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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Hardcore Search and Destroy


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Table of Contents (ctrl - f to jump to sections)
1) Introduction [INTRO]
2) Introduction to the Game [HCSD]
3) My Top Ten Rules [RLS]
4) Advice for Maps [MPS]
5) Perks [PKS]
6) Guns [GNS]
7) FAQs (Coming when I get questions)

Introduction [INTRO]
First off, this is my first FAQ. While I read the boards a lot, I am
not someone who is "active" on them. I started off with playing CoD on 
the computer, but as I am just a casual gamer, I did not have the
computer to run the game at maximum performance. I bought and Xbox to 
play with my friends. I have clocked most of my game time (between both 
the computer and Xbox) in Hardcore Search and Destroy, and I was 
inspired to write this in order to help anybody who plays this game 
type. Again, I am a casual gamer, so I'm not some pro with a high KD 
and goes flawless every game. Enough said, let's get to it. P.S. I 
made thisFAQ before the map pack was released, so anything new that is 
updated in the map pack will not be covered in here until I test the
added content out.

Introduction to the Game [HCSD]

I am going to assume that if you are reading this you have read through 
the manual or played enough to know the controls. Although, I will 
suggest that you switch your controls to "Tactical" if you haven't 
already. The Tactical layout only switches your melee and crouch/prone 
buttons, but it can make all the difference between a win and a loss 
when you are the last man alive. The reason behind switching the layout 
is to get the "Drop Shot". The Drop Shot isn't that difficult to pull 
off, but I would suggest trying it out a bit before facing enemies. 
The ideal Drop Shot, imo, is to be aiming down the sights and firing 
at an enemy while holding the right analog stick down (assuming you 
have tactical layout set). Going prone will make you a harder target 
to aim at, and if you get the jump on them, you will most likely pull
the kill off.

The Game
Search and Destroy is an objective game. Playing in Hardcore mode will
get rid of everything on the screen that you would normally see, reduce 
your damage to 30 (I believe), and restrict your ability to regain 
health. One team of 6 will start off on the Offense, and the other on 
the Defense. When you are on Offense, your job is to PLANT THE BOMB at
either the A or B bomb site. When you are on Defense, your job is to
DEFEND THE BOMB. The first problem that I have with people is that they
don't play the objective enough. I can tolerate people rushing the bomb 
site, but rushing the spawn can go terribly wrong. If you die without 
killing anyone when you rush the spawn, you end up leaving your team in 
a losing position. Camping is part of the objective, and it is up to 
the Offensive team to outsmart the Defensive team to pull off the win.
The Defensive team must fortify their sites to prevent the Offensive 
team from getting the plant off. The first thing you have to know is 
that you won't end up with a high number of kills. If you are getting 
between 5-7 kills, you are doing your part for the team. 
If you are getting anything higher than 8, you are playing the game to 
the best of your ability. Odds are that both of those players are
playing with their teams, and they most likely have a relatively low 
number of deaths as well. The last thing I will say about this objective
type is know why you are going in to play. I play because I love playing
tactically with my team (most of the time my teammates are my friends), 
I can get 10k exp from one entire game, and I don't have to worry about 
people camping out for a nuke. I would not suggest this game type to 
you if you want to get your KD up, if you want a huge kill streak,
if you want to run around as much as possible, or if you don't like
waiting around for anything.

Kill Streaks
Like I said above, you most likely won't get any high kill streaks, so
the point is to go for the lower ones. My set up is UAV, Predator 
Missile, and Emergency Airdrop. Most people who play Hardcore will use
Cold Blooded, so most of the kill streaks will be almost useless,
but I always have UAV for the people who don't. Not only does it show
those unlucky few who don't have Cold Blooded, but if anyone fires with
an un-silenced gun, they will show up on the UAV. The Predator missile
great, because you can get possibly an easy kill with it when the round
starts. However, you have to wait a number of seconds before you can
launch anything. Emergency Airdrops are a push on SnD, but my reasoning
behind it is that if I am just on fire and am dominating everyone,
I might as well have something as a nice reward. That nice reward is
extra experience. You get exp for letting your teammates take CP's, so
might as well let them take it anyways. My friends both use UAV, but 
sometimes they will use regular Care Package, Harrier, or Air Strike.
You shouldn't be relying on any of you kill streaks at any time, but
if it can get you a kill, you might as well take it than have nothing.

My Top Ten Rules [RLS]
These are the ten things that I would overstress to any player. I
constantly see things from kill cams that make me want to yank my
hair out or scream at the screen (which I do scream). Please, If
you take away anything from this guide, take this section with you.

10) Use the "Feign Diffuse"
What I like to call a "Feign Diffuse" is when you run up to the
bomb and tap X instead of holding it. This will cause the bomb to
make the sound of it being diffused, but you will still have your
gun out. This means that when the enemies come running in to kill
you while you're diffusing you can get the jump on them and kill them
first. It is a great way to clutch a match sometimes.


