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  • Action, Adventure
  • Rare
  • Nintendo
  • Teen
  • November 15, 2001


How To Kill The Redtail Boss

Firstly when you enter the room you will see the redtail appear don't be afraid he is easy to defeat. When you begin to fight him stay clear and get used to the area on each corner you will see a pad above a closed gate shoot that with your fire blaster the hid in it till the dinosaur is in his way the the second he turns the corner and growls thats when you stand on the pad this will knock him to the ground then go to the cage you opened pick up the bomb and throw it at hi while hes still on the ground repeat this several times to defeat him.

No Fall Damage

When you go off the edge of a building and fox starts to swing his arms in circles just keep tapping X and he will roll and take no damage. This won't work on some buildings because they are to high.

Lightfoot Village: Cheat Token

Go to one of the houses. A Lightfoot will ask you to find his three children who like to play in the woods. Go to where you can get in the wooded area around the whole village (by the tribe leader's shrine and climb up.) There will be a blue shining thing in the air. You must chase those kids into it. Once they are all back, talk to the fatherand he will reveal a rocket boost pad. Use the rocket boost pad and head for forward until you get into half of the forest that was blocked by a log. Explore there and you will find a Cheat Token Well.

Thorntail Hollow:The Beacons

To re-light the Beacons, find the tree in the Hollow that has Branches on fire. Strike the tree to cause these flames to drop. Then, Strike them with your staff to douse the flames. Collect three of these and put one on each of the three torches scattered through the hollow. Then, have Tricky use his Flame on them to light the torches. Once all three are lit, you will receive the key to Moon Mountain Pass.

Moon Temple: Go Through Door

When you are in the invisible maze in the Moon Temple, if you make it to the end of the maze but fail on the way, the door to the Moonstone will start to shut slowly. If you time your speed correctly, you quickly do a somersault under the door before it slams shut.

Moon Mountain Pass: Staff Ground Quake Upgrade

There will be a rock that you can lift. The upgrade is under the rock.

Moon Mountain Pass: See Andross

The Krazoa statue in Moon Mountain Pass is Andross.

Lightfoot Village: Reentry

If you leave Lightfoot Village and connot get back in because of the locked gate, you must hit three trees with targets in a certain order. First, hit the one near the gate, tha the furthest from the gate, and finally the one in the middle. The gate will now be unlock.

Hi-Def Binoculars

You can find the Hi-Def Binoculars that Slippy droped in the store for 20 Scarabs.

Cloud Runner Fortress: Escaping The Dungeon

Once you get captured by General Scales, he takes your staff. You will need to get it back. To do this, get out or the room you are in and follow the hallway. Once you get there, you will see that a Sharp Claw has you staff. Go around him and do not step on any puddles or the Sharp Claw will wake up. Go down the hallway that is past the Sharp Claw and go the the room with the air current. Pick up one of the bombs and put it on the air current. Then, go over to the switch and stand there until the bomb explodes in the air. The ceiling will break. Slippy can now send you the Sharp Claw disguise. Use it and go next to the Sharp Claw that is sleeping on the desk. There will be an intermission sequence. He will leave. You can now grab your staff. First, open all the cages that are in the room. Save the dinosaur that is in the cage. He will follow you out and give you a Power key for saving him. Get out of the dungeon to continue with the game.

Red Eye King's Lair: Staff Super Ground Quake Upgrade

Proceed until you see a Bomb Spore planting location. Plant a Bomb Spore there, then blow it up.

Small Scarab Bag

After you rescue Tricky, go to where the Sownhorn is located. Look around untill Tricky can dig. After he digs, you will get the Snowhorn's food. Feed the hungry Snowhorn and he will give you the Small Scarab Bag, which holds 50 Scarabs.

Cape Claw: Energy Bar Upgrade

You must have a Portal Dievice ability. Go behind in the cave where the Sharp Claw is located, near the connon. Use the Portal Device on the door. Enter and defeat the Sharp Claw, use the connon and shoot the cracked rock. Go inside and get the energy bar upgrade.

Lightfoot Village: Snake Totem

To open a way to the next Krozoa spirit in the Lightfoot Village, climb up on the boxes and hit the switch. then, use your Fire Blaster to stop the snake totem pieces when the pictures on each section line up, one by one.

Cape Claw: Avoid Paying The Sharpclaw Guard

Instead of paying the guard 25 Scarabs, go around to the back of the walkway. In the water, there is a rock with a Rocket Boost Pad on it. You can use it to get up on the wooden walkway where the Hightop is located. When you leave, the guard will let you through and you will not have to pay.

Free Bomb Spores

Find a full grown Bomb Spore, shoot it with the staff's fire blaster to get three Bomb Spore Seeds.

Medium Scarab Bag

Succsesfully release the second Krozora Spirits. Then the warpstone will warp you back Thorn Tail Hollow and give a Medium Scarab Bag, which holds 100 Scarabs.

Krozoa Shrine 3: Fear Test

Do not take your eyes off the meter for any reason. Since you cannot pause during that test, it is important you watch the bar the entire time. Sometimes it helps to press CONTROL-STICK LEFT and CONTROL-STICK RIGHT back and forth. However, do not count on this to save you, as the bar will suddenly jerk to one side.

Extra Scarabs

When you are in ThornTail Hollow go to the shop. Then go down to the mini-game area but don't go in. When you are facing the curtain to the entrance of the mini-game room go backwards through the dark brown part of the wall and a large rock will be there. Lift it and get 30 Scarabs.

