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Easy Beeding
Fighting Skills
Pikmin Advantage&Disadvantage
Sprays and when to use them
Easy peasy:Orange Bolborb
Easy Peasy:Empress Bulblax (with Larva)
Easy Breeding:During the beggining of the game, there will be tons of pellets 
around you,heres a little bit of tips that might give you extra pikmin.

On day 2,go to the area were you round the red onion,there will be pellet 
poseys there.

When you're getting the blue pikmin, save a few defeated creatures for your 
blue pikmin to take note do the same thing when getting the yellow pikmin.

Once your finished with white flower gareden, go back in and use red pikmin to 
get white pikmin (use candy pop buds0

Found other growing tips? E-mail me them and I will post them here.
Fighting skills:Here are a few fighting tips to improve your fighting skills:

If you come across a large enemy, take 7-9 purple pikmin and thow them on their 
backs.If you come across a Orange bolborb or a Spotty Bulbear I strongly 
recomend 13-21 purple pikmin.

If the battlefield has BOMBS let the Emporer bulblax swallow at least 
one...note yellow pikmin can no longer cary bombs.

Fighting Beady Long Legs is easyer then it looks.Just spray Ultra-Spicy Spray 
on your yellow pikmin and attack it.It sould take 3/4 of its life when the 
first time it shakes your pikmin of,

Found more fighting skills?We wan't to see them! Just E-mail me and if it's 
good, i'll post them here!
Pikmin Advantage&Disadvantage

Red pikmin: great for fighting enemies and flame-based creatures.Also good for 
fighting bosses.Red Pikmin die faster when drowning so be careful!

Purple Pikmin:Really tough fighters that can be used to lift heavy objects or 
to fight dangerous and tough creatures.Purple pikmin can't attack the 
fallowing: Burrowing snagret,Pileated Snagret,Beady Long Legs and the Titan 

White Pikmin:Small and very fast,these pikmin can poison enemies if swallowed 
the can cary objects back quickly and attack 'poison walls'.White pikmin are 
the weakest pikmin and should not do battle with large Creatures.

Yellow pikmin:my favorite type.These pikmin are very light weight and can be 
thrown high in the air.Thes pikmin can ONLY kill certain bosses.These pikmin 
are highly agile (active).These pikmin never seem to get tired of work.These 
pikmin cannot stand heat for long.In 5 seconds, it will burn up.It usally takes 
7 seconds.

Blue pikmin:These pikmin can attack enemies underwater and retreave treasure 
underwater.They're ideal for attacking any species wollywog.Blue pikmin will 
die alot faster then other pikmin when poisoned. More?You know the drill

Spicy Spray use if you have under 51 pikmin under your control.

Bitter Spray use only in a emergency or if you really need to
Easy Peasy:Orange Bolborb:Just throw 15-17 purple pikmin on it

Found more 'Easy peasy'?E-mail them to me and I'll decide to post them here

Vally of Repose is the forest navel

Awakening wood is the forest of hope

Perplexing pool is the distant spring

Wistful Wild is the Impact site and the Final Trail
If I do not decide to post your idea here, i'll e-mail you back and tell you 
why and then you can improve it and send it back.I'll also contact you if I'll 
post your idea on this page :)  [email protected]

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