9) Before Diffusing, Look for Equipment
By equipment I mean C4 and claymores. People will drop these near the 
bomb, in the room, and everywhere that it can be placed. There isn't
a lot you can do if it is a very well placed C4 or Claymore, but you
can always try. If you feel the need to, put on Sit Rep to detect it,
but I would personally rather use Ninja Pro. *Added note: When you go
to diffuse the bomb, don't just run up and start diffusing. Go up to
it, lightly tap X, and run back. If the other player is listening for
the diffuse, they will probably run out and you can pick them off. I
will refer to this as a "Feign Diffuse" in the guide.

8) Use Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro
"Oh Musubiman013, why would you ever want those specific perks?"
That is a great question. Cold Blooded will not make you appear
on the UAV, which is a universal kill streak in this mode. The pro
version will not make your name appear above your head when an enemy
sees you, making it harder for enemies to see where you're hiding. 
To get the pro version, go into a different playlist and play games
until a player on the other team calls in any kind of helicopter. 
Pull out a class with an LMG (RPD is my choice) and Cold Blooded. Use
nothing but your gun to shoot down the chopper, and look for the 
black smoke. Continue to shoot it until it starts tail spinning. Don't
stop shooting at it until you can't shoot it any more. Every bullet that
you put into it will count as "shooting down a kill streak". It is
the most efficient way to get the pro perk. Ninja Pro will make your 
footsteps silent, which will help to prevent people using headsets from
picking you out from a mile away. Both of these together will turn
you into a killer who can bring death from the shadows.

7) Listen to Your Teammates
We have all been in those games where there is some annoying person
who talks trash or doesn't stop talking. It is okay to mute those
people, but sometimes you have to un-mute them to hear if they have
anything important to say. When someone says, "The bomb is near me",
and you two are the last alive, don't leave them hanging. Run over there
and help them camp out the bomb. There are many other situations, but
I find that is the most common situation you will face.

6) Know the Maps
Generally, you should know where the bomb sites are, how to get to them,
where most people will go, and where not to go. This comes from playing
the game a lot and seeing the trends of most people, for any game type.
Specifically, know where people hide, and where to hide. Always check
your corners first of all, but if you die one round from some one
camping a certain spot, don't go back the same way. Either go to where
they aren't, or see if you can find an alternate way to kill them. The
other thing is that you need to know where good places to hide for a
round are on defense. It is okay to stay in one place, but don't go
to the same place again the next round. It is okay if no one saw where
you were hiding, but more often than not, it's safe to assume they know.

5) Play the Objective
On defense, camp the bomb sites. Place anything down that you can, 
guard all entrances, and don't rush out every time and die repeatedly. 
Yes, there are people who can rush well and dominate the team. But if
you die without getting a single kill, don't do it again. The point on
defense is to pull the players towards you, not go crazy trying to jump
the gun. Another thing added, know where your teammates are. If you
have four people at A, one person at B, and one person rushing, you
are going to get nailed at B and you could lose the round most likely.
Try to spread out with three people at each site. On offense, you
have to play wisely. If the other team is playing the best defense
ever, you have to be able to counter it. Pick off one guy at a time
until you can clear a way to the site. There is no such thing as a 
perfect defense, so look for the flaws and exploit them. Talk with
the people on your team and strategize. 

4) Camp the Bomb
This includes looking for the bomb when you kill someone. The second
you camp the bomb, the game is over. Unless the other team can find
where you are hiding, they won't win. 'Nuff said.

3) Use a Headset or Headphones
This is crucial because sounds play a huge role in this game type. You
will be able to hear the bomb being diffused, people's footsteps,
rustles of grass, and falling. You can still hear it if you play with
just the TV speakers, but using a headset can filter out and focus the
specific sounds you need. Now I'm not saying buy an expensive headset
by any means. I use headphones that are probably less than ten bucks. 
I don't know how ear buds work, but having some filter is better than 
nothing. You will notice a difference, I promise.

2) Use the "Start" and "Back" Buttons
Pressing back will allow you to see how many people are alive on either
team. A good player will check it every time they get a chance. Pressing
start will bring up a map. This can be used to see where your teammates
are and where enemies are firing un-silenced weapons. Check it if you
are camping or you hear gun fire. This could save you a round in one

This is my biggest pet peeve in this game type. When you run to go plant
the bomb and your teammate is behind you, you could get C4'd and lose
the game, you could get noob tubed from the other side of the map and
lose two men instead of one, and then there is the game winning double
kill with a predator missile. Don't stand anywhere near your team mates


Advice for Maps [MPS]
So now that you've had enough of me ranting, here is my advice
for the maps. This isn't specific, oh go here and do this. No, these
are general things you should be cautious about when playing. I will
break up each map in this way:
Map Name
General: Basic features about the map and my opinions on the map.

Offense: Best way to rush, areas to avoid, common places for defense to 
set up, how to plant the bomb.

Defense: Where offense will plant on a rush, which site is easier to
defend, where offense will have the upper hand, and what to do when
you are the last alive.

General: Afghan is an interesting map because it is so open, but there 
are areas on the map where an enemy could take you out without you even
seeing them. Even if you do see them, most likely it will be easier
for them to hit you than you to hit them. Spawn tubes are common on
this map because both spawns are wide open. This map is pretty
popular, although I don't like it for HCSD.

