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Helpful Hints Guide

Table Of Contents

1. Ultimates
2. Dragon Rush
3. Zenie
4. In-game-play
5. Fusion
6. Closing
7. Copyright


     I'm just going to get right to the point without introduction.  Many people have
questions about Ultimates.  Which is the strongest?  Easiest to execute?  Which one
will benefit you in this situation?  Why do I keep on loosing power struggles?  All
these and more will be answered.

     Now, probably the third-most asked question about this game (besides who is the
strongest/best character, and the good ol' "wahwahwah i cant find gotenks wahwahwah")
is which Ultimate is the strongest.  To be perfectly frank, the X100 Big Bang
Kamehameha, and Final Explosion.  Both are a 1 hit KO.  But the Big Bang Kamehameha
is safer to use, because if you loose the power struggle, you dont die.  With Majin
Vegeta, you do (if you loose the struggle).  I am going to make a list of the top 10
strongest Ultimates in the order I found them most powerful.  NOTE: I did this
experiment using only ONE Ultimate capsule where applicable.

X100 Big Bang Kamehameha           Gogeta (SSJ4)
Final Explosion                    Majin Vegeta
Soul Punisher                      Gogeta
Minus Energy Power Ball            Omega Shenron
Super Spirit Bomb                  Goku
Warp Kamehameha                    Kid Buu
Big Bang Attack                    Vegeta
Burning Slash                      Trunks
Spirit of Saiyans                  Bardock               
Angry Explosion                    Majin Buu

No one Ultimate is easier to execute than another.  By fatigueing your opponent, you
can better pull off a power struggle.  This is because when your opponent is fatuged,
their KI bar moves faster, making it harder for them to gain sufficient KI.  Oddly,
it is easier for me when my KI bar is moving faster.  Anyway, here is a diagram.
__________________________    _____    __________________________________
                          |  / TM  \  |                                  |
    A.1                   |  \     /  |           A.2                    |
---------------------------           ------------------------------------

___________________________            _____________________________________
                                      |                                     |
       B.1                            |            B.2                      |
---------------------------           ---------------------------------------

In the diagram, A.1 is the 1P main KI bar.  A.2 is the opponent's main KI bar.  B.1
is P1 range-KI bar.  This bar fills the bar and then goes to zero.  Then it fills up
again and once more, returns to zero.  You want to press X when it is full, or close
to being full.  Every time you press X for the range-KI bar, it fills up KI in your
main KI bar.  The higher the KI in your range-KI bar, the more KI you will have in
the main KI bar.

2. Dragon Rush

     Not mush I can say here.  If you have a FINISHER like Warp Kamehameha (goku) or
Final Flash (Vegeta) or Special Beam Cannon (Piccolo) then, if you do a sucessful
Dragon Rush ( you always have a different button than your opponent through all 3
cycles, then you will preform this FINISHER move.  If you so a successful Dragon
Rush, but do not have a FINISHER available, or at all, then you will do that
character's normal finisher move.  It is still very strong, just not as strong as a
unique FINISHER.

     The best way to finish a Dragon Rush successfuly, is this.  When you get to the
third cycle (the last) do NOT pick the button the COMP pressed last. 7/10 times if
you do that you will finish sucessfuly.  Of course, that means 3 out of every 10, 30
out of every 100, 300 out of every 1,000.............


I will just list the ways.

World Tournament
Play through a DU
Kid Gohan Technique (prefered)
  What you do is this: Talk to goku between grandpa gohans house and goku's house. 
Then go just north of central city, and get 5,000.  Then go to the SW corner of the
frozen island to get another 5,000.  Now, turn directly south.  The southern-most
island will give you 12,000.  Now, turn and go to an island near the worl tournament.
 From there, go to the very bottom of the map, and continue west, untill a "???"
event appears in the water.  Go to it, and recieve 23,000.  This technique gives you
50,000 Zenie in about a minute's time.

4. In-Game-Play

     When in battle, try to teleport at first.  Give your enemy some damage like
that.  Then use a few death moves.  At this phase, do NOT use any KI.  Try to charge
if you can, but if your opponent closes in on you, attack WITHOUT teleporting or
useing KI.  Then Dragon Rush.  Even if it is unsucessful, get away and charge your
KI.  Now deal your opponent an Ultimate or two.  Trust me, this works every time.


     Now, I am going to tell you how to get these.  PLEASE, do not e-mail me about
Gotenks.  I have no clue why he is so popular, because in my oppinion, he is annoying
and weak.  He is only strong in SS3 form, and an unskilled goku player can still
school him.  99.9% of the time, I will tell you in an e-mail exactly what I put into
my guide, so dont ask me about him.  But if you really want to know, I will tell you
all one last time.
Gogeta-(For Goku)-Get by playing through Goku's DU in a special way.  Before finding
Vegeta to fuse with him, go to the west of the main continent.  There, you will find
a "???" event where you see Tien.  Then go to s "mountains" event right next to it,
and talk to Kabitoshin.  Now go find Vegeta and play untill you beat Super Buu in his
head.  You will be instructed to beat Broly.  Beat him, and get a piece of paper
telling you to go to the World Tournament.  Go there, and beat Gotenks.  Gogeta is yours.
Gogeta-(For Vegeta)-When you come back to life after fighting Buu, go to muscle tower
on the frozen island.  Talk to Kabitoshin.  Now go find Goku and proceed like you
would untill you fight Broly.  Beat him, then go to the World Tournament to get Gogeta.

Gogeta (SS4)-(Goku)-Follow as you would to get Gogeta.  Now, instead of fighting
Broly, go to West City, and talk to Bulma about the Dragon Radar.  Now fight Broly. 
Then before the WT, go to an island and get Goku SS4.  Now go to the World Tournament
and beat gotenks.  Then Omega Shenron will appear, beat him at Central City and get
Gogeta SS4.
Gogeta (SS4)-(Vegeta)-Continue as you would for getting Gogeta.  Before fighting
Broly, go to one of the southern islands.  There, you will see Vegeta talking about
goku.  Then go near Baba's Palace and talk to Bulma.  Go to west city, and get Vegeta
SS4.  Now fight Broly, and go to the world tournament.  Beat gotenks then fight Omega
shenron.  You will get Gogeta SS4.

Gotenks-(Trunks)-Buy it from shop with Black Membership Card.
Gotenks-(Goten)-Buy it from shop with Black Membership Card.


Vegeto-(Goku)-Play through Goku's DU and fuse with Vegeta in the Buu saga.
Vegeta-(Vegeta)-Play through Vegeta's DU and fuse with Goku in the Buu saga.

Kabitoshin-(Supreme Kai)-Play through Gohan's (adult) DU.  Follow the steps to get
Supreme Kai (check my other FAQS).  After that, go to the island to the very west. 
It is off the coat near Kami's Lookout.  There will be a "Forest" event.  Go to it,
and you will get Kabitoshin.  Wow...this fusion is anti-climactic.  "YAY!  I can
break a twig!  Now let me try a stick...No...too powerful....cant...beak...stick..."
 By the way, if you are wondering, that is how strong this fusion is.


     In closing, I hope this guide helps you..........and, thats it.


     This is copyrighted to me, Omegaforce725.  I own my account, so this guide is
mine.  Any duplications will be caught and charged.  You may use this FAQ for your
own personal use.  If I see this on any ther site, I will find the responsible, and
charge them to the full wxtent of the law.


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