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Eternal Darkness - Guide/ US Version
For the Nintendo GameCube
Version 0.9 FINAL (July 7, 2002)
Guide by Myke ([email protected])
*Memory Card: 15 blocks*
                             Table of Contents

1..............................................................Version History
8...................................................................Spell List
9.............................................................B Button Details

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Version History  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

July 8, 2002   Priyank pointed out a small error on my Spell List, I fixed it.
Version 0.95   Thanks!

July 7, 2002   Chattur'gha path is completed, man, is this path hard or what?
Version 0.9    I fixed up some small things and marked this the final version.

July 6, 2002   Completed Ulyaoth path (blue), started on the Chaturr'gha path
Version 0.8    (red)

July 5, 2002   Completed Xel'lotath path (green), started on the Ulyaoth path
Version 0.7    (blue)

July 4, 2002   Added Roberto, Peter, Edward and Michael's chapters.
Version 0.6    Happy 4th of July!

July 1, 2002   Added Paul's chapter.
Version 0.5

June 30, 2002  Added Dr. Edwin Lindsey's chapter.
Version 0.4

June 29, 2002  Added Maximillian Roivas's chapter, changed the enemies's made
Version 0.3    up made to their real name and moving onto the next chapter, if
               I can find it, that is.

June 28, 2002  Formatted the Chapter section around a little bit, added
Version 0.2    Karim's chapter and gave thanks to a lot of people who helped
               me on about Poe's script that was in the beginning of the game.

June 27, 2002  End of Chapter 3, I know I've been really slow, but I'm fitting
Version 0.1    in every single detail as I play along. I will update more
               later after I get off work.

June 25, 2002
Version 0.0:   Birth of this document, walkthrough to Chapter 1 - Act 2
               completed, added items, weapons, controls, enemies, and
               the B Button Details to that point.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Controls  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

The controls are from the Eternal Darkness Instruction Booklet:

-Control Stick                         -Move character
                                       -Control direction of attack when locked
                                        onto an enemy.

-Control Pad                           -Quick Spells #2, #3, #4
                                       -Zoom in on an item (when using Check in
                                        the Inventory screen.)

-C Stick                               -Rotate item (when using Check in the
                                        Inventory screen.)

-B Button                              -Context sensitive: A B Button icon will
                                        appear on-screen whenever you can
                                        perform an action with the B Button

-A Button                              -Attack/Select

-X Button                              -Sneak

-Z Button                              -Hold to reload projectile weapon

-R Button                              -Hold to lock onto an enemy
                                       -Release slightly and click the button
                                        again to lock onto the next closest

-Y Button                              -Quick Spell #1

-START/PAUSE                           -Open/Close the menu screen

-L Button                              -Run

There is an Options menu at the Main menu screen, go in there and you can
toggle some things if you wish:

-Subtitles:  On/Off  (text along with narration or voice-only)

-Widescreen:  Standard/16:9   (16:9 shorten the screen up)

-Rumble Feature On/Off

-Volume Adjustment:   (you can raise or lower the volume to where you want it)

-Brightness Adjustment:  (lighten or darken the brightness)

-Audio Mode:  Stereo/ Stereo Surround/ Mono

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Characters  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Profiles for Alexandra Roivas, Pious Augustus, Ellia, Karim, Dr. Maximillian
Roivas, and Dr. Edward Roivas were from the Instruction Booklet.

-Alexandra Roivas
 A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
 Alexandra, a student at a Washington university is a headstrong and independent
 woman. Imaginative and quite intelligent. Alexandra is completing her graduate
 degree in abstract mathematics and number theory. She is stubborn, and her
 obstinate attitude often gets her into trouble. She has returned to Rhode
 Island to tend her deceased grandfather's estate and to find some answers
 about his gruesome death.

-Pious Augustus
 26 B.C. - Persia
 Born into a family of wealthy patricians, Pious Augustus joined the army of the
 Roman Empire at an early age. Pious was a centurion and commander during the
 empire's campaigns in Persia. He is now in his late twenties - many of his
 peers have retired to lives in Roman politics, but he remains a loyal soldier
 of the empire. Although Pious has grown weary of constant fighting, he
 continues, driven by the belief that life has a greater purpose in store for

 A.D. 1150 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
 Ellia was born into servitude and raised as a dancer in the court of
 Suryavarman II, the king who reunited the Khmer empire after years of unrest.
 After finding and reading a strange book, she yearns for adventure. Her
 curiosity leads her into a temple, where she uncovers secrets she was never
 meant to find.

 A.D. 814 - Amiens, France
 Anthony is a young man. He is ordered not to read the message in the scroll,
 but instead he did, and a mysterious magical power comes out and hits Anthony,
 he got choked and he must warn his leader, Charlemagne. Will he be able to
 warn him in time?

 A.D. 565 - Persia
 Karim is a brash young man of noble heritage trtained in the arts of the sword.
 He spends his time seeking adventure and the hand of many a lady. His heart
 has been won by a mysterious woman named Chandra, and his life is thrust into
 a new perspective. He wishes to marry her, but Chandra has other ideas. She
 wants to make use of Karim's skill at swordcraft and adventure, and in return
 for her love, she asks him to locate a lost relic.

-Dr. Maximillian Roivas
 A.D. 1760 - Rhode Island, USA
 Maximillian, a learned medical doctor, lectures at many universities within
 the United States. Although not a famous scholar, he is certainly respected
 by both his students and peers. Maximillian is a somewhat portly man in his
 mid-fifties. His wife passed on years ago, after fighting consumption for many
 years. His three children, themselves now adults, visit him from time to time.
 More often than not, though, he remains alone in the family estate, left to
 his own devices. His children fear for his sanity - they believe it is
 unhealthy for an old man to be left alone in such a large house. They may be

-Dr. Edwin Lindsey
 A.D. 1983 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
 Edwin discovered this temple through a radar sateillite, but his adventure
 is a lot like one of the Indiana Jones's movies, The Raider of the Last Ark
 or was it the Temple of Doom? I always get the name of the movie messed up.
 But I liked his adventure alot!

-Paul Luther
 A.D. 1485 - Amiens, France
 A Francisian monk during the Inquistion in Europe, Paul has put a faith in
 church and he is to uncover the secret that is going on in the cathedral.
 But the question is...can he uncover it?

-Roberto Bianchi
 A.D. 1460 - Middle East
 Roberto is an architect, and he was to built a monument for his liege. But,
 instead, he got thrown underground in a temple and was ordered to see if it
 is safe to built a monument, and he will be free to go if everything's OK.
 Is it?

-Peter Jacob
 A.D. 1916 - Amiens, France
 A reporter during the World War I found himself in the Oublie Cathedral
 in France, he read one of the notes and reading it has made him curious about
 what is cauing the cathedral from holy to unholy, he is to uncover the whole
 cause of this, but will he be able to do it?

-Dr. Edward Roivas
 A.D. 1962 - Rhode Island, USA
 Edward is in his early thirties, and he has always prided himself on his
 rational attitude. Continuing a long family tradition of scholarly pursuits.
 Edward Roivas is a practicing psychiatrist living in his family's ancestral
 home in Rhode Island. He has spent much time studying the works of Freud and
 Jung. Now, confronted by an irrational world, he finds himself privy to dark
 secrets his reasoning can barely comprehend.

-Michael Edwards
 A.D. 1991 - Middle East
 A fireman in a massive fire in the field of oil wells. As the fire explodes,
 he is being sent flying and fell into an underground temple. Shocked he was,
 as his other people are dead and he sees a monument, full of dead people
 covered in cement, a ghost of Roberto gives him the essence, but Michael has
 some other objectives that need to be done.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Enemies  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

-Zombie                                -Easy to kill, take off their head
                                        and they will stand there cluelessly
                                        and swing their arms around. Finish
                                        them off once laying on the ground.

-Mummy Zombie                          -Limbs regrow as "phantom entities" when
                                       severed, causing deep rooted insanity on
                                       the observers...The wrappings of the
                                       mummy are highly combustible, and catch
                                       fire easily.

-Mantorok Zombie                       -A living human corpse, it has no
                                       special attributes or weaknesses. It is
                                       very weak - composed of dried sinew and

-Transparent Zombie                    -Like the other zombie, but this one is
                                       transparent and it holds a rune inside
                                       its body, to receive the rune, you must
                                       put the zombie's life to an end.

-Horror                                -its eyes are its weakness. The creature
                                       is highly dependent on sight, rather
                                       than sound. Sometimes Horror are a pain
                                       to fight against, especially two in the
                                       same room. If one electrocute you, you
                                       lose control of your character for a
                                       short while. Hack/Shoot all three of its
                                       heads to defeat it.

-Trapper                               -A small insect or an arachnid that
                                       takes you to the Trapper Dimension,
                                       to avoid this creature, press X and
                                       sneak pass it.
                                       (In the Trapper Dimension, you can
                                       refill either your sanity, health, or
                                       magic, then exit the dimension.)

-Bonethief                             -The creature wears the skins of people
                                       to protect itself. So annoying, and so
                                       fast. It can disguise itself in one's
                                       body, kill the disguise to reveal a
                                       Bonethief, kill it before it leap and
                                       attack you.

-Smaller Guardian                      -A curious lack of internal organs means
                                       no way of inflicting critical damage.
                                       No obvious vulnerability. Sometimes this
                                       guardian can be trapped inside a force
                                       field and you have to cast a Dispel
                                       Magick on it to release the creature.
                                       Use a powerful weapon and enchant it
                                       and then aim at the monster's body or
                                       torso as some of you may call it, couple
                                       swings or shots at it will end its life.

-Larger Guardian                       -This huge monster can be found in
                                       Peter's chapter, you have to go through
                                       three stages to beat this monster.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Walkthrough  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Some few important things before you progress into the game:

-Health Meter
    This meter represents LIFE ENERGY. Every time a character takes DAMAGE the
    lever will get lower. When it reaches zero, the character will die.

-Sanity Meter
    KEEP THE LEVEL HIGH! or else you will hear or see things that isn't
    really happening and the camera angle will tilt. Your sanity level will
    lower when a monster sees you, run around it and start attacking.

-Magick Meter
    The easiest way to refill your magick is to run around in circle, you need
    magick to cast a spell if you have enough.

:::Turn on your GameCube with the Eternal Darkness mini-disc inserted:::

As the game starts up, a piece from one of Edgar Allan Poe's poems.

           "      Deep into that
                    darkness peering,
                      long I stood there,
                              doubting...     "

The scripting above is from Poe's "The Raven", although one guy sent me the
whole poem of The Raven, but I feel that it isn't part of the game, but I
did read the poem, intense! Thanks to those guys who gave me the answer to
my question about the script.

After you start a new game, Dr. Edward Roivas speaks:
Bound together with the oddest magickal incantation.
This wretched book is where it all began so long ago.
Before time,
before humanity.
I am Doctor Edward Roivas.
I am a clinical psychologist.
I am also dead.
This is not my story,
nor even the story of the Roivas family.
It is the story of humanity.
Like it or not,
believe it or not as you will.
Your perceptions will not change reality,
but simply color it.
Humanity has been on the edge of extinction for two millennia.
Ignorant of so much,
and dependent on so few.
The Guardians grow restless
Their time once again near.
Whether by fate or misfortune,
My family has crossed their path
and they didn't take kindly to it.
Their attention turns to my granddaughter,
for she is the last of my line,
and the last hope for humanity.

--------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

The game starts of in a room where you have to kill the zombies, and it turned
out to be a dream.

(ringing phone)

A police inspector, named Legrasse, called Alexandra and told her that there
is an accident with Alex's grandfather. Alexandra told him that she will be on
the next flight out. Legrasse showed the body and Alexandra was in shock and
Legrasse asked her if it was her grandfather, and Alexandra said it was, and he
is wearing the family ring. Legrasse wanted Alexandra to find clues and the
cause of her grandfather's death.

"Shocked by her grandfather's mysterious death and frustrated at the
 incompetence of the local police, Alex vows to uncover the truth. She decides
 to search the mansion - the place where Edward conducted his research. If
 there was a tie to his past, and possibly a tie to his murderer, it would be

You are now in control. The only item you have right now is the Second Floor
Key, and it looks very old and worn. Do not use this key on the double door at
the top of the steps, or it will break. Go in the area between the two stairs
and you will see a clock, ticking. Examine the clock and you get the Dresser

From the middle of the room, go right, through the door and you will be in a
room full of books. We'll call this room the Library. If you checked one of
the shelves on the west, inside Alex sees a shaky handwriting that says "3:33".
Go to the northeastern part of the room and you will see a grandfather clock,
examine it. You are allowed to adjust the hands, remember the 3:33?, tilt the
control stick to the right and have the small hand AT 3, a little before 4,
and the long hand a little after 6 until a door to a passageway opens up.

Go in the secret passageway and into the room. A cut-scene showed that Alex
is shocked from the look of this room. We'll call this room the Secret Room,
since you opened up the secret passageway. Is that ok? Take the Gladius from
the west wall and equip it. Open the book on the desk, something hits Alex
and the cut-scene follows:

                                *CHAPTER ONE*
-------------------------------Pious Augustus---------------------------------
                               The Chosen One
                            Ancient Persia, 26 B.C.

You start out in an ancient chamber, with the east wall decorated with ancient
cultures and a symbol with gold and gems on the floor. Go down the ladder and
after a few steps you will see an item and a zombie come to life! Kill this
zombie, 2 more will join. Grab the GRANITE BLOCK #1. Go through the door in the
southwest. Two more zombies will come after you, kill them and grab the GRANITE
BLOCK #2 and go through the door in the southwest. There are many zombies in
this room, run around (don't run too much) and decapitate one's head off, one
at a time or you'll be in for a little trouble. Once you clear up this room,
take the GRANITE BLOCK #3 and go through the south door.

Kill the lone zombie in this hallway and turn south. In the middle of the room
is GRANITE BLOCK #4 and the final one, but, there are plenty of zombies around,
protecting the stone, fend off one at a time and try to avoid trouble. Take the
GRANITE BLOCK #4 in the middle of this room. Go to the north wall with the and
slide each of the the colored block in their own colored slot. After you put
all of the blocks in, a barred door will be unbarred.

Go into the room that was barred and a lone statue stands in the middle of the
room. Go up to the statue to start a training session, if you success, go
into the next room ahead.

A glowing symbol on the wall caught your attention, but zombies comes after
you, kill them and go to the symbol, push the button and step into the glowing
in the middle of the room and you will be transported to another room.

In this room, you will see three pedestral, each have their own color and their
own artifact. I have listed the difference between all three:

Blue -   Build your magickal power, and enemies explodes when they are being
Ulyaoth  bothered.

Red  -       Tougher enemies, if a body part of theirs fell off, it can
Chattur'gha  regenerate one back.

Green -       Your sanity meter will play the role, danger lurks around the
Xel'lotath    corner.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

After you finish the chapter, Alex received the TOME OF ETERNAL DARKNESS.
There is a page inside a glass frame behind you, take it and use it, you will
be onto the next chapter.

                                *CHAPTER TWO*
                         The Binding of the Corpse God
                     Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia 1150 A.D.

Go to the statue in the west wall and grab the necklace from it. The north
passageway will be blocked. Instead go to the south into the next chamber. In
this room, deads are all over the floor, go into the hallway in the east. In
this hallway is full of traps! AVOID STEPPING ON THE LIGHTER PART OF THE FLOOR
or you will receive damage! If you successfully made it through, go into the
next chamber ahead.

The door will close behind you and your sanity meter will appear! Chop this
mummy's head off and once you finish him off, your sanity meter will rise.
Go to the altar with the lit candles, press X to blow the RIGHT candle, and
part of the door will open, then take the Bronze Necklace. Go back through
the hallway full of traps, and back to the first room. Place the Bronze
Necklace on the statue and the blocked door to the north will be unblocked.

Go north into the room, then west in another hallway full of traps, avoid
stepping on the LIGHTER PART of the floor, or you will activate the trap. Go
into the room and the door will close behind you, leaving you to face off
against a red zombie, chop his head off with your Short Sword and keep hacking
him down, finish him off. Go up to the candles and extinguish the left and
right candles, by pressing Y and X. Go south, through another set of traps in
the hallway, run through and once you get in the middle part, turn east and
you will find a Blowgun here, take it, then you fall through the trap.

You have fallen into a secret passage in the temple, but your sword has been
shattered to pieces. There are two zombies in this reoom and a guard, DON'T
KILL THE GUARD, because if you do, you won't have your Short Sword repaired.
Go through the hallway, avoid stepping on the LIGHTER part of the floor and
go into the next room, kill the two zombies in here and go east, this is a
long hallway full of traps, just RUN through smoothly, avoid stepping on the
LIGHTER PART of the floor. In the next room, there are different types of
zombies and they attack each other, let them fight and finish off whoever is
down, this way, you don't have to worry about wasting ammos for your blowgun.

