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Super Smash Bros. Melee
Hidden Characters
Version 1.2

ATTENTION:  This is my first FAQ/Walktrough so excuse me for the dullness of the following information.


V 1.1  Slight change in (*) meaning.
V 1.2  Luigi method corrected.  All methods tested successfully.

Dr. Mario - Complete the Classic Mode of play as Mario without continuing.

Luigi - Complete the first level in Adventure Mode with "2" in the single seconds place, (XX:X2:XX).

Pichu - 1.  Complete Adventure Mode with Mewtwo.
            2.  Complete Classic Mode with Mewtwo.
            3.  Complete 200 Matches in Multi-Player.
            4.  Unlock Luigi and Falco.  Then complete the 37th Event.

Falco - Complete the 100-Man Melee.  The best way is to use Donkey Kong's Ground Smack (down + B).

Mewtwo - 1.  Complete 700 matches in Multi-Player.
                 2.  Complete 20 hours in Multi-Player.

Ganondorf - Complete the 29th Event.

Jigglypuff - Complete Classic Mode on any difficulty.

Young Link - Complete Adventure Mode 10 times, at least once with Link and once with Zelda.

Prince Marth - Complete Classic Mode with all 14 original characters.

Roy - Complete Classic Mode as Prince Marth without losing a life.

Mr. Game & Watch - 1.  Complete Classic Mode with 24 characters.
                                2.  Complete Targets with 24 characters.

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