Offense: If you are going to rush, rush the A site. B is too far back to
get a rush plant off before the enemy team gets set up. For the rush,
it would be ideal to have two people spawn tubing (to prevent any one
from going directly to A), one person go behind the bunkers (to get the
lucky players who run to the side from the tubes and live), and one 
person going behind "Sniper Hill" (to flank the back). For rushes in 
general, you will most likely be able to get one or two successfully
planted. This doesn't mean that they won't be diffused, but you will 
plant it. Rushing for a third time can be dangerous because they will
be expecting it and be able to counter in some way. With this map, it
would be a smart thing to stick in at least pairs because one smart 
player on defense could camp one spot and take out most of the team.
This map is relatively small in terms of places to camp, but a good 
defensive team will be able to lock down both sites with ease. Go
out carefully in the open.

Defense: On defense, you can try to spawn tube, but it might be a better
idea just to set up instead. A place I like to hide when the other team
spawn tubes is by the door on the left side of the spawn, but a little
bit forward where the lip comes up from the ground. It's protected by
the land above it, and you will be able to see over the mound with ease.
When you set up at B, it should only take two guys with carefully
planted equipment to lock it down. More of the team should be looking
towards A because it is planted more often, and if the other team 
rushes, they will rush A. The defense can spread out a little bit
more than on offense, but it is still suggested that you have at least
one other teammate near to provide support. If you end up as the last
man, look at A. If your team has done well with putting claymores at
B, all you need to do is watch A. The bunkers do over look the plane,
but a person with Ninja Pro can easily sneak up from behind and knife
you. Don't be afraid to hide in the brush, because most of the time the
other people will be too busy looking in the bunker or cave instead
of looking at their surroundings.

General: This is one of the two big maps of the game. I like this map
for this game type because it offers a lot of cover for both teams.
There won't be as much rushing because both sites are much closer to
the Defense. People will snipe more often on this map, so Cold Blooded
Pro is highly suggested on this map. 

Offense: The first thing that you shouldn't do is snipe from the top
of the buildings by your spawn. They are good places to go in other
game types, but your team needs to push as close as they can get as
fast as possible. Sniping will allow you to even out the teams a bit,
but the other team will be sniping too, and they have the better angle
on the Offensive spawn. When pushing up, you should split the team in
two. One "team" should go around the left side and sweep around towards
B. My suggestion is to have one person go all the way around and two
people cut in before going to B and checking the building right there.
Team A should push the right side towards A. All three members should
go all the way around. This is because most likely the defense will have
guys looking at the site from the front. A flank from the back could
catch them off guard, but even if it doesn't it will even out the
playing field in terms of places to take cover. Both A and B are good
plants, but tell your teammates where you are going first. If you want
to plant one side specifically, you might want to send more guys that
way instead. There is no wrong way to plant the bomb here, but if
you are going to plant A, try to have one person in the building near A
watching the site from inside, and another person in the building
across the way looking at the bomb site from one of the windows.

Defense: Don't even try to rush the offense. There is no need to because
it is a lot safer to set up equipment and camp the bomb sites. The
ways I said to get to the sites in the Offense section are the sites
that you should watch for primarily. Most chances are people will do
whatever they want, so you need to watch the front too. Planting a 
claymore at the end of the "Frozen River" is a smart investment because
it will let you know if people are coming that way. It will then allow 
you to watch the front without worry of being flanked from behind, but
you should still watch your back. When protecting B, don't have three 
people waiting in the site. Have two guys on the far side in the trees 
to pick off guys, and one person closer to your spawn near B to
eliminate anyone coming from the middle. Putting a person in the
middle building in the map can help to even out the numbers, but look
for snipers on the rooftops across the way. If you end up being the
last man standing, try to stay near A. I find that people will go there 
more often, and if they do plant B, it is a little easier to find where
the campers are. You can hide in the buildings, but by then it's almost
safer to camp one of the bomb sites because the map is so big and they
have to go to at least one of them.

General: This is a good Search map due to the Estate itself, the 
wide open area at B, and the way the spawns are set up. This map
pretty much has everything to offer. There are lots of places to 
hide for both teams and the Estate can be played very tactically. 

Offense: If you are going to try to rush, go for B. It is farther
away from the Defensive spawn, and there aren't too many places to
hide. Anytime you venture up near B, look on top of the boat house.
People can get up there and take out a good number of people. It is not
suggested going up the middle, but if you feel the need to I suppose
you can. When going towards A, go to the right side. From here, you can
either go to the left around the wall, go right into the green house,
or go right around green house. The point is that you go to the back
side of the house and push inside. Going up the pile of logs is a good
way to go, but people will put claymores at the top, so look for them.
Going directly through the back is not suggested because it isn't that 
sneaky and people could see you. You can still do it, but I would
suggest going one of the other ways. Going around the side to the 
downstairs "Pool Room" is a good way to get in only if you check your
surroundings first. Assume that there is a guy in there and one claymore
and look for them first before going in. If you want, you can go all
the way around the back and go to B from that way. It is not suggested
unless your team is planting B and you are going to provide support.