         Actually, the broken sword is not useless as you said on your faq.
         Right after you fall to the ground and your short sword gets broken,
         pick it up and quickly slay the two zombies before they kill the guy
         on one corner of the room. Fight the temptation to kill him yourself
         and instead talk to him. He will fix the sword for you.

Go north into the next room and watch the cut-scene about the Mantorok and
a mysterious man want you to hold his heart and guard it well. After the
cut-scene, go up to the statue in front of Mantorok and take the Metal Staff.
Go back to the room where the different zombies attack each other and the room
before the long hallway of traps. Place the Metal Staff in the slot and it
opens the door behind Mantorok, go all the way back into that room and go
around Mantorok and into the next room. Go through the door in this room to
end the chapter.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

As soon as you end the chapter, the candles lit up in the north wall. Go over
to it and inspect the table. There is a picture frame behind it showing the sun
rising on the left side and darkness on the right, press A and X to
entinguish the middle and right candles. A secret opens below it and grab the
Message Tube and open it. You found a chapter page titled "Suspicions of
Conspiracy". Watch the cut-scene, then use the chapter page.

                               *CHAPTER THREE*
                           Suspicions of Conspiracy
                            Amiens, France 814 A.D.

You start off in a cathedral, go to the eastern part of this room and open
the casket, inside is a dead body. One of the monks will give you the Scramasax
and tell you to find the Bishop and warn him. Go up the stairs in the northwest
corner. Examine the statues, does those names look familiar? Go to the end
of this walkway, the floor turns into many screaming faces and the hand opens
up, revealing the Tome of Eternal Darkness on its palm, grab it and watch the
cut-scene. You will be back in the first floor again, go back upstairs.

Go to the west wall and grab the Blue Urn from the bookcase and use it, you
will find a Magickal Rune. Go to the east and grab the Circle of Power from
the middle desk. Go behind the desk and examine the bookcase in the middle
and move the book, this opens up a secret passage to the basement.

Once in the basement, a transparent zombie with a rune inside its body comes
after you, attack this beast and finish him off while grabbing the rune. Two
more zombies comes to life at the end of this hallway. Go into the next room
and take a good look on Anthony's face, is he turning into a zombie? A monk
tries to torch the zombies away, but he couldn't do it, run over and grab the
torch and burn the remaining zombies and save the monk told you about the
bishop and then he gave you the Two-Edged Sword.  Go north and pick up the
Broken Green Urn, there are 2 more around the area. Mix them together and go
through the door in the north.

A zombie wonders around at the bottom of the stairs, kill this zombie with one
touch of your torch and grab the rune from his see-through body. Go back up
and grab the Codex (Magormor) then through the door at the bottom of the
stairs. The mysterious power has turned Anthony into worse. 3 Zombies in this
room but 2 will squared off at each other, bun them all and pick up the Red
Urn and another Codex (Ulyaoth) and torch the tapestry on the west wall and
go through the door. Torch the lone zombie in this hallway and go through
another door.

A limping monk went into a secret passage, who is he? why is he up this far
in the basement? Pick up the codex on the bookcase in the east and grab the
scroll from the table, this is a spell scroll titled "Enchant Item". Assign
the Enchant Item spell to one of the buttons and use it on the Green Urn and
the Blue Urn as well. Go back to the room where you burn the tapestry and fill
the Blue and Green Urn with water. Go back to the room where the limping monk

On the floor is an iron plate with three circles, use all 3 urns on them and
the secret passage will open up again, allowing you to go through. Run down
the hallway through another door. In this room, you will meet up with the
Bishop, but he doesn't look good. Use your Two-Edged Sword and chop his head
off and the two other zombies as well. The Bishop dropped something! Pick it
up and you receive the Bishop's Key, run back to the church, but one of the
hallways brings out a little monster, called Trapper. Sneak past them using
the X button. Go all the way back to the ladder into the cathedral. But, before
doing so, use the Enchant Spell on the Two-Edged Sword, because you will fight
a big monster.

To immediately put this beast to history, go around him to avoid the bolt he
shoots at you. Hacks his head a couple time to end his life and the sealed door
will go away. Go down the step and go to the north wall and use the Bishop's
Key on the door. It is too late to warn or save Charlemagne, however a monk
talk strangely and a creature jumps out of its body. This ends the chapter for

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

Do you still have that Second Floor key? Good, now, go back to the main
room and up the stairs, use the key on the double door. The key broke into
half, and I'm sure you know what to do. Use the Enchant Spell on it to fix
the key back together. You have entered the second floor hallway, go through
the door in the east, ignore the moving head. There isn't much to do in the
room for now, grab the .38 Revolver ammo on the floor next to the bed. Go in
the bathroom in the northwest corner of the room and pick up the page and
it is from the Journal of Maximillian Roivas. Leave the bathroom then the
bedroom into the hallway. Run to the other side of the hallway and go through
the door on your right into another bedroom, we'll call this Bedroom #2. Take
the ammunition from the dresser and turn around and take a look at the picture
on the wall, there is a chapter page stashed behind the picture frame. Grab
it and go onto the next chapter!

                               *CHAPTER FOUR*
                             The Gift of Forever
                               Persia, 565 A.D.

Go down the ladder in the west side of this room. You will be in the room
with the walkway to the screaming faces and a large hand, take the Tome of
Eternal Darkness from the hand. You will be back in the same room, but many
zombies comes to life, kill them all. Climb back down the ladder again. Grab
the white statuette at the corner of this hallway and continue east. A
transparent zombie holds a rune, put him out of the mystery and grab the rune
from him, then climb up the ladder.

You appear in a room with three large circular designs on the floor with a
shrine in the middle. You hear a sound when you step on one of the circular
designs, its telling you that you must weigh something on it, would the statue
be a help? sure, place the statue on the circuar design and go to the green
barrier with the rune symbol on it, you automatically grab the rune and then
go down the ladder.

Run down the narrow hallway and fight off three zombies. Take the codex with
Xel'lolath scribbled on it. Grab the statue and go back up the ladder. Place
the statue on one of the last two circular platforms and stand on the last one,
be careful now! Four Trappers has been hiding in the elevator and are now
skittling around in the room. Use your Chakram wisely and kill them. Stand in
the elevator and you will go down.

Dead bodies are are over this hallway, one of the bodies has a Tulwar sword
stabbed through the back, grab the sword and you'll be able to use the Dual
Tulwar now! The dead body has comes to life, destroy him and a strange little
monster has come out of its body, put this monster's life to an end and then
go through the door.

Destroy the enemies in here and grab the "Recover" Spell Scroll from the floor
in the northwest area. Go through the door in the east. Kill all of the zombies
in here and go through the door on the left and prepare for a battle. Its that
beast again, but its transparent and you can see the rune. After you defeat it,
grab the rune from the ledge in the south, exit out of this room and go to
the yellow barrier in the hallway, it will vanish. Climb down the ladder and
a cut-scene will occur. After the cut-scene go right and go in the room. Hey,
isn't this like that Excalibur sword where you have to pull it out of the
stone? Pull the Ram Dao out of the pedestral and own it! just have
activated a long and deadly battle, more than 10 zombies, plus 2 large zombies
and 2 little critters, annoying battle with the Ram Dao as it takes a while to
swing your sword again, but it can kill a small zombie quickly. One of the large
zombies holds a rune. Kill all of the enemies in this room and the locked door
will open up. Go back in the hallway and grab the Narokath rune, and you
discovered a new spell! Recover!

Go back up to the room where you got the Recover spell from and enchant the
Ram Dao to green, not blue, and this will unlock the bar that blocks the door.
Go through the door and you will end up in a long hallway. Fight off a couple
of zombies and go up the first ladder in this hallway. In this room, kill of
the Trappers or if you need to replenish your meters, just walk up to them.
Pick up the Ruby Effigy on the platform next to the brazier. It is important
to pick up this item. Go back into the hallway and at the end will be a pile
of debris, climb over them and at the end of the hallway will be another one
of that huge beast, kill him with your Ram Dao. Go down the ladder.

The gate blocks you from proceding ahead, inspect the sculpture and use the
Tome of Eternal Darkness in the shrine with the bones. This raise the gate,
grab the book and continue east in this hallway. You will enter another class
of zombies and big zombies and leaving the huge beast last. Kill them all and
an item appears on the pedestral, grab it and this ends the chapter. Watch the

------------------------------Alexandra Roivas--------------------------------

You appear back in the secret room, go back out to the main hall and go
through either one of the two doors in the west. Inspect the door in the south
and you'll see a green insignia and a slot. Enchant your Gladius to the green
alignment and slide it in the slot. This removes the plaque. Open the door
and except the shelves, you'll see a Spice Jar, take it. Open the jar and you
found a Chapter Page, and then use it.

                               *CHAPTER FIVE*
-----------------------------Maximillian Roivas-------------------------------
                             The Lurking Horror
                             Rhode Island, 1760 A.D.

You appear in the future Bedroom #2, but this is Max's. Grab the ammo from the
desk and head out through the door in the south. Go to the door in the west,
the door CLOSEST to you. You will be in the servant's room, grab the ammunition
from the desk, and talk to the servant if you want to. Go back out in the
hallway and run to the farthest door to the east, while picking up the ammo
on one of the tables.

You appear in a bedroom, grab the codex that is on top of the fireplace. Talk
to the servent if you want to, then grab the letter from the nightstand. There
is nothing else to do in the room, head back out in the hallway and go through
the door and down the stairs to the kitchen (go through either one of the west
doors). Grab the codex from the countertop, then head to the cabinet and grab
the pistol ammunition, then head into the small room in the south. Grab the
Pump Handle here. Head back out into the Main Hall and go through the door
in the northeast.

You appear in a fancy dining room, inspect the frame above the fireplace, and
you will select a alignment, I don't know if picking one will affect the game?
I picked the red symbol and it opened the path. Go through the secret
passageway and into a secret room. There are two weapons in this room, take
both the Flintlock Pistol and the Sabre. You now have Dual Flintlocks, and
perform the "akimbo" style, which I don't know how that goes, and a blade.
Grab the Reveal spell from atop the boxes in the northwest corner. Then grab
the book. A beast drops from a portal into the Main Hall, a letter dropped
out from the book, Maximillian picks up the letter. Exit out of this room
through the secret passageway.

Be careful! The servant in this dining room is attacking you! Hack him down and
a Bonethief monster jumps out through his body, defeat this monster and
Maximillian will perform a new move. You might want to ENCHANT your sword
before you exit out of this room into the hallway. Three slices should kill
the Horror. Go up the stairs into the Second Floor hallway and head left to
the end of the corridor. SEARCH behind the small countertop on the left and
you will find a letter stashed behind it. Read it and you receive the Basement
Key, go back down to the main hall, but you will have to fight the Horror
beast again, but this is important. Defeat the Horror to get your last
alignment rune. Go to the east and stand in front of the wall with the symbol
on it, use the OPPOSITE alignment on it using the Reveal spell. Use the
Basement Key on this door and go through.

In the basement, there are two zombies. There is an ammunition for the
Flintlock along the crates in the north wall, pick up the "Damage Field" spell
next to the water pump. Use the Pump Handle on the water pump to drain the
water. Climb down to the second part of this basement. Defeat the lone zombie
here and take the Bankorok rune, and you discovered the Damage Field spell!
Proceed ahead and on the balcony, overlooking the city, then go back out
to the stairs and the Bankorok seal will fade away. Continue down the stairs
and heal yourself, sanity and health.

Boss Battle:  You will face a Guardian of your alignment. It doesn't attack
or run/walk around, instead it casts magic spell. Flintlock Pistol is the
best weapon for this type of battle, 5-10 shots of this gun kills this monster.
But you have to be CLOSE to the monster to be able to finish it off quickly.
The beast will sometimes cast zombie out into the field to go after you. After
the battle ends, watch the cut-scene.

Xel'lotath path: Shoot at it with your Flintlocks, you can enchant it with the
                 Chattur'gha alignment if you want.

Ulyaoth path:    Shoot at it with your Flintlocks, you can enchant it with the
                 Xel'lotath alignment if you want.

Chattur'gha path: Shoot at it with your Flintlocks, you can enchant it with
                  the Ulyaoth alignment if you want, plus, I feel that this
                  guardian for this type of path is stronger than the other

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

Alex returns back in the secret room behind the library, exit out of the room and
then the library too, into the Main Hall. Go up the stairs and turn right into
Bedroom #1. Head over to the dresser in the north and use the Reveal Invisible
spell on it, using the opposite alignment of the alignment on the dresser. Once
you perform the spell, this removes the alignment and reveals the lock. You have
the Dresser Key, right? Use this key on the dresser. Yay! Finally something
for protection in this scary mansion, and a Chapter page too. Use the Chapter
page to move onto the next chapter.

                                *CHAPTER SIX*
------------------------------Dr. Edwin Lindsey-------------------------------
                           A Journey into Darkness
                     Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia, 1983 A.D.

Watch the cut-scene at the beginning of this chapter, and Pious has released
a guardian of your alignment on you, it is a bird-like monster. Shoot at it
with your Shotgun, ONLY when its wings are open and spreaded out. Search
the middle of the room and use your Archaeologist brush to clear out the dust.
You have discovered a Bronze Bracelet, grab it and use it on the statue in the
western par tof this room. This open the passage to the south. Go through it.

You will end up in a room with a walkway and a large hand at the end, holding
the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Grab the book and you will return in the same
room again, go through the hallway. Two zombies in this next room, but they
will fight each other, use the Kukri to finish one out and kill the other.
Go east, into the hallway and use your pistol on the Trapper in here. In the
middle of this hallway is a Metal Bracelet laying on a ledge, grab it and
continue down to the end of this hallway until you see a cobweb in the corner.
Use the Archaeologist brush on it, you will find a tablet scribbled "Tier" on
it, take it, then proceed into the next room.

This room contains a Horror, but it is blocked in a shield, grab the Bronze
Medal sitting close to it and then go back to the first room. In the first
room, place the Bronze Medal on the statue and this opens another passage, but
up north this time. Enter this part of the temple and take the Silver Bracelet
from in front of Naja, a snake-headed statue and this activate a trap. There
is no way out...hope you have that Metal Bracelet with you, use it on the
statue and this opens the way out. Go east, into the hallway of traps, just
RUN down and you'll meet up with some zombies, kill them and inspect the
cobweb in the corner, a tablet with "Nethlek" scribbled on it, take it. Go
into the next room. 4 zombies patrols this room, kill them all, one of them
holds a rune.

Go all the back to the room with the Horror stuck inside a shield, since you
got the Nethlek rune, you can create a new spell with Redgormer and Nethlek
in it and use the alignment that is strong against this shield. This removes
the shield that holds the Horror, defeat the Horror and enter the hallway up
north, run through the traps and in the middle of the hallway, use your
Achaeologist brush on the cobweb and grab the scroll. This is a Dispel Magick
scroll. Across from where you got the scroll is another statue. Use the Silver
Necklace and Silver Bracelet on the statue, and this open the secret passage
behind you.

Go down the stairs, killing zombies along the way, one of them holds a rune.
There will be a bird-like monster at the bottom, kill it with your shotgun,
only when its wings are spreaded out, then proceed into the next hallway. Turn
north through the trap and into the room with the Horror and a red shield
with the pedestral in the middle, cast the Dispel Magick using the strongest
alignment on it and this will take away the shield. Then go to the cobweb in
the northern part of the room and use the Archaeologist brush on it, take the
Necklace. Go into the hallway to the east, through the trap, but it also
has poisonous gas that filled the second half. Just RUN through it into the
next room. Two red zombies secures this room, kill them both. Then use the
Dispel Magick using the strongest alignment on the shield. Run through the
hallway to the south into the next room. This room also has a shield, use
the green alignment to get rid of it and kill the zombie in here as well.
There is a small basin in the south of this room, use the Necklace in the
basin and the acid will help clean the necklace, and then the necklace turns
into a Gold Necklace! Go west and run through the hallway of traps into the
next room.

Once you enter this room, it looks like someone is actually standing there,
but its just a statue. There is another statue across from it holding an
item. Step onto the circular platform on the floor behind the standing
statue, and RUN and SNATCH the item that the goddess statue was holding.

