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Table of Contents
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Getting started
Chapter 3:Meeting Gustafa
Chapter 4:Things he Likes
Chapter 5:The Scenes
Chapter 6:starting a new family
Chapter 7:End

Chapter 1:Introduction
    Hey there!It`s me doodle making yet another guide!Did ya like my logo up 
there?Nifty, isn`t it?^.^Well anyway......I have played Harvest Moon for a 
while now and the first person i married was Gustafa.So i`m pretty sure i can 
help you out if you need some tips!And remember:I DO NOT TAKE E-MAILS 
Chapter 2:Getting started
    Now, at the beginning of Harvest Moon it`s a little tough.You only have 
one cow,you don`t have that much money,You have to start new crops and You`ve 
gotta find a husband!As you go through the game you`ll earn more money so you 
can get more animals and crops.But anyway, back to the husband thing!There are 
3 Guys you can marry:Rock,Marlin and Gustafa.It`s pretty easy to get them to 
like you.All you have to do is give them a present and talk to the everyday.It 
sounds hard but it`s realy not!
Chapter 3:Meeting Gustafa
   Gustafa`s a hippie (haha) who lives in a yurt near the beach.If you look at 
your map it should say Gustafa`s Yurt.Gustafa is calm and always happy.He 
likes playing that guitar of his and staring at trees.(weird right?)He`s 
pretty mellow with everyone, so he is the hardest guy to marry.He has a crush 
on Nami (the red head) but if you become friends with him, she`ll soon be 
forgotten.Gustafa will eat ALMOST anything and he loves flowers!So if you`re 
looking for a present to give him, try a flower.It worked for me!You can find 
his diary in his yurt sitting on the couch.
Chapter 4:Things he Likes
   Like I said before, he likes flowers.(so just give him those!)He only takes 
1 present a day.Whatever you do DO NOT show him anything that involves
fishing!He hates fishing and that could ruin your relationship.Whenever 
Gustafa is playing his guitar, make sure you talk to him.Because he`ll ask if 
you like the song he`s playing and that gives you a chance to compliment 
him.Psshhht...and he loves that!Gustafa wakes up at 10:00am (sometimes earlier 
if he`s in a good mood)and Goes to bed at 11:00pm - 12:00pm.As gustafa grows 
to like you more you will go through some scenes with him.......
Chapter 5:The Scenes
   There are five scenes in all.Now what scenes are is little movie like 
things that cut in the middle of the game when you go to certain places at 
certain times.They`re pretty much just cutscenes.When you get the blue feather 
do not show it to Gustafa right away.When you have seen all 5 scenes and his 
diary has 4 hearts, then you can marry him.
Here are the Five Scenes:
Scene 1:Nami and Gustafa
Scene 1 is the first scene to happen.It happens some time in spring when you 
leave your farm.It should show Nami and Gustafa standing on the bridge.Gustafa 
will give Nami a tamatoe on the scene.(Unfortauntly this scene does not 
involve you)
Scene 2:A chat with Gustafa
Scene 2 is a fun scene!It happens sometime in Summer when on an early morning 
you walk into Gustafa`s Yurt.The game will cut into a scene as soon as you 
walk into his Yurt.He`ll be pacing the floor wondering what he should do.He`ll 
then ask you to have a nice chat with him.Just say Okay and you`re set.
Scene 3:A Nice Walk
Oh yes!This is my favorite scene with Gustafa!!!Okay this scene should happen 
in fall.It happens when you walk out of your house after you wake up.Gustafa 
will walk up to you and say he just wanted to check out the farm.After a while 
he`ll ask you to go on a walk with him.If you say yes you`ll soon be on a nice 
little romantic walk with your future husband!
Scene 4:A Starry Night
Okay this one takes a while.It happens sometime in Winter and you kind of have 
to stalk Gustafa.You need to follow him one night until he goes into the 
bluebar.When he does go into the bluebear you have to go in right after him!
When you go in he`ll start talking to you and then ask you if you wanna look 
at the stars with him.Say yes and the scene begins!This scene is where he`s 
trying to give you the big hint.
Scene 5:More Nami
This scene happens in any season at any time.It should happen by the bridge 
where Gustafa is playing his guitar.Nami will be listening
 and start telling you about how much she likes Gustafa (erg!)And that`s when 
you smack her and tell her YOU`RE` marrying Gustafa!haha!just kidding!^.^
Well that`s all the scenes!On to the next chapter!
Chapter 6:starting a new family
    Once you ask Gustafa to marry you things get harder.Gustafa loves helping 
aroun the farm but your kid wants you to play with him 24/7.Which is hard to 
do with your farm chores.If you marry Gustafa your kid is realy nice and good 
(until he`s a teenager)He never leaves the house until he`s older.Since you 
married Gustafa your kid will love art and most likely become an artist.i 
named my kid martin!:D Gustafa`s kid is sooooo cute!
Chapter 7:End
   Well thanks sooooo much or reading!I hope I helped you out a little!Oh and 
remember i DO NOT take e-mails regarding my guide.Thanks again and please:TELL 

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