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Super Mario 64 DS 
Published by Nintendo

1a. Welcome to my guide!
1b. Title Screen
2a. Prolouge
2b. Adventure

1a. Welcome to my guide!

Hey all you people who can't beat this game! I'm in my very first guide for the 
cheat codes staff and members. I hope you like my guide it will be worth your while!
I didn't do that thing where you type letters to make the title, but the guide is 
better than appeal!

1b. The title screen

From the main menu you have 3 choices, Vs., Adventure, and Rec Room. I would start 
at Adventure. Later you would go to Rec Room. Vs. isn't all that special.

2a. Prolouge

Princess Toadstool is inviting Mario, Luigi, and Wario to the castle for a cake. The 
gang gets there and gets into a fight and finally go into the castle, and after 
while the Lakitu gets Yoshi and Gets him to go into the castle to check on Mario.

2b. Adventure


B jump
A tounge
Y run
X camera
L center camera
R crouch
B,B double jump
R plus A crouch attack
While running, B,B,B triple jump

Now on to Adventure!!!

Go on to the castle door and it will be locked. Leave the door and the Lakitu will 
show you where a rabitt with a key will be on the Touch Screen. Go eat the rabitt 
and he will give you a key. Go into the castle and go toward the left, the door with 
the star WITHOUT the number on it. Jump into the painting and your first star is in 

Course 1, Bom-omb Battle Feild

Star 1

Big Bom-omb on the Summit

You don't really have to talk to the bom-omb over there, just follow me and you'll 
be fine, you can if you want to, just go get the star. Go up the bridge past the 
chain chomp and over that bridge, go right and through that opening where the black 
boulders are and go up the mountain, note that when you see where the boulders are 
coming from, go in and you will be up closer to the big bom-omb. When you get to him 
walk up to him and when he finishes talking you swallow the bom-ombs he throws and 
spit them back at him before they blow up in your mouth. Do that three times and he 
will give you the star.

Star 2

Footrace with Koopa the Quick

Before you talk to the koopa, look at the Touch Screen, see the Mario hat? Go get 
it. Then you talk to the koopa. He will race you to the top of the mountain. Get 
there before he does to get the star. If you can't remember how to go up the 
mountain, go to Star 1.

Star 3

5 Silver stars!

This one is pretty simple, just look at the Touch Screen.
Oh, I almost forgot, don't get hit or you'll loose a star.

Thats all I have to do right now so look for my next part!


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