Defense: Send at least two guys to B right off the bat. If you don't 
get there fast enough, they will rush the plant or kill you while you
are getting set up. They people who stay at A should have claymores
every where. There are many ways to get in, and you can get
over run quickly. Have at least one person in the bed room above the 
bomb site to stop people from coming up top. The other people can go
where ever they please, but it might be wise to have them look outside.
When going to protect B, use the boat house to your advantage. It is 
closer to your spawn, and it is the biggest piece of cover around that
area. If you want to have a different point of view, go to the brush
and go prone. If you get to the right spot, you can stop all enemies
from getting to the site. When you end up as the last man you should 
not expect the win, unless it is a one on one situation. If your team
placed the right claymores, then all you need to worry about is B. A
is easier to clear out, but I would stress "Feign Diffusing" since
the diffuse can be heard from almost anywhere in the house.

General: Playing the buildings to your advantage is the ideal way to 
play. There are all sorts of places to hide here, so check everywhere.
The fighting here will be Close Quarters, so go in with an Assault Rifle
or SMG. Noob tubing from the Defensive team down the street is common,
so take that into note.

Offense: It is easy to rush either side, in fact I would attempt rushing
at least once to spice things up. Both sites are near the ends of the
map, so if you are planting one site let your teammates know so they can
provide support as soon as possible. When going B, go around the side
all the way. Expect enemies to be in your pathway at every point as 
well. Before planting at B, check the roof tops and the two story
barber shop near B. Another common place to hide is behind the crates
on the other side of the shed at site B. If you are coming above that
way then jump down to the right instead of going down the stairs. When
going towards A, hug the walls as much as you can. There are plants
everywhere, so it will make you a harder target to spot. Make note
that you will make a sound, so any headset users will here you coming.
Send one person down the stairs on the way to A to flank the back. This
could take the defense by surprise and add to your success rate. Always
check the building right next to the A spawn, but more importantly check
the roof top right there. Even if you aren't planting at A, you will
most likely find an enemy on that roof, or a roof across the way. Stick
as a team on this map because if you end up as the last two, you don't
want one person running to get to the bomb as the other person plants

Defense: Watch the A side rush more than anything. Plant claymores in
the plants because they are a lot harder to see. I have gotten the 
game winning kill multiple times from well placed claymores in the 
plants. Having two people push halfway into the enemy side is a good
idea because it could lead to a few kills. Take the roof tops as soon
as possible, but watch your back at all times. If you are going to 
defend B, never go alone. You need at least two people on B due to the 
many places to hide near that site. If the one person dies there and 
the other team plants, you have lost the round. Not only do you have to 
run over to diffuse, but you have to check a lot of places for enemies.
Having two people at each site is a general rule of thumb for any map,
but this map even more so. When you are the last man standing you can
do two things. The first is take the roof tops. You could spot one or
two guys, but it leaves you open from the other sides. My suggestion
would to be pick a side and commit. If you know there are claymores set
up at one site, go to the other site. It is too hard on this map to
try to manage both. If you are stuck with no claymores, pick which
site you feel less comfortable with running over and diffusing. Either 
side can be a pain for a number of reasons, so it really boils down
to which side is luckier.

General: Two buildings with teams on either side. There are lots of
places to climb up and take position, although it is less likely that
people will do this because of the length of the rounds and the 
objective. Spawn killing is a common thing on this map, so be careful.

Offense: It is risky trying to rush either side, but it is possible. 
There isn't a lot of strategy to this map due to the size and flow
of players. If you play wisely and don't run out like a madman, then
you will do well. When planting A look out for inside the building.
The windows do overlook the bomb site, which means you can take cover
there as well. At B, always look in the elevators. There will probably
be one person in there and one person near the generators at the actual
site. Again, don't go crazy.

Defense: The sites are closer to you, so there shouldn't be any reason
for you to go towards the enemy spawn site. A is a lot easier to
protect, but it is still easy for the other team to clear you out. Try
to go three at each site to maximize your defensive power. At B, watch
the ladder that is close to the enemy side in the tunnel. I would
suggest avoiding the tunnel at all costs because it is somewhat hard
to defend. You are better off taking a higher position on the top
part of the map. Check the helipad every now and then if you don't
have a player up there. If you become the last man standing, you might
want to stick by A. If the plant goes to B, then you will have an easier
time looking for places where people hide. In the elevators, on the
helipad, above the elevators, and near the generators. At A, there are
a lot more places for the enemy to go, and it is too hard to check
all of them. 

General: This is a fun map to play on. The buildings provide cover for
both teams, so look around. When it comes down to it, the person who
is the most aware of everything will win. Spawn tubing and sniping is
common, especially when playing on Offense.

Offense: Get out as quickly as possible from your spawn. To avoid
tubes, don't go on the left side of the two story building by the spawn.
Going left around is a good way to go for support fire. You can get
around the enemy a little bit faster compared to going down the far side
of the map. The bomb should go right around the building 80% of the
time. You can go through the "Book Room" to get to A, or all the way
around the side and through the alley. Look out for claymores around
corners because it is an easy trap that the enemy can set up for you.
When going B, look around the generator on your way to the bomb. Some
enemies might also in the building that overlooks B, so keep an eye
on that as you advance towards the site. Be smart when protecting the
bomb, hiding in the brush by B isn't a good idea.