Go back through the trap, into the room, then through another trap, but stop
in the middle of this hallway and QUICKLY use the Gold Necklace and Gold
Bracelet on the statue, why quickly? because there is poisonous gas filling
this hallway up, lowering your health. Once you place both items on, exit out
of this hallway into the secret passageway behind you. Go down the stairs,
fighting off a pair of zombies and a Horror. Proceed down until you enter
the next room, turn and go north, through the traps into the next room
with a large face of a statue on the floor, kill off the zombies here and
inspect the cobweb on the side of the face, get rid of it with your
Archaeologist brush, you will find a rune with "Aretak" scribbled on it. Go
west through the traps into the next room. This room is filled with red
zombies, kill all of them and go south through another hallway of traps and
into the next room. This room holds two zombie and another one holding a rune
inside its body. Kill all three and grab the rune from one of them. Go east
and run through another hallway of traps into the next room. This room is
also filled with zombies, kill all of them and grab the spell from the middle
of the room.

Go all the way back upstairs and then turn south, then west. Stop in the
middle of this hallway and examine the wall where the purple shield was.
Use the Summon Trapper spell here. Send the Trapper into the small hole, make
the Trapper to cross the bridge and stand on the purple symbol on the other
side. This opens a door, take control of Edwin again and grab the Mantorok
rune from behind you. The debris explodes and a Horror comes after you, take
a good aim at it with your Shotgun and kill it. Go into the room and kill
the other Horror. Go all the way back downstairs, through all the rooms
and hallways into the very last room with the huge Mantorok. Watch the
cut-scene and enter the door behind Mantorok, and watch another cut-scene to
end this chapter.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

At the end of Edwin's last cut-scene, a scientist look-a-like hid the heart
of the Mantorok in the bookcase and this place looks like a library. Go
to the library and look at one of the bookcases with "The Demon and the Khmer"
as the title of one of the books. Search behind it and you will find a heart
inside a glass dome, take it. Go into the Main Hall and up the stairs, turn
left and go to the stained glass window with some kind of a shield. Use the
Dispel Magick on it and you will see an object float in the air, take it and
you found the next Chapter page, titled "Heresy!", use it.

                               *CHAPTER SEVEN*
---------------------------------Paul Luther----------------------------------
                           Amiens, France, 1485 A.D.

You start out in the cathedral where you were playing as has
changed a lot. Go inside and run down towards the casket and a cut-scene will
play. After the cut-scene, you are taken back in a cell. Search the painting
and grab the Emerald from it and another cut-scene will occur. A monk wants
you to meet him in the bell tower, go through the door. You will be in a
chamber of statues of other dead people you've played as, except for Edwin.
Take the book from the hand and you will be taken back in the same spot. Go
through the door again and run straight to the west, do not go in the
cathedral yet. Go up the stairs through the door, run straight across and
ignore the zombie, and through another door. Go up the steps and ring the
bell. The monk will come, talk to him and he will give you the key to the
Old Tower.

Exit out of this bell tower area and enter the cathedral, follow the red
carpet towards the end and turn left and go through the door at the end. Search
the closet in the room to find a Podium Key. Open the chest to get the
Crossbow, then leave the room. On your way down, grab the torch from the wall
on the left. Stop in the middle of this red carpet and get on the podium,
inspect it and use the Podium Key on it. You found the first page of Andrew's
Diary inside. Go north and down the stairs, turn left and go through the
door in the corner. Pick up the quiver on the floor then grab the Book of
Reliquaries. Go around the hallway and pick up another quiver of Crossbow
Bolts by the barrels and grab the Mace across from it. Go back upstairs and
once you reach on the main red carpet, go right and use the Old Tower Key on
the door.

Inside, a Bonethief will attack a monk. Kill the monk and the Bonethief inside
as well and in the east of this room on a table lies a scroll. This scroll
is titled "Shield" and you already have the runes for it. Go upstairs and
another Bonethief lurks here, kill it and search the bookcase in the corner
in front of the stairs to get a Sheet of Music, and page 2 of Andrew's diary
from the desk. Go back downstairs and don't go through the door yet, instead
there is another door in here, go through the rows of bench up north and
through this door.

Inside, you will see the remaining of Anthony's body, hes still alive!! Use
the Shield on you and enchant your Mace and finish him off! After the battle,
you will receive a red ruby and the Two-Edged Sword. Exit out of this Old Tower
area back into the Main Hall with the red carpeting. Go to the piano to the
left of the podium and play the piano, by pressing A, B, Y, X, B, Y, A. This
opens the cabinet to the right of the podium. Grab the Five-Point Circle of
Power when you are there. Go down the steps behind the podium again and head
straight down and turn left into a wine cellar. Check the second wine from
the right and this open a secret room.

Make sure you use Shield and enchant your two-edged sword, then proceed into
the secret room. Inside will be a Horror, after you defeat it, you will
receive a Sapphire. Go to the pedestral and place all three rubies in the
indentations. This opens a secret stairway to the basement.

Three zombies in this hallway, kill them, then go through the door at the end
of this short hallway. One giant zombie...holy mackeral, this zombie is HUGE!
but he holds a rune inside him, along with 3 other zombies, kill all of them,
especially the huge one, but the easiest way to kill the big zombie is with
one touch of your torch. Go through the door in the west and down the stairs
through another door.

In this room, two Horrors of different alignment will fight each other, don't
worry, just let them fight it out and beat the winner, but fighting two
Horrors in the same room would be a pain. Pick up the quiver of bolts here
and go through the door in the west, through this long hallway into the next
room. Two red zombies patrols this room, kill them both and keep continuing
into the next hallway. Two zombies in this hallway, kill them and head into
the room ahead. A lone zombie secures this room, finish him off and grab
page 3 of Andrew's diary in front of the shrine and a Pargon codex from the
ledge to the right. Go all the way back to the bell tower with all three
pages of Andrew's diary. Talk to the monk when you get there, he will give
you the Sacrifical Knife. Are you out of breath yet? because you are going
to go all the way back to the room where the two Horrors fought each other.
Oh great! At one corner of this room is an effigy of a monk, slide the
Sacrifical Blade in it and this slides the wall, revealing a secret door
behind you. Go through the door and you will see a barrier with five different
signs on the floor. Create a NEW spell using the five-points. Set it up like
this - any alignment, Pargon, Pargon, Redgormor, Nethlek - and you will create
a powerful Dispel Magick. Perform the spell and this removes the barrier. Go
around the room until you see a body on a platform. Inspect it and watch the
cut-scene after it. Two Bonethieves attack you, put an end to their life and
then go back around the room again into where you used the Sacrifical Knife.
Go through the door that you hasn't gone through yet, which is the northeast
door, where the monk just went through. Go through the hallway and through the
door, head down the stairs and go through another door. Watch the cut-scene
and the end for Paul's chapter.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas--------------------------------

After the chapter, you receive a note from Edward. If you read it, Edward
order you to look for the 88 keys to continue on the journey. Does he mean
to find 88 keys? or 88 keys in a ring? or the 88 keys of the piano? Exit
out of the library and across the Main Hall into the Dining Room through
the north door. Stand in front of the piano and play the same key that you
played when you were Paul Luther - A, B, Y, X, B, Y, A - then the top of
the piano opens, revealing the next chapter page inside. Use it whenever you
are ready to go into the next chapter.

                                CHAPTER EIGHT
-------------------------------Roberto Bianchi--------------------------------
                             The Forbidden City
                            Middle East, 1460 A.D.

After the cut-scene, you found yourself in some kind of a underground temple
beneath the monument. Run to the end of the narrow corridor and climb up the
ladder, run across the room and go down the ladder. Go around the corner and
climb up another ladder. Talk to the guy here and do his survey. Take the
crossbow bolts near the ladder and grab the Saif near the ladder on the other
side. Then go down the ladder. You will enter a room with a little puzzle.
There is a lever in one of the corners in this room, pull it to raise the
first gate, this one has one blue zombie after you, kill it and go in the
cell, pull this lever and the gate across from it will raise, releasing two
red zombies, kill them as well, then pull the lever in this cell. The front
gate will raise halfway while the gate ahead will raise all the way up. Go
through and climb up the ladder. Grab the crossbow bolts from near the ladder
and the Crossbow sitting on the ledge in this room. Survey the site in the
north where the large gong hangs in the air. Go across the room and head
down the ladder. You will be transported to the part where you pick up
the Tome of Eternal Darkness from the hand again and a new addition, the
statue of Paul Luther.

Back in the same room again, go down the ladder and several Trappers patrols
this hallway, sneak all the way to the end and climb up the ladder. In this
room will be a Gatekeeper, a zombie and a trapper. Kill the Gatekeeper first,
then the zombie or the Trapper. Grab the Summon Zombie scroll in the middle of
this room. This scroll is titled "Summon Zombie". Climb down the ladder in
the south of this room and fight with some Horrors. Run to the end of the
hallway and through the door. Inside, a dumb red zombie walk into the trap, and
got pancaked. know what NOT TO DO, don't go in that trap. But...instead
use the Summon Zombie spell and summon a zombie, walk your zombie and act dumb
and walk into the trap, hey! this zombie isn't dumb! he just raised the gate,
allowing you to move on!

Go down the ladder, you will see a Gatekeeper patrolling this hallway. Kill
this enemy and any other creature that it summoned. Continue down and watch
the cut-scene. Pick up this Essence of Ulyaoth and a Ruby Effigy if you got
it as Karim, then survey this area before you move on. Go back to the room
where the dumb red zombie was. Go through the door to the left of the trap.
In here, four blue zombies lurks in here, kill them all and then climb down
the ladder. Couple Trappers skitters around in this room, sneak past them
and through the door to the left. A Horror and a zombie secures this room,
kill them both then stand in front of the pedestral in front of the entrance
where you came in. Use the five-point Reveal Invisible spell on it
(Any alignment, Pargon, Redgormor, Narokath, Pargon) and this makes the
path visible to get to the center of this room. Pick up the Forgotten Corridor
Key on the stone block. Exit out of this room and before you go up the ladder,
grab the Sapphire Effigy on the left. Once you are back in the hallway, a
quiver of bolts sits on the ledge to the left of the ladder, grab it if you
want to. Go through the door on the left (not the double door) and create a
new five-point Damage Field spell (Any alignment, Pargon, Redgormor, Bankorok,
Pargon) and perform it in here. Survey the room and the slaves will go after
you, once defeated, a Bonethief hid inside each one's body, kill them as
well. Once you are done, exit this room and prepare another new spell, a
five-point Shield spell (Mantorok, Pargon, Santak, Bankorok, Pargon) and
go through the double door using the Forbidden Corridor Key. Run through the
hallway, and don't stop, until you go through the door at the end. Go in
this large chamber with a pit in  the middle. To the right is a rope, target
it and chop it down with your Saif and this drops the bridge down. Two worms
will spring up, with one swing of your Saif will kill them, then continue
to cross the bridge and pull the lever at the end. Survey the area on the
bridge and this is the last survey you have to do. Go all the way back to
the beginning to end the chapter.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas--------------------------------

In the secret room, go to the part ACROSS from the desk, there is a poster
on the wall, survey the area there. There is a chapter page titled "A War to
End All Wars" tucked behind the poster. Use it to go into the next chapter.

                                *CHAPTER NINE*
---------------------------------Peter Jacobs----------------------------------
                             A War to End All Wars
                            Amiens, France 1916 A.D.

You are in the same cathedral when you were Anthony and Paul Luther, just a
little change, but the rooms are the same. Behind you is a letter from a
soldier waiting to be sent home. Grab this and head north to the altar. On
the altar is a Sealed Envelope, open the envelope and you found the Soldier's
Orders. Run south through the aisle and through the door at the end. Go right
and pass the medical supplies here to the door. Run across the room and
through another door, on one of the crates is another one of Pvt. Jackson's
letters, grab this and head back down to the ground floor. Go up to the guard
who is standing in front of the door, give him the Soldier's Orders and he will
move out of the way. Go through the door here and pick up the Revolver in here.
When you leave, you will be transported to the chamber where you have to take
the book from the hand again, and a new addition in the chamber as well, a
statue of Roberto Bianchi.

Exit the room where you got the Revolver and go into the first room, but be
careful, couple of Bonethieves and even the hospital staffs are after you,
either stun them with your Flash Pan or run down to the altar and pick up the
Shotgun on it and go down the stairs behind it. Go take the first left and
through the door, pick up the ammunition for your rifle in here then leave
the room. Run around the hallway and pick up two more ammunitions for your
rifle here. Go through the door in the south and then take a left through
another door.

You will be in the boiler room, examine the boiler and turn the wheel to start,
then go through the door to the west, but something is on the other side of
the door, but what is it? Hmm...summon a Trapper and send the critter through
the hole in the wall and go right, you will see a dead soldier fallen against
the door, target him and send him away. Try the door again, Aha! Now you got
through. In here, grab the Seven-Point Circle of Power from the pedestral.
Exit this room and the boiler room as well, run across this hall, what used to
be a wine cellar, through another door. Pick up the rifle ammunition on the
crate here. Go to the wall and examine it. Here lies a fusebox, but its
missing a fuse, hmm, you have to be lucky to find the fuse....did I say lucky?
Why, yes I did! Use the Lucky Penny on the fusebox and this gives power to
the circuit.

Go all the way back to the first room, but run to the Old Tower, which is to
the right. Avoid the Bonethieves here and go up the stairs, in here you will
find another ammunition for your rifle and the Two-Edged sword. Go back down
the stairs and kill the Bonethieves here. Go into the first room and head for
the piano, grab the Sheet of Music that is sitting on top if it, then play
the piano by pressing the buttons that was shown on the sheet (A, B, Y, X, B,
Y, A). This triggers the cabinet doors to open, go to it and grab the Door
Handle out of it. Go all the way to the left until you stand in front of the
seven-points sign on the wall, use the seven-point Reveal Invisible spell on
it and make the door visible. Use the Door Handle on it and then open the door.

In this next room, grab the two boxes on the crate for your Revolver and
another one across from them for your Shotgun. Climb down and go through the
door at the end of this corridor. Couple zombies comes after you in this room,
some hides Bonethief in their body. Go through the door in the north and
down the stairs and prepare yourself for another battle. Two zombies and a
Horror walk around in this room, kill them all and go through the door to the
west. Two Trappers patrol this hallway, either go into the Trapper Dimension
to replenish your health/sanity/magick or sneak pass them into the next room.
A lone Bonethief awaits you here, kill it and pick up the Soldier's Letter on
the floor. Go across the room adn through the door, through this corridor into
the next room, a zombie and a trapper here, kill them and grab the Binding Hall
Key here. Go all the way back to where you fought the two zombies and a
Horror, take the door to the south. Go around the balcony here and pick up the
Magickal Elixir on the stone. Exit out of here and use the Binding Hall key
on the east door, go through it, and there will be three zombies in this
hallway. Kill them and go through the door at the end, down the steps and
at the end is a spell scroll on the wall titled "Magickal Attack". Prepare
yourself before you go through the door here. You will fight a Greater
Guardian and one of the longest battles in the game so far:

------------------------------XEL'LOTATH PATH----------------------------------
First Battle: After the Greater Guardian casts its green bolts on you, move out
              of the way and then attack back by casting a three-point Magickal
              Attack of an alignment STRONGEST against the Guardian's alignment.
              Keep doing it until he move the green barrier closer to you.

Second Battle: The green barrier got closer and he now casts 3 zombies to go
               after you, this is easy, after the THIRD ZOMBIE appear, cast a
               five-point Magickal Attack spell of an alignment STRONGEST
               against his. Keep doing it until he move the green barrier
               closer between you and him.

Third Battle:  He will shoots a powerful green bolt at you from above, keep
               running/walking out of the way until he stops for a while, this
               is a good time to cast a three-point Magickal Attack on him, and
               keep running from the green bolt he shoots at you until he tires
               again. Do the same process until you defeat him.

---------------------------------ULYAOTH PATH----------------------------------
First Battle: The Guardian will shoots three energy or blue balls at you.
              Run around and avoid being hit by the balls, or you can shoot
              them off if you want to. When the Guardian rest, perform a
              Magick Attack of three-point with Xel'lotath, do this a couple
              time until he perform the next battle.

Second Battle: He will now raise the deads, this is just the same battle
               strategy as the one on the Xel'lotath path, cast a Magickal
               Attack of five-point with Xel'lotath, only do this when the
               third zombie fully appear, keep doing this until the guardian
               make his next move.

Third Battle:  This is even more dangerous, the guardian uses its feet to
               squash you like a spider...I wanna see Eight Legged Freaks,
               anyway, run around until he stops stomping, this is the good
               time to cast a three-point Magick Attack with the Xel'lotath

-------------------------------CHATTUR'GHA PATH-------------------------------
First Battle: This path against the guardian is the toughest! The guardian
              shoots out energy balls and if you get too close to the enemy,
              it will use its tongue to damage you or its claws too. After
              he stop shooting energy balls, quickly perform a Magickal Attack
              with a three-point Ulyaoth, do this a couple times until he plan
              out his next battle strategy.

