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                                  Using Trace
Hello to all Trace users who think this guide might be useful! Oh, and Sorry 
about not having fancy ASCII art, but it takes too much time to do. Incase you 
didn't know, this is a guide to using Trace.

Table of Contents

1. Trace's Background
2. Who should use Trace?
3. Trace Tips
4. Sniping Posts (coming soon)
5. Contact Me
6. Legal Things

Trace's Background
If you have any idea who Trace is, I advise not wasting your time and skipping 
this. Trace is a Kriken from the Kriken Empire, and all Krikens are exiled at a 
certain age to find a planet that the Kriken Empire can use. Or blow up, I 
don't really know which. They would probably blow it up if it is inhabited. 
Trace wants the ultimate power so that he can make the Kriken Empire super-
duper-uber-strong, and they can go kill everyone. He's pretty evil.

Who Should Use Trace?

Not including the legal things, this is probably the most important part of the
Walkthrough. And I can't call it the meat since it's way too small. Everyone 
thinks that anyone can use Trace and he takes no practice. THIS IS NOT TRUE!
You're gonna seriously get pwned you if you think that you don't need to 
practice using him. His Triskelion definitely takes practice, and if you can't 
snipe quick, you're dead meat! I know this from experience. Only use Trace if 
you are patient and prefer long-range over close-range. Practice against bots 
until you have a good feel for him.

Trace Tips

These are some tips to remember for using Trace. Keep in mind that I might've 
said some of them somewhere else in the guide. I probably will say the tip in 
this next sectoin, too.

1. Be patient
2. Don't snipe in one spot too long: the Imperialist is easily traced
3. Sniping posts aren't always the best place to snipe 
4. If caught in close-range combat, run away with Triskelion, unless the 
opponent has little health
5. Use Triskelion to move except for places where you could easily fall and die
6. When you're standing still with the Imperialist, other snipers can still see 
your outline and headshot you just as easy 
7. Don't always go for headshots
8. Snipe quickly
9. If someone finds you, headshot them if you can and snipe somewhere else
10. If someone else has the Imperialist and it seems like their gun is pointing 
at you, then it is.
11. If you have no ammo for the Imperialist but you do have lots of health, 
sneaking up on people with the Triskelion isn't such a bad idea
12. One star (*) bots are great to practice Triskelion with
13. Headshots are easiest on other snipers
14. If you're forced into close-range combat

Sniping Posts (coming soon)

Here it is, the sniping posts for each level. (There are probably billions more 
than what I could think of, so if you have any more tell me.

Combat Hall:
Data Shrine:
Proccessor Core:
High Ground:
Ice Hive:
Alinos Perch:
Sic Transit: 
Transfer Lock:
Compression Chamber:
Incubation Vault:
Outer Reach:
Wepons Complex:
Council Chamber:
Elder Passage:
Fuel Stack:
Fault Line:
Statis Bunker:
Head Shot:
Celestial Gateway:
Alinos Gateway:
VDO Gateway:
Arcterra Gateway:

*Coming Soon!*

Contact Me

If you have something to tell me, e-mail me at [email protected]. I will 
accept something to add to the guide or a question. I know that everyone will 
ask me this, so the reason why I didn't make a guide for every other hunter is 
that I use Trace and I only know him, so my guides for hunters other than Trace 
would stink. It can help you if don't use Trace because you know what Trace 
does, and that will help you know how to fight Trace.

Legal Things 

You can give this guide to anyone for free as long as you give me 
(weedwhackage) credit for it. I will not allow any plagiarism of this guide.

                              Last Updated: 6/17/07

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