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Super Mario 64 DS 
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2a. Adventure Part 3

Welcome Back!(again) this is my third part in my Five part guide to Super Mario 64 
DS! In this guide we will, if you read my last one, go up to Course 5. So get ready!

Course 3
Jolly Rodger Bay

Just go from the main hall, go on the door with a 3 on the right.

Star 1 
Plunder in the Sunken Ship

All you do in this star is look on the Touch Screen. See where the star is? You go 
over there, and swim down. You see where the eel type thing is? You swim TORWARD him 
until he starts to come out, when he comes all the way out, you swim in. You look 
for the treasure chest. Open it, and you will get the water drained down. Then you 
go up on those steps and get the star.

Star 2
Can the Eel come out to play?

All you do is look at the Touch Screen and look for the star. Go to the eel and when 
he gets out, tap his tail. Then get the star.

Star 3
Treasure in the Ocean Cave

What you do is, go to the ship and swim down. Then go though the opening. You go 
over to where the chests are, and tap, top, left, right, down and get the star.

Star 4
Blast to the Stone Pillar

You need to open up the cannon to do this, just swim up until you see a bride type 
thing with a bom-omb on the right side of the top. Talk to him and he will open the 
cannon and go into it and look for pillar with a 1-up mushroom on it, aim at the 
pillar to the LEFT. Aim a little high and shoot. Turn your back to where the 
platform is and jump and get the star.

Star 5
Red Coins on the ship afloat

You know what to do, the bom-omb is on the place where the the red ! switch is and 
some coins are in clams. Just swim up to them and they will open and give you the 
red coin.

Star 6
Switch Star of the Bay

You need Luigi for this star so if you don't have him go to exit course on the pause 
screen. The switch star is where the Star 3 took place and over to the right. Hit 
the ? block and the switch star. Go get the star before your power flower runs out 
of energy. 

Star 7
Through the jet Stream

You need Wario for this star so if you don't have him, leave the course or get the 
100 coin star or whatever. Go to where the last star took place and get the power 
flower and go and get the star before it runs out of energy.

Star 8
100 Coins

Get 100 Coins

Course 4 
Cool, Cool Mountain

Go to the left where the the 3 star door is and go through the painting.

Star 1
Slip Sliding Away

Enter the cottage and go down the slide, pause it and read, when you see the row of 
coins that go to the wall, just go to the wall right there and you will enter the 
shortcut of this place. When you finish, walk out the door and get the star.

Star 2
Li'l Penguin Lost

You have to be Mario for this star. Pick up the penguin you see on the top level of 
the mountain. Then slide down the slope and go across that bridge with the snowmen 
hoping up and down, go all the way down the bridge and talk to the big Penguin. She 
will give you the star.

Star 3
Big Penguin Race

WARNING! You go into the cottage and talk to the penguin, you have to race it. Here 
is what the warning is about, YOU CANNOT USE THE SHORTCUT! Beat it and get the star.

Star 4
Frosty Slide for 8 red Coins

You must be Yoshi for this star. The bom-omb is on the bottom in a crack where 
another red coin is. What you have to be Yoshi for is this, you have to eat fire and 
spit at blocks with red coins in them. 

Star 5
Snowmans Lost his Head

You talk to the little snowball with no face and listen to him. Take him down to 
where the snowball with a face is and he will get his nice body. Now talk to him and 
he will give you the star.

Star 6 
Mario's Super Wall Kick

Open up the cannon where the bom-omb is on the floating island, and be Mario and hop 
in the cannon and shoot to where you see a tree on an island and shoot. Go past the 
floating head things and long jump across the gap and go up the slope wall kick and 
go up that slope and wall kick then get the star.

Star 7
Switch Star of Cool, Cool Mountain

You have to be Wario for this star. Go down the mountain and  go to where the big 
penguin is and break the ice and go hit the switch where the bom-omb is and jump off 
to where the star is, just jump, the breeze will save you. Get the star.

That's all for this time, my DS battery is going down, so I will see you later!

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