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Pistol: the pistol is capple oh a 2x zoom which is beast used for hitting head 
shots. this is one of the most powerful wepons in the game and usualy avalable. 
KEEP IT WITH YOUwhenever you can. Its shots are les accurate when using full auto 
so use one shot burts. Overall rateing 8.75

Assault Rifle: an inacurategun capple of raide fie that has nop extra damage done 
when a head shot is shot. Best used against the Flood. Overal rating 5

Shotgun: This gun is powerful at close range and is caple of spreader shot. 
Unfortinitly it is not acsesible intil the later levels. Overal rating 7.75

Sniper rifle: A very powerful gun useful in taking out enimys from afar. It is 
power acurate and capable of 2x and 10x zoom also if you press the white button you 
can acses night vision (you can gues what that is). It only has litle weakneses it 
is hard to aim without the scope, it only can carry four shots in a round, and its 
smoke prety much says here I am shoot me. Overal raiting 8.5

Rocket Launcher: the most powerful wepon avalible to you in the game. Its shots may 
be slow but they pack a punch best used agenst vicles groups of eliets and hunters. 
Overal raiting 8

Plasma Pistol: This wepon is best used for taking out elites shield with its charge 
blast, other then that it stinks. Overal raiting 3.5

Plsma rifle: In my opinon this is the best wepon in the game its strong fast an 
neads no reloading. Its also found in the hands of almost all elites so get one. 
Overal raiting 9.75

Nedler: Also a bad covenet wepon altough its shots are homing it takes to many 
neadles to distry one covenent. Overal raiting 6

Gernades: use these in tight enclosed areas or the plsma gernades to stick on an 
elties face. But for the lOVE OF GOD DO NOT use plasma gernades on hunters. Overal 
raiting 9

Shade: A very powerful plsma wepon usualy maned by grunts. Pull out the sniper 
rifel and kill the grunt then hop in and start the sluaghter. But please do not let 
a covenent get to close to you one plasma grenade and you go nighty-night. overal 
raiting 9          


wharthog, a fast moving jeep that will kill amost anything it hits (SMALLER then 
it). althought to use the tri barrled machene gun it takes co op or a marine. It 
has a capacity of three and is the fist acesable veacle.overal raiting 8.5 

Scorpin a powerful tank with a cannon and an inacurate machine gun. It has a 
capcity of five overal raiting 10

ghost a FAST one man covenet veacle with twin plasma canons. to gain extra air hit 
A while in the air to pull up the nose. overal raiting 9

banshee a flying yes FLYING covenet veacle with plsma canons and bomb this  is a 
formidable foe but it cant be used in multiplayer. overal raiting 9.75 


grunts: Covenent training needs work, grunts are probable the worst soilders in the 
galaxy. found every where you look these are just anoing pests. kill them eney way 
you can. overal raiting 2

eliets: these are less comen and are a pain when weilding a plasma sord or 
invisible or both. these should not prove a problem but if they do come back later 
and i will have added how to kill covenent of all tipes easy. overal raiting 8

jackels: the pain in the rear with the big shilds. they pose a big threat to the 
mariens so take them out quickly. overal raiting 7.5

hunters: DO NOT let the marines try to tackle these unless you want the marines 
slaughtered. ether use rocket launchers or snipers or GET OUT OF THERE because they 
raiting 10         

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