Defense: Have one or two guys at B and send the rest to A and the
buildings around it. All it really takes is some communication to 
pull off the win on this map. There aren't too many ways to get to
the bomb sites, so as long as you play wisely you can't go to wrong.
If you are the last man standing, you might want to go towards A. If
it comes down to you diffusing, B is a little bit easier to clear
people out at. This being said, it is hard to get the diffuse if
the other team takes good positions. If you want to go B, be aware
that there are many places near A to hide. They aren't too hard to
find, but there are a number of them. Using the "Feign Diffuse" at
B is not suggested, but it could be helpful at A.  

General: Rooftops that over look bomb site A can be a pain for both 
teams. The sites are at opposite ends of the map almost, so take that
into account when dividing up the team. There are many places in this
map where you wouldn't expect enemies, so keep your eyes peeled.

Offense: If you are going to rush, rush B. Your team can take cover
at many points and it is easier to get to than A is. Watch out for the 
guys who take a rooftop position that overlooks
the bus. The bomb site isn't visible, but it looks into the blue room
right by the site. Taking a position upstairs near the spawn is good
up to a certain point. It is a very likely place for people to be, so
after a while the enemy will try to get you there. When going A, place
a claymore before you plant the bomb. For whatever reason, people don't
see claymores on this map very often. Taking a defensive position above
A can be a good thing if you look out for people on roof tops. Listen
for the diffuse though because you wont be able to see the bomb if you
take a good position up there.

Defense: Watch the rush at B. Even though the enemy team can rush the 
site, I have never had one of them get to the site before I do. When 
you camp the bomb at A, you are going to want to stay by your spawn. 
The two story building by their spawn doesn't look all the way over to 
your side, so it is a safe place to take. Going above A is a good place
to go to pick off guys on the roof tops, but there is a spot on the
roof that they can see you better than you can see them. If you decide
to defend B, never stop in the two story building near B. The enemy 
will come up the ladder by their spawn and get you from behind. Going
into the diner is predictable, but a good move sometimes. If you become
the last man standing, you have to pick and choose. Both sites are a
nightmare to try to diffuse, so pray to get lucky. Take a good 
defensive position and don't freak out.

General: I love this map on Search. There are so many ways to get to
both sites, and the multi-story buildings make things even more
interesting. Spawn sniping and tubing does happen, so be careful.

Offense: The defense will be able to get set up pretty quickly, so
it is very hard to rush either site. Always look out for claymores
around site B. There is no strategy to avoid them. The only thing I
can say is think about where you would put them or throw a stun 
into the room. When planting A try to plant towards the outside of
the room. When you take the position to defend, you will find that
there are more places that can see the bomb. Before planting, have
your teammates clear out the big warehouse by the site. When planting
at B, look above you. People will jump on the desk and wait in the
room until someone walks in. Once you clear the room out, plant the 
bomb and get out of there. They have to go outside in order to
get in that room, unless they are coming from the big warehouse. 

Defense: Claymores should be placed around B. Even if they are looking
for them, a well placed claymore can still stay hidden from view. The
three main ways that people will come down are as follows:
*Down the metal walkway near the exploding barrels
*Down the dirt path that looks towards the front side of B
*All the way down the far side of the map to A
If you can protect the metal walkway and guard A from inside, you
shouldn't have a problem. Take note that there is a ladder that leads up
to the top of the big warehouse room from the outside. If you think
there might be someone who is going to come that way, wait outside
and stop them from going up. Exploding the barrels can be a fun way to
kill someone if you see them going that way, but odds are that someone
on the offensive team will shoot them before heading over there. If
you are the last man, watch A. There aren't a lot of places to hide
at B, and a "Feign Diffuse" will work wonders there. At A, there are 
too many places to hide and you probably won't even think of checking
them all. If you decide to stay at B, take A slowly. Check places as
much as possible and use any special grenades you have left. Keep
a cool head. 

General: This is an interesting map due to the layout of it. I see
this map as two sides joined together by the bridges in the middle. 
The Offense will have to go onto the Defensive side to plant, to it
comes down to the skill of the players in the game. Spawn tubing and
sniping happens a lot, so take care of that.

Offense: Take the bomb and run. You want to get out of the way before
the tubes come flying and the sniper set up on their side. It is hard
to go either side due to the places to hide near both sites. The defense
has elevation, brush, buildings, and they will put claymores believe
it or not. Your first goal is to take out one or two guys before even
crossing to the other side. Once you do that the next goal is to get
your team across the bridge. Don't go in a pack, in fact each member
of your team should act on their own. Crossing at different times and 
taking different paths can throw the enemy off a bit. B is a safer plant
once you clear it out. If you can get a plant at A, scatter and take
higher ground. The enemy will have to run into the little area that the
site is at, so it is very easy for your team to pick them off as they
run in. When you try to plant at B, you have to look in the buildings 
first. Enemies will be in there looking across the bridges, or they will
be camping waiting for you to come. When you plant at B, get away from
site. There are great places to watch the bomb from. 