Volcano Force Point Part Deux

After you've defeated the giant RedEye King, you of course must return your shiny new SpellStone to the Volcano Force Point. It's pretty straightforward until you ride the lift up to a path leading to a locked door. If you want to get through (which I'm sure you do), climb up the ladder near the lift. You'll notice some different-colored flames along the upper walkway. In order to unlock the door, you must extinguish the flames using your Ice Blaster - but this is trickier than it may seem, as you have to extinguish the colors in a specific order. Put out the blue one first, then green, then red, then yellow. The door will then unlock and you can proceed with the game.

Big, Ugly Sharpclaw

Upon entering Cape Claw for the first time, be prepared for the huge bluegreen Sharpclaw that guard there. Their axes do a lot of damage, and they can block your attack, even when they're down. Hold the R Button to block their first (and sometimes second) attack, then rush them. They require about 2 more hits than a regular Sharpclaw to be defeated.

Get Rid Of Boss Galdon

After transporting on the red Warpstone in Darkice Mines, you'll be in a large chamber with a frozen dinosaur in the center. Use Tricky's Flame Command to melt him. You'll see him swallow the first Spellstone, and you'll see how big he is. When he's not turning around, run around and hit Galdon on the tail three times. He'll get mad and swallow you. Hit his epiglotis (with the Spellstone in it) several times, then he'll spit you out. His new weak spot is his chest. Wait until his chest opens, then shoot it with the Fire Blaster three times. He'll swallow you again and you hit the Spellstone again. Galdon will spit you into the air (with the Stone), and he'll fall down dead. You'll have the Spellstone.

Display Credits

Find the Cheat Token in the ThornTail Store and drop it into the Game Well Maze well to get this option to appear on your Main Options screen.

Cheat Tokens

To open up Cheats in the game, you will need to find Cheat Tokens in wells hidden through out Dinosaur Planet. Once you find a Cheat Token, throw it in the well in the Game Well Maze below WarpStone to activate it. You'll receive the message "Cheat Activated", but you won't know the name of the cheat. See individual cheats to see where and how the cheat menu is enabled.

Fortune Told

Find the Cheat Tokens in LightFoot Village, SnowHorn Wastes, Volcano Force Point Temple, and the Ocean Force Point Temple. When you throw them into the Game Well Maze well, they'll tell you a fortune. LightFoot Village, rescue the children to make Rocket Boost Pad appear. Use it to reach a well on the upper ridge of LightFoot Village. SnowHorn Wastes, ride ice floes down the river to find the token well. Volcano Force Point Temple, drop down to the left of the main gate, plant a Moon Seed, then climb the vine. Ocean Force Point Temple, during your second visit, after the electric panels, swim off to the right to find a Portal Door.

Black And White Mode

Find the Cheat Token in Cape Claw, then drop it into the Game Well Maze well to make this option appear in the Main Options screen.

Dinosaur Language

Find the Cheat Token in Moon Mountain Pass, then drop it into the Game Well Maze well to make this option appear in the Language Options screen.

Play Music

Find the Cheat Token in Ice Mountain, then drop it into the Game Well Maze well to make this option appear in your Audio Options.

Rainbow Tricky

If you think Tricky's colors are plain and boring then try this tip. Once you have a scarab bag that can hold 20; go to the store and buy Tricky's ball. Once you have done that leave the store, go to your inventory, and select the ball. Once you've done that you can throw the ball and play fetch. Once you've done it enough he will change colors (green, blue, purple, yellow, ect.).

Tricky's Flames

Hit Tricky many times with your staff and he will throw fire at you.

Cheap Tip

Throughout the game if you press start, your faithful companion Slippy will give you information that will get you to the next part of the game. Work inside because of the transmission. If you can't get past a certain part, you can always ask Slippy for help. (Sorry about my last code, I sorta screwed it up.)

Cheat Mode

In the shop and several other places around Dinosaur Plant are wells that ask you to feed them Scarabs. Feed them twenty Scarabs and you will get a Cheat Token. Go to the Warp Stone Guardian (the large stone guardian) and enter the maze. It will take some wandering before you find a well inside. Open your inventory, highlight a Cheat Token, then press A. This will unlock a cheat or give you a hint. To activate the cheats, save the game, return to the main menu, and select "Options".

Easy Money

In the basement of the shop in the Thorntail Hollow Play the mini game there. Avoid the dark scarabs and collect the glowing green ones. At the begining of the game this will help you with money problems.

Cheat Token Wells

Throughout the adventure you will see strange wells that ask for twenty scarabs in return for a cheat token. After you recieve the cheat token go to the warp stone maze. Look for a well in the maze and through the tokens into the well to unlock extras on the main menu at the games start.

Cheapskates R' Us

When buying something at the shop, the shopkeeper will display the price on a scarab scroll. Move the joystick up and down to show what you will pay. But in the end the shopkeeper can tell if you are a cheapskate. This is very useful for buying maps which cost from 5-10 scarabs.


After you get to the warpstone, and get to the Snow place. You will soon have to race two bad guys who are taking away the Queen's son. When you race them you have to bump into each of them 5 or more times to beat the race. Then you go to Snow Horn.


After you buy a lantern from the Store, so you can go in to the well to get the white grubtubs for Queen Earthwalker, you can also buy a firefly just in case ;)

Controler Neutral Position Reset

If the L or R Buttons are pressed or the Control Stick or C Stick or are moved out of neutral position when the power is turned ON, those positions will be set as the neutral position, causing incorect game control during game play. To reset the controler, release all buttons and sticks to allow them to return to the correct neutral position, then hold down the X,Y, and START/PAUSE Buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Metamorphic Tricky

Go buy tricky's ball (when want to buy an item lower then price 20% or 10% and some times the shop keeper will sell the item for cheaper) and through it for Triky about 15-20 times. Tricky will turn a new color (purple and green).


We have no cheats or codes for Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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