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Handling Link.

 The first thing you need to know and that is he is powerful when you can set people 
up in the right places to do your moves.  There is one move that if you miss with 
the first blow you can just do another swipe strait after.  That is when you hold 
froward and A you can just press A again strait after he does the first swipe. He 
will do another swipe after it.  That swipe is more powerful than the first one.
I like grabbing the opponent and pressing up he will hit them in the air and you can 
jump and press up B.  That will make him do his sort of tornado move and right at 
the end of it he will do a big swipe and hit them really far if there hp is hi.
If you hold down and A he will do a swipe at people’s feet.  If they have low hp you 
will hit them in the air.  That comes in handy when you are surrounded.  Or you 
could just press up and B.  
If you just press froward gently he will jog but if you press it fast he will fun 
and you can use that to hit people at speed.
If you just press B or A in the air and with no directions he will do a kick or and 
swing with the sword.  But if you hold direction he will do a more powerful move.  
If you are in the air hold down and B he will do and slam with the sword.  Up and B 
he will stick his sword in the air.  
If you are in the classic mode the easiest way to defeat the master hand is ether 
jumping up and doing the slam with the sword or hold up and B.  When it does its 
moves hold the right shoulder button but try not to run it out. 
I find using the home run bat handy in classic and adventure because you just smack 
them out the level and get extra points.
And that is a easy way to get knock outs in Vs mode.  There is one player but I do 
not know whom but that when they shoot at you he deflects it with his shield.  
I think that is all of it I know.

By Chocie

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