Second Battle: Same second battle as the one in the Xel'lotath and Ulyaoth
               path, after the third zombie show up, cast a five-point
               Magickal Attack with the Ulyaoth alignment, keep doing this
               until he begin his final battle.

Third Battle:  The guardian will now squash you like a mosquito with its
               huge claws. When he get tired from doing this, this is a good
               time to perform a Magickal Attack of three-point with the
               Ulyaoth alignment, do this a couple times to end its life.

Take the essence and this ends the chapter. Watch the cut-scene.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

You found the Lucky Penny in the back of Peter's chapter.  Leave this room and
go into the library and a ghost appears, asking for help. As you go and talk
to her, she says she can't get the blood out...out of what? Grab the Basement
Key and exit out of the library into the Main Hall. Once here, use the Basement
Key on the north door and go down. Take a left when you reach the floor and you
will see a Shotgun mounted on the wall, take it. Go all the way to the right
and open the fuse box on the wall, use your Lucky Penny on it and this will
light up one of the rooms upstairs. Go all the way to the second floor and
turn left at the T-intersection and go through the door STRAIGHT AHEAD, not
the one on the right. You will appear in another bathroom, grab the journal
on the chest. Examine the sink and open the cabinet, inside is a Chapter page,
use it to proceed into the next story.

                               *CHAPTER TEN*
------------------------------Dr. Edward Roivas--------------------------------
                            A Legacy of Darkness
                           Rhode Island, 1952 A.D.

You start out in the middle of the library, take the Historical Journal on the
fireplace mantle. Go in the back of the library and a ghost of Maximillian
Roivas will appear, watch the cut-scene, when its done, pick up the Magick
Pool spell on the chair. Don't adjust the clock yet, instead go to the Dining
Room and grab the Sabre mounted on the wall, exit the Dining Room and head
upstairs into what was Maximillian's Room and grab another section of the
Historical Journal. Head back downstairs and in the library, in front of
the grandfather clock, inspect the book and you will find the Hour Hand
inside and the Minute Hand in the other one. Go in the secret room and pick
up the book and at least 4 ammunitions here, Edward is one dangerous man.

It is wise to enchant your sword, leave this room and into the library, you
will see a monster that sucks blood from a servant like a vampire, hey, we'll
call this new monster Vampire. The servant has become one of them, chop her
head off with your sabre and pick up the bottom half of the key on the floor
around the broken vase. Go into bedroom to the right of the T-intersection
upstairs, a Vampire continues his killing spree, but SAVE THIS SERVANT! He
will give you the key to the gun cabinet if you save him. There are some
ammunitions laying around here, pick them up and head for the gun cabinet!

Use the key on the gun cabinet and grab this powerful Elephant Gun with the
strongest kick in the shoulder. The Vampire will come in the room soon, so
enchant the sabre and hack it in the head a couple times until it runs away.

Equip the Elephant Gun and go downstairs, the vampire is still on its spree,
but this time, the good position would be to wait in front of the library door,
facing the basement door up north, when you see the Vampire, SHOOT IT with this
amazing gun and the vampire will drop the Top Half of the key. Mix the key
together and it will become the Broken Basement Key. Enchant the key and it
will become the Basement Key. Enchant your sabre and use the basement key, then
go down.

In the basement, you will be battling the vampire. Before battling the monster,
take a couple swings on the gravestone thing in the well so that way the
vampire won't replenish its health. Battle the vampire alone with your
enchanted sabre and take a couple good hacks at it until its defeated. Finish
it off. Ammunitions are everywhere in the basement, take them all and the
double shotgun on the wall. Grab the Summon Horror spell scroll on the
bookcase. Go down the ladder in the well.

Cast a Shield spell and enchant your weapon, go all the way down the stairs
and at the base, kill the two Horrors with your Shotgun. Go down the stairs
and kill another Horror here and the Lesser Guardian. Once you kill them both,
go through the double door. In this weird room, walk across the small bridge
and go to either one of the blue switches to turn on the transporter. Step
into it and you will be on one of the towers in the city. After placing the
runes in or the alignment, you'll be transported into a room and defeat
different type of monster you've faced before, such as Trapper, Horror, Lesser
Guardian, Zombie, etc. and pull the lever in the back of the room.

I've summarized how the arrays thing worked out from left to right:

1st:  Pargon
2nd:  Redgormor
3rd:  Pargon
4th:  Pargon
5th:  Alignment (Red beat green, green beat blue, blue beat red)
6th:  Pargon
7th:  Pargon
8th:  Nethlek
9th:  Pargon

Once all of the arrays are completed and the nine-point circle of power is
completed, it is time to leave the place, exit out of this chamber and the
other chamber as well, go up the long stairs back towards the basement.
A cut-scene will occur at the middle of the stairs. This ends the chapter.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

You will automatically receive a note from Edward that was in the book. Exit
out of this room to the basement. Grab the Pickax in between the barrels, you 
have to
search the area though, Go all the way back upstairs to the second floor and turn 
Examine the wall, you will notice that it isn't even with the hallway. Use the 
here and enter the secret room. Use the Dispel Magick spell in the middle of the 
using the alignment against it to remove the barrier in the middle. Pick up the
Stethoscope and a page from Maximillian Roivas' Journal. Go all the way back to 
basement, but watch out for Bonethieves and Zombies. Go to the safe and use the
Stethoscope on it.

                               *CHAPTER ELEVEN*
--------------------------------Michael Edwards-------------------------------
                                Ashes to Ashes
                             Middle East, 1991 A.D.

You start out in a room with the monument in the center where Roberto got
cemented, he gave you the essence, and two effigies if you collected them as
Roberto and Karim. Fight the zombies in here and examine on a corpse to get the
Assault Rifle, 5.56 Rifle Ammunition, Pistol, 9mm Pistol Ammunition and some
Grenades! Oh Yeah! Go through the door to the south, inside will be a Gatekeeper
kill it and then go down the ladder.

In this underground corridor, take the first ladder up. In here will be two
Gatekeepers, kill both of them and grab the Gold Amulet next to the ladder.
Go back down and continue down the corridor, go up the next ladder and kill
off some zombies here and grab the staff in the middle. Mix the Staff and
the Gold Amulet together. Go back down the ladder and continue down to the
last ladder in the corridor and in this room, place the staff in the hole.
You get to control the staff and burn the two buildings in the model then
the big one in the middle and this opens a secret passageway. Once you
go down, you will be in the chamber where you have to take the Tome of Eternal
Darkness from the hand. Once you appear in the same room again, go down the
new passageway.

Inside, three Trappers patrols this room, kill them all with your pistol. Go
up the ladder at the end, in this room, two Horrors will attack you, use the
assault rifle and take a good couple of shots at their head. Go down the
ladder at the other side of the room.

You will appear in a hallway, go pass the ladder and at the end, equip your
pistol if you want to, and shoot the weird-looking tentacles and cast a
five-point Dispel Magick spell to remove the barrier.  Grab the emerald effigy
and go up the ladder in the middle of this hallway. In this room will be some
enemies, such as zombies and a single Horror. Climb down the ladder in the
middle of the room. There will be a Gatekeeper after you in this hallway,
kill it and proceed through the door at the end. There will be 4 Trappers
in this room, go through the only door in here and through the door
on the right, next to the ladder.

In this room, there are three bas-reliefs of different colors. Place the
Sapphire Effigy under the green Scholar, Emerald Effigy under the red Warrior,
and finally the Ruby Effigy under the blue Sorcerer. This opens a new stairway
back in where the four Trappers was. Go back in that room and down the stairs,
grab the auto-enchanted Gladius, you cannot use this weapon as Michael, I
wonder who. Go back up and through the door to the east and stand in front
of the obelisk. Summon a Trapper here and use the Trapper to target the obelisk
and send it away, revealing a ladder behind it.

Go down the ladder and down another ladder at the end here in this short
hallway. Grab the Bind spell scroll behind you and go around the corner.
You will see two Horrors behind a barrier, create a seven-point Bind spell
with the alignment stronger than the colored barrier. The Horrors will
fight against each other and kill the winner. Grab the Plastic Explosive in
the back behind them, exit out of this area by going up the ladder, through
the hallway and up another ladder. Go all the east and stand in front of a
curtain and cast the seven-point Reveal Invisible spell on it. Go through the
hallway here and you will see a corpse on the ground, pick up the Detonator
Caps from his hand. Shield yourself with a seven-point Mantorok and RUN
through this electrified/yellow hallway into the next room.

Go walk on the bridge and kill the tentacles that pops out with your pistol.
Now, mix the Detonator Caps with the C4 (Plastic Explosive) and enchant it
with a seven-point of an alignment that is against yours. RUN! RUN! RUN! all
the way back to the room after the room you start the chapter in, but you have
to take a little detour:

Exit out of the electrifying hallway, run pass the Horror into the next room.
Avoid the zombies and exit out of this room too. In the next room with 6 or so
zombies, the door on your way out is blocked, OH THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU! but
no worry! take the door to the right of the door you came in through. This
here is a little detour. Avoid all of the baby zombies run through this
corridor here and up the ladder at the end. In this dark room, run to the left
and down the ladder at the southern end of this room. Next, AVOID FIGHTING the
two Horrors in this narrow corridor and up the ladder. Once here, just go for
the exit behind you, ending this chapter.

-------------------------------Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------

From this secret room, go out to the Main Hall while killing zombies on the
way. Once you are in the Main Hall, you will heard a noise, and a cut-scene
goes to the front door and you will see a Brown Paper Parcel, pick this up
and inside will be the last essence you need and the Enchanted Gladius if
you picked it up as Michael Edwards. Exit out of the foyer and go into the
library and go through the door in the south in which look like an Observatory.
Got that crankshaft from the safe in the basement? Good, now use it on the
telescope and tilt the control pad to the right until it hits the mirror on the
wall. When it does, adjust the mirror on the wall until it hits another mirror
on the wall. Go to that mirror and adjust it so that it hit the globe on the
floor, once completed, a secret hatch below the floor will move, revealing a

Exit out of the observatory and go to the basement. In here, go through the door
to the right of the well, and then climb down the ladder. Go down the long
stairway until you are in the next part of the big area. Just run through the
area and go down the steps into the blue hallway. You will get a message about
summoning an ancient to fight Pious the Liche and she need the power of the
three artifacts (two essences and the Mantorok essence) to have the power.

This room's floor is covered with electricity. Shield yourself with a seven
point Mantorok and RUN to the end and go to the right on the top of the steps
where the area is clear of the electricity. Here, cast a even-point Dispel
Magick with the Mantorok rune and this removes the barrier in front of the
door ahead. Cast on yourself with a small three-point Shield and run to the
door and go through it. In here, pick up the two Pedestral Fragments that are
laying on the floor and mix them together and then enchant it. Use it on one
of the three pedestrals here. Then put one essence on top of each pedestral,
this turns on the array. Here, you have to do the whole tower thing again
like what you did when you were Edward. Here is how it goes from left to right:

1st: Pargon. Go forward and up the steps in this chamber, cast a seven-point
     Reveal Invisible spell here using the strong alignment to reveal a brigde
     over the pit, go left to exit out of this chamber.

2nd: Aretak. Couple Trappers in this chamber, kill them and exit out of this

3rd: Pargon. This is a weird chamber, but simple. Summon a Ulyaoth Trapper in
     the circle, and same with the Chattur'gha zombie and Xel'lotath Horror.

4th: Pargon. Do not run or walk on the purple floor, or a worm will leap out
     and drain your sanity. You know what to do, SNEAK to the exit.

5th: Alignment strongest against the current path you are on. The chamber has
     several Trappers, kill them off with your pistol.

6th: Pargon. This chamber will contains invisible Trappers, there are at least
     7 or 8 of them, kill all of them then exit the room.

7th: Pargon. A small scene will show 3 alignments and a purple shield blocking
     your exit. This is an easy one, cast a seven-point of any alignment using
     Magickal Attack and this will rtemove the purple shield.

8th: Tier. In this chamber, the floor is filled with electricity, go around the
     stone block and you will see a shield blocking your exit. Do a seven-point
     Dispel Magick with the Mantorok to remove the shield. Cast Sheld on
     yourself and go for the exit.

9th: Pargon. This chamber has a large shield with three Horrors inside. Cast
     a level seven Bind spell twice to make all three Horrors attack each
     other, leaving the winner left, kill the winner and exit out of this
     final chamber.

After you have completed all of the towers, prepare for a battle, and this
time, it is against Pious! the Liche!

If you have the Enchanted Gladius, it make the battle more easier. If not,
you'll have to gain your magick somehow. Pious gives a big swing at you,
avoid the swing and attack him after he miss. Once you hit Pious, the essence
will appear in the back, go up to it and hack it with your sword. Do this two
more times and you will be Ellia, you can't do much as a ghost character, go
to the essence and hit it, you will return as Alex, have Alex take a swing at
Pious and Pious will call the essence back and hack the essence again, this
time, you will be Anthony, have him hit the essence and then you'll be Alex
again, do the same process for Karim, Maximillian, Paul, and Roberto.

After the essence explodes, enchant the shotgun to a Mantorok alignment, and
start blasting off at Pious, about 10-15 shots will finish him off, but
if you do it from close range, it can go less than 10 shots. Kill him to end
the game!

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Weapons  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

-.303 Rifle Ammo        -A box of .303 Rifle Ammunition

-.38 Revolver Ammo      -A box of .38 Caliber Revolver Ammunition.

-.45 Pistol Ammo        -A clip of .45 Pistol Ammunition.

-5.56mm Rifle Ammo      -A magazine of NATO 5.56mm Ammunition.

-8mm Revolver Ammo      -A box of 8mm Revolver Shells.

-9mm Pistol Ammo (Mike) -A magazine of 9mm Pistol Ammonition

-Assault Rifle (Mike)   -The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is a
                        Heckler & Koch G-36 rifle mounted under a 20mm grenade
                        cannon. It is commonly assigned to Special Forces units.
                        The rifle uses a 30-round clip and is chambered for
                        5.56mm NATO ammunition.

-Automatic Pistol       -Since 1907 this weapon has been a trusted sidearm to
          (Edwin)       U.S. armed forces. Through two World Wars, Korea and
                        Vietnam, the Colt M1911 Automatic Pistol has proven
                        itself to be a reliable firearm with good stopping

-Blowgun (Ellia)        -An ancient weapon, the Blowgun propels poison dart
                        at an enemy, causing death within several seconds.

-C4 Bomb (Mike)         -The C4 Satchel and the Detonator Caps have been
                        combined into a single unit - it is now a primed bomb.
                        When the bomb is used Mike will have 3 minutes to get
                        to safety.

-Chakram (Karim)        -The Chakram was a favored throwing weapon through
                        Central Asia in medieval time. A balanced ring of
                        metal, sometimes beautifully decorated, it would be
                        hurled at an attacker. Heavy Chakrams could sever limbs
                        or heads. However, they were not designed to return to
                        the thrower.

-Crossbow (Paul)        -The Crossbow is a powerful and accurate weapon that
        (Roberto)       shoots a wooden bolt.

-Crossbow Bolts (Paul)  -A quiver of Crossbow Bolts.

-Dual Flintlocks        -Dual Flintlocks pistols for those who wish to fight
      (Maximillian)     "akimbo" style. The French Flintlock Holster pistol was
                        in use from the 1680s. As a muzzle-loaded pistol, its
                        rate of fire is rather low, but it packs a powerful

-Dual Tulwar (Karim)    -The Tulwar is a curved blade with a heavy chopping
                        edge. Most Tulwars had a circular hilt and pommel, making
                        them easy to recognize. Karim can now fight "Florentine"
                        with a Tulwar in each hand!

-Double Shotgun         -The Ithaca Model 'A' Shotgun was also known as the
       (Edward)         Auto or Home Burglar Gun. A double-barreled,
                        breech-loaded shotgun, it is capable of firing one or
                        both barrels simultaneously.

-Elephant Gun (Edward)  -The Holland and Holland Double Rifle fires an enormous
                        .50 x 3'' nitro slug, quite capable of stopping rhino
                        or elephants dead in their tracks. Only a crazy man
                        would feel comfortable facing a "Holland and Holland"

-Elephant Gun Shells    -A box of .50 x 3'' Nitro cartridges. These shells are
         (Edward)       for the Elephant Gun.

-Enchanted Gladius      -This Gladius carries a powerful enchantment. This
          (Alex)        unique weapon can only be wielded by its destined owner
                        the Guardian of Light.

-Fire Ax (Michael)      -A multipurpose Fire Ax made from molybdenum alloy for
                        extra strength and heat resistance.

