Handling Ness - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Ness is quick and powerful if you can use him right. There is one move where you can 
absorb other peoples power attacks to regain health. That is down & B. You can even 
send peoples power attacks right back at them by charging the baseball bat and just 
hitting it back at them. You do this by pressing or holding forward & A. This only 
works on power shots like mewtwo’s power blast and Ness’s shock attack and his power 
up blast. 
The way to use the green power blast is wait until your opponent is a long way away 
but coming towards you and power it up and release it just before the opponent gets 
to it because it takes time to blow up. This is very powerful if you hit them right.
You can control this by pressing the direction you want it to go. It goes down but 
it sort of goes the direction you press.
There is another move you can control and that is up & B. That is his shocker move. 
You can control this by pressing the direction. You control this move perfectly. 
The baseball bat is a smash attack and it hits them very far if they have high HP 
If you hit your opponent in the air you can hold up & A. This will power up his yo-
yo and let go just under your opponent. Sometimes you can hold up and A but it dos 
not power up. You can hold down and A and that will do a swipe along the ground with 
the yo-yo. This some times does not power up as well. There is a fast way of doing 
smash moves and that is pressing the direction you would press with the analogue but 
with the C stick. This does not power up but it saves you pressing directions. You 
can get your shield out by pressing and holding down the R or L button or even hold 
down Z. You can grab people by pressing it as well and you can throw or hit people 
by pressing directions.
If you press forward and B you will throw a thunder bolt and if you hit them it will 
set them on fire. If you just press left or right softly you will jog but harder you 
will run. If you are in the air you do different moves by playing with the 

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