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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Mature
  • June 24, 2002


How To Open The Bookcace

To open the bookcase, first, when you start go to your first left. Go all the way down the hall. Then go in the room. Go all the way to the other side of the room. Go to the next room at the end of this room. Turn the hands of the clock to 3:33. The bookcase will open.

Quicker Reloads

For those pesky times (or really whenever) when your weapon only seems to load one round @ a time, try this. When you press the reload button, keep pressing it over and over and your weapon will reload every round until it's full.

Recover Life/Sanity/Magic

When you learn the "recovery" spell, use Chattur'gha (Red) to recover your health, Xel'lotath (Green) to recover your sanity, or Ulyaoth (Blue) to recover your magic. All you have to do is go to "Spell List" and select "Recovery" and chose "Cast" - then when you have the option to use Chattur'gha (Red), Xel'lotath (Green), or Ulyaoth (Blue), chose the one whose color corrisponds to what you want to recover.

Instant Zombie Death

If you have a torch and you are face a large group of zombies, swing the torch at them. They will die in one hit. You will have to do a final blow quickly because they will disappear if you are too slow. Note: This will only work on the normal common zombies.

Mantorok Rune

When playing as Dr. Lindsey, find the two Runes for Summon and Creature. One is found in a zombie on the staircase down on the last floor and another is on the last floor in some cobwebs. Use your archeological brush to uncover it. Combine these two runes together to make the Summon Trapper spell. Go back up to the floor with the gold statue and find your way to the machinery that was uncovered when you dispelled all the magick fields. When you examine it, you will learn that there is a hole small enough for a small dog to walk through. Summon a Trapper to walk through the hole. Inside will be a bridge with two Horrors on each side. Walk past them and onto a switch with a purple Rune on it. Press A to kill the Trapper and take control of Lindsey again. The switch will have opened a door behind you, where the Mantorok Rune is located.


Use the Reveal Invisible spell with the Mantorok Rune to make your character invisible.

Secret Ending

Successfully complete the game three times using your same saved game data when starting a new game each time to view a special ending movie the third time the game is completed.


Beat the game three times to unlock "eternal mode" in "jump to game" option.

Level Select

Beat the game twice to unlock the "jump to game" option.

Superior Deities And Spells

There are three different Deities that Pious Augustus can choose at the beginning of the game.  The enemies will vary in the game depending on which Deity Pious Chose to worship.

The three Deities and their corresponding colors are:

Chattur'gha (Red)
Xel'lotath (Green)
Ulyaoth (Blue)

You can cast spells under the rune of each deity that will adjust the affect of the spell on items and enemies.  Remember that one Deity's weakness is one of the 
other Deities.

This chart will show the Superior Deities:

Chattur'gha(red) is the superior Deity to Xel'lotath (green)

Xel'lotath(green) is the superior Deity to Ulyaoth (blue)

Ulyaoth(blue) is the superior Deity to Chattur'gha (red)

NOTE:  There is also a fourth rune, Mantorok (purple), that varies in potency on each Deity's minions.

Remember to use the Superior Deity chart in order to know what type of spell will work the best against each type of enemy, Example:  A Ulyaoth (blue) spell will work the best against a Chattur'gha (red) enemy, because Ulyaoth is the Superior Deity to Chattur'gha.


We have no cheats or codes for Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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