-Flintlock Pistol       -The French Flintlock Holster pistol was in use from
         (Maximillian)  the 1680s. As a muzzle-loaded pistol, its rate of fire
                        is rather low, but it packs a powerful punch.

-Flintlock Pistol Ammo  -A bag of Flintlock Pistol Balls.

-Gladius (Pious)        -This is a Gladius, the standard weapon of the Roman
                        army. A short double-edged sword with a sharp,
                        triangular point, the Gladius was designed primarily
                        for hacking and chopping at the enemy, but could be
                        used to pierce armor as well.

-Kukri (Edwin)          -This unusual "L" shape of the Kukri gives the weapon
                        a siginificant advantage in close quarters. The
                        combination of a cutting edge on the inside curve on
                        the blade and heavy weight of the blade tip gives the
                        Kukri immense chopping power.

-Mace (Paul)            -A weapon covered with spikes and flanges that focus
                        force upon striking. The Mace was effective against an
                        enemy wearing chain mail. Although usually directed
                        against the head, a Mace blow to a limb could break
                        bones even if the armor was not pierced.

-OICW Grenades (Mike)   -These are 20mm air-fused Grenade Shells for use with
                        the OICW Rifle.

-Pickax (Alex)          -A hefty Pickax, for demolishing walls. Too cumbersome
                        to be used as a weapon, it might come in handy
                        somewhere else.

-Pistol (Mike)          -The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol, renowned for
                        its resilience under harsh firing conditions - the Glock
                        can even fire underwater! The Glock fires 9mm pistol

-Plastic Explosive      -A formed lump of C4 Plastic Explosives. The detonator
          (Mike)        simply needs to be added and the charge will explode at
                        a preset time of 3 minutes.

-Ram Dao (Karim)        -This is a Ram Dao broadsword, typified by its long,
                        broad blade and heavy cutting edge. A formidable weapon,
                        it enables its user to strike at many enemies at once
                        and still keep distance. With a sweep Karim can knock
                        down enemies, and can cause extreme damage with an
                        overhead attack.

-Revolver (Alex)        -This is a Smith & Wesson Model 37, one of the smaller
                        revolvers in the Smith & Wesson family. This double-action
                        revolver is capable of firing .38 Special ammunition,
                        which allows for extra stopping power.

-Revolver (Peter)       -This Lebel Modele 1892 Revolver was introduced prior
                        to World War One. A double-action pistol with a six
                        shot swing-out cylinder chambered for 8mm French
                        Service ammunition.

-Revolver (Edward)      -This is an Enfield Mk1 Star Revolver, introduced prior
                        to World War I. It is a double-action pistol with a
                        six-shot top-break cylinder. The Enfield is chambered
                        for .380 revolver ammunition.

-Rifle (Peter)          -The Lee-Enfield Mk III bolt-action rifles are legends
                        in their own time. Completely reliable even under
                        adverse conditions over three million were produced in
                        Britain, India and Australia.

-Sabre (Maximillian)    -Cavalry swords, like this Sabre, were used chiefly as
       (Edward)         an item of ceremonial dress for officers. The brass
                        knuckle guard was a style popular with both American
                        and English cavalry officers in the second half of the
                        Eighteenth Century.

-Sacrifical Knife       -An ornate, long-bladed knife, used to sacrifice humans.
          (Paul)        For Paul to even pick it up repulsive, for the sense of
                        evil it emits is intense and unnerving. The souls this
                        blade has taken live on within its metal.

-Saif (Roberto)         -This is a Saif - a curved Arabic sword with a
                        distinctive pommel. The Saif is the standard weapon of
                        most Middle Eastern armies.

-Scramasax (Anthony)    -This Frank and Saxon weapon relies on a hefty blade to
                        deliver deadly cutting and slashing attacks. It does
                        not have a hand guard, as it was designed for offensive,
                        rather than defensive, fighting.

-Short Sword (Ellia)    -A Short Sword with a wooden grip - light and durable.
                        A small curve running from the handle makes it better
                        for hacking rather than stabbing.
       (Broken Sword)   -A Short Sword with its blade shattered into many
                        pieces. It is completely useless.

-Shotgun (Edwin)        -A Remington M-870 Shotgun, slightly modified with an
                        extended tube magazine, choke barrel, rifle sights,
                        and bayonet lug. This is the same shotgun used by the
                        U.S. Marine Corps since 1970.

-Shotgun (Alex)         -The Winchester Model 1300 Defender is quite possibly
                        one of the finest pump-action shotguns available. The
                        unique slide action operates a rotating bolt, and
                        unlocking is recoil-assisted, making it very fast and
                        smooth to cycle.

-Shotgun Shells (Edwin) -A box of 12-gauge Shotgun Shells. These will fit any
                (Alex)  cartridge-firing shotgun.

-Torch (Anthony)        -The Torch, or brand, is a common source of illumination
(Peter)(Karim)(Paul)    from ancient times. The Torch can be used to light
(Roberto)(Edwin)        (whoever)'s way or set fire to enemies.

-Tulwar (Karim)         -The Tulwar is a curved blade with a heavy chopping
                        edge. Most Tulwars had a circular hilt and pommel,
                        making them easy to recognize.

-Two-Edged Sword        -A heavy single-handed sword with two cutting edges, it
          (Anthony)     is commonly known as a Bastard Sword, or "Hand and a
          (Paul)        Half" sword for the length of the hilt, which can fit
          (Peter)       in one hand, with the other for support.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Items  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

-A Lucky Penny (Peter)            -An old coin, marked in a peculiar manner.
               (Alex)             It has held sentimental value for someone.
                                  Whoever holds the penny will undoubtedly
                                  receive good fortune!

-Archaeologist's Brush (Edwin)    -A large, soft-bristled brush designed for
                                  clearing dirt and dust from surfaces without
                                  damaging them.

-Basement Key (Maximillian)       -A small, antiquated key, somewhat rusted by
              (Edward)            the ravages of time. This is the key to the
                                  basement of the Roivas mansion.

-Binding Hall Key (Peter)         -An oddly shaped key, carved from what
                                  appears to be a large bone. Smaller bones and
                                  fragments of other organic matter form the
                                  teeth and handle of the key.

-Bishop's Key (Anthony)           -This is a gold, gem-encrusted Bishop's Key.
                                  Its form echoes the likeness of a bishop's
                                  sceptre. This is the key to the Bishop's

-Blue Urn (Anthony)               -This Urn has been glazed a rich cobalt blue
                                  shellac, instilling it with an otherworldly
                                  spectral character. It has a strange sigil on
                                  its side.
                     (broken)     -This Urn is broken into many fragments.
                                  Perhaps it can be repaired?

-Book of Reliquaries (Paul)
         This is the "Forgeries of the Reliquaries", dating back to the late
         thirteenth century, exquisitely illuminated and bound with hard leather.
         It reads:
         "Doubtless, many obscure orders requiring more income than can be
         garnered from the tithe, resorted to forging ancient relics to bring
         people from outside their region to their diocese, and thus become more
         Whiel it could be said that a false hope is still hope, relics such as
         Cuthbert's Jawbone, the Hand of Jude, and the infamous Thighbone Flute
         of Connaught, while being forgeries, deceive the righteous unjustly.
         Their existence as "true" relics is the utmost heresy."

-Bottom Half of Basement Key      -This is the Bottom Half of the key to the
                 (Edward)         mansion's basement. The top bit is apparently

-Broken Basement Key (Edward)     -This is the key to the basement of the
                                  Roivas mansion. It appears to be broken.

-Bronze Bracelet (Edwin)          -An exquisite bronze bracelet, designed to be
                                  worn around the wrist or ankle. It is
                                  embellished with inset gems and engravings.

-Bronze Necklace (Ellia)          -A well-crafted Bronze Necklace, resplendent
                 (Edwin)          with glowing gems.

-Brown Paper Parcel (Alex)        -A parcel, wrapped in plain brown paper. It is
                                  not addressed to anyone and appears to have
                                  been wrapped in a hurry. There might be
                                  something inside.

-Chapter Page #1 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "The Binding
                                  of the Corpse God". USE item to read the

-Chapter Page #2 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "Suspicions
                                  of Conspiracy". USE this item to read the

-Chapter Page #3 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "The Gift of
                                  Forever". USE this item to read the Chapter.

-Chapter Page #4 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "The Lurking
                                  Horror". USE this item to read the Chapter.

-Chapter Page #5 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "A Journey
                                  into Darkness". USE this item to read the

-Chapter Page #6 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "Heresy!"
                                  USE this item to read the Chapter.

-Chapter Page #7 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "The
                                  Forbidden City". USE this item to read the

-Chapter Page #8 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "A War to
                                  End All Wars". USE this item to read the

-Chapter Page #9 (Alex)           -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "A Legacy of
                                  Darkness". USE this item to read the Chapter.

-Chapter Page #10 (Alex)          -This appears to be a page from the Tome of
                                  Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "Ashes to
                                  Ashes". USE this item to read the Chapter.

-Crankshaft (Alex)                -A large brass crankshaft - seemingly part of
                                  an antique.

-Detonator Caps (Mike)            -These electric detonator caps will transform
                                  a package of otherwise safe C4 plastic
                                  explosive into a primed bomb. They have a
                                  built in timer, set for a maximum time of
                                  3 minutes.

-Dresser Key (Alex)               -This appears to be the key to a chest of
                                   drawers or a Dresser.

-Door Handle (Peter)              -A door handle for an obscure door. It
                                  doesn't appear to belong to any particular
                                  door in sight.

-Emerald (Paul)                   -The Emerald's deep green surface reflects
                                  the light inside it perfectly. Its cut is
                                  the work of a master craftsman.

-Emerald Effigy (Mike)            -A small statue of a Scholar ravaged by an
                                  unseen foe. It is made from a clear Emerald.

-Essence of Chattur'gha (?)       -Chattur'gha's claw glows with an unnatural,
                                  blood red aura, seething with restrained

-Essence of Mantorok (Alex)       -Mantorok's heart pulses with unholy life.
                                  Although the Corpse God itself festers
                                  elsewhere, its power resides within this

-Essence of Ulyaoth (?)           -The Essence of Ulyaoth - its Veil - shifts
                                  from plane to plane, reality to reality, never
                                  really existing but never really not.

-Flashlight (Michael)             -A durable emergency flashlight equipped with
                                  a long-endurance battery.

-Flash Pan (Peter)                -This is a photographer's Flash Pan, used to
                                  hold combustible powders that when ignited
                                  create a large white flash. This can be used
                                  to stun some enemies.

-Flash Powder (Peter)             -A pouch of Flash Powder for use with a
                                  photographic Flash Pan.

-Forgotten Corridor Key (Roberto) -The key to the "Forgotten Corridor"

-Granite Block #1 (Pious)         -This is a sharp-edged block of granite,
                                  etched on one side with a curious lined
                                  design, colored blood red.

-Granite Block #2 (Pious)         -This is a sharp-edged block of granite,
                                  etched on one side with a curious lined
                                  design, colored an insipid green.

-Granite Block #3 (Pious)         -This is a sharp-edged block of granite,
                                  etched on one side with a curious lined
                                  design, colored a ghostly blue.

-Granite Block #4 (Pious)         -This is a sharp-edged block of granite,
                                  etched on one side with a curious lined
                                  design, filled with purple and tainted by
                                  black shadow.

-Green Urn (Anthony)              -Fragments of a broken Urn pieced together
                                  to form a crude whole. Deep cracks mar its
                                  structure and, while it is almost complete,
                                  it is far from watertight. Perhaps it can be
                                  repaired somehow.

-Gold Amulet (Mike)               -Circular in shape, with a series of jewels
                                  clustered around what appears to be a glass
                                  lens. It has a fitting on one side, as though
                                  it was once attached to something.

-Gold Bracelet (Edwin)            -An exquisite bracelet made of gold, designed
                                  to be worn around the wrist or ankle. It is
                                  embellished with inset gems and engravings.

-Gold Necklace (Edwin)            -A well-crafted Gold Necklace, resplendent
                                  with glowing gems.

-Gun Cabinet Key (Edward)         -A small key to unlock the bindings on the
                                  gun cabinet.

-Hidden Note from Edward (Alex)
              A small note, written on a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness.
         "Dear Alex,
              I have left you a small surprise to keep you going when
              everything seems to go away. It was my favorite tipple, and
              there are several barrels of it in the basement.
              Please help yourself to what you can find. My guess is that
              I won't be needing it.
                                               Your loving Grandfather,

-Historical Journal (Edward)      -An old musty book, bound in dry dusty
                                  leather. This book covers the early history
                                  of the Roivas family, dating back before the
                                  settlers in this land. There appears to be
                                  something pressed between the pages.

-Hour Hand (Edward)               -This appears to be the hour hand of a large
                                  clock, made from stamped brass.

-Journal of M. Roivas, p1         -This is a page from Maximillian Roivas'
             (Alex)               Journal. It reads: "Everything that brightened
                                  my life now engulfed me in darkness. I fed
                                  on the light of truth yet starved on the
                                  shadows of lies. I have learned through my
                                  lifetime but know less than a newborn baby."

-Journal of M. Roivas, p2         -This is a page from Maximillian Roivas'
             (Alex)               Journal. It reads: "I sought to love all yet
                                  now love causes me pain and suffering. I have
                                  learned to fear nothing although it is nothing
                                  that I most fear. All that were loyal to me
                                  now number among my worst enemies."

-Journal of M. Roivas, closing    -This is a page from Maximillian Roivas'
 note (Alex)                      Journal. It reads: "As I comtemplated these
                                  ideas, my suspicions of my servants grew and
                                  I became increasingly fearful of them. I began
                                  to watch them carefully...
                                  Days ago I watched one of them stretch his
                                  neck. I could have sworn I saw it twist in a
                                  most peculiar direction, and a bulge of muscle
                                  tissue collect and grow in the most incorrect
                                  of manners, as if a bone was being displaced
                                  from its proper location and something else
                                  moving in its place. I stumbled away knowing
                                  that I was surrounded by unholy creatures that
                                  wore the skins of mortal men and women!
                                  I had to take action! Dear God, let my hand
                                  be swift and merciful, lest the world see more
                                  of these diabolic creatures!"

-Letter #1  (Maximillian)
         A letter, written with some precision, in longhand:
                 "Dear Friend,
                         The antiquity of which you ask is indeed the Tome of
                         Eternal Darkness, or a copy of it, at least. Its
                         secrets are still hidden from me, for I have been
                         unable to read it, as have most scholars who have
                         It will remain within the sanctity of the mansion, for
                         in the wrong hands it would be a powerful weapon.
                         Peruse it if you will, but beware its magick...It is
                         a harsh mistress.
                                                       Aaron Roivas."

-Letter #2 (Maximillian)
         A letter, scrawled by a panicked hand, with clotted ink:
                 "Dear Friend,
                         The house has been forsaken by the Ancients - I dare
                         not enter it for fear of my mortal soul. I would
                         suggest that you leave also. Bring the book. It is a
                         far more potent tool than you have learned, and may
                         well swing the balance in our favor.
                                                       Aaron Roivas."

-Letter #3 (Maximillian)
         A letter, scrawled almost indecipherably by a wavering hand:
                 "Dear Friend,
                         As I suspected, the Ruins of Ehn'gha - that blasted
                         necropolis - lie deep under the site of the mansion!
                         The accursed servants of Xel'lolath are so close I
                         can almost hear their chittering!!
                         There is a secret opening in the basement, and from
                         there we can gain access... I urge you to gather some
                         men and seal it, or better still destroy that damned
                         place!! I have stowed something that you will find
                         useful on the upper level. Look to the light, and you
                         will find it. I wish that I could be at your side, but
                         my ailment worsens daily and I know that my time is
                                                       Aaron Roivas."

-Letter #4 (Maximillian)
         The letter, written in a scrawling hand, reads:
                 "Dear Friend,
                         As I expected, the beasts are drawing closer to our
                         discovery. They want the book for themselves it seems,
                         and do not want us to have it in our possession. I
                         have taken steps to ensure that their ilk will not
                         touch the key in this envelope, should you fall prey
                         to their claws.
                         The envelope containing the basement key has been
                         sealed with a corrosive magick - if one not aligned
                         to us tries to handle it, it will be released
                         inflicting painl, suffering and a grievous blow to
                         their sanity, should they have any left!
                                         Be swift with your task!
                                                       Aaron Roivas."