Defense: There is no need to rush the enemy spawn. Also, I normally
disapprove of spawn killing, but this is the one map where I do it 
myself. There is a space between the buildings that looks at their
spawn, and if you can get one kill there, you have significantly
increased you chance of a win. Split the team up here. Three people
at B, one at A, one at the middle bridge, and one by the bridge at A.
If you take all the bridges, all you will have to worry about is the
creek underneath. Even that shouldn't be a problem if your team is
playing well. Claymore at A because there is a lot of grass around
that will help to hid your equipment. I would only put claymores at
B to stop the other team from coming into the building near B. If
you are the last man standing, wait at B. If you have a claymore at A, 
then there should be no reason for you to go there. Take a position
and watch your back. It is common for people to sneak up on you from
the backside of the map. If you stay at A, check the buildings first
before diffusing at B. "Feign Diffusing" will work at either site, but
it is preferable at A.

General: One of the smallest maps in the rotaion of HCSD. Spawn tubing
is common on this map, so keep that in mind. Avoid running around a 
lot on this map.

Offense: Site A is open, but it is very close to the enemy spawn. B has
a lot of places to hide, but you can use that to your advantage as well.
Rushing will work if you take out guys on your way to the site. I would
not suggest sniping from the building near the spawn due to the fact
that people will check there first if you are the last man alive. When
going A, look at the second floor of the warehouse. People love to chill
up there. Once you get to A, look at the back of the are because there
may be a guy sitting back there, other than that there aren't many
places to hide. If you are going B, go with a teammate. It is a trap
waiting to happen at that site. There could be a person anywhere,
so you really need to be aware of what's going on. Once you plant the
bomb, listen for the diffuse or wait in a corner for the diffuser
to come.

Defense: This is a bizarre map because a good defense will not camp
on this map. You should have two people at B, but A really doesn't need
that much protection if you plant your claymores right. Watch the middle
area for people running through, and see if you can push back to the
enemy spawn. Yes, I am suggesting you push back a bit. There isn't
a whole lot of strategy because it doesn't usually come down to one on
one situations. Most often then not one side will dominate the other.
If you are the last man alive, wait at B. A is an easy diffuse if you
look around for the last people, but B can be terrible to get into.
Definitely use the "Feign Diffuse" to draw people out at either site.
Take things slow as well because you never know when you'll see
the enemy running across the map. Especially because this map
is so small.

General: This is one of my favorite maps. The buildings make great
places to have fire fights. I played a game here with my friends and
we ended the game on the offensive side in about 30 seconds. The close
quarters makes sniping almost useless, but there are some areas where
you can snipe from. Check corners often on this map. 

Offense: Rushing on this map is a good idea. You can rush either site 
fairly easily, but it will only work once or twice. The odd thing about
this map is that one bombsite is a lot closer than the other. Bomb
site A is planted more often than B for that exact reason. If you don't
go for the rush plant, then you will want to wait until you take out
a few members of the enemy team before planting. At A, you will
take out the enemy team when you approach the site. They will be
everywhere, so there isn't a specific thing you should do. When going
B, look for claymores. Because the plant will most likely go A, the
other team will put claymores at B. Also, it would be beneficial to
check the room above the B site. 

Defense: When the round starts, place claymores at B. You don't want
someone sneaking in and planting. The farthest you should ever push is
a little bit past A. When you try to push farther than that, you will
walk into enemy traps. One person should always stay back at B just 
incase they take out the claymores on their way in. Watch the far side
of the map because people can sneak by that way without anyone noticing.
If you are the last man alive, evaluate the situation. If there
are claymores at B, go A. Find a good place to wait and hide if you
are going to go that way because that building isn't a great place
to hide. If you stick at B, be very cautios going into A. "Feign
Diffuse" and take the other people out. When going to diffuse B, you
should check inside the room carefully from the outside. Camping in the
corners can kill you.

Sub Base
General: This is my all time favorite map. There are a number of ways
to get to either side of the map, and it can have intense matches. 
This map comes down to who sees the enemy first, and who can aim and
get the shot off first. 

Offense: Take it slow. Odds are you won't get a rush plant, so just
relax and hang back a bit. I would say to only go B if you are the
last man alive. A can be played a lot better than B can if your
teammates are alive. When planting A, plant on the side close to your
spawn, and have a teammate down the way in the building that
looks over it. This map should be played slowly and carefully, so
watch your back.

Defense: Get to your positions quickly. Put C4 at A incase they decide
to plant it. However, I have found that the other team won't plant
unless they are low in numbers. Sometimes the rush will come at B,
so have two guys go towards the left side at the start of each round.
If you are the last man standing, wait at A. People plant there a lot,
and if they do plant at B, it is a lot easier to clear out and kill. 
Look on the roofs for enemies.

General: This map can be a pain for the Offensive team. Both bomb sites 
are closer to the Defenseive spawn, and if you can't take out a few 
members of the Defense first, you will most likely lose. 

