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      Dino Language FAQ
         by Sakol

This is covered in the manual, but if yall are like me, then you never read manuals 
anyways. So here is how to write Dino. Unfortunatly, Rare did not cover how words 
will sound, so you will just have to listen to in-game characters.


This language has been spoken on Dinosaur Planet for thousands of years, since 
their first encounter with off-worlders. Before that, they got by with grunts and 
roars; a few still do, but most have adopted this relatively new language.

Step 1: Rearrange the vowel sounds:

English: A E I O U
Dino:    U O A E I
Step 2: The letter 'M' remains the same:

M = M
Step 3: Replace the letter 'Y' with an 'O' -  this means that that the letter 'Y' 
will not exist in this language:

Y = O
Step 4: Rearrange the remaining letters as follows:

English: B C D F G H J K L N P Q R S T V W X Z
Dino:    R S T V W X Z B C D F G H J K L N P Q 

You now have the method of encoding and decoding the Dinosaur language. Note that 
the names of people and places are not affected, remaining in their original 

Dino:    Sakol xuj roukod kxo wumo.
English: Sakol has beaten the game.

If you want to talk in Dino, then just listen to the characters in the game and 

Special thanks goes to Rare for making such a great game for their last Nintendo 
game, and for coming up with this inovative language.

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