-Letter from Edward (Alex)
              Dear Alexandra,
         If you are reading this Alex, then I am surely dead. Knowing that the
         police will contact my only living relative, I made sure to leave this
         message for you.
         As I write this letter, Pious Augustus is waiting for his chance to
         strike me down for what I have done to the Guardian City. I believe I
         have slowed Augustus' plans, but not stopped them completely. He will
         still try to bring his Ancient into this world. You must continue what
         our ancestor Max has started. You must gather the Artifacts and call
         forth an Ancient to combat what Augustus brings into this world.
         Of the artifacts there are four, but one of these is in the cluthes of
         Pious himsdelf. They are:
         The Black Heart of Mantorok
         The Claw of Chattur'gha
         The Sigil of Xel'lotath
         The Veil of Ulyaoth
         Your skill in the arcane science will not be as strong as Pious', who
         has had two millennia to prepare his gate. You will need all the
         remaining artifacts to match his power.
         It all rests with you my dear. I wish you well in this desperate act.
         I wish I had more guidance for you but I am at my wit's end and feel
         I am running out of time.
                           Your loving Grandfather,

-Liquid Courage (Edward)          -A small flask of the old sauce, Liquid
                                  Courage! A magickal elixir to power one's
                                  spirit in the face of adversity.

-Medical Journal (Max)            -Maximillian's medical journal. Used to take
                                  notes on medical and pathological analyses.

-Meditation Rod (Paul)            -The priest's Meditation Rod is a small staff
                                  used as a focus for meditative prayer. Using
                                  it will allow Paul to meditate and regain some
                                  lost sanity.

-Magickal Elixir (Peter)          -A small milky blue bottle, stoppered with a
                                  chipped cork. This Magickal Elixir will
                                  restore all of Peter's magickal energy.

-Message Scroll (Anthony)         -Message Scrolls like this were often used
                                  to transfer messages securely. This one has a
                                  strange diagram on it consisting of a
                                  pentagonal shape with strange letters at each
                                  corner. When Anthony had opened the scroll,
                                  something strange happened. That "something"
                                  had been intended for the Emperor Charlemagne
                                  Suspecting a plot against the Emperor, Anthony
                                  pledged that he would warn Charlemagne at all

-Message Tube (Alex)              -An antique leather-bound message tube - the
                                  kind used to transport sealed message
                                  scrolls. It appears to be unopened. There
                                  might be something inside.

-Metal Bracelet (Edwin)           -A seemingly worthless bracelet, made from
                                  cheap, flawed metal. The workmanship is rather
                                  crude. It is probably junk.

-Metal Staff (Ellia)              -This large piece of metal looks to be a
                                  lever of some kind.

-Minute Hand (Edward)             -This appears to be the minute hand of a large
                                  clock, made from stamped brass.

-Necklace (Edwin)                 -This necklace is encrusted with cysts of
                                  corroded metal upon its surface. It's
                                  difficult to tell what it looks like. Perhaps
                                  it can be cleaned somehow?

-Note from Edward (Alex)          -The note reads: "My Dearest Alex, I am glad
                                  that you have followed my paper trail thus
                                  far. I knew I could depend on you.
                                  This will be the hardest part of your journey.
                                  Look for the 88 keys to continue your journey
                                  into the past.
                                                   Your loving Grandfather,

-Old Tower Key (Paul)             -A large, rusted iron key. Used for access
                                  to the Old Tower.

-Pedestral Fragment (Alex)        -A piece of broken masonry. It appears to be
                                  part of the top of a display pedestral.

-Podium Key (Paul)                -A tiny, brass key, for the podium in the
                                  Cathedral Apse.

-Pump Handle (Maximillian)        -This appears to be the handle of a manually
                                  driven pump.

-Red Urn (Anthony)                -This Urn has been glazed with a deep red
                                  shellac, giving it the sheen of a bloody
                                  heart recently torn from its host body. It
                                  has a strange sigil on its side. It is filled
                                  with a foul=smelling fluid.

-Ruby (Paul)                      -A deep crimson Ruby cut with intimate care
                                  and workmanship. Light is trapped within its
                                  recursive facets, making it appear to glow
                                  from within.

-Ruby Effigy (Karim)              -A small statuette of a defeated Warrior,
             (Roberto)            kneeling in respect to an unseen victor. It
             (Mike)               is made from a deep red Ruby.

-Sapphire (Paul)                  -The Sapphire glows with a bright luminance
                                  resulting from its stunning cut. Light is
                                  kept within its surfaces giving it an almost
                                  ethereal hue.

-Sapphire Effigy (Roberto)        -A small statuette of a Sorcerer, driven mad
                 (Mike)           by an unseen force. It is made from a lustrous

-Sealed Envelope (Max)            -A paper envelope, sealed with a glob of
                                  melted wax. An odd Rune is pressed into the
                                  wax. There appears to be something heavy

-Second Floor Key (Alex)          -This is the key to the SECOND FLOOR of the
                                  Roivas mansion. It looks very old and worn.

-Sheet of Music (Paul)            -A piece of parchment with some musical
                                  notations written on it. It is somewhat
                                  tattered, probably through years of use.

-Silver Bracelet (Edwin)          -An exquisite bracelet made from silver,
                                  designed to be worn around the wrist or
                                  ankle. It is embellished with inset gems and

-Silver Necklace (Edwin)          -A well-crafted Silver Necklace, resplendent
                                  with glowing gems.

-Soldier's Letter #1 (Peter)
              First Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love Margaret:
         "I was admitted to this hospital on Tuesday. The damage caused to my
          legs was slight, but there is no way that I could ever walk normally
          again. I hate this place - every day I am reminded that I will never
          be able to do the things I love.
          The hospital is a very strange place. Converted from an old cathedral,
          there is an odd atmosphere around it. Silent but for the words of the
          wounded, calling out in the night. There is no doubt it is haunted.
          What I find most odd in this place is that you never see anyone
          leave during the day. It's not right - no good-byes or farewells.
          Just an empty bed when you wake."

-Soldier's Letter #2 (Peter)
              Second Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love Margaret:
         "I've been here for over a week now, and there is no word when I will
          be allowed to leave.
          Strange things have happened. At night the sounds of the hospital
          change - echoes of voices that don't belong to anyone haunt the walls
          and corridors.
          The restless ghosts perhaps, or sounds of movement, or whispers. I
          have seen war firsthand and the sounds at night in this hospital
          scare me more than I ever thought possible. What is going on here at
          night? Why do I feel so threatened?
          My fear are worsened by the talk of the other young soldiers... One
          said he had heard cries for help in the middle of the night - cries
          that were only answered by snarls of rage, and not compassion. Another
          said Lance Corporal Haskill had not been discharged but had gone
          I stare at his empty bed, with a sense of unholy dread, gnawing at
          my heart."

-Soldier's Letter #3 (Peter)
              Third Letter from Pvt. Reginald Jackson to his love Margaret:
         "It's been two weeks since Haskill went missing, and I'm afraid to go
          to sleep.
          More than once I saw shadows of people moving past my bed, peeking
          through the blinds to see a wounded soldier being taken from his
          bed, drugged and delirious in the dead of the night, never to be seen
          again... As Haskill was, perhaps as I will be...
          What happened to them, I don't know... I am afraid to ask what
          happened, for I know that I would surely be the next one to be taken
          into the darkness."

-Soldier's Orders (Peter)
              An official note, on Army regulation stationery. The note reads:
         "Pvt. Thompson,
              By order of Lt. Hargraves, on behalf of H.R.H. George V, you are
              to leave your post of duty, and rally in the street outside
              Oublie Cathedral.
              Further orders will be presented at the rallying point.
                                      God save the King!"

-Spice Jar (Alex)                 -A firmly sealed glass spice jar. The faint
                                  aroma of Arabian spices is tantalizingly
                                  emanating from it. There is a piece of paper
                                  inside it.

-Staff (Mike)                     -A long staff made from hardwood. Its finish,
                                  once clean and resplendent, is now dented and
                                  cracked. One end of the staff is merely bare
                                  wood, indicating that something was once
                                  attached to the end.

-Staff with Amulet (Mike)         -A long staff made from hardwood. Its finish,
                                  once clean and resplendent, is now dented and
                                  cracked. It is topped with a gold amulet,
                                  inset with a lens.

-Statuette (Karim)                 -A crudely sculpted statuette of a man. It
                                  seems particularly heavy for its size.

-Stethoscope (Alex)               -An antique stethoscope made of brass. Used
                                  for amplifying the sound of a beating heart.
                                  This one is probably two hundred years old.

-Strange Necklace (Ellia)         -A Strange Necklace, fashioned from a dark
                                  ancient stone and engraved with weird
                                  designs. It can be used to cast a Healing
                                  spell when Ellia is standing still.

-Talisman (Karim)                 -An ancient Talisman that has been in Karim's
                                  family for many generations. It is said to
                                  bestow long life on those that have kept it.
                                  This item can be used to restore health.

-Tome of Eternal Darkness (Alex)  -This is the Tome of Eternal Darkness, where
                                  experience, spells and enchanted items can be
                                  stored for future use. It has been made from
                                  fragments of human skin and bone, and endowed
                                  with magickal powers.

-Top Half of Basement Key         -This is the Top Half of the key to the
             (Edward)             mansion's basement. The bottom bit is
                                  apparently missing.

-The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 1 (Paul)
         "I have finally arrived at Amiens, and my pilgrimage to see the Hand
          of Jude draws to a close.
          I cannot wait to lay eyes upon the sacred relic. My journey here has
          been arduous and it shall be good to relax for a while in this
          peaceful village.
          Amiens is full of good people, strong in their faith and their role
          in our world. If the blight of witchcraft is present in this world,
          then I doubt it is in Amiens."

-The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 2 (Paul)
         "... I suppose it is understandable that they will not show me the
          Hand of Jude on such little notice, but I must confess that the
          preparations they make are most unusual.
          No acts of consecration, no daily prayer or worship are demonstrated
          by this strange order. One wonders if they are holy at all, let alone
          being under the auspices of the Grand Inquisition.
          Perhaps it is my naivete of our faith. There are many practices
          associated with it, and they differ greatly from region to region.
          Perhaps Amiens is merely more eccentric than others."

-The Diary of Brother Andrew, Page 3 (Paul)
         "... with a shudder my heart turned to ice. I came to the brutal
          realization that the entire order were heretics and that I was in
          incredible jeopardy!
          Who knows how long they had kept their dark secret - masquerading
          as custodians of the Hand of Jude, when in fact, they guarded a
          damnble relic - the Essence of the unholy Chattur'gha?
          And used IT to lure potential victims to their hideous sacrifice!
          I felt sick, and despite my faith, I felt intense fear and
          hopelessness. I know that I must escape this place before they
          suspect my knowledge.
          I must warn the world and nitify the real Inquisition of their
          presence. Knwing death is just around the corner and fearing every
          moment, I commit these words to paper. Augustine will find this book.
          I will remove certain pages and hide them, so that all who may follow
          might discover the truth before it is too late."

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Spell List  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
These are all of the spells that are found in the game, and Marc made me
a three-point, five-point, and seven-point spell for each spell, thanks Marc!

    -A note is scribbled on this scroll. It reads: "This magick enables the
     caster to bind a creature with magick forcing it to ally with them.
                    Requires the Bankorok and Aretak runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Bankorok   Aretak        Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Bankorok   Aretak          Bankorok      Aretak
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Damage Field
    -A tattered scroll, lined with curious writing and diagrams. It reads:
     "This incantation exerts a force of mystical power within the confines
     of its runes. Nothing many enter till it is dispelled."
                    Requires the Bankorok and Redgormor runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Bankorok   Redgormor     Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Bankorok  Redgormor        Bankorok      Redgormor
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Dispel Magick
    -A torn scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it. It reads: "For
     every magick there is a counter. That which is protected, is protected
     no more. That which is bound, is unbound. Be warned that a more powerful
     magick than this will endure its ravages."
                    Requires the Nethlek and Redgormor runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
 Nethlek   Redgormor     Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                         Nethlek   Redgormor        Nethlek      Redgormor
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Enchant Item
    -A torn scroll, illustrated with a geometric symbol, is accompanied by a
     small note. The note reads: "That which is broken, shall be fixed. That
     which is dull, will be sharp. Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item
                    Requires the Antorbok and Magormor runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Antorbok   Magormor      Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Antorbok   Magormor        Antorbok      Magormor
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Magickal Attack
    -An aged scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it. It reads:
     "This incantation saturates an area with aligned magickal energy,
     inflicting massive damage to all enemies within its influence. This
     magick will affect both large and small - for even the greatest of enemies
     are made of many small parts.
                    Requires the Antorbok and Redgormor runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Antorbok   Redgormor     Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Antorbok   Redgormor       Antorbok      Redgormor
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Magick Pool
    -This dread scroll contains a secret of arcane magick. It reads:
    "This magick transfers the innate magickal energy of the environment to
     the self. The limitless power of the Ancients will be at your disposal
     for the duration of the magick. Once the magick has waned, you will be
     benefit of spiritual power, until it naturally seeps back into your being.
                    Requires the Tier and Redgormor runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
    Tier   Redgormor     Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                           Tier   Redgormor            Tier      Redgormor
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

    -A tattered scroll from an ancient text. It reads: "This spell enables the
     transfer of magickal power from the environment to the self. Restoration
     of the body, spirit and mind is this spell's purpose."
                    Requires the Narokath and Santak runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Narokath   Santak        Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Narokath  Santak           Narokath      Santak
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Reveal Invisible
    -A torn scroll with magickal equations and notes upon it. It reads: "With
     this enchantment the invisible is rendered visible." Use it wisely, for
     some things are invisible for a reason, and mortalkind not meant to see
                    Requires the Narokath and Redgormor runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Narokath   Redgormor     Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Narokath  Redgormor        Narokath      Redgormor
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

    -A tattered scroll, lined with curious writing and diagrams. It reads:
     "From all manner of magick will you be protected when encased in this geas.
     The alignments can help but never hinder, for within well-conjured magick
     comes greater protection."
                    Requires the Bankorok and Santak runes.

     Alignment              Alignment                    Alignment
        / \                    /  \                        /    \
Bankorok   Santak        Pargon    Pargon            Pargon      Pargon
                               \  /                        |    |
                        Bankorok   Santak          Bankorok      Santak
                                                           \    /
                                                      Pargon    Pargon

Summon Horror
    -The scroll is host to an incantation, written in a panicked scrawl of
     blood. It reads: "The bestial fury of the 'Horror' is unleashed by this
     magick. The Horror's abilities are yours - enemies may be crushed or rent
     apart, wracked by magick. This spell should not be undertaken lightly,
     for its toll on the psyche of mortalkind is high."
                    Requires the Tier and Aretak runes.

                                 /    \
                          Pargon      Pargon
                                 |    |
                             Tier      Aretak
                                 \    /
                            Pargon    Pargon

Summon Trapper
    -A magick, inscribed on parchment in a bloody pigment: "Evoking this
     magick brings into existence a creature known as a "Trapper". Trappers
     possess the unique ability to transcend space and time, and to relocate
     objects and creatures to their own plane."
                    Requires the Tier and Aretak runes.

                                  /  \
                              Tier    Aretak

Summon Zombie
    -A spell, transcribed onto human skin, written with ink made from distilled
     fat: "The conjuration summons a shambling corpse from the Planes of
     Eternal Darkness, where the dead, and all manner of fell things, dwell.
     This magick should not be undertaken lightly, for its toll on the psyche
     of mortalkind is not pleasant. To see with the eyes of the dead is to
     become them..."
                    Requires the Tier and Aretak runes.

                                   /  \
                             Pargon    Pargon
                                   \  /
                                Tier  Aretak

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  B Button Details  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

This section of the document isn't important enough to go into the walkthrough,
so I decided to make a section on where the B Button shows up on the upper
right corner and add details to it. If I missed out on a location, please
contact/email me and tell me.

-Alexandra Roivas-------------------------------------------------------------

-Picture on left and right of double door, on the left and right wall and in
 between the stairs.
    Portraits of the ancestral Roivas line the foyer walls. Their faces reveal
    a dark, brooding edge. There is something about each one that gives the
    viewer an unsettling feeling.

-Windows on left and right walls
    The last weak rays of sunlight fight the shroud of darkness. It lends an
    eerie feel to the last few week's events. As the sun sets, Alex will be
    alone in this house, with nothing but the spirits of old for company.

-Front Door
    The call of the mansion beckons to Alex, drawing her back to uncover the
    family secrets it hides. Alex will not leave till she has learned what
    happened to her grandfather.

    A beautiful carriage clock. The hands appear to be stuck, yet the clock
    continues to tick, with the time permanently set to three-thirty three.
    There is a key in the back of the clock, presumably for winding it.

-After examining it  Alex picks up the desk clock, and pulls the key from it.
                     However, there is something odd about the key - it isn't
                     for winding it at all! It looks like a Dresser Key!

