isles that have 
red coins on them and i'll tell you how to get there. Just go to the top and look 
for the board and kick it down, just remember that Yoshi can't do this, so be one of 
the others.

Star 5
Fall onto the Caged Island

This one is easy, just, from start, go to the tree to the left and crawl up to the 
top, and an owl will pop out, follow what he says and try to land on the island. You 
have a star. 

Star 6
Blast Away the Wall

Just go to the cannon and look at the moving bridge, aim at the wall furthest from 
the cannon. Shoot and a star should pop out, and go and get it.

Star 7
Switch Star of the Fortress

This is the First switch star of the game and heres where it is. From start, go to 
where the pirana plant is to the right and go toward the left, jump across and look 
toward the left, punch the block and step on the switch. Get to the star before time 
runs out.

Star 8
Find 100 coins

Get 100 coins

Now we will stop getting stars and go rescue Mario, go up the stairs in the main 
hall and go to the left. Go straight and go into the the 8 star door, and jump into 
the painting.

Goomboss Battle

Go to where the big green pole is and climb up. Go up the bridge and into the hole. 

All you have to do is eat the goombas the king throws out and press R to make an 
egg. The press A to throw the egg at the king do that three times and get the key.

Unlock Mario 

Go back to the hall where all the doors are, not the main hall. Go to the door where 
the the M is above it open the door and you have Mario unlocked!

Go to Bowser

To get to Bowser, just go out to the main hall and go up the stairs and to the left. 
Just go staight up and eventually you will fall through a trap door. 

Bowser in the Dark World

Go straight ahead and dodge the fire, jump on the platforms, go up the steps, jump 
on the farris wheel and get to the other side. Then you go up the bridge around the 
shockey things and go on the weird bridge and get on the other platforms, go on the 
weight bridges, step on the ! switch and go in the hole.

Bowser 1

This Bowser is easy, just grab his tail, and spin him around and when you feel like 
it is the right time, press A and if you timed it right, he should hit the spike 
bomb and you have beaten Bowser 1! The key you get will open the door on the lower 
level of the castle, taking you to Course 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, if you think you can 
last until I write my next guide.

Bye-bye! Look for my next guide!

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