Offense: The idea is to pick off at least two guys before trying to even
get close to the bomb sites. It is better to have two people go each way
(meaning two to Burger Town, two through the bookstore, and two towards 
the plane). The high traffic areas are through the book store and
in/above the concrete room outside of the A bomb. The plane can be a
nightmare to plant because there are all sorts of places to hide in the
plane, but at the same time all the places are used quite often. Always
check the very front and back of the plane first because most of the
time there will be someone there. If planting A, then you should check
the corners of the area right there. But if you are going with another
teammate, then at least one of you will get the camper.

Defense: Set up your defenses as fast as possible and wait. If you try 
to rush the Offensive spawn you could risk losing the round. There
are great spots to hide all over the map from which you can see at
least one bomb site, so be patient and wait. If you are the last man
alive, wait around where you are hiding. There really isn't a lot
you can do because of the distance between the sites. If you are
somewhere between the sites you can get to both with ease, so don't 
completely commit to one unless you are sure they are going to the
site you are at.

General: This is one of my favorite maps to play on. Both sides 
require some kind of communication with your teammates in order to
pull of the win. If you aren't using Cold Blooded, then you run the
risk of getting thermal sniped.

Offense: Pick one side and have your team play to that plan. If you
plant at A, have cover at the bomb site from outside of the building.
If you plant B, have people swarm the site from all sides. It is too
hard to try to split your team into any parts because the sites are
somewhat distant. One thing you want to be aware of is how many ways
there are to get into each site. If you assume that there are at least
two people at each site camping, you should know how to take out people
from different places. 

Defense: The best way is to split the team up into two teams of three.
One team will guard A and the other will guard B. At A, one person
should guard the back, one person should be in the site, and the
other should be outside hiding in the grass. That will cover all the
entrances, and if by chance two people get taken out, there will be
one person safe to run in and kill the planter from one way. At B,
you should pick a spot and hide. There are great places to guard
this site from, but some of them are very obvious. Inside that little
room is one of them for example. Know how the enemy will come to the
site and play to that. There isn't anything special to being the
last man alive, so again just camp one spot and hope for the best.
If there are more than two people left and the other team plants the
bomb, you will most likely lose, but it is still possible if you think
clearly and stay calm.

General: This map is very open and big. Spawn tubing people on this map
can be the most annoying thing ever. It isn't the best search map, so
I would suggest voting this map unless you really like Wasteland.

Offense: Take this map very slowly. Because it is so big, you want
to try to go as slowly as possible to get the other team to give
away their positions. At the same time, it would be wise not to give
you're own position away because the Defense will be doing the same 
thing. B is right next to the spawn of the Defense, so look for
equipment for sure. At A, have your teammates take good camping
positions to defend the bomb. Other than that, play this map
a little bit slower compared to the other maps.

Defense: Same thing as the Offense. Take it really slow and don't
be afraid to camp the entire match. No one is making you run to
the other side and whip out your knifing class. All that needs to
happen is some good camping, and you will win the match. Of course, 
if you want to try to shake the Offense up a bit then push up a
little bit, but don't go all the way into their territory. If you
are the last man standing, really just wait and see where the other
team is moving. Nothing special to do about this map.


Perks [PKS]
I will look at each perk, suggest how it may be useful to different
situations, how I use it/ my opinion about it, and classes that they
are useful for.

The regular version of the perk will give you unlimited sprinting, and
the pro version will make you climb obstacles faster. While this is
a necessity when making a running class, it actualy is quite useful in
this game type. If you need to run to the bomb site and plant/diffuse
in 15 seconds, you will have a greater chance to get to it in time
(8 seconds is the ideal time). I use this on all of the classes except
for sniping classes and OMA classes.

Sleight of Hand
The regular version decreases reloading time, and the pro version 
decreases aim down the sight time. Both parts of the perk are useful,
but the ADS time reduction mainly applies for sniping (quick scoping
specifically). If you expect to be running into a lot of enemies at
one time, put this class on, but other than that use it for sniping
classes primarily. 

Regular version lets you resupply from dead bodies, and the pro
version gives you maximum ammo. This perk isn't as useful in this
game type only because the matches are short and odds are you won't
run out of ammo. If you are going to Resupply your equipment, you
are better off using OMA. I don't use this on any classes.

The regular version gives you two attachments for your primary gun,
and the pro version gives you two attachments for your secondary.
For guns that have difficult iron sights, this will allow you
to put a sight and one other attachment on it. I will use this on
Assault rifles for silencers and sights/ extended mags and LMGs for
thermals and grips. Specifically for the FAL, I will put holographic
sight and a silencer on it. This will increases the minimum damage and
help you stay hidden, but I will go into it more later.  

One Man Army
The regular version allows you to change into any class whenever you
want in the game, and the pro version speeds up the change time. If
you are going to set up heavy defenses at both sites, use this. It
will allow you to replenish claymores and C4 whenever you want. I will
usually have at least one class with this on it once I unlock it.

Stopping Power
The regular version increases bullet damage, and the pro version
increases damage to vehicles. Neither version is useful because 
most guns will kill in less than two bullets even at maximum
distance. I don't use this at all.

The regular version allows you to move faster, and the pro version
decreases the time it takes to pull your gun up from your side. This
is a must if you are going to rush. Couple this with marathon and 
you can potentially be a threat to the other team if you play your
cards right. I don't use this a lot myself, but it can be useful to
have someone on your team using it.