-Painting on the east wall
    In the warm glow of candlelight, the Roivas family tree hangs from the wall
    - shadows flitter across its surface, obscuring the detail. If one looks
    closely, the family's secrets are revealed.

-Shelves of books on the west wall
    These books contain a history of the Roivas family - genealogy, birth and
    death records, deeds and writs. The Roivas history is a troubled one: As
    Mediterranean immigrants, the early Roivas were shunned by other settlers
    in North America. Suspected of witchcraft, the Roivas were convicted during
    the witch-hunts, forcing them into hiding. As memories faded the Roivas
    rebuilt their lives.

-Displaced book on west wall
    Sorting through the books, Alex sees one that seems to be placed differently
    than all the others, as if drawing attention to itself. Curious, she
    examines it. Upon the inside cover, shaky handwriting shapes the number
    "3:33". She replaces the book.

-Books in northwest corner
    The books in this corner seem to focus on the supernatural. The writings
    of Poe, Lovecraft, the poetry of Blake, the art of Bosch... Everything with
    a tie to ethereal horror or fantasy. It is all here, a reference library
    to the arcane. Was this Alex's grandfather's secret hobby?

-Bookshelf in northeastern part of the room
    A slight draft can be felt issuing from beneath the bookshelf. Almost as
    though a vent or empty space is behind it.

-Grandfather clock
    This looming clock seems to stand ominously in the corner, gazing on this
    empty room with an almost patriarchal air. Use < and > to adjust the
    clock hands. (use the control stick and tilt it to the left or right to
    adjust the clock hands)

-Shrine in north wall
    A small "shrine" of candles. Their placement appears to be very deliberate,
    matching the etchings on the table and the wall's illustration. The candles
    are unlit.
(after Chapter 2)
    A small "shrine" of candles. Their placement appears to be very deliberate,
    corresponding to etchings on the table and an illustration upon the wall.
    Some of the candles have been lit.

-Picture on northwestern corner
    A diabolic drawing of a stack of human bodies, each one cemented into
    place! What twisted psyche could have executed this drawing? Though
    disturbing, it is meticulously rendered down to the subtlest detail: the
    precise anatomy of fractured bones and the convolutions of spines and ribs
    entwine into a mesmerizing sight.

-Glowing sword:
    An ancient Roman weapon, a Gladius, is on display above the fireplace
    mantle. Another token of eclectic junk.

-Picture on west wall:
    This is a bizarre drawing of a cyclopean city, its immense architecture
    bathed in an unnatural fog. The detail is incredible - as Alex studies it,
    she can almost imagines the city's inhabitants.

-Picture on south wall:
    A painting of a jungle - shrouded building. It seems to be a temple in
    Asia, perhaps from Thailand or Cambodia.

-Mask in southeast corner:
    This looks like some kind of mask. The face is serene in composure, with
    a faint hint of a smile tugging at the corners of the mouth and eyes closed
    in deep meditation.

-Picture on east wall:
    This gothic cathedral is silhouetted against a stark light. The image is
    vicious and devoid of subtlety. Every brush stroke echoes the spikes of the
    architecture, imbuing a violent feeling, as though the building itself is a
    harsh imposition on reality. A grim picture, indeed.

-A page inside a glassed frame on east wall:
    An aged page set inside a glass frame hangs on the wall. An insane
    scribbling covers the page, incomprehensible to Alex. Perhaps, if Alex had
    some kind of Tome it could be deciphered
(after Pious's chapter)
    Strangely, with the Tome of Eternal Darkness in her possession, Alex can
    read the page - it is a Chapter Page from the Tome itself.

-Large book on the desk:
    A large leather-bound antique book rests upon the cluttered desk.

    Edward Roivas' study is filled with arcane knick knacks - mementos of
    yesteryear and other cultures. The odor of ancient texts is faintly
    noticeable under the peppering of dust that covers every surface, except
    one... The desk had been the center of activity, and not a mote of dust is
    on it. Here, Alex's grandfather had worked perhaps even hours before
    the end.

-Second Floor Hallway large picture
    A serene painting of a luscious mountain valley, delicately rendered in
    oils. Time has taken its toll on the surface, which is soiled with dirt
    and scratches.

-Bedroom picture
    Alex questions the presence of a lush landscape amidst these other morbid
    pieces. Could it be a single ray of hope encircled by the encroaching

-Bedroom Dresser
    One of the drawers in the Dresser curiously has no keyhole. In its place
    is a small triangular design flanked by a magickal symbol!

-Bedroom #2
    A musty aroma hangs in the air, and a layer of fine dust lies on all
    surfaces of the room. It seems as if no one has been in here for a long
    time. It's almost like a museum...

-Bedroom #2 picture frame
    An oddly proportioned painting of a man in somewhat Napoleonic garb.
    Obviously an intentional exaggeration, it gives the painting an oddly
    quirky feel.

-Kitchen Sealed Door
    A wooden plaque is fastened to the door, taking the place of the lock. A
    colored sigil is carved into the wood above a wide slot. The slot is just
    wide enough to insert a narrow blade.

-Kitchen Pantry
    The kitchen is as empty as the library is full - a reflection of her
    grandfather's attitude. Always learning, reading, studying - rather than

-Library Book
    Alex discovers a pulp novel, written by one Dr. Edwin Lindsey amongst the
    books on the shelf. This is where the Tome of Eternal Darkness indicated
    that something of value was hidden, behind this book.

-Stained Window
    The stained glass depicts a glowing medieval maiden, luminous even with the
    faint light of the setting sun. The maiden clasps a piece of parchment in
    her hands. The window gives Alex a strange feeling, almost as if it is
    magickal, and not really there... A glowing field of energy protects the

-Basement (Edward's port)
    A stockpile of Edward's port. One of his many eccentricities, his taste for
    port went hand in hand with his appetite for knowledge. No doubt his quests
    were fueled by this "little" cache.

    The safe is large and old-fashioned, made in the days when security was
    derived from the heavy metal construction eather than secure locking
    mechanisms. It doesn't look like it would be too difficult to break the
    combination, if only Alex had a Stethoscope to hear the tumblers more

-Fuse Box
    A fuse box and circuit breaker array is situated upon the wall. All but one
    of the fuses are intact. The absence of this one is suspicious and until it
    is replaced the circuit connected to it is useless.

-Bathroom Cabinet
    Inside, an array of unctions, potions, pills and ointments to cure all
    ails, including hypochondria. Edward was quite nervous about his health, as
    if the whole world depended upon it.

    The wallpaper in this section of the hallway is oddly marred, as though the
    wall it sits on is not even with the rest of the room.

-Obversatory crank socket
    A crank socket is mounted in the telescope, and appears to be linked to a
    mirror supported by a brass pedestral. A curious contraption to be sure -
    what purose can it possibly serve?

-Brass Framed Mirror
    A brass-framed mirror is set into the wall. The mirror's direction can be
    adjusted by means of two crankshafts set below it. A curious device, is it
    related to the telescope in some way?

-Globe on floor
    A globe cradled in a wooden frame. Its glossy surface is painted in the
    likeness of an ancient map. A lens is situated in the northern hemisphere,
    above a label that reads: "There be dragons here."

-In front of telescope
    As the alignment of planets draws near, a narrow stream of pale light is
    focused onto the telescope through an amethyst-like gem set into the wall.

-Lid Removed
    With the lid removed, some kind of well-like entranceway is revealed. A
    ladder leads down into the murky darkness. Was this Edward's route into the
    Guardian City?

-Overlooking Ehn'gha
    As the Tome had suggested by Edward's and Maximillian's words, the city
    exists, and is far more incredible than Alex had thought. Here are the ruins
    of Ehn'gha - the corpse city, parasitized by the Guardians of Xel'lotath...
    Nine great towers dwarf the surrounding buildings. It would appear these
    towers serve as some kind of focusing array, channeling great tides of
    energy into the city itself

-Array area
    Long ago, Edward Roivas used the arrays to destroy the denizens of the
    Guardian City. Alex needs to match the power of the Liche and destroy
    the Ancient he plans on bringing into this world.

-Stone block in one of the chambers
    A huge, stone block, etched with bizarre etchings dominates the room. Is
    it art? A memorial? A tomb of the original inhabitants, or a bastardized
    interment of its loathsome conquerors?

-Pious Augustus---------------------------------------------------------------
-First chamber
-West wall
    The decorations on the wall are a mixture of ancient cultures-civilizations
    that have long since turned to dust. Perhaps this dungeon is all that
    remains of them.

-Port in the middle of floor (not the ladder)
    The dais on the floor is finely crafted - inlaid with gold and gems that
    Pious can't identify. A strong linear design is situated in the middle, and
    is equally unknown to the Roman soldier.

    A ladder leads into the dank heart of the labyrinth. Danger lurks beneath,
    yet Pious' courageous resolve does not buckle.

-Granite #4 room (the 4 signs on the north wall)
    This wall is prominently decorated with a strange lined Symbol carved into
    the granite. Cut into the wall is a square hole lined with scratches as
    though something has been removed from it.
(after you place the block in)
    The hole is filled with a granite block. It cannot be removed, as though it
    is magickally sealed into place!

-Glowing symbol
    A Button attached to a small pylon softly illuminates the room. A bizarre
    energy seems to radiate from it.

-Pedestral Room
    An effigy resembling a warped angel, shaped from dark green emerald, hovers
    effortlessly above the pedestral.
    A strange sculpture resembling a red-clawed worm mysteriously floats above
    the pedestral.
    Shaped like a delicate dome, a pale blue statuette floats gracefully above
    the pedestral.

-First Chamber Door
    The door is firmly closed, sealing the temple! Perhaps thgere is another
    exit somewhere inside?

-Triangular Design in the middle of the floor
    A triangular design is carved into the floor. The etched grooves are filled
    with colored sand. These symbols appear to be related to each other, with
    one having precendence over another.

-Goddess statue
    A statue of a goddess, delicately sculped from sandstone. It casts an alert
    eye over everyone who enters the temple. There is a Strange Necklace about
    its neck.

-Red light room (middle of the floor)
    Engraved on the floor is a striking design featuring the sun sinking below
    the edge of the world.

-Southeast wall in the red room
    The design on the wall appears to depict a time of the day. Perhaps the
    candles do too?

-East of hallway of traps
-Middle of floor
    Engraved on the floor is a striking design featuring a brightly burning

-Chamber #4
    Engraved on the floor is a striking design featuring the sun rising above
    the edge of the world.

-Chamber #5
    Engraved on the floor is a striking design featuring a starry sky filing
    the heavens.

-Hallway with Blowgun
    A small pedestral covered with decorative etchings stands before the wall.
    The Blowgun upon it must have some special significant for it to be the
    focal point of this display.

-Mural on the south wall
    This mural depicts a skeletal demon befriending the ancient Khmer people
    by denoucing one of their fertility gods.

-Statue with slot in it
    There is a hole in the device, as though something can be inserted. Perhaps
    a key or a lever.

-Mural on the wall in the southeastern part of the temple
    This mural depicts one of the ancient Khmer deities being tortured and
    killed by a skeletal demon.

-Cathedral Casket
    Peering inside the casket, Anthony sees the body of a monk. His raiment is
    that of his order, stained with blood that has seeped from many grievous
    wounds. It is a truly disturbing sight.

-Hand and Screaming Faces
    Cradled in what appears to be a leathery hand lies a mysterious book. It is
    bound in human skin and intricately decorated with shrunken bones. It
    beckons and yearns to be possessed.

-Upper Floor windows
    Faint, warm sunlight filters into the room through these windows. Tiny dust
    motes drift, caught in the rays of the dying sun, fighting the growing

-Upper floor middle bookcase
    Amongst the tomes and manuscripts, a book brings attention to itself. Oddly
    pristine on the dusty shelf, it doesn't quite belong...

-Upper floor right bookcase
    A bewildering array of books and tomes sorted neatly on a set of shelves.
    Mostly books of a religious nature, they sit beneath a skein of dust, as if
    no one has touched them...

-Water Fountain
    A disturbing rendition of a monstrous devil! It is contorted into what
    appears to be a fountain. What sickly liquid is this draining into the
    pool, trickling from a scum-encrusted spout?

    An aged Tapestry hangs on the wall. It is soiled from the dank atmosphere
    of the room, and the corruption about it.

-Bookcase in basement
    Religious texts of an unspeakable nature, written in languages utterable
    only by monsters or corrupt humans...

-Iron Plate
    An iron plate in the floor is carved with three curious circles. Dried
    splashes have marred its pockmarked and worn surface.

-Books on table
    Amongst the books on the table rests an ancient scroll of what appears to
    be a paper.

    A shrine to a god that bespeaks of an ancient evil that graced the earth
    before mankind walked its valleys.

-Dead Body
    A man's corpse lies fallen. Wounds cover the exposed flesh of his body,
    where his armor has failed.

    A Statuette vaguely resembling a man, stands atop a low pedestral.

-Barrier blocking Rune
    A corruscating barrier blocks Karim's progress down the ladder. Its
    shimmering energies creates the vision of a Rune upon its surface.

-Shrine in middle of the room
    An arcane shrine dominates the room. Braziers surround its edge, while a
    larger one tops its summit. No doubt each one would be filled with incense
    to facilitate prayer to insidious deities.

-Dead Body #2
    Lying in a pool of cold blood is a dead soldier. He is the victim of an
    unseen battle. Perhaps this man died from the claws of the monsters of this
    place. It is difficult to tell.

-Dead Body #3
    A man lies dead, annoited in blood from the ravages of a Tulwar sword. The
    wounds, deep and numerous, seep fresh blood. Precise, yet powerful - the
    result of a man's actions not a monster's.

-Door with Green Sigil
    A metallic plaque replaces the lock. A Colored Sigil is engraved in the
    metal above a wide slot. The slot appears to be wide enough to insert
    a large blade.

-Dead Body #4
    Another dead man. Who were these men whose corpses litter the dungeon -
    unwary soldiers who stumbled inside? Or grave robbers looking to plunder
    it? A crumpled scroll lies under the dead man's curled fingers.

-Ram Dao on pedestral
    A large Ram Dao broadsword protrudes from a solid pedestral made of stone.
    It awaits its next owner.

-Long corridor
    Along the length of the corridor, the ceiling has given way and collapsed,
    littering the floor with debris.

     A blasphemous sculpture made from human skin and bone. A trestle of bones
     is cradled within this "shrine", like a nightmarish bookstand, beckoning
     to be used...

Maximillian Roivas------------------------------------------------------------
-Room #1 Bookcase
     A small collection of Maximillian's medical journals, references and

-Servant Room ?
     A state of the art interior outhouse! Polished teak and mahogany finish,
     it is truly a sight to behold and experience...

     A gritty portrait of a man with an overbearing countenance. Hardly a
     reassuring soul, Maximillian wonders if that trait was prevalent in his

-Hallway large frame
     The painting has a quaint, reassuring feeling behind the brushwork - which
     is probably why it has been kept in the family for as long as it has.

-Tablet on top of fireplace
     A stone tablet, carved with strange pictograms is displayed on the
     mantlepiece. An odd conversation piece, to be sure.

     A luxurious fire warms the master bedroom, its flickering light giving
     both a soft aura to the room's somber decor, and an ominous side to the

     The servant mutters under his breath, not realizing that Max is nearby.
     He appears to be distressed at his lot in life, working all the time.

-Servant in Main Hall
     Bidding Maximillian a courteous good day, the servant returns to his

     Cold moonlight filters in through grime-stained windows. Even with
     servants cleaning every day, the house never seems to get very clean. As
     if the very nature of the house itself is soiled.

-Servant in Kitchen
     Whilst going about her duties, the servant casually remarks about a
     strange quality hanging in the air. This odd comment makes Maximillian
     feel like something is quite amiss. Why would she say that?

-Fireplace in kitchen
     A cozy fireplace is the focal point of the kitchen, lending a good deal
     of warmth to the austere room at night.

-Servant #2 in Kitchen
     With a kind smile, she asks if Maximillian has an appetite, as she is
     preparing a heartly meal for the evening.

-Servant in Dining Room
     The servant inquires if Maximillian requires anything of service.

-Dining Room portrait (above the fireplace)
     There is something written beneath the image: "When Darkness spreads its
     wings before my Master (symbol) Xel'lotath's greatest foe, the path to
     the truth will be opened."

-Secret Room picture above fireplace
     This appears to be a wax rubbing of some kind of carved pattern. The
     central point is an odd, lined design - a symbol of something?

-Flintlock Pistol on wall
     An aged Flintlock Pistol rests on a display stand fixed to the wall.

-Secret Room frame behind desk
     This gothic cathedral is silhouetted against a stark light. The image is
     vicious and devoid of subtlety. Every brush stroke echoes the spikes of
     the architecture, imbuing a violent feeling, as though the building itself
     is a harsh imposition on reality. A grim picture, indeed.

-Sabre on wall
     An ornamental Sabre is displayed on the wall.

-Symbol on invisible door
     The design is oddly reminiscent of a Circle of Power mentioned in the
     Tome of Eternal Darkness. It probably refers to some kind of spell, and
     its alignment.

-Second Floor hallway
     A stained glass window, resplendent with bright colors and exquisite
     workmanship. There is something odd about it, perhaps the curious detail
     of its shapes and content.

-Basement Water Pump
     A rusted pump stands by the well. Its handle appears to be missing.

-Balcony overlooking city
     Max is incredulous at the sight - a desolate ruin of a fantastic city,
     built into a huge, naturally formed cave! Jutting spires and looming
     buildings poke through the dense dog. Light ebbs through the city,
     crackling in the wake of the energy spilling from a light source held
     aloft by unseen forces.

Edwin Lindsey-----------------------------------------------------------------
-Statue in Room #1
     A statue of a seated goddess. Where her neck and wrists should bear
     jewelry, there are merely worn grooves and flecks of Bronze dust... Had
     they been stolen by grave robbers?

-Trying to leave
     Lindsey has no intention of leaving the temple yet. He is determined to
     get to the artifact before Augustine does. No one crosses Edwin Lindsey!

-Middle of Room #1
     A thick layer of dust obscures the tiles of the floor.

-Middle of Room #1 after brushing away dust
     A Bronze Bracelet has been discovered under the dust covering the floor.

-Middle of floor in southeast part of temple
     This carving represents the growth of the human race. Its rise to
     intelligence and the development of society. It foreshadows the decline
     of Humanity. This is Humanity's "Dusk."

-Corner in southeast part of temple
     An alcove carries an array of candles. They are arranged to reflect the
     time of the day. Curiously, they are still lit! How is it possible?

-Cobweb in corner of hallway
     The corner is shrouded with dense cobwebs casting it into shadow, perhaps
     even hiding something?

-Middle of floor in northeast part of temple
     This particular depiction represents the birth of the human race within
     the Universe. This is Humanity's "Dawn."

     A stone statue of a Naga, a snake-headed demon, stands guard in the
     corner of the room. A raised platform stands before it with a Bracelet
     on it.

-Middle of northwest room
     This design depicts Humanity's fall into decadence, corruption and
     ultimately oblivion. This is Humanity's "Night." Our time.

-Middle of southwest room
     This particular depiction represents the prosperity of Humanity and its
     domination over the world. This is Humanity's "Day."

-Statue in middle of hallway
     Hiding in the shadows a statue watches over the room. A brief inspection
     reveals flecks of Silver metal marring the statue's wrist and neck,
     possibly indicating that a decoration used to be there...

     There is a small basin, or font, situated beneath the statue. Beside that,
     an orb-shaped button sits on a panel of stone.

     A statue of carved granite, depicting a ceremonial temple guard. It
     appears to be keeping watch on the seated goddess in the corner of the

-Goddess Statue
     A statue of an unknown goddess, seated in a classical pose. She appears
     to be carrying something valuable.

     The eroded mural appears to depict the arrival of a strange godlike entity
     before an ancient human tribe. Lindsey cannot recognize the god in the
     mural. He is mystified.

-Mural #2
     A damaged engraving on the wall depicts a skeletal demon befriending the
     ancient Khmer people. To Lindsey's eyes, the demon looks exactly like
     Paul Augustine's undisguised self.

-Mural #3
     Lindsey find's this mural frighteningly familiar. It is the scene he saw
     in the Tome of Eternal Darkness. The fertility god must be Mantorok and
     this temple must be its tomb.

-Purple Shield
     There appears to be a hole in the wall. It is large enough for a small
     dog to pass through.

Paul Luther-------------------------------------------------------------------
-Cell Emerald
     The painting captures Paul's attention. A small Emerald disguised as part
     of the painting, glints in the candlelight, as though it has some value
     beyond being a precious gem.

-Latin verse on wall
      A framed fragment of written verse. It is in Latin, and makes references
      mostly to diabolical entities, and how man is dominated by them if he
      strays from the rites of protection.

-Portrait of Monk
      A somber portrait of a monk stares icily from the wall. Something about
      those grim, staring eyes sparks doubt and suspicion in Paul. Is this the
      face of a holy man?

      Paul is nervous about ringing the bell, fearing his own capture. It is
      the Custodian's task to ring the bell at appropiate times. Perhaps he
      will be by later to ring it?

-Portrait on wall in Robes room
      The woodcut shows an act of blasphemy: a host of demons prey upon humans
      like they were playthings. Disemboweled by mocking demons, eaten or
      tortured by other carnal, deviant acts.

-Robes closet
      The rack carries robes and cloaks for ceremonial use. As Paul draws the
      robe back, something tumbles from inside.

-Portrait behind chest
      A woodcut depicting the effects of a plague. The spirit of Death
      incarnate casts final judgment over a wealth of victims.

      A simple podium and lectern provides a platform for a priest giving a
      sermon to his congregation. There is a drawer recessed inside it.

-Spartan Bed
      This spartan bed shows how the order treats its visitors. There is no
      sign of the order's own quarters and this chills Paul to the bone. The
      only man that doesn't need a bed is a dead one...

      The bellows mechanism supplies the organ upstairs with air. It requires
      an expert hand and attention to keep in working order.

      The altar benefits of holy adornment. No crucifix, no bible, no sacrament
      of any kind... Paul is disturbed by this sight. What faith does the order

      By means of bellows and pump, the pipe organ is able to play deeply moving
      music. It has the power to inspire faith and to influence hearts beyond
      the control of the mind.

      The tabernacle is almost empty. There are none of the things that should
      be there, such as holy water and other ritualistic items. Only a Circle
      of Power lying on the lower shelf.

-Wine Barrels
      A Wine Cask used for maturing wine. The wine inside this one must be very
      strong, for it seeps through the cask, filling the air with a heady aroma.

      This pedestral has three small indentations adorning its top, arranged
      in a circular formation. Each socket appears to be waiting for something.

-Effigy of Monk
      An effigy of a monk reclining on a sacrificial altar. A deep groove
      bisects its chest. The monk's face looks almost exactly like the
      Custodian! The inscription reads: "Only when they friend is sacrificed,
      when his cries fill the air, will the great doors be open to thee."

-Table filled with paperwork
      As further proof of the heresy within this dark cathedral, a table bears
      arcane documents. Diagrams and sigils pertaining to demonic craft are
      scattered across the recently used table.

      Arcane documents and treatments of the demonic arts. Paul daren't touch
      them for fear of the taint of evil.

      This shelf appears to be recessed into the wall, not quite as flush as
      the others in the room. Almost as if it coud...slide inward?

      A blasphemous shrine stands at the end of the room. Dedicated to an
      unholy god, Paul can sense its evil and finds it difficult to approach.

-Alcoves in Mausoleum
      Hidden in the alcoves of this mausoleum lie the remains of departed monks.
      Some have turned to dust, others have grotesquely withered, leaving husks
      of bone and leathery skin.

      Paul's progress forward is blocked by a corrosive spell. Obviously,
      someone wants to keep intruders at bay, and this lethal magick is just
      the way to do it.

-Dead Body
      Lying in a pool of his own blood is the Custodian - Paul's only ally in
      his fight against the Darkness. His soul no doubt lingers, fused to the
      altar on which his life has been taken, watching over his own rapidly
      cooling corpse. Feeling all hope escape him, Paul's situation is suddenly
      a thousand times more desperate than before. Now he is alone - alone
      against the Darkness!

-Last Door in the catacomb
      This door is decorated more than most within the catacombs. Sensing an
      immense evil behind this door, Paul wonders if the ceremony the monk had
      mentioned earlier is taking place behind it.

Roberto Bianchi---------------------------------------------------------------
      The foundation for the monument has been constructed, but it has suffered
      some damage. The rest of the complex is unknown, and Roberto must
      discover if construction can continue.

-Survey Area #1
      The structure around here shows signs of stress. It is far from sound.
      Perhaps with some reinforcement, it might be able to suit the requirements
      of the monument.

-Frantic Worker
      A frantic worker, looking for answers to questions that can't be
      answered. He hopes Roberto is there to save them and longs to see his
      family and friends once he escapes.

-Coward Worker
      The worker is surprised to see Roberto. He confesses to cowardice, as he
      stayed behind while others ventured further into the complex. When the
      screams of the others echoed from the walls. he dared not move.

-Survey Area #2
      Dust and rock falls from the roof through a fault in the stone. It is
      difficult for Roberto to assess how sturdy the place is, but it needs a
      lot of reinforcement if it is to be built upon.

-Dead Body
      Another worker's corpse. This time slashed from behind as he ran from
      his attacker, hoping for escape.

-Dead Body #2
      Ravaged corpses litter the room. Their flesh has been devoured in
      places, and decomposition has already set in.

      Roberto can feel the acidic touch of the Artifact's magick reaching
      toward him. Using a shred of cloth from his robes to shield his hands,
      he retrieves the hovering Artifact.

-Survey Area #3
      The room appears to be an incredibly ancient shrine to the Ancients, as
      noted in the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Could this be what Roberto's
      captor seeks to preserve with his monument?

      Stones and rubble from the collasped ceiling prevent any passage in that

-Survey Area #4
      Although crumbling in places, the structure of this area could be braced
      to provide enough of a foundation for the monument.

      A hideous bas-relief adorns the monolith: humans thrown into a nest of
      huge worms. The people have been sacrificed - ingested by the worms to
      fuel some unknown, unfantomable process.

-Monolith #2
      This carving depicts a man's skeletal remains in the cruel embrace of a
      multitude of worm-like creatures. Are these the things that killed the
      men in this room?

-Survey Area #5
     The delapidated roof appears to be collapsing in several areas and will
     need a lot of reinforcement. The workers will have a daunting task ahead
     of them.

Peter Jacob--------------------------------------------------------------------
-Aisle of beds
     Covered with blood-stained sheets, these poor souls have passed from this
     world. For them, the suffering is over, but for those around them, the
     ordeal continues.

-Curtain around the bed
     The faint sound of moaning emanates from behind the linen veils. Whispered
     utterances, frantic prayers to loved ones - words offered only by those
     who face their mortality.

-Nurse #1
     With a motherly voice, the nurse advises that Peter get some rest.

-Soldier in bed
     The soldier is rather distressed. Perhaps he has lost a lot of friends to
     the trenches of the Somme. He confides that the only stories are sad ones,
     and that the only true heroes are in the mortuary.

     The altar is cleared of all valuables, not only to prevent looting, but
     also to afford space for medical supples and even as an operating table
     should the need arise.

-Trying to leave
     With the war being so close, a curfew has been imposed. Traveling outside
     the hospital is not a safe thing to do, since intruders will likely be
     shot on sight. Peter decides to remain inside.

     Stacked deeply on the landing, crates of medical supplies await use.
     Syrettes of morphine, bandages, tourniquets, antiseptics... The list goes
     on and on.

     The guard shifts about, obviously bored with his duty and awaiting a
     replacement or perhaps a call to arms.

     Designed to muster patriotic feelings, these posters declare that the
     allies are fighting the good fight. It's small comfort for the occupants
     of the room, whose spent corpses line the cold cathedral floor.

     Stacked like logs, Peter stands before the price of human war. The
     bloodied corpses of young men who have made the ultimate sacrifice to
     defend their own countries and those of others.

     A desk kept meticulously clean. Peter is surprised that it is not more
     chaotic for a frontline hospital. After all, isn't this where the death
     certificates are written?

-Pipe Organs
     The workings of the pipe organ have remained mostly the same since
     installation. Originally, the bellows were driven manually; now they are
     steam-powered, and the organ controlled electricity. This might be one
     of the oldest restored pipe organs in the world.

     Old, rusty, but faithful for many years, a coal-burning boiler provides
     heat and steam to the cathedral complex. There is currently no pressure
     being diverted to the generator.

     Perched on the wall beside the generator is an open-faced fusebox. A fuse
     appears to be missing. There is no sign of where it could be.

-Dead Guard
     A guard lies dead at the foot of the steps, viciously assassinated by the
     creatures now infesting the cathedral. He went quickly and without much
     of a struggle.

-Seven-Point on wall
     An odd collection of colored lines decorate the wall. Below the design
     steps appear to lead up into the wall, going nowhere...

-Door with no handle
     After the magick has taken hold, a heavy oak door is revealed. Scratches
     and dents infest the wood, telling a long dark story. It is missing its
     Handle. There seems to be no way to open it...

     An array of lit candles bestow an eerily dark light upon a bas-relief on
     the wall. Strange, primitive and disturbing imagery covers the shrine,
     evoking a sense of ancient evil.

-Ancient Stone
     The ancient stone is drenched with blood, scarred by the countless strikes
     of a sacrifical knife. The stone reeks of the pain and torment inflicted
     upon it. The air is cold - filled with lingering spirits. Peter can feel
     their sullen despair as they witnessed every sacrifice with horror and
     disgust. They writhe in the dank air with his every breath, begging for
     help he cannot give - for release from their unholy tomb.

-Dead Body on Stairs
     A soldier's cold and stiff body lies sprawled on the steps. Peter
     attempts to flip the corpse over to discover his identity, but all that
     is left of the man's face is a ruined mass of eaten flesh.

Edward Roivas------------------------------------------------------------------
     This part of the library is reserved for the entertaining of the house's
     more scholarly guests. A simple, yet elegant layout affords quiet drink
     and conversation.

-Reading Chair
     Edward's favorite reading chair faces a healthy, warm fire. No doubt
     many cold nights are ahead.

     As Edward nears, the servant stops mumbling to herself and asks him if
     he thinks the weather will clear up before the Solstice. Edward finds
     the reference to the "Solstice" rather odd and ponders.

-Servant saved by you from Vampire
     Shaken by his brush with death, the servant gives his thanks. He warns
     that the creature might still be around, and extra firepower would be
     handy. Reminded by his own words, he fishes a key from his pocket and
     gives it to Edward.

-Basement port
     A couple of barrels of vintage port. No matter how bad life gets, one can
     always look to the brighter side of things with the old scarlet rush!

     These plinths look like the ones Pious had encountered in the Forbidden
     City - where he found the Essence of the Ancients. Edward briefly wonders
     what their purpose could be.

Michael Edwards---------------------------------------------------------------
     A desiccated corpse lies sprawled on the temple floor, dressed in desert
     combat fatigues. A rifle, pistol and a variety of ammunition lie about
     him. The soldier appears to have gone down fighting...

-Model of City
     It looks like a scale replica of the area. The model its made from clay
     and seems brittle. Some of the buildings appear to have been coated with
     a reflective glaze.

-Bas-relief of Warrior
     The bas-relief depicts a good Warrior. The image is very strong,
     dominating this part of the room. Below the design, a small ledge
     protrudes from the wall, as if awaiting something.

-Bas-relief of Scholar
     The bas-relief depicts a female Scholar. Her authoritative glare dominates
     this part of the room. Below the design, a small ledge protrudes from
     the wall, as if awaiting something.

-Bas-relief of Sorcerer
     The bas-relief depicts a Sorcerer casting a spell. There is an air of
     authority about him, conveyed by his dominating visage. Below the design,
     a small ledge protrudes from the wall, waiting for something.

     A strange obelisk made from a dark granite-like material. It appears to
     be blocking the way forward, but the obelisk appears to be impervious
     to all damage.

     An onnocuous paneled wall caps this end of the room. It is conspicuously
     empty by comparison to the other walls of the room.

     For centuries, evil has been channeled through this pit. Countless souls
     sacrificed to the Darkness. Someone must end this madness... A bomb placed
     here would be enough to pull the already collapsing city down into
     oblivion, destroying everything inside.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Credits  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Nintendo - For making this game available in US and once again for publishing
           this game.

Silicon Knights - for developing a great game.

[ ? ]  - this could be you if you care to help me out on anything in this
         document. You'll receive a big pat on the back.

Poe Question -  a lot of people emailed me and answered my question about his
                script that was in the beginning of the game. Thanks a lot.

Eduardo - For telling me that Ellia's broken sword isn't useless.

Marc - for the three-point, five-point, and seven-point for each spell.

Priyank - for correcting a small error in my Spell List.


This document is Copyright (c)2002 Myke. This guide is for personal use. If
you want this guide on your site, please ask me for permission. If you use any
information from this Eternal Darkness for GameCube document, please give me
full credit, do not alter my information in any way, shape, or form.

This game is rated (M) Mature (17 or older) (blood and gore, violence)

                             -END OF DOCUMENT-

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