The regular version decreases kill streak requirements by one, and the
pro version decreases death streaks requirements by one. If you don't
have Cold Blooded yet,  this can be useful because you can get UAV's
in two kills instead of three, which can make a difference in this
game type. 

Cold Blooded
The regular version makes you undetectable to UAV's, air support, 
and thermal scopes; the pro version makes it so your name doesn't
appear above you. The pro version is what makes this perk so
valuable. You can camp somewhere and no one will be able to see
you unless they look really hard. If they call in UAV and you have
a silent weapon, there will be no way for them to see where you are
as well. This is by far the most useful perk of the red perks.

Danger Close
The regular version increases explosion damage, and the pro version 
increases air support damage. This perk isn't that useful unless you
are spamming noob tubes. However, if you do this know that I will
frown upon your actions. Air support is uncommon, so even the pro 
version will not serve that much of a purpose.

The regular version increases knifing range, and the pro version
negates any falling damage. This perk is useful when you plan on 
rushing and knifing. You will become a threat to the other team
right away. The pro version will allow you to follow someone, even
if you are really high up. I don't use this a lot, but it is still

Steady Aim
The regular version increases hip fire accuracy, and the pro version
increases hold breath time. This perk is better for snipers due to the
hold breath increase, but unless you are using akimbo anything, it
won't be that useful. I don't use it a lot.

The regular version jams enemies UAV around you, and the pro version
increases the time it takes for claymores to go off. The pro version
is way better than the regular version only because you are more 
likely to see claymores than UAV's in this game type. Even then it
is still not that useful in my opinion. 

The regular version makes your heartbeat silent, and the pro version
makes your footsteps "silent". The pro version is what makes this perk
so useful. Except for the rustling of grass, you will not make
sounds when you walk. Now, take note that there is still a small
amount of noise, but it is so quiet that it is hard to hear unless
you are using head phones. Most people will not hear it though. I use
this on all of my classes. 

The regular version lights up equipment, and the pro version makes
enemy footsteps sound 4x louder. I have not gotten the pro version
before, but I am currently working on it. Even being able to see
claymores can help if you warn your teammates before they walk into
one. Supposedly the pro version will make Ninja footsteps appear
normal, but I have no means of testing this at this point in time.
I will come back to this in the future...

Last Stand
The regular version lets you crawl on the ground for a second to
kill someone who gets the jump on you, and the pro version allows 
you to use equipment in this state (I was corrected from the first
version, thank you for that). This perk makes me so mad, and even
more so in this game type. I can understand Final Stand because you
don't get it every round, but when you get it even in the first 
round, it just makes the game stupid. Yes, you could get a kill, but
why not just try to play the game the way its meant to be played. It
is a good perk to use, but I will warn you that people will get mad.


Guns [GNS]
I will cover each primary gun type, but when it comes to specifics, 
it is really up to how you feel with each specific gun. Generally for
secondaries, pick one that will balance out your primary. If you
choose a spray gun, choose a pistol to pick off far away targets for

Assault Rifles
Assault rifles are the primary choice for this game type. They are
accurate and most of them will kill in one shot most of the time.
I use silencers on the AR's because they tend to be a lot louder than
some of the other guns, also most of the sites are easy to use, making
RDS and Holo sight not as needed compared to some of the other guns.
Specifically I'd like to note that the FAL gets a minimum damage boost
from the Holographic sights. This means that the FAL will kill anyone
in one shot from any range, making it an asset to your classes.

Sub Machine Guns
In this game type theses guns will dominate at close range. They tend
not to be as powerful as AR's or LMG's, but the increases fire rate
will make up for it. The UMP is probably the most popular choice of
the bunch, and it is no surprise as it can act like an assault rifle
in some cases. I like you use rapid fire on these guns only because
I feel like the even faster fire rate dominates all other guns in this
game type. If you want a laugh in the Game Winning Killcam, put a
thermal on a Mini Uzi. That is one of my favorite set ups.

Theses heavy hitters can be great, or they can curse you to a loss.
They make you run the slowest out of all the gun types, so when
you are running to plant or diffuse, you may find yourself coming
short to the objective. Coupling the heavy fire power with a grip
will allow you to out-snipe snipers in some cases. If you want
to turn them into versatile weapons, put a thermal on it as well and
pick of people from all ranges.

Sniper Rifles
All of the sniper rifles become one hit kills, but it also means that
you won't be doing as much no scoping because of the lack of a
reticule. I like to use silencers only in this game type because
they range reduction isn't as much of a problem, and the sound and
light reduction when fired tends to help keep your position a secret.
Having at least one sniper is a good idea on most maps, not as useful
on maps such as Favela.

Riot Shield
Unless you don't mind possibly losing the match, use this. If you play
smart, you can get lots of kills with one hit shots. On the flip side,
know that you will be a huge target the next couple of rounds. Using
a riot shield is more of a joke than it is a strategy, but it can
be very useful when played right.


Coming soon!

Final Words
Thank you for reading my guide, I hope that it helped in some way.
If you have any thing you want me to add contact me via email. 
I would like to change things to provide maximum help